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How To Get Clients With Paigham Bot - A Contact Form Submitter

Yalla Papi, Digital nomad and fitness bro

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11 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction To Paigham Bot The Tool That Will Supercharge Your Cold Emailing Strategy

    • 2. How To Use The Scraping Tool To Harvest Data From Yahoo

    • 3. How To Use The Scraping Tool To Harvest Data From Yellow Pages

    • 4. How To Find Keywords To Use With The Scraping Tool

    • 5. How To Use The Posting Tool To Contact 1000s Of Businesses Per Day

    • 6. How To Use The Manual Posting Tool To Increase Your Posting Tool Success Rate

    • 7. How To Use Death By Captcha To Increase Your Posting Tool Success Rate

    • 8. How To Use Your Blacklist So You Don't Contact The Same People Over And Over AGain

    • 9. How To Use The Form Tag Module To Increase Your Posting Tool Success Rate

    • 10. How To Keep Your Data Organized With Paigham Bot

    • 11. What To Promote With Paigham Bot Affiliate Offers


About This Class

How To Get Clients With Paigham Bot - A Contact Form Submitter

NOTE: Be sure to read this case study about how I used PB to get all my social media management clients.

This course is all about how to generate leads with a tool called Paigham Bot.

This is a contact form submitter that will scrape search engines for data based on certain keywords and automatically fill out their contact pages with whatever message you want to send them.

Great for marketing, lead gen, whatever.

Click here to visit Paigham Bot's website.

Click here to get my full course PB/cold email course (with bonuses) when you sign up for the same VPS package that I use for my lead generation campaigns.

Other interesting things:


