How To Get INSPIRED Creatively | Ramona MacLean | Skillshare
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11 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why does finding Inspiration work?

    • 3. Is it Laziness?

    • 4. Finding Inspiration Online

    • 5. Pushing through the Boring Parts

    • 6. Spaces, Schedules and Productivity

    • 7. Add some fun!

    • 8. Just Do it!

    • 9. Too Much Inspiration, No Direction

    • 10. Dealing with Burnout

    • 11. Clips and Closing


About This Class

This class is designed to give you that extra bit of insight involving inspiration in any creative area. Peppered with plenty of B-roll to infuse inspiration into your veins as you watch! For any skill level! 


1. Introduction: Insurmountable claim. I am an illustrator, freelance working in Vancouver. Part NOT. I used to be a storyboard artist and worked for bar del on DreamWorks TV shows like King Julian put some boots and rescue riders. This class is all about getting you inspired to do whatever creative projects you need to do. I am an illustrator and I found that there are many different situations where you may feel uninspired or burnt-out. So this video's going to equip you for other scenarios. And by the time it's finished, you will know what to do in this situation. It's going to have tips, it's going to have tricks, and that's gonna have most importantly, super inspiring Bureau. So click on that first class and let's get started. 2. Why does finding Inspiration work?: Now why does that work? Why does looking at these shots infinite possibility and somebody else's beautiful drawing or somebody sitting outside or doing the thing that you love. Why is it so inspirational to us? Well, let me tell you. It's because they're painting a story for you. There are basically showing you what you could have. A few did what they did. So in that small moment where you are super inspired, maybe said that smaller units along moment. But you are seeing yourself in their shoes in that location with those notebooks, with that cup of tea, very important to have your tea or coffee and makes it way more inspiration. And that's you and showing you what you could be if he just put it in that work or you got to that place. It's all about story and everything comes back story. So they're painting this beautiful picture for, you know, like that's what I want. And then suddenly you're like, do this. I'm going to now go grab my notebook and I'm going to start doing it. And it's gonna be great. And sometimes it is, sometimes it's not. But either way, you are inspired and it got you to start working. What are some examples of this? One example, actually, last night or two days ago, I was looking through Instagram and I came upon hydro flask. Hydro Flask is a company that does water bottles. And about a year ago, I found their website, found their Instagram. And I was like, I have to have this water bottle. So iteration is great for selling products as well. News, uh, there's a final tip for you. And so I thought, okay, well, I don't have a water bottle really. I had one but I lost it. So great opportunity to buy another one. I went to the store and I looked around and tried to find the perfect hybrid last for me. And for some reason I just like really needed it in that one. Because if I wanted to have the lifestyle that hydro flask people had on their Instagram. I needed 12. So I went to a bunch of stores. This is not actually important. The point is that there are images inspired me to one by water bottle, to drink more water and three, be more active. So the whole point of all of this is to show you that images and painting and picture really can inspire us to live the life that we want and make really good changes in our lives. 3. Is it Laziness?: First thing we're gonna do is we're going to see if some of this lack of motivation is due to just feeling lazy. And sometimes that comes from just being in the same spot for too long, sitting in your bed and being comfortable. I removed in well only wanna move throughout getting up to here my pins or to give my notebook or books or whatever, you need. A lot of work. And frankly, I just can't be bothered to do it. So for going to fix that. So R1. Okay. Yep. Breath. Okay. We're just going to build and we got it flows that she's not going to get a deep structural. It is going to be great. Move out of the room and they come back in that room. Ok, let's go, let's do it. Okay. Okay. So now you're thinking, Okay, I just I just got up out of bed. I just went out of the room. If there's things I need outside of this room, I might as well just go get it now because I feel okay. My laziness has gotten. So let's right now go game chef, whatever project you want to work on, go-getter, we're going to bring it back. We're just going to put it in front of us. Now. Can I touch it? I can do anything we shouldn't put premise. Okay. So so our work, but I got some stuff in front of me. My surprise today, um, thing I wanna do is make more of these bracelets before I'm just feeling really lazy sitting in this chair. But I gotta uncommonly supplies. Some scissors need that. So dominant super cool water bottle, which I already feel a little bit inspired for because of hydrophilic Instagram. And then I can just tie it onto here so that there were good. So I have my tea. Because if you're going to be sitting down to do a project, you need your tea. Okay. Yeah, it's all hears just sin. So feeling a little bit lazy, but film will that better? Maybe, maybe I could do it. You know, maybe I could open this, beget some colors. Starting, you know, maybe, maybe, maybe not yet. I'm proud of you. You know, they did the first step you got up, making sure it's not laziness. If it is not laziness and you're still not really