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How To Get Experts or Authoritative Figures On Interviews

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How To Get Experts or Authoritative Figures On Interviews

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About This Class

If you've ever wanted to get an expert or authoritative figure on an interview but didn't know where to start, then this class is perfect for you.

What you're going to discover on the other side are the 3 simple steps and the recommendations when it comes to not only getting experts or authoritative figures on interviews, but also podcasts or doing JV promotions with. Step #1 is the most important, yet it's most often neglected. Are you making the same mistake? Be sure to enroll now and see what it is for yourself.

Meet Your Teacher

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

Join my new affiliate marketing Facebook group here.

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1. Introduction: Hey, what's up? It's James, Skins and Ellen. Welcome to my course, where I'm gonna be showing you how to get experts and authoritative figures on interviews. Even better, this could be used for multiple types of resource Is not just interviews confused for podcast, maybe getting a JV deal and many other great benefits to that. So this course is going to be a video slide share while I'm going to go through present, the three simple steps of the process and the first who are actually most important. Ironically enough, you're going to eventually have to send a message out to someone that's going to be the least important when you get the other two steps, right, Right. So if you want to know what they are, if you want to make your life so much easier, you might want to enroll in this right now. So go ahead and do that. I look forward to seeing you on the other side 2. How To Get Experts or Authoritative Figures On Interviews: Hey, what's up is James cans in L. A. And welcome to my course where I'm gonna be showing you how to get experts or authoritative figures on interviews and not only just interviews, this could be for podcast. This could be for guest Post. This could be for whatever you want to do. But most specifically in this, I'm gonna be talking about interviews, and it basically works exactly the same with podcasts. Okay, I've never done podcasts, but I imagine if you want to get someone on to talk, whether it be through audio or video, it's not going to be much different either way. Let's continue with the kind of the introduction slide. Just gonna be three steps to this and I'm gonna go over each of them and explain a little bit more in depth. Just you have a good idea of what you're doing and you don't screw it up. Okay, so here's the process. We have the pre strategy we have to Santa Claus effect, and we have the message. Ironically enough, the message is probably the that's it, the least important part in terms of ah, what you have to get right when you get the other two steps, right? The message isn't going to be as big of a deal. However, a lot of people just focus on the message. It's like a I have no idea who you are. Hop on my interview now, Okay? And it just doesn't work that way either way. Let's start with the first. When the pre strategy and you need to start with the game plan. It's very important I'm gonna walk you through. This is a kind of going to be your blue prairie a road map so that if you want to do something like this in the future, you don't screwed up horribly. Okay, So first and foremost, it's kind of like a little disclaimer here. Everyone is unique. Okay, this isn't going to be something that works for 100% of every person out there in the world . Every expert, every guru, it just doesn't work that way. All right. You need to know thy expert. Okay? What are the things they like to do? How do they like being talked to? Okay, I know a lot of people were, if you call them dude, it's just like an immediate turn off. They probably won't even talk to you Are like, if you call them, bro. It's just disrespectful. Okay. When I was doing product launches, I had to contact a lot of people. So this was something I was always keeping in mind. One person would say, like, Hey, I don't mind getting, you know, product sales pitches in my inbox right away. Doesn't matter. I want to see what you have. And some people are going to be like, Hey, if you send me one of those and I have no idea who you are, I'm blocking you. Okay, So complete different ends of the spectrum. So make sure you know thy expert, because what might work for one person here might not work as well for another person. Either way, this is going to be a lot of I guess. You could say template herbal stuff. So you're gonna basically keep your head above water, so to speak. You're not gonna go out there and just spam someone. Right? But aside from that, does this expert have any new books, any new products, any new big success, any type of thing that would be worth talking about all right. If they have any new books on Amazon, kindle by them, OK? Or maybe you know, they're doing like a specific autograph signing where you can spend, like, $20 more and have them sign it, get it, take a picture of it on Facebook and be like, Hey, look at this awesome book. I just bought very easy for them to notice when you do something like that, all right. Every time I buy a book, I usually posted on some type of social media and it's very easy to get a response. It's like, Holy crap, all this All this time they put into this amazing book or whatever. You're going out there buying it and you're sharing it with your friends saying how awesome it is. They like that. All right, any new products by it and get results. My goodness, the easiest way I've gotten, I