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How To Get A Place At Oxford Or Cambridge

teacher avatar Deepak Shukla, Inbound Marketing Courses

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (3h 4m)
    • 1. Course Explainer Video

    • 2. Why Oxbridge, Who Attended And More

    • 3. Application Costs, Scholarships and Living Costs

    • 4. The Courses You Should Apply To

    • 5. Getting to Grips with UCAS

    • 6. Understanding The Personal Statement

    • 7. Developing Ideas For What To Write

    • 8. Building Your Personal Statement From Scratch

    • 9. Finishing The Personal Statement

    • 10. Getting A UCAS Reference

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About This Class

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If you're interested in studying at one of the top academic institutions in the world - then this is the course for you.

I've successfully worked as a university coach helping candidates get places at both of these universities. Having applied and interviewed at both and then going on to attend Warwick University (one of the best universities in the world all by itself and graduated with honours in English Literature - I'm extremely familiar with the application process

If you want to:

  • Understand a little more about both of these universities
  • Learn of the different ways to apply if you're an EU/NON-EU student
  • Find out about the costs of living
  • Be told some hidden tips of applying
  • Get walked through the entire application process

This is the course for you

I'll also be writing a PERSONAL STATEMENT LIVE in this course which you will see my build from scratch!

Sign up now to secure the future of you or your child :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Deepak Shukla

Inbound Marketing Courses


Hi, I'm Deepak Shukla, the co-founder of Pearl Lemon a digital marketing company based in London.

Here you'll find courses based upon my life experiences:

Sport: 20x Marathons 3 Ultramarathons. 2 Full Ironmen. 1 Fight Won Via TKO Muay Thai. Trained British Soldier

Career: Warwick Graduate. Former Deloitte Consultant. 25 jobs before he was 25

Entrepreneurship: 2 Startups Funded (£5k & £75k). Tutoring Agency (Took to £100k+). Recording Studio (200+Clients). And Now Lead Generation (Pearl Lemon)

Digital Nomad: Lived in 9 Countries. 50+ Backpacking. Hitchhiked 1.1k miles in 3 nights

Influencer: 17.5 million views Quora. 240k YouTube Views. 7.5k LinkedIn Connections. 25k email list built in See full profile

