How To Grow Your Business Without Wasting Time Networking | Larry Easto | Skillshare

How To Grow Your Business Without Wasting Time Networking

Larry Easto, Best-Selling Writer

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5 Videos (24m)
    • Introduction

    • Lesson 1: Networking Reframed

    • Lesson 2: Networking Opportunities

    • Lesson 3: The Top 10 Networking Practices

    • Lesson 4: Networking For Business Growth


About This Class

Haven’t you wasted enough time on counter-productive networking?

How much time and energy have you lost to networking meetings where other people are more interested in what they can get from you than how they can help you?

Isn’t it time that you stopped wasting time by chasing unpromising, so-so leads … and started to grow your business instead?

On completion of the video lesson and class project of this class, you will have learned what you need to know to grow your business … without wasting time networking.

And what’s even better, when you complete the class project, will qualify for a free copy of Connecting With Helpful Strangers.

To continue to grow your business, you can’t continue to rely only on family, friends and close personal contacts.  Sooner or later you are going to have to connect with strangers.

Traditionally, self-employed service-providers grow their businesses by continuously expanding their network of contacts. But some people are shy about reaching out to strangers. 

Many people don’t know how to connect with strangers; others are deterred by the fear of being blocked by spam filters.

Whether you're and introvert or an extrovert, Connecting With Helpful Strangers will help you expand and enhance your network of supportive contacts.

In this back-to-basics book you'll learn:

The magic of mutually beneficial connections

  • How to identify and leverage those things you have in common with strangers
  • How to contact people whose names you know
  • How to contact people whose names you do not know
  • How to take action and implement the best practices for connecting with helpful strangers





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Larry Easto

Best-Selling Writer

If you earn any part of your livelihood by selling your services, I want to help you attract more clients.

In other words, I want to help you generate more of the new business that you want and deserve.

Long story short,  I have come to understand that marketing services is all about establishing and maintaining relationships with those wonderful people we love to serve … and are good at sa...

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