How To Get Found Online - An Introduction to Digital Marketing | Laurie Wang | Skillshare

How To Get Found Online - An Introduction to Digital Marketing

Laurie Wang, Digital Marketing Instructor and Teacher

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9 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why Digital Marketing?

    • 3. The Main Digital Marketing Channels

    • 4. Your Website & App

    • 5. Search Engine Optimization

    • 6. Social Media Strategies

    • 7. Email Marketing Strategies

    • 8. Content Marketing Strategies

    • 9. Next Steps - Your Digital Strategy

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About This Class

The internet is the most popular place for people to find products and services. As a brand and as a business, you want to be there when people search for you.

In this course, I will show you the various ways to help you get found online and attract more customer and leads through your digital presence:

You’ll learn:

  • How SEO, search marketing, email marketing and social media fit in with your overall marketing strategy
  • Choose the social platforms that are crucial to your business and tailor your message across platforms
  • The importance of ‘blogging’ and content marketing
  • Create shareable content to grow and maintain engaged social audience
  • A checklist of SEO essentials
  • Paid search (Adwords) and search engine marketing – is it right for your business?
  • Case studies and relevant examples

No software or previous knowledge is required for this course.

Let’s dive in! Hope to see you in the class.