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1. Course Explainer Video: Hey, students, my name's Deepak Strickler on Welcome to my course, How to get a place to Oxford or Cambridge. If you're looking to get accepted at one of the top institutions in the world, then this is the guy that's going to take you there. I'm going to give you a step by step guide and hold your hand through. All of the elements are involved in the application process, starting from understanding more about the background of institutions such as Oxford in Cambridge. Two scholarships are on offer as well as the whole application process itself, including tips on how to write an excellent personal statement. So if you're looking to take your life to the next level and want a place Oxford or Cambridge, then watch this course. 2. Why Oxbridge, Who Attended And More: Hey, guys, how you doing? Welcome to the personal statement course. Have the right person statement faulted in Cambridge in this is a super quick video. I hope you're excited and pumped about this course. I know that I am. I took some time to put this together to make sure that I left no stone unturned in terms of a lot of things again to cover. Going to be that breaking down every element of it whole actual ucas application process what it tells what it involves, what ucas is things you need to know about Oxford and Cambridge living costs if you're you and on you and international student on this specific applications for universities. Sorry. Rather, the course is a swell is looking obviously the writing of the person statement So it won t o briefly say that, uh, you know, enjoy the course. First of all, my name's Deepak. You'll hear me doing another intro. I make this made this video, as you can see. Well, as you might know, beyonc. But at the end of making all of the other videos on board is important. I just ultimately let you know that the best way to take this course is by, you know, going through as much of it as you can. It's always gonna be there available to you. If there's anything you think that's missing, please add comments. Please reach out to UN Academy Responding the YouTube comments below. I really appreciate your support as to things that you think that you know, questions that you have things that you might want me to add or include. And I will seek, obviously, Teoh, answer those ivory in the comments or ultimately in the form off producing new videos based upon the kinds of questions I've got. So those things that I've missed, things that you feel are covered, things aren't explained well enough. Please just, you know, message me directly message on Academy holding on today. In the comments below, if there's any criticisms that you have the things you're unhappy about, I love If you you know, just messages privately on, we will fix them for you publicly on. Then we can just move on with the course, so please do enjoy the course. There's several videos attached to it, anything that you're already familiar with, that I recommend you know that you can just ultimately skip parcels, bits and focus on the bits that will be off the highest vanity. So we enjoy the course, and I will see you on the other side. So you guys, you gotta tell you doing my name's debunk Shukla and welcome to this course on how to write a personal statement for Oxford Cambridge in other European universities. Very simply put, if you're from both of you or a non you country, whether that's you know as closest France Ultra in Cambridge are in England or as far away as India or otherwise, than this is the course that ultimately is going to show you how you can get into a top tier university off your choice. And of course, it begins with me first explaining who it is that I am. So, as I said, my name's deeper look like you can go ahead and check me out on deeper triplet dot com. I've personally been interviewed by Oxford, Cambridge, warring Kings, Queen Mary's and a couple of other universities back in 2000 and four, I believe, was 13 years ago. Since then, I have worked for Deloitte. As you can see I studied at work. I majored in English literature on where I got a upper for upper second class honors, a 21 on. I have been helping students with their career choices as well as particularly applications for pretty much every top tier university in the U. K. Of course, Oxbridge On that successfully landed places as well as several other universities around the world, ranging from the Harbin to Stanford's to also the University of Geneva, a couple of top French universities, as well as other countries. So if you're interested, this is who I am on. Let's get started. So this is what you going to learn in this course? Ultimately, first thing is that sometimes I think people forget it's quite good thing to know where is Oxford and Cambridge on on the map of off England, it's in England. I'm from England, I British Indian, and I'm going to be taking you through all of these things. So where Oxford and Cambridge? First of all, why is it that they're the best in the world? You know, another people will just say right, You need to go to Oxbridge it without really understanding what is you know, behind the reasons for what makes these two universities is you just discover if you go ahead and have a look. Oxford University has just been announced as being the best university in the world. At the moment, the best university in the world on I'm going to explain to you what is it that makes these universities consistently in the top tier on makes Oxford the best university in the world . Once again, the underlying you know, some of the people specifically we focus upon India, people that went to Oxford and Cambridge. You know, people that have ultimately helped make this university such an amazing attraction the world over with particular focus upon India. Then I'm going to also revealed to you in this video the 10. And this is something that people don't think about when they're making applications. You know, one of the 10 easier subjects to get accepted onto When you're going to apply for Oxbridge , what are the 10 hardest subjects you're going to have Teoh compete with others against. If you're going to try and get accepted into Oxford or Cambridge So they're the things we're going to begin through, so First of all, here's the university off Oxford. It's in South England is kind of more, and it's a little bit of southeast England, but probably a little bit more south Central. Aziz. You can see this is where it is the world's oldest English speaking school, which will come to a little bit in the next time slide. And it's got a lot of these cities around it, basically. So there's London. It's never eat shredded wheat. It's west of London by about 50 miles on there's all of these other cities around it. Ready in Guilford, Creedence, Creedence, More of a county, London. Southend on Sea Chance for gluten using Keane's Coventry and Birmingham on. And then you've got Wales up here, across to the white right, and then you go down to the form of Plymouth Brighton areas. Britain is probably quite warning, So that is where Oxford, if someone toe ask you on a map. Where is from London? It's kind of bottom on, right? If you like or diagonally writes from Birmingham on, then it's diagonally left or up and then left from London, and then you've got, and I've also put it in for you where Oxford is a reference point for where Cambridge is. So Cambridge is definitely not in the southeast of England. It's more well, it's sorry. Rather, it is in the southeast of England, but it's a lot more kind of central London is on around that. You've got Barry, said Edmunds. It's which you've got Bedford, I believe here. Milton Keynes, Luton, Chelmsford, London's air, of course. And there's Oxford. So Oxford and Cambridge are kind of on the other side off London, if you will, on got London here, Oxford there in Cambridge there, and that's where it is you'll be studying. Hopefully after you know you take in this course. So let's get going. Why are they the best universities in the world? Well, listen on Oxbridge that 800 plus years old, they're the world's English, the world's oldest English speaking universities. And there were the only universities in the United Kingdom for a few 100 years, meaning that this is where all of the most successful people went right on. And that does incredible things in terms of raising up his university of prestige because of its roots, and also then to the second point money. You know, if you got the most successful people graduating from, you know, the world's oldest English speaking school, in the case of Oxford Cambridge not being founded not long after that and you're going tohave incredibly successful alumni. Therefore, patronage therefore ultimately money when it comes to donations, when it comes to the potential for research for salaries. And it's a virtuous cycle that the really successful graduates from Oxbridge then do give back to the university. That kind of, you know, changed their lives. Ultimately the third element of it and the geographical reach right through the Oxbridge brand, Oxford and Cane, which have such a fantastic and won't and international reach ultimately, because it has been helped by the British Empire that allowed, you know, up until well 50 60 years ago, allowed people to come to the UK relatively easy on, then go and study at the university. Someone like myself, for example, has profited from the fact that there was a British empire because it allowed the access from my family when my grandparents moved over from England, Teoh London to south for the edge of west London near Heathrow Airport, where law Indians came from migrant. What allowed us to come here, thus giving me the opportunity to access such an education on internationally. It means that, you know, with the English, you know, England being a new English speaking nation. Of course, of having such big roots. It means that this has helped cement Oxbridge its place as one of the most important, if not the most important universities in the world. And that does follow in terms of all of the other universities, even the more recent ones, such as work, where I went Teoh, which has continued to rise and rise up the rankings and was number one in the UK for English at the time that I started, I believe in 2000 and 5 2008 So the next element of it is intensity, right? So when we talk about intensity, as you can see here, this part here it's no, you don't get that level of intensity in in other universities. Ultimately, 12 essays in an eight week term. So that's eight weeks to months. Off the term, they're notoriously short terms of Oxford. Then you could go back and return to either, depending upon where you're from from India, back on back home or holidays, or stay in the country to since icing. But you will be hammered with work. So per seminar, it's not that surprising to expect to see an essay per seminar. Now what this does in terms of your ability to think academically and critically, and the kind of candidates and producers is second to none, you know, is going ahead. It's gonna be a super intense time if you're Oxford, so that other element of it is. And professors. You've got world class presses because it's the best place to go and study on in line with that. You've also got the level of contact time because you've got such a huge amount of essays and of early, to be sure, term time, you get 1.5 to 2 X contact time in face to face time with the you know the professors and think about it. You write an essay on you know, theoretical nuclear physics, you know, theoretical physics or, you know, abstract mathematics or philosophy or science or whatever. It might be literature. In my case, you're going to be talking to some of the world's best lecturers and philosophers and experts subject matter experts in that area. So that's also one of the big things. The next element of it is, of course, a long night. You've got world leaders, you've got nobody reacted. You've got more. We're going to talk about that in the next light. Alumni, basically is a word for all of those who have graduated from that university is I'm a And, as I'm a graduate of work, therefore work alumni. You'd be the same if you did indeed, go toe warrick Oxfords or any other top university or any university. Indeed. So here we get people that went to Oxford and Cambridge. Okay, so I'm gonna quickly run through these. Look at the I mean, you can pause this video, watch it all yourself. Look at these list of names. The prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Indira Gandhi. As you know, I think that you know, if you're watching this, I'd be very surprised if you don't know who she is. You've got a daughter. The G data. I might have pronounced that wrong. I'm so sorry. I know the Tar Tar Group. I know that their world famous I did not know that he the chairman he was the chairman went to that went Teoh Oxbridge You've got Salman Rushdie. Someone Rusty's world famous. You know, there's some someone that we studied at university because