How To Get a Fresh Start Over in 2016 to Change Your Life and Business | Stan Hustad | Skillshare

How To Get a Fresh Start Over in 2016 to Change Your Life and Business

Stan Hustad, What it Takes with Stan Husted

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8 Lessons (45m)
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About This Class

This course is one of Stan Hustad's trademarked What it Takes (WiT) short courses for busy leaders and people who want ideas that matter and actions that work. No long drawn out theory and frivolity. A course that is short, sharp, and specific in how you can do real things that will help you change your life and make things different and put some of the bad choices and mistakes behind you.

Seven all video high energy presentations that you can walk away with and say "I can do that" to change my life so that i will make more marks and grow my l;ife and business in influence, impact, and income.

A note from Stan - "When you take my course you get me as a teacher, guide, and coach who will take personal interest in your knowing and well-being."





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Stan Hustad

What it Takes with Stan Husted

I am a teacher, broadcaster, and mentor and iI delight in helping folks improve thier lives, do work that matters, and become more fully alive ans they serve others.

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