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How To Get Clients As An Academic Tutor

Deepak Shukla, Inbound Marketing Courses

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12 Videos (45m)
    • Welcome To The Course

    • Adopting The Right Mindset Starting Out

    • Rebuilding Your Resume Part 1

    • Rebuilding Your Resume Part 2

    • Rebuilding Your Resume Part 3

    • The Right Photo and Need for Video

    • Applications To Agencies Part 1

    • Applications To Agencies Part 2

    • The Power Of Classified Websites

    • Advertising In Your Local Area

    • Advertising In Shop Windows

    • Getting Familiar With The Syllabus


About This Class

Interested in building an Income on the side?

If you're a student, stay at home mother or in work and feel that picking up some private tuition lessons outside of what you already do seems interested - then this is the guide for you!

I'll take you through the exact steps that I took to build myself up as a private tutor from scratch.

What you'll discover in this course is that actually - it is far easier than you think to actually build yourself as a private academic 

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It is a very informative short class that will get you motivated to get those applications out there for tutoring as well as practical information that will make you stand out.
This is a very useful and informative course. Excellent.





Deepak Shukla

Inbound Marketing Courses

Hi, I'm Deepak Shukla, the co-founder of Pearl Lemon a digital marketing company based in London.

Here you'll find courses based upon my life experiences:

Sport: 20x Marathons 3 Ultramarathons. 2 Full Ironmen. 1 Fight Won Via TKO Muay Thai. Trained British Soldier

Career: Warwick Graduate. Former Deloitte Consultant. 25 jobs before he was 25

Entrepreneurship: 2 Startups Funded (£5k & £75k). Tutoring Agency (Took to £100k+). Recordin...

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