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How To Get Makeup Clients - What They Don't Teach You!

teacher avatar Amy Loring, Beauty & Makeup Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Introduction: What Will You Be Learning?

    • 2. How to get new clients

    • 3. Getting inspiration for eye catching looks!

    • 4. Growing a portfolio

    • 5. Creating social media content

    • 6. How to edit your photos

    • 7. Build a website

    • 8. Build a Instagram page

    • 9. Buld a facebook page

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About This Class

What they don't teach you at beauty school is to actually get your clients and run your business in 2020! It's so important that you nail down on these skills as a makeup artist to be the best in your area and get as many clients as you possibly can to increase your income. 

What you will learn 

- How to create a portfolio even if your just starting out

- Where to look for inspiration to explore creative boundaries (especially for social media)

- How to get new clients when your first starting out and if your already established and you want more income!

- How to build a website, Facebook page and Instagram page

- How to create regular content online for your business 

- How to edit makeup photos, to get more likes and followers!

See you there!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Amy Loring

Beauty & Makeup Artist


Hello! My name is Amy aka BILLIE BLONDE. I am a fully qualified Makeup Artist and Beauty Therapist from the UK. I am also a content creator and create occasionally create lifestyle, fashion and beauty videos on YouTube! I have been in the industry for years and i'm here to share my teachings with you! Contact me anytime if you need me!

