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How To Get That Dream Opportunity By Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

teacher avatar Joshua Jarvis, Connecting People To Purpose

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Understanding Your Dream Opportunity - Big Picture

    • 3. How To Work For Porsche - Speaking The Language Of Your Dream

    • 4. LinkedIn Profile Optimization Part 1

    • 5. LinkedIn Profile Optimization Part 2

    • 6. Volunteering Even More Tips

    • 7. Recommended Optimizations

    • 8. How Does Gary Vaynerchuk Get The Job

    • 9. LinkedIn Money Tips

    • 10. Get The Opportunity

    • 11. Applying The Lessons

    • 12. Connecting On Purpose

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About This Class

Have you ever wished you could do something different with your work life and had no where to turn?

 This class is for you!

This class is going to help you to leverage LinkedIn to get the most out of this social media site and ultimately get every opportunity that you have coming to you! 

I walk you through Linkedin and show you what jobs are available and how to get the dream job.  The dream job in this example would be a social media manager but you can certainly apply this same tactic to graphic design or any other field. 

Here's what you'll learn

  1. How to optimize your profile to be found
  2. How to optimize your profile for your target job or opportunity
  3. What the best in the business do to make their linkedin profile standout, names like Gary Vaynerchuk, Lewis Howes and more
  4. How to leverage LinkedIn to connect to those opportunity givers and/or jobs
  5. How LinkedIn does a great Resume for you
  6. How to REALLY leverage Linkedin to build connections for life.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joshua Jarvis

Connecting People To Purpose


After graduating I did consulting and contracting jobs in the "dotcom" world. When the dotcom bubble burst I saw my skillset's demands drop and I entered the real estate world where there were none (and are still very few) tech-savvy agents. I use all the digital marketing tools to generate business for me and if I teach it here then I'm likely teaching it in our office or at a conference as well -- meaning IT WORKS.

