How To Get Yourself Organised and Super Productive. | Carl Pullein | Skillshare

How To Get Yourself Organised and Super Productive.

Carl Pullein, I help people to create successful lives.

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17 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. 01 Introduction

    • 2. 02 Intro part 2

    • 3. 03 Structure of the course

    • 4. 04 Lesson 1

    • 5. 05 Lesson 2

    • 6. 06 Lesson 3

    • 7. 07 lesson 4 Routines

    • 8. 08 Lesson 4

    • 9. 09 Lesson 5 Projects

    • 10. 10 Writing Tasks

    • 11. 11 It's all about doing

    • 12. 12 Lesson 6 Areas of focus

    • 13. 13 Lesson 7 Goals

    • 14. 14 File System

    • 15. 15 Lesson 7 Review

    • 16. 16 Pre Out

    • 17. 17 Ending

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About This Class

We are in the middle of some dramatic changes. The growth in digital technology, automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence mean most jobs in the world today will have disappeared by 2025. The question to ask yourself is: are you prepared for this future? 

Productivity is one of the key soft skills required of executives today. Productivity means you are able to manage all the work that comes your way, to handle all the distractions from your smart phone and computer without missing anything and without becoming overwhelmed and stressed. If you cannot do that, you will struggle to survive in this future business world. 

This course is designed to give you the key skill of personal productivity. To help you get the most out of your technology and to give you time and space to grow yourself professionally and personally. 

You will not become more productive overnight. It takes time and it takes deliberate action to get your life together. The strategies and methods in this course will help you become incredibly productive, which means you will be less stressed, more creative and have more time to do the things that are important to you. But that will only happen if you take action. 

To get the most out of this course you should make a determined decision to change the way you work today. To be focused and to set up the systems you will need to become a master of productivity.  It is not difficult, but it does take time.

Taking that time to really get your life organised and productive is not something you should take lightly. Your very survival in the business world and your career now depends on it.  Good luck!