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How To Get Clients As An Academic Tutor

teacher avatar Deepak Shukla, Inbound Marketing Courses

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Welcome To The Course

    • 2. Adopting The Right Mindset Starting Out

    • 3. Rebuilding Your Resume Part 1

    • 4. Rebuilding Your Resume Part 2

    • 5. Rebuilding Your Resume Part 3

    • 6. The Right Photo and Need for Video

    • 7. Applications To Agencies Part 1

    • 8. Applications To Agencies Part 2

    • 9. The Power Of Classified Websites

    • 10. Advertising In Your Local Area

    • 11. Advertising In Shop Windows

    • 12. Getting Familiar With The Syllabus

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About This Class

Interested in building an Income on the side?

If you're a student, stay at home mother or in work and feel that picking up some private tuition lessons outside of what you already do seems interested - then this is the guide for you!

I'll take you through the exact steps that I took to build myself up as a private tutor from scratch.

What you'll discover in this course is that actually - it is far easier than you think to actually build yourself as a private academic 

Watch to find out more

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Deepak Shukla

Inbound Marketing Courses


Hi, I'm Deepak Shukla, the co-founder of Pearl Lemon a digital marketing company based in London.

Here you'll find courses based upon my life experiences:

Sport: 20x Marathons 3 Ultramarathons. 2 Full Ironmen. 1 Fight Won Via TKO Muay Thai. Trained British Soldier

Career: Warwick Graduate. Former Deloitte Consultant. 25 jobs before he was 25

Entrepreneurship: 2 Startups Funded (£5k & £75k). Tutoring Agency (Took to £100k+). Recording Studio (200+Clients). And Now Lead Generation (Pearl Lemon)

Digital Nomad: Lived in 9 Countries. 50+ Backpacking. Hitchhiked 1.1k miles in 3 nights

Influencer: 17.5 million views Quora. 240k YouTube Views. 7.5k LinkedIn Connections. 25k email list built in See full profile

