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How To Get Clients With Cold Emails

Yalla Papi, Digital nomad and fitness bro

How To Get Clients With Cold Emails

Yalla Papi, Digital nomad and fitness bro

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15 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introduction: What You'll Learn In This Course

    • 2. How I Learned This Strategy Through Trial And Error

    • 3. How To Write The Introduction

    • 4. How To Explain To Clients What You Do

    • 5. How To Concisely Explain Your Offer

    • 6. How To Insert A Call-To-Action That Gets Results

    • 7. How To "Soften" The Aggressiveness Of A Cold Email

    • 8. Putting It All Together

    • 9. Free Tools: Using Canned Responses And YAMM

    • 10. How To Create A Canned Response

    • 11. How To Use YAMM To Send Your Email

    • 12. How To Use Yelp To Get Business Emails

    • 13. BONUS: How To Use Your Blog And Samples Of Your Work To Increase The Response Rate

    • 14. BONUS: Increase Your Conversion Rate With A "False" Discount

    • 15. BONUS: What To Do If You Don't Have A Website

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About This Class

This is a crash course in writing cold emails that will convert into leads.

It will cover the following:

  1. How I discovered this strategy
  2. The right mentality to have when cold emailing
  3. How to structure the email to get the best response rate
  4. How long the email should be
  5. Where to find emails of businesses
  6. How to execute the strategy so that you can start getting clients in a few days
  7. Free tools you can use to increase your results
  8. And much more!

I've made this course as simple and to the point as possible. No fluff, no marketing buzzwords to bog you down. Just 100% pure unadulterated actionable information for you to start using ASAP.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yalla Papi

Digital nomad and fitness bro


Read my super awesome blog Subscribe to my health and fitness YouTube channel Case study on how I got all my social media management clients:  The best $10 you'll ever spend See full profile

