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How To Get Your Diet On Track

teacher avatar Justin Quinton, Author & Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. How To Get Your Diet On Track

    • 2. How To Become Addicted To Eating Healthy

    • 3. Next Steps

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About This Class


Have your eating habits taken a turn for the worst? Are you finding yourself struggling to eat more of what you know you should be eating (...vegetables)? 

In this quick tutorial, I cover the personal system I use to retrain my body and gut health anytime I get off track with my diet. 

Youll learn:

- How I prep my morning drink

- Gut health basics

- How to quickly adapt to eating more vegetables in your diet

- How to easily increase your motivation for exercise without willpower

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Justin Quinton

Author & Coach


While a new teacher to SkillShare, Justin Quinton is a best selling Author, Coach & Psychoanalytic thinker whose ideas have helped thousands of people with his books, video series & seminars. While formally educated in psychology, his 10 plus years of research extends deeply into the field of personal development and relationship advice. After graduating university, Justin is now currently teaching and empowering others within his private practice located in Calgary, Canada.

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1. How To Get Your Diet On Track: Hey, what's up, guys? Just in here. And I'm going to show you my exact kind of meal prep. We're not even really meal prep it, like kind of green drink prep that I do every kind of 10 days or so. I think I can usually make finisher, so But I do this every little while here. And what this allows me to do is kind of pre blend all this and then freeze it and have it ready to go throughout the week. In this way, it just gets it out of the way. It makes it super simple for me to just get my greens in every kind of day and, uh, and go from there. So let me show you kind of what I got going on here. I've already started because the cameras stopped recording, so we're kind of what we just started. So we're gonna will pick up where we left off here, but essentially to kind of show. You just got your basic kind of blender here, you know, cutting board knife there. Um and then what I do is I pick up a flight of mason jars, usually eight box or something. like a Walmart. But what's nice about this is the really, like, a perfect size for this, you know? So it's kind of a perfect portion I find, but what I do is a kind of put them as the flat is right. So you have your like three rows in your four columns, and what I do is I kind of blend each individual thing up, and I pour them into each column and I'll pour all the spinach in one. All the apples and another all the like jalapenos in another and the cucumbers and the salary sort of thing. And what I do at the very end is they take each row and I blended together and it makes it all together. And then I read, distributed into each row there. And so I have a perfect proportion for all these different things and putting in right. So that's kind of like the kind of based system of what I found works really well for this . But what I then do is a kind of t take two of these in the fridge at all times, and I have the rest of them in the freezer and then as a you know, take one out. I kind of take a one of them from the freezer and throw them into the fridge. Just a thought out for the next day there. So this allows me to kind of meal prep Elise out because it's kind of process. I mean, it is tedious and I bloody hated. And honestly, if you're not a huge fan of, like fruits and vegetables like I'm really not, But this is a great way to slam it back. Get it out of the way. And what I've noticed is well with this is that if you can start your day off with a green drink, you'll notice that you have the proper nutrition throughout the days. You don't have to. You don't have this kind of weird need to fill up. Ah, lot of confused, the sensation of hunger. It could be many different things actually come into play. Could be dehydration. It could be poor nutrition. It could be even just your board sort of thing. There's many different reasons why our bodies give us a sensation of hunger, but ultimately, when we we pop out one of these every day, we down a green drinker in the morning, You give ourselves a proper nutrition. So we find ourselves kind of kick starting the day in a way that allows us toe, you know, not crave as much trash food sort of thing, right? It's also kind of a great way. Teoh, you know, like I said, get in the greens that you need. There's kind of great saying I've heard before and it's like it's not that vegetables cure disease, but rather the absence of them causes it. So this is a nice way to kind of go ahead, get all your greens that you need in, and this is what I personally do. And, uh, yeah, I'll show you how I kind of get started with this. So what's inside of this? And like I said, you can kind of switch this up. Is you, like, this is kind of like the basic one that I do. I have experimented and it isn't went well. I will be honest whenever I deviate from this. Like I've tried broccoli and this and that just ruined the whole batch is pretty brutal. 