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1. Welcome To The Course: Hey, everybody, How you doing? My name's Deepak chocolate And I'd like to welcome you toe how you could make a living as a private tutor today as quickly is today if you wanted to. I kind of kids, you know, through the steps in this course, I'm going to take you from absolutely zero from not having any of the skill was required to learn how to get paid. Teoh, teach what it is that you love to becoming expert in a series of simple steps. It really, really isn't going to be difficult. It is going to be exciting on. I do want to share with you how it is that I learned to get paid up to £40 of even more in some cases to be a private tutor. Teaching English literature is whether psychology thes air two subjects. I'm passionate about that. I really do enjoy. And I've talked over the last several years on I've gone from not having any kind of tuition experience to getting paid and upward sometimes of £100 our on I want to show you how the type how that I've done that I've not got any specific teaching qualifications. I've learned psychology upto a devil. I have studied English literature up to a degree level, but I certainly haven't ever taught in a formal teaching environment. As a teacher, I have done it as a private shooter on what I want to show you through this course is all of the steps involved in getting you to that position. There are no tricks. There are no captures involved. It's simply just a case off engages, engaging and falling. Order the steps involved through this course on. I promise you that you really can if you do indeed follow these steps. Begin making a living as a private tutor today. Thank you so much. And I look forward to seeing you on the other side. 2. Adopting The Right Mindset Starting Out: books that you doing. Welcome to how to get paid £40 per hour to tutor. That's right. This is where you can learn how you can get paid £40 per hour to tutor my name's Deepak Deepak Schickler on what we're going to be talking about today as we start you on this journey is probably almost definitely the number one thing for me. The millionaire mindset. Now I myself have got paid to tutor up to £65 up to £100 per hour on various occasions. I also know personally shooters that are earning mawr than £5000 a month here in the great city of London to shooter, and they've also got additional clients on their waiting lists. Now these are not people with 30 years off teaching experience. I have specifically graduated from Oxbridge or yea or Stanford and Ivy League or Red Brick University. Here in the UK thes are regular, normal people like me. Hello on yourself that really don't quite extraordinary things on what I want to talk to you about today is, as I said, building the millionaire mindset because it'll starts with taking action on this all comes from originally and initially the belief that you really can go out there and get paid what you deserve on. There's gonna be a lot of us out there that probably or perhaps don't really think that, um, I really worth that much in the marketplace on this is a notion I really want you to try and dispel today because all of us, all of us have absolute talents that we can share or we could communicate with the world on . Do you ever I mean, for Do you ever find yourself continually explaining something off from the same subject or the same area to different people that you meet? Are you the kind of person that ever gets like super positive feedback about something that you've explained to somebody else? And you've got a friend Richard saying, Hey, man, you know, you really, really should consider teaching this. Maybe you haven't got any of those things. Maybe have got a lot of knowledge up here, but it's just a case of getting it out there on what I really want. Teoh do with you through the course off this program is show you how you can do that And that really, really, really does begin with building the millionaire mindset and believing that hey, I am were £40 per hour. I can get paid £40 per hour to tutor, because as much as I'm going to give you advice through the course of these videos in this whole entire series that I've got for you, it really does come down to you actually going out there and executing the things that I tell you to do. And this all begins with having that millionaire mindset. Now, you might not necessarily believe now that you can go out there and get paid immediately. But what I want to encourage you to do is believe that it is possible now you already here , which is absolutely amazing. So I'm really pleased. And what I want you to consider is if there's something that you've got particular knowledge and skills off. If you understand sonnets and iambic pentameter on everything that relates to Shakespeare, if you understand fractional distillation and hydrocarbons on what it is, the molten rock is made off and the formation of coal over centuries. If you are incredibly good at reading sheet music, and complain a the violin or the piano If your accident with setting up a a WordPress Web website, domain names and hey, HTML and CSS and job. These are definitely, definitely all skills that could serve you in the marketplace, because there's people that you know either personally that would pay to have someone that could teach them all of these things on that condemn finitely bu. So I really do want you to believe that you are capable of earning that kind of money on whilst you initially might not feel it, I want you to think it, and I want you to say it. So two days on this episodes lesson is really about finding your mantra. What is your mantra? What is the thing that you're gonna repeat to yourself that will help you go through the parts of this course to make sure that you really do end up getting enquiries and getting paid £40 per hour to tutor? It could be something as simple is I can do this. I am worth £40 per hour. I can get paid £40 per hour to tutor. You know, I can get paid $50 to tutor. I can get paid 50 euros to tutor continually find something that will help motivate you through this course. It would be an injustice if I didn't get paid £40 per hour. Make sure that it's simple and it's sure and it's memorable and use that mantra to build your millionaire mindset such as, Hi, my name's Deepak and I really believe I'm worth £40 per