How To Get a Fresh Start Over in 2016 to Change Your Life and Business | Stan Hustad | Skillshare

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How To Get a Fresh Start Over in 2016 to Change Your Life and Business

teacher avatar Stan Hustad, What it Takes with Stan Husted

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (45m)
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About This Class

This course is one of Stan Hustad's trademarked What it Takes (WiT) short courses for busy leaders and people who want ideas that matter and actions that work. No long drawn out theory and frivolity. A course that is short, sharp, and specific in how you can do real things that will help you change your life and make things different and put some of the bad choices and mistakes behind you.

Seven all video high energy presentations that you can walk away with and say "I can do that" to change my life so that i will make more marks and grow my l;ife and business in influence, impact, and income.

A note from Stan - "When you take my course you get me as a teacher, guide, and coach who will take personal interest in your knowing and well-being."

Meet Your Teacher

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Stan Hustad

What it Takes with Stan Husted


I am a teacher, broadcaster, and mentor and iI delight in helping folks improve thier lives, do work that matters, and become more fully alive ans they serve others.

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1. 0: Hi, My name is Stan Houston. Ivo had a long career, a continuing career as a teacher, as an international radio and television broadcaster, as a mentor, as a chief executive coach and as a business performance coach to people who want to start new things. And for many people who want to start fresh, start over, start again. And I'd like to introduce you and invite you to join me for this class, which is called How to Get a Fresh Start, how to start over in 2016. Some people call it the January Jim effect, and perhaps you can get us start right there to understand what we're talking about. Yeah, right now, the gyms and the training centers air full of people who have decided that the New Year, the new first month is the time to start over to get in shape to get going. Now, many of us know that that resolve those intentions to start over and start fresh don't last very long for most people. Well, most of us are in situations where we're going toe, have to do a fresh start or start over sometime. Many of us are in a situation where right now we do want to do a fresh start. We want to start over. And I know this everybody, if they're not doing it themselves, you have a friend or a colleague or a family member who is in a fresh start need or a fresh start mode. So this class can be for everybody either You need to prepare for that. You need to do it yourself. Or perhaps you could be the teacher and guide mentor to help somebody do a fresh start. What I'd like to do is go through how you some take some basic, simple startup strategies that will help you get a fresh start, a new start, a start over in this coming year. I know ways to make it work. I know ways that can help you help others. And I know ways that we can make sure that our start over is truly ah, good. Start up to a new way of living to a new life to a new way of doing business. Perhaps this time the change will last. The change will work and we will be happy. Let's do it. Let's make 2016. The year of the fresh Start new start and I'll help you do that. And the way you do that is you start by taking my class. I hope to see you there. 2. 1: this is for you. If you truly want to get a fresh start in 2016 in some very important area of your life, your career in your business, this class is for you. And I congratulate you on taking advantage of the opportunity in the situation. My name is Stan. Used it. I've been a business performance coach, a mentor, a coach to chief executive officers. I've been a teacher in a broadcaster for many years, and I have helped lots of people start new things. And just as many people take something that went wrong and get a fresh start, start over. And now I'd like to bring some of that experience and hopefully some of that skill. And truly I do care to you. Not right now. One of the first things you're thinking about his stand on this class is awful short. All of my classes are short because the people I want to work with are busy. They are leader people. They want to get things done. They don't want to sit in front of a computer for hour upon hour upon hour and learn lots of theory and lots of nice ideas. They want to solve problems. They want to make changes. They want to learn something vital. And most importantly, they want to take action and make things different in their life in their business. So this class, my short what it takes, wit classes are always under an hour. You can do the whole thing right now on your smartphone, your tablet or your computer, and you can even go back and listen to it again to remember some of the important points. That's why it's a short class, because you're busy and you've got things to do and things to achieve. And I want to help you do just that. Now there's a couple things we're gonna learn. This lesson January 2016 as I said, is this class begins. We want to make some changes because this is oftentimes what is called and we all know about it. As I mentioned in the promo, If you watch that the January Jim Effect, we all know right now January is loaded with people who are going to the gym training working out because almost how many millions of people have said, and probably I have said it, too, is I should lose some weight in this year. And so they're going toe. Get in shape, get fit, lose weight. Now we all know that most of those resolutions and usually by a February or march, the training gyms and the fitness centers are back to the