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1. Trailer: Hey, I'll be your teacher today. My name is Josh with Jarvis and has ever been a time where you've just been working and you wish that you had another job, Or is there something that you've been doing in your own career? You're like me, and I really wish I could doom or of that in another job. Well, this is the course for you. Uh, we're gonna show you how to use lengthen to get the job of your dreams or to network to that person that you that could make me the connection that you need to grow your career and and, frankly, glove out your passion. So that's what I'm passionate about. You can see from the page that I'm a local real estate agent, but don't let that fool you have worked with many HR directors. I've done a lot of relocation as well as in a previous career. Did tech consulting. So Ah, we've got a lot of tips in here how to optimize your profile. Ah, how to look for the right jobs and how toe really like said how to connect to those people that you need to get their word of caution. They do need to be on Linkin in order for this strategy to work. This strategy is all about linked in ah and maximizing linked. And so if your employer's on Facebook or another social network, this isn't going to work or if they're not a high tech company and don't have Lincoln profile, so, uh, go ahead and roll and I'll see you on the other side. 2. Understanding Your Dream Opportunity - Big Picture: Hey, this is Joshua Jarvis, your host for maximizing your linked in profile to get the job of your dreams. And so we have to start off with a dream job. So, um, I know a lot of people, like managing social media. Um Also looked at maybe being an s seo consultant. But just looking on, Ah, the audience of skill share. I'd say that social media is probably one of the biggest things that that audience is into . So this class has been designed specifically spore skill share. And so that's kind of how we're gonna work it. So what I did is I just went Teoh. Actually, what I did before this, I could even show you, Um, I went Teoh Google and just type it piped in coder jobs. And then I realized, Wait a minute. I need to be specific to skill share. So that's how I ended up here. Um, literally just ended up on the link and jobs section so you can click on jobs, and I think it takes you the same place. Yes, it does. So, um, clearly Lincoln knows where I am. I'm in Atlanta. Um, let's go back to that social media and what it will do. One of your first tips for the day is that this auto suggest already is giving you some keywords. And so before I go, Ah, What I would like for you to do is, um, either pauses video. Um, all right, this down part of your project is going to be looking at these different words. And so I'm gonna write down Social Media Manager. I'm right now. Marketing manager. I'm gonna write down Social Media Coordinator. This one's probably not obeyed career. Um, but then all of these other ones, um, analysts. Wow. Um, and then director of social media. So I've got a bunch of really big keywords give you some time to go ahead and write down those keywords and then and then in the next video we're gonna do is analyze the ah, the key words in this, um, in these jobs 3. How To Work For Porsche - Speaking The Language Of Your Dream: Okay, so welcome back to the linked in dream job, maximizing your profile for your dream job. All right. So, again, I'm your host, Josh for Jarvis. And so so last time. What we did is we just noticed that Hey, there's a bunch of keywords down here that we need to go ahead and make sure that we write down so that we can target these jobs next. So we've got our keywords. You may notice that this is a lot of this stuff is actually social. I mean, search engine optimization techniques. And, um, it's for good reason, because basically linked in is just to simply a search engine. The database is just stuff that we've been entering software profiles. So, um, any case? So we've got 35 jobs in the Greater Atlanta area alone. So, um, what I do is just click on the 1st 1 I'm not as, um is not as important to me about getting this specific job. What I want to do is learn the keywords that I need to know for. So I've got the list of keywords of about 55 and 10 keywords that I got from the other page , and then I'm gonna go through here and look for what do they want? All right, so you might not find out a bunch of it from here, but we're gonna go ahead and read this description here and learn some of the words. The big one here that I noticed just from reading is that it's gonna work closely with communities marketing messages. Um, so communications of big word to make sure I use, um, in this case, Ah, there's some things that this particular Courtland Partners is doing that I might need to brush up on. So let's say this. This company was the one I really wanted to work for. Well, then I need to know what they're doing, but I'm gonna keep going. All right. So, um, one of the things I like over here is this got industries. So if you've got, like, for instance, let's say you're in real estate and you want to become a social media manager. Well, um, you've already got kind of ah, way to get in this way. So brand awareness. What a great keyword for you to ah ah to write down if you're doing social media. So as you go through, a lot of these will have bullet points. And what you want to do is look for the key word. So we're just gonna keep doing this here, um, develop monthly teak turnkey, social programs, assist communities. What do we say? We said communication communities is going to come up a lot, especially in social media communities. Says there again