guess in good company of people are doing amazing things in life is I buy their product or I do what they say and I get results. Okay, so a few people get results. It's amazing. It's like they don't take any action. So if you go ahead not only by and you get results, you're literally gonna You're gonna be on their radar immediately. Okay? It doesn't happen that often. I do this all the time. Even with people not really looking to get on an interview or have them promote my product , they just simply love it. Hey, if you go out there, you get someone's product. Heck, I've gotten review copies, and I'll just go out there and get results, and they'll go insane because it's something that rarely happens. Right? And aside from that, any new big success. Okay, maybe they just cross the $1,000,000 in their business stuff like that. Keep in mind, because that's what you're gonna be able to talk about on an interview. All right. Moving across the road, we got asked their friends. All right. Do you have any recommendations when it comes to experts in the X y Z field? All right. Obviously on Facebook you're going to see a lot of mutual friends, so it's more of kind of asking around. Okay, this is great, because you can get your foot in the door without even saying anything to them. Just, you know, talk to some people. I'm sure if you're looking for, like someone in the expert who's an expert, I don't know in the Facebook ads field, usually going to get some similar names said a lot of time. So if someone recommends you that person you're like, Oh, it's a good idea You could just simply ask him like, Hey, could I get an introduction? Okay, so it's gonna be much better that way. You don't always have to do it this way. It'll definitely short cut your time. But the thing is, let's just say someone was looking for the best affiliate marketer in the field and, like, you know, Joe over here recommends this certain guru. So you go to Joe like, Hey, would you mind if you, ah, if I get an introduction? Because it's going to be much better that way because Joe is recommending you know you to that person. And Joe is friends with that affiliate marketing guru, so it's social proof. It's gonna be much better that way. It doesn't always work out that way, but it's kind of a pre strategy can sure cut your success or in terms of getting results right next is gonna be ad follows. So, whatever you want to do Adam on Facebook as a friend or follow him whichever social outlet that they use the most. Okay, that's where you can obviously engage with them moving to the bottom left of the screen like their posts. Comment on it. If they ask the question, give it. Give it a thoughtful answer and our sheriff, It's really good. Okay now, pre strategy. Don't be desperate. I can't tell you how many times people have come to be like, Oh my God, it's so awesome talking to a super affiliate. It's so cheesy, It's annoying, It's obvious. And it's just like the conversation might as well. And there don't do that, okay? And also respect their time or be gone. The thing when it comes to any type of expert or authority, they are extremely busy, all right, and many times they don't have time to talk to you. It's nothing against you. They have better things to do. All right there, You know, they're doing like, 500 k a month, and they've got clients to take care of. Our they've got, you know, hassles. They got fires to put out, they got damage control. Whatever it's going to be, there's probably going to be many bigger problems going on. They have to take care of. So if you don't want to hang around them, just simply don't respect their time, which I do not recommend doing. This is something I see a lot just from people like commenting on Post and to be like a go check my message now or something like you serious respect their time. Have you gone? It's just it's simple courtesy. And if you really want to get someone on an interview and you're just blogging them, it's not gonna happen. Okay, so that's kind of the pre strategy stuff. Keep that in mind. It's not like a huge game plan, but it's very important because you got to know thy expert and all those other things. So next we have the Santa Claus effect because it's cool to be everywhere. This is going to be very simple, but this is a very important step. So we talked about with Facebook instagram, maybe Twitter, maybe whatever it's going to be and having post engagement, all right, next, what you want to do is do things that are similar to what they do. All right, this isn't just for interviews. This could literally be for anything you want to get better at. Okay, So where the experts? The pros. The top 5% hanging out. Is it going to be in forums? Okay. The great thing about forms that their public, you can go in there, you can comment you can like, you can post. You can interact. Okay, You're going to get on the radar. Okay. What about Facebook groups? All right. There's tons of pros and experts and gurus and authorities and Facebook groups where they hanging out. All right, if you go on their Facebook page, you're going to see what groups there hanging out in. Are they posting there? All right, once again. Another great way to be on the radar. How I did this specifically was with launching products, affiliate marketing and, of course, paid ads. OK, there's a reason why a lot of these experts or gurus, you know, in their space are basically celebrities. Especially if you've ever seen their paid ads. You literally can't get their face off of social media. They are all over the place even if it's not paid ads, it could be just posting on social media very often. I remember Grand Cardone. I think you post like once every hour, maybe maybe two times now or something like that. But you just can't get him off Social media. He's