I read Midnight's Children, The Satanic Verses. Andi, he's, you know, World Famous essay is the novelist. I think he studied history. You've got You've got Gandhi. Of course. Gandhi recognizes the father of the Indian nation of any, and you've got narrow. You know you've got Gandhi. You've got Rushdie. You've got You've got incredible people. This is just a cursory, lifted, cursory list. You did some deep research. You discover how famous to people that went to Oxford and Cambridge actually are. So let's keep going. So here we go. This is the interesting bit. The 10 easiest subject to get accepted onto whilst you're going tol Oxford or Cambridge when you apply. So this is like some strategy here, Okay? Because it will really make a big difference if you I decided to look at it. Let's make this screen a little bit small, as you can see it all they get. This will make a huge difference because, you know it's much easier ultimately to get into on theology, Theology and religious studies has got the best conversion rate, so therefore, it's much easier to study one of these 10 subjects. You can get a whole book broader list if you want to, then to study ultimately, what's going to come to the hardest subject. So if you've got, if you're most concerned with getting a place, part of me are Oxbridge. You want to get a top place, then looking at something like this is going to be incredibly important, because it will make your chances of converting your potential application into a place that much easier. You got geography, history or archaeology or anthropology, Asian and Middle Eastern studies That would be in a relatively easier for someone who's from either you know, Asia or somewhere in the Middle East. Anglo Saxon, Norse and Celtic be interested in that if you're good musician and there's another option. Modern languages and linguistics, the study of languages and linguistics. If you're great with French, German, Spanish, you want to look at one of them more than many U four languages. That might be difficult for someone is not a native speaker of English, but still very possible. One of my top tutors was like Belgium. She was second languages English. He spoke English better than I did. And then you got classics which is, you know, the Greek and Roman literature often time on theology and religious studies, which will also be another excellent one to do so these air 10 easiest subjects to get accepted onto when you're applying to Oxbridge. Really? Keep that in mind. So on we've got the 10 hardest subjects to get accepted onto. Now we absolutely can still apply to these units applied to these courses. Go for these courses. I mean, they grow courses, but just bear in mind they are much more competitive than the other courses that I just listed here. Right? The 10 hardest subjects to get accepted onto you got PP, politics, philosophy and economics. Human sciences, finite economic Chanel I won't read. Order them through. But these are some of the secrets when it comes to successful applications that unless you're an absolutely outstanding candidate in this area, we get going to talk about, you know, application processes what that involves about lots of other things, But do bear this in mind that these are the hardest subjects to get onto when you are applying to Oxbridge. You know, economics and management ultimately is the hardest subject to get onto as off the research I've done just recently and that stands in line with some of the candidates I've helped support. You have one has got a place at economics out for studying economics and economic. So economics and management. So there was your whistle stop tour, Teoh, Part one of this course about you know how to ultimately get into Oxbridge or top European University. We covered wise Doctor is your best in the world. Check it out if it's number one in the world. At the moment with the famous South Asians, I went to Oxford or Cambridge related the 10 easiest subject to get accepted onto. So there's a 10 hardest subjects you can't get accepted onto. So these are all of the things that we covered in this whistle. Stop tour off how you can ultimately get a place and I just giving you the background off What is interesting about these universities on in the next lesson, it's going to be coming soon we're going to be covering the cost of attending Oxford for a U student. If you're from within the youth and you know this is good news. The cost for a non U student, it's more expensive. There's more involved, definitely, but the scholarships are available for not you, and I should say you students as well. We'll be looking into scholarships if you can't quite afford the fees. And there are ways you can and strategies you can employ to make sure that you get in to a top university. The cost of living on bmore add Oxbridge. The cost of living is something that's going to be significant. Would discover some of the tools of strategies around that on that scrap that where Oxford and Cambridge. Because I've already shown you that in this lesson. So I hope that was helpful and stay tuned for next week. We're going to be for the next lesson. Rather, we were going to be going through all off these things here. The 1st 4 bullet points my name Deepak Chopra. Feel free to check me out that deepak triple dot com. As I said, it's just here or, you know, do contact UN Academy for anything else you might need. See soon, guys 3. Application Costs, Scholarships and Living Costs: Hi, guys. Welcome back to the second part of this course how to get a how to write a personal statement rather for Oxford Cambridge in other European universities. So let's some keep going through. In the last lesson, we covered these four areas basically, which is why is let me zoom out a bit so you can see it more easily. Why ox reach? You know, Oxygen came to considered to be the best universities in the world. That's very popularly considered to be the case, famous South Asians that went to Oxford, Acela's Cambridge on 10 of the easiest subjects to get accepted onto as well as 10 of the hardest subjects to get accepted onto. So they were the things that we covered in the last lesson. No coming to this lesson. These are the four things were getting together through on These are, of course, critically important things to attending institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge. You want to know the cost for, of course, attending. If you're a man, you student assistant, then I'm gonna talk to you a little bit about those costs. Also, if you're a non use student, if you're from outside off the European Union that I'm also going Teoh, go through some of those costs for you on then we're going toe. Have some consideration for scholarships are available for non U students as well as you students has a range of scholarships that you can potentially applied to if you if you choose to attend Oxford or apply to Oxford or Cambridge. Finally, we're going to look at probably something that's very important that it's not looked at enough, which is the cost of living. Andi. Everything associated whilst you at Oxbridge. So you've got, of course, your tuition fees. Then you gotta think about like your red, you know, living expenses and general day to day life at Oxbridge. So they're the four errors you're going to go through. Let's begin. So if this is, um, you're if you are a home away you student by so my home. I mean, if you're already part of Great Britain or the United Kingdom, then you're considered to be ah, home student from a civil or civic standpoint. If you will, you're you student, then you're considered to be exactly the same I countries that were in the European Union on, You know that's quickly. Have a quick look. You can see exactly what it is the you mean so fundamentally here with his European Union countries. Have a look at this image just here that I'm putting up from the sources Indiana. So the language is, of course, different. But fundamentally, it's all of the country's definitely in blue, as well as the country's in green. Now the orange countries aren't in the European Union. Do know. Let's have a look at this picture instead to see if that yields any any life for us. So here we go. OK, perfect. So if you're a home or you student, you're going to be from one of these countries within Europe. As you can see, it includes Malta, Cyprus on a bunch of countries around here. So these are where you consider to be home or you students, So let's get back. If you're a home or you student, then the tuition feeds will be £9250. Adam, that's a 2017. So, ultimately, over the course off a three year degree, this basically works out as being 9 18 27 £27,750. So that's the tuition fee of 2017. 2000. 27,000. £750. In terms of the overrule cost for going to university on, that has changed significantly over the years. When I went to university, it was closer to £3000. This'd just risen. You know, University, back in 2005 I think I went too. Has been a fair while. It's been of this level now, say we get this is the other thing for it. You can use you that you could get a loan ultimately from the UK government. Full amount of tuition fees. You don't need to pay them up front. Okay? You don't pay the tuition freeze up front. You could get a loan for that entire some. That means if you're from from one of these countries, ultimately then going to Oxford is pretty pretty affordable. You know, if you got a place, right, so you're doing your second degree. However, you're doing a second degree. Then things get a little bit different. So let's say you've already got a politics and history degree from the University of Geneva or from Edinburgh in, in in the UK or wherever it might be. Then the tuition fee for 2017 will be £9250 on. You'll not be eligible for any site. Financial supports of what that means is that you will not be able Teoh access alone. Okay, you're not be able to access alone from UK government. So you will need toe find the funds yourself and you know, students often on something. Why say often sometimes do in a fam family, of course, financial support. The primary means the second remains is saving body through running a business or working in some form of employment before you apply it that typically speaking, there'll be either scholarships or family support for those who are going into the second degree in order to cover the Pecos. So this now is where it gets interesting. It perhaps, is most relevant for those people that thinking about blank, it's, you know, non EU students. What is it that's actually involved? So here we go. I'm not used to look at this again, back in and fat. Okay, so no, ese units, you will not be eligible for any tuition fee support from Oxford or the UK government. That's the first thing to remember that if you outside of the European Union, there are deals upon me. There are deals. Evan, Pretend to make sure that, you know education is ultimately in a price. The same whether you're in the United Kingdom or whether you're in Cyprus in terms of studying Oxford or Cambridge. Okay, that's just one thing toe t consider. So if you're no from the I your front you know your from the Ukraine. You're from Georgia, your for Russia. You're from according to this as well. You're from Norway would explain why not? I wasn't aware that actually, why don't really ever meet Norwegians at universities If you're not from any of these places, a swell is of course. You know South Asian countries, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, true land cuts on bmore, Southeast Asian as well and so on and so forth. You're not able to get any tuition if you support eso. Also, you get charged more significantly high level tuition fee which were very according to a program of study. Okay, So that varies according to your program of study, overseas students are liable for additional college fees. Eso You know the best way that if you want to go ahead and check out in a college fee's known you students books and you know, that's what I would Google if you saw their college fees. Non EU students Oxford and it will tell you additional college fear Kennedy and go ahead and kick open some of these links. So that's just an example of something that you could do. I'm going to go through them here. Okay, so this is where non u students. So here we have it on the anedge annual college fee payable west student, they goes about 7 7.5 £1000 almost on average. Okay, this is the annual quality that you've got the tuition fee payable west. You know, if you're from the oversee from overseas now, we're looking at a significantly higher prices. You can see it's from 15 to £23,000. So we're looking at something, you know, something like 15 30 45 about 40 47 £47,000. Something like that. 47. £48,000 between £47,000. Let's say up to around 24 2040 60 72 71 70 70 £70,000 Ultimately so 40 47 to 70 47 to £70,000 Something along those lines. The point here is that if you're a non U student, then going to Oxbridge is indeed go to be outside the realms of what's possible for large majority of shoots. However, provided