How To Get Venture Capital & Angel Investor Funding Today! | Chris Benjamin | Skillshare

How To Get Venture Capital & Angel Investor Funding Today!

Chris Benjamin, Instructor, MBA and CFO

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35 Videos (2h 8m)
    • Intro Video

    • Introduction

    • How Much Capital

    • Debt vs Equity

    • Matching Services

    • Crowdfunding Introduction

    • Crowdfunding Platforms Screencast

    • Crowdfunding Pros and Cons

    • Venture Capital Introduction

    • Venture Capital Process

    • Venture Capital Pros and Cons

    • Introduction to Angel Investors

    • Angel Investor Process

    • Angel Investor Pros and Cons

    • Intro to Business Plans

    • Review of a Business Plan

    • Conclusion to Business Plans

    • Introduction to Financial Models

    • Review of a Financial Model

    • Final Comments on Financial Models

    • Introduction to Investor Presentations

    • Review of an Investor Presentation

    • Final Comments on Investor Presentations

    • Introduction to Valuations

    • Review of a Valuation

    • Final Comments on Valuations

    • Term Sheet Introduction

    • Review of a Term Sheet

    • Final Comments on Term Sheets

    • Introduction to Exit Strategies

    • Management Buy Outs

    • Leveraged Buy Outs

    • Initial Public Offering

    • Merger and Acquisition

    • Course Conclusion


About This Class

John L of Maven Capital Group says "Excellent course!  I wish more people knew the proper way to approach investors.  With so many start up companies out there, having the edge above the others by knowing the proper process and what is expected of start up companies is of utmost importance".

Paul R says  “This is the best course I’ve taken on Udemy”

Lets face it, finding investors for your business can be difficult at best.  Its actually pretty much impossible.  If you are new to the journey you may not yet have endured the endless "not interested" comments you will receive.  If you have been trying for some time, you are probably exhausted by those "not interested" comments.

There's still hope!! Let me teach you how to wow investors.  Knowledge is power and we are about to empower you!

Lets work together to change that and GET YOUR COMPANY FUNDED! If you have an investment worthy business, then lets empower you with the skills, knowledge and tools needed to find those investors and have them writing you a check!

By the end of this course you will be ready have INVESTORS FIGHTING OVER INVESTING IN YOUR BUSINESS!

What You Will Learn In This Course

This course teaches entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses all things involved in the capital raising process from A to Z.  Starting with an introduction to what to expect from the process, to what tools you will need, and how to go about finding potential investors is covered. 

With so many companies looking for capital and a limited supply of lenders & investors, it is important to give yourself any advantage you can to make the process effective and results oriented.  The investment process is often misunderstood - how much should you ask for, can you back it up, how do you approach investors, what type of investors are best, what should your expectations be for the investment process.   Get all your questions answered with this course. 

I will help you!

At any point during the course if you are confused or need clarification, send me a message! I'm here to help YOU the student, and I love interacting with you.  I've been in accounting & finance over 20 years and can most likely answer your question. 

Still not sold?  See what my friend JT had to say about it when I had him review it:

If you are a startup CEO or small business, don't be scared by the raising capital process.  It can be daunting, but after this course you will be well equipped to get funding for your company!

The time is now! Get started by clicking the Buy Now button above!!! Welcome to your future as a funded startup entrepreneur!


Chris Benjamin, MBA & CFO is a seasoned professional with over 20 years experience in accounting and finance.  Having spent the first 10 years of my career in corporate settings with both large and small companies, I learned a lot about the accounting process, managing accounting departments, financial reporting, external reporting to board of directors and the Securities and Exchange Commission, and working with external auditors.  

The following 10+ years I decided to go into CFO Consulting, working with growing companies and bringing CFO level experience to companies.  I help implement proper best business practices in accounting and finance, consult on implementation of accounting systems, implementing accounting procedures, while also still fulfilling the CFO roll for many of my clients which includes financial reporting, auditing, working with investors, financial analysis and much more.  


Thank you for signing up for this course. I look forward to being your instructor for this course and many more!

Chris Benjamin, Instructor, CFO & MBA

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Chris Benjamin

Instructor, MBA and CFO