How To Get The Girl: A Simple Guide To Slaying

Toby E.

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4 Videos (13m)
    • How To Get The Girl: What To Expect

    • How To Get The Girl: Breaking the Ice

    • How To Get The Girl: Body Language

    • How To Get The Girl: The Friend Zone


About This Class

One of the basic human needs is a mate. For milleniums men and women have been hooking up to start families or to have a good time. But in our world today, where personality and looks are so important, it's harder than ever. Even with the seven billion people on our planet, many people spend their nights alone.

Well, that is about to change. With this definitive guide, you will be the ones at the bar, surrounded by girls/boys looking absolutely fresh.

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It was good but you defo need more videos. Would recommend 10/10 IGN
Haha I throughly enjoyed that, Some solid advice but you shouldn't be too hard on yourself even though it was to get a laugh. Would recommend and watch again for entertainment XD
Toby Smith

Aficionado in all things design





Toby Everist started his Circuit WIzard career in secondary school at the age of 11. He was top of his class in Systems and Control and now is at university studying aeronautical engineering.

He wants to share his knowledge of Circuit Wizard after having to sort out his friends' mistakes when making circuits.

His annoyance in bad graphic design made him want to learn how to make good designs. Which he uses in his portfolios.

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