notice that weekly email containing posts and social tips. This is something that, um you know, a lot of times, people overlook email as part of your tool belt for social media person, but that's that's great. Um, of course, a social media manager needs to know how to do all these, um, Google three D tours. That's kind of sounds pretty cool. That has nothing to do with this is totally ad lib here. Collaborate is another. Another one that you're gonna want to integrate in here, Manage corporate community blogging service. A center hub is a great one on. It was positive. Okay, so we're gonna just keep going through this list here, and, um, here's the money right here. Skills required. All right. So they want online and social media marketing including advertising. Clearly, they're using two different words. A lot of people don't, um and that's mistake. But that's not for this class. Um, again, you see, the Twitter must have verifiable online presence and portfolio work. Essentially, if you're a social media manager, you've got at least have one of these channels Where, um, you've got influence. And so ah, we actually hired a young lady that had, I think three or 4000 people following her on Instagram. If I was looking for a social media manager, I would already be impressed by that. Um, but if I went to see this so other social networks and she didn't have anything that I that be where my line of questioning would be. So, uh, again, this is for this specific job, So don't get too caught up in just social media, but ah, so we'll just keep going. Um, this is interesting. They want Google AdWords, which I don't categorize a social media. This is more of a social. This is more of a search engine marketing thing. Um, but they want you to have that. They'd like for you to have the Google Plus, which is really kind of funny, but I really think what they're wanting is that local s CEO knowledge here. And so you're see, the key is So here's a great example. Um, where as someone who does a lot of ah s CEO stuff, um, I would call this local s CEO are, um are the business pages for being or being Google places or something. But when you see Google Plus, you need to be using this terminology if you wanted this job, so I'm gonna take it from here. Ah, let's go back on there. And, um and let's look at this one. And so immediately, what I'm gonna do is, um So, um, let's look at some of these words here. I mean, immediately already. See, um Instagram Snapchat. So these are all social media stuff. Um, creative director. You're gonna work with them, so collaborate. Um, you need to put that in there. Uh, analyzed. Remember? We saw previously social media. Ah, analyze social media or something. We saw something like that previously. Look, the big one brand again. Um, so you should be doing is keeping a list, and this is probably a project keeping a list of, um, I think what we'll do is we'll have a worksheet for you guys, but keeping a list of all these things. So that way, if you wanted to to do that, you could have it. Look at the job function to just before you before we move on to another example marketing , public relations and writing and so suit. Even though this is social media, you can see how it could get very specialized. 4. LinkedIn Profile Optimization Part 1: Hey, this is Joshua Jarvis, and this is the maximizing your LinkedIn profile to get the job of your dreams. And so, um, something you need to do is look at your linked in profile on, um, on incognito mode. So you've got, ah, an incognito mode on your, um uh, in your, uh, in your chrome browser. That's why it's dark up here. And, um so you need to go through it just kind of see what it says on this is just kind of the overview of maximizing your profile. But you should see what it says on one of things I want to point out. Is these little pipes here? Eso this is inevitable. Section on. What we do is go back. Tiu this, okay, and notice that this is edible. And so what you're going to see is throughout my entire profile. Um, and yes, this isn't optimized 100% but this is optimized. Ah, well, enough to get me pretty much anywhere. I want to go, um, without in a real estate world or in marketing. Um, it's not necessarily set up for that poor shop, though, Which should that be something that that you know, I'd want to do I'd want our bundle maximize this profile. So, um, to get back to this notice that these pipes is so this is a dead giveaway. When you see these pipes, someone knows how to optimize for Arlington. So let's do a real quick search and do social. All right? So we want people, not us. So notice as we go through this, um, one. I'm not connected to a lot of these people. That's probably the first thing I notice off top of my thought, my head. But notice that these guys may be optimizing for, um, for it, but it's not short of overt like it's not something that's, like in your face. So let's do, um, let's find people who are connected to me just to see there's something different about them who just missed one. All right, so notice here. Ah, this guy is wanting social media, managing opportunities in the hospitality health care industry because he's using that pipes is a dead giveaway. Here's another one. Um, she's got all this stuff here, but look, Pipe Lee, Generation s CEO, Social media manager. Um, another one where here's another one you know you can You can go down the list and see. Look at this guy. Are this this lady? Sorry. And, um, yet another one. So you can kind of see that going on there and then, Ah, the other thing that I do, um, and you'll see it. But these are I put these little parentheses in here just to kind of make, um, just really, really