everywhere. He's like Santa Claus. Okay, that's kind of the effect you want here, where if you go to someone and they say like, Oh, I know you have seen you around here, that's exactly what you want. Social proof. And it's gonna be much easier to build with Build report with that person and get him on an interview. So So, like, I was talking about before I was doing launching. So what I would do is actually, you know, I would start creating products that I would do affiliate marketing Once I started getting on leaderboards. Hey, I was doing things that they're similar to what they were doing. I was kind of in the crowd of Internet marketing, so they know I can make sales. They know I can launch products. It's much easier to get on someone's radar that way. All right, so getting interviews. All right, so if you want to go out there and interview Tony Robbins and you've never done an interview before. It's a really bad idea. Okay, first of all, you're gonna be horrible at it. Second of all, you have no social proof. So what you want to do is start with people you can get on interviews. This is how I started. Okay? You've got to know some type of friend who is going to be in a similar position as you for the most part. All right, so let's just say you're doing, like, $500 a month. You just started out online, find people who are doing something in a similar range. Or maybe they've just started making $100 days. Okay, you just got to get people on there. It's not gonna be is difficult to get someone on there who's doing, like, $1000 a month and just started out. I'm sure they're gonna have plenty of free time, and they're gonna have no problem getting on there because they might not be as well known . Okay, it's all about social proof, right? Another great way to do is interview. They're friends of possible all right, Their friends is going to be that influential person you want on your interviewer. Your podcast. If you can show them like, Hey, have been doing interviews and they see like that one of their good friends you interviewed . That's immediate social proof. And what are the chances that if they're not busy, they're gonna hop on there? It's going to be extremely greater. Okay, Now, would you want to get interviewed by someone with zero interviews or 10? Okay, just a random example. But it's kind of like going to a restaurant with no one in there. It's just kind of weird. All right, So make sure you get some interviews under your belt. That's exactly what I did. I started interviewing people who were doing, you know, kind of part time stuff, whether it be $100 a month, $500.1000 no, not a lot of money. But either way, I built up so that Ah, By the time I was looking to get interviews for bigger authorities and experts, it wasn't a problem. Okay? I also started going in on interviews myself. So is once again I was doing things that were similar to what they were doing, and this could be used in any scenario. Okay, so that's the Santa Claus effect. The idea is that when you contact that person, they know you are no of you already. Okay, look. Oh, yeah. I saw you on the leader boat. Oh, yeah. You interviewed Joey X Y Z? Oh, yeah, you were on the You know what I mean? So that's the Santa Claus effect. You want to be in his many places as possible, and you do that by following what I'm telling you here. So last and definitely not least, but like I talked about before, it's not as important when you get everything else right, So don't screw it up, okay? Some words of encouragement either way. So top left. It's all about them. Okay, this is very important, OK? Don't go to someone. Billy. Oh, I want this. I want this. I want this. Give me this. You're gonna do this? No. Okay. Immediate. Turn off. They're probably not going to even respond to you and good for them. They shouldn't. All right, what is in it for them? Okay. Not for you, not for your bank. account. Not for your time. Not for whatever it's going to be. It's all about them. Okay, keep that in mind. It's always gonna be that way. So either way, what you want to do? The first quick message. Hopefully, you've already followed some of the steps, and they know of you at least. All right, let's just say you bought their book and you posted on social media tagging them, saying how awesome it was. You're on their radar. That's good. Okay, so you want something like that? So you say, Hey, was to say the person's name was James. Just like mine. Hey, James, do you have a minute? I want to ask you a question. In regards to your X Y Z, remember? No thy expert. Your X y Z could be a product they have coming out. It could be a book you purchased and posted on social media. It could be an accomplishment. They just had some big success. Whatever it's going to be. That's why you need to know thy expert. OK, now respecting their time. Okay. If you're gonna post them a message, don't do it at like, 11 p.m. At night. and fall asleep. Okay? Because if you send him a message and then this leave and they're times very valuable and they're like hanging around there like a sure what's up And you're just gone. That's not good, right? So stick around is it might take a while for them to see it. Sometimes they might never even see. And that's just the way it works, OK, they might just be way too busy, but assuming they do, I'm sure they're going to say like, Yeah, sure. What's up or hey, what's up? Or, you know, they're not gonna be like No, Okay, Maybe they will be, I don't know. But either way, the idea here is just wanted games like, Hey, what's up? What you looking for? Let me know. I can help. And either way, kind of the response here. Like I said, there's not much to it, Right? So in the bottom left, we got you respond a great way to start off saying like Hey, I'm a friend off and it