1. Introduction To Paigham Bot The Tool That Will Supercharge Your Cold Emailing Strategy: What's up, guys? In this video, I'm going to show you how you can supercharge. You're cold emailing efforts with a tool that I've been using for the past seven or eight months, called Wagenbach. Now Hombach is a contact form. Submit. Er it is a search engine scraper. And essentially, what will allow you to do is scrape data for, you know, containing certain keywords from these search engines, right? And then once you have that data like, let's say contact Page, you are else could come over here to the posting tab and you can say name email, phone number, blah, blah, blah. And you can fill out all of those contact forms you know automatically while you go and work on something else. Uh, now, if you've got 50,000 contact forums, that's that's very powerful. So instead of you having toe like manually copy and paste all of these e mails on your own into a tool to a spreadsheet, you can essentially bypass that and use program bought to contact them through their contact form. It's very powerful stuff. Once you figure out how to use it, however, it's a little bit complicated. It's not very intuitive, and you need to do things in a specific order for it to work. So this module is going to explain how exactly to do that, how I've been doing it for the past seven or eight months. So stick around and watch that. 2. How To Use The Scraping Tool To Harvest Data From Yahoo: All right. So the first thing we're gonna talk about is how to scrape Yahoo. Now, um, you might be thinking why? Why Yahoo went on Google? Well, Google has a lot of, you know, defense mechanisms. Let's just say that will make it impossible basically, for you to scrape Google unless you have, like, really high quality proxies, which costs money. We don't have those. So let's just forget about it. We'll just scrape Yahoo results are gonna be good anyway, you know? So search engine click on yahoo and we're going to click here keywords with footprints and then we're going to add our keywords. Okay, so what I like to do, I like to add a keyword list and there's a video in here as well about how to organize your data. But it's very important that you keep your data organized, otherwise you get very lost very quickly. So this is my keyword folder. Let's just pick pharmacy keywords just for fun. All right, So just loaded in Oh, I don't know. 2000 ish keywords Click on scoops. Just kidding. Crap. Oh, well, it works anyway. Now it's sleeping for 11 seconds before scraping the next page. We actually don't want that. We wanted to wait less time. So we're going to click Stop, and we're going to change the throttle of scrape. We're going to change that to 23 seconds. I know when we do this, it'll go much faster, Okay? And then we click. Start. All right. Now it's going to scrape all 2200 of these keywords on Yahoo. It's gonna take a long time. So what I would do is I would just leave this like overnight. And then when I wake up in the morning, I would have you know, 20 30,000 contact pages, basically like you're not gonna miss anything all of these different permutations. Okay, so that's how you scrape yahoo when you're done. Okay, we're gonna click on now. We're gonna pick on stop because we don't want to want to wade through all of this. We are going to generate a report. Say export contact pages generate report. Go to our Contact Pages folder. Save this as pharmacy contact. Yahoo, Euros export. Let's open it to make sure it looks normal. Okay, so Loblaw slash contact with law slash contacts right slash contact us so it looks good and that's it. That's how you scrape your home. Next video. I'll show you how to scrape yellow pages. 3. How To Use The Scraping Tool To Harvest Data From Yellow Pages: guys in this video, I'm going to show you how to scrape yellow pages dot com for data very similar to how we scrape Yahoo. Um, so let's go over here. Just reset the body really quick. Lets reset this one, too. Why not now? Here's the thing. When you scrape yellow pages, it's gonna be much different than Yahoo. There's a few additional steps involved. It's slightly more and some more complicated, but like there's just more steps. Um, what the benefit is that you get data that might not be on Yahoo Ah, and a lot more local businesses. So if that if you have ah, service or product that's optical for local businesses, then you're going to want to scrape yellow pages dot com as well. So select yellow pages right here. This is going to give you instructions on how to do it, cause it's a little bit different, but we're going to select option scrape with footprints, upload the city's select custom foot print and then add your keywords so I'll walk you through those steps right now. So first thing keywords with footprints. I like to add footprints. Footprints for yellow pages just means the actual location. All right, so we're going to pick, uh, these three cities and I'll show you what this looks like. Go to Geo targeting. Open this city comma state city. Calm estate. Right. And you just have whatever cities that you want to scrape in there. If you got a local business that sells, I don't know a plumber or whatever You want to find dentists. Let's say in these three cities, then you just scrape these three cities for relevant keywords, which will show you how to do right now. Okay, Next thing you want to do is you want to select custom foot prints and then we're going to add our keywords. Now, for this one, we're not gonna add a keyword list because we want Teoh have fewer keywords. And if we were scraping, Uh, yeah, who? Because there's just not a lot of variety when it comes to yellow pages. So, like, let's say we do dentist worth it. Don't ist DDS Orel Surgeon. I don't know, dental practice. Oh, all right, that's that should be enough. You can add more if you want, but I think those five would be good for now. on. Then we'll click on throttle. Scrape No. 23 seconds. Mistress means it will change the delay between scraping each page of yellow pages dot com . Okay, and then we're going