hour that we said that you again, I want you to say it to yourself Hi, my name's and I'm really worth £40 per hour might feel funny and my even sound funny, but we need to keep saying it to build your mantra because this will help you create that millionaire mindset that's gonna take you through the entire parts of this course to make sure that you go out there and start getting paid for the knowledge that you have in here today. Thanks so much, guys, 3. Rebuilding Your Resume Part 1: you built the millionaire mindset or you're on your way to building the millionaire mindset via the mantra that you've got in your head Which could be Hi, my name's Deepak and I really, um, where £40 per hour for my time. I'm worth £40 per hour. You know you're saying it to yourself on so it shall become true on now we're going to practically talk about what that entails. So let's talk about the action stations now. This is the practical part of actually getting to that position. So you've got your current CVI or your resume that relates to your professional career or even your student career. If you're still in study at the moment on what we're going Teoh think about now is anything that you've done that relates to the areas off education, instruction or tuition. Now you might be thinking that Deepak, I want to teach. I want to teach music and all my experience relates to administration. Absolutely not a problem. The first thing that we're going to do is look at your current CV that resume, you know, even if it's just one in your head, were you to go away and go ahead and get it hard. Copy if you've got one perfect printed up. In fact, it would be absolutely brilliant if you go and print one out. Otherwise soft copy on a second device. You're watching this on your your mobile phone or your laptop. If you've got a second device in front of you as well as a piece of paper, but something you can basically scribble on or make notes, start looking at all of your experiences. Andi, try and tweak and pull out all of those things that relate to any kind of experiences of tutoring, instruction or explanation that you've given. So if you've been a project manager, if you've been a team leader, if you've supervised on anything, if you've given any kind of staff training any of the above or even in Kloss helped with a desert station or group project with explaining certain elements of it, think about the result or the benefit. That person the Utah got as a result of your instruction that slack tuition that's teaching a such now think about this critical one thing that I've told you and how it relates to anything that you've done historically, Because remember, what we're about to build is a CV full education and not for a another career quote unquote . So look at everything you've done now and think about how you've done anything that relates to to tuition, to go through all of your work experience and start remodeling things in your own mind and scribble them down based upon. And he benefits someone's received as a result of your explanations. 4. Rebuilding Your Resume Part 2: Now, of course, the second part of this is just saying that, OK, Deepak are built will of this experience off tuition and instruction that relates to my formal work experience. But it doesn't really have anything to do with, like the music that I want a shooter. So here is where I beg to differ. Think about all of the informal work experience, the informal tuition experience that you've had with that thing that you want to get paid £40 per hour to tutor. So think about any let's take the example off the guitar. Are any friends or family that you've helped Shooter To show some courts to show multiple YouTube videos of your favorite guitarist to show the history off the guitar or, indeed, jazz music to look at a particular individual? Jimi Hendrix, too. Go to any events where you've been asked to give instruction to an audience or wherever you given a performance. Anyone that sitting an exam for music and you've shown them perhaps how to play a particular chord or how it's broken down. What's a riff is? Think about one of those experiences or types of informal tuition you've given on the benefit that that person is derived from that as a consequence of you helping them. I mean, this is this is tuition. It doesn't need to always be in the formal quote unquote context. It can be informal, informal on. When you start taking this kind of lateral approach, you'll discover that you've got a lot more experience than you perhaps initially thought that you did on. This is really key when building your resume for tuition and for education, because we typically tend to underestimate the amount off education and tuition experience that we all had. So go ahead and think about all the things that you have done informally that relate to that thing. You want to tutor and start building it into your to page resume. You know, if you're watching this fire, a laptop or a desktop or a mobile, go ahead and get a second device or get a hard copy soft copy of your CV. But just have an opportunity to really type out right out. Some of those things that you've done that relate to your informal experience with that subject. If it's a guitar indeed, because by putting it into your CV on formatting in such a way, we're going to take that informality and bring it out to the formal world. 5. Rebuilding Your Resume Part 3: So you may well be wondering what this is, indeed. Or four Onda? Uh, no surprises. If you've already worked it out, building your resume is going to be incredibly important for a couple of reasons. Let's go through them. The 1st 1 is for you. I mean, Teoh able to be able to practically build that that that millionaire mindset will come from the mantra. You also need to recognize how much experience that you do have on this to one page document is going to be your way off, kind of reaffirming all of the experience that you, Andy do have. We all underestimate ourselves. What we're capable off what we've done. And so what we could deliver. That's a first. The second thing is for the conversations that you'll have. I mean, you're no doubt not going to be able to keep this a secret entirely, whether it's from the agencies, the parents, the students, the indeed friends and family that you're going to be talking about. With this, they're going to have questions saying