that there is the finance within the family or from other means off getting used to these places, then you should definitely apply. And what I'm going to go through, of course, is talking about some of the other options on the table for you. So that is the non U students right here, as we can see that it's go search, you go. That's quite cooked scholarships. So Oxford provide dedicated pages to search for this on they directly offer it, but there's also external organizations to explore. So this is the good news. Okay, I understand that the fees are some people would call them extortion about the fees of the fees. Are there the same? You know, all of the universities in the UK for not you students who subject to higher charges at you know, Oxbridge does provide a dedicated search page for this as well as other being extends organization to explore. So what I mean is that if you're proactive enough, there are external organizations and support structures you can call upon to ensure that you get all can at least apply for the kind of scholarship, but unique. So let me just show you would go back into Google again. Shut down these pages. This is going to correct it for me. Don't you go to the shares. Do you type in something like that? So you have a look at international students. Many of up to scholarships are available. We look at that. We look at that external scholarships. You look at your fees and funding, etcetera. But the point is, and the reason I haven't gone into this in huge depth is that just do be aware. Okay. Many students on aware that you can apply for scholarships, you know, provided you've got significant level off. You got high. Ultimately, the things to be aware of you have to have extremely high academic performance. Okay? Extremely high academic performance. I'm sure that that's very clear to all of you. But for those that wish to get scholarship needs to be even higher on that. Once you've also got that, then evidence of hardship in your family, it's going to probably be a combination of both rather than just one. You can get it just with extreme hardship alone. But if you're exceptional candidate that I don't really see the rationale for your Oxbridge saying yes to use. If you are an incredibly exceptional student, you can still apply for in academic scholarships. But if you got the family fund, it's likely to be something that you may not well, even bother applying to order. Food will kind of review and decide that. You know you're not the most appropriate candidate for this scholarship because you have the means toe, you know, pay for the tuition feasible by yourself. But you know Oxford, as you can see, scholarship search facilities, a summary of external scholarship search facilities provided below thes are managed by organizations. External talks would therefore various application process and closing gates require you have any questions. Please contact the relevant organization directly on its. For this reason, as you can see, if I'm just in the scroll so we'd look at, you know, students from Let's Have a Look Asia You look of students from Asia travel ical What's available to see if there's any hit a bit. You know, the tall Tar Endowment. You've got a couple of other ones here, so we have a look at you know, the taught our endowment if you're from India, is an example, but only learned scholarships. Probably learned scholarship tired sectors. Scholars may also qualify for a gift awards alone. Scholarship means that you pay them back. Applicant should be Indian nationals and graduates of a recognised Indian university. So you know you go over and how to have a look at the Tartar Endowment Awards on JN Tartar down Applicants should be Indian Nationals and Dragster. Recognizing the university of consistently good academic record. Shoot into that finally every degree course that those awaiting results would also apply Beauty career professionals Update your first fire play to go broken. Ferber Research. Specialization of training are eligible. Apply at a time. Submitting the completed applications. Can it need not have academic offered? Let's in universities to which have applied for the relevant here. So there's interviews by subject matter experts. Is this initial screening and those interviews by subject matter experts in the final selection is the base of the interviews I hold in Mumbai gradually between March and June of each year, and the procedure for applying is on the third page still, and this is definitely an option that could be open to depending upon. You know what's possible. Since it came, it was interrupted. See again, in fact, certain my Internet relations, the J An Endowment for Higher Education of Indians on. You know, he is, uh, basically where you can go ahead and make applications are still available until March 24 2017. As you see here, you can click to apply and do go through and have a look at, you know, offers or offering such as this and, you know, to go alongside. I'd recommend looking at as many of them as you can for the external scholarships as well as looking at international students on seven. Okay, scholarship. It's our later from the university from the university scholarships using the online steps it so they've gone online. Search till this is looking for So there's an online search tool that you can use for a comprehensive list of all of the university scholarships, which you may be eligible on. Here's the application process for the actual genuine torture endowment. As you can see, um, and it goes through the finals, said it. Scholars from one of the lead scholarship is based on the Fire Christian area. So you've got toe interviews, online tests, accident results goes and then you've got, of course, these searching tools scholarships worth over £1000. You should expect a budget in case of this. Let's go ahead and head over. There is I want to show you this is just to make you highly aware of the range of scholarships ultimately are available to you If you're interested in applying to what truth is, there is hope. Even if you think what you know deeper. I don't have the money. Teoh apply simply. So there's there's a whole section fees, funding and scholarships search, you know fee status would be overseas. Show me fees for 2017. 18. I will start my course in 2017. Course keywords. No division? No. Have you sort of course already know tuition, scholarships? Yes, nationality and country residences. Just do an example of India on college. Any we can go ahead and search that on. We would see what actually comes up with. This search might take a little while, depending upon the amount of actual scholarships that they have. And as you can see, my connection has actually turned out to come back in against Let's have have a look. Okay, let's go ahead and do the same thing overseas. 17 4018. Their course keywords and a Jewish wife. Scholarships? Yes, So stop course already know nationally. Country Residence. Let's do India. Let's go in search on Let's see what this does indeed bring back so awful. Waiting for this to load, You know, once underlined that there are options are available to you on, and it really is in terms of the application process, thinking about you know the process a year before you're going to apply because it's work you need. As as a minimum criteria to have excellent academic results. You should be at the top of your class or in, you know, the top 12% of your costs on have gone to recognize institution at whatever country that you're in because, you know, these are the only ways you're going to ultimately get a place. So here we go. This is for a graduate starting 2017 for the academic year on nutrition fee duration on. This is apparently this is scholarships. So you know what? Some of these elements, as you can see I mean, this does not make it exactly clear in terms of whether, you know, it says here for 11 forces were found for graduate starting in 2017 18 and these apparently the annual tuition fees and the course descriptions and duration. But it doesn't tell us where the actual scholarships you can follow me you're looking for try expensive database of FX. You submit your own question. I could recommend that you could submit your own question, or you could, you know, what I tend to do is I just call the admissions department and ask about how scholarships work. They'll give you a definitive fee as Teoh to these types of fees. For the whole course, you can use this page. Actually, in fact, this is a ninja tip as we've just discovered kind of accident. You can use this to work out basically the cheapest courses that you can govern. Verse is probably the most expensive courses on. If we click on there again, so look. So this is the most expensive course business administration. And if we keep going down history, you know these and these alone, as you can see graduate courses Robert than undergraduate courses, which makes it in some ways more affordable. If you're gonna do a one year course where it's £20,000 it's not really that much more affordable. But these are some of the other things that you can go ahead and take a look at onto these of the course fees. Graduate level. It's not told us. See scholarship served at the academic level on the scholarship searches. But this is the page is open to you on. Do have a look here and of course, here and then just do call, call Oxford or Cambridge. So let's go ahead. Scholarships cost of livin here quickly back in. OK, so these are you know, this is this is totally just says you can see £17,000 s So this is the ultimately the cost of living. If you're going to be attending Oxbridge on its since that point, you get as you can see, there's a range of options are here. You've got your likely cost of it for one month, nine months and then 12 months. So if you have a look at it, the figures are probably most important on an annual basis. It's going from 9 70 Sorry, rather 12,000 up to 17,000. Sorry, here we go. 11,000 up. Teoh. You know, let's say twice round up, 12,000 to £17,000. So between 12 and £17,000 depending upon you know the kind of range or where you're going to be living. And if we add that to the tuition fees are approximately around, you know, it's I think it was like him. 42. What did you have it? So we're looking at Let's say, £20,000 is a nice and easy kind of Well, let's say £18,000 as a kind of let's say 2025 to £20,000 per at per year alongside another £17,000 of study, £37,000.36 90. So we're looking at, you know, around £100,000 in terms of costs, for, for, for attending Oxbridge. So these are just things you need to be aware of. There are ways. As you can see, I've got food, accommodation, personal items, social activities on. You know, this is based upon a very modest lifestyle to go on TV, £60 for one month. You're going to you're going to spend more than that. So I say that these activities have probably been slightly undercooked. So I would say that you can increase these, but from £2000 each overrule. So let's say that that's you know, it said 12 it. So that's £14,000 up to £20,000. So 14 to 20,014. £20,000 plus the additional 20. We're looking at £40,000 a year. It's £120,000 for your entire living costs. The community the, um, tuition fees should potentially also cover. Perhaps, I believe some of the accommodation. I'm not sure that they do, to be honest, but these are the kinds of costs that you are looking at in terms off the you know, all the additional things that you need. So these are the casa related to actual living adults rouge. So I hope that you've enjoyed on this element of it, and it's been useful for you. We covered the cost of attending for you student and non EU student scholarships available for 90 issues that has cost the living at Oxbridge on. You know, the important take take from this, I think, is that yes, it is expensive. However, they best universities in the world by reputation, you can apply for scholarships or opinion scholarships that are available on. It's really useful to be aware of the kind of course that you're going to be considering. If you're gonna get making applications, stop thinking about this a few years before you attend. Even I say 34 years. If you are attend intent upon applying virus scholarships, cause it would be really useful to know all of the scholarships are available because if you don't have the financial means Teoh cover such costs in excess of £100,000 British pounds, then you're going to have to find ultimately a scholarship so that that was helpful on and look forward to seeing in the next lesson 4. The Courses You Should Apply To: guys, welcome back to Part three of how to write a personal statement for Oxford Cambridge in other European universities. So let's begin eso in this in this video. What you get to learn ultimately is to specific areas. Broadly, we could be looking at university entry requirements box bridge with your from the UK U S B Y U, and also, of course, Indian students. So we're gonna have a look at what it is that Oxbridge require from you in order to go to the university on a kind