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1. Introduction: What Will You Be Learning?: Hey guys, my name's Amy. Welcome to my course. This is all about business advice with makeup. It's a course that I made because when people graduate from makeup school or when they become a makeup artist, they actually have no clue how to actually start that business. Actually Brian that business themselves. So I created this course to help you get new clients and to get more clients and also to help you build your brand. And I think this is really important because it's something I've learned to do over about seven years. Wanted to condense it down for you, that you could learn it in just one short course. This information that I'm about to tell you a super valuable, if you're a makeup artist and you're looking to start promoting your business, getting new clients, creating more income so you can give up your day job. This is perfect for you. I'll be teaching you how to create Instagram pages, Facebook pages, how to build your own website. Now that is something really valuable that I struggled with so much when I started doing makeup. You'll be looking at how to build a professional portfolio, how to get new clients, finding makeup, inspiration, and keeping creative when it comes to make up what you should be posting on social media, how to create content, how to edit photos. I'll also be giving you some free presets which I use all the time from my makeup photos without knowing this information about how to actually create a business, then is going to be so hard for you to actually get a new clients. Because the world nowadays we have social media, we have a big online world which we can be using to our advantage. So if you're interested, then watch the rest of this course and make sure that you give me a review if you haven't already, I would really appreciate it. I'm looking forward to helping you on your makeup journey. So let's get started. 2. How to get new clients: So I wanna talk about gasoline, new clients gets a new clients can be really tricky. And I've been there myself when I first started. It was kind of a mind field like what to put on social media, how to get him your clients in the first place. In this video, I'm gonna teach you how you can get new clients. So online social media, like I said, still gonna say on a go on and on about it. It's your best friend, PR in your portfolio online, updating your Instagram page, in updating your Facebook page, updating everything, making sure that people engage in, in your content and seeing your work every day constantly feel like you're at your own mouth, constantly advertising and Punnett in front of people's faces like I'm here, you can bear with me, I'm here. You can work with me and keep doing it. And you might way that Instagram and social media works, even if you feel like you're going on and you'll get an a bit much to people, you're probably not going to say this right now because with the algorithms that are on social media, the Facebook, Instagram algorithms, some people might even not see a couple of your photos a week. So you've gotta make sure that your constant you're posting at least once a day. And they see that because people are online a lot at the moment, and people actually find makeup artists online, mostly statistically, google and through Instagram and social media, seeing with your Facebook page as well, you can link them both up, link them up together so that every time you post on Instagram, it also post on Facebook as well, and which I've showed you already, but making sure that you are posting on social media at least once a day, find it in your schedule or write it down stat and alarm, making sure that you have content stacks up as well and ready to go. There's actually an app called Plan, which can help schedule your content and help you kind of lay out all your photos next to each other to see where something fits. And you can actually stack up your content ready for all the uploads. China's stamp out there, business mode and into a friend moved. And I know this sounds weird, but like, you know, if your friend asked you or how did you get your eyeliner to go so well, you didn't actually give them the full shebang and how you how you get your eyeliner. So go to but you give them a couple of texts because that will help them and make them feel that you're really knowledgeable and you know what you're talking about. And also you're building a rapport and the relationship with your friend Hilda relationship online because building relationships online with new people, the people you haven't met before, it is actually really challenging creative video, create an IPTV, create a YouTube video on it, and share your tips to the world and then advertise that your makeup artists and what area you're in, what your prices are. Maybe even link your portfolio in the description box or however you want to do is a really good way of building relationship with someone, making them feel that you know exactly what you're talking about and they actually trust you to then want more out of you and maybe even book you in the future for makeup appointments. So that's something that I use actually quite there. I regularly put videos online of makeup tutorials, really fast ones on Instagram. They all, you know, blog posts as well as something to think about on your website channel and people to go to your website, which also you have your booking system on their annual portfolio. But you also have like a blog section on your website that people can kind of see your regular tips on and they can actually go to your website as well to find these tips and you're more than a makeup artist, you're also helping them find a device and given them more information about maker and it builds a relationship with them, even if they're strangers, leafletting around your area, especially if you're working from her. So open working from home for a while now. And I find that if you just talk to people Washoe walking the dog while sure. I didn't go into the sharps or even leafletting creating and little leaflet which you can do on canvas, which I was talking about earlier. Comfort is a website which you can produce PDF's and leaflets and all sorts of things on. And you might want to create a leaflet with your price list and your treatments on that and just hand them out to people in your area. Maybe you wanna give them 10% discount. That kind of leads me on to something else as well, is discounting giveaways. Uh, you wouldn't want to do. I know every time I discount on or try and do a giveaway, it actually breaks me a bit because I'm like, I'm losing out on a bit of money. But even if they have that discounted price to start with, getting them in the room and do their makeup might impress them so much that they'll keep coming back and maybe you've got a regular client on your hands. You never know. We'll have an introductory price, maybe like 20% of 30% off for exam every Friday. Or maybe you want to do a double package of treatments may be you want to bring to people come to get them makeup done and one of them gets them data for free. I don't know how you want to do it, but enticing people that way can be a really good tip, especially if you're posting on social media and if you're talking to people on the street, I do a referral as well. So if one of my clients refers of the friend and the mentioned than at the appointment, I will give them 10% off, which is very small actually, but it does entice them and makes them want to come back giveaways as well. So I am a blogger as well. So like I said, some things or even by some things that actually aren't really, I don't know who was in my kit, maybe lipsticks and foundation shapes that I never use. I actually gather some of these and I gather them with throughout a couple of months and I create like a little package, like a giveaway package. It could have brushes in a GitHub makeup and maybe he's even, isn't even make it related. Maybe it's like a treatment that you want to offer like a free mc over and you create in like a little bundle of things. It's gonna really make people want that package, whatever it may be, you want to put things in it that's gonna really make people want it. And the more it's worth, the more value at house, the batter really. So a give away something you can put up on Instagram or even on your website, even if you e-mail and you've got marketing less of emails you want to send out to people, let them know that there is a giveaway, is also a great way of getting followers and engagement and new people onto your page and seeing your work. So you have rules that and peace to enter the giveaway, you May 1 want to follow my page, like my Instagram post and then subscribe to my YouTube channel wherever that may be. I don't know you want to set your own rules which you know, you're going to benefit from in a couple of days time you maybe want to release the winner. Contact them and tell them they've won. And that's a really good way of getting more followers, get more engagement, getting more people onto your page to start with, to then follow you and keep seeing your portfolio and you're building your portfolio and you just started, you want to offer that free make-up experienced to get photos for your portfolio, even if that bring enough foundation or their luxuries like I've spoken to you about before. Can you invite in people and you've gotten them actually through the door into yours make up space and you got to do your thing. You then get to then do your best on them. Madison them because they might come back and they actually might book you again and again and again if you do a really good job. So that's why it's really important to get practice in and to make sure that your skills at top as best as you possibly can. That's the thing as well as new clients and just clients and down on people in general. When they talk about makeup and getting your makeup done, they always like Germany have an occasion to get my makeup done or I don't really have a like a situation where I went to get my makeup done and they never really think about it, telling them how nice it is to get you make down how much you like getting your makeup done as a maker part S because it's stress-free. I get to sit there maybe with a glass of jose And just tell and not have to worry about the stresses of do my makeup or get my wing line of rights that night. Salad to their Muslin experience held in the ways that which they can have their makeup done. So you can have a subtle network. You can have more heavier learn like, what are you doing next week? Get your makeup done next week. When is it when two birthday get it done for your birthday or Christmas party, or going out for a night out, some work. Also, another thing is Facebook ads or advertising of paid advertising. You have to be really careful with that. You've got to make sure