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1. Introduction: What You'll Learn In This Course: What's up, guys? Welcome to my course where I'm gonna teach you everything that you need to know about writing cold emails to prospective clients so that you can get business from them. I'm gonna teach you what tools you need to use. I'm gonna walk you through installing them and setting them up. I'm gonna teach you how to write a perfect introduction to a cold email. I'm going to teach you how to explain your offer to the client in a cold email in a way that doesn't bore them Doesn't cause them to click out immediately. I'm going to teach you whether or not you should mention price. I'm going to teach you where to find e mails as well so that you can email at least 50 people project. If you guys follow the strategies that I lay out for you in this course, I guarantee that you will have clients by the end of the month. It doesn't matter what your services you could to video editing to copyrighting to social media management. Whatever it is, if you follow the strategies that I lay out for you in this course, I 100% guarantee that you will have clients by the end of it. If you guys want to get updated on any future courses that I do, make sure you got follow button. And if you enjoyed this course, I ask that you just leave a review so that other people will know that it provided some quality information to you and so that they could benefit from it as well. 2. How I Learned This Strategy Through Trial And Error: What's up, guys? So I'm going to explain to you how I discovered this strategy and give you a little bit but background on myself. So my name is Stuart. I've been freelancing for a little bit over a year, and when I started, I had recently just quit my job and was looking for a way to make money online. Now, I had money saved, but I didn't want to spend it. I was looking for a free way to start making some money. So I decided that I would just, you know, pound the pavement, so to speak, and start sending out cold emails to businesses and see if I could drum up any business for social media management, which is what I was focusing on the time. And I thought that it was gonna take me months to get clients like I had set aside about six months worth of savings to see me through because I didn't know how long it would take . But I assumed that it would take me, you know, at least a month to get any sort of clients. I was very surprised when I started getting clients within the week and All I was doing was emailing 50 people per day, give or take and offering them some sort of service. At the time, it was social media management. But if I had other services to offer, I would've offered them a swell. I still use these strategies today if I have room for new clients and I want to get business quickly. This is a perfect way for you guys to drum up business for yourselves very soon. There's no real get rich quick schemes out there. But in my experience, there's no substitute for asking thousands of people if they want to purchase a service from you to get business and get money coming in as quickly as possible. So I hope you guys stick around for the rest. Of course, if you enjoy it, make sure you follow me for more courses, and if you have any feedback for it, make sure you leave a review. Tell me what I could do better next time, and if it was valuable to you, make sure you leave a positive review so that other people can benefit from it as well 3. How To Write The Introduction: What's up, guys? In this video, we're going to cover how to write the introduction to a cold email. So this is very straightforward. And remember, we're writing short emails here. Kate, These air not long, drawn out things, So basically gonna be very straight to the point. You say, Hey there. My name is Stuart, and I'm with Let's say, social posting house. That's one of the websites that I run. That's it. Okay. It's really like that Simple. It's one line. Okay. Now, instead of writing Hey, there, you can write. Hello, This is Stuart, and I'm with social posting house. Right. Or hi there. My name, his Stewart. And I'm And I'm the owner. Social posting house dot com. Okay. You see what these have in common? They're all basically like a brief introduction. Who you are like a greeting. Okay. Name, company, right. A greeting. Hi. Name. My name is blocked Company. I'm with Company X. Right. That's the introduction is very straightforward. It shouldn't be more than one sentence. Maybe, too. If you want to break it up like this 4. How To Explain To Clients What You Do: Okay, So in this next section of the cold email, what we're going to do is we're going to tell the recipient what it is we dio. Right? So 1st 1 introduction. Hey there. My name is Stuart on the social posting house. Next sentence would be we specialize in social media management on account growth for all social media, media platforms for all social media platforms. Or how about this? We are experts at organically growing instagram accounts for any knish imaginable. Right? We are a professional agency that specialize is social media account growth Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Right now I'm just making these up off the top of my head. This is not like me sitting down and like, thinking out the best way to do it. But I just want to show you guys what you're actually trying to dio, right? So the structure of this one is would be something like what we dio who we do it for, right? And you don't have to add that last part. I mean, it's kind of like self explanatory that you're doing it for businesses. Um, you're not just, like contacting these people making conversation about what you dio So let's just narrow it down with just a what? We dio All right, next section coming up. 5. How To Concisely Explain Your Offer: All right. So in this next section, basically what you want to do is you want to tell the client what it is you are offering specifically. Right? So what about something like this? Um, our service runs for $150 per month and includes five posts per week to your companies. Facebook page. All right, are about this. Our plans range from 25 to $50 per week, and we've also got a free three day trial, so you can try us out. Risk free. What about