of general level and looking further beyond that was going to consider subject specific entry requirements because you probably thinking in your head right that, you know, I want to apply deep for a specific subject. I want to apply for English. I want to apply for physics, economics, management of medicine. So the reason that I picked these subjects here is because I want to try and find it relatively wide degree off subject to cater for people that are, you know, whether it's kind of the arts and social sciences a little bit, if you will with English. Mathematics, of course, is a fundamental, very popular subject in India. Then you got physics, A science, economics and management for those business students. Can't study kind of economics directly or business directly is not something that you can do it. Oxbridge a swell as medicine for those who wish to become doctors So they were looking at those five subjects. So this is what we're going to be going through in today or this video. Rather, this videos points. There you go. OK, cool. So let's talk about the United Kingdom festivals now. I think to say on this point is that this? You don't have to be, of course, in the UK to be studying a levels A. Levels are something that particular to kind of the UK academic systems on, as you can see for those who are applying to Oxbridge, you are given conditional offers depending upon a variety of factors to include on, you know, grades that range from ultimately to a stars and then a to Triple A or 3/8 stars. You know, depending upon the subject that you're applying for its competitive competitiveness and what's involved room, we said before one of the previous videos that there are the 10 harness subject to get onto its where there's a 10 easiest subject to get into. And if you look at you know the highest to the easiest, you're going to see perhaps some level of disparity in terms of what they actually allow. No, on the application paint itself. They all might be fairly standardised, saying, You know you need a Triple A to apply it. But it all depends, of course, upon how many places there are, as well as harmony applicants for places there are so all of these things come into play. But as a general rule of farm, you can assume, as you can see, if you studied a levels where there are going to an international school where a levels are take. It's part of the course that is going to be pretty straight shooting in terms of what you need to achieve. So if you're doing a levels, aim for a Triple Eight star, aim for a triple A star or even better, get foray stars or, you know, try and get as close to that as you possibly can. So that's 1st 6 No, this is where it gets a little bit more interesting for those of you who are not studying animals, so there's three main areas to kind of look at get That's the international baccalaureate that's a European baccalaureate. And then you got kind of the American education system, if you like. So with all of these points in mind here is, you know what you need to think about. If you're studying the international box baccalaureate as it says here, you need a kind of a score between 38 40 including your core points, depending upon the course that you going todo eso again, you know needs to be as high as it possibly can. For those who are doing an ivy is very popular in the U on to a smaller degree. Also have the E. B or the European Baccalaureate. Based upon those, you can see the French system baccalaureate on I. I think that's how you pronounce that. I could have got it wrong, but you need an average of 85% or above which with scores of 8 to 9 unspecified subjects. So depending upon where you off where you're from in the world, 85% may seem like a lot or it may seem like a little so any in terms of, like, the UK perspective at, um, a degree level Getting above you know, 70% depending upon the subject is considered to be very, very good. Certainly in English literature, which I studied on going to be coming onto the application process for English itself specifically later on. But yes, With the E B, you have to score an average of 85% or above the scores of eight tonight and specified subjects. And then you've got the American education system. So the Americans, they redesigned the S A. T s. I think maybe a couple of years ago that means that, you know, some of the things have actually changed in turn the application criteria because depending upon of your a mature student, your gradual went you ultimately took your S A. T s. Things have changed around it a bit. Now we're really going to concern ourselves with those you know, the schools for kind of today at the moment, which is students sitting, you know, the redesigned S a T. We need to achieve a total school off 1470 out of 1600. So looking all of these possible options, right? You've got you know, the Triple A or the Triple A star. Any level you need a 38 out of 40 A minimum unit, 85% or above is an average or you need in a 14. 70 out of 1600 which is probably around, you know, like 90 90%. Anyway, you are expected to get top top marks is part of your education. So didn't bear that in mind where you're standing there a level the I'd be the e B or, you know, you're in the American education system. You're looking at s eighties. So all of these things just work considering. Okay, so let's actually go Teoh to India before we come to the general application process. So if you're applying from India, then this is, of course, what you're most concerned with, and let's take some time to go through this. So if you're in, you know your your 12 qualification, that's what we've got. Hit your 12 then or the year X into you have studied with the cbsi or the I S C Examination I SC examination boards and he got an achievement again off 90% in each of your five subjects of studies. Now, if you're if you're from India and you're watching this you know, I don't pretend to know more specifically about these qualifications than you do. I'm sure he'll be very familiar with them. If you're looking at applying to Oxbridge on, you're looking at the qualifications you've got so you don't cbsi or I SC you need to be ultimately scoring 90% above in each of the five subjects. You know that each of the five subjects in study the case again. Top top marks. For those of you that wish to study the science is whether you want to Do you know, physics, a biology or chemistry or mathematics, for example, I presume also then allow you also might be required to take the I I t. Indian Institute technology entrance examination as a precondition for intricacy. There may be some more work involved there to bring you up with perhaps, you know, standardized form of qualification that is ultimately respected worldwide. So for all of you, from from from India, that up watching on our considering application, this is probably the most important slide in respect off. You know, the qualification criteria the you need to go on and, you know, ultimately keep applying to Oxbridge. So let's go through. Look at the next step, which is your general application process, and these are some of the kind of points just to just to be aware of. Ultimately, you really eso well, each. Each course has each course but many of the courses ever 11 aptitude tests. So you'll have tests that are kind of area or subject specific, depending upon what you're applying for to test your general knowledge. Now you've got obviously your external qualifications that you bring into the kind of application full or process. But what would want to do is also what they do do is have to standardise form of internal testing. They used to making you against another student who on paper, my look, ultimately exactly the same. So these are key tests that you really should be preparing for will go through them in just a little bit. But 15th of October, right on the ultimately mid January, is the kind of key and critical period when it comes to Oxbridge that order decisions are made. Okay, so about a 15 from October, you really should be submitting your ucas application because things, you know start getting busy. So from August as a general rule August issue, if you're applying for like that 2018 and take, then August this year's when you should start really thinking about actually beginning to write your application begins prayer of the parts, your application you should. If you'll thinking about it already. Be researching and preparing. You know it now just have it. Have it kind of top of mind so that you know that come or gusts, you have everything ready in terms of the things that you achieved in the things that you've done to make sure that by the 15th of October you can submit your application to you . Guess, and depending upon how that goes, then you will get a day to take the relevant aptitude test. If you pass those two initial parts, then you go on to actually visiting arbitrage for an interview. And this happens to candidates that you get past the first cult, the first coz you know, brutal one. Because many candidates who on paper believe that they do have all of the qualities that becoming over Oxbridge Man or Oxbridge Person don't make the short list and shortlist candidates get through to interview in December and then from there by mid January. Generally speaking, you'll know whether you're gonna get a place Oxford or Cambridge. So this is the kind of general application route for the 15th of October, all the way fruit and 50 from January to looking at four months basically November, December, January sore apologized three months, even. We're looking at three months band on. You know, you want to make sure that you know of all elements of the application process then So the only possible now we're gonna have a look it on the actual individual subjects, as you can see. So let's stop. Let's start with English literature. This supplies Ultimately, broadly speaking, Teoh any of the kind of more social sciences or the English is quite particular, that there's MAWR. Testing involved in there is in many of the other subjects. Wife, because you need to take the deal at you need to submit one example of writing on. You need to you'll be given kind of a test within the interview where you be given a piece off literature or piece of text supplied before or during the interview. And then you'd be expected to speak about it within the interview and you'll be questioned and pushed. So let's go through. All of these can get kind of let's go from literatures constituent parts to, you know, just understand what it is. It's involved in taking the let. So let's get so I'm gonna go ahead and open up and I'll be supplying with I'll be supplying you with all of these spreadsheets. You can go ahead and sorry rather all of these presentations. He's pdf, so you can have a look in a look at them in your own time. So here we get the English literature Admissions test is a pre interview admission test for English courses at the university alternates. When Cambridge. What it involves ultimately is a 90 minute test ready tests, reading skills, ability, shape, inarticulate and inform response to unfamiliar, unfamiliar, literally materials. You're gonna be giving some given something that you've never kind of seen before. Calm, pretty prepare for such, but you will be comparing to all three passages and focusing on these specific elements language, imagery, illusion, sin, tax form and structure. You get six poems to choose from, or six poems or passages from drama on or pros sold to a fiction or non fiction on. This is the task if we just go ahead and read it out together so that two or three passages eight F and comparing controls him in any way to seem interesting to you, paying particular attention to distinctive features of structure, language and style in your introduction indicate brief. Your your tend to explore illustrate the clues. Close reading off your chosen passages. So this is the E that at all of the subjects. I think we're about to go through baby with the exception or, uh, medicine, perhaps have a basic admissions test that you need to be aware of. This is what's intel with the actual English elements of it. So we get back and looking out, submit one example off writing s So this is And if we go ahead and have a look, you know, see what it is that this is going through into the E. Let again, I'd be probably is just this link here. And no, this has turned into an email. It's fantastic. Not not a problem. I'll go ahead and Google it. So English. Strict requirements Oxford. Here. I want to bring up the actual course page so I can take you through word for word what it is that they actually require from you. Just one second. Here you go. We'll go to how to apply here. We get one example of writing by 1016 and this should be a marked essay produced in the normal course of your school college work and should not have been rewritten off the market . Preferably should be an analytical discussion of topic or topics in the field of English literature for English language. Topic of the English language topic is permissible. It should