to click on Start on about a boom. But being now we've got some results. Okay, so we'll let this run for a minute or two. You can see this results. It's returns 30 results at a time. So it's very fast. Um, and you should get 10 or 20,000 results per scrape, depending on how many keywords using how many cities that she is. All right, so let's stop this now. What we're going to do is we're going to export it as a Yellow Pages Full report generate report. We're going to go to our folder that has Yellow Pages reports, and let's see, we'll call this one dentist. Three cities Y P reports. I say Now this is the pro marketing VPs that I got through program pot. The reason I use is because it has a very high bandwidth limit, so I can essentially use and abuse this as much as I want, without having to worry about running out of band with So it's good for May I recommend you guys use it as well, Especially if you want to get very proficient at using program box. Basically, what I'm doing now is I'm over here on my main machine. This is my actual laptop right now, not my GPS. And I'm pasting the file the report that we just downloaded onto my main machine because on this machine I have excel on the other one. I do not. So the file won't open on the other machine. It will open on this machine. So I opened up going to look for the website column. Right. Phone address category website going to copy this going to go back to our VPs going to go toe? Are you RL's holder going to go open a new text documents when I call this one dentist. Three cities. You are Y p. You can see I have a similar file here. That's because I already shot this video and did not I have my microphone plugged in, so that was fun. All right, so we save that and then we're going to reset this app now. This is the second part of the process because this. You know, if we if we look at this, this is only this is only gonna be your else. All right, so bubble blower dot com I don't know why 7 11 dot com is in their but whatever kind of weird. Um, Okay, so we're going Teoh, come over here. We're going to de select all of these little boxes and we're going to harvest data from your own. OK, The only thing we have selected here's contact pages going to go to our you are Els folder going to select this one that we just made max threads at, say, 11. This is not gonna take that long. We've only got 79. You are else have a sip of coffee while I wait for this that I shot, like, seven videos for this before realizing that my mike was not plugged in. So says like this is round two, but anyway, you can see everything is going through right now getting all these contact pages, We're already no 80% of the way there. And like I said, you're not only gonna do a list of 79 you are always gonna do you know, 47,000. So it's already done. It'll take a second to finish up because we did start with a lot of threads, which is basically like an instance within an instance. Sounds confusing, but, um a multiplier, I guess. Like we have the one bought open right and it's going to be 20 threads. Means it'll be doing it 20 times at once. With in this one instance of the body extents anyway, Doesn't matter. Morris Morris, Faster. That's all you need to know. Okay, so I should finish soon. And when we go when we export this data export contact pages because that's what we scraped for this time. Generate report. I will say that to our contact page folder. Let's just overwrite this one because this is essentially the same thing that I had before . Who will replace it? Yes, Export. A great open file. It's just make sure that it looks good. Okay, Looks great. Okay. There are some duplicates in here, but like, who cares? It doesn't matter. If you want, you can run it through a duplicate remover, but it doesn't really matter my experience. Okay, So that is how you scrape contact page Orioles from Yellow Pages. In the next video, I'm going to show you how to use death by capture if he wants. 4. How To Find Keywords To Use With The Scraping Tool: What's up, guys? In this video, I'm going to show you how to find keywords for scraping search engines using the scraping tool. Okay, so what you're going to do is you are going to come to this site called, uh, we're gonna go here, basically. Well, what you're gonna do is we're gonna go to Google, type in Google. Keyword tool. Okay, click on this one says keyword research and strategy with keyword planner, that'll bring me to this page right here. Okay, you click on this button, you know, bring you here. Just delete that. So you can see now things is a free tool that Google has that you can use to get keyword ideas. And they have this so that you will use their AdWords, which is how they make all their money. It's a right click on find new keywords. Type in dentistry. Orel, Surgeon on Ortho. Don test. Get started. All right, Now it's gonna give us all these keywords what I like to do. I just like to download keyword ideas. All right, It'll give us this thing right Here. Are this one? Open that and then going to select all of these just going to copy them, Going to go to our folder that says keywords on. And let's say we you know, I've already done this cause I'm cool. So new text document, dentists, orthodontists, orthodontist or a surgeon keywords to All right, we open it and we paste all of those in there. Okay, Now, this already have save changes. Look, so this this is what I recommend you do. Would you want to scrape yahoo? Okay, because yahoo, generally you're gonna want to put more. You want to be more comprehensive with your the amount of key word to use when you're scraping yellow pages. I wouldn't scrape more than 10 or 20 keywords because you're not gonna have nearly the same amount of data. Yeah, I was gonna have a lot more. So you want to have a wider range of keywords as opposed to Yellow Pages? It'll just take a lot longer for no reason. Okay, So that is how you find keywords to use with grandpa described 5. How To Use The Posting Tool To Contact 1000s Of Businesses Per Day: What's up, guys? In this video, I'm going to show you how