normal population. It didn't work. They really didn't get a fresh start. But it's good to know that if we're going to be significant in making things, that we're gonna have to do a lot of fresh starts and start overs in our life. And we need to look for the natural start over points in our life. They happened first. All some of them come to us. We lost a job. Rather than looking for a new job, we're going to get a fresh start. A relationship broke up rather than just seeking another relationship. We're going to get a fresh start. We're going to start and do something differently. Something in terms of a project collapsed didn't work. We're gonna say OK, step back. Look it over. Fresh start new project Better start. Better way. Look for this fresh start points in almost every area of your life and learn that When you respond to a good fresh start point, things seem to work a little bit better. Where than Just taking a Well, I got to start over now. All right. Secondly, you're OK. This is for you, but you're okay. You're smart enough and clever enough and thoughtful enough that instead of passing by on this, who actually jumped in you care enough about changing your life? One of those three or four or 5% of the people who not just our content to deal with things . They want to start new things. They want to create new opportunities, new ways of living in their life, in their career, in their business. And you care enough. And our brave enough and courageous enough to do that. So you're OK? I want you to know that congratulations now changes heart. Fresh starts are hard to sustain. And what I'm gonna do is give you simple ways to keep the startup going. Keep it moving. So there really will be a change in your life that is happy. That is significant and hopeful and better for you. That's what I want and you want it to. Now, here's your first exercise in our first lesson rather than talking about anything else. I just simply want you to think about the thing that got you thinking about this class. And then simply ask yourself an answer for yourself, not for somebody else yourself. How do you want your life to be different in this year? How do you just want things to be different? What do you want to be different in this situation next year? Let's not talk about goals or processes or all that other stuff. Just what do you want? Your life to be different? How do you want to be different? Uh, when this thing has come to some fruition, maybe some completion and you'd say Good. Come on, What has gonna change in your life? What's going to be different? Where you would simply say Good? That's your first lesson. Look for the fresh start points. You're OK, Good for you. And what do you want to have different in your life? You with me? Okay, let's go toe lesson to 3. 2: Okay, listen to. We want to continue to understand how we will be able to make a fresh start now, as I told you before. All right. What do you want to have different in your life? Just somehow put that down. Heart, mind, spirit. And perhaps in writing, here's what we've discovered. Writing things down as much as that might be hard to do has a really positive effect where you write it down. Don't ask me to explain all of the reasons for that. We don't need to go into that kind of theory. Let me just tell you people who've had experience and people have done this before. No, it works. And I can. They actually help you take your cell phone, take your smartphone particularly and actually recorded take the memo app and actually make a little recording, maybe even a little video of what you want to have different in your life, in particularly the area that we're gonna get a fresh start him, capture your thoughts, keep that on your iPhone keeping on your smartphone. Just keep it somewhere. Put it on your computer. Either write it down or both Write it down and then record it and keep it. Or maybe even use the dictation function on and send yourself an email and where you have literally written down, have it printed out what you want to have different in your life. Now, I said also that you're okay, but not everything is if everything was OK, you probably wouldn't want us to make a fresh start. You just want to keep moving on. Here's what I want us to understand. Many of you grew up in a religious tradition, which maybe you've rebelled against. But part of that tradition, often times said, is you had to go and confess what you had done wrong. You know, that was just simply a part of what you were supposed to do. You were. So confess your sins, confessed your wrong doings. Tell somebody else that you were sorry. A lot of us. Now I don't know about that. Let me tell you something. You may not like that, and you may not feel very comfortable about doing it, but in some ways it's important to actually acknowledge where you may have messed up what went wrong. And if you want to go, not only let went wrong. Why did it go wrong? And then you may ask yourself the question. What part did I play in it Now? Don't beat yourself up. You're a human being. Welcome to the human being race. You're gonna make a lot of mistakes. What went wrong? Now I'm literally going through a start over in some expect of my life in business. I'm like a doctor, though I'm not trying to treat myself. The doctor doesn't treat himself. He goes to another colleague. So I actually went to another start up, start over. Consultant, artist, a friend of mine and I you see consultant, artist, friend, You know, that's important. It is an art form. It's not just a consulting or in engineering or it's an art form. And one of the first things he said to me said, Okay, Stan, I know what you want to change, he says. But right now I'm gonna take you back a little bit, and I want you to tell me what went wrong so that we had to go through this start over what mistakes were made. And he didn't say not what mistakes that I make. He said, What mistakes