How To Get Targeted Traffic at $0.1 Per Click Blueprint

Scrembo Scrembo, Internet Marketing Coach and Email Marketer

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15 Videos (2h)
    • 1.1 Introduction To Module 1

    • 1.2 Understanding The Meanings

    • 1.3 Tools Required

    • 1.4 Understanding The Network

    • 1.5 Testing

    • 2.1 Introduction To Module 2

    • 2.2 Are you ready to begin

    • 2.3 Creating Your First Campaign

    • 2.4 On The Way For The Best Ad

    • 3.1 Introduction To Module 3

    • 3.2 Rules You Must Follow

    • 3.3 Scaling Up

    • 3.4 Good To Know

    • 3.5 Outsourcing Cheaply

    • 3.6 Advertising Networsk Trick


About This Class

“How to get targeted traffic at $0.01 per click ”will help you to learn everything in order easily and effectively to position and generate your own targeted traffic at really 1 cent . You will be able to start using this amazing advertising techniques in order to receive as targeted as you want traffic from worldwide. These strategies can be started in the next couple of hours and of course if you have quality traffic you can do great money and promote your stuff.

THAT IS ALL WE WANT = QUALITY TRAFFIC Your TRAFFIC is VERY IMPORTANT because it dictates you what you can and can't do tomorrow and years from now with your business. My "How to get targeted traffic at $0.01 per click" will show you: -How to get started with the advertising network. -How to set up the account and get approved I promise you have no risk of not getting accepted. -How to easily manage and create your first campaign. -How to select the best campaign and do proper analytic. -How to read the stats and results you receive.

-How to get the best ad and scale up. By the end of this course, you will have all the knowledge and skills necessary to receive traffic and create the most profitable campaigns. I always appreciate people that supports me and respond with feedback. Click the green button that says "Take This Course" and will see you

  • Category:Marketing

What's in the Course?

  1. Over 21 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  2. Understand How Advertising Works
  3. Create Their First Advertising Campaign
  4. Understand The Traffic Analytics
  5. Understand Hot To Read The Reults
  6. Choose The Winner Campaign
  7. Promote The Best Offers In The Market
  8. Outsource The Business

Course Requirements:

  1. Absolutelly nothing more, you can be newbie as you are going to make money even.
  2. You need to have internet connection
  3. I hope you understand you got all my support. I am here to help you get traffic at 1 cent

Who Should Attend?

  1. People from any country
  2. People of any age and ability
  3. This is perfect for newbies and for advanced marketers
  4. People that needs traffic
  5. People love making money on autopilot from advertising






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Scrembo Scrembo

Internet Marketing Coach and Email Marketer

Something about me...

I was born on April 24, 1994 and started looking into Internet Marketing when I was just 16. Right now I am running a six figure business with my Email Marketing and Coaching programs.

So what qualifies me to share my experience with you on Skillshare

- In the past few years I have invested close to $25,000 in private coaching programs and learned from six and seven figures marketers on a day to day basis.

- I always made it! Even in my first month of working online and surfing between strategies and lectures I made money! Any business or project I've worked on I made money.. I have never been that person who struggled for years to earn my first dollar...

- Right now I have 20 private students and 90% of them have succeeded in quitting their day jobs and work online full time - I love coaching Internet Marketing!

- I continue to run my Email Marketing business which earns me six figures per year.

- I love doing what I do and I put a lot of energy into it, nothing can stop me achiving my goals and helping dozens of people along the way.

- I continue to study every single day and love getting updated with the latest internet marketing news and tactics.

- Finally I'm passionate about what I do and I know you are going to learn highly valuable content from me, I am certain about that.

About myself ?

My internet business allows me the freedom to spend a lot of time on holiday and I enjoy working out at gym wherever I am. I have promised myself that I will never work for a boss. If that's a promise you too would like to make to yourself I look forward to working with you.