to use the posting tool with pie Grumbach. Now this right here. This is the whole reason toe by Hyderabad, in my opinion, because without the posting tool, you know, this is this is how you're going to 100 x or 1000 X The efficiency of war called outreach campaigns. So we're going to Dio is going to come over here going to add your You are list Click on post to your l directly. No blacklist. You're going to load your contact pages, right? So let's use this one. Wow, 47 you RL's amazing. All right, go over here. The posting tab. We're gonna de select all of these options because we don't want to scrape this information from the contact page from the website. Now you have two options. Okay? You can either. Let's say we don't have any campaigns yet. Bob Bob at a well dot com. Don't use your real phone number because you'll get a lot of calls from people like sometimes the body won't fill out the form properly and are only like, throughout only your name and your phone number. Your name, phone number, email. You'll get a ton of calls from, like, people like, Hey, I saw you left your details on our site, you know, But there was no message. What can I help you It. So save yourself the trouble subject. You know, plenty of resource is out there on how to write a proper subject line. You can refer to the section on cold emails. This course we want more details. But just keep it short to the point. Um, your business, that's that's a bad one. When I was selling Instagram Growth Services, I would just write your instagram okay, and then message body once again. I'm not gonna go over that right now because there's plenty of information about that in the cold email section, Of course, but let's just say hi. You know, by my stuff, obviously nothing. Right. But like I said, refer to the cold email section of the course with that information. Okay. And let's say for the sake of argument that we really like well, show no. All right, now we're gonna do is we're gonna click on start. We're gonna choose how many threads you want What is a threat? A thread. Just think of it like how many times the body is going toe Execute a certain action at the same time. All right, so if it's only one the bodies only it's gonna go one by one. With contact forms, you have 10. It's gonna fill out 10 at a time. 20. It's gonna fill out 20. I like to do 21 on three different instances of the body. But again, it depends on the capabilities of your GPS. And you know how much it can handle. Uh, but let's say I don't 21 all right? And then you click. OK, I'm not going to because I don't actually want to send this out. You click OK, and it'll go. All right, that's how Use the posting tool. It's pretty easy. You can do the captures if you want, but, you know, I mentioned another video. I don't really think that it's worth its cool. So, um yeah, that's it. Pretty easy 6. How To Use The Manual Posting Tool To Increase Your Posting Tool Success Rate: What's up, guys? In this video, I'm going to show you how to use the manual posting tool. Even though I don't actually use it. Maybe you do want to use it for some reason. Um, so, yeah, I don't know. Maybe you would want to, but I don't use it. And I'll tell you why. Because when I am running a post saying, Do know, Posting campaign and let's say it is a 50% success rate, the manual poster is so much slower that it's almost not worth it to me like I would. I could probably scrape new contact pages and post to them faster than it will take the manual poster. Um, you know, time to do that. I'm sorry, not manual poster like it's an auto poster, but it'll do it from a browser, so it's just going to go faster, all right, I don't really know how to explain it, but you'll see, like a little browser window pop up here and the bottle actually auto post from a browser, as opposed to however it does it, Http. And never they sure on technical details, but it just doesn't use a browser. All right, So why would you want to do this? Let's say you have a list that's very valuable to you. Very specific. Maybe very small list. And you've tried to run the auto post jury had whatever success rate you had, and you don't want to waste that. You know the rest of the names on that list, you can run it through the auto poster. Okay. Now, the way you're gonna do that is pretty much exactly the same as if you were going to run on Auto Post. All right, just load your see here. Just load your contact pages in there. These ones 47 then what you're going to dio is going to auto post, right? And we'll just do this quickly, just so you can see, click on, start with this weird little window, pop up and, uh, start right. And then you'll see exactly what happens. Don't even know why this is popping up. But I've never really had success with this. Maybe it actually started. Okay, so I guess when you open it, it starts automatically. You can see I don't really use this right. It's already scraping all this data and like Look, look how slow it is. You know, it's like, what is going on here Now? Granted, this probably isn't the best list, but like I had to click on next. You are l or something. All right, so that one actually went through, uh, 7 11 corporate. Not exactly, dentist, But next year, so I like this. Are you kidding me? I'm supposed to, like, sit here and, like, look at all of youse, Like for God knows how long? No, most of my life. Right? So, like I said, I don't use this, but maybe you guys will want Teoh. But I personally don't like it's only done to this entire time. Come on, Can you break? But if you guys do you want to use it? Like I said, you have a specific list that requires something like this. That's how you do it. Okay, So that is how you run the manual posting tool. Very exciting stuff. 