feeling it began to worry because the next video is going to help you with that. 4. Finding Inspiration Online: Okay, so your stuff is in front of you. You got what you need. But assume not really feeling like it's here, but I don't really feel like doing it. I know I should do. I want to want to do it, but I'm just not really feeling. That's ok. What we're gonna do now extinct in her head's OK. So anybody I know who I follow on Instagram or Tumblr or Pinterest. So anything that you already have that you know, this really inspires me. And when I look at this because it paints as beautiful photo for me, I'm feeling good about it. You know, I started to feel like hands they want to know, want to make stuff. Just take out a journal and start writing down where your inspiration comes from. So this could be like a big pool of staff. It could just be like you want to draw something. And on Instagram you follow like a million people. That's okay to if it's not and if it's just something simple, like me during these friendship bracelets, I don't have anyone specific that I follow that I really like, but I know that just going on to Instagram and looking at friendship bracelets or like cool patterns, like I usually does it for me. Or maybe I need to go back and look up hydrofoil or ask friendship bracelets so that it combines both for water bottle and the bracelets. If this is a larger pool where you have a whole bunch of artists who follow online or writers or whatever it is. I'm now are you going to do is write down the three people who, when you think of them right now, they inspire you. Who have you been looking at recently? That sort of brings out that like nostalgia feeling for you. Or like set like really nice pool for tag my feet to sorry. And this really nice pool of inspiration for you. So an example for me is I really, really love looking at people's sketchbooks. There's just something about looking at their specific sketchbooks. We see all the little doodles and fine whimsical bits that like just really inspires me. I'd like creeds and me. This need to put down stuff that's really fast and it looks like it took me no time at all. And Tim, take any hard work. And obviously you have to practice to get to that point where you can put something down where it's not hard work. But that's what I'm looking for. Just off the top of my head, I can think of the Book of Kells on Instagram. Kelly, forget her last name. But I felt around patria and she puts out a lot of really nice sketches. And some of them are locations schedule. Some of them are just like about her and her life like Comic style. Size. That number two is this book called CCS journal. For some reason, I don't know why that book, it's a comic, but they also have all these pages with like a tape dean, like scrap bookie tapes that I love that kinda stuff. But the drums are so simple. On some of the pages. Some of them are like more comic, realistic. But some of them are just super simple, like almost like kids sketches where it's like they score a bubble in the hair and something about reading that book. I got it from the library while ago and I just loved it. And also brought me back to being a kid. I used to walk around the neighborhood and write like spy notes. Me, my friends used to do that. We had binoculars and walkie talkies and our notebooks. And we would basically do is write down notes about what we said in the neighborhood. One of the things I wrote down was very suspicious. There's a cardboard cut out of a little boy peeing in a yard. There was cardboard, but I wrote very suspicious and I think pretty sure I spelled suspicious super wrong. Anyway. So that journal brought me back to being a kid in that feeling of just like adventure and getting out there and like sharding can sound super quick. And we had like a rhyme that went with it. It was like, cuz we're the SPB, why get out of our way? Yeah, my binoculars are also murky nationally. So anyways, back to topic. So as to there's this one girl, shoot, I forget her name, but I will put it up here. She does really scratchy sketches of cats and like animals and it's just like the way she draws them are just, it's just so freeing and fun. So clearly out of these three things, I'm getting the feel I want to go for array now is a very quick, Kinda sketchy look and to put in a sketchbook. So now I think OK, and feel a little bit more inspired just by thinking about these people because I remember the different things that they did that got me inspired. So now I'm going to actually go to their websites and going to look at their photos. I'm either gonna save them, print them out, put them in a journal. That's when I'm feeling, or I'm just going to look at them on the internet and get inspiration like that. Now, if you don't have three specific people and definitely just do search, go onto Instagram, Pinterest or whatever, say you wanted to Google and type in what you're looking for. So you want to do pottery, right? You can type in pottery. That gold mug because that's what I like. Yeah. Or writing, you know, like for writing, you can even pick three books from your shelf that really inspire you and are sort of your go-to styles of writing. There's so much content out there that how can you knock it and spy here? 5. Pushing through the Boring Parts: Okay, so those were kind of the easy inspiration motivators, stuff that you have to really do. Just go online, jot down a few notes, kind of figure out what your feeling. But what if you have a project and, you know, you gotta get it done, but you just don't want to because you're in the stages that are not on anymore. That's me. That's currently what I'm in. I'm making three games, but I'm trying to finish off the first one. It's called Mr. Swank. I made it maybe year and a