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How To Get Started With Creating Video Content Today

teacher avatar Peter BVCCO, Video Content Specialist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. The 3 Simple Strategies To Video Content: Introduction

    • 2. Why You Should Consider Video?

    • 3. 3 Video Content Pillars: The Overview

    • 4. Do I really need to invest in equipment? (A Gear Guide)

    • 5. Is It Too Late To Start?

    • 6. Standing Out From The Crowd With Video

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About This Class

Are you wanting to get started creating video content? Whether that's creating YouTube videos or you're a small business owner or even a blogger (or even a complete beginner) - I will tell you the 3 simple secret strategies that you can use for your video content. 

This course is not for everyone. 

It is straight to the point and coming from years of online video content creation experience. 

After this exclusive course on video content you will begin to better understand video content and see how it is one mainstream markets in today's media landscape. You will also have the confidence and starting point to begin your first piece of video content. 

You will learn:

- Why video is so important in today's age
- How to stand out with video
- The equipment you will need
- The exact pillar video strategy to get you started 

This is the short and sweet video content course for you if you need that extra push of motivation or to eliminate your excuses so that you now can create awesome videos. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Video Content Specialist


Hi there! My name is Peter and I have been making online content and videos since I was young. I am currently a full time content creator and want to share my expertise with you. I have had several years of experience in creating online content for not only my personal brand but for professional companies and organizations to meet their video needs.

I am extremely passionate about videos and storytelling. I want to inspire other like-minded individuals to push and grow themselves as a creative in whatever their endeavors may be!

I'm all about being great and focusing on your strengths. Don't settle for average because you CAN'T win with just average. 