that you are going a bit too crazy with advertising. But there are things called Google ads, Facebook ads that can really help you with Mark your photos and your price less than all sorts to other people on social media. So Instagram ads do the boost posts, which I wouldn't really recommend because you are looking to get new clients, people that don't follow you on social media and boost posting only boosts it to your family. So doing adverts, Facebook ads or Instagram ads actually boost your post to people that aren't even following you. And that's a really good way of getting clients. If you look at your portfolio, for example, and you think, well this isn't really good. Maybe you've got a before and after for someone. And it looks really I kept in and you're like, okay, I could definitely market that online and I think people would want to work with me. So put that into an ad, advertising it online and see where it takes. You. Don't try and spend too much. Maybe just analyze the first couple of days of US spending that money on that advertising. But there was also a really good way of getting new clients. Obviously, you have to pay money for it. But in the long run you might get like a regular client where you might get some more clients in your client base. So that's it, that's how to get new clients. In my opinion, those things I've told you that my secrets on how to get new kinds and I'm really happy to share them with you because I think it'll help you so much through your journey. And yeah, I'm excited for you. 3. Getting inspiration for eye catching looks!: Hi guys. So today I want to talk about makeup inspiration. And I think this is really important for you to keep going and keep getting motivated and keep producing new work and creative work. And you also want to be creating work that's really gonna catch people's eye. To do that, you've gotta be your authentic self. Finding your authentic self when it comes to Make Up is so important. It will tell you apart from other makeup artist that do the same thing over and over again. I don't want to help you the like them. I want you to be even better than they were even better than me. That is the goal gonna share with you some tips on how you can be inspired and how you can keep creating new, authentic. We're staying true to yourself, but also is I captured and will get you more clients. There would lose different ways to get inspiration. The first one is to look on social media. It's might be a given for some of you, but honestly, I actually forget some times when I'm in a bit of a slump and I'm doing my makeup, but I'm creating a lucky my portfolio or I'm doing it for a client and Juno, or there's no shame in just going on social media, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest is probably one of my favorites to go on YouTube and tutorials and tick tock. Nowadays you've got reels on Instagram and IT TV. There's so many different options for you at the moment. Even just gurgling, celebrity maker, finding inspiration online is one of the biggest and most easiest way to find inspiration. So there are so many different things to look out for. Like what do you even type in? So it really depends what thought sort of luck you wanna go for If it's a full gambler, type in full gum makeup, how strikes on Instagram is one of the best ways to find inspiration. If you want to work with GSA, for example, and you've never worked with glitter before. But you tight, you're trying to find some inspiration for a glitter makeup look which you can practice. You can just type in to the tags on Instagram hashtag, glycerin makeup, and loads of inspiration will come up. What I really like buy Instagram as well. It has top and recent. If you've gone to the top Instagram makeup looks of your hashtag, you'll be able to find the makeup looks that I've gotten the most fires, the most engagement. And those links are probably stuff that actually catch him people's eyes. So bear that in mind when you go in Scrum tags are hashtags. Makes sure that you go on to the top Instagram posts so you can see what is getting engagement, what's given or the attraction. And then you can go on to recent to search people that have recently uploaded for this time period. And I think that's really handy and something that Instagram has, which you can definitely use counter, compare that to the looks that you're doing. What are they doing differently? What can you add to your legs that will get you noticed more on social media. So looking on social media for inspiration is amazing. Pinterest being one of them as well as somebody that I use quite often because I really like the way the Pinterest is laid out. It's like a Moon board or a mood board of itself. So you can actually create your own Board of inspiration. You can do that with Instagram as well. If you go onto a photo that you like, you can actually press save and you can save it into a board of your choice. And you have a makeup section on my Instagram, which is all photos that inspire me. So when I'm stuck, I can just go back to that little folder on my end Scrum that says makeup. And it has all my makeup inspiration in that folder, the same with Pinterest as well. You can actually do the same exact thing. You can create a new board on Pinterest and you can create a as A1A and makeup board or even specific like glitter maker or drum maker or bridle maker. And you can create photos in that sort of bought, which is sort of like access, like a mutable. It can give you inspiration when you start creating your bridle leg, so your glom legs. So it's all in one place for you. I actually recommend that you go on to Pinterest and create an account not sponsored, just Hall. I just think it's a great platform for you to get inspiration without the pressure of Haben likes and engagement and all that. That is the online world. Online with makeup inspiration is such a big thing and I think that it can really help you going forward, creating really authentic, engaging legs that people are going to actually book you for. And it's gonna catch their attention, especially if you're posting them back online. Also, something like I want to say is you don't actually have to get inspiration from just make-up looks. I love going outdoors and just living my life in looking at color combinations, at looking at textures and patterns of nature of my surroundings. And take photos on my phone and make little collages of like what color combinations released really resonate with me. What patterns and textures may resonate with me is especially good for doing editorial looks because editorial is such a broad spectrum photo shoot baker, You have a lot of creativity when it comes to that sort of style of makeup. The quirky and the most creative, the batter. So even if you're going about your day and you see a plant and you really like the colors of the plant. You really like the textures are bare. Take a Photo, save it into a gallery on your phone, or just print it out, put it on your mood border, Home create. You can see behind me here, I like to put little bits of inspiration on that board behind me. It's a great way. Just have bulldog clips and they stick things to it. It changes daily, weekly, but I like to print things out physically and put them on there so I can see it every day and maybe an idea will pop into my head one day of some, some sort of makeup look that I can create, even using bits of leaves, using feathers that you find on the floor, even using different things, arts and craft that you find around the house. I know it sounds absolutely crazy, but we really experimental in your mind's make-up is such a broad and amazing thing. And You get to decide where you take that Look. That's the most important bit about being a really authentic and amazing makeup artist is create new links that people haven't done before, use in different things that you see day-to-day life. Like plants, candles, color combination. If you work with any sort of photographer or TV makeup, even certain times, they just give you a brief of globally make color scheme green and you have to create a look based on those briefs and haven't just something like that is the same as having an object in front of you and thinking, what colors is this? How can I create a block from this is a really good way of practicing to get inspiration and making your creative juices flow and regularly exercising that part of your brain. Because other makeup artist you do get into a habit of doing the same thing over and over again. I've been there myself. So when you do a lot of gloved makeup for Mike Sal, this happens all the time where I'm from. And you get into the spirit of a runt, everyone wants the same thing. This one specific type of load for winged liner and read lips or of luck. And you end up just doing that all the time. You never actually exercise that part of your brain that loves makeup in the first place. Why do you even love ME curve? Is it because of the creative side? Is it, cuz it makes people happy, if so, really dwell in that moment, really dwell in that sort of idea of desert. How does it really make people happy? Things that being on the news, things like trends, films, TV programs. What inspires you about that? Tv broke on. What's going on in the news? Is that something that you want to know? Is it political? Maybe you want to make a political statement. There's so many ideas that you can get just from living your life and just being conscious of finding ideas. I think if you're open in the first place to find ideas, the more they'll come up you. Another thing that I want to say is also use your kit, your imagination. Maybe you want to use the back of the brush to do some spot work, something that I love doing as well as using paintbrushes to flick paint on people's faces just to see what you can do with the tools you have. It's not about how many brushes you have, how many products you have. It's about the way you use them and using your imagination to create these amazing sit down with a mirror and take your brushes and just create something on your face. If it goes wrong, That's fine. You don't have to do anything with it. You just get your makeup remover wipes and wash it off and do something else. Or you can just leave it for the next couple of days until you get inspiration to do another leg. There is no pressure on how, when you create these legs. Because you might get into a little situation where you actually feel like you start to resent what you do. So keep that love that, keep the love of just creating. That's when you want to create them and when you get inspired, then create the links. I hope that was useful for you and gives you an idea of how you can create and be inspired with makeup. 