How To Get Your Business On Google Maps: Optimize Your Google My Business Page in 2019 | John Shea | Skillshare

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How To Get Your Business On Google Maps: Optimize Your Google My Business Page in 2019

teacher avatar John Shea, Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. What To Expect In This Course

    • 2. Why Having Google My Business is Critical For Every Local Business

    • 3. Intro To Google My Business

    • 4. An Example Google My Business Page Setup

    • 5. Setting Your Service Distance & Address

    • 6. Selecting The Best Business Category

    • 7. Creating a Good Introduction For Your Page

    • 8. Tagging Photos Inside Of Google My Business or Using Picasa

    • 9. Bulk Tagging Photos With a Location

    • 10. Viewing Insights About Your Business

    • 11. A Completed Google My Business Profile - Getting to 100%

    • 12. Why Reviews Are So Important

    • 13. Responding To Reviews

    • 14.

    • 15. The Review Handout Generator

    • 16. Where To Go From Here - Learning About Local SEO

    • 17. Free Bonus Content

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About This Class

Do you own a local business?

In this free course I am going to walk you through step by step everything you need to know about setting up and optimizing your Google My Business profile.

Why is this important?

Your potential customers are currently looking for you on Google! Imagine I had a plumbing emergency in my home.

I'm going to start by searching Google and I'm most likely going to be searching for businesses that are as close to me as possible. 

Google will display to me 3 local business in what we like to call "The 3 Pack". This is where your potential new customers are looking for your business!

See an example here:


Here's what you get in this course:

  • I walk you through setting up your Google+ page
  • How to write a great profile introduction
  • The importance of picking categories
  • Optimizing your business photos and why it's important to add location data to them
  • You will learn the importance of getting more reviews and how to get more of them for your Google business profile. 

Looking for an advanced tutorial on Local SEO optimization? Check out my premium course on local SEO

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

John Shea

Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic


I am an entrepreneur, gamer, podcaster, metal music fanatic and blogger. I'm always trying to stay up to date with the latest trends and changes in the constant growing world of SEO & Digital Marketing.

I blog at sharing what's working for me today in the world of online marketing. 

I originally started learning about online marketing as a way to generate additional income, I enjoy connecting with others and helping people achieve their goals.

