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How To Get Clients/Leads on Social Media

Nico Smit, Love Marketing ❤️

How To Get Clients/Leads on Social Media

Nico Smit, Love Marketing ❤️

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9 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Funnel

    • 3. The Power of Conversion

    • 4. The Lead Generation

    • 5. The Power of Branding

    • 6. The Audiences

    • 7. The Power of Purchase

    • 8. The Campaign Objectives

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

This 3-part series will show you the power of social media and how to use it to grow your business.

Social media can be an invaluable tool for businesses looking to increase their reach on a global scale.

This 3-part series will give you tips and tricks for using this powerful tool, so that you can strategically plan your next marketing campaign or get ahead of the competition.

Let me show you how to turn your business into an online powerhouse with the power of social media.

Nico Smit, the founder of Big Domino Marketing, is a social media marketing guru.

With over 10 years of knowledge and experience in the industry, he has helped generate leads and positive ROI for numerous businesses across the globe.

Big Domino Marketing has clients based all over the world, with a customised approach.

We do social media marketing for small local businesses, right up to $7-figure businesses.

Driven by his need to change the struggling small business narrative, he decided that it's time to serve others in a unique way.

By creating a consolidated online course, Nico shares his most important marketing know-how and influential tips to help you grow your business online. 

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Nico Smit

Love Marketing ❤️


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1. Introduction: Hey everybody, we just finished the three-part training series for you guys. You are going to love it. And let me tell you the benefits are going to get out unless you go through this training. And we are going to show you the three reasons why you should be using social media in your business. I take you through it step-by-step proven process. It works in Southern Africa, works in the US, in Canada, in UK, in island, in Singapore. It works every Go to the training implemented in your business to just see the magic happening. What I'm gonna be doing over the next couple of days is take you through this three-step process we use to generate paid clients from Facebook and Instagram to the process of paying for traffic into what we call a funnel. And we'll show you how we convert them into paying clients for our customers to easy process to implement. And I'm sure you're gonna love it. To stick around for three days is not gonna take too long for we take about 15 minutes each day of your time and all you have to do is watch how I explained the process and how you can implement it in your business. 2. The Funnel: Welcome to day one of this three day training. So the process we use to basically generate clients from platforms like Facebook. Instagram is a basic three-part process. So if I had to draw the process or to draw how we do it, it is in a funnel, talk of shape. And the final shape can be split into three sections. So the top section of generating clients from these platforms is what we call branding. As you'll know, every business out there will do some sort of branding. Just take a drive down the highway, you will see a nice big yellow MT and bought. There's nothing really that, no action really happening out of that big advertising board next to the highway. It's just branding, emptying wants you to see the big yellow. And every time you see the yellow somewhere in an ad on TV or driving down the road, they want you to think of them. That's what that's the branding portion of this three-step process. The second step of this process is what we call conversion. And we did use conversion type ads. You turn that traffic into an immediate lead that you can follow up with as time goes on. And the third one here at the bottom is the purchase section of this process. And this is the three board process, branding, conversion, purchase. But when we take this online and we practically implement this, we actually start with conversion first. 3. The Power of Conversion: Now before you can actually start with conversion, you have to have certain things in place in your business. So first of all, what you have to have in place is all the services that you give to your prospective clients out there. Now, I'm going to draw something like this to this side. And it's a little step by step process. And this is what we call a value later. So what we have on this side is the amount of value you give clients. And on this side is what you will be charging the client for that specific product. And before you can get to conversion, you have to have a good understanding of the value later. You've got out there, you might have certain products that cost a hundred, two hundred, three hundred grand, and you might have some products. Are there 345 thousand rand, especially if you're in a service business, just think about it. If someone comes for one hour console, you'll charge them more than if they just maybe get a document from your, from your business that they download off the internet. So having your value that are in place will help you with the conversion. Because what we are doing here is we're taking traffic from Facebook and Instagram. And it's people that don't know, you don't know your business and probably don't know the services that you give, but we have to bring them into your world. So when you do a followup with them, they have an idea for you all ready to speak to you in order for us to do that, we need this. And where we're going to start from a conversion respect. Of course, this is mainly lead generation. So in order for us to do regeneration, if someone