not be a short time s a should not be a short time s a a critical commentary in particular, passages off text. He's off creative writing. So there you go. You need ultimately a piece of school work, which is going to be an essay that you've done on a particular subject within English to further more. They give you suggested reading on these sites. Selected criteria. What youth is looking for and all of these other elements. You get it here in about two requirements. Speed than finding how to apply examples of some student profiles. This a couple here, As you can see on, I do recommend going through all of the literature that's available on online because it really will supplement and aid your preparations for the Oxford test. So let's keep going. So that's the English literature. You have something kind of similar for mathematics, although there are some further elements. So you got the M 80 for those of you wishing to study mathematics. And as you can imagine, it's a mathematics admissions test. So you're studying Mass, and what it is ultimately is a paper based test, 2.5 hours subject specific for applicants. The university degree, undergraduate courses in mathematics, computer science on their joint degree. So for those you studying math as well as computer science, this is the test that you do need to know about some mathematics admissions test on what it is a test for is should say it should tell us here courses required every t about the information materials. Hey, guys, I paused for a minute because I realized I was making the funniest space whilst I was looking on. I did find actually the feeling that I was looking for, which was just here on the left hand side. Match the informational materials M 80 Leavitt 2016 On here. It tells us it will take you through here whether I take it. How much is the test cost? You don't pay for a fee for it on what's in the test to ago to our 30 minutes, and it includes but doesn't really give you specifics so much, but says this is 2.5 hour test test you mathematical ability on test your absolute computer science where necessary. Make sure you read the text questions carefully on it would test the depth of your mathematical understand it so including those without further at mathematics, a level from other educational assistance is a form of standardised testing again, and in line with that, what you'll see is let's go to hit. I would also recommend a in step papers. Now he might not be familiar with them. For those who don't study, of course, a level because you can see a six term examination paper developed in Cambridge to revive applicants of option two great that demonstrate greater deference sound that required for a level maths. So that's based upon the A level maths system. Okay, which is the step, which is why they talk about this is directly from the kind of Oxford site step papers are not pop part of my entry requirements, they are recommended. So read that, as you know, you really should head out and make sure that you get that done. So for those you are outside, of course, of the A level system rather than the UK system and such. You look at the Advanced Extension Awards, which basically were introduced by the Government Advanced Extension Awards show that you have a particular proficiency in the subject that will allow you then Teoh demonstrate that and will supplement and support any application that you make. So if we go over to courses here, stuff bring us up to the mathematics page on again. It's got a similar thing you know about republic, how to apply it student profiles. Go ahead and look at all of them on, and it will tell you what to expect from the courses. When it's a careers, you can get someone. And so, for example, of a typical weekly timetable. And that is ultimately the bulk of what you need to worry about with mathematics. So then that kind of speed through now, because I think you're getting the idea what go to go through, which is economics and management. You must take the thinking skills assessment. This is now, and this is for a range of subjects. Actually, the economic management, experimental psychology, so one and so four pp is incredibly popular ALCs for two things, one of most competitive on As you can see the pen and paper tests, there's two sections thinking skills assessment in the writing task on this goes through 50 multiple choice questions. 90 minutes for that part of it. You have 30 with it. So it's all together into al Attar. This is one essay from a choice of four. So these are the things to expect from applying to economics and management, which is one of the most competitive courses atop for Jeb. Belief on it goes on, actually, to make some recommendations off what you should be familiar with in terms of texts. So reading the Economist or the economy pet una reading basically the Economist or the economic page of newspapers is highly recommended. Paul Krugman's Red Record writings recommended by his Beg, Fisher and Dornbusch economics. These are all of the introductory textbooks studied widely widely used Oxford. And as far as you are inclined, I would recommend, you know, doing some background on door wider reading around economics and management. The syllabus, the module. So when it comes to you know, if you get through to interview, you can make those all important leaks as well as off course, within your personal statement to make sure that you come across as an excellent candidate . So physics you must take sorry, rather medicine. You take the beam at instead. As you can see, let's get the beam at by Medical and Biomedical Admissions Test, which is again probably for a book about the map, the two hour pen and paper test with three sections, 35 multiple choice questions and generic skills, which is problem solving understand arguments, data analysis and inference. Then you've got a 27 multiple choice question section on. Then you've got a writing task, which is going to be a short essay. Do you go to multiple choice 60 minutes and 30 minutes, and then you got a 30 minute essay, and that's basically how it is line lined up. And if we go Teoh here, this is Cambridge. Use it as well as Oxford. Use it for medicine, veterinary medicine and, you know, in the case of optimally also used by medical sciences. So if you're starting any of those subjects between those universities Oxford were most concerned with, then the thinking Sorry, the biomedical admissions test is something that you really should be on your radar in terms again, off preparation. And if we go on and have a look at it and you know medicine, it says that medicine. You know, this direction taken from the Oxford site people. So make sure that you're really prepared when it comes to applying to such universities because it says that competition is particularly strong and only 425 applicants are shortlisted for interview from the no doubt, tens of thousands of applied. So that's 425 applicants from the tens and thousands that fly on your you know you go through on the basis of ubi map UGC SCS. If you've got GCSE another info on your application on you dude, absolutely get interviewed for this on anyone who short listed will be expected to come to Oxford Interview in December, meaning that whether you're from India, Tim back to Taiwan, Timbuktu, Taiwan, Thailand or wherever it might be. You expected to get to Oxford for interview in December. If you want to study medicine because in Oxford, of course, is a world class university to do. Bear all of this in mind if you go over and have a look at the course link against how do bear this ending at applying to such a university? Because it's really, really important that your well researched and you understand all of the factors involved in applying for a course settle practicing medicine at at Oxbridge. So physics is generally, you know, more standards. You've got that what you got p 80 I say more standard. It's not really going to get the physics aptitude test, which is slightly different again, and it says that for the P 80 Steps testament set of us and go ahead and look at, you know, the University of Oxford Department of Physics website, which I do recommend, Of course, that you do on you can go ahead and look at p 80 past papers on it will allow you to download once. Go ahead and download it together. I'm not I'm not a physicist. So you know, I won't be able to add any actual subject level insights here, but it's just good for you to be able to have a look. You know, what is it that involved in here? Its plant page You to our testers. We can see there's two parts A and B carry equal weight, part a mathematics and physics. Part B is pure physics on in terms. The types of questions you've got here is a problem solving here. You've got some shapes here you got you got basically a bunch of stuff, and there are Resource is ultimately can help you get to where you need to go directly on the Department of Physics site on four Oxford. That's what has no doubt Cambridge is work. So General ucas application criteria applies. It's a general ucas application criteria is actually I'm Well, it will be the qualifications, that requirement from the United Kingdom from IBV American Education System or all from India or otherwise on then it's just as it says, Let's go back up Physics General Ucas application criteria replies. We're gonna go through specific criteria in the next session, but that we are 4000 characters of 47 lines was going through the actual application process entirely itself. That's physics. So, guys, that is ultimately all the things that we covered in today's lesson with the university entry requirements for Oxbridge reverts Ivy be a level or in American S A. T s and subject specific entry requirements for English mathematics, physics, economics, management, medicine and actually a couple more places as well. So in the next lesson, we're going toe, actually, Now get to the part where we're dealing directly with the ucas form application itself so we can get to the process of actually writing and making sure you nail a personal statement . So I'll see you in the next lesson. 5. Getting to Grips with UCAS: Hey, guys, welcome back to part for how to write a personal statement for Oxford, Cambridge and other European universities part for, as I said. And does he conceive from the background? I've opted for a slight change of scenery, and I always just think it's a much more engaging when you are able to see who the person is behind the screen cost on. So you can see kind of my expression of what's going on and just a lot more than that. So let's go. And today or in this video lesson, rather we're going to be talking about the actual application itself. So this is you can see what you're going t learn here. We're going to be looking at you know what is ucas gonna be looking at? The ucas criteria and deadlines. As you can see, we're gonna do a kind of walk through the application process. Let's get going. It's rock and roll, guys. So what is you, Cats? You cast it is quite interesting, actually. So you cast is, um Well, let's start with what you cast stands for universities and colleges. Admission service, right. That's what Ucas actually stands for, and the crazy thing is is that most of us will never even really learn what you can stand for. Think about it. Just know rather that you need to apply through ucas. So university and college is admission service, as it says here, the central s service that students used to apply to university. And that's with the UK right on. Basically, pretty much everyone who wants to study an undergraduate degree in the UK in the UK would have to apply through. Ucas is listening whether you're from the, you know, the US, the UK Ah, inside the you know, knowing you ever in the world that you are, you pretty much will need to apply through ucas in order to attend Oxford or Cambridge and you cast itself. This is quite a call call fact for you ucas is it's an independent charity, basically that their role in their mission is Teoh. Help you get to where you want to go. It's a charity on their basically form. You know the admission service which are used to basically help you get to the next stage in your correct on. They provide off course information and advice a swell and here's, you know, some kind of statistics for you, if you will, in 2014 the three million applications. Now, this is the later statistic from their actual website. Now I know that. Of course it's, you know, 2000 and 17 and now least when I'm recording this fifth effect on, um, you know, basically from that, um, there were three million basically applications from 700,000 U K u international students and from that 500 basically half a 1,000,000 people from that secured a full time place at one of over 380 universities and colleges across the UK does have a look at that. More carefully. You got three million applications between 700,000 students, right? So that means that students are, you know, don't quite know how they work out a statistic whether that means that they've got because each candidate you can apply