What kind of experience? Yes, you have a tuition Deepak, and you can look again your two page resume and say, Well, I've actually got quite a lot of experience in 2012. I did this in 2000 and 15 and I did that at work. You'll see. For the last two years, I've been project managing and it goes on, and it continues. So for all of these conversations, where people do question your experience, whether it's an adversarial question or whether it's just a neutral question for someone is potentially going to hire you, you're going to need to know what you go to be talking about. This is again where this document comes into play now the third thing. The third and final thing, of course, is actual applications. I mean, practically speaking, the resume is vital for any application you'll indeed send off. I mean, whether it's informally, if you're some sending, you know, a friend of the family who wants, um, tuition, you're CVC. They can see what you've got, whether it's formerly through an agency, whether it's, you know, in a kind of semi structured approach where you bring a hard copy to a potential parent to just leave them with so they can look over your stuff in all of these areas, the mindset, the conversations on the applications your resume that's built for education is really, really going to pay off. So I please offset you stop for this moment and go away and build that CV so we can get going with the next and equally important part coming up. 6. The Right Photo and Need for Video: Hey, folks. So you've built your resume. Fantastic. I'm really glad that you've made it here. Let's not forget, though, that we're trying to do quite a specific thing. We want you to get paid £40 per hour to tutor. So I really want to underline the importance off presentation. Now, I'm not talking about the fonts and the italics and the structure of your CV. I'm talking about your literal presentation. You know how it is that you appear. So, for example, the difference between this versus this is quite a big thing. And sometimes we're all guilty of not being as presentable as we could be. So this is life and live is slightly different from the first thing that I want us to talk about, which is becoming picture perfect. So go ahead on dig out photos, you know, because it's gonna be mission critical. To be honest with you, if you don't have a good and a photo that simply no good enough, get your camera. You don't take. This is an iPhone I've got here. Go ahead and take your android. Your iPhone, any smartphone that you've got or a camera borrow one. If you have to do whatever you need to do to get just a regular, smiling, front facing picture. Something like this is perfect. You really will need it on. Go ahead and just edited even Instagram style with a very simple filter or a simple crop using, you know, pixel er, folk photo paint. And it's our whatever application that you want to use. Photoshopped Gimp indeed, to be able to just do a simple crop, nothing too fancy to give yourself an absolutely fabulous picture to go ahead and share with the world. Do you make sure there is not pixelated? It is no fuzzy. It is not too far away with you doing something like this or looking like that or make it very professional, approachable and friendly on. I do really encourage, as I'm not in this instance. You don't need to wear a suit depending upon if you're trying to help a very, very specific kind of person. But most of the time might say that you're getting to be in an informal environment. So where something that's kind of smart, casual, because this will make another big difference with that picture. The put up to the world. That's the first thing. The picture. We're gonna come to all of these places where you're going to be putting up as you probably already guessing. The second part of it is what I'm doing right now. Now I spoke about obviously the jumper just in the beginning. The other element that's really going to separate you from all of the other tutors who simply aren't getting paid 40 £6100 indeed per hour to tutor. I've been paid this amount is how you communicate yourself to the world. Now, don't worry, we're not talking s CEO. We're not talking some crazy ridiculous marketing tactics. I say crazy, Ridiculous. But let's say complicated. Rather, I'm talking about a simple video, maybe even to just introducing yourself, you know? Hey, my name's Deepak. I am a tutor off music. I especially love the guitar. I've been playing myself for about 10 years now, and I've been kind of tutoring informally to like a bunch of friends. School kids have had some really good successes with their exams. I actually learned to play myself, but guitarist academy on, Yeah, if you're interested in getting any lessons, I am available. Generally weak days. I'm in London on Hey, this is who I am. Do you see? The difference of that would make versus someone who just had the resume or someone has a resume and a photo. But if you have a resume photo and a video, then all of a sudden you are setting yourself apart entirely. Now it's really quite a different thing when you begin putting those two things that we've discussed together. So you have the photo and indeed you have the video. So if someone asked for more information, or if you're sending off an application, you can always include a link to that one video that picture as well as that resume. And you are already beginning to set yourself apart from everybody else. So simple video. Just as I've described their asses well as even a second if you want to on an area within that thing, you're passionate about of your choice. So in the instance, off music, you know, it could be something along the lines of eso I'm I'm incredibly passionate about music, where to begin, what to say. You know, hip hop has been a huge aspiration for me for for many years. I'm a particular fan off Eminem because of his lyricism, liver cysts, lyricism on particular, the song phenomenon that he is out of the moment with the new film with Jack Gyllenhaal. I forget the name, something like this. It really communicates your passion for the subject to go ahead and do those things, and it really, really will help set you apart when it comes to communicating your picture and your video to the world. 