comes into your businesses will first time, they not going to spend 2345,092 unless you have already have a very good brand or a very good name out there. So what do we do? We have certain types of products. So the product down here, it could be something like, for instance, or free information product that you're willing to give to your clients out there. It doesn't cost you a lot of a lot of money to produce the from your side, you giving lower value to your client. And you basically are going to charge them nothing for as a freebie. Okay. So it says step one, year is going to be a free information product. Other similar type of products you can have is free training. Maybe you've got a training like this that you can put online and people can go and view at 0 cost to them. But in order to get that training, they need to give you some sort of information so that basically become a leader in your business. So let's say we've got free information in some shape or form. So it could be written, it could be video. It could be something physical, any type of product that will cost you very little in RAM value as well as in effort. And it's easily distributed to your prospective client. But to them it's quite a bit of value and it will cost them almost nothing. So let's take a few examples. If you are a consulting business in a certain industry, giving someone a free download or a free check sheet. And it could be something simple like the five things to know in order to turn your business into a more productive machines. And that's a little chichi that you'd give to business owners download and a tick, 1-2-3-4-5, and they know what they need to do. If, for instance, you run a local business, let's say you've got a gym, you tell someone come to my Gem for free for 14 days. So that's a free offer. You come in free for 14 days and then after that you can observe a person if it's a online business selling online products, give somewhat discount. Maybe you run an e-commerce business so you tell someone thirty-five percent discount on any first-order above 500 grams. So that's a voucher dot way of offering to your clients out there. That's sort of the first step. You're giving someone something free or some sort of discount to your client. But in order for them to get this, they need to give you something. What are they going to give you? The name, the email, and the phone number? If they give you those three things, you will give them the very product that you promised them. 4. The Lead Generation: So the main question comes, how do you use this, this 3B, There's discount in a way online, take that Facebook and Instagram traffic and turn it into leads for your business. Well, there's a simple way that we use and that's basically old regeneration. So how do you do that? I'm going to draw a quick diagram and I'll show you guys exactly how we take the traffic and take them through what we call a funnel, which is basically similar to this and turn them into a lead that you can follow up with. Ok. So what do we do? We take the traffic that we pay for from Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media to a page, let's call it a landing page or an opt-in page, where we give someone the offer. But in order for them to get the offer, they need to give us the the name, the email, the phone number. That's basically what it is. It's a landing page set up specifically to take someone's name, email and phone number. And we'll have a little Submit button here. And let's say we'll just put the gimme, this is like action button. Once they've given us that information, we say like click the action button. And then from a follow-up perspective, they will get an email. Email with what we promised them. So whether it was the discount or a freebie, whatever the author would be to get their contact details. Now getting email doing that, but on the laptop or a phone. And it will go to a thank you page. And on year we'll say thank you for taking us up on our offer. Whenever we promised you your freebie, you discount your voucher will be in your email inbox in the next five minutes. And another thing which you can't do on the Thank you page, we can put something like cold white to take up our offer or wait for the email? Or are you an impatient person that wants to take immediate advantage of this offer or this freebie, whatever it is that we will be giving them. You can actually on the Thank you page, put your phone number. They can contact you. Very simple. So it's a very simple two-step process with back pay traffic to a landing page, to a thank you page. And once I've opted in for whatever the offer is, there, we'll get it via email. And what is the most important thing you, as a business owner, have to keep in mind when you take a process like that, the main thing is lead generation is easy. Giving someone a freebie or a discount in exchange for their contact details on social media is really, really easy. I mean, you can get good quality leads from Facebook and Instagram for less than 50 randomly. Just think about it. You spent 2300 ran a day. You can get five to six leads coming in day, qualified leads. Ready to talk to you. But one thing business owners do wrong when it comes to this is they don't have a proper follow-up process and lead comes in. And what do you have to do? You have to phone them and I'm not talking about finding them 2472 hours later when add lead, opt in for a seven day free trial at your jump, or a 50% discount that you're hair salon, or some sort of cheat sheet on how to run their business better. You phone them within the first five minutes and you ask the questions. Did you receive a voucher? Did you receive are chichi did you receive are discard? Did you receive are freebie, you found them, you've now got a reason to fund them. So you ask, as an example for the gym owner, someone downloads your seven day free gym membership. You pick up the phone, you say, Hi, this is Nico from Nikos Jim and