were made. We're not blaming anybody. And then he said, Stan, what would you do differently? How would you do things differently if you had to do it over again? And we're not judging? We're not blaming. We're not living in the past were not necessarily living in the future yet. We're going to get to the future when we get there. But right now where you are at right now, what would you have done differently? So what I have found very, very helpful in my startup. And I did. I did three people. First of all, I told my guide, my friend, my mentor, some of the things that I wish I had done differently. I actually then went and kind of confessed it to to my dear wife, who has kind of gone through some of the difficulties we've had. And then I just in effect, I'm a spiritual being. I'm a spiritual man. I simply said Teoh, the powers that be Teoh got These are some of the things that I messed up on these and some other things I would change. I could really use some emotional and relational and spiritual help. Um, I'm friends, family, you know, the transcendence of the universe that is vital, that we forgive ourselves. It's all forgiven. Can't take it back. Forget what is behind. Press toward the future. Live in the present. Right now, though, it's very important that you at least think about how something happened. What choices were made that maybe we should have made differently and some of the things that we need to adjust, how we will do things differently. So we're in a situation. We're in a situation where we want to do a fresh start. Third over. Let's take a little bit of time and perhaps even write it down. Some of the things that we need to say Forgive me. I made these mistakes. We did some of these things wrong. We made some poor choices. These are some of the things we will do differently. Not only do we want things to be different, but these were some of the things we will do differently. You've all heard the joke and insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. If we want different results, we have to do different things now. Just let that idea sit on your head because that's important. What do you want to be different? What went wrong? Two great steps in getting your fresh start going. 4. 3: lesson number three in how to get a fresh start in 2016. I read the other day that even the great big companies you know, those organizations that have hundreds and thousands and millions of dollars at their disposal, so that when they see that something new or some fresh start or some new initiative needs to take place, that when they put all of their resource is together and do all of those big and mighty things that make it happen 2/3 of the time it doesn't it doesn't work. So many of those big change and transition and managerial change expenses and things that they put together simply don't work. It's really hard, in many cases, in too many ways to make a fresh start to do something over. Now, I don't mean to discourage you with that. I just simply know that part of having a fresh start way of thinking is to doom or than thinking, and we'll talk about that. But the point is that we have toe have the expectation that doing big and glorious and wonderful things may not be the way it happens. In fact, here's the paradox. If you want a big change? Don't make big changes years ago and I simply won't try and sing it for you. Though I kind of like the song. There was a song that went something like this Little things mean a lot. Perhaps you know it. Perhaps if you're my age and stage, you might even know it quite well. But the message of the song was just that that when it comes to relationships, primarily was a love song. Little things mean a lot. And what I'm discovering is that mawr and Mawr, if we really want to get the fresh start going and be able to sustain it and maintain it, is let's just keep the activities and the things that we do small and let's keep the pacing short and small and give ourselves time. Yes, we've got the whole year We're gonna get started, though, So may I simply ask you to do this? Sit down and perhaps take a piece of paper or something again? Maybe take your iPhone and dictate some ideas into it. Think of some of the things that you need to do to bring this fresh start about to start listing them now. This is is we used to say, blue skies, green lights don't judge. Don't make any comment to yourself or otherwise, whether it's possible big to little, whatever it may be. Just think of the things that might have to be done that might have to be achieved or started or accomplished for you to have this fresh start. See if you can drive it up to 20. Okay, now, just choose three. That's it. Think of the three things that are not impossible to do something that you know you can do . You just simply need to do it and begin there. Little things mean a lot. Now let me give you an example. One of the persons I've fortunate to have come into my life, you know, I've never met him is a gentleman named Rodney King who has learned the art of self defence and is now one of the classic a mixed modern martial artists throughout the world. And he recently wrote a book which I had the privilege of narrating in the audiobook version called Full Contact. Living on what Rodney points out is this. It's not just our brain, it's our body In fact, he used a term that says Embodied mind. We oftentimes think that everything is a brain work. It's mind work. It's a full body work. In fact, we're discovering that our mind is not just in our brain. It may be all that we are, and so let's get your body to participate in the activity. So that means just sometimes things that we do with our body and some of things that we do physically can have as much impact and power and what we are and what we do as what we do with our brain and perhaps talking to our iPhone or writing things down on a piece of paper . It is a full bodied experience to get a start