are, I don't know. Our service goes for $250 a month and includes I don't know about 10. Thanks to this. 20 posts per month as well as, um, automated growth services for your instagram accounts. Right. So you get the idea. Basically, you want to give them the price, and you want to tell them what they get specifically. Well, sort of. Um, the reason you want to give them the price? Just a quick note on this, because some people will say not to give them the price. Initial email. I personally believe that because we're contacting so many people at once. We want to give them the price because we want to limit the amount of back and forth conversations that were going toe have with them. Basically, we're looking for people who already want something similar to what we're offering and are just gonna kind of clarify a couple things with us. Like to make sure we're real people before they actually decide to sign up with us. 6. How To Insert A Call-To-Action That Gets Results: Okay. So in this next section, we're going to give them our first soft call to action. Right. And this is gonna be basically be something like this. More information. Feel free to head over to our Web site at social posting house dot com. All right, well, what about this? If you want to see a full list all of our prices and current promotions, check us out at prices. And let's think of one more. How about, um, to learn more about our service? You can go to our website at social posting house dot com. All right, so this is basically you're kind of just like offering them the chance to go to your website that you're not directly asking them to sign up. You're just kind of guiding them in the direction of If you want to learn more, go over here, right. And then, you know, if you want to get meta on them, you can say, like if they actually do click the link and go over there, they're complying with something that you said so like, if they do this and click the link, that's implying that they actually want learn more about the service, so it's like a little kind of psychological trick. But don't read into that too much. Basically, you just want to make it easy for them and provide a link to your pricing page or to your website so they could check things out. Ideally, the pricing page, though, if you can't if you have one. 7. How To "Soften" The Aggressiveness Of A Cold Email: All right. So in this final section, basically what we're going to do is we're going to kind of I guess you could say cover Our ass is right. And what I mean by this is that when you send a cold email to somebody there gonna be pretty mad sometimes. Right? You get a lot of weirdos were just like, Oh, my God. Why did you read? Mail me, You know, how dare you email me without me asking you to email me? It's all so anywhere we want to do is you want to just basically be very professional. And you want to say something like, if you have any questions, um, go ahead and reply to this email, and I'd be happy to help you out. Otherwise, have a great day. Exclamation point, right? Or we're gonna say if no, if you'd like me too, help you personally just shoot me email. Let me know when a good time to connect would be. That's maybe a little too aggressive, but you get the idea. Um, you say, if not, no problem. Have a great day. Another one. Let's see. How about if you're the type person who likes to get on the phone, let me know, and we can schedule time to connect. Mm. To talk. Um, if not, I hope you have a great day, Smiley face. All right, so we're gonna call this C Y a or cover your ass. And basically, like I said, this one, we're just want to kind of soften the whole fact that we're doing a cold email to them, Um, and hope that they don't like, you know, lose their shit about that. Um, yeah, That's basically a next video. We're gonna put it all together. 8. Putting It All Together: All right, so in this video, we're going to put all of these steps together, right? And we can actually literally copy and paste from these sections. Right? So first sentence is going to be Hey there. My name is Stuart, and I'm with social posting house. Right. Pace that one in there. Okay. And then, boom, we We specialize in social media management and account growth for all social media platforms. Bone. It's, I think, that in the same paragraph, and then our service runs for 100 $50 a month. That will make a new paragraph. Men. For more information, feel free to head over to our web site at blah, blah, blah. Again. Same paragraph. Soft C t a. I'm sorry. See why? If you have any questions, go ahead and apply to this email, and I'd be happy to help you out, right? Boom. There you go. There's are cold email piece o cake right now you can mix and match, Combine any of these and then if you want, you can sign it. Uh, I personally don't sign mine, but you know you can experiment and see what works for you. 9. Free Tools: Using Canned Responses And YAMM: What's up, guys? In this video, I'm going to show you how to install the two tools that we need to use to execute this strategy. So I'm assuming here that you have a Gmail account. If you don't go to gmail dot com, set one up. If you need me to walk you through how to set up a Gmail account, then you know, I don't know to tell you this this, uh, course is not for you. Um, anyway, once you are in your Gmail, what you're going to do is you're going to click on this little gear right here where it says settings, click on settings and then you're going to go to the advanced tab right here at the top. It should say canned responses. Template. We're gonna click on enable right here. It's probably gonna be disabled by default, gonna click enable, and then what we're going to do. All right, that's canned responses. Then we're gonna go over here to, uh, you're gonna go to Google Sheets. Right? So this is a Google dog, Actually, what we're going to do is we're gonna open a new window we're going to do she sheets dot google dot com. I believe that is going to open Google sheets for us. Click on blank and then once that loads, what we're going to do is we're gonna add on. Add on to Google sheets. Now, this is a mail merge plug in. And for those of you who don't know mail merge is basically a fancy way of saying emailing a bunch of people at once. I don't know