In my classes I will condens... See full profile

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1. The 3 Simple Strategies To Video Content: Introduction: in this video, I'm going to show you the three simple secrets and strategies that you should know when it comes to making video content. And I'm gonna explain to you why I'm in my car and how any person, even if we have no experience, can make video content. If you understand these three strategies, who am I? My name is Peter, and I am a professional videographer video editor. And I've made videos for big businesses as well as influencers who have more than 100,000 subscribers. And I've collected over ah, 1,000,000 plus views on my videos as well as my client videos. And I'm gonna tell you everything I know in this exclusive course just for you, so you can have the one up on your competition or you have a better place and understanding if you want to get into video because video is so saturated and so calm, competitive. But I'm gonna show you the things that you should know so you could be ahead of the game. So let's get into it 2. Why You Should Consider Video?: So why exactly do you want to do video? Because with this day and age is consumerism, Internet Net is taking over television and anyone and everyone is going to be on video. Whether that's on Facebook YouTube twitch video is the moves consumed media on the Internet with falling behind, with the other 20% of market being things like emails and newsletters. But understanding video is that video is one of the most prominent things that you can have to engage with your customers or, if you want to be influenced or connect with your audience, I want to sell something. You want to build your own brand. You want to tell a story. Understanding video itself is one of the most prominent things that you should do. And if you don't understand video yet, it's not too late because video is on upward trend to being, in my opinion, taking over your traditional Internet or nutritional television. And it's gonna be the new TV, and it has been for quite some time, and now you have competitors like your big broadcast networks trying to take over or jump into the Internet space. But they themselves don't understand video content and the strategy that you need tohave and it's much different than traditional media. So I want to talk to you about understanding why video itself is so important. So let's say you have a normal website. That website just has copy or text, but there's also an about US video that about as video will set you apart from your competition. Why? Because it allows you the consumer, to see whoever that you're talking to, your much likely to buy something or you're much likely to connect with someone if they have a video so you can see them and interact with them like you yourself. You are engaged in this course because you're watching me versus just reading it. Everyone consumes content differently. But for the purposes of this straight, super simple strategy is that you need to understand that video content is especially online, is very different from your traditional media, and I'm gonna get straight to the next part of understanding. How do you navigate video even if it's a super crowded market 3. 3 Video Content Pillars: The Overview: So when it comes to the three, my kind of strategy and methodology when it comes to video content is there's essentially three types of video content. 1st 1 is being entertainment, and how I relate to entertainment videos is Think of it as reality TV for YouTube. So think of people documenting their lives or pretty much having a day in the life videos. Those are entertainment. You aren't necessarily having some kind of agenda for that video, but you're making videos so people can be entertained and watch it so they can have some sort of escapism. Think of it as keeping up with the Kardashians on the Internet, and that is one of the pillars of online video content is entertainment what type of videos that you can make to entertain people, and you need to know the more niche you know who you're making videos for, the more precise you can make these pillars of content. So, for example, if I'm making a video about, let's say skateboarding, I know that my audience is 14. Teoh, Let's say 25 male in North America. So in that sense, I can make my videos catered. So when it comes to entertainment videos, there isn't much of Ah, this is X, Y said. It's more long lines of when you watch videos. Try to understand what type of video that this person is making. So obviously you're watching this course right now, and it isn't necessary entertainment. But it kind of goes into the second strategy of how you make video content and understanding. And that is educational content and educational content is exactly what it sounds like. Think of it as an online teaching course or a lecture, and I'm gonna use me. Example is that I'm making this course and this exclusive knowledge that I'm sharing to you guys to inform you on my own expertise and how I like to categorise educational content is anything with do it yourself tutorials or any kind of step by step process where I'm helping someone out there. There's a lot of these educational content, and you can break it up to, let's say, for example, a D I y how to fix or change your oil for your car or D I y step by step guide on how to make video content and you're learning from someone who has video content experience. So the second pillar is. Think of it as Who are you trying to help? I think for me, when comes the video content whether you're expiring business or you're an individual. Educational content is one of the easiest and best methods when it comes to making content because you're sharing your knowledge and you don't have to be or put on a persona of of logar or entertainer. And I highly advise against my clients making entertainment or vlogs because that isn't the best way to make video content online. And that kind of goes into my third step is or my stirred strategy is that you can combine these two so you can have entertaining content with a mix of educational content. And what that means is that you can do something that is very engaging to your audience, and it doesn't necessarily have to be really cut dry here. The steps exercise it, and you can have your own personal branding into it, and I think that's the future of video content. The third pillar is one of the I guess Emerging Markets is that it's combining personal brand and entertainment in addition to educational content, how can I help you? Better your life in some way in point. What is your pain point? What are you trying to solve? So if you're watching this course, you're trying to understand video content, and I'm gonna show you in the next part about how to be engaging, and you don't need to have the most expensive gear and budget and all that, but I'll talk about that coming up next. But those are the pretty much the three basic video content strategies that you need to understand making entertainment content. So things that who your general consumer just kind of scrolls through. And you kind of like make, let's say, top five ways to eat ex wives. That or here, the best places to ex wives that those air kind of entertainment videos. The second way is education. How to think of it as how to make video content. How do I change my engine oil? And the 3rd 1 is combining the two so making entertaining. Having your personal brand on top of having a D. I y tutorial, which kind of brings me into the next section of this course, is I'm gonna be talking about. What is it that you need to get started? And I myself, as a professional videographer who's invested more than $10,000 have $5000 plus in terms of video shooting budget to get started with the video content, you don't need a fancy set up a fancy studio, and that's the whole point I wanted to shoot in my car is that you don't need, like, the most fancy set up. It's raining