to stuff this with the key words that I want people to find. So I want people who like John Maxwell or Seth Godin to find my profile, because in we'll have things in common. Um, if he goes So what I want you to do is you've got your list. You've got your words go through and maybe not have to do all of them, but go through and start to, you know, upgrade for instance. Come in here and upgrade your description. Eso Let's say that, um I wanted to be known for months that we talked about the social media, so I'd say, um, collaborated with team Teoh. Identify emerging opportunities, marketing for words so immediately, I'm already using some of those words. So, like marketing. I'm I say Social media marketing. Alright. And then, um Let's see. Did I use any paper click? Uh, let's see if I could find paperclip while we're here. BBC. All right, So, um, So what I might do is say, uh, utilising I put dart and double click. Right? So? So you can see what you need to do here. Um, and and basically another video. What I'll do is start to go back over some of these different pieces here, okay? 5. LinkedIn Profile Optimization Part 2: Okay, so welcome back to maximizing your linked in profile. I am your host, Joshua Jarvis. Talk about maximizing your profile. So we're to talk about, um how, um you know, we needed Teoh Put some keywords in here, Uh, for me. Ah, I'm using these specific keywords. In fact, I can see where um uh, this may be a little much. Someone say new construction, new home sales. So we're gonna do is go and then get ready. New home self altogether. And so I don't go overboard. People going to see this? I want to look somewhat natural, but there's already a bunch of stuff here. So we're gonna do is go and look at one of the one of the jobs here, so Ah, this is where I'm currently am. I run my own company and we do a lot of hiring. So this is actually where a lot of this started coming up is a meeting a lot of people where they have a resume, or like I know enough about lengthen. So notice that everything in here is edible. And one of the things I wanted to know show show you was Although the recommendations air. Great. Um, and you get your friends, your colleagues. That's why you've got to get everybody on linked in that, You know, um, on here. But one of the things that you can do, So let's add a position. Um, and we're going to say, uh, Social Media man, a company name Acme entitles the social me, uh, manager. So again, notice how the keywords pop up linked and is trying to help you get this done. So in Atlanta, on area quiet. All right, so my headline Social media manager at Acme. So what I could do is, um What did we see? That was the, um, go back to jobs and social media. Okay. And where is that Porsche job at? So new media and social media engagement manager. So what I want to do is I'm going to copy and paste it. You just saw that. So new social media, and then I'm gonna do all right. This is not exactly the same. There we go. Um, and then we're gonna use those keywords that we wrote down, um, collaborated with marketing team utilising. Okay, so it's a great example. Someone who heads save I'm gonna delete this. I don't want you guys to think that I'm doing this. So one of the things that you can do is you can post the video. So, like, let's say that I wanted to get a job at Linden. I could take one of these videos, and I could put it here, give you a list of supported, um, files. You can upload these so you can add a photo. You could add a link like you could link your, uh, your instagram. So I thought I'd be really cute and at my, um, instagram here, but unfortunately, what it does it grabs that profile photo. Um, so if you make that mistake you hit, cancel, cancel back out of it. Um, what I recommend is a video video so much more powerful. Um, if someone was a click down here, then they would you know, they would be able to see the video of, um, someone's testimony life. Like, for instance, same one thing. Same thing here. Um, there's not letting you let you play it. So, anyway, I wouldn't use either, um, something like can va to make a really nice photo, or I would do a video 6. Volunteering Even More Tips: Okay, so you've got all right, we're back to the LinkedIn. Maximizing your profile for a job. Almost forgot. So, ah, want to go back? Look at your profile. So this is going to be you already created your job experience And you noting, uh, this blatant thing up here that says, G, he's only done one post. Clearly, this needs to be party or strategy in the future. You see the summary here. And so before we go into examples of some some people who really just optimized the heck out of their page want to show you a little trick, and you can do, Ah, the kind of bolster your page actually going to show you a few tricks. So first of all, um, notice that you can add education. So if I wanted to, I could add a high school. I could add, um, anything I wanted to, I could add. They have some list here of actual schools, but you can put pretty much whatever you want to in there. What I like to do, though, is I attend Victory World Church and ah, notice here, uh, where I wanted to have some real estate. So I worked in the parking lot Team help people park and all that. And so I put, um, I was a leader in that things up, but leader, parking lot, prime real estate keyword. And then, um and then I did it again in here just so that I'd have another word. So, for instance, let's say you only have your education and maybe one job and you're trying to maximize Ah, the keywords of that job. But you don't have a whole lot else to your linked in profile. Another thing that you could do is do the volunteer down here. Lincoln