could be that person that introduced you to them. It could be that person you asked about, and they kind of give you the intro okay, Social proof. That's a good thing. It's like, Hey, I spoke to David, who was one of your friends, and he recommended I reach out to in regard to your new launch, your new book launch. Okay. I love to get you on a quick interview where we can discuss and promote your launch. I know you're busy, but if that's something you can fit into your schedule, that would be great. That's it. OK, now you can obviously Sprinkle this with benefits. I didn't put a ton of benefits in there because I just made it up. It could be it could be a product. It could be a promo. It could be an affiliate offer. It could be for their book launch. A product launch could be for anything. So depending on what it is, you're gonna wanna, you know, add a little bit more benefits in there. So some of the benefits include, like, hey, I'm gonna promote your book on my block, where I'm doing the whatever it is or let's just say, like you'll be able to promote your webinar on that page where people can reach out and you can get no new clients, you can get new customers. All right, aside from that is to say, you're going to share on your social media websites would see have, like, a 20 K Twitter following or a 20 k instagram following. That's a pretty big benefit if you're sending it out to target audience, because what's that gonna happen for them? They're gonna build their audience. They're going to get maybe some sales from clients so that 30 minutes or hour of time could lead to, who knows, 5000. 10,000, 20,000 depend on what they have to offer. Okay, Next we're gonna be doing is sending an email from your list. That could be another benefit. So once it's all done, you're gonna send it to it. And once again, you're going to get some of your buyers, some your customers, some your subscribers where they can listen to it. And of course, there's gonna be links to all their pages that could be to the product of the webinar. Okay, to see how I'm going deeper with benefits. Aside from that, another great one would be saving the podcaster the interview and giving it to them as a bonus Okay, So, for example, you know, you do this killer content maybe some stuff that they left out in a book or a launch and you can save it and give it to them as a bonus so that they can use wherever the heck they want. That's pretty cool as well. And last but not least, maybe some type of bonus spot. This is something I used to do. Let's just say I want to get someone toe help promote for me and what I would say like, Hey, if you want to promote for this, I'll give you a bonus spots you can get some violates people. I cannot say no to that, you know, Likes is all about them. It's what they were getting. So either way, not a huge message. Like if you get everything else right, as long as you're not like, um, you know, disrespectful, you're respecting their time and you're not being all desperate. You should be good to go, right. So aside from that, we got a yes or no situation. So zero response is always the worst response. Okay, No. Is fine because it's an answer. It's like when I used to do sales calls. It's like I don't want to. Maybe I want a yes or no. What's it gonna be? All right. So, no, If they say no, say, like, Okay. Thank you for your time. Don't be one of those Debbie downers about it all the time. I used to get like, No, I can't do it. I'm busy. And they're just be, like silence or they wouldn't say anything. They want to acknowledge that actually took the time to answer them. So I probably wouldn't anymore in the future. So don't be a Debbie Downer about Oh, that's socks or anything like that. Said Okay. Thank you for your time. No, was completely fine. All right. If they say yes, you can say something like awesome. Okay, let's do march 3rd at 9 a.m. Does that work for you? Okay, I know they're busy, but you still gotta have a little backbone. Don't be like OK, what works best for you? Let me bend over backwards. All right. Shoot out of time. Let them know that you're prepared and you're have a schedule to respect as well. If that works for them. Awesome. If it doesn't then you can ask them. All right, what would work best for you? Okay, so you can kind of meet halfway. But either way, that, in a nutshell, is kind of everything. How it would go. It's pretty simple stuff, right? But the biggest take away here, you feel noticed this this is very similar to pre selling can when it comes to an affiliate offer when it comes to any type of offer. Okay, If you just, like, send them the message they're going to like Who the hell is this idiot? Okay, but if you get on their radar, All right, maybe get some benefits, maybe get some social proof. You get some recommendations, OK? You go out there and you do stuff, and you show people that it works. You get results to get some testimonials. I mean, how different is this from actually selling an offer? An affiliate offer? It's not really different, right? So the message isn't as important when you get all the other steps correct? Think about that next time you want to promote something, think about all the steps I talked about here, being seen everywhere. Okay. Being seen as the expert the authority. Okay. Not even like giving a pitcher anything. But when you get all these other steps right, it becomes so much easier to get the end result. And that is the course. If you learned anything new, if you got any golden nuggets out of it, give it a high five. Give it a fist bump. Gave it seven stars, give it 500 comments, likes and shares. I don't even know if you can do that. I'm going crazy with words here. And with that being said, I'm James Kansan. Allah, thank you for watching, and I'll talk to you soon.