over going in our lives. Now here's just like one thing. All of us need what we call a recharge word, and I found this to be very fascinating. Right now, I want you to understand that a lot of your success will be able to just simply stop and take a deep breath. Part of having the energy and the ability to keep sustaining a new thing is just to learn the art of sitting and taking a good breath, stopping and taking a good breath. There tends to be a a lessening of tension, of focusing of our mind, that begins toe happen when we just simply learn the art of stopping and breathing. Now I'm not trying to be mystical or whatever you want to call it. I'm just simply saying that's a physical, psychological, physiological fact. Sometimes just learning that we will change how we pause and breathe is one of those little things that will help us Also now, when it comes to this project, when it comes to this fresh start, I want you to adopt not just a slogan, and that's kind of fun to do. OK, as one of my friends at older gentleman who's now obviously very old, was a person who became a prisoner of war in the Second World War. In while he was involved in that in the Pacific. And he said throughout his life he remembers that they said in the prison camp home alive in 45. Of course, that is when the war did end and he was home alive in 45 and he said to me, You know, what? Whenever I was facing a new start, a new way of doing something or trying to get a fresh start and something he said, I would just simply say home, alive in 45. And that reminded him of a slogan, a mental picture, a mental victory that could come to him. So perhaps when it comes to this fresh start in 2016 you might simply ask your creativity. Ask God in your prayers. Ask other people, come up with perhaps little slogan that will help you with this fresh start and maybe even just one word. We're beginning to discover that oftentimes when you're trying to sustain a change or a project or an ongoing activity, is that not only do you take a deep breath, but sometimes you just simply remember the word. Now, again, this doesn't have to be something mystical or mantra like it simply is a word that has become a part of you and what you are seeking to achieve. Ah, good word they just want. As I said, they'll begin to help you as you are trying to sustain this change. Keep this fresh start moving that will begin to help you. Those are simple things. Those are little things. And now what I'm gonna ask you to do is as you seek to make this fresh start, just remember, maybe you want to sing the song. Little things mean a lot. That's a slogan right there. That's a song right there. But your breathing, perhaps that little logo or slow go or signature saying that you have, and perhaps just that one word that will come to you and you'll say it and use it when you need to recharge as you move forward on your fresh and sustaining start in 2016. Just think about that. I think you might find little things mean a lot, something that could be life changing. 5. 4: lesson for on how we're going to get a fresh start in 2016 again. I hope you take a little time to review and perhaps even go back and listen to the lessons in the past. As I've often times said to myself, as I repeated too many of my students, one of the men who really helped me get a fresh start had a program, something similar to this kind of a short program. And he just said, Stan, listen to it seven times, Just listen to it. You don't have to do anything, Just listen to it. You see, there's something about kind of a Z. Ancient wisdom says, Fill your mind with good things and you know what happens. Filling your mind with good things has a way of affecting not only your mind, but your body and all the things that flow out of you and the things that even may come to you. And I believe in that. I believe sometimes that when we take action, action is something involved with attraction. Just think about that now. Here's what I also want you to dio that often times when we want to get a fresh start, it will actually help us to make some physical change in our appearance. Actually make a change in the how we present ourselves to the world. Now we've all made jokes or perhaps made fun of the A woman who supposedly says, Well, I was feeling bad. So I went out and bought a new outfit or, you know what? It was important for me to get a new suit or something like this. Well, we may make fun of that, but unfortunately, if that's who you're making fun of is they were right. And you may be wrong making a change in our personal appearance. Not not saying some radical, startling change, but perhaps actually taking apart say, Well, you know what? In this year, I'm going to do something about how I wear my hair. That's not something I'll have to decide. But there may be things that you couldn't do that will begin to alter your appearance. Not to the point where you are incredibly striking and nobody recognizes, You know, I suppose that may be okay, but it's not what we're about remembered. Little things mean a lot. One of the things that we teach people because it needs to be something we remember is images, not everything. But it is often the first thing. And so how we present ourselves to the world and how we appear becomes important. People make a lot of judgments whether it's fair, not on how we present ourselves. I tell people I am always seeking to dress for success and dress for leadership because every time I step out into the world, I'm auditioning. I really am. Obviously is a self employed off the writer speaker broadcaster. Everybody I meet perhaps may ask me what I do, and I simply have to be prepared to tell them, show them, demonstrate them who I am and what I do, particularly with my levels of energy, how present I am to them. Physically. All those things go into it. I still remember, and it was a long, long flight, and I was fortunate enough to be