will give you so many options, though. Look at the options you have, um, to add to your ah to profile secret test scores courses you're on skill share so you could put courses that you've completed. Or you could put it in either one of these things. Toe where? So someone was. Look at it. You could load that up with the key words. Don't make make it readable. Atienza Day. Um, someone's going to read this faithfully serving the parking lot. Make sure that the best church Atlanta has had prime real estate toe walk to the church building. Someone would have to read that. Okay, So don't just put social Media manager managing social media for social media. It don't do something like that. So, um, on the next video, we're gonna actually go over some of the cool Some of the cool profiles that are out there , uh, that you can take some inspiration from. 7. Recommended Optimizations: Okay, so we've updated our profile. This is the linked in course for maximizing your linked in profile and getting the job of your dreams. And so before we go on to those examples, I did have a few more tips for you that I just kind of wanted to share. So I'm gonna go ahead and do that now, and one of them is getting the recommendation. I was right here, and ah, it went away. So while I was looking for recommendations, I found skills and endorsements. And so while I do believe that this needs to be at the bottom, I don't think anyone really cares about this. I do think it has something to do with Lincoln search engine algorithms. So what I would do is notice how, um as I'm doing this class, I wanted to be ranked for social media, so I went ahead and move this up. All these things were people that are things that people have clicked on about me. But what I wanted to do is move these things up. I wanted to be known for leadership and really marketing more so than any of the individual , um, real estate things that I've done. Contract negotiation, for instance. There's no Yes, I love doing that. Yes, I'm good at that. But what? I want to do it. I have a job negotiating big time contracts. Um, that involved a lot of lawyers. No. No, I don't. So, um, you know, this will understand that world. Maybe I shouldn't say that out loud, but, um, you know, social networking. Here's a great example of one that, um this is the nonsensical word. I don't know that anyone actually would use this for a job, So I moved it. Even though 12 people have said I'm good at social networking, um, on much rather be good at social media marketing and so on and lets you edit thes you can actually go through and say, um, no, I don't want to be known for first time Homebuyers. I want to be known for real estate. No, I don't want to be known for, um there was one on here that I had a while back for Ah, short sales. No, I don't wanna be known for that anymore. Um, so I removed it so you could remove these if someone was to put something on their you don't like, or if it's not exactly the key word that you want, you can do that. So I want to point that out. The other tip. I want to show you, um, in maximizing this. Is that your, um you've Ah, we talked about the volunteer. You have interest. So notice here that I put, um, digital some digital things and some social media. So one of the things you could do so like this. Ah, look of these results, The app it that is my interests. Um, I wouldn't lie here. Social media is an interest of mine, so I can put that there. Um, the other thing you notice is organizations you could put their the honors of the wards. And this is where the other tip I was going to say, While we're looking at the examples in the next page, your next homework. So you've gotten your job. You wrote down the keywords. You got the vernacular of the vocabulary of the industry that you needed. You've created your job, and I'm optimize that and you've optimized your profile with the heading on the top and everything else. Now it's time before we go in and refine it even further. Now it's time to go ahead. Ask to be recommended, and it'll give you tips. Um, so you could say, Ah, you can actually send these, um, Cindy's out. And it could be anyone that your, um, that you've worked with could give you recommendations. So go ahead and ask Your rest. Asked for recommendations. And, um and then what we'll do is on the next one will talk about some great examples to follow . So, uh, this is Joshua Jarvis was optimizing your linked in profile. 8. How Does Gary Vaynerchuk Get The Job: welcome back to optimizing your profile online and get the job of your dreams. So if you're tracking along with us, we did a, um, search for social media manager and Daniel actually pops up first and notice immediately. He has, I think, actually used them. In another example, he has, ah, loaded his sort of title tag, if you will, um, with the keywords. And if you look down here, he's not gone much into detail into his jobs. This is an area where I think he could probably improve. But because he's been a social media manager over and over again, it makes it easy for him to pop up number one. Um, And as we go through this, this is how you know that these title tags right here are so much more important than just stuffing these keywords. So it will get another one. This is another one that popped up. I think Meg was number three. Ah, immediately right off the bat, you noticed that social media is is here in the line. She's kind of used this here. And what I love is is that you get all these people down here that are supposedly social, media related sort of people. This is what people are looking for. Notice the commas, that there's some key words that are being stuff. And yet there's also my for