7. Applications To Agencies Part 1: So now we're going to talk about the art of war. You've got your CV, your picture, your video, all of its ready. So now begin to go out there on start attacking, so to speak. So what I want you to do is very simple, actually. Go ahead on do multiple keyword searches on Google or being depending upon what your preference is on. Go ahead and stop building a list off all of the recruitment agencies in the UK Now, you're probably thinking that's going to be thousands of recruitment agencies in the UK And I would say that you're probably right in thinking that. But I don't want you to go out and get literally all of the recruitment agencies. What? I want you to go ahead and do it. Set yourself a time limit. So, you know, I've got my I've got my Casio watch here. Trustee Handy reliable. You can set yourself a time of it if we can just bring that into into shot. I've just started timing. I don't know that's coming out a tour, but you can any way you could go ahead and set yourself a time limit, for example, off one hour. It's gonna be a painful hour, but aggressively try and do multiple keyword searches in Google to find as many recruitment agencies as you can are one subject specialists. So if you're looking for music, then go ahead and look for music tuition agencies. You know that's go to be one of the things that you could do. The second thing is, you could go ahead and four generalised tuition agencies a cuter kind of every subject. Then the fed them part of me. It's together, head on. Look at local agencies so you can split this into 20 minutes per task. And you can kind of divide things as soon as you start really drastically running out of the amount of agencies for a particular area. So go ahead and get your document. Whether it's Google Sheets, I'm a Faneuil Excel Lotus Open office, whatever it might be. And stop building your list. Three less local national subject specific local national subject. Specific on this is going to be the starting point. Now that you've already got your CV, you've got your picture. You've got your videos potentially that we're going to use this as a basis to begin to attack and really engage in the art of war. So one hour, three areas national, local subject. Specific national local subject specific. You could even have 1/4 category that could simply be other. If there's things that don't quite fit into any of those boxes, go out there and do that now. 8. Applications To Agencies Part 2: Now you've got ahead and build that list. All of the agencies you know, you've got your subject specific. You've got your national, you've got your local and indeed, you've got another. The next thing to really consider is the application questions. I mean, every agency is getting toe also a different thing. Some agencies are gonna have a long form application. Often you detailed questions. Another agency is just going to offer a cover letter. And CV, another agency might be indeed toast more than they don't offer anything, although no actively hiring. So you might need to send them an email with a cover letter on CV or just a CV, or just call them. That's something that we can examine as we go ahead and build categories for our actual agency. So you've got long form, which is questions. You've got short form, which is cover letter and CV, and then you can have another category, which is other basically. Now some of them, for example, a long form could even have questions plus your CV on the key here is to start basically sorting out one of the agencies that fall into these different categories now how you choose to sort this out is entirely up to you. Color coding is definitely, of course, one way. Having different tabs on a spreadsheet is another way. Indeed, that's something that I leave to you that really fits you the best. I think this is the best way to do it. The second part for that is that we're going to delve deeper. We're gonna then begin opening up. Let's say, for example, we've got a list of long form applications. Now let's say we've got a list of 30 agencies start opening them up on looking at all of the questions are very similar or basically the same, and start categorizing them as well. So as we from our list of for example, 50 agencies start building them into long form, short form on other was start noticing them beyond that, that that some of them will get questions about you. Tell me a time that you displayed leadership. Another one has give me your tuition experience in the law three years, for example, on we begin by sorting them out in this way, matching similar things all together on this is going to make it so much easier when you begin the stage off, actually, and fill free to stop this video and do these things. Now start sending off applications. We've got to the stage now where you're going to be sending off applications because you've got the millionaire mindset. You're saying your mantra. You've been to your action stations. You built that resume. You've got your picture. You've got your actual videos. You built your list of local, national and subject specific agencies, and now you're separating all of the similar questions into different batches so you can begin answering all the same questions at the same time. We're using one answer to answer 10 different applications potentially and using this former, you will become so much more productive on It's very possible in the course of two days, for example, perhaps even one depending on your list size that you can go ahead and send off applications to all off these places. No, there is one more thing to consider that will be a selection of agencies. For whatever reason, you don't meet the criteria quote unquote on agencies, of course, because we're interested in getting paid £40 Brown to tutor. It's simply one approach we're going to take because it's always worth taking to start getting those inbound enquiries. So for those agencies that are other, you can leave them in a pile when forever different reason. You know whether you don't have the disclosure barring service, the DBS, all the old CRB or a specific kind of cry criteria, background check or qualification that won't allow you to apply. Go ahead and put them into one box off other on Phil Free anyway to apply to those places just with a cover letter and CVI or even say, I know I don't meet your criteria. Here's my application anyway. And see what they say. No harm, no foul that you have nothing to lose in