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1. What To Expect In This Course: everyone. My name is John Shea, and I just wanted to welcome you to this Google. My business course. Now, what this course is gonna be all about is I'm pretty much gonna walk you through everything to do with Google. My business. Now, if you're not familiar with Google, my business one point or another in the past, it was formally called Google Places. It's very likely that you if you have a business, that you probably have a profile out there, whether or not it's actually been claimed or that you set it up 100% the way that I'm going to show you in this course, you're gonna learn everything that that you need to know about getting set up with Google, my business. So throughout this course, I'm pretty much gonna walk you through, you know, actually, setting up a profile from scratch. I'll go through and just kind of show you the very basics what you need to do to get started there, and then I'm actually gonna walk you through all the different aspects of the Google plus profile and show you all the important things that you really should be doing in 2016 a t end of the course. I'm also gonna walk you through just kind of very briefly some pointers on things that you can do to actually increase your rankings and get up there in the competition with other businesses that are competing in your local city. So hopefully this course is going to be something that's really gonna help you out quite a bit. If you're a local business, I've made it free for a reason because I love to give value. And I'd really like to see people succeed with, you know, getting more rankings on Google, getting more leads and, you know, just generating more business. So stay tuned. And if you have any questions, you can always send me a message or started discussion. I'd be happy to help answer any questions, help you out. However I can. Thanks 2. Why Having Google My Business is Critical For Every Local Business: So before we dive into the actual set up of Google my business, I just really wanted to emphasize why this is important. And if you are a local business that you absolutely 100% need to be setting up a Google my business page. So what I've done here is I put in a very basic search. I took a town that's actually local to me here in Massachusetts, and I did a very generic search. Let's just say I just moved toe the Boston area, and I'm actually looking for an electrician's in this city of low levels, a fairly large city. We clear that bar there, and basically what I'm gonna get is a few different things here. I've got some ads over here on the right side, you could see things like DP Etro. So that's actually a business different, like networks like Angie's List and things running advertisements. So any of these people, if I click on any of these links, this is actually going to charge them, they're paying money to be placed up here into this list, and in often times you're also going to see ads above this huge map here usually about three. It depends on the search and what's actually going on. Um, it's gonna also show ads based on your local area. So even if I typed in saying New Jersey or something a different city than it's actually going to give me, you know, local results as well to me for these ads. So I hope that makes sense. The next thing you're going to get is here. We have a list of three businesses dual state electric services for Star Lighting and Electric Crow and Sons Electrical Corporation and then below that we have the organic results. So these air 10 listings that are actually going to be coming up based on really just authority. You've got sites like Home Advisor, Yelp, Yellow Pages, thumbtacks, Super Pages and use list. All of those air really authoritative business listing directories. And then we actually do have four star lighting showing up down below here. As you can see, there also number two in this map area. But generally what's gonna what's gonna happen here is a lot of people they're not gonna be looking down here is much they're really going to be looking. Maura, this map area. So in this some example here, I mean, it's kind of an obvious choice despite being in the first position. This company, Dual State, also has eight reviews. If I click on this, I can get an idea of what's going on with their reviews. I can see all the positive reviews. It looks like everybody except someone from four years ago left a two star. Um, I would probably hire this person. Although a lot of these reviews are also fairly old, I still have something to go on that you know, at least this sounds like a pretty good company. And now that I've gone into this, let me actually go back here the only other way without clicking on one of these to get more business listing showing up is to hit more places. So here we now have all the electrician's in the local area. You'll also notice if I click in any of these, you'll see that they're all going to be based out of the little area, well, well and so on and so forth. So it's going to give me results based on the area that I searched. Google wants to give you the very, you know, the most relevant results, the closest businesses that will offer the services I'm looking for. So really, if you're not registered on Google, my business, then you're not even gonna show up in this list. It all we'll talk later about. You know why some of these people are showing up higher than others. I cover that in depth a little bit later and talk about a little bit more of what you could be doing there. But this is really I just wanted to make this very clear point is that if you're not listening, Google my business, there's no way you can show up in this list. 3. Intro To Google My Business: Okay, so diving right in. I brought you over to the Google. My business home page. Easiest way to find this would be to just go to Google and type in Google my business, and you're gonna be able to find this page. So what you're gonna have here is they're gonna walk you through a little bit about what you get here, and it's completely free to get your business on Google. There is no charge for this. I imagine you could be someone that's watching this and you get phone calls all the time from people pretending to be Google, and they're trying to help you and all this stuff. And I can tell you right now that Google does not call you upon the phone. Unless, of course, you've probably made a request to have him call you. Maybe you been working with them through support. So I just wanted to get that out there right off the start, because every time I talked to a contractor, anyone that's in a local business, they'll say to me, Well, Google calls me all the time. It's so annoying. And I'm gonna tell you right now today, if you're watching this. Google does not call you on the phone, but you can get set up on Google completely for free. And that's what I'm gonna show you throughout this course. So this is the Google. My business home page basically kind of gives you a little bit of an insight of what you're going to get. You know, you just drop across Google. You can give customers the right information about your business, build lasting relationships with your customers. People will be able to leave, reviews things like that. And, you know, they talk about being found by your customers. Make it easy for your customers to get in touch through, you know, cell phone starting a conversation with people through the actual Google Google plus set up , there s So what we're gonna do is if we're do you get on Google Milwaukee. Through this, you're basically gonna be taken to a map. You can't go to Google Maps to do this, you have to do it through the Google my business page. And if you were to start typing in a business, I'm gonna use, um let's just say going to use an example one here. This is the page I'm going to use. So this is actually the company. I'm gonna use them as an example Page to show you guys. But basically, if you're already on Google and you start typing in your business name, you're going to see them appear in this list. If you're not, you could just make up a fake name. We'll call it, um, we'll call it Hero Plumber's. Actually, we won't cause my M Key does not work during recording. I apologize. I'll type in hero Electrician's. That's That's the business name that I own and you can see it didn't find any results. So if I hit search, it's basically going to say we cannot find Hero Electrician's and you'll then want to do. I've correctly entered the name and address, and from here you're gonna fill out all the information about your business. The Country Street address, City State Zip main phone number category. Don't worry too much about this for now, so in this case, you know, we would do Electrician's. You'll see as you type. They will give you some very easy to pick categories. If there's something here that may not quite match up to what you do. Don't worry about it. We can change this later. And here you want to mark whether or not you're a service based business or not. I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location. So this is going to be very important if you're someone like an electrician's. In this case, if that was the business I was registering, then I definitely would want to check this box because I'm not having people come to my office. I'm going to their houses, going to commercial buildings, things like that. So I'm not actually going to hit. Continue here. If I do this, this is essentially going to create the profile. In the next upcoming videos. I'm gonna actually use an example profile that's already 100% complete, and I'll just walk you through all the different aspects of the Google. My business page 4. An Example Google My Business Page Setup: Okay, So once you've actually filled out your business information or you've actually logged in your profile whether or not you already had one, I'm gonna walk you through basically everything you need to do on this profile one by one. So this is really the main back end of Google. My business up at the top left here, you're gonna have home at info, insights, reviews and photos. So let's start with edit info. This is really gonna be the very first place you should start out if you have not completed your profile or potentially, there's some other things you could be doing. So I'm gonna go to edit info. This is actually a completed profile that I'm using. Here is an example you can see appear. You can watch your progress. It'll say 100% complete. And if there's anything missing that you have not completed, they'll actually let you know what you need to do in order to get up to 100%. This is really your ultimate goal here with creating this Google my business profile figure . If you're not 100% complete, then you're gonna have ah harder time showing up in that very top list of the three competitors I show you in the prior video. So really, I'm gonna walk you through all the basic things here. You got business, name, address, your contact information category hours and an introduction in the next video. I'm going to talk about the address and setting this up and how you can go about doing this . What's important, what's not, and we'll go from there. 