I just want to know, did you get the seven-day free pause that we emailed to you and then the person will say either yes or now. First of all, they'll know who you are, where you finding from because they've just opted in for the desktop or the freebie or the chichi. So they know you or they know that they can expect a phone call from you. So now you pick up the phone and you said that you get our 7-day three-fourths to person says yes, I did say. Right. So how can we get you into the gym as soon as possible? We've gotta openings for all i for all our new members next week, Monday starting at eight o'clock in the morning, what time of the day will suit you? And that's the way to get the person in because just someone downloading a voucher or this kind of becoming a lead doesn't mean they're going to take action any further. You as the business owner, have to follow up and have to get them into your business. Why? Because you want them to experience your service. Once they've experienced your service, come to your gym, CR, greater ease and off the seven days they go, wow, this is fantastic. I love just the people around me. I love the way they get me to work out. I just feel better. I want to sign up and go for that. What do you have to do is you get that person in. Soon as that person comes in, you give them fantastic service. And once that's done and once they've gone through the seven day free trial, you have an upsell rating, but then upsell can also be a good deal. So after the first seven days are done, you can say, well thanks for joining us for the first seven days. How did you find it? Maybe you even get a testimonial from them and then you tell them, by the way, just so you know, for everybody that signs up in this month for six months or 12 months, we will give them an additional 30% discount. So coming back to the value letter, that person has now spent seven days in your gym and I use a business owner have to be ready to take them to the next step. So let say here they've got step one, they've got a week for free. Step two, we are now going to sell them a membership, six months, 12 months, and we give them a good deal also. And as time goes on, and they find that r, This is great, but they want to go one step further. Maybe the third step in your Gem will be something like, let me personally train you for the next two to three months, three hours a week. So we can get you to the point where you know, that you are really where you want to be with your health and fitness goals. And maybe you've got even got up the fourth step. Maybe you do a once a year treat. We're owning a top students come and you surround them by other people in the industry that are absolutely fitness freaks. And you just build up a better community that way. That is what you call a validator and that's why it's so important. So bringing in the lead step one at a lower 0 cost and low 0 effort from your side, you can take someone up the value ladder to the point where maybe they pay ten or 20 thousand rand for a weekend retreat with you and some experts in the industry. And that's just a simple example. If you run a jump, but that can be done in any business. 5. The Power of Branding: Welcome to day two, trading. Congratulations for sticking around for another day. Yesterday, we spoke about the conversion part of our process and what we are going to be doing today is talk about the branding port of the process. Just remember, we will never tell our clients or students to move to the branding bought before they have mastered the conversion section. So yes, today's training will be all about branding. But remember, make sure your conversion part of your process works from de, move over to branding. The second step of this get clients process of ours, like getting traffic from Facebook and Instagram and turning them into paying clients is the branding side. But now remember, don't go to branding until you have your conversion or your regeneration sorted out properly. You don't want to dilute your ad spend and you want to make sure that you get some quick wins. With conversion like athletes coming into your business, you can follow up and you start getting something clients. But once this is running and you've got your sales teams phoning or you the person phoning. But the leads are coming in on a daily basis and it runs on autopilot pretty much. You can now move towards the branding side of things. Now, what's the idea of branding? D of branding is too warm people up a little bit. There are different types of people on Facebook. Some people that are forced action takers. Some people that want to SU, two or three or four or five times before they'll interact with you. And some people that wanted to never do business with you. But the reality is with branding, we can get people to the point where they start to know like, and trust your business. And once that is running, we move them down into the conversion because we now know that our conversion section of our getting clients from social media process is working well. So what do you do on a branding, on the brand side of things? And Facebooks with different objectives when it comes to running at basically on Facebook and Instagram. Remember, Instagram by Facebook. So you place ads on both platforms from the same backend. So what do you do with branding? For branding, you will introduce your business in different ways to traffic at the, that does not know u does not like u does not trust you, is different ways of doing that. Of course, maybe you've got a blog with some very good information about what businesses can implement. Or you've got some great information about the type of things that businesses should do in order to get better clients. Or if you're a gym, maybe you've got some blog post on how to train properly are to have a good diet. Or maybe even you have a blog post that's all about recipes. Are to get more protein in your body, are to go into ketosis, whatever the