instance, she's not has anything to stuff her. Her letters. So, um, one of things I like about her page is that she does use some images. You don't see that as much in, um, some of the other ones. And I think that's a mistake to me. Let's look at who we would think of as sort of some kings of marketing. And one of the biggest ones is Gary V. So right off the bat, you can see, um, he's used his image here. He's using um ah, few of these again. This is more for a brand. But even look at his ah, his LinkedIn profile photo notice that it's not casual. Um, it's just a nice smile, and he's wearing a suit. You can see here that sometimes he doesn't go and wear a suit at all, So I'm guessing that he's using this because this is a professional network and this is their I may be wrong, Um, but in any case, I just think it's Ah, good example. The other thing I love is that he's using this knows he doesn't post a lot. But this is where you want your three. Because this is the top sort of top three. If it was me, um, and I had my top three cells pitches that be basically what it would be some sort of my top three most valuable things. Notice that hey, does give kind of ah, nice story here. Um, in that And But look at this. He's using the video. I've been asking for video of the whole time, and he does a great job of that again using this ah header image. Uh, and I think it's great again using the blogged notice that Tony isn't above using keywords in that section. But look, it is his. Ah, he's actually using groups. Um, or his people are using groups, which is interesting. And then, um, I'd already shown you Louis house. He's kind of a specialist in linked in, and we talked about how he's using his his posts. But then again, look, Harry is put these keywords in here. So what I'm trying to tell you is that, um if you don't have the experience, uh, what you need to do is load up. Um, you know, go ahead and put some of your specialties in here. You might have been doing it. Freelance. You might have been doing it for fun. Ah, it doesn't matter. As long as you're not lying. I would put it in here. So these just so my specialty again, these diesel title taxes, just like regular S E O. You really want to focus on making sure these words line up with the original keywords. And that's kind of the lesson for today And looking at these examples, Um, yeah. So we're gonna get to the ah, as we get to the end, we're gonna tie this all together, and hopefully it will start to make some sense. 9. LinkedIn Money Tips: Hey, and welcome back to optimizing your linked in profile to get the job of your dreams. I'm Joshua Jarvis, and we're going to look at who many would call a sort of the King of Link in. One of the things that is going to help you propel yourself further is groups. So, um, Lewis and his own personal story talks about how he wanted to break into the sports industry and all that to notice that he's in, ah, group of N. Y. C Sports Chicago, Philly sports all these different sports groups and you can see that he's in a bunch of different groups here, Um, a lot of them related to sports. So let's go back to our profile and say, Okay, well, what would we want to be involved in? So I'll show you my groups. Okay, so here's my groups, and, um so you can see that a lot of these or real estate related social media marketing knows how many members are in this. So you could go in here imposed, um, you could go in and try Teoh, become a member and say, looking for connections. Um, hey, what's the greatest tips you could even ask about specific things that you've learned about in the job. How does one go about learning dark? Um, my experience has been is that the groups aren't quite as good. Um, at the community aspect as they are are just getting you connected to other people. So if you're in the same group as somebody else than it really helps, um, if you wanted to get connected to them. So, for instance, if I click on social Media Marketing, um, I could immediately become I wanted to be connected to this guy here. Ah, Preston, then, Ah, you know, there's a much easier way to do that because these are members. Um, when you connect on this group, you're basically follow their instructions and you can grow your network. You're gonna get a lot of invitations. You can see I've got 146 invitations, and some of them are people that I may know. All I need is a, um, email address to do that so Lincoln will flag you if you get to situation toe where, um, you're starting a spam people. But this is a great way to grow your network is to join group and be connected in that way . Another pro tip that's not necessarily going to grow your network. But it's gonna make it more cohesive is going to the home page. And really, Lincoln's ah, mobile app is so much better for this. Um, but you can actually go through and, um, in sort of like and send messages to people like you would on Facebook, but it's gonna make you much more connected. So, for instance, I'm just gonna go ahead and like that, Um, I'm just gonna go through and do this. And I said, It's so much easier to do this, Um, actually on the app that is now. But what's gonna happen is that these guys were in a message. I want to show you that I added the Acme social media manager and so funny that people saw that while we were doing the video. So if you remember the video from a four, it's kind of funny that we see this now, Um, so you can see people of ah lot of these air are clicks. Some of these were just clicks, and some of these, like this guy, is ah actually sent me a message. But this one, um these people are just clicking. Ah, the other thing is is that you can go through and you can do the same