5. Setting Your Service Distance & Address: Okay, So in this video, I'm gonna talk about what you can do with the address set up here. If I click on edit, your basically and I have this window pop up and what you're gonna want to do is your first gonna want to fill out everything here with your street address. If you have a sweet number, you want fill that out as well. The city state zip code. And then again, I did mention this earlier, but you want to make sure that you want to check off. I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location if you're actually a service based business. So this would be someone like an electrician, a plumber, maybe, like someone who's just a contractor in general, someone that's not serving anyone at their actual location. So that's pretty obvious. You can figure this out if you do both, then that's fine. You have an option down here. You can say I also serve customers at my business address. Now, if you do have this box checked by default, Google will display your address information. Technically, this business actually should not have this checked, but it's not really gonna hurt them is just going to display the business, the full address in the public view. So when I search for an electrician's in Windsor, Colorado, and I see their business listing show up instead of having the full 541 e garden drive, I'm actually going to see just that. They're in Windsor, Colorado, if I uncheck this box. So I just wanted to clarify this because that is important. The next thing would be figure out whether or not you know you can set yourself up in a radius if you can't really. This would be a circumstance where Let's just say here you can see the kind of radius that we're covering with a 34 mile radius that we have set up for them. Let's just say they don't serve customers kind of up in like the north area of this radius . You could actually decide to click this blocks here, this other check box and manually start adding cities. I'm not going to do this, but if we were, I could start typing in wins or and it's basically gonna find all the different areas. You know, I could pretty much just pick a list of the city's I know I'm gonna be servicing and add them one at a time, and that will remove the ability to actually need to use a radius. So I do talk to businesses all the time that they just, you know, they can't necessarily serve a full radius. There's areas they don't want to be working in. So this would be how you go about doing that. So that's really all there is to it to setting up your address. The other thing I do really want to stress is that if you have not verified your profile yet, you do have to make sure this is gonna be a good address. It can't be a P o box, or like a UPS store box or anything like that has to be a physical address that you can receive mail at and that you can actually receive a postcard to get your business verified . That's really the most important step, because if you have an unclaimed listing that you can't verify, you can't get that postcard to your address. Then you're never gonna have a good opportunity bill the rank high in the actual local maps 6. Selecting The Best Business Category: this video. I want to talk about picking a category. Now, For some of you, this might be very, very simple. There's not really gonna be a whole lot to it, but I just didn't want to stress kind of what's gonna happen here when you pick a category . So I'm gonna hit at it on the category selection here, and you can see that this company is actually not only Justin Electrician's, but they also do plumbing work, a tree asi and heating. Now, this is really where it starts to become important. If you were, for example, like a pizza place, you know, here they can give you some good examples so you wouldn't type in pizza and pasta or pet food and toys. There's actually very specific categories that need to be picked. Basically, you want to find a very, very specific category that describes what you do for a business. It's not like he words here. They could be another example. So if you were a wedding photographer, that's all you're gonna put in. You're not gonna put in things like photos for events or photos for weddings and all these other things, like doing different keywords. You're just going to do one category, and that's all you can do here. Now. What's gonna happen? Another thing I just really want to stress. And this is a great example. So let's say you're a similar company to this. If if you're just one category, then you really don't have to worry about this. But if you do find that your business is really servicing multiple categories, just like this one here, the primary category that you pick is gonna basically give you more relevant results in search. So if I actually had them set up is a primary business for an H V, a C contractor, then there's a lot higher chances that if I go on Google and type in H V A C near Windsor, Colorado, that they're actually going to show up higher despite being in here, I believe just from what I've seen, just doing a lot of searches and being kind of in this industry, I guess for a little while I've seen that Google is overall giving Mawr relevancy to the primary business category. So this company, really they decided that you know the electric part of what they do to being electrician's things like that. That is the biggest part of their business. And I have other companies that also do electrical work, and they decided to do H v a. C. I have other company companies that have also decided it just picked plumber because maybe that's all they do. So this is really the very important that you want to pick the primary category because that is going to be the most relevant for what people are looking for. It's gonna help you show up higher and search, and then on top of that, you can add the secondary categories. You can add another category, and you're basically gonna be able to add in any of those you also going to see as you type . So let's just say they did air conditioning. We could add an air conditioning contractor or air conditioning repair, air duct cleaning. You really get a whole bunch of other categories. You might build a pick, and these this type of company might also offer some of these things. So that might be good toe, actually, like, go over with them, you know, in my case, obviously, this is one of my clients going over this and, you know, basically adding other categories because they're gonna have more relevance here and show up higher for searches based around these types of things. So I hope this makes sense. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. 7. Creating a Good Introduction For Your Page: Okay, So the last section in the information area where we can set up all of the business information, we have an introduction that will actually display publicly about your business. And I'm gonna hit edit here, and I'm gonna give you an example of what they have. Unfortunately, I cannot blow this up any bigger, but you'll see here that I do put in an additional link to the company's website, and we're basically listing a lot of the cities that they service. And they have, like, a little just kind of a message like, Here's our promise to you on time guarantee 100% satisfaction, you know, just a lot of a lot of that guarantees and things like along the lines of labour. Then again, we even have links to all the different service pages they have over on their website, like electrical services, electrical remodeling, and so on and so forth. And you can see there's a pretty long list here. So we've kind of put together something that's just really nice for someone that's publicly seeing their company, you know, they're gonna be able to find out okay, they guarantee their work. This is where they're located here. This over here, the areas they service here, the services that we dio You really just have everything here. So I wouldn't put something in here That's like a sentence long and, you know, just say, Hey, this is what we do and make it really boring. You want to really stand out here? You know what makes you special is a business. This is where you want to take the opportunity to actually fill this out and really put some effort into this. I mean, this probably could be written in 1/2 hour without