for up to five places which we're going to talk about, and you know it's a while, but basically you have three million applications and you can see there's already a cut off . So, you know, if you're someone who makes it through successfully to university. Well done initially because, you know, from the 1,212,000 eso basically 1/2 a 1,000,000 from the 700,000 end up getting a full time place at 380 universities and colleges that you have to choose from. So there from statistics for you, cast for you and hopefully you now understand what ucas it's let's have a look at some of the you know, I mean the important deadlines that you need to be aware off. If you're applying Teoh to Oxbridge the you know, the I mean the final final deadline is that 15 off January, as you can see here, applications the majority of the undergraduate course should arrive at you cast by six right, 15 for Jen and the reference. So the application on the reference, however it's only on it's actually the 15th of October that really, if you want to be getting into toe Oxford or even any top to university, that's when you want your application to have come in by. So the official final deadline is a 15 for January, but you're gonna find it significantly harder if you don't apply by the 15th of October. So ideally, you're looking to apply by the first of October or, you know, middle of September. Um, so do bear this in mind with making applications the rest? I mean, they're here just for a reference point. You'll get a lot of these pdf's and worksheets I will share with its. It's just for your kind of reference point that, you know, there's this mention of extra so extra is you get five applications for universities, okay? And the idea always is it gonna apply? Relevant to the kind of grade that you predicted to get you apply to the best university. So, broadly speaking, you know that the Oxford that became rigid be king. Sorry, Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, imperial U C L There you go. That's fight that right? I went to work myself were rated as one of the UK stoppers. Work on bond. That's what you can apply for now. For whatever reason, if you of universities, I know we're focusing on Oxbridge will take a moment to explain Extra is the option that you can look into it. It's not gonna be covered within the context of this course, but if you don't get a place that any of those five universities is a potential that you can apply for a X. That's what extra will allow you to actually do. So do bear that in mind that, you know, ultimately, you've got until I have to even take the first of October, really aimed to get your course in by SRE application in by the first of October and the deadlines on the 15th right here we get. So now we're talking about Pat's the most interesting pot off the whole ucas process. This is the actual application process. Now, there are more pots in this. Andi, I've just broken it down into I consider to be, you know, the most important parts of the actual application process itself. So, you know, you have the registration so that you can actually become pot off. You know, the former ucas process. Okay, that's a registration. And then you got personal details. OK, so this is, you know, this is a more particular for kind of u K and U students. Any any level of funding, like government will support. You'll get goes in here or any kind of sponsorship. If you've got your residency details depending upon you know where in the country or the world that you're applying from on that also can apply to your residency details off visas , etcetera on. And then you've got student finance. This is very specific for UK on you because you can, of course, apply for for finance and through, You know, the government for funding on depending upon your income will be means tested for your parents. What I mean by that is very simply, if you struggle financially in your from the UK or the you, then you will have the opportunity to apply for student finance, which will support you through your university degree to allow you to begin to start paying back what rather t give you the funds to actually get through university. And then you only start paying it back once you have a salary that kicks in. Then you got your course choices against, of course, choices. What we briefly discussed before, you know, the five universities that you're going to pick a place toe to go to full education history . Now, for any of those who you know has happened before. Unfortunately, when I speak to candidates who say they haven't quite made the grade on Don't want to apply and hope that they can kind of skip through a blind eye can be turned Proof will be required to be submitted through ucas or to your college directly so either you cast will ask for it. But in the case of Oxbridge is more likely the Oxford. You going to ask for it that you say? Hey, I got all of these great in the cbsi or, you know, the E B or the I B, or whatever it might be. Then the university will say, Okay, Amazing. At some stage before you start at the university, they will ask you for proof. So do bear that in mind? Okay, writing a personal statement. This is of course, you know, the whole course is basically going to extent it around back. Key element. We're gonna be going through that in a separate video all together about how to write the perfect person statement. Then you also need a reference actually, so references are, you know and academic reference that will vouch for you as well as potentially thinking character reference. But one of the two will go ahead and look into that further. But you do need a reference as well as, of course, a personal statement. And to get more details. If we go ahead and open this up, we'll have a quick look. See, uh, here we get filling in your ucas application. Ondas you can see these are the things that quickly went through, you know, registered to use to apply. And I ask you for some other questions signing to fill a rift. Your personal details. Funding in response to options, residential status, additional info. I skipped that you care any student finance course choices? You know what you're applying for? You can apply for deferred entry. I don't in truth, really. Ever see many people applying for deferred entry, Oxford, and came to unlikely What you need, toe have an exceptional case. So I'd say that for the most part, skip this. But if you do have specific questions around that, you know, leave a comment on that something that we can address Then you got for education history as we discussed there. And this is the relevant bit four for for those who are outside of the EU or rather who are not from the UK at as much detail as possible. Grades and results Qualifications. This is my name and country of yours isn't. Let's add it into the other box. It's not that added into the other box, and you'll says you may. But read that as you will need to send proof to either the Ucas or the university or college yourself. Then you've got mature students. It's clearly slightly different for you guys. Do you have a look at this section? If you've got any questions, leave a comment and then we can address that your employment history Now I didn't actually put that in. I just see that I didn't eso If you have any employment history, if any, then do make sure that you included paid jobs full time, part time, as well as packed anything that is unpaid. A voluntary. You include that, but in your personal statement, rather than the actual employment histories of paid work, full time and part time. And that does really apply more for mature students of people. You know that yet they are applying, not fresh out off school, like the majority of students do do on. And then you know this is the most important part person statement. You can have a look through everything on then you can get a reference is a record written recommendation from a teacher's you academically. Everyone needs a reference. Everyone needs a reference, so make sure you get the academic reference you're looking for on. You know, there's a whole section on how to get a reference itself, which we will cover. We'll cover that in a later section of it. But these are all of the elements, as you can see. Referee paid application, senior application to us. These are more administrative parts that, you know we can that that I believe that you will be fine to manage all by itself. On that is basically the ucas application process. So this is what we covered. What is ucas? We talked about some of the you know, the criteria and and the deadlines, which really, ultimately is what is ucas. You cast deadlines here on. Then we had the application process, the criteria such in terms of the person statement part. We'll cover that in the next class. Onda. We walked through the application process which is this element you could go on and go ahead and apply through online. On in the next lesson, we're going to be actually coming to writing your personal statement itself in some of the things I used to do around that, so seeing the next. 6. Understanding The Personal Statement: folks, How you doing? Welcome back to Part five of how to write a personal statement for Oxford and Cambridge as well as other European universities, A lot of principles are very similar. So the irony is, is given. The name of the course is actually in Part five that we begin discussing the actual personal statement itself. The reason I've done this, if you're watching this for the first time for the first time, and please do go have a look at the other four parts before this because it really give you an insight into the whole way. That application process, if you're coming to as a complete beginner on aren't familiar with all of the steps involved. So right now we're going to look through it and tell you so these are the things that we're going to cover. We're going to look at the actual personal statement criteria itself. You know what's involved to make sure that you follow all of the kind of tease and sees the terms and conditions for creating an appropriate personal statement on them against also, look at the do's and dont's of writing a personal statement. Some of you know in general advice around some of the things that you should be thinking about, as well as some of the things that you should be avoiding to make sure that you write the most excellent personal statement and we're walking through what ucas actually provide three ucas person statement guide on giving you some of my thoughts as to, you know, the best ways to approach. So the personal statement is singularly, you know, notwithstanding your grades because you need your grades to be excellent, to even bother applying if you don't have the great and it's going to be very, very difficult for you to t get a place even before the difficulty of being one of the top tier candidates are much everyone else. Anyway, the personal statement is the most critical element off the application that will get you to interview people live and die according to the time and effort they put into the personal statement. So we're gonna go through one of these steps in this video. So here are the three most important pieces for me personal statement criteria that you really do need to think about. So I still get asked all the time, and it's really important that you know that the personal statement in terms of length should be 4000 up to 4000 characters or 47 lines, including spaces, which Roundabout ends up being in exactly the same as 4000 characters, more or less. Now, on first impression, some of you may feel that 47 lines or 4000 characters is a hell of a lot of stuff, too, right? Okay, um, what? That probably comes from our from people who have yet to actually attempt writing a person's name in itself. If you go ahead and write a personal statement, you'll soon find that it will be more of a struggle, if anything, to actually complete the 4000 characters. And a lot of the time when I get candidates to come to me for support. With this process, I often find they Britain 6.5 1000 characters or 5000 characters, and they still think that they could write more. But they're a weather when over the actual, you know, character limit. The alternative is people that write in 1000 characters and say, I've got nothing more to say. Nothing has happened in my life or, you know, that's That's it, you know, and that there isn't the necessary depth of thought that's been displayed in the actual personal statement itself to ensure that its, you know, an application that's worthy of consideration. So these are the two elements that you know. I do seem to come across, and there are things that you know you really should avoid, where you can't. If you've written only 1000 characters, then you've not written enough. If you were in your 20 lines of 47 then you haven't written enough. You've written 6000 characters, its's too many. So the rule off here is aimed between you know, 44 to 47 lines, shall we say, 44 to 47 lines and then get around between 3800 to 4000 characters. That should give you