half to go two years ago, I started it. Almost everything's done. I had to do the instructions, I have to do the box Art, and I have to just go over everything and make sure that the words are right, et cetera. Anyways, I put that off. Who much. But lately, I've had to sort of come up with a plan because otherwise it's never going to get done. Step one, we're going to plan this out and we'll be steps. So let's take out our planner. Give ourselves a task for this project. If you don't have a deadline for it, don't give yourself too much per day because as soon as you give yourself too many things to do for it or you're working on it for too long. It just feels like one, you don't even want to start because you know, so it's gonna take you for Emperor. And two, when you are working on it, you're just gonna get tired really quick and then the next day you're like, oh, I don't want to work on this little baby tasks. So an example for me. I might be like, OK, today I'm going to look over the instructions I have and edit to, I have to do and just sort of go through and edit them instructions. And this isn't to make it perfect yet. And all I'm doing is going through and adding in edits that were specifically told to me. And writing it in day two. Maybe I go back and reread those instructions and tried to tweak it a little bit. Right. So again, not too much. It probably will only take me like half-an-hour, so little baby steps. Another thing I can do is go back in and look at all the artwork. Is there any artwork that I really don't like anymore because there's a lot of drawings that I did so long guns, very like scratchy, rough style, which is little bit different than what I do now. Still kinda rough but it's more solid line work than it used to be. So some of them make me cringe, but I don't really feel like fixing it up because so past it. But anyways, my task now is to go to it and look through all the artwork and decide which drawings I want to clean up. Now, once I know which drives I want to clean up, I'm going to depending how many I have, say ten drawings. I know it's not going to take me that long to do each drawing. So maybe I split it up into two days, right? So you get the idea. If you're doing some writing, maybe day one you brainstorm. Take t2, you keep brainstorming, right? Does make it little tasks so that you can just get it done at the beginning of the day or when you have time and has just done and you're good. And then you feel like, wow, I worked on that today. I got that done. And that itself is going to be a bit of a motivator. Because you're like, oh, I can do this. And it wasn't even that hard. 6. Spaces, Schedules and Productivity: Maybe you're struggling because you are stuck at home right now and you're trying to work on a project, but you just feel like every space is the same. Like you're in your room for everything here near room to work, to relax, just everything. That is very difficult, especially with the pandemic. I've had to work from home. And I really love working from coffee shops because there's people around that nobody's really talking to me. I can get a lot done and like go there. I know this is my workspace. So suddenly I'm just in work mode, being at home all the time. It gets really tough because medicine, bed, working on staff and I love working from red because it's so comfy. But I do get irritated very fast, different working on stuff, especially with this little one because she just talks and talks and Joe walk all over and like start chewing myself and I'm like, yeah, it took a little while for me to realize what I had to do, but basically, I had to move my space downstairs. Doesn't mean that a 100% of the time I will always go downstairs to do my work. But I know that when it's work time, the majority of the time I will go downstairs. And other thing is to create a schedule. When you create habits and schedules, your body just sort of does it. So you're taking a lot of that decision work and putting it into something you don't have to think about, which is a lot easier. It's always so much harder to start something when you've never done it before, then to continue doing something. Although this isn't a 100% about inspiration, habits can help you get inspired to do your work. My schedule, I will wake up in the morning at 730. I call my friend through Facebook Messenger and we do a morning workout and I send any, I have videos or lesson for they need to to people on ART coaching, just get that down right away so I don't have to think about it. And then I go and take my bath. I love bath. So it's kinda like a reward for working out and sending out my videos and in the bath. And first thing I'll do, do my devotions because I want to do that in the morning. And once that's done, I give myself about an hour to play animal crossing in the bath and also trying to get all those morning things just done because I don't have to worry about it. And when I do do it and I'm so good, look at this. And I feel so inspired to do other things. So being productive can get you inspired. Once I'm out of the bath, I will go downstairs and I have sort of a table downstairs that I like to do my work. And I will make myself T, I will get my breakfast and then I will write in my planner so I know. Okay, what do I have to do today? Write it all down. Sometimes I've written it down the night before, but I just look over it to make sure. And then I think, okay, what's the thing I wanted to do? And maybe we'll take me the longest time. Usually, stuff at least wanted to do takes precedent. I will try to do that first. Unless there's something that is specifically time-sensitive, then I'll do that. I'll get that done. And if you get the first thing done on your list that you really hate doing, you're gonna be