why they call it a mill merge, but this is what we're gonna add right here. Yet another mail merge. No, I already have this added in, but you won't. So we're gonna go to get add ons right here and let's see. Okay. Yet another mail merge is right here, like in one of the featured add ons. But let's say it's not just type in yet another mail merge. That's it. And you should see this right here. Click on. You know, it'll say free right mind says Manage, cause I've already installed it. But just click whatever button is right there, and it should install it into your browser. And in the next video, I'm going to show you how to send the actual emails 10. How To Create A Canned Response: What's up, guys? In this video, I'm going to show you how to use the canned responses feature on Gmail. All right, so what we're going to do is we're actually come here to our drafts on. Let's see, this is the email that we wrote earlier. So we're gonna scroll down here. This is the one that we had finally cobbled together from all of the different sections that we've done. So my pace it in there, and we're going to come up with a subject. When you when you write the subject for the email, I think that you should be as clear as possible. Right? So for this one social posting house, this is an email that's basically pitching social media daily, posting services right in this specific example. So I would write very simply daily hosting service. How about this? A daily posting service or your social media accounts? Easy, right. Nice long title, you know, gets the point across like the person who opens this is going to know exactly what they're getting into their going to read this very straightforward email. We're gonna see a link to the website. Everything is going to match up nice and evenly with what they think it's gonna be okay. Now, what you're gonna do is gonna click on these three little dots right here. You'll see a little thing here that says canned responses. And then we're going to click on. I've got a lot of these. As you can see, I use this feature liberally. Anyway, you'll see a section here that is marked as save. It'll be great out like that. Just scroll down until you get to new canned response. Well, say please enter a new canned response name. We'll just use the subject of the email as the name. I find that that's a good way to keep things organized. Look OK, and that's a piece of cake. 11. How To Use YAMM To Send Your Email: What's up, guys? In this video, I'm going to show you how to send the canned response to the list of emails that you have gathered very, very easy. All right, What you're going to do is you're going to type. Um, just go open a spreadsheet, Right? Google spreadsheets. Once you've opened that type something in the top cell, let's say email you get what you want and then paste the list of emails that you've got. This is mine. This is a list of I CEOs, right? I don't know if I have 50 here. I do actually more than 50. Alright, so I've got 73 here. That's not bad. Um, and then what we're going to Dio is we're going to go to yet another mail merge, start mail merge now, something should pop up here because I've actually already hit this list before with this offer or with a different offer, Really, But it's from the same email address. I'm not gonna do it again. So this is this right here. You're not going to get this pop up, so just ignore this. Um, but this is basically saying like you've already emailed these people before. Do you want to email them? Do you want to skip them from the campaign? So, yeah. Okay, let's say okay now the email template that we're going to use let's be consistent and use the same one that we were using before daily posting service for your social media accounts . All right, so I would just clicked out, Um, and then you're gonna want to leave this selected track emails open, clicked or bounce. This is just a good way to, like, keep track of what's happening with your emails. This will might cause you to bounce from some emails, but I think overall it's worth it to, like, be able to track and see what's going on. And then this stuff just kind of ignore that. For now, that's not really relevant for you. Unless you want to get really granular. You can click received a test email if you want, um, and that will send you basically an email to your email address just to make sure that everything is like, formatted properly. So when we go over here to mine, this should pop up. Yeah, daily posting service for your blah, blah, blah and then This is what it's gonna look like when they get it. Hey there. My name is Stuart. I'm with Social Posting House. We specialize. Blah, blah, blah. All right, so it's fairly straightforward. Um, that's pretty much what it's gonna look like. You know, nothing to spammy to sales. It's just, like, very simple. Then what you're gonna dio is you're going to click this button right here. Send 69 emails. That's it. It's gonna send it. You're gonna get a little progress bar that says, Like sending 23 out of 69 24 5 Whatever. You get the idea. 12. How To Use Yelp To Get Business Emails: What's up, guys? In this video, I'm going to show you where to get email addresses to send your email with your offer to. So, in this example, we're gonna be using yelp dot com. Everybody knows what that is. And let's go with hair salons, right? It's just something simple hair salons near Manhattan, New York. Now, I will tell you that this strategy is fairly inefficient. It would be much faster to just buy a list of e mails from somebody and load them into your spreadsheet like that, which you can do. But I'm not gonna show you how to do that because I'm gonna show you what I was doing in my original strategy. Maybe I'll make another video. Maybe I'll make another lesson that will allow you to do that. So what I used to do is I would just open literally every single one of these. I opened all of these and then you'll find a link to their website right here. And then you click on that for all of them. Open it in a new window. See, this one doesn't have one. So I would generally just skip that one. Not one and we close this close. This was this. And then what you're gonna do is we're gonna do control f using a PC If you're not using a PC, I have no idea we're gonna