How To Get More Book Reviews: The Fastest Way To Get Started | Melanie Rockett | Skillshare

How To Get More Book Reviews: The Fastest Way To Get Started

Melanie Rockett, Internet Marketer, Writer, Teacher

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9 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. How To Get Book Reviews: The Series

    • 2. The Fastest Way To Get Started: Introduction

    • 3. How To Ask For Reviews

    • 4. Ask For Reviews INSIDE Your Book

    • 5. Inside Your Book: Adding Links

    • 6. Inside Your Book: Using A Plugin

    • 7. Get Reviews From Your Website

    • 8. Get Reviews From Your Email List

    • 9. What's Next on Skillshare


About This Class

Are you struggling with getting reviews for your Kindle books?  The fact is, reviews help sell your book and the more reviews you have, the more sales you will get.

This is a four part series that looks at one of the most important components of your Book Marketing and Sales strategy  …  Getting REVIEWS

Getting reviews is critical to the success of your book.  It surprises many authors to find out that readers won't even download a FREE book without a few reviews.

Getting reviews will give your newly published book a quick boost, but they will also keep on working for you over the lifetime of your book.


In this series you will learn dozens of ways to get downloads, make sales AND get those all important reviews.


The Series includes:

  1. The Fastest Way To Get Started
  2. Using Marketing Groups To Get Sales And Reviews
  3. Find And Approach Book Reviewers The RIGHT Way
  4. How To Purchase Reviews While Sticking To Amazon Guidelines

In THIS course, The Fastest Way To Get Started you will learn:

  • Why asking for reviews must become a book marketing mindset.
  • How to include requests for reviews inside your book.
  • Two different methods of installing your requests inside your book.
  • How strategic posting on your will fuel sales and get reviews.
  • What messages to send to your email list, to get more reviews.

The course also includes a Resource PDF with additional information and helpful links.


If you already have a book published … you can start implementing these ideas today.   If you are planning on publishing a book in the near future, you can still get started … today!






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Melanie Rockett

Internet Marketer, Writer, Teacher

Hi!   My name is Melanie Rockett … and YES, that is my REAL name!  I have been a freelance entrepreneur for decades.


 The basis of my career has always been business oriented writing.  I've written  thousands of articles, over five hundred television scripts,  30 books and countless training programs and manuals.  I've worked for  Fortune 500 companies, have written master degree programs for several universities and hav...

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