10 days of drinking this stuff, But this is kind of like a safe bet here. I found this is very doable sort of thing, but Yeah, sure. You kind of what I have inside. So what, I've already kind of gotten started here is your spinach and kale. It's kind of by a whole big bag of that. And I put that in here and blended. Um, and then on top of that, I have some. I got about five apples here about two jalopy knows. I got a, you know, some celery Here is some. Well, some cucumbers and then some frozen avocado chunks. So I do that just because, you know, when you start making these, it can get kind of pricey. So, you know, in the avocados, especially. I mean, it really depends on where you're at in your were watching this sort of thing. But, you know, I find that kind of going with this route. This is kind of the going to frozen fruit sometime works for avocados and such. But anyways, um, this is that's got everything I pour in. But like I said, we like to blend everything separately and then kind of distribute them in each row here or start each column, and that allows us to keep the proportions the same. So let's dive into this process. I'll be timing. This is well, just to kind of, you know, show you how fast and kind of get it done. But I'm really slow with this, too. Uh, you know, meal purposes is not my strong suit. You know, food is essentially fuel for me. I don't fully enjoy it, but this is kind of a great way to kind of get started here with green drinks. And, uh, yeah, we'll go from there. - All right, So I know it's ah, pretty messy looking. The whole thing is actually, uh, you know, pretty messy. Now, that's part. That's mostly me. That's mostly I'll take the blame on that, but as you see, you got the all the rows there, and, um, then what we're gonna do is we're just gonna kind of blend it together and finish the job now. Pro tip here. I mean this thing, it barely holds four of these, so I always kind of raise it up. This is where I think majority the mess is actually made, but this is what's working for me. So far. So, as you see, she is brimmed to the top. This is actually where the messy part is that 1st 1 I'm telling you now, it doesn't go well. I think it's just the thing here, but, uh, all right, we're gonna give it a go. Oh, boy. See, I got, like, a a nice system to try and get the runoff, - but yeah, outside of the mess, that's essentially it. I then put those in the freezer and I'll cap that last one there, and we're good to go. That is the process. So last thing on this is that, you know, if you don't have the time to do this like, say, for example, you know you don't have the time to hit the grocery stores like this kind of last thing that I use is if I need to have my greens of stuff and I don't have one of these ready like , say, I just couldn't for that day, uh, typically have a scoop of this. This is a progressive products. It's called veggie greens. It's got a whole bunch of different stuff in it. It's kind of ah, alternative. Obviously you want to have real food. Would you have the chance? Right. But, um, this is a great alternative as well. And the nice thing about this one tastes a lot better. This is, like, really well flavored, but I get that pineapple coconut one. But essentially, with this, um, if you if this is really unappealing to you, this is like hell, no, they could have anything. I can't have this right. This is disgusting. Right? Maybe start with one of these because this will kind of get the get your gut health. Correct. It'll start toe, allow your body to start to crave this because we're gonna start to crave what we eat the most of right. So it's like if you can eat more of a fast food based diet sort of thing, you're gonna start to create fast food, right? But if you have a lot more fruits and vegetables you're gonna start to then crave it. So instead of kind of playing this willpower game, we just wanna ADM or of the thing we you know, we should have You could still eat the crap So everything if you will, when you get started. But ultimately, the goal is just to have one of these a day or two have some of this a day and that will help you start to crave fruits. Officials more. Your body will actually start. Teoh, do you know to be okay with having You'll actually kind of feel the mood t have it more than normal, but yeah, that's what happened. Guys hopefully found this helpful, and, uh, I should talk to Leo. 2. How To Become Addicted To Eating Healthy: Okay, so obviously we know that there's lots different diets, lots of different approaches you can take to this. But I'm gonna actually talk about how toe implement it. See, you could go online right now and search up. What died is best for what and find a ton of information, but it's actually not. There's not a lot on how to actually stick to diets. A lot of people think it's just in slowly implementing, but I truly believe that everyone is addicted to something. They're either addicted toe transfats and fast foods and juices and pops and sodas and energy drinks and all that. Or they're actually addicted to, you know, vegetables. They're addicted to eating healthy light, organic, that sort of thing. And I truly believe that both crave. And if you actually talk to these people, the healthy people genuinely crave vegetables. There's