4. Growing a portfolio: So I want to talk to you about building a portfolio. I think it's really important. Portfolio is the best way for someone to see your work and kind of get the chance to even book you in the first place to see it. Thus, style and your style are going to match to see if they actually want to work with you in the first place to get the big bucket. You want a big portfolio, trust me. So what do you even start with a portfolio, especially if you haven't had a lot of experience. Well, the one thing I will say is making sure that you're documenting and you get an as many photos of your work as possible every single time you do someone's makeup, I want you to take a photo of it. Even if you think it's not very good, take photo of it. You want to build a portfolio and then you want to have a Llosa photos so that you can choose the best ones to put in your portfolio because this is going to showcase your best work and it's gonna make clients wants a book queue at the end of the day, there are two types of portfolios that you can have. You can have an online portfolio or you can have a physical copy of a book failure. These days, I would say that you actually don't really need a physical copy of a portfolio is very optional. And if you're meeting someone to be hired for a job, then I would suggest you probably would need a physical copy so you can literally show them in front of you what your work is like and maybe can talk to them about the pieces, et cetera. But nowadays everything we do is online, so I don't know if that's even worth getting a physical copy anymore or just focusing on an online portfolio. But start with at least one, uh, with the portfolio and online portfolio, you would probably attach it to an email to it could be a bride that's trying to book you. It could be photographer that wants to see your work. It could be an agency and makeup agency that might send you out for jobs. State could be so many different people that look at your portfolio. So that's why it's really important that you make it really versatile because you want as many different things and styles as much as you possibly can, because it shows you all versatility and how you can work in different styles. So one thing I do want to say is make sure that you've got different people with different skin terms. That's a big one because you want to be the most versatile and best make parties you possibly can. So no matter what you're being booked for, you know that you can work with every type of skin type, every type of skin town and also that you make up care is accommodating for every type of skin tone and skin type. The other thing I would suggest is maybe even getting different styles of makeup. And by that, I mean, I've actually given you so many different styles that make up through this course. Soft glom, full glam, Halloween styles, bridal styles, editorial photo shoot styles. You bought a variety of all of those, especially photo shoot makeup, because most photographers asked for your online portfolio or a portfolio. To be selected for a job, especially agencies and even with bridal work as well. You want to show them some of the Bryce you've done in the past or maybe not even bribes. Maybe you haven't even done a variety out. Maybe you want to just show them a bridal look that you've created, either on yourself or on someone, acts a way to get all these photos when you first start office, start offering free make-up to people or even the cost of just the makeup use. So maybe even ask them to bring their foundation. If you ask them to bring a pair of false lashes to make the cost down for you, but see that you're given away through makeup in exchange for a photograph or your portfolio. You just want to build your portfolio. And that is the best way to start getting photos, even if you're not getting clients. Yeah. Even if you just want a port for you, I think that's the first thing that I did when I started, was I actually started just doing my friends, family, and just anyone I could get hold ofs maker because I just wanted to get the photos online on my Instagram, all over my social media, all over my website. And I wanted to start building my portfolio that I could send out, start getting jobs in the first case. So there were just do the makeup on yourself, get people in, start practicing on them is the best way to practice for your sake, but also to take photos for your portfolio to then get booked with bigger and better jobs. So with bridal makeup, you want to lose a different styles of bridal Day. You want some more Gollum style bridal. You want some really natural style bridle with editorial view born some really creative, colorful, experimental links, but also some really grungy licks that you see in magazines. And think of the situation that people are trying to book you for. What would you ideally trying to get booked for you, trying to get booked for TB makeup, maybe get someone to come in so you can do some TV maker I something. I also suggest this staging your photo shoots as well, making it looked like that you're actually going in for a professional setup. So the lighting in front of you, I spoken to you about lighting. The best and biggest investment that I had was a ring light, I think is amazing. Forgetting that like professional style photography. And I think for your portfolio is something you really want to invest state, just because it makes everything look a lot more professional. You can even nowadays, just take photos on your phone, but making sure that they are a clean and a really nice flawless photo, I will put an example of a photo of one of my clients up here. So you can see the photo that I've taken, analyze photos on Instagram and online, on Facebook, on websites other makeup artists are doing and see what you can do and how you can take your photographs is something that I will talk about it later on as well. But I want you to kinda see what makes them a really stand up photograph. And why does it catch your eye? What are the things that catch your eye? Because that's something that you want to have in your portfolio. And having good lie in is really important. Making sure that the photos are taken as professional as you can make them. Making sure that you will get in your head and your shoulders in super important or the clients hadn't shoulders in nothing to skewer for too crazy with the photography angles. Just a basic portrait photo of that they see, you could actually see the makeup don't make it too fancy, or else they won't be able to see that makeup. And you wanna make the journey as easy as possible for them. So making sure that you've got your best work and your portfolio, taken them on a journey through your portfolio. So start in with some really, I hatch in photos, there is going to be like wow, they're gonna say wow as soon as they see it. And then maybe going into some of your bridal look so your natural lurks. But then bringing them back to this like, well, sort of crazy creative editorial style make up at the end. So kind of taking them on a journey. So reading through your portfolio, you will read your portfolio is how they will be there. So current taken them on this journey when it comes to your photographs as well, you might want to think about how you're presenting it. If it's an online portfolio, you might want to create a mood board like I was talking to you about a document online and then put in photos in that document so they're all next to each other. And sending now offers your portfolio. Or if you have a website, you can actually make a section on your website that is portfolio. And with all your photographs in that section of your website, you can send them that specific HTML link then as your portfolio, your Instagram pages, your portfolio. I actually do that quite a bit. A lot of people book me via my instrument because I have, I update my Instagram every single day and I have loads of different links on my Instagram. That's why it's so important that you post your most amazing work on your Instagram page, not just every single client that you ever do. So creating a PDF or a document which you can send out via e-mail to people. And it makes it really easy for you to just save it on your computer, keep updating it. If you've got a new photo shoe in, you want to add some of those photos. If you've got some cool make-up that you want to add, you can switch up some link that are used as well is It's amazing for creating little PDFs online that you might want to have a look at that. But it's really handy if you want to create a little portfolio page that you can send out to, people wouldn't recommend putting a lot of text on that. But if you are going to put text on there, make sure all the spelling and grammar is correct. There are softwares that you can get online which help you with that, or you could just ask a friend to proofread it and make sure you haven't missed anything. I am terrible that if you're going to add tasks, maybe you want to add something like something a client said to you before. That's really complimentary or a review that you've had online or maybe someones messaged you, I absolutely love the makeup and I really want to book you. Maybe you've done a party for someone and they just give you an amazing Review via email, just quoted, just pop it in your portfolio along with your images. Maybe that will be something to just break up a bear. You want a reasonable amount of images, don't make it loads of photos. I would suggest about 15 to about 20 photos of your best work in that portfolio obviously is to start with, you might have just as many photos you can physically gap, but as time goes on, you'll be able to pick and swap them. If you're printing them out, you want it to be in like a nice leather folder, black case or black something they call a book. And it's just a really nice sort of presentation Burke way you can present your photos, want like one image per page. And I think that's a really nice idea if you want to meet someone and show them your book, if you're going to choose to do it that way, you've got to make sure that you are using really good photographic paper that's glossy. And you wanna make sure that those photos have been taken in a really good quality and they're not gonna blur. So yeah, that's it. That's my tips on how to build a portfolio. I think you've probably had a near fall now. So it's something to think about in the future if you want to, if you're fed up of getting books for glamorous makeup and bright or makeup all the time. And you say, you want to start going into the TV makeup and celebrity makeup and been booked for the big gates, then you definitely want to consider doing a portfolio. 