much time, if not less, in terms of actually doing a lot of these links and things to service pages. I would say this isn't required, but it certainly can't help. I mean, it gives you more opportunities to get people clicking on these links, going to your website and actually reading more about the services you offer. So definitely consider doing this. And I hope this helps 8. Tagging Photos Inside Of Google My Business or Using Picasa: Okay, So in this video, I wanted to talk about photos. Now, this is probably one of the most important things that you could be doing. And depending on the business categories that you picked, you may have a couple of different categories in here that show up, especially if you're offering things like products. If you're someone that offers, like, you know, actually sells products, you may see a category in here, such as, like, products and things that you actually sell now, because this is a service based business, you're really not going to get a whole lot by default. Everyone's gonna have identity photos, which is basically going to be a profile logo that displays on Google. My business, a logo for your company, which in a lot of cases I usually use the same thing. And then a cover photo, which is displayed on the Google plus Page, which is, you know, kind of a social aspect of the business. And you have interior photos, which would be like photos inside the office. Here. You can see this is someone sitting down in an office and a desk didn't really do a good job with logo here, but I think that's all I had to work with. And then exterior photos, I would say. Usually this should be exterior photos of the outside of the building. Um, and at minimum, you're gonna want at least three photos in all these categories. So that's why I've got about three minimum exterior photos. Really? It should be something, like maybe a sign on the outside of your building or just a picture of your office location , because I didn't have anything like that with this particular company, we decided to just put in some photos of their trucks and things like that. Google is really not going to know the difference. I would just say more than anything. Make sure you do Put some photos in here. You know, try to make it is accurate as you can, but a same time, you know, you don't want to be putting like cartoons or weird things in here. So the next biggest category, I would say his photos at work. This could be the area where you could probably gonna have most of your photos. And you can see here that this is all stuff that you know, people are doing on doing actual work. You know, you can see this is an electrician's, these air photos of, like work that they're doing on outlets and things like that. And then the last category is team photos. So this would be like photos of people in your office employees owner, whoever you want to put in there. And you could see that's pretty much what we've done. Here we have. It almost looks like a combination of people in the office and people actually working. So really either work. Um, the next thing I want to show you is a really important piece, and a lot of people are not aware of this. They just, you know, if if a lot of people would go in here at a bunch of photos and think, Oh, well, I'm done, that's all I need to do. But there's actually a lot more that we can dio. So let's just take We'll take this photo of an outlet as an example. This is gonna blow up into a bigger image, and you're gonna have some stuff up here so you could, like, share it, edit it, tag people. You have slide shows and some other actions like you could add it to different albums, enhance the photos. A couple different editing things you could zoom in if you want to delete photos. This is where you do it. You have a little trash can there you can crop photos. So there is some minor editing tools in here and figured out at least mentioned that Let me go back here. Well, it doesn't really matter. Um, any photo will work. This is ah, looks like a burned out. Let's. So that's obviously some work they're working on basically, over on the top. Right here. You'll see photo details, and if you click on that, it's going to give you the option at a location, and this one actually doesn't have it. So I'm gonna go ahead and do this. You can hit at a location, and I don't want Google to know where I am cause they think, you know, it's local to me. It's not a big deal, so I'm just gonna throw it in their local area. This is where the office is located. It's really up to you. You don't have to get super specific. You could put in an actual address. But here I can do drop a place. Mark, you can see now I've got the place Mark and I can't save. And now what this is going to do is it's actually gonna add the longitude and latitude here , you know, you can see now its added this to the photos out of the location details. So what? I generally tell everyone that's like a contractor based business people that travel all around different areas when they send me their photos, tell me a little bit about what the photo is. So that way, when I upload it, you know this one? I think it must have already been in the profile. I didn't upload this one. Usually I'll rename this, so I would probably rename this to something like burned out. You know, socket. And that kind of gives it a keyword. I'm basically giving Google some information about what the actual file is or what the picture is. And then I'm also putting in a location so Google can read this data. They can see that this photo was, you know, taken in Windsor now. And if we're starting to do this in different areas, we could tag different cities all around where this company is actually located. And now Google Nose. Okay, Wow, look at all these cities that they're doing working, and that's gonna help boost your actual visibility in the local map pack. So this is actually a really important step. I've seen that in some cases I've gone and uploaded and tagged a bunch of photos with different cities and then uploaded them into a profile. And I've seen the visibility of the profile go up substantially. I can't say, you know, it's not a I really don't want to throw it out there is, like, a make or break things like, if you don't do this, it's not gonna be the end of the world in terms of actually doing well with your Google profile. But it's definitely gonna help. I mean, we're just giving Google Mawr data that they can use to figure out where you do business and giving them keywords about the types of services you offer. So in the next video, I'm gonna show you a tool that you can actually use to bulk. Um, Geo, target the photos very, very easily for free. Instead of going in each photo one at a time and hitting ad, You know, I'd have to go in and manually at each one, add. I'd have to keep going, and it would take a really long time to do that, so I'm gonna show you a way to do it a lot faster. 9. Bulk Tagging Photos With a Location: Okay, So in this video, I want to show you how you can actually tag Ah, bulk number of photos without actually needing to go toe each photo one of the time and then add the location and go to the next photo at the location. You may have to do a little bit of that with the method. I'm gonna show you here depending on what photos you're working with. But this may overall probably be a lot faster for you. So what you're gonna want to do is go to Google and just type in download Picasa. If you end up on Picasa Web, that's actually just like an Internet based version of Picasa. This is going to be a download. You want to make sure you get to this page and download Picasa very simple to install this . And once it's done, you're gonna load it up. You can pick the defaults to just let it, you know, pick all the default pictures it finds on your computer. Then once that's done, I'm actually gonna walk you over there now. So here's Picasa and you can see I've got tons of different photo folders over here on the left, and I've decided to take some kitchen photos from one of my clients and just use this as an example. So I'm gonna take this photo here. It's kind of like at the green background, nice wood floors and nice refresh kitchen here. And if you look over at the bottom right, you can see there's a little show Hide Places panel. And if I click that, it's gonna bring a Google map in here, and what we can actually do is type in a specific address. So I know that this guy actually works a lot of jobs in the Derry, New Hampshire, area so we can type in Derry, New Hampshire, and it's gonna tag that area and it's gonna ask us, Do we want to place the photo here? We're going to say yes and you're gonna see once the photo is tagged, it's gonna add this little marker. And the best thing about this is if you already have a lot of photos, I mean, I imagine if you're a business, let's say you've been in business for years and you just got like, two or 300 photos sitting around. It's very possible some of them could already be tagged. And you might be asking, Well, what would make an image get tagged versus an image that wouldn't get tagged pretty much if you taken image. You know, you take a photo with your cell phone and your GPS is enabled, then it should already have the tag in it. You can see here out of these kitchen photos. None of them are actually tagged. But this one actually was tagged. And if I double click it, I can actually go in and learn a little bit more about the photo. If I hit info here, Aiken kind of go through and see what's going on with it. You can see it's already been tagged with a location. So pretty much all you would need to dio let me go back here back to the library, at the top left. I could basically select multiple pictures and just put them all in dairy. It's gonna say, Put five photos here it okay, And the easy way to do this you just hold down control and just select every photo you want . And these photos have already been uploaded to the Google. My business page for this client. So I'm just gonna do this is an example. So I've tagged all these different photos. Now you can see put all 14 photos here. Bam! And you can see I've now attacked every single one. So I do this right before I uploaded to Google. My business. This makes it a lot faster. 