upgraded to first class I don't pay for, but I had a few miles. I was upgraded to it, and as the flight was coming down, remember I standing up and then I just literally kind of walked back into the economy class stretch my legs and walked back. And as I was doing that, one of the person said to me, You're a public speaker, aren't you? And I said, Why? I do a lot of public speaking and she said I could just tell. I have nothing more. No, I just said thank you very much. You're very kind may go well with you. And then I asked her, By the way, where you going? What are you doing? I showed attention to her, so I received the compliment. But I then put it back with her. But remember, that kind of thing can happen in our lives. So as you're trying to sustain, get a fresh start. Think about how you might make some changes in how you present yourself, the image you carry, the way you dress, something that really helps you remember that you're involved even as you get dressed and put on your as someone would say, your daily costume, that you are involved in a fresh start activity this year in a way that's significant, that you haven't come to mind every day in just the way you present yourself and walk out on the stage of life. May I simply ask you to think about that image and appearance and how we present ourselves make some change in that in order to help sustain and carry you through the fresh start that you're going tohave, that's going to make a difference in your life in 2016. 6. 6: lesson number six. Ask people to help you. And by the way, why don't you try and help somebody else in a Stan Houston course? I always encourage you take what you learn from me if it's helpful and useful and steal it . You know what I mean by that? If I have no exclusive rights, this is not my intellectual property. I welcome you taking what you learn and teaching it to other people. The future belongs to the storyteller who attracts people and the teacher who helps people . Have you got that? The future belongs to the storyteller who attracts people your warm, winsome whipped. Your story brings people in, and then you teach them things that could be helpful to them. Not necessarily in a formal way, but simply by your example by your helpfulness. Everybody who's wants to be successful should think of themselves. How can I make a fresh start by teaching and helping others? So I want you to understand that's vital. Now help others and ask other people for help. I'm going to mention that a little bit in the epilogue. Sometimes this help is from other, even more powerful sources than ourselves. But here's what I simply encourage you to do. Why don't you ask other people that you know, you might say to them, You know, I really admire the work you do. Have you ever been in a situation where you really want to start over? Or you had to take a fresh start or do something new? I have found that by asking some very good, nice, successful people, that same question they often times have some great tale. Is it? Well, if you had to start over, you had to get a fresh start in something. What did you do to ah, get going or get started A new direction or kind of recover from what you had to deal with and what I have discovered Is there some incredible wisdom out there? So I would encourage you to, as part of your fresh start, ask other people to help you? We cannot do things of significance by ourselves. We are made for one another. One time, someone, according to the legend, asked Albert Einstein, what was the purpose that we all had in life and kind of with a twinkle nous smile It goes that something like this. It's not relative. This theory is not relative, but we are here for others. And not only are we here to help and serve others, but obviously to serve one another and to help one another, So I just simply say, and I've practiced this myself. I have to do a number of start overs. Why don't I reach out and asked people, How do you start again whenever you had to start over or start a fresh or make a new beginning in any particular thing? Could you give me some council, some advice, something that you've learned that perhaps I could use in my start over? And you know a number of things might happen. First of all, just simply, you'll get some good counsel advice that it's helpful to you that I don't even know or haven't heard of before. Perhaps they will end seek ways that you can help them, and now the relationship is growing. Please keep in mind. Fresh starts are certainly ways in which you change things about who you are in your situation, but it also is something where that can be turned into a positive, where the people who are connected to you linked in to you feel are welcomed by you, your network, your your group of people who follow you follow you are our friends to you feel good about that network begins to grow, and fresh starts that can also bring up new fresh connections and relationships are really the proverbial two for three, for that's a good and wonderful thing. So think about that. If you're going to do a fresh start starting a fresh and new way, be humble and maybe more more than humble, maybe even just be a little humility won't hurt any of us to just simply ask other people for help. I bet you'll find that it will go very well for you if you do that. All right, let that sit on your head for a while. 7. 