like, the rest is a breeze. If I did this, I can do this. I can do this. You do this little thing that I've been putting off for five years and I, it'll only take me two seconds. So that feels pretty inspirational. Motivating yourself by doing stuff yourself. There's a quote for you, motivating yourself by doing stuff here. So that's a Ramona original arena. That schedule of getting those things done is so helpful. It made me go from like being really grumpy, like almost every day to feel really good and like, okay, it just have to give me Sefton for today and then I can do what ever I want. And that's sort of my reward for getting work done, is that after that, all those like side projects I wanted to do or things that I like animal they got inspired for just today. I'll do that. The funny thing is sometimes if you get the stuff done that you don't want to do in the morning or you have to do. And even if you're kind of like uncertain about the other stuff that you now can do during your free time. Because you're saying, oh, now I'm allowed to do this instead of now I have to do with an artist. It's more enjoyable and it's easier to do. Productivity gives you inspiration. 7. Add some fun!: If you're grinding, you're getting your little assignments per day, but you're still kinda like that into this. There are little things you can do to make your time a little bit better. If you're doing something that doesn't involve, your mind, doesn't require all of your attention. And you can listen to a podcast or a video at the same time to kind of distract you. Lot of times when I'm doing when I'm doing some drawing and I'm not fully into it and I'm just doing like liner or something or coloring something in watching videos at the same time, I use my iPad and just slide it over. And to see the video on half my screen. And then I'll draw the other half. And that's super helpful for just being distracted while you're doing it because you're not then you're not only focusing on this thing and you're not really in the mood to do. And even if I am in the mood to do are also watch videos. So you can also find podcasts or audio books or put on music, stuff like that. If you're trying to exercise, I know this isn't always a creative thing, but you can get creative about how you do it so you enjoy it more. And so maybe you're just really hate going to the gym. So what can you do to make that better? Can you invite a friend to go with you? Can you instead do some sports with people when you video chat someone else for them to do it with you. Is there a game like Dance, Dance Revolution? I simply that as a given and I would play it for hours and not even realize I was doing exercise. Think out of the box and think, what can I do to make this situation better? Can I drink fancy tea at the same time? Can I set up a really nice spot by the window and get all my supplies out. So it looks like really cool. Do I want illness while I'm doing it sort of feels like I'm the star of my own job. So if you're filming, it might make you feel like, oh, this really mundane task is kind of exciting because I'm filming it at the same time. Just think about ways to get creative and have more fun doing stuff that you don't want to do. Even if it takes more time to set up. If you're enjoying what you're doing with that setup, you'll, chances are you'll get a lot more done. And if you just set up and try to get it over with really fast. 8. Just Do it!: This is just a super quick, easy one. Just get started. So if there's something that humans really don't wanna do, or you're just not feeling it, but you wanna do it. You've just feeling it. Just do it before you can even think and talk yourself out of it. Just get up, go grab yourself and start working on it. So if you're tricking yourself into not having that time to work it out, just do it right now. Don't even think about it. Just go and do it. You've got and once you've started so much easier to keep going and finish it. 9. Too Much Inspiration, No Direction: So maybe you're feeling like, okay, really motivated today. And I just don't really know what to make. I wanna make something I want to be creative and use my hand. I've seen a whole bunch of stuff out there and I just I don't know where to focus my energy because I have so much energy and inspiration for. Nothing specific. Yes. That's happened to me many times due and it can very quickly turn into being frustrated by not knowing where to. So this is where we're gonna take out our pencil and paper or pen and paper, journal, whatever. And we're gonna start writing down whatever is coming, jumbling up there. Sometimes we have feelings in here, her body. So we have to put it on paper so it can get in our head so we can understand it. And I would do is just start stream of conscious writing, little bullet notes, parallel RAM, doodles, whatever you want. So just right, okay, feel super inspired. What have I seen lately that has made me feel inspired and maybe write down everything that gave you that like really fun boost of inspiration, whether someone's Instagram or you saw a movie or read a book or whatever. Just write it down, then, right, why they inspired you? So I saw this really great photo of someone that their journal looking outside a window at the tea. And I just felt really inspired because, because it looks so beautiful and I love the sunshine streaming in, love the idea that they're sipping tea and that it's a slow process. The slow process. Maybe you're looking for sort of like a nice relaxation type things he want to like journal our scrapbook or draw. But in a slow way, you maybe want to know that if you didn't write it down. Another idea is, I saw these beautiful bracelets online and it looks so cool. Woods in the wilderness. And I just love that idea. But