7. How To Use Death By Captcha To Increase Your Posting Tool Success Rate: It's up, guys. In this video, I'm going to show you how to use death by capture to increase the success rate of your campaigns. All right, so I brought her campaign loaded in here, Going to click this button Auto solved capture. It's gonna bring this up. Yours is gonna be blamed if you don't have this already set up. So what you're going to do is you're gonna come over here to death by capture dot com. We set up an account same way you would set up an account on any other website. Now, what this is going to do is it's going to fill out click the capture button on contact forms as you. As for the bots of the Balkan, fill out the contact page. Now, in my experience, it's not worth it to do this just because of the type of campaigns that I run. But in your case, it might be worth it if your list is more valuable. Okay, so you can see I don't about almost 200,000 paid for moms. 200,000 captures, which was no, that's good amount. And like I said in my experience, is just not worth it, but what you're gonna do is gonna click on order captures, and you're going to select whichever option you want. These are all the same. Great. So you don't need to order in bulk, and then on the next page or just going fella, your credit card information on, That's it. Now, when you've already done that, you're going to have a balance, and you're gonna come over here, click in your user name and password test connection. Yeah. Okay. So if it's if you entered it that this improperly, it's going to say your balance $0. So minus $0 I don't use this anymore, but like I said, you might want to use it. Um, and that is how you use it. So that's it? Uh, yeah. Next video. I'm going to show you how to find keywords for scraping search engines 8. How To Use Your Blacklist So You Don't Contact The Same People Over And Over AGain: What's up, guys? This video. I'm going to show you how to use a black list for your posting campaigns right now. Why would you want to use a blacklist? Well, if you're going to be contacting, going to be using pocket about a lot, eventually going to get some overlapping duplicates in your lists and you don't want to contact the same people too many times because, you know, they get mad and we don't want them to get that right. So first thing you're going to do is you're going to click on add blacklist. Uh, now you should have a folder here. That's his blacklist that has essentially a list of all of these successful campaigns that you run. Right? So you run a campaign, you're gonna click on exports successful, your l's, and you're gonna load them into a blacklist. Okay, so the reason you want to do this is because you know number one, it will make it easier. It's a contact massive amounts of people later because you can combine all of the successful lists that you contacted into one mega listed as a much higher success rate than just some random most that you just scraped, right? So let's say I'm contacting Promoter Master split to and I want to load this one into the blacklist. All right, Now, this has 119,000 girls. Okay? So that means if I load, let's say I don't want to load this one, because that's gonna take a long time. Let's just say this one, for example. All right? I loaded these 9000 contact pages in there. That means every time I posted one of these contact pages, the bought is going to check it against this list of 119,000. If it's on the blacklist, it's not gonna post to it if it is on the blacklist. If it's on the blacklist, that's not gonna post to it. It's not on the blacklist. It well, you know, this will slow down the effectiveness of your you know, it will take a little bit longer, but at the end of the day, you know it's worth it because we don't want to piss off too many people with using the box . Okay, so that's how you use the blacklist. Highly recommend that you do it, um, just to kind of, like, keep all your ducks in a row and not get your reported for spam or anything like that 9. How To Use The Form Tag Module To Increase Your Posting Tool Success Rate: Okay, guys, in this video, we're going to talk about how to use the form tag module on a robot. So took on foreign tax module right here. No. What is the foreign tack module? This essentially is going to give you the option toe add tags, Teoh each section so that when the body is running, it will recognize. Okay, I see this tag. That means this is the name field, and I'll fill out my name. Oh, I see this tag. That means it's email tag off right now. This I would say this is similar to, um the, uh, death by capture in that I don't really use this anymore. You can see I've got a lot of wild cards filled in here, but in my experience, it doesn't really help, right? The only things that I would check is this. How to handle check boxes, check all and how to handle drop down selections randomly. Select. Okay, this is because you don't want to run the risk that, like you have to check a certain box and it doesn't check. You want to randomly select drop downs because you don't want to have it not select for the same reasons over here. Okay, So, um, what you're going to dio is, uh, you know, like, let's say here for wild card slots, right. This is how you how you heard about us, right? That's what I chose for this one. Because I know sometimes websites they want to know how you heard about us, right? So I wrote I scraped all of these tags and, you know, in putting them into wild card slot one. If I wanted to use this, I click on enable Wildcard posting this one website, right. Some some contact forms. They want to know what your website is. This one company. Someone know what your company is. Your zip code. So on so forth. Okay. Now, what you have to do is click on save changes. It will want you to reset the body. Okay. You know, I actually I don't want this, So let's say it again. Okay? Now, how do you get foreign tax? Where do you find them? All right. What? You're going to dio you're going to click this button here that says collect foreign tags. All right, You're going to, uh, this is when you run a post, right? So let's just I don't know. It's just do it on these poor people here, for example. What's to starts 2 11 threads? You know this is going to collect foreign tags from the side. Okay, so it's probably, you know, bob Abel dot com. Probably don't think this is like a real person, but just for