do because it's used. Max, you're gonna type in this little ampersand, right? And you'll see right there. It says male to level block. So what we're looking for is we're looking for an email address that we can, um, send an email to without having to think too hard. We're going to right click on that copy email address, and then what we're gonna do is we're gonna pace that into our spreadsheet. All right, so next one same thing, control F and percent is already there. This one is not returning a result. So the next thing that we're gonna do is we're just scroll down to the bottom and we're gonna look for an email address. See what says your click to email us most of the time on a website. They'll add the email address and contact information at the bottom of the page. All right, so we right click on that. A copy email address, go to a spreadsheet. Okay. number two right there. And then this one normally, uh, websites of hair salons there, Like, very slow for some reason, but same thing. Control F This one is actually right here. So right. Click. Copy email. Address, Mom. Piece of cake. All right, so there we go. About three out of 50 right there. Just repeat that for, you know, to get 50 of them. Should take you about 1/2 hour on hour. Whatever it takes. Not gonna be that long, You know, an hour a day to get clients. I don't really think Is that big of a deal? That's it. 13. BONUS: How To Use Your Blog And Samples Of Your Work To Increase The Response Rate: What's up, guys? In this video, I'm going to show you how you can increase the chances of businesses responding to your cold email by including some links to either work that you have done or articles that you have written about whatever industry the service you're selling is in. So I've got right here. This is the cold email that we wrote before. Let's get this little room. All right. So introduction, what we do blah, blah, blah. Now we're gonna want to put this right here. All right, so we're gonna say, Let's let's say that we're selling Social Media Management Services here, right? What you're going to write is going to say to check out some of our previous clients. You can either. Right? That was, uh yeah. Let's write that. Check out some of our previous clients. You can visit any of the links below www dot client one dot com client too. I live a block, and here you're gonna post links to either work that you've done or sample pages that you've got, right? So for this right here. So for this example, what I would do is I would post, um, these would be Facebook pages that I currently managed or that were already running the service for. And what I actually really like to do in situations like this is I like to post links to articles that I've written about the industry. Right now, if you've got multiple businesses, that might be kind of hard. But if you've only got with one, then you should definitely have a blogger. Not because, like, anybody's actually ever gonna, like, find your blog's from, you know, searching on Google, cause that's probably unlikely unless you're a big business. But for this reason, right here, right now. When I started doing this, these are all written last year. This is my blood, by the way, if anybody wants, check it out. Stephen dot com slash at yellow Poppy. Um, I would post links to these articles right now. These are all about crypto currency. So I would say it was also selling writing services, so I would say something like to see samples Meyer or no, it I've included some samples of my work below 12345 and so on and so forth. Right? And when you've got, you know, I've got a lot of articles on here, right? This is like I'm like, a writing machine. Okay, Now, you don't have to do all of this, but these were actually fairly easy to write, you know, some of them. And then eventually, you know, I started writing about different stuff, but back when I was trying to get clients for Cryptocurrency, I would send them all of these articles, and I noticed that my conversion rate for my cold emails went way up because they saw that I had already done work like this before. And I feel that, like when you have a blawg, it makes it more personal. All right, obviously, videos air. Better to show your face. But if you've got a block, that's kind of the next best thing. Um, so that's it. If you guys don't have a blogger right now, you can go to steam it dot com and set one up, or you could go to medium dot com and you can just have your blog's there. If you want to set one up on your website, that's fine. If you don't have a website, then I would recommend either medium or steam. It and I don't think you necessarily need a website to do this strategy, but that's a conversation for another time. 14. BONUS: Increase Your Conversion Rate With A "False" Discount: All right. So for those of you who want to step things up a little bit, I'm gonna teach you a little sales trick that I learned when I was working in retail. Um, this is basically I guess it's not much of a trick. It's really just giving them a discount. But if you look up here, we started out are starting price is $150 a month. Now, I wonder about you 150 bucks a month, five posts per week. That's a pretty good deal, I think, especially for your average business owners. Probably too busy to do any of this stuff. Um, but that said, let's say, Well, look, any time you give anybody a price for anything, they're going to kind of, like, tense up, right, because they're thinking of spending money, and that's kind of an uncomfortable thought for people. Um, so what we want to do to kind of circumvent that is we're going to give them a discount. So where we're going to do that is we're gonna do it down here right now. I'm going to make a course about sales later, but for now, just know about this little trick, right? So, um, this week we're actually having a special sale where we're offering 20% off our signature social media management package. Just use the coupon code, uh, 20. Check out, and it will fly automatically. Um, that means instead of 150 was 20% of 150 30 bucks. 