having your water bottle and you bracelets so you can be like a woodsy person. Maybe if I go outside and bring on my supplies, kinda help inspire me and I can fill up my water bottle. And maybe if you take up really cool photo after. So it kinda looks like the Instagram photos I saw from hydro class. So it seems super obvious. But a lot of the time all these thoughts in our head are very subconscious and they're not obvious until we write them down, right? Maybe there's a feeling that you want, like with my drawing and seeing those Like sketchbooks, like a really fun like quick doodles. And whenever it brings me back to like Agnes dialogic time. So I want to feel like a kid again. Oh wow. I didn't even know that's what I wanted. And I want to do that through drawing. So maybe I can write a journal entry and put little doodles. Okay, how do I do that? Who do I know on the Internet? Who does doodles like that? Just write it down, put it on paper, figure out what's in your head. Just think of it as like talking to a cancer and songs trying to help you figure out why you're feeling the way you're writing stuff down can be so clarifying. Try them. Getting inspiration from an clogging the mind. 10. Dealing with Burnout: This one's not a frontline. What happens when you are burnt out? And you just don't have inspiration because you've been tuning too much lately and you've just been grinding, grinding, grinding, getting stuff done. You're just not feeling it. You're not feeling excited by it or something like a pandemics going on. I don't wanna do anything. This happened to me quite a lot. Usually what happens is I'll be doing stuff that I'm not very inspired for and just keep going and doing it. But I just like day in and day out and loving it. And so in this case, I would try and take a break if you can. First of all, do something totally different by there's just like a daybreak and our break, five-minute break, a month break, like whatever you need in that moment, if you are burnt out, usually your body's trying to tell you that you need a break. If you can't take a big break, there's try for little breaks. Get up, do the laundry, Go for a walk, stretch your legs, do something that's not what that thing is. Still try to apply the other techniques that we talked about earlier about watching videos while you're doing it or doing something fun to make them more enjoyable. But I would say just really try to change up your surroundings. Sometimes you just can't help it. Sometimes your body's just reached its limit and it's like undo anything. Creative right now. I don't want to make anything as you want to sit here and watch Netflix for a million years and eat chips. And that's what I do. And that's okay. And if you can do that, if you are allowed us not like a deadline on a project does do it. Let yourself have that break, play games. I when I first moved back into my parents house, that was when everything kinda hit and I was not feeling it. I was not feeling inspired to draw or for any projects in for me. I can't really grumpy when I don't have anything I'm inspired for. I usually am someone who kinda like grabs onto an idea and runs with it and can I get inspired by something else? And I just fall through over a little bit with that project and then go on to the next one. So I really have to try to reign myself in, but I just wasn't feeling anything. So Animal Crossing came out. And I played so much of that. I think it was on for 12 hours one day once I got terraforming cuz I got like an idea from Iowa and I wanted to do Netherland that ended up being a creative outlet for me, like terraforming my island. But it was nice because it was a change. Doing that helped me not be so grumpy and not be so grumpy better wasn't working on anything. You know, sometimes you just gotta kinda waited out or try and new projects. Some, sometimes you gotta switch your gears, right? Say you're drawing all the time. Are you writing all the time? Jim? Photography, maybe you're like, I kinda wanna try pottery or whatever else. I wanna write letters to people. Really try to change it up or give yourself that break because everybody needs breaks. You can't just keep going forever. It's so easy for other people to tell you that though. And in the moment you're just like, wow, I can I do it. But just know you're human and everyone has seasons, life ebbs and flows. So certain times you're gonna hate doing something another hand, you're going to love it. Be gentle on yourself. 11. Clips and Closing: 1000 other things. And there's a lot of situations, a lot of how to, even though I talked about inspiration, but hopefully you've got inspired with ideas. And it made you start thinking about stuff you've seen in the past that you really love and you're like, yeah, maybe I want to look at that. That'll help me get inspired. But for this last video, I just want to show you some nice clips of things that I find inspiring. And hopefully you just seeing these things make you be like I really wanna do them and so Chuo, so enjoy. Please share with us any things that you've tried and projects that you've created because you've gotten kind of unstuck, or you got inspired and now you've narrowed it down. You actually got something done. I'm pleased to share with us your process and also photos of what you made because I would love to see it disarming. Now if you have any questions about anything, I will always get excited to see any comments or any postings that people leave. And I'm so appreciative. Appreciative. You guys watching this video. Thanks so much. Enjoy these inspirational clips. My Instagram and other information will be below if you are curious, and probably at the end of this video. So thanks so much and I'll see you soon. So steps. Two steps. Okay. Okay.