fun. Hopefully, we won't this off too many dentists by doing this or 47 dentists that we have loaded in here. Not a great success rate on this campaign. But then again, you know, how long would it take you to fill out three contact pages on your own? Just copping pacing. Probably a lot more than 15 seconds. Just what it's taking the body. But what we're going to do now is going to select here. Um oh, actually, we don't have to do that. Just get it, All right, So when it's done, we're gonna go over here to click on Foreign Tag module, and you'll see a lot of foreign tags in the section that was previously blank. And then I'll show you how to load them in, even though, like I said, like, it's not really necessary. But I'm just showing you anyway because some people might want to know. Okay, so now when we click on foreign tag module, we're going to see hopefully something a little bit different. Yeah. Okay, so these air all of the form tags that we exported from them. Okay, let's say we want to, um, you know, get these. You could have. So I have I don't have a foreign tag folder here because I don't really use the same or Oh , actually, yes, I do. Just kidding. So let's say test tags. All right, then. Okay, so you're gonna see upload tax export tags up low. Tax expert tax. Okay, these two buttons correspond with this section. These two buttons correspond with this section. Right. So let's say we wanted to upload tags to the name folder. What? We're going to dio Honestly, I don't really know what I'm showing you this video because, like, this is not going to help your success rate at all, but whatever. Okay, So, test tags What? We're going to dio going to select all of these. We're going to open excel. It's a new okay, we're gonna paste all of these in there now we're going to do is we're gonna select this column. We're gonna click on data lexicon filter, missile arrow text filters contains. All right, now, let's every one of the filters for the name tax. All right? There's no tags in here. That same name, right? If some of them said name, he said, What do we have in here? Or let's just add some. Okay, so name first Name, last name phoning. So select that filter. Quickie arrow text filters. Contains name. Okay. These are all of those. Never always have the top one in here, so make sure that you do not select this top one. All right? We're gonna copy these. I'm gonna go back to Pagan Bob. We're going to create a new test name tax. All right. And we're going to paste these in there. Okay? We're gonna save it now. Back when I used to use this, I have a lot more like this is named five, right. We'll see how many are in here. The this is from, like a massive campaign that I did You see how everything in here has name, name, name, name, name. I probably loaded these all into the name thing. Now, Like I said, I found that this doesn't really increase my success rate that much. So like, was it worth it? I don't know, but at least I learned you know how to do it. Okay. And then we're going to Dio is you're going to go to click on upload tags. This will pop up, click on name list, Continue. And then you click this button and open, and it will automatically load them into here. Okay? And just repeat that for all of these. OK, email. Phone subject message. You want to make a new one? Okay. You do like, let's say, um let's say, how did you hear about us? Right. So, um, you have to think I have a little creative Like what? What words with the tag. How did you hear about us? Contained? How here about I just chose here. It's like, how did you hear about us? Or maybe hear about or heard about right. And they just do the same thing. Filter with the arrow text filters contains here, Right. Get these three once again. Just picked these three. Copy, uh, paste them into a new right. Make a new file like this one, paste them in there and then you load them in if you want. But like I said, not really necessary, I wouldn't do it. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but my experience hasn't really done much for me. But that's how you do it anyway, if you want to tinker with it and you want to mess around with cool, sweet. 10. How To Keep Your Data Organized With Paigham Bot: Okay, guys, this is going to be a very important video on keeping your data organized right now. When it comes to using program body, we're going to have a lot of data. OK, you're going tohave contact page is going to have. You are else grab yellow pages for reports you're gonna have formed tags. You have emails going, maybe have successful pages. You're gonna have a blacklist. So it's very important that you have all of this information properly organized so that you don't just save it all in the same folder and then have to spend a lot of time looking through all of it in order to to figure it out. So I am going to include a series of folders for you because I'm just such a nice guy, and I want to go over all of them individually. Just so you know what to save Where Okay, now, some of these I won't include in there like this is all these air contact page lists that I have that I'm not gonna give you. Unfortunately, active proxies. Okay, so you can actually use program bought to scrape for proxies, which I'll show you in another video, but save the active proxies here. Okay, Eyes only. Black list. All right. This is you know, and you can What you're gonna want to do every time you run a campaign is you're gonna want to create a specific blacklist for the word for that campaign. Okay, that will show you what lists you've already contacted for that campaign. Just very important, because you don't want to contact the same people over and over through the same blacklist . Otherwise we'll just pissed them off, and it can lead to problems. Um, blacklist filtered. All right, let's say you have a blacklist, and you're filtering for another campaign that you ran. You want to put essentially the contact pages that were not on the blacklist in a specific folder, which is going to be this Okay, blacklist blast list. This is just gonna be your main blacklist. All