something in vegetables that makes them crave that. But you talk to the people that are normally eating fast stuff. They genuinely crave that right. That one's obviously much more common. But I think one of the biggest problems with what chooses that craving for certain people has to do with the blending of the two, so I'm a huge advocate of going cold turkey. I am not even a huge advocate of cheat days when you talk about diet, and you might have heard that term before, like a cheat day, the one day you eat poorly. I'm actually not even a huge advocate of that. I believe that what you should do issues go full cold turkey, cut that stuff out and just go with that super healthy stuff. Obviously, that's very difficult to do. But the reason you want to do this is because you want to hit a threshold and it's the threshold. When you stop craving that, you start craving this, and when that happens, then you got a momentum. Then you got the ball rolling, so it's easier to maintain because you start craving that stuff. But when you introduce that other food, it's so much stimulus. It's so much transfats and you know, there's always gonna like flavors and MSG ease and all that other stuff that it almost blocks that stuff that you would crave from healthy food. So I'm a huge advocate of just going cold turkey, cutting that stuff out fully and then just going for the healthy stuff and waiting and hitting that threshold toe where you start to crave it. This, for me, has been a very tricky thing, and it is tricky for a lot of people. But once you there, you will not crave that other stuff. And that's super important. The thought of just cutting out fast food alone. When you just cut that out, you'll notice you no longer create it. Just cut it out 100% and you'll notice after a couple weeks, you just like What the hell? Cut out soda. You cut out Coke and Pop and all this stuff energy drinks. You won't crave it anymore. After a couple weeks, it'll seem to sweet. You'll have a sip of you. Like what? Where's before? At one point, you were like chucking it down like water. Here's my point. You're going to adjust to whatever you habituate most, so start doing that. Go cold turkey. Go with light stuff. Avoid that other stuff, but obviously that's tough to do. So this is what I found is easiest for people to apply. Look at your beverages is obviously what you do most often when it comes to intake, you drink more than you eat right. You're constantly drinking stuff versus you're constantly eating stuff. So start by cutting out pop, cutting out energy drinks, cutting out these sugary beverages and exchanging it for water. Try and do that. Just make yourself a custom aided to having water instead of pop and things like this. Then jump into meals. Get rid of fast food to start, get rid of process foods like that transfats and deep fried stuff like that, and substituted for salads and things and greens and vegetables. Right? Start with those. Start with beverages, then go into fast food and the real nasty stuff right and then go into implementing more healthy alternate. 3. Next Steps: Well, congratulations on finishing This tells me a lot about you. It tells me that you're the type of person who's dedicated to results. Right on. I actually see the numbers of people who actually purchase the course on. Then don't even open it and then let alone finish it. And this tells me if you're at the end here, you've actually finished a course it tells me a lot about She tells me you're dedicated to results. Tells me you're serious about wanting to improve the quality of life, not just in business, but in all different areas. You're probably looking for the best in life to reach your potential in your personal relationships, in your social life, with your health and fitness, right in all these different areas, whatever those areas, maybe for you. You probably noticed that, you know, to be proactive in them takes a lot of psychological work. There's actually these barriers that stop you from being proactive. And if you're interested in actually diving really deep with me, I have a three course. We dive really in depth into your psychology and identity, and we turn you into an action taker. It's no action accelerator. This is where you may have an opportunity to work together every single day with daily videos where I give you exercises that help you shift. Have you changed your psychology? I'm talking deep identity level change. We turn you into an action taker in all areas of life. It's not for the faint of heart. It's pretty intense. But the fact that you finished this tells me that you're one of the people can probably handle it. So I encourage you to check that out. You can find it on my Web site at www dot actualized dot academy and that's it. Just actualized dot Academy, go there, check it out. If it looks like something you take advantage of, please do we have a full money back guarantee? So the r a. While this is insane. I honestly I'm not here to take your money. I'm here to get you to the next level, but nor do that I got to get you to commit. And I know that if you put down money on to a course like this, you're actually gonna apply it. So this is what I have for you. I'm excited to invite you onto this and I hope to see you there. I shall talk to you in the future. All the best.