case may be. So from a blog perspective, you have written information that clients can read. And then later on, if they see any version add for your business, they know they didn't. I read something on that person's blog the other day. Alright, so that's one way of doing it with written content. And another way you can do is video. So maybe you've got a bunch of videos out there teaching people, for instance, like this video teaching people how to do certain things in your specific niche. And that's video. You can run straight on Facebook. Or you could take people to a landing page where you have the video just running a biblical click on the ad. And I go to a landing page and they can view your training. Another thing you have, of course, on Facebook and Instagram is your Facebook page and your Instagram profile. And why is that important? Because as you run ads, Facebook tracks everybody that interacts with your page or your Instagram profile. And you can bold audiences based in that as well. And I've been talking about building audiences and doing all sorts of things. So how do you actually do that? So we're gonna go to that side of the board. And I'm going to show you how running video, how having blogs, and how having either action on your Facebook and Instagram profiles can help you create audiences that you can later on see to their conversion side of your funnel. 6. The Audiences: Now probably people will auto what's the idea of war? Or these little audiences we cannot create? Well, it's a simple thing called retargeting or remarketing. I'm gonna take this out and I'm going to show you how that will work. Now in the beginning, I said we're going to take traffic to a conversion and we're going to create a lead. We're going to follow up with Alee. What we're gonna do is now we get a state that same process of traffic, but we're going to send them to a blog or to a video on Facebook. Or we are going to create audiences for our Facebook page or Instagram profile. This advice books called custom audiences that you create. And now what we're gonna do instead of sending cold traffic or people that don't know you straight your conversion. We now going to take these audiences that we easily create in the Facebook ads manager, and we're going to send them to that same landing page. Will be give people an offer. May have to give us the name, the email, and the phone number. It's as simple as that. Only difference is that the people coming through this way will have already interacted somewhere with one of your videos or your page, Instagram profile, or maybe somewhere on any of your websites. So against the process has got an extra step. Yes people or yes, it might cost you a little bit more to get, get this lead. But by the time that person gets here, more people will enter the detail than people that don't know you, like you, trust you. And this is why we do branding. Two reasons. One, to get a better conversion or too warm people up before we give them the free offer. Or two. Also have some information out the, that people can find in other ways, except for paying for it. 7. The Power of Purchase: So it's day three of the training and you've made it, you've gone through day 13, day two, and you found enough value to stick around for day three, or day three is the most important because now we're gonna turn our traffic that we've got from the conversion side and from the branding site into paying clients. So what shall we use this process, turn those people into paying clients. And of course, there's always a little tweak inner process we use, but I'll also be doing today is give you a little tip on what objectives to use in your Facebook and Instagram ads. Enjoy. Okay, so we've talked about conversion. We then talked about branding. Now the third step in generating paying clients from Facebook and Instagram is purchases. So what happens now? The people we wanna seem to purchases when we follow this process have now either converted somehow and gotten an offer from you, or they've gone through a branding process where they might've seen videos, gone to your blog post, or they might have engaged somehow with your Facebook page or Instagram profile, again, gone through the conversion side of it. And now that the purchase side. So this is the process. If we go back to the gym line, this is the process now where the person has come in. They've taken you up on this seven-day free offer. We're getting today six now, and a person needs to understand or business to decide whether they want to continue doing business with your gym or debate or the one that goes from Alice and they're not happy with the service that they receive. And this is where the business owner needs to step up and get people to convert from that first offer to the next offer. Value ladder. The nice thing about the traffic or the, the deed or the potential client that you have. This part of the funnel is they've now seen a lot of your content. They've experienced some of your services, or they've gone through a type of funnel where they've had a few touches about your business or your service, or you as a business owner, they are now only have to decide whether they want to do business with you or not do business with you. And there's two parts to the purchase section. People that will act immediately there, ready to buy the ready to join yours, Jim, they're ready to do business with you in some way or form. And it is the people that we just want a deal first. So they're on the fence or they're going to join you jump. One are not going to join your jump. And the only way to get them, to get them further and actually get them to spend some money with you is to give them a great deal. So as business owner, you have to be ready and remember the value letter. You have to be ready to take people from indecision to decision even if it takes giving them specific deal. Because remember the main thing about the majority of businesses or that we want leads to come in. We wanted to convert the lead Dupain client, but then after that, we want that client to come back and spend money with us again and again and again. And then often that we want that client to God until everybody how great your businesses. Because when we get to the point where your current clients become your marketing out there, you can spend less money on actual marketing and you will have word of mouth. Are they converting fresh traffic into conversions into bank clients for your business? 