5. Creating social media content : Hi guys, welcome. So I'm going to be talking to you about how to create social media content. And I think this is really important for you to keep practice in apps. And some enqueue actually would really be beneficial for you to nail from a business perspective. It's just social media. The online world is just growing and growing and growing at us makeup artist who need to catch up with the trends. We need to constantly be on it as well and grow with the online community. Hence, why I started making this course in the first place. Actually, one of the things that you really need to think about is having content for online to post regularly. We've talked about how to create in Scrum pages, Facebook pages, and now we need to talk about the content that's involved. You really do meet a kind of a knuckle down on getting as much content as possible. Whether you are taking photographs on your firm, whether you're taking it on some disposable current morale or even a big DSLR camera, whatever that may be, you will need to have something to take photos on. I recommend to start with maybe just use something like your phone, something like a smart phone is really ideal. This is the Google Pixel phone, highly recommended to take photos because it has really good settings on that which help us as an artist. I have a camera in front of me which I'm filming this on, which I regularly take photos on it, the cannon ATD camera. Obviously you don't have to get this amazing and expensive equipment. You can really just use your phone or camera, just a digital camera. So it's not about what you have is just how you do it. And this is why I create this module. Because with these skills, you'll be able to do it on whatever come and whatever phone to start with. The assented tools are something to take photographs with. Good lighting. Now, good lighting, it can be from daylight itself, the sunshine in or just a well-lit area or even a ring light or a zoonosis bulb likes like this from a faculty morale, whatever that may be, you need to have good lighting where you are. If you are taking photographs of clients when you're doing mobile, I would highly recommend. I'll pop it in the screen here. Getting immobile, ring light is small in handy for you to take out and about with you when you're doing your clients. And also you can get when that's attached to your phone, which is a little bit on the cheaper side, I still think they're really good even though they're very small and not the best lighting in the wells. But it really does make the difference to the photos. It's gonna insert some footage of my actual set-up right now, guys. So this is my setup as we are talking in the camera right now, I have a big, huge ring-like which I got on eBay or Amazon for about 30 pounds. I also have this mobile wind lie which I was talking to you about underneath it, Just to add to the lighting, I have my Canon ATD camera and my mirror in front of me. And I'm actually filming currently on my Google pixel camera. So that was my SAT, As you can see our poem, I built this over a long, long time period. You don't have to get this all at once. And its first is about making do with what you've got. So a couple of tips that I want to suggest to you when taking photographs. Always use your flash. If you're, if you're using your Flash, you've got that great lighting, that white light shining onto the face bass to take some photos with flat and some photos without flash. I don't know. Maybe you're in a really well-known area and if you put flush in a well-lit area is going to be quite hazy the photograph, but if you do it in an area where it's not that well, let flush comes very useful if you're taking a photo of a client, I would like you to take at least ten photos to choose. Well, with different angles, there's no use of taking the same photo in the same position. Ask the client to move their head, what something I do as well as I put my finger like this in front of them and I say follow my finger so that I can put the iss into a position where it flatters the eye makeup that I have done. Sometimes they move their finger to go down to websites that I can really see the eye makeup. Then I say, can you look at the camera for a couple of them? And could you tell your body to one side and then look to the camera? You want a variety of different poses. You want to constantly be moving your client, have back hair in front, asking them to tell their chin up. That's always a really flattering pose that I do as well is I like to keep a note of what poses of working throughout your career. You'll be able to kind of figure out what poses a really flattering on people and fostering for your maker. So you might end up taken lows of photos of a client in one pose so that you can create a theme with your Instagram pages or your Facebook pages. That's a really good idea so that people recognize your work. I know it sounds really stupid. It's a little bit Psychological. When less code in them that bead every time your photo pops up, they might be able to recognize it's your photo just because you are very consistent with the same pebbles, same editing skills. Maybe you want to do one close up of the eye with a full face of a client next to it. Or maybe you want to just do constant closeups To The, I think ours is actually really common with makeup artist. If you're not very good at taking photos and you've done this so many times. You just can't get a good angle. You can't get those photons. And the other thing to think about is asking the client to take a selfie of themselves. Actually, after the appointment, I would highly recommend you ask them to take this Alfie, where you are in your room because you'll have some good lighting surely and you will be able to kind of get the photo from the straight away because sometimes they go about their day medium there and that photograph. So ask them to take a photo even if it's on your phone of themselves because they will know that basket angles of that base. They probably know that this is more than you do. So it's a really good idea to ask them to actually take a client selfie instead of you taking those photographs and try to get a right angle. When I'm taking a photograph of my own makeup, I cannot take their phone on timeout and place it into a phone holder or I can just take the photograph with my arm. Okay. So like I really want you to know is if you're using the phone camera, biggest tip will always use the back camera, not the front camera. I know it's really hard to do and it's another skill you're going to have to master. But when you use the front camera, that camera on iPhones and smartphones is actually poorer quality than this camera here. So this camera is the best camera quality on a phone. So you want to turn it so that is the back is facing you and you want to be able to take the photo that made. And it is a bit tricky. Similar, this workflow is half like photo capture on that side of the phone. And I also constantly check them to make sure that they are good and make sure that I am the right angle and where I want to be. That's another thing as well, a variety of content so you don't have to just take photos, take videos. There's this thing on Instagram at the moment. Ig TV wheels like Tiktaalik videos, Instagram videos, little mini fast tutorials, really explore that content creation side of your makeup. Because when people start seeing you do more stuff like that, they're going to be more intrigued and kind of associate you with makeup artistry in helping them think about what you'd like to see on Instagram. What engages you? What type of content engages you? A sucker for a video, or I can watch makeup videos for hours, hours and hours, hours. A new tube on Instagram, on Facebook. I just love it I think is so therapeutics or maybe you want to explore doing more video contact D on your analytics. When I was talking to you about Instagram and Facebook instead, make sure you're looking at your analytics and how much engagement you'll get in and what is engaging users and what's engaging people to your profile. Because that will really help to kind of figure out what content is working for you. Maybe if you want to do a before and after transformation photos. So having them right next to each other on one photo, if that makes sense, which you can do on carbon val, which I talk about quite a lot come varies like my bass violent Honestly, I'll help you out levels, especially doing the layout and double photos, something to note as well as you probably need to ask for consent before you start just taking photos of your client. You've always got to ask for consent because they might not want you to put it on social media. So I've actually got a consent form which I asked them to just sign, but you can also just ask them and asked for them binding word it. Do you mind if I put this on social media and if they say yes, which is nine times out of ten, they're like Yes because they're really happy with our makeup. And you take a photo of them, it's absolutely fine to it. That's the great thing about when you're doing your own makeup is that you could just constantly take photos of your work, your face, without the hassle of getting a model and without the hassle of like broken in kinds of remembering when you doing clients, especially if you've got a full day, five or six clients that day. And you constantly turned to remember content, content, content, taking the photos. Sometimes you just get so it's quite nice to take anytime you permit Bonnie's out, take a photo, Sega, ensure that that is all that it's about. It's about taking as many photos as possible, picking the best one to put on your social media. Don't just be putting anything on your social media. You want to be literally pin vast ones on your sexual media. And when you do creative looks like this. I've got my face right now. Make the most of it. Do a video about a tag brands in that have brands that you've used, tank your location in there. After, in every caption, I want you to write exactly how people can book him with you, like how you get your bookings by email via a link in the bio of your Instagram pages, by a Facebook page, wherever that may be, you want to make it as easy and accessible as you can for people that see your content. Good luck with the content. If you knew mean aquarium. And remember, lighting is everything. 