this instance, but the main area going to be looking at as all of those other applications that you can fill out and send off. So segregate batch and attack, segregate batch and attack and go ahead and start making those applications because we are now fully engaged in the autumn 9. The Power Of Classified Websites: Hey, folks. So now that you've sent off to all of the agencies, the next areas is not looking at is the power of classified websites. Now, this is going to be an incredibly important area where you could literally I kid, you know, when I first started my journey is ah, private tutor. I got responses within 24 hours s. So what I want you to do is classified websites are basically local based sites where people can offer services locally in exchange, of course, for a price or even products. But it's like a local dashboard where you can go ahead and list services and things of interest. So examples of this would be country Craigslist who do I believe is another one K g E Bay classified ad slight. It is probably going to be several more in your own area. So what I want to do. First of all, let's quickly build another list, which is the list off top local websites that you know that you can advertise in so you can build your list quickly. Then I want you to also google it. Go ahead and google it and see what comes up for your area, whether you're in Brighton, Chicago, Boston, Tel Aviv or wherever you're listening in from on. Then the third thing. One from the top of your head, two from Google and then three. Just ask a couple of friends and see if there's any surprises that come up and come out of it. So build your list. This should take you no longer literally than 30 minutes maximum. So pause the video and go ahead and do that. Okay, so you've got your list now. The next thing to do is start looking at the examples of adverts off people that already tutoring or teaching what it is that you want to teach. So if it's guitar lessons, Manchester, look in Manchester. Look at the guitar lessons. If it's guitar lessons, leads. If it's mu, you know, whatever it might be basically stopped building some examples off adverts that you really, really do like and remember that we built the video on. We built the nice picture. This is where order that stuff's going to come into play because what I essentially want you to do is to begin to advertise on classify ads websites. Many, many, many people that I know that I'm now earning in upwards off £100 per hour even really did start on Classified ads website It's effective still works today. I used some advice adverts recently to secure some client work, so I couldn't recommend it. More classified ad sites to Go ahead, Go into your country, go into your craigslist, go one to your eBay classifieds outside, Look at some of the adverts that you consider to be effective. Look, arrange. See what the most popular kind of ever is. See what a featured advert looks like because the people that paying the most are clearly probably getting the most feedback because that's why they're pouring the money into it on the kinds of popular with the pictures or style of writing. Go ahead and see what they're saying on. Basically, try and replicate where and when you can. The adverts seem to be interesting, but obviously add your own individual persona, which could well be your brilliant photo. Or indeed, of course, your video on this is what's going to be the second part. We've already sent off to all of the agencies. Now we're going to begin to place one ever across all of these cats of islands websites where you can do it for free. If it does cost some money, you're going to be spending more than 50 U. S. Dollars. £30 in total, I'd imagine. Go ahead and try and post for free, of course. But Post if you've got a list of 10 websites, go ahead on on post on all of them, all of them. Because we don't know at this stage which site will be the most effective for you? We don't know. We don't know that it's all on. It's super important that we find that out. We're going to throw everything that the war and this is by going across all of those websites creating your picture. Putting your video in is one of the additional links and adding your piece of text on publishing those adverts. And I can almost guarantee that if you put 10 adverts up and you spend 30 to £50 you are going to definitely make your money back within seven days. I would be very surprised if you did know unless her some kind of glaring issue of your ever. So this is the next thing that you did 10. Advertising In Your Local Area: So you've done it online with the local classified ads websites. Why not also do it offline? And this is something that people still miss, and I find it absolutely incredible when you want to go ahead and get paid £40 per hour to tutor. They're going to be local boards, whether it's at your local supermarket, your local church or other religious building, whether it's at a local community center, whether there are just other basically small boards or posts shopping centers that you can go ahead on put up adverts now, in terms of what the advert should contain, it should be very simple. You should be able to make it on Microsoft Word. Just change it from portrait to landscape on place. Some very simple text on there I've I tried a whole range of things in terms of very colorful leaflets, a double sided with text and logos and pictures. And the irony has been is ah, I find actual simple text black and white with a very simple and clear message, and perhaps you are aware a phone number to be at least equally if not more effective than actually creating fancy adverts. So you're probably thinking about Bochy, about money. Ignore all those things. I'm here to tell you that, seriously less is mawr on black and white is absolutely perfect. And if you can go ahead and again, create another list, some big on lists, as you can see off all of those places locally that you know off that Google knows about, you know, local notice boards, local dashboards, places to advertise free, you know, in Birmingham or Manchester, you know your local town where it's Knightsbridge, all Chelsea or Dagenham, wherever it might be. Then also ask obviously, any friends and family people Warner, where there's local dashboards, Then you will very quickly create a list of places where you could go ahead on. Put up