8. The Campaign Objectives: Right, so we've been through the three steps of generating vain clients from social media like Facebook and Instagram. So what I wanna do now is do a quick summary of all of this and I'll give you guys a little bit of a bonus to show you what objectives you should be using when placing your ads in Facebook. And Facebook has got a very interesting way of allowing you to bid for certain objectives when placing your ads. Because the main thing is that Facebook's got about 400 thousand data points on each and every user, on average on the platform. So they know, are you someone that wants to watch a video? Do you wanna just click and go to a landing page? Like to like share or comment on posts, or do you like to convert or maybe argue a buyer of personnel will go blood your credit card and purchase. Now they really do know what your behavior is on the platform and that's why they allow us to have certain objectives when placing ads. And what I found is a lot of business understanding of boosted a post that and I've done this, I've done that, but I don't see any return. Now boosting a post is only one of the objectives. There's so many other day. So what I wanna do is go through each step of this process. I want to tell you which objectives you should be using to ensure that you don't waste mining when placing ads on Facebook and Instagram. I'm going to start again with the conversion objective. It's the second step in the process, but it's the one that we start with when we do regeneration. So when we go for conversion, the objectives we will rebelling for will be a conversion objective. So we've got a conversion objective. And there's another one in face group called Lead Generation, subsidized lead generation. Now what's the difference? Conversion objective is if you're going to be sending traffic to a specific website and giving people the offer or the freebie in exchange for their contact details. Regeneration, phase two gives you the opportunity to create that landing page on the platform. So if you bet for regeneration, Facebook will give you a little landing page and the thank you page on Facebook. Perfect for any business starting to generate leads. Now let's talk branding. What are the objectives we're gonna be using for branding? Or Feistel gives you a few. So one is video views. So if you're going to have a video running, you can embed for videos. So Facebook will place the ad in front of people that are most likely to watch the video, to watch the content. You can do what we call page post engagement. And this is your typical boost when you push the Boost button on Facebook, it'll be a PV campaign page post engagement. And what that will be as Facebook Places ad in front of someone like or like it or post or share it and maybe even comment at the bottom. Third one, and you can use this traffic. And what is traffic? Traffic is for people that will be clicking on the link and for instance, that will want to read your blog. So these are the type of objectives you'll be using for branding, conversion. And the Janice when actually what you're going to be using for the conversion objective when it comes to purchase is where things get a little interesting. Now Facebook's got the opportunity to build for a purchase conversion on the platform. But the reality is that process of sending traffic and building for the purchase conversion doesn't always work as well. If we follow this process properly where we do conversion objective to get a regeneration and then do some branding and bringing them again through the regeneration process. By the time people get here, they've watched a video that got your blog, that engaged with your page that maybe even become a lead. So by now, I have got a good idea. You are. Now what we usually do. Yeah, as we paid for all the objectives. So we will go for link clicks. We will go for page post engagement, we will go for conversion. Gal4, reach. Cuz all you want to do is reach as many people as possible that have already gone through this process. So you almost don't need Facebook to try and find the purchase behavior, tougher personality. All you need to do is stay in front of that person as many times as possible so you can get them to convert online. 9. Conclusion: Finally, I want to thank you for sticking around for the steady part draining process. We enjoyed it. Feel free to give our purpose and our info at big dominant or a Yahtzee. This anything, anything else that you would have liked to see in the program that you didn't see. Also, feel free to pop us a null info at big dominant flagella. So that's it. Our three-step process of generating, paying clients from Facebook and Instagram and is currently the most cost-effective way to get fresh feeds into your business and turning those needs into mankind's. Make sure that you are able to actually implement this process. New business, I want to give you a great offer today, the access to our secret Facebook group. Now, in this group, if you get stuck at any point in time with implementing this regeneration system in your business, jump out to the group. You ask a question myself, one of my team members will give you an answer almost instantly. Nasdaq for spatial venue. For us, it's important that you implemented this system because we know for small to medium-sized businesses, Facebook and Instagram is the best place to generate fresh needs for your business that you can turn to paying clients.