6. How to edit your photos: Hi guys. In this video I'll be teaching you how to edit photos or how i edit my Instagram photos. So the purpose of editing photos in the first place is to make the makeup stand out to complement your makeup and all your hard work to correct any lighting or mistakes that you might have done in the process and to promote your brand, to promote your business on social media is really important for you to have loads of photos that are I captured and edited in the correct way. I used to apps to actually edit my photos. The first app is Adobe Lightroom, which is free to download on your smartphone. I recommend to have it on your smart phone if you have gone just because it's a lot easier than doing it on a computer. So open up Adobe Lightroom and select the photo that you would like to add it. So what I do is I take a load of photos and I have them all in my grid and I scroll through them in the app and I kind of look at which ones are more I captured. So I picked this one here because I thought it was a lot more eye-catching compared to all of the rest of them. So this is the photo I'm going to add it. This is from my grungy lek, which I have taught you. What you can do is crop the photo to start with because you can see one of my shoulders is more exposed than the other. I'm actually just going to crop it so that my face is a little bit more central to start with. If you've got one of my presets might make it precise. You can actually use that on Adobe Lightroom. So all you need to do is scroll over to presets and then click on my preset and then add it to the photo so the preset will be loaded on the photo. We don't need to use a preset, but if you are looking to create more of a theme with your photography and you're editing, then you might want to use the precepts just to give it a more cohesive lit. And it also helps with the time-consuming part of editing. Like a lot of the basics are done for you in the preset. I'm actually going to use this glow preset to start with. And I really like this because it makes the skin look really nice and it does some of the lighting correction for me already. So I'm gonna go into the lighting, which is the first thing that you will do. There's a little curved line which you can actually use to kind of adjust your lighting. But I find that a little hard to do. I like to adjust it via the options down below. First option you'll get is exposure. And they don't usually mess with exposure unless I haven't taken my photograph with flushed, then I use contrast. Contrast is really good to really enhance any sort of eyeliner and Ms. scar and contour that you've done on your makeup. So you want to keep that quite high, maybe between ten to about 40. Then I'm gonna go over to highlights. Now I have a little technique when it comes to highlights. I always drop it down really low just because it didn't if he could see the difference here, but it actually makes me look a little bit more tanned in my skin tone. Then the next option is shadows like to move the shadows down a little bit to about ten or 12, because I always like to add more blacks to where at the end, which you'll see in a bit next after that is white. So I like to pull the whites quite up a little bit just to create a little bit more highlight. And then this is what I was saying with the blacks. I like to keep the shadows down. And then I put the blacks up high. And what this does, it just creates a little bit more light to the picture without affecting the contrast of your eyes. You can see if you keep clicking on the photo, you can see the before and after is to actually see the difference which is super-useful. Next I go to temperature. So this is all about color. I like to actually put the temperature up a little bit because I love my makeup photos to look a little bit warmer and a little bit more like best-selling cast. So i actually put them up to about two to three. Then I put the TIN to the pink aside because I don't like the sort of greenie tinges and the yellowy tinges. So actually put up to about two again over the pink side just to keep that blush, pop em. Then I put a vibrant up quite high. Actually, I can create a little bit more color to my face. Then I pop the saturation down a little bit. So now I've put the saturation low each color. Now the I adjust is not going to affect the skin. So if you go right to the top and go to column x, you can adjust all those different colors that over in the photo separately. So the first one is the red one. So I'm just adjusting saturation to about 17 because this is going to affect the lips and the cheeks. So you want to kind of bring it up a little bit so that you can see the blush. And you can also create a bit of a luminous feel to it as well by the luminance, Q will actually just change the sort of tone that the read is in. So if you go far to the right, it's more of like a brownie, orangey so of tinge. But if you go to the left, it's a more brownie ready at tinge. So I kind of dropped it down a little bit just to suit what my blood actually looked like in the photo. Now, I'm moving on to oranges. This is really important is the oranges is skin tone. So I bring it up a little bit. Like I said, I like the skin to look a little bit more orangey and warmer. You can drop the luminance down if you want to look a little bit more Tan, I think it does affect the quality of the photo a little bit. Actually kept it to about 0 to one. And then the hues again, it focuses on the tone of that oranges. You can have more yellowy tone or you can have more red tone, so you can adjust it to how you want it to look. Now I'm on to yellows. My actual thing with yellow is to keep it right down low because I don't like a lot of yellow in my photos and that is just the theme that I choose to do with my editing skills. You might like yellow and have yellow and every single photo. But for me, I really don't like the look of the yellow colors in photos, especially because I have blonde hair, it makes it look really brassy. So I'm actually going to drop that yellow term down And then also drop the luminance down because with the yellow is focuses on the skin and the hat, I want it to look a little bit more smoother and shinier. So I dropped it down to about 2025. So with greens, I actually kept it exactly the same, but with blues, I lifted it up slightly, the saturation and the hue because those are going to focus on my blue eyes. I want my blue eyes to pop. So there's two different colors of blue. So there's one lighter blue and a darker blue. So I did exactly the same on each. Then the two colors that are left are purple and a magenta, which I left exactly the same. This next option focuses on the texture, clarity, D hazing. I like to D Hayes and less on my photos. Because it brings out that I make and the face even more. And it takes away any of that white haze, which seven times my camera gives to the photos. Also the presets that I used actually had the texture is quite low anyway, which is really good to smooth out the skin. And then you can distort the photo a little bit. So you can actually make it more of a white camera angles. So if you were using a DSLR camera, big professional camera, you could actually make that effect on here, which is amazing. So I actually pull it up to about six, which helps it look a little bit like a wide angle lens. So if you can see the before and after photos is obviously made a huge difference. The next thing I do now is export the photo and we go on to another app. So the next app that I use, his face tune too, which I think you have to pay for, but it is totally worth it. It's really good for enhancing makeup and change in dental infections with makeup and also smooth and not the skin. So once I've loaded my photo in that my first thing that I do is smooth out the skin. I like to smooth out the skin around wherever I put my setting powder just to enhance where I've set my skin. So that's my forehead, underneath my eyes and around my mouth area. Well, I really like is that you can zoom in to really get into that skin area, to really have a lip to whether you should smooth it down on law. And also there's a little line at the bottom where you can adjust how much smooth nest to have on the face. So once I've smoothed out my skin, I then go to details. So I just click on the details and I smooth around the area and around my eyebrows to start enhance them a little bit everywhere that my highlight is, I also put some detail that to make it look even more highlighted and a little bit more shiny, you can actually white in the background if you want as well with the whitening tool. And you can whiten the eyes or teeth if they're showing their teeth when they smile. You can also patch up any imperfections. So I'm gonna click on patch now to show you if you zoom in onto a part that's a little bit imperfect. So like a spot or a blemish, you can actually swap it to a different part of the skin, which actually hides that imperfection. Obviously, you don't want to go over the top with this because it is only for like the slightest little imperfections and to remove has like I'm doing now, but don't try not to go overboard with it because it will distort the photo. So that is it, that is my photo editing. So once I have edited that photo, am I put it onto my Instagram and I'm ready to pest. I then go to my Instagram and I post a new photo. We don't want to use any of the filters or additive because we have already done that in separate apps. When you write an a caption rights something that makeup related or that's gonna make people stop and stare. Also, you want to write your price thereof and your location and make it easy for people to book for you, like I say, and make sure that you tag lows, different brands that you have used in that photo is a really good way if you want to get repost it by brands, which then will give you more followers and more engagement in the long run. Also tack in the location is quite important as well. So it just means that if people are lifted at pictures in Cardiff on Instagram, my photo isn't gonna pop up so they can see it. So make sure that you are always pop it in the location as well. You can also post to Facebook as well. Like I said, you can link your Facebook and Instagram together so that once you post on Instagram, it also post on Facebook then as well. So that is it. That is how I edit and post my photos. 