thing. Ah, that you do on, um, on Facebook to connect here. The other thing you can do is really here is be writing some posts I would be writing. I would not copy it, but I would take the case studies or the things that you're doing research on, and I would post them on. Linked in. I'd have at least three because it lines up this way on how to have at least three that people could look at, and that's immediately what I'm gonna do. So if you guys check my profile here and the next say 30 days, you should see two more on there or get on me. In fact, that's part of your project. I'll make that also, as part of our project. I would love for you to reach out to me. You'll have the information in the skill share class. Um, as we're getting close to wrapping this up. Um, so I'll see you on the next session on how to optimize your profile 10. Get The Opportunity: see that all this profile optimization announced time to get the job but really haven't downed done anything to help you get the job. I've only done anything to help you to be sort of be found when people search for you. So let's go back to the job. The original one here. Now you could go on apply on the company website, and I recommend that because it's basically what they're what they're asking for. But notice that Lincoln gives you a lot of great details. First of all, I've got 13 fellow alum working at this company, so I could use that as an end. I could say, OK, who works here that might do this and notice this is great. Notice that, um, some of these air second connections, which means I can get introduced, but also no. So this person's in my group. So remember how we were talking about before the group, Um that it's ah, it's a good way. Basically get connected. Suck connect to Richard Burrows, for instance. I went to school with them. So here's another thing. This job was posted by Sarah and this is a second person, so I could use. I could send her in in male, and I'll tell you that linked and will give you 30 days free. So if you want to do that option, you can. But what I want to do is find Sarah. Let's go how I'm connected so I could ask Colin for introduction. Now, what I want to do is see, um, if there's anything any other reason why, um, how they're connected. So when the next tip will reduce, talk about on the real power of linked in because all of you know that your linked in profile, um, gives you the most, and it gives you an ability to have kind of an email, marketing or a communications network. Um, and you utilize that to get the job. So if you go toe, you go to jobs and then you do what I said to do, which was connect to assume a people as you can in that industry, and you'll be able to do that so tune in on the next class. When you go over those communications settings 11. Applying The Lessons: Now it's time to wrap up all the tips that we learned and put them into practice. So hopefully you've gone through your linked in profile. You've added the keywords. You've built examples that have the right keywords in there. And so now you've got a full, uh, linked in profile, and so you ready to go? And so the last thing to do is apply for the job. So I've already opened it up. So this was the first social media manager job that posted that popped up. And, um, you over here, you can connect with your linked in, uh, connections. That's why it's so important to have a linked in profile. And, um, I can say I'm interested in marketing, and now it's gonna want me to have a resume. So what I recommend is now that you've done all the work, will link in its time to go over to your resume and start to do that. Now this resume is long. I recommend only one page resume, but you can already see some areas where you may want to take out. So, for instance, if I was going for marketing sales job, I might take out events or finance. Whereas if I was applying for a finance job or maybe had a finance, maybe this was a social media job at, say, a finance company. I might take out events, so just make it smaller again, trying to cater to its like the key take away of this class is to cater to each each east job, if you can. Orange Sector. So if I did social media have a social media resume. If I was doing a paper click Oh, our social. Ah, search engine optimization. Ah, search engine marketing. I would cater to that. So, um, I already did the research on this particular resume. He mentions marketing about nine or 10 times. He mentioned sales about 10 times. And, uh And so just so you know, I got in this, uh, resume. You can see it up here. This is the you might recognize. This HBR is harder. Harvard Business Review and the person that says, Hey, this is a great resume. Her name is Jane on, and she does resumes. Now let's just look at her. Profile is a final review of the techniques that you learn notice here that she's got the image that we talked about, how you could kind of spruce up your profile by having that knows that she hasn't really. You utilize the title using the title tags here to draw in that she may not be wanting to be found, who knows? But then when you go down here, you'll see that she has done a few things that she's basically keeping everything very, um, terms of service, sort of linked in style, things where she's got some nice description or summary and a and a great um logo here. She's been in some publications, but she's not unnecessarily loaded. This I would have never found her if she wasn't linked to have her business review, So I don't know how findable she is. But overall, the quality of Pearlington profile eyes good because he's got the images here. Which is why I kept mentioning images, um, or presentations or any of that stuff. That's