some posters, so go ahead and create your poster. Create that post our inward to make it very simple on. Then go out and get maybe 50 to 100 printed off from a local printers on. Get those posters out in your local area. This is going to be killer. You're gonna have your picture that should come out quite nicely in black and white. If not, then go ahead and take another one and then some simple texts. You know, Richard maths, tutor lives and based in, you know, Chelsea rates from X pounds per hour are able to travel. If you need help of Mass, I'm your man. Call me GCSE. A levels and more. Something like this. Whatever that off that kind of variation out there locally, you're gonna again begin. Get in local based tuition on this is going to be really quite key. So go ahead, build you a list of local places offline because not enough to deserve doing offline these days. Find your local dashboards, notice boards and begin getting those posters out there. 11. Advertising In Shop Windows: Hey, folks. So one of the other things that's incredibly important if you want to indeed go out and get paid £40 per hour is to have a shop window a front page online. So you've created your YouTube videos. You've got your photo. If you are indeed proficient on not afraid off creating a simple website, whether it's in Wix Weebly WordPress one and one website building a Go Daddy website builder. There's a lot of very simple tools out there. Then go ahead and do set one up. If that indeed is something that maybe scares you a little bit, then the simplest answer that I can offer to you and still actually perhaps the most effective for small business is go ahead and set up a Facebook like page Facebook has. I don't know what the numbers anymore, but 800 million plus active accounts. Your audience will indeed be on Facebook, and you can on your Facebook. Obviously create your cover. You can create your location. You can put pictures, you can put videos, you can put images. You can even keep a little block. You can have anyone. Indeed, the engages with you like your page and then they can see your updates in their newsfeed. Keep in touch with you. So a Facebook like page would be actually a perfect place for you to store all of your news and activities on your online shop window with the girl. That could be easy to find. You know Deepak the maths tutor Deepak teaches maths facebook dot com forward slash wherever it might be. The importance of having this front page is a really does set you apart again from everybody else because what we're trying to create here is a little bit of brand positioning to make you really come across as worth the money worth £40 for our work. £35 for our heck worth £75 per hour. It's something that will be an investment, but it's something that can truly stand the test of time. So, really, go ahead, set up your Facebook like page, sell up your website. Whichever format the you choose on, create your online repository where you can have all of your data and using information that you want to share with everybody because this is going to help you look that much more professional when you go ahead and have that pig 12. Getting Familiar With The Syllabus: Hey, folks, One of the things I really do want to underline is I'm never espousing someone who's inappropriate or Underqualified for teaching to go out and try and teach something. I believe that Underqualified relates to a lack off knowledge off basic knowledge for what it is that you're going to teach on this. If indeed it is something that you are getting Teoh encounter experience or if it's a problem that you have, there's a reason why I left this video to later in the course, because I want you to go ahead and get out some of the practical things first, the advertising, the brand positioning the marketing to make sure that you've got inbound enquiries because so soon as people start email, e start calling you. Then things become that much more real, and it's going to really incite you to more action. Now, if there are gaps in your knowledge, you can absolutely 100% overcome all of those gaps. How do you did? Well, it's it's really quite simple if you're teaching geography or drama or music, Uh, go ahead and look at some off the major bodies of information that relate to the area that you want to teach. So if you're teaching someone who's at G C s E there or sitting there s a T s and go ahead and look at the path that they would have taken to get them to that stage and the likely path they're going to go on to go beyond that stage. Also, look at some of the key things that anyone across that course that you want to teach is going to need to know. Look at the national qualifications, the academic qualifications of vocational qualifications. Look at some, any gaps in knowledge that you might have to make sure that when the time does come to teach because indeed, by now, if you followed all the steps that we spoken about, you should at the very least be getting enquiries. And then, of course, it becomes a case off converting enquiries into bookings, negotiating rates and all of these other things that we can discuss in another course. But now you're getting those cause you're getting those e mails to getting those text. You're getting the voice mouse. Make sure Please, Please, please make sure that you have the prerequisite knowledge to go out and deliver some excellent tuitions on. It's actually equally for the point off teaching quality equally for the point of almost safety off your profession. But mostly it's for you because the lifeblood of any business is repeat bookings on its really not going to happen. If you can't go above and beyond what a tutor is expected to do, it is a competitive area. There are many people that do attempt to chew it up on most of the people that fall by the wayside, actually four because of the marketing. But in your instance, I really don't want it to be an issue off marketing or knowledge. I want people to be wowed by what it is that you have to offer on. I don't believe that passion is going to be a problem, but knowledge at times can be. So go ahead, learn what it is that you need to know. Andi. Really? Absolutely, truly. I wish you well on your journey to getting paid £40 per hour to tutor. And if you have any questions at all, please don't be afraid to ask me any time. Thanks so much. I'm d Patrick