50. Only a 20. No way. Same service for 20 instead of 1 50 Okay, now, here's the deal. Let's say we still wanna charge 1 50 Right? Um, this is good, right? Because what we've done is we started out at 1 50 We listed all these benefits, right? Oh, look at all the stuff we've done. You know, um and then what we did is we dropped the price on them, right? So it seems now, like it's a better value. But what we can do to kind of supercharge this, let's say we start this out of 250. All right now, we really weak will charge 1 50 for this, and we'll be fine with that. So this week, we're having a special sale where we're office offering, You know, now we can even make this or actually Let's keep the math simple. Let's make this 300 a month. 50% off. That's a big deal. 50% off. And it's only this week, right? Change. Change this to 50. Um, now, this part is a little bit redundant. I guess we can take that out. That's kind of obvious. Or actually say we want to leave it in because what, you want to explain it to them? Cause I don't know. Maybe they're bad at math. Um, that means same service that we normally charge 300 for. It's only on 50 But this week only Now, realistically, the client probably knows that it's not only for this week that if they wait two weeks, they'll probably able to get the same deal. But this is still like a little copyrighting trick that you kind of need to do. It's called sense of urgency. Sure, you guys have heard of that before? Um, so anyway, you include this little thing in there? It'll kind of like, regardless of the fact that they think they need to do it now, the discount is really the main, you know, powerful thing right here. Right? We started our 300 bucks a month of probably thinking like, Oh, my God. $3 a month for five posts. Well, you know, I guess I need it. But it's so much money. Boom, boom, boom. Come down here 50% off. You could even make this bold. So you want to format it? So you're feeling adventurous. Make that bold. Oh, my gosh, while so incredible, um, yeah, that's basically it. I recommend that you guys do this as well. 15. BONUS: What To Do If You Don't Have A Website: so some of you might actually not have a website, and you might just be freelancers. If this is the case, then you can use this template over here on the right that I made in my last video. But my mic wasn't working. So instead of rewriting it, I'm just gonna go over this right here. I'm gonna show you what the difference is Is differences are between these two templates. Right, So right here. Hey, there. My name is Stuart. I'm with Social Posting house. If you're a freelancer or not with anybody, right, So we're gonna say Hey there. My name is Stuart, and I'm a specialist in social media marketing. Basically, you're just going to go straight to the point and say what? It is exactly that you dio um and then you can develop that a little bit further. You can say I'm an expert in growing and managing all types of social media accounts. You know, just basically use this to go a little bit more in depth in what this really means, right? Or just kind of restated, but in a full sentence, if that makes sense, Um And then over here, the languages. Ah, plural. So it's going to say our service runs for blah, blah, blah. So you're a freelancer. There is no are. There's only my So my service runs for 1 50 a month and includes all this awesome stuff. For more information, feel free to head over to our Web site at blah, blah, blah. This one. If you want more information on how I can help you with your social media accounts, feel free to respond to this email. So we're still going to do the soft call the action here. Um, but just because we don't have a website, the only way really for them to contact us is to respond to the email or if you guys are, like, comfortable on the phone, then I would recommend leaving your phone number. Even if you're not comfortable on the phone, like still leave your phone number so you can get comfortable on the phone. So we just change this toe, Um, or you can give me a call. Call adds, whatever. Whatever. Your found numbers, right. Check out samples of our to check out some more previous clients. Visit the links below that we're gonna keep the same. Now, I would say that this section is probably more not probably. This section is definitely more important if you're just a freelancer, right, Because for some reason, human psychology, when we see that somebody has a website or that there is a website associated with a business that has a name, Um, for some reason, we feel that that's more legitimate, right? Even though it could be like the same guy sitting around in his underwear in his grandma's basement. Um, if we see that website and that dot com, you know, we're just more likely to trust that, Um so to make up for that lack of trust that, you know, we can assume that people are gonna have it's much more important to have, like a blawg with some articles that you've written, ideally in the industry that you know, is relating to this, right? So for me, let's say that I was doing social posting else I would have this one. It would say, like, you know, this is an order club, right? How to grow your I G accounts. Next one would be how to get better engagements on your instagram posts next one, uh, top secret linked in hacks of Silicon Valley. Um, superstars, whatever. Dumb Clickbait stuff like that, right? And then so on and so forth, I would say five is good. When I was doing this, I would have a lot more would have, like, give him, like, 10. But that's just me. Finally, the last thing is to connect with me on social media that you can find me on. So this is basically including social links to your social media accounts, your personal accounts. Now, this kind of is related to the last section as well. This blogging part right here because what we want to do as a freelancer were cold emailing people out of the blue. We want to establish trust and credibility, right? So in this section we established that we know what we're talking about. And in this section we want to establish that were actual real people. We're gonna give you our personal Facebook page, conceal our friends on their got years worth of history. LinkedIn is also important because it's like your professional background Instagram. I would say you could do without unless you've got a cool looking instagram page, but definitely linked in and definitely facebook. Um, and in this last section, you could leave that the same