7. Build a website: Hi guys and welcome to my website. So this is my actual real website that I use to get my bookends and to show off my work. So the actual website hosts that I use is Wix website. So this isn't a sponsorship or anything. I just think it's the best website for me personally because I'm not very savvy when it comes to building a website. If you do want to build a website straight away after watching this because you feel inspired. I've actually given you a PDF or XML sheets, which will help you build a Wix website. I'll give you some tips that I've addressed on this video. But if you would like to go ahead and straight away builds your new website, then go over to that PDF. There'll be a link on that way you can do so. I'm gonna just take you through my website currently. So you can see here I've got professional makeup at affordable prices in Deloitte and pump yourself as my tagline. Then I've got my logo on my top left-hand corner and get in touch with my email and social handles and stuff on the right-hand side, if you scroll down my homepage, I've got appointments and are available Cardiff makeup artist because that's where I'm based and I talk about my home studio and on how I take bridal trialed Perkins. I also do large list and program nations and facials. So I'd want to make it as easy as possible for the reader. So I've put my message, me to book buttons on my look at my portfolio buttons so that people can see it and I've actually made them really big. A friend of mine actually did mention to me that making the message m0 to book and look at my portfolio buttons bigger is actually going to really help the readers. So I've done that when someone comes to your website, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to read. So you want to keep saying to them how they can contact you to book because that's the main thing. Obviously through the website you want to get the bucket. So you gotta keep not gotten that message me to put cool look on my portfolio so that it's an easy transition for the person who's come into your website. So if you scroll a bit further down, I have a new section which talks about my ICO latch range, which I actually just released recently. So I've just got a little section on that just in case they come via Google and wants them eco-friendly false lashes, then I have my treatment priceless in a small little square. That's the biggest question that I get messages all the time is what? Your prices just made it as easy as I possibly can. And if you scroll further down, you can see that I've got really big photos of all my treatments that I offer. Literally every single surface that I offer is bond that homepage. Then if you scroll a bit further down, it's connected to my Instagram, which is what I really like. So every time I actually update my Instagram, it updates on my website so we don't have to keep posting new photos on my website. Then I've got my youtube channel connected underneath because I actually do YouTube as well. If you want to have a look at that, it's called Billy blonde. I post laser tutorials on that, just do like some funny content on that basically. So right at the bottom I have my subscription foam which people can actually submit that email address to. And it's part of email marketing. Email marketing is a really good way of capturing leads for emails that you can constantly email to and potentially mate with you and you can update them on everything that's going on, new services that you offer in and everything is just a really good way of getting new clients. If you go to the next tab, I've got an Online Courses section, which obviously I offer on my makeup courses. So that's just that white waiting for people if they are needing some school in when it comes to makeup. And then I've got my services section, which actually allows people to see in detail what each service is. And this is really good if someone wants bridal makeup or embroider trial, and we'll just wants to find out more about the experience itself. To the next hop along is books. So this is where people can book online, which is great. This is all my services. And then when someone wants to request a book, they requested via that button that's on each of the services. And it also tells them the amount of time it's going to take as well, which I think is really handy so they can book it into their schedule. So if you click on that request to Book button, you've got this calendar that comes up where you can actually book on any date. And then underneath that, I have some of my portfolio underneath so that people can request if they want a certain look or it just gives them ideas and inspiration of what they can get with me. So see if they wanted to work on a certain day, they would request a time and then request a book with me and then they have a capture here of details where I would contact them via. You could also put coupon codes in that section as well, which I've highlighted, which is really handy if you want to offer maybe Thompson off. And then the next tab along is my shop for my ICO lashes. Obviously, not all of you will have a shop, but I have a Eco large range. So I put all my reviews underneath and make it easy so that if people want to buy my lashes, they can just shop via my website. So the next tab along is my portfolio. Now this is really good because I've actually submitted my best work on here to showcase my very best work. And this is what I was saying earlier about portfolios. It's super important that you put your best work in your portfolio is also part of my website, which means that I can just highlight the link and copy and paste it into e-mails so that they can see directly all of my hard work in one place. Then if you click the More button, I've got my youtube channel on that and contact me section. My youtube channel is obviously literally connected to my YouTube. So they can actually watch videos via my website, or they can contact me if they want me for any other services or if they have any questions or whatever, and I actually made a new one. So I'm gonna talk you through creating a new site via website. So the first thing they say is What do you want to create what website? And it's always a businesswoman because we're make parties and recreate in a business page, then they have two options for you. You create your website with an editor or you can create it with the Adi, create. And that r d is a lot more easier than creating it via the editor. The editor I would say is for more professionals that when you get the grips of actually building your own pages, you can probably go to editor. But for now I would suggest Addie. So they ask what type of site do you want to create? And you're going to obviously create a makeup artist site. Then they asked, what do you need on your new website. They have loads of different options on that. But if you'll create an ebook in service, then you probably want a bookings. But if you're not taken Perkins on your website, which I doubt you will be, then you probably want like chat. So it says, what is your name of your business name? And I'm just going to type in burly blonde. And you can actually connect a website domain if you've bought one already. And you can connect your Google places on your map, which I think I would highly recommend you do. So then you've got to add a logo and it kind of bilinear details your address and your phone number. And if you have a fax and then it says pixie me like so it's super easy. Just pick a theme. So I pick this lovely theme, which was a bit more girly and a bit more makeup artistry in my opinion. But you pick any one you want. And then it goes on to pick your favorite homepage design. So the homepage design is just, you can change it later on, but I just pick this one on the far right, just because I thought it really nice and elegant and super easy to read. So once it loads, you'll get something that looks like this. This is on the ad, the one instead of the edits to one. So this is what you'll see, which is a lot more easier than the editor when I can tell you that right now. So this is just an example page. So it's got like a few little tabs already in that, like help you create your pages because you are initially going to be creating your website from scratch is not easy. Trust me, I was pulling my hair out through doing this. But once it's up, it's up and all you need to do is just constantly update it. You can't ask someone like professional to help you for it, but I would recommend trying to do it by yourself just to save that extra cash. So you want to create your name and the homepage of when people click on your domain, what they're going to see. And you'll be able to just literally pick and choose fonts and create a tagline. And just like really jazzy BLAT homepage to make it similar to like how I did like you want it to be really clear and easy for people when they come onto your website, play around with fonts and different pictures that you can upload. And you might want to upload a picture of yourself so that they know that you're a friendly face or put where you live on not exactly where you live, but around about the area where you live. So they know if it's, for example, a home studio that they know that it can get to you and you just want to play around with all the different settings they have. They have so many different options for you and like grids and you can connect your Instagram on YouTube or your Facebook page. One thing I do want to say though, is when you connect your domain, you will be having a name which has a Wix at, at the end of it. So it will be like burly blonde dot You don't want that. You want your own domain to make it look really professional. So they do a subscription plan, which is what I'm on. So I have the unlimited subscription plan and it just means that all that adds a removed. I get my free domain for a year. You get when hours of videos and you get 75 pounds worth of ad vouchers. So me for pound 25-year months, or you can play it pay an annual fee. But I really highly recommend you just got it just for the domain sake. Because having that domain have in that www dot Billy blown dot co dot UK is what you're after. You don't want the at the end. So they have a help option on there as well. So you can ask for help if you need to, and it helps you talks you through basically all the processes. It took me a while to get the hang of it. It's not gonna be easy. You're probably going to spend a week doing that and I coded, but honestly it's so worth it once it's up, it's up. And there's loads of YouTube videos that can help you. So that's exactly how I do my website guys. I really hope you enjoyed this. I hope it was useful for you and that you've got a lot out of it. Good luck we're building your own website. 