7: lesson number seven. Our final lesson, though I I think I probably will decide to attach just a brief epilogue to this course again. Remember, this is a short course for busy leaders. Short, sharp, practical things that you can start to do right now to get that fresh start. That new beginning that start over that might be very important probably will be important to you, particularly in this year. 2016 in which we're going toe. Have some real challenges, Read the newspaper. Listen, do with the news going on. Look at our own situations. These is going to be a sometimes where we're going to have some freshness and some power and some really ways to put ourselves forward and perhaps to survive some of the adversity and more than that, take advantage of the opportunities that are out there. One of the simplest questions that people oftentimes forget to ask is the one that I point out. Now a number of you have taken my class know that I am one of those people who talks about the 3% formula be one of the three. Only 3% of the population have really figured out who they are, what they want and the goals that they have in life. And they're working a plan to achieve them. And if you'd like to know more about that, why don't you just email me? And I can tell you about some of the instruction and some of the teaching that we have on being a person who really is a go for it. Gold Center, one of the 3%. Only 3% of the people live with that passion, purpose, poise and that plan and direction in their life be one of the three. But it actually goes down to this. What do you want and what I have discovered? Most people are not very clear on that question. You're starting fresh. And remember I asked you the question. How do you want things to be different now? What are some of the things you really want in life? Now that would be good for you and be good for those you love and be good for the career that you're trying to pursue in the business that you're pushing forward. What do you want? I often times point out that the master teacher, the spiritual leader Jesus of Nazareth. Oftentimes, when people would approach him on, they'd start to do the usual things that people do when they're trained to get perhaps a favor or some help from people. They would kind of, you know, Ah, I got a butter him up or something like that and he very kindly would turn to them and say , What do you want? How can I help you? Often times just remind people. One of the best questions you can sit down and answer every day is what do I want today. What do I want to do today? What do I want? Tohave? What do I want to do? What do I want to become? What do I want to achieve? And most importantly in many ways, how how do I want to be useful? And how do I want to be of service to others? Waking up every day and ah, with heart, mind and spirit, you simply say to yourself is today so that I can have the things that are important to me . So the fresh start can be continuing and sustaining. What do I want? What do I want today? Well, there we go go through these, and you now have seven suggestions as to how you can begin to put a fresh start in your life and see how well they begin to work out for you and then begin to add to them and share them with others. And I'd love if you'd share them with me so that perhaps I can even learn from you other ways to help other people. So when we do a new program, how would you like to have a fresh start in 2017 will have an even better program because you will have joined me in helping me help you and helping others. How can we do those important fresh starts, those start overs in our life, our career, our business and in our relationships? Well, I think I'll just pause with a brief epilogue, and then I'll wish you the best is you listen to this course and class again, share it with others. I'd be grateful and continue to press on towards your fresh start in 2016 8. 8: again. Just a brief afterthought, perhaps. Ah, a little reminder again. Listen to this course and class again. Share it with others. Sometimes I would actually encourage you to ask two or three people. Teoh, listen to the course and class and then kind of have a little bit of a mastermind. Hold one another accountable and responsible and help one another together. So together we'd say we're gonna have some fresh starts. Wouldn't it be nice to know that the year 2016 that at the end of it will be in a better place than when we were at the start of it? I want that. I want that a lot. And I wanted for you to So think about that. One of the things that has struck me recently was the power of some of my friends in a Alcoholics Anonymous. No, I've been graced. I do not have a drinking problem. I'm not in a A, but I have a number of friends who are and deep and wonderful people who are in recovery who have actually had a fresh start. As one person said, my fresh start was lifesaving, and I've always been impressed by going through some of the principles and practices and the 12 steps that many of the deer folks in a go through, they know that a fresh start can be literally life saving and job saving and career saving and relationship saving. And that's what they share. But the man who founded a a just simply called Alcoholics Anonymous. Bill W. You want to be anonymous simply said this, he said. What really happens to us is that we realize that we can't get out of the mess, were in without help, and oftentimes that help come from others. But ultimately, he says, consider the fact that will need that higher power. We will need help from things and sources and powers far above and beyond who we are. Oftentimes, the fresh start is not just a emotional not just a mind thing, not just a relationship. Things. It's, ah, what we would say transcendent, almost a spiritual thing and may or may not be for you. It may not be what you believe in or think about, but I just simply ask you to think about the fact that what we're seeking to do is starter fresh and find a way out of the mess we may be in, and simply to understand that that mess comes from deep things that have happened to us. And now we may have to make some changes within us outside of us and perhaps even above us . Just something to think about all the best and blessings to you made the year go very well for you. And may your fresh start bring you fresh things. Fresh insights, fresh wisdom and fresh joy. All the best. We'll be in touch, and I helped to see you again on some others. Stand Houston courses.