right, So you're going to have a master blacklist, will make another video on how to organize your blacklist. But essentially, you wanna have all of the successful campaigns that you run. You want to export the successful pages into one folder and consistently continuously add them to the Master blacklist. The reason is because in the future you can split this list up, and you could just contact that black was directly instead of having to filter through an entire list which may or may not have a good success rate, contact pages, Another important one. All right. Any time you run a scrape for contact, Page is gonna want to save them here so that you can refer to them in the future like, let's say I want to contact gay websites, right? Gay and lesbian. It's a very popular niche, So I could just come in here and say, Oh, I've got this gay list already. That's a random example. But you get the idea E mails. Obviously you're scraping for emails. You want to save all of the emails into a certain holder so that you can just come in here at some point, be like, oh, I want all these emails for sites that were built with blue commerce, right? Maybe you want to sell them some sort of Facebook ads or something. Just go in here about a boom, but a big um, What else we got? Geo targeting. All right, this is another very important one for yellow pages. This is essentially yellow pages footprints. So when you, um you know, when you want a load certain cities into yellow pages, you can just boom. I've got 99 of the most populated cities in the United States randomized list right here. Just load does in. No problem. He words another important one, right? Any time you download a list of keywords from the Google keyword tool, just load them here in case you want to scrape. What? So you want to scrape yahoo for these jewelry keywords? Then you want to scrape yellow pages or you want to filter through them and see, Maybe you want to select a specific few filter for um, let's see here most. We got different blacklists tags. OK, so got foreign tags. All of these form tags. If you're using foreign tag module, you're gonna want to save them in a specific place that you can load them into the form tag module easily. MM. Unsuccessful. I actually don't use this one because I just don't. But I did briefly, right. If you have, if you're running a scrape and you want to save the unsuccessful pages, maybe to run with the manual poster later on. Then you would save them here and then run them with the manual poster of second time around. Um, Y P reports. Okay, So this is where you're gonna put all of the full reports for yellow pages before you harvest the contact pages or whatever other data you want A harvest from them through the tool itself. Right. So let's say we've got dentist three cities about this full report. We want the contact pages from there. We're going to need toe open this. Highlight all of the website you girls, and then paste them into a separate file to get the contact ages from them. Okay. And then once you've got the yellow pages, contact pages, you know, maybe you want to save the contact page is that you get from yellow pages into a different colder than just your general contact pages. Or maybe not. Okay, Your l's. I skipped this one, right. These air, all you RL's that you're going to get saving. These are all your l's that you're going to get from certain websites. Right? So maybe at first you want to scrape contact ages. Later on, maybe you want to scrape her phone numbers. Right? So you got everything organized in the same place. Okay. Very important that you guys do this. Um, this is, like key. Really? Keep you Don't do this like it's very hard to use the spot because it's just, you know, stuff's not gonna be organized. I'm not an organized person, naturally. Like I'm a total mess. But using this body makes me organize things because I know that it's not that I won't. I won't know. Like, where to find what I need to find when I need to find it. Okay, cool. So organize your data. 11. What To Promote With Paigham Bot Affiliate Offers: What's up, guys? This video I'm going to show you, give you some ideas for stuff that you can promote with pie Graham Bob. Okay, so one thing that I actually likes promote cause I'm I'm lazy and I don't like to do a lot of work is I like to promote affiliate offers. Okay, So this one that I'm going to show you is a This is a company that I don't own any of this company or, you know, whatever. Like I'm not like endorsing them or anything. It's just an example. Um now I like to use these guys because essentially, all I have to do is just send traffic to this Web site. If the customer makes a purchase, then I get an affiliate commission. Okay, so this is for Instagram Growth Services and you know, their plans are pretty cheap. But basically, when you approach promote affiliate offers that have a recurring weekly or monthly income or cost, then it's good for you because you don't really have to do any work other than just like sending the client to the website itself. Right? So basically, what I do is is you sign up as an affiliate for these guys, and I think you need to actually contact them in order to do that. Um, but yeah, What you do is you just get your affiliate link. You come over here to embody All right? I'll show you my I see loads set up. Former set up explodes. Social. So this is me, Philip from Explode Social. You know, this is what we dio. Here's my affiliate Link. You have any questions? Send me an email. Right, So it's fairly straightforward. And then I just essentially just load as many contact pages into here as I can on just last the entire Internet. And then some people are gonna click on this. Could be a customer. Some people might take a week or a month, but I found pretty good results with campaigns like this. About 600 bucks a month, just from like a couple blasts that I've done to my list. Cool. So, like, that's an easy one to do in the next video. I'll show you guys how to, um, you know, Philip, your calendar with Program Bob, which I think is pretty cool