10. Viewing Insights About Your Business: now in this video, I want to talk about viewing insights about your business. Now, if you're over at the home page here, up at the top left, you're gonna find that you're going to kind of get like a small glimpse of what's going on with your business. You conceal your business information up here at the top. Clicking edit here is going to be the same as clicking edit info up here, and you have view insights as well is kind of a brief snippet of what's going on here. So this gives you the last 30 days of what's going on with your Google. My business profile. In this case here, you can see this business has actually gotten over 3430 impressions. So okay, standing for 1000 and out of those impressions, their business listing got clicked on 97 times, and the percentage will go up or down based on you know, the activity over the last 30 days. So here we've seen a 34% increase in views and a 5% increase in clicks, so this means that they're probably getting a lot more visibility on their business, potentially more phone calls and generating more, you know, just more business out of those phone calls. So it's great thing to see here, new followers. This is for people following on Google. Plus, not really too much of a concern. I'm not gonna be, You know, it must have been that a few people follow them, and now just nobody has. So it's gone down, and then you have managed reviews. We're gonna talk about this in the next coming videos. But in this video, I want to show you the insights. Peace. If I hit view insights you're gonna see here that you've got a couple things you could go to visibility, posts and audience and then down at the you know, the first section here you can look at the total views over the last 30 days. How many of them were from search? How many of them hit the Google plus page? How many of them were from posts on Google Plus And then how many were like photos and things like that that came up and then you can see some click metrics Here, you can see there are 97 total clicks 67 of them People click to the website. Two of them people were looking for some driving directions and 28 were looking for, you know, actually making for phone calls. And then they sometimes do give ah some data on driving direction requests. I'm not sure how they track this, and they do also have a phone calls metric here. How many times your business was called values? May values are approximate and only significant values may be shown so they actually by default show four weeks. You may want to change this to say, like the last week you can get an idea like and for this company. On Sunday they got three Monday, one Tuesday, three in Saturday. One. I can tell you right now, it's not like they didn't get any calls on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. I imagine they're probably tracking this Scougall I'm referring to is tracking this by probably like a cell phone click or phone call. So these would probably be like from people using their cellphones to look for electrician's and then making a phone call that way so you can also go over to the post tab . Here you can see what's going on. It looks like since we don't have a whole lot, they don't have a lot of followers. There isn't a whole lot of activity here, but you know, they are posting regularly and you could see if there's any, you know, actual activity on that here and then under the audience. You can see you know what's going on with new followers, country, gender and age and all. Pretty self explanatory, I'd say more than anything is visibility is going to be the best metric to look at. You can look at the all time total is, well, a sort by 7 30 90 or all time in terms of what the visibility was. If I do all time here, breaks it down into kind of, ah, circle metric and you can see what's what. So overall local search of use all time 34,000. So they've gotten substantial visibility over the time that they had Google my business. So this is another reason why you definitely need to be on here and hopefully if you've gotten to this point, you've understood the importance of having this profile 11. A Completed Google My Business Profile - Getting to 100%: Okay, So in this video, I just wanted to show you what it would look like to the public to actually see your Google . My business profile. Now, generally, what's gonna happen is if someone searches for your business on Google, they're not gonna really directly build to find this page unless they actually add in Google, plus into the search. So if I typed in, lighten up electrical and plumbing and then added Google plus to my search, I'm gonna actually be able to find this page publicly. But generally, people are mostly going to just see a little bit of a blurb about the business in the basic info, they could make a phone call. And, you know, a lot of times people aren't really gonna end up on this page. This is more the social media side of things over on Google. Plus, but I did want to show you what it looked like. Completed. You can see the logo will show up here. Um, the cover photo will show up here on the right, and then below that, you've got a little bit of you know, you get your reviews so you can see a brief snippet of the reviews. If I wanted to, I could click here to write the review. You get a brief street view of where they're located, any people that are, you know, in their Google plus circles, brief idea of some photos and things that we've added, which we already went over the business information. What types of businesses? Business categories. They are here. You see, Electrician's plumber, the business hours. And then here. This is where that introduction is displayed. And then if you go all the way down, you can see all the reviews and you can keep clicking mawr and browsing through all these different reviews. You can also see responses that the owner would have left. And this really helps toe, you know, kind of give a good perception of your business. So gonna talk about reviews in the next video. And I hope this helped one last thing I did want to show you. And you may discover this is if you actually look up here, you'll see Meet the new Google plus simpler, faster, better preview it today. If I hit, let's go. This is actually going to take me to very, very minimalized version of that same profile. Essentially, what's happening is Google is actually getting rid of Google. Plus, so they're moving away from the ecosystem that is Google plus the page that I just showed you that's eventually probably gonna go away. And this is really all that we're gonna have. It's just gonna have the profile image, the cover photo business, name, contact information and then a link to the website. It's very, very dubbed down. And this is Google's attempt to kind of start moving away from the Google plus side of social media. So if you do happen to see this, what you'll actually have to do, Um, I think because of the way I'm logged in, they may have changed this. Sometimes there's a link down in the bottom left that will say, Go back to the original. I think if I hit the back button, this is kind of like the home page of it. Yes, so this is the home page area of the new Google Plus, and you'll have to go at the very bottom left here. If you do end up on this, you'll have to hit back to classic Google Plus, which is here at the bottom left. You also will not see this unless you're logged in under the profile. So you might be viewing this. Like, if you let's just say you weren't logged in, um, as the business, you're not gonna be able to do this unless you're actually logged in. So I didn't want to point that out. So I have to get back to classic. And now we're back on the classic page, and here's like the home page of all their posts and things like that, and I'd have to go back. Teoh hit X here. Yeah, I can click. I can click up at the top left. Now I'm back in the business area. So that's really all there is to it in terms of the actual Google plus business view. 12. Why Reviews Are So Important: So in this video, I want to bring you back to our original search example here for the electrician's in Lowell, Mass. And I just really, really wanted to stress how important reviews are these days. I feel like a lot of businesses do understand this, but in a lot of cases they're probably getting reviews on other sources. Places like Angie's List yelp all these other sites where I know that it is important to have reviews. But if you think about it, where most people start when they actually look for something, I'm not going to yellow pages dot com. I'm generally not really going to Angie's list. I think you have to have a membership there. I know that there is a very popular you know. It is a very popular place to go. There's a lot of business going on there. I do hear from contractors and other businesses. That's a great place to get business. But generally I feel like most people are going to start with Google. That is probably the number one place out of anywhere because other sources you may have to pay money or you just have to have an account I mean, if I'm looking for something quick like, let's just say I had an electrical emergency, maybe something like blue in my house and an outlet that was very critical. I'm gonna go to