why I kept mentioning it, because it is just so, uh, it just makes this stand out so much more. Also notice, uh, here. She's actually said some advice for contacting me about help, so feel free. You watch this class. Go and contact her and ask her to help review your linked in profile. I will also do the same, so that's wrapping all of this up to help you get the job. 12. Connecting On Purpose: finally. So again, we want to wrap this up of optimizing your linked in profile to get the job or the opportunity of your dreams. So the whole time we've been searching on social media manager jobs and you could do this for any any jobs that are probably technology related that are using. And one method I told you was basically optimize your profile and go apply. But some people back in the old days when we used to get resumes, we always knew the hungry people were the ones that, uh, that called you. So we're gonna do a linked in version of that here. So, basically, we've We've been looking at the same job opportunity since the beginning. And so we're gonna do is we are going to figure out how we can connect to Sarah now again, I mentioned in one of the other videos you can, um, send her an email through in Male, which is Lincoln's up premium service. They will give you a 30 day free trial. So you're just looking for a job that maybe a good way to go, um, we're gonna do is we're actually going to look at a few ways that you can connect. One of them is just by endorsing her. So if I was a click on one of these top skills, she's going to see me. People who do that, you start to see their faces. So what you could do is go through and endorsed her. So that's kind of ah, ah, way of, um, you're starting to let her know about you just a little bit. But if you really want the job and you really want to connect with her, the best way to do it is look at your shared connections. Now, hopefully, you have a first level connection. But if you don't, it still works the same principle. So what I would do is I would email, um, each one of these people and say, Hey, can you introduce me to Sarah? That and here's the reason why I'd give him a good reason why you know, there's a There's a great job opportunity. I would love to interview for it. Um, I noticed that Sarah and I share you know, these things in common, and I just think it be a great fit. Would you mind introducing us and most people will do that, especially if they're connected to you on Lee, then. But what if you weren't wanting this job? What if you were, um, hoping to connect to maybe a celebrity. So I went ahead and pull up Gary Boehner Chuck's site and notice I'm not following him. I should, um and I'm not connected to him. So what if I wanted to actually have a real conversation, or at least an email exchange with Gary? First of all, what I'll tell you is the rule of all leaders is that you need to come prepared. You need to prepare in advance what you want to talk to about you don't just say, Hey, it's really cool to meet you and not have anything talking about use it. Some sort of I'd say at your asking for some help or advice, but do your research before you try to attempt this, you're gonna get shut down. If someone reaches out to me, I'm usually willing to help in the magnitude of my help and magnitude of Gary's help eyes probably gonna be directly related to how much energy you put in to the request. So what? I'm gonna do the same thing that I did, but because Geary's got so many followers already know that doing this season maxed out everything. This is ridiculous. But doing this isn't going to help me at all. What I'm gonna have to go is straight to our connections. And luckily, I have a lot of connections because he's very connected and I can go through here and say You can introduce me to that. So I mean, it could send a message to George. I could send a message to, um, anyone that ah, that says they know him and then finally would like to show you is yet another way to you. Either get the job or to connect, and that is to use your your messaging system here. So what you can do is you can go in here and, like I told you before another video. There's a great app that lets you do little messages like this at a click of a button. Um, but what you want to do is you want to compose a message, and they took away all the features that made this mass email message such a wonderful tool . But you can go through and type A, and you can message each person individually. I do not recommend putting everybody here. So what happens is is that you can see here where, um, all of these people are now on the same Ah, convert on the same conversation. One thing you can do, though, is you can create a connection for other people. You say, Uh, let's see Aaron and, um well, just say Adam, since he's right there Ah, and then do Internet introduction. You know, a guys meet each other, and that's another great way to continue to grow. Your your network can grow following and be a connector. Only then, and that's if you taking nothing away after maximizing profile, you spend all this time on here. It's time to invest in other people in linked. And so we're going to do is you're going to see the project there to, ah, to have the best profile you possibly can, and what I want you to do as a project is post your profile. Also post the opportunity or the dream that you want to know. Someone in this class maybe want someone that may be able to connect you to that. Um, I certainly will. Look at your profile. I will give you feedback. Um, but I encourage you to do the same with each person who goes to this class. Thanks so much. And I look forward to doing another class for you in the future.