8. Build a Instagram page: Hi guys. So I'm gonna be teaching you how to create an Instagram page. Super useful for nowadays because a lot of people and clients go to Instagram to try and find make parties. So it's super important that you are on all the social media platforms and new super savvy when it comes to the social media content and you're constantly posting. Remember what I was talking about? Showing off your portfolio constantly. I have to Instagram pages. This one here is my blog and page because I do YouTube and blogging and a lot of fashion content. But I also have a makeup artist, Larry Page, which is separate to my blog and account. So I recommend doing a separate page if you have a personal Instagram already, so that you can keep them separate and you can just focus your makeup, a beauty content on your page, and then your personal life on the other. So this is my makeup page. I do make use of the Highlight Section, which I do recommend again, to make sure that you are constantly posting and that people can easily access different categories. So I loved the part that I can browse on. Next I offer browse and pull my brow clients, and then I've got my makeup clients, and then I've got my review. So I split it all intersections in my highlights so that if someone wants to come and have some brows done with me, then they can go straight to the bra section or if they want to go to the spray tan section, they can see what the spray tans alike. And then I have my grid so I post all my regular photos on there. And every time I do a client, I try and post a photo upon that in the description, I have a hashtag which is make parties codec that's in my area. And it's a really good way of getting people to come to your page. If they're looking at that hashtag, then they will find you on the Explore page. I also have my ecco la shop on that and a few other things and lose some of my creative makeup. A lot of people booked through my website, but I do have some messages through my Instagram page as well. And at the moment, Instagram is one of the top pages to get bookings for the advice I'd give, as well as make sure that you're using hashtags, appropriate hashtags for every post that you post. So make parties, Cardiff makeup artist, makeup artist, goals, MU way and discovered literally any hashtag that's relevant to that post browse, brow goals, lush, left, and ten, whatever that may be. When you are creating a new page, you wanna make sure that the username is really easy to say to people, just because you don't want it to be like kal when to whatever I've put Billy underscore, IE 2345. That is no good. You want like believe blondes makeup or something really easy to say just so that you can remember it for one so that you can tell people to follow you, but also so that people can tag you in their photographs that they take. Maybe you've got client, they take yourself yada night out and they wanted to hide you and credit you for your makeup work. So you wanna make it as easy as possible that username. So when you create your first Instagram page. It kinda takes you step-by-step on. What you need to do is to ground recommends that you actually start inviting people to your page. But I would say always build it before you start inviting people. And also don't invite too many people to follow you at once because Instagram, well band new, I think it's only 20 per hour. So you can actually switch your profile to a professional account which I highly recommend so that you can see Insight is a great way of seeing what photos engaging of followers and how much reach you're getting with your photos. And it's a bit business side and a bit tacky. I highly recommend it because you can see if people have saved your photo. Again, you want to select your category. So it's gonna be a makeup artist. You do have the option to display that on your profile, which I always say do it so that you don't have to write it in your name or description. Then it asked if your business or creator you wanna say business so that you can get all the insights and analytics. Then you can connect it by email and your number. And then you've pretty much made your page. So it's now time to post, it's time to get all that content up. You can look through your insights of Z. We don't have any at the moment, but you can actually look through your insights to see what's engage in, what time of day to post what reaches get in your audiences like how old they are, male or female, is really important to use your insights to your advantage. Learn about your audience so that you can adapt your posts and you can adapt your makeup styles to suit them. Also, it helps when it comes to advertising as while collecting this data is really good if you want to boost a post or do Facebook ads because you know who and what type of person is engaging in your social media. So a few tips before I head off to finish this off, you've gotta be hosting at least once a day or even five times a week, I would suggest just try and post as much as you can. You can get scheduling apps. There's an app called Plan, which is really good for seeing where your content altogether on the page and seeing how it lays out because you might want to theme, but also you can schedule the posts in that as well so that you don't have to be that and post it physically. You can just put it on the timer. Also, you want to be following people, be active on Instagram. Follow people in your area, follow people that meet your audience insight. So once you start posting, new start getting followers, you can then use your audience insights to then follow other people that you may think intrusted in your profile and may potentially book with you as well. Another thing is you could do give away, as we've spoken about this, Facebook already. But giveaways are a really good way of getting more followers and making it part of the rules to like or follow your page. The algorithm against Scrum works at the moment where the more engagement you per n and the more effort you put in, the more results you're going to get. So the more your posts in the most, regularly you post in the more hashtags you're using that are appropriate to your photos, the more you're engaging in other people's content as well. The batter is going to be for the long run, you can get more followers and more engagement on your end. So make sure you are supporting your community and your following other makeup artist. And you're commenting on other makeup artists to, to get that reach and to also get the engagement back-and-forth. Those my top tips when it comes to Instagram and building an Instagram page, I hope that was useful for you and good luck building your Instagram page. 9. Buld a facebook page: Hi guys. So I'm gonna be teaching you how to build a Facebook page or is super easy and it's super handy to have a Facebook page which you can update with your Instagram on your new licks and to get more clients. So when you create a page, you should type in the name of your page. So I just write my name and then make up at the end or makeup artist at the end. Then you have to write what category you are. And obviously you can overwrite makeup artist, but you can actually add a couple more like beauty salon and cosmetics. Just add any words that's relevant to you because it'll help you get searched more on Facebook. And then you want to write a little description. We'll area you're covering. If you're mobile, if you will, working from home, maybe you want to put your availability on that helps people when they come to your page to book with you. So once you create your page, that is literally your main bit done. So then once you get onto your page, you have a header which you can put a photo quad. You can actually view it in mobile or you can view it as a desktop. So that's really handy to see how it looks. So I'm gonna add a little profile picture now this is just a photo of me with some green eye shadow on because I want it to be Aye-aye, captain. And then I decided to put like a really big eye my cover photo just because I wanted to get people's attention. So really think about what those photos are going to be because that's going to be the first photos that people are going to look at when they come to your Facebook page. So once that's all loaded, you can actually drag the picture into a different position if you want, just to like a line it so you're happy with it and then you can view it in the mobile and the desktop to see whether you are happy with the alignment. And then it's pretty much as easy as that. Like your page is pretty much done. So you can create a username, which I really recommend you do, because you want to create a username where people can make actually tag your page into stuff. And also you want to add a button, button for bookend if you wanna take bookings via your Facebook page, the only thing with that is you're going to have to regularly update it. Because if you've got one different to your website, then you're going to have to constantly update your availability on your Facebook page as well. So I don't actually take bookends via my page. I'd just ask people to request a booking via personal messaging me, I have a button that's attached to my Website, which makes it a lot easier. So if people want a book with me, they go straight to my website and then my website will tell them my availability because I updated on that. You can also update your availability on here like you can see here, if you have an aporetic at a certain point or anything, you can add different times so that people are aware of your availability. Then you've got services section. So you can add a service at a time like you do on your website. For example, full gun makeup with luscious, then you'll have your prices. If it's fixed price or if they need to pay a deposit, and then a description of what the service is an entails. So a little bit more detail of the service. And also you want to how long the duration of the appointment is going to take and if you want any breaks in between, so if you want like a 15 minute break between each client, that's obviously a me if you're using Facebook for bookings as well, but make sure you're updating both your website and the Perkins on your Facebook page because you do not want to double back everyone. So make sure you're constantly updating app or just do what I do and just link it to your website and then contact you via your website. So then you've got reviews. This section's Really good, really good idea to ask people to kind of review you on Facebook and hot recommend you via their state to say so will they need to do is make a status a in that review and then click on recommendations and then link your username with it. So then you'll be able to find all your reviews on that. There's a sharp section and there's other business tools which you can use or you can do with this is you can post photos and link it to your Instagram page. So every time you post on your Instagram, it will actually post automatically onto Facebook. Also, I would highly recommend that you take advantage of Facebook ads with that page because it will help you in pushing for new clients. Obviously it's a bit more money and you will have to invest a bit of money into it. But Facebook ads is actually really cheap, is way cheaper than something like Google ads or any other advertising platform. So I really highly recommend if you are into doing some advertising for your business, then definitely put some money into your Facebook ads for your page. I also invite those people to like my page as well so that I've got loads of followers. Because if you don't have a lot of followers or likes on the page, you let xi can be posting to no one. So you gotta make sure that you get n people to like your page, even when they come for an appointment with you, make sure you tell them. I also sometimes do giveaways and part of that giveaway, remember, I was talking to you about the marketing side of things. When it comes to doing giveaways, you can say as one of the roles that you have to like your Facebook page, that's also a really great way of getting people to like your page. So that's it. That's how you create your Facebook. Make a page. I really hope that was useful for you. It's super easy to do. Do not be intimidated at all. It's really easy. And Facebook do make it a lot easier for you than you think. So, yeah, good luck in making your Facebook page.