Google and search for Electrician's. I'm not going to go to the Yellow Pages or any of these other sites. And I really think this is probably the most prominent place where you're gonna have the most visibility of any source because Google really is just sort of dominating in terms of search. Now, um, to give you an example here, you've got all these different businesses listed. And if a business does not have more than five reviews, it's not gonna show is visibly as if you have more than five. So let me give you an example. Here. We've got, um, let's see Sylvester Electric three reviews. So as you can see here, even though they have three reviews, they don't really stand out any more than say, someone like Leonard or grown sons. It's just kind of hard to see, but what you do see here is that dual state electric services has this star rating showing up. It really stands out like a sore thumb. It just really highlights their business and makes them look really good. Um, it probably helps them increase, increase the click through rate and people that are actually going to go clicking on this business. And on top of that, I can now click on this and read all the reviews which I showed you earlier. And this is just a no brainer for me. I mean, if I was looking for an electrician in little, this is going to be the guy I'm gonna call. I'm probably gonna call him first. And if things don't work out, I might go to this guy. Leonard, I'll see what's going on with his review. High quality works. That's a good one. Another thing. I thought I'd show you here just briefly as well, since this is a good example of it. If you do happen to find your business on Google, you know, let's say you've watched this whole course. You decided to look up the business. You'll see this little claim. This business here, this is what you're gonna want to do If your business is not verified and not set up properly so I can tell you right now it's looking this Leonard Electric, um, he's not claimed on Google. If he had actually claimed this business listing, he might move up a little bit higher. Maybe he'd be in the top three instead of number four. And right now he's not claimed. So that's actually hurting him in the results and really just hurting him in general to get more business, maybe in other surrounding towns. So I did just want to point this out. You'll see claim this business and any business you see without this is basically gonna have a harder time to rank depending on what type of business they are in the competition in the area. So you have moving onto reviews. Basically, what you're gonna find is that if you only have three reviews like this guy here, Sylvester Electric, you're not gonna get the stars. So just imagine that I'm shopping on Amazon and I'm looking at products, and I'm reading about all the different products in a particular niche. I mean, it's almost like I'm doing the exact same thing right now. I'm looking for an electrician's. I'm probably going to go and look at all these different reviews and read What's going on? If I don't have anything to go on that, I'm gonna be a little bit skeptical. You know, I'm probably going to go after the people that have the most reviews, and I just really want to stress that. I think a lot of people do understand its importance. But I can't tell you how many businesses I come across that you know. They've got 200 reviews over on Angie's list, but here they are with zero or one on Google. And in some cases those reviews might be really bad. Um, I had a guy that you know was very, very prominent on Angie's list and you helping some of these other sites. And then he's got one negative one star review a single one star review on his Google plus page. And, of course, he's not in the top three. So he's just not gonna get any business from Googled with that type of profile, because people are going to see that review and then they're going to just say, Well, never mind. And I've actually had phone call conversations with people that admitted to, you know, someone set up an appointment with them, went back, read some of their reviews whether or not they were bad or whatever the case was and then came back and actually canceled an appointment because of the bad reviews they read on the Internet. So this is something that's very important. Get your really confident customers to come, leaving some reviews. 13. Responding To Reviews: so in this video, actually wanted to take you back into the back end of the Google. My business profile page and another really, really important thing that you could be doing is once you've actually started to get reviews on your business is you can go in and actually respond to those reviews. Now this looks really good. You'll find that oftentimes, if you're saying like Amazon or another really good example would be the Android store. I used an android phone, so I'll commonly see that on applications. For example, on the Android store, people will leave comments whether or not they're good or bad. And you'll see developers actually respond to those reviews. And a lot of times it's a pretty generic comment. But they'll be like thanking people and just showing appreciation for the fact that they've actually left a review about in application. Or you'll see product vendors do this on Amazon. They'll actually respond to reviews and just kind of give some insight. I know one of the popular computer vendors. I always see them responding toe, especially negative reviews, reaching out and saying, Hey, contact us for support and you know, just really reaching out. So this is something you can do as well. And if you're in the back and here, you're going to see here is the average Google rating. How many total reviews you have on Google, and then how many of those reviews you have not responded to? And here you can see that this light enough is actually keeping up with it quite well. So they've only got a few in here that they have not responded to my click on manage reviews. I'm actually going to get all the reviews here that have come through and you can see that . You know, here's someone that's not very happy, and they've already left a response. So, um, if I do view and edit, you can actually see. Here's the full review that this person left Clearly they wrote kind of a little book here , and you can see the companies responding. Hi, Sean. I appreciate your comments. I'm glad you got control of, you know, basically just saying thanks for this and that. You know how I am the owner and you know you can reach up to me. You can contact me directly. Calling the main number So they're like the owners coming in here and responding, willing to help out. And if I was a potential customer and I'm reading these reviews and let's say I read this whole thing, I'm not gonna read it right now. It does seem pretty long, and I read something that's very disconcerting, you know, like it looks like this person just kind of glimpsing at this. Looks like they got kind of they feel ripped off. They paid a lot of money for something they didn't feel is a fair price. So if I read this, I might think, Well, man, I don't want to go higher this company that I don't want to get ripped off either. But if I see the fact that this you know, the owner is coming in here and actually responding to this review, it really just puts off a good perception that, you know, they care about their customers that willing to do what it takes. And, you know, it's just gonna give off a good perception for new potential business. So I highly recommend going in and even responding to reviews that, um, you know, are positive here. You can see they left a very basic response of just thank you. We appreciate your kind words. And we always enjoy working with you. You know, it doesn't this this takes two seconds to leave something like this. So you take the time going and even respond to your positive reviews. And I think Google is gonna kind of give you a reward as well as even your potential new customers. 14. Okay, So after watching the last video, you're probably thinking to yourself Now, how do I go out there and actually get more reviews? Now, the really the most obvious answer would be to actually ask your customers, and it can be a little bit difficult. And I know this is very tricky for a lot of businesses, despite having a lot of faithful customers that, you know, you know, really like your business and are willing to actually leave you review. If you want to really automate this, you can use a service such as great us. There are other ones out there such as, like review buzz. But I would say this is probably the most affordable and they actually do have a free trial where you can get up and running for 30 days. You basically can build a landing page. And if you decide to sign up for their full on pro version, I'm gonna actually bring you in here, kind of give you an idea of what this actually does. Excuse me? You basically have here you you've got basic pro marketer. And then there's an agency level program, and what this tool does is it actually sets up a special page where customers can actually go and click on any of your business profile, such as yelp, Facebook, Google any of those pages and then easily go leave your review. Now, if you decide to actually upgrade from just the free version to the $25 a month, you can actually get some automated email campaigns. So if you're collecting your customers email addresses, then you can actually have automatic emails sent out to those customers and follow. You know, you're basically following up with them, automatically asking to leave a review for your business. You do get some other really cool things that you can also get with the pro membership. You get these printed review invites so you could hand these