right now, and you might be able to hear it, but with video content. If you understand those three strategies, it will set you apart and put you in a head, and you can think about production later. But let's get into gear and what exactly do you need? 4. Do I really need to invest in equipment? (A Gear Guide): So the next part is equipment, and I understand that not everyone has $5000 to spend on the fancy a camera or have the best lighting set up or have the most interesting like background. All that and the whole point of this of shooting in my car and their simplicity of not even having any lights and just simply just shooting. And it's even raining and you not might have. The clearest audio is I'm gonna tell you, break down the exact basics. All you simply re meat is a camera, and most people have their phone right. Make sure it shoots 10 80 p. And when comes toe audio, I'm using a shotgun, mike, but essentially all you really need is going a place that it's quiet and there's not a lot of noise. And even if there is, you might be able to bypass that by using things like background music and not having the best audio. And the third thing is lighting. And yes, you can understand that you can invest in lighting, which I highly recommend. But if you don't have the budget to start, all you simply need is just to be facing in front of a window or this guy and use natural lighting and stand from the camera. And this is my life. There is no I don't have no lighting set up. I don't have a big fancy cameras and gears. All I do is I have this deal Seller. Plop it on my dashboard. I'm talking to the camera, and that's how you get started. And if you want to get into the more nitty gritty of what's the best camera and Mike and all that stuff, check out my channel youtube dot com for slash BBC CEO seven to check out. And I also grabbed my free guide, and that will help you into the very basics. But one stumped comes to gear. I'm a big believer of that. You don't need the best gear to get started in video. Essentially, your strategy that you need to have is much more important and who you're talking to and understanding before you even start making videos. Who are you talking to? Why are you making videos and the how is isn't the most highly effective method to start? You would think you invest $5000 in the camera gear, but you don't know your why and your purpose. You're just gonna confused and lost and kind of goes into the next point of Is it too late to start? And how do you start on YouTube And how exactly do you stand out? 5. Is It Too Late To Start?: So with this day and age, with hundreds and millions of video content being uploaded every single minute and day with thousands of people bombarding your Facebook feed and understanding like, what platform do you want to news? It depends on your audience. Depends on the platform. It's Facebook of its YouTube. But when it comes to standing out, how is that you want to be authentic? You want to be your most genuine self, like you're talking to a friend like you're talking to someone that you really care about because anyone could just make videos and be really static and boring. But you yourself, you want to be able to talk to the camera as if you're very a personal, a ble person. You might not like everyone, but you have to like your camera. And how I see the current trends of influencers and businesses is that the more genuine and the more riel as you are to the camera, even if you started airing, make bloopers and mistakes, is that the more real that you are, whoever's watching can feel your office authenticity cannot say the word, but the more really or that is how you stand out. It's not so much about video production. It's not about the background and all that stuff. Yes, yes, just a little bit. But it comes down to Maura about your who you are, your character and whether or not people can see your value through your videos and who you are as a person talking to the camera. Because all that production stuff I have entire YouTube channel dedicated, broke, visionary, collective. But I care the most is a boat showing up on camera as yourself and the whole production and editing and videos like that comes after the fact you like your first video that you would make isn't gonna be the greatest, whether your business or you hire someone, you're not gonna understand the video content unless you actually understand the core strategies. And I'm gonna go into the next part of actually, you know, dominating the market and how you, as a content creator or aspiring business, can use a video to its most of its abilities and one of the future trends of video 6. Standing Out From The Crowd With Video: And as I wrapped up my course here, I wanted to talk about you know, the future trend of videos. And as it's raining and pouring right now and the audio you hear, the little rain might be a little relaxing for some. And I just want to talk about the future of video. And from what I see, it is that the future of video is all about. Like I said in the last point is about being authentic, looking into the camera with your eyes and being your genuine self. As people are able to see that and the more human you are on camera with your video content and your story with their advertising with their commercials with your YouTube vlogs, the more you're able to attract the people who are similar like you. Because if you want to start videos and understand video content, whether you're a business owner and you want to hire someone to make videos or you yourself are a business owner without the big budget or influencer and you want to just make videos is that you need to understand that the human aspect of actually making videos and being genuine people are gonna know that and you're gonna need to, I guess, attract the vibe Because if you're fake and you put on persona, people are gonna be able to sense that through the camera. And because of that, you need to have a proper strategy that you need to enable and create so that you can be your best self when it comes to making videos. The production editing the fancy year is not gonna matter if you don't have the right concept when it comes to making video content. So my biggest caveat and take away from this entire course this one on one sit down is that don't aim for perfection, make video content, but have the proper mindset like What are you trying to do and what are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to make entertainment videos and trying to be an influencer? Are you a business who's trying to make videos and tell your story of how you sell your product? Or are you ah, filmmaker trying to inspire people? Once you you're able to figure that out before you can make videos, find that out, figure that out, and once you're able to figure that out, then you're able to have a proper strategy and the whole purpose of this. Like I've shot in fancy equipment. I have my own ring light in my own home office studio. But the whole purpose of shooting in my car is to show you guys that video content is changing. It's not about the $10,000 equipment anymore. It's not about having the best set up. It's more so about Who are you talking to? Who is your audience and understanding? Which three pillars are you entertaining? Are you educational or you a hybrid? And once you understand those three video content strategies, everything else Michael micro repurposing content and having all these strategies that businesses don't really understand is that once you understand those three strategies, you're way ahead of the game. My name is Peter, and thanks for watching my course. I helped you. I hope it helps you understand video a little bit clearer. I have loads more of other courses, check them out and to help you more specific and check out my YouTube channel B V C C 07 to help you. And you're watching broke visionary collective where we all start with nothing, but you can always create something. Cheers