out to people. And you know it's gonna have all your business information on their your special. You earl. You get a lot of other cool things, too, like you can add other sites into your landing pages. You can add coupons, and they just, you know, you contract the performance. It's really just a full suite of everything you could possibly need when it comes to actually getting reviews for your business. So I would say overall, at very least to be worth checking out the trial because it is. There's no money to go and sign up for this. And if you do decide to upgrade, I imagine you could probably do pretty well with it. I'm gonna show you an example. Here, you bring this over, we'll go back to full screen. This is a company eagle plumbing repairs that actually has a landing page set up, and you can see that they have actually picked some of the best reviews and aggregated them here on of this landing page. You can basically pick a customer landing on this page can pick ah, star rating and then here. If they scroll below, they can see some of the great reviews from Yellow Pages and Google. And really, I believe that you can actually pick which reviews you want to show on this page. And if I click on this, let's say I do great. I now have the option of going to the Better Business Bureau. Yellow Pages, Citysearch, Foursquare, Judy's book, Angie's List, Facebook Yelp. And then, of course, Google has been very prominently highlighted. So If I click on Google, it would actually bring up this little pop up. It's a nice little pop up that says, If you don't have a Google account, here's what you need to do. Scroll down, write a review and you know they tell you to sign in. So they're basically giving the customer the information they need to actually go. Leave the review. If I click on this, it's going to take me to a map where I basically have his business shown here, and you could choose how you want to get this set up. I'm not so sure if I really appreciate the way this this one's done. But the writer review is here, the very bottom left. So it does mention on the page to scroll down, so hopefully customers would catch that. But they're different ways. You can set this up as well. So again, grey dot us feel free to check that out and probably be a good tool to add to your awesome arsenal. If you're looking to get more reviews for your business, 15. The Review Handout Generator: I wanted to show you another really simple thing that you can do to actually, you know, show your customers how to go on Google and actually leave you review. If you go over to Google and type in the review handout generator, you're going to see that there's a result here from White Spark. And this is what you're looking for. I'm gonna head over the page now and basically show you what this tool is. A fellow by the name of Phil Rozak. He teaches a lot with local s CEO. Very, very good, good, good block. By the way, if you decide to look him up and you want to learn more about these topics here under the desktop version of this, basically what you're going to get is a customised report that you can set up for your business. So what you have is, you can put in a logo for your business, your phone number and your website, you or L, and at the top, it's going to say, Please write a review for, and then it's gonna replace White Spark with your business name. So it's basically got this very, very simple, um, way to go and look up your you know your business and you can hand this out to your customers. You print this out and you can hand it to your customers. You know, maybe I'll give you a good example. So I actually told us to on auto Mechanic, and he decided to go print up a ton of these. So every time he's, you know, basically handing over the keys to finish an auto repair and say, Hey, you know, I hope you had a really good experience. He can hand them this piece of paper and that the customer can take with them, and now they're more incentivized to go home and actually write that review. And I've noticed since then he actually originally only had say, like, two or three reviews, and now he's got, I think, at least 10 since I originally told him to start doing this. So now he's got the star rating showing up and is just bringing him more business. You also get There's another variation here if you're looking for a mobile phone version here, so it's really cool. You just sign up for this free white Spark account and they'll give you a free copy of this . It's very easy to customize. You just put in your business information. You upload the logo and then you save a pdf. And now you get the school guy in the water and they're all happy and hugging. So basically, you're Ah, yeah, this is a really great tool. I tell a lot of businesses about it, and I've had a lot of good feedback from being able to use something like this to hand out to your customers. 16. Where To Go From Here - Learning About Local SEO: Okay, so now you've actually completed my entire course, and you're probably wondering at this point, if you decide to actually go in and type in your local business niche, whatever it is that you do, let's just say you're an electrician's. You actually type into Google Electrician's in city, and maybe you add in the state code the abbreviation for the state you're in and you're not showing up in that top three pack. Then there's probably more things that you need to be doing. I would say overall, if you've done all the basics like you've gone and uploaded those photos, your business profile is 100%. You received the postcard from ghoul. Got things verified? Maybe you've gone and gotten like 10 reviews, but you're still not in the in the very top three year. Maybe you're in, like number seven or your number 10. Or possibly even on a further back page. Really, what I've done is I put together a much more in depth course. It's over 2.5 hours long. It's got 43 videos walking through everything that you need to know about getting your profile, actually to boost up into that top three results. So what I've done here is I've provided you a free course that you currently just went through. This was my free course to offer you, but I do have this premium class here on skill share. And what I wanted to offer you is I'm gonna give you a special link inside the class project. If you look below, you'll see a class project inside of this course, and I'm gonna have this link here. You'll be able to get a free month of skill share premium and then every month after that, I believe it's just $10. If you decide to get an annual membership, it is a little bit cheaper, and I will receive $10 for every new sign up. So any of you that decided to actually sign up in enrolling my do it yourself local SDO course I'll receive $10. You know, I'm not asking for tons of money here. Obviously, I'm just looking to get people to come into this bigger. Of course, that's really gonna help you rank higher and get more visibility with your Google. My business profile. I wanted to take a minute as well in this video to show you what's in this course what you can expect and just purely see how much value you're going to get. I mean, you're obviously getting the first month free. You could actually watch this course and then decide to opt out and cancel your extended membership. But really, I mean 10 bucks you can't lose. If you're paying 10 bucks a month, you're going to get access to this course, all my other courses on skill share, as well as all the other thousands of courses here in skill share. So it's a really, really good value just walking you through what's in this course. I do cover a lot of the things that I've mentioned already about Google, my business. But it's a very simplified version, so you've gotten the pretty much the in depth version of Google my business. I talk about things like pricing, you know, hiring an SDO agency to do this work for you versus actually doing it yourself. I talk about building a website, the importance of building a website, and I give you references on how to go out there and actually build websites with, say, WordPress or Squarespace, which is a very simple platform for someone that's looking to do it themselves. Then I do walk you through a very basics on the Google, my business, which we covered really in depth in this course, so you could probably skip this section. Then I talk about setting up other business pages such as Yelp, Facebook linked in Twitter, all the really important pages that are gonna be important for getting you more presence out there on some of these other business sites. Then I walk you through, creating actual business listings on other sites, which are referred to a citations kind of in the S e o world. I really dig deep into all of this. I have a 10 minute video on that, and then I talk about all the different tools you can use to build those citations. How you can look at these things. I even give you a really cool tutorial in review on a tool called up city, which you can use to track your progress. And if you decide to look A, you know, a tool like this, you can track everything that you're doing and keep track of all the progress you make using checklists and to do, uh, then dive in optimizing your website and using different plug ins and things that you can do. I also start talking about content writing and why that's important, Why you need to be writing regular blawg posts possible even once a week for your for your website. I also show you how you can outsource the article writing. If you're not someone that's interested in writing articles, I show you how you can go out there and actually get the articles written. Um, you know, for a very, very low cost. I also show you how you can optimize images on your website, how you can optimize the content that you're putting on your site, and then I even dive into some things like setting up add ons for your website. If you're using WordPress, you can automatically post to Facebook, Google, plus Twitter, LinkedIn and some other social media sites. And then I do kind of go over some of the same things we've talked about in this course, such as reviews, why they're important and I briefly touch upon getting back links and why that's also a very important metric that still counts today for getting rankings. And finally, I give you the opportunity that if you decide to reach out to me personally, I do have, you know, the capability to work with you one on one. Obviously there is a fee associated with that, but I just wanted to make that you know, something that's apparent. Obviously, if you go through this course and you decide to sign up for my local SDO course, you've gone through basically over three hours of training on how to get your business ranking higher on Google. If you're still stuck, maybe you're just feeling absolutely overwhelmed. You could reach out to me, and I may be willing to do some consultation with you for a cost. So I really again thank you for taking this course. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I will absolutely do my best. And if you do decide to sign up for skill share premium, I definitely appreciate that, as I do earn a little bit of a commission on it. The $10 is greatly appreciated for the time an effort that I put into all of this and creating these classes so again, thank you. And I hope you found this course really useful 17. Free Bonus Content: Hey, what's going on, guys? John here. I just wanted to throw together a quick little bonus. And this is something special that I put together. For those of you who are watching my skill share course right now again, I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to actually go through my course. And if you love my content, you love what I'm doing on skill share. I wanted to give you an opportunity to check out another free mini course that I put together. I call it the Earn your 1st $1000 offering S E O services on upward course. It's basically a four part mini course on how I went out there and I utilized a freelance system called up work toe land my 1st $1000 worth of jobs. So this is a free four part course again. You can head over toe one K s CEO consulting dot com. And once you're there, you're basically going to see I've got a few videos here that's gonna explain what exactly is inside the course. But essentially what you're gonna get is an overview of up work on the first day that's going to kind of let you understand what the platform is and why it's beneficial for you. You're gonna understand how to go out there and start optimizing your upward profile and really getting that fully optimized the best you can. And then I'm gonna show you an eye catching proposal method for S e o work that you can use to stand out from the competitors that are also bidding on jobs and then in video, for we really just wrap things up. I show you how to really take action and step things up from there. So again, myself and my partner, Paul James, put this together. I'm really happy about the way it turned out. And I think you guys are absolutely gonna love it. Um, if this point, if you're interested in this, feel free to go and sign up for one k s CEO consulting dot com Just head over that website and you'll have the sign up form here. But I quickly also wanted to tell you a little short story for those of you who wanted to stick around for a few more minutes. So in my case, this was about three years ago I've been teaching online courses for pretty much the entire span of time. I was also starting to do Web design on the side. I figured, why not make some money building WordPress websites? Because that was a skill that I had taken up in my past time. So what I decided to do is start cold calling local businesses like painters, roofers, plumbers, you know, pretty much any kind of local business in my area. And I was able to actually start landing some web design gigs. I would charge anywhere from, like, 300 or $500. And what I quickly found was that it was some nice extra, you know, income every month. But I wasn't able to go quit my day job over it. You know, I was just kind of struggling. So what ended up happening was I actually was looking around one day on indeed dot com a time. I was working a full time position, and I decided to actually go submit my resume to this company that was looking for a part time s CEO, consultant or expert. So I went in for an actual job. Interview is very intimidating. I had five people, you know, interview me. And they said that I was a really good candidate. A lot of the people that it applied had other experience, like working at fast food chains and things like that. So they knew that I was a really good fit. And I really didn't know all that much about S CEO. I mean, I honestly didn't beyond just blogging. I had some basic basic knowledge. So what I decided to do is throw something at them in terms of actually just doing a consulting deal where I would just make $1000 a month and I wouldn't have to go into their office so they would be paying me a little bit less than if I was maybe a part time employee. But at the same time, I wouldn't need to go into the office. So what I did is actually found this white label vendor and I ended up paying them around $250 a month to do all the work on my behalf. And this was amazing. I would actually visit this particular client once a month. They were about 10 minutes from my house. I would visit them once a month, and I walk in to their office with a report that actually had my branding my logo on it. I actually built a brand entity in the middle of doing all this, and I would basically walk in and they would pay me with $1000 check each month. And I was making over $700 without doing any work at all. It was just simply mind blowing that I was able to pull this off. And here I had been struggling with all these Web design deals and just trying to get Web design work done. So what ended up happening was within the next couple months, I actually landed another insurance client for another 700 plus dollars, and this was just really exciting for me. You know, I was getting all these clients things were starting to pick up. I was doing some more Web design deals, and then everything just really came crashing down for me. All in that same month, I ended up basically losing my job. I was laid off and then I just so happened both these clients, they decided to forego services. One of them. I have gotten such good results. I think they may be felt like in some ways I had gotten them is good or results as I could and a lot of ways I didn't really know at the time how to how to do more for them. So I decided to just start cold. Coming in for two months, I was unemployed. I was taking unemployment checks and things weren't really working out so well, you know, I decided I would go looking for work. And I ended up finding a job in another marketing agency. You know, kind of what I was doing on my own. And I figured I would take the job because I would have the opportunity to learn from, you know, a company that was actually doing this and having success doing it. So little Did I know. A soon as I started working there, I found out that I knew more about local s CEO than anyone else that worked there. I basically taught them a lot of what they know now, and ultimately, what ended up happening was after about eight or nine months, I was managing over $20,000 a month in their clients and I was doing all of the SDO work, you know, it was almost not fair. Didn't make a lot of sense. I was building somebody else's business and running it for them and getting paid only marginally, considering, you know, what? He was making off all these clients. So I decided that, you know, why don't I just go out of my own? And I learned how to start utilizing this platform called up work. I realized that I was able to actually start landing some work. In fact, I had closed down the client for over $2500 a month, and I brought it into that very agency and given I brought in that client, you know, I got the first month as a commission, but then the next month, all I got was basically a race, and it was a small raise. It was like, really only maybe adding up to a couple $100 a month after everything was all said and done . So I really just wasn't that excited about working there. And I decided to basically leave my job. I ended up leaving the job and what happened was I I went on up work, and every day I would send 10 proposals, and each day I would send these proposals. I would start getting client calls where I could bring them into a sales call and closed them down. In fact, at this very moment, I have one scheduled for tomorrow at 10 a.m. I got it with ease, and it was someone that found me on up work. I wasn't chasing them down with cold calls. So I basically have inviting you to come check out this course because it's something that worked for me when I spent so many years and so much time, really, Just having a very difficult time trying to do cold calling and cold emailing and looking at all these other strategies that really we're just very, very difficult to have any luck with. So again, I wanted to invite you cut head over to one k sdo consulting dot com. This was something I started having a lot of success with, and you can see the up work sent me this email for that 1st $1000 I earned. And I've even earned another $5000 milestone for doing work on up work. So again, if you guys are interested in this, if this is something that interests you, head over to one castillo consulting dot com, and I'll see you on the other side.