enough wiggle room to be able to make things work. Should you just come under it like a 3600 or just go over it at 4200 we can kind of you can kind of work with that to bring it all down into the perfect size off text. The next thing is that you need to apply to five universities. Okay, So really, bear this in mind because it goes in part. The next part is that you're applying for five universities. Okay, As much is on application to watch bridge. There's also three other universities that you can apply for that LSE kings, UCL, Warrick Bath, exit to York. These are all still world class universities And do bear that in mind that you're going to need to apply to five universities. So when you write, remember that as much as you're applying to to Oxbridge, you know, writing four Oxbridge. You wouldn't say I would like. You know, I believe that I'm a suitable candidate for Oxford University because there's going to be four other universities. They're going to read that and also Oxford are going to know when they read your personal statement that you've not followed the appropriate criteria. So you might already have been thinking while Deepak you know, if it's ah deep. But you know, I only want to apply to Oxbridge And if it's not opposite, I don't care. Making that explicit in your statement is still going to work against you, so don't do that. And do you remember that when you're applying that you're applying just for one subject across the five universities? Because this is what I do right? Consistent application that works for every university because you our only writing about one subject, whether it's economics and management, whether it's English literature, whether it's medicine, you can write about that subject if you write of some. If you do economics, economics, philosophy and, you know, business and management, you know, whatever it might be, they're all slightly different things, or maybe massively different things, depending upon who you are asking. And that's gonna make it very difficult thing to right, and it's going to just dilute the quality of your actual application to do. Bear that in mind, pick one subject that you can study at all of the universities or, at a minimum, four of them and make the 5th 1 extremely similar. So let's get go. So here, at some of the dues or personal statement writing. So let's, um, let's make this a bit stream fit in. You know what? It in fact. Okay, cool. So, you know, do write a list of your ideas before attempting to create the real thing. So you got some ideas about direction where you want to take here or, you know, potential things that you want to include. Then just write it down. You know, you have the ideas on your head, but it's the power of getting things down onto paper and actually producing, you know, like a document where you can actually say right, These are the ideas I have. Okay, The next element of it is that you expect to produce several drops. Okay, The first draft that you prepare isn't going to be The final thing is not going to be complete. It's gonna need some changing some adapting some moldings that just do better. And my when it comes to feedback, make sure that you're asking people that you trust. Now ask people that you believe are qualified to give you relevant feedback. People that you trust will be honest with you, but also and I haven't actually read this in Make sure it comes a don't don't ask too many people because that can lead you to being confused even more. Okay. Don't ask 10 different people. You'll get 10 different pieces of advice, and it will just confuse you off no more than a maximum of three people. And those three people conform the basis of writing what will ultimately be in an accident . Personal statement. That could be, you know, advisers such as myself. You could go off the deep absolutely dot com, and you can get in touch with me. That could be a ucas adviser, actual university or your current college where you're applying to. And then it could be like a trusted family friend. Or, you know, ideally someone who's been to Oxbridge or who has. Well, I say been someone who's familiar. The application process on as understands, you know, order the steps that are involved. So these are things to think about. The next element of it is, you know, do check university college prospectuses and basically have a look at what the colleges want from you. Have a look at Oxford one from you have a look at what specific college Oxford wants from you. Also have a look on. Be realistic. You know you might not get the place that you want, so it's always it's worthwhile checking the criteria all five of the universities and putting together kind of matrix off all of the qualities that they're looking for, bunching all the similar ones together, refining them into one word and then basically coming up with the 5 to 10 qualities or criteria. They want students to demonstrate in your personal statement. So that could be, you know, academic excellence. Passion for the subject. Wide reading initiative per activity, whatever it might be. Make sure that you go to each of the relevant sites, go to Oxford, go to the Oxford, go to university. So you say that Oxford go to medicine and go to the college that you're applying to think about all of those three things when you're making the applications. Uh, next thing is guys, girls, whoever whoever's watching get your spelling and grammar, right. Please, please, please. You know, it's something that you don't need to fix it like on the first wrath. But before you submit, get the grammar, actually. Perfect. Okay, there can be any room for dots, common semi colons, syntax, adjective, pro nan's whatever it is out of place or used incorrectly, because that will be a straight rejection. So make sure that is perfect when it comes to this element. OK, the next element of it is, you know, be enthusiastic. Showing interest in your course is, you know, attraction breeds attraction on. There's the auto reciprocity that comes into play. If you show interest in your course, it's gonna help you get a place. It won't be the defining factor, but it will help. So make sure that your enthusiastic, because it's gonna be a really important key toe, you know, reading a personal statement that seems toe come to life and spa jump out on the page rather than just being kind boring, you know? Then we got the doughnuts. Okay, so here we got to go through them because you're applying to a subject like science. Let's say physics. You don't need to use every physical, every vote at every technical word that relates to physics to demonstrate your language, right. Basically, you need to make sure that whatever language you use, the focus is retained. A case you can use long words, an elaborate language if you want to, but don't make it a focus to try and sound. Intelligent simplicity can work whether that you know that place of physics as much as it does for literature. Simple language or language, use elegantly is much more powerful than just trying to crowbar in big, long words that you don't really work that well on Dhere. We get same. You don't talk about too many things that are not relevant. Take a break and come back to If you feel that you are OK, The important thing is to retain a huge academic focus and then leave a small section of, say, 80 2080% academic, 20%. Okay, this is me, outside of academia, 80% academic. You know, the course, the subject. Why? I love it. What? I've studied around it and then 20% you know, in my personal life. And make sure that, you know, you don't Loi that might go without saying but do cool that you don't lie because you may get called out in an interview. And just generally speaking, you don't don't like spell checkers. Don't just rely on that. However, don't wait to the last minute. You can if you like to. Some people may be working on under those circumstances, your statement could very well seem rushed on. Important information could then likely be left out. So just try and build some planning into it. Okay? So continuing. You know, writing an excellent personal statement isn't something you can do when you multitask. Okay? It really isn't the case. If you're trying to do other things, we're watching television. If you're texting your friends, if you're surfing the Internet, then if you try and write your personal statement whilst doing other things, it's gonna really dilute the quality of application. So I think that's a fairly fairly obvious. So let's go. The actual personal statement guide that you cast do provide now and have a look at what it is that they put together for you. So go ahead and open this link here. So you cast do actually prepare, Do provide a guide for you. So as it says here, starting work on your personal statement on. And these are the things that you can actually consider when looking at a personal statement. We're going to go through this. Don't do this in a separate video. In fact, we'll go through this element of it looking at how you can support you with putting together a personal statement 7. Developing Ideas For What To Write: back to Part six of how to get a place at Oxford or Cambridge writing a person statement. So this is the actual guide the ucas do provide for you, and I share a link with this to you in the in the description in the documents that you'll get on. Let's just walk through it together, ultimately take you through some of the questions that you really need to be thinking about when writing a personal statement. So as it says here, there's boxes on the left hand side of the screen, so you've got 123412345 Then you've got skills and achievements. 67 you got working future plans 89 So ultimately, there's nine questions that you need to answer that will help you construct an appropriate personal statement, says it. Here's the top refute review and refining answers to make them succinct and improve the float. Remember, have a maximum of 4000 characters of text as we discussed to keep an eye on how much you're writing for each section. When you finished, click create, kick the pdf button to create copy of what you've written and get going with your first dropped kick on the advice time at the top of the page to get handy hints on writing your personal statement. Please note this to take you to a new page. It's best to save your work elsewhere. First, it's a little trick that you can do is hover over the advice page. DoubleClick. If you're on a Mac, all right, click If you're on Windows, depending. If you've got a right hand button on your mouse, I'm just using the track pad. Then open link in New tab on it will take you through to the actual advice is it shows you here. So look, as you can see do's when writing your personal statements and don't one writing a personal statements. So before we begin writing, let's just have a look at you know, some of the things that has to tell us here. So some of the things we've already covered, of course, do your best English. Don't let spelling and grammar grammatical errors. Sports statement that call show that you know your strengths and outline you. Can I learn your ideas clearly? So what are your strengths? What is that you're bringing to the table. What is it that makes you the best medic student potential potential medic student, Oxford University. What is it makes you that makes you the best physicists Potentially. That's going to go to Cambridge, right? Be enthusiastic as we set. So these are a lot of the things that we've actually Coverdell always do. Expect to produce several drafts and do ask people to get their feedback. Don't Don't exaggerate. You get caught. You may get quite by an interview. Went after elaborate on an interesting achievement, so don't exaggerate. Stole things as they are, um, on, um, you know, recognize value way you can Don't rely on spellcheck. We said don't leave it to the last minute. Okay, Court. So this is all fine, So we'll kick out of that. We're back here. OK, so let's just go through the actual questions that are so writing about the course why you're playing for the chosen course. Okay, so that's the first question that you need to think about when writing a personal statement to order is that s o English. Uh, should we take what? And I'll tell you the number of characters used, right? I'm going to write this as if it was for myself. I'm gonna write in some of the answers, just so you get a sense of what it's like to prepare a personal statement for Oxford and Cambridge. So way applying for the chosen course of the trip could chosen course. And let's just open this up for me Is this I find very helpful. It's called type Aura. It's generally minimalist writing screen. It's used for developers will than anything. I'm not a developer, but I do find it to be very helpful. Let me just see if I can sort out my M camera setting, by the way, quickly to see if there's another setting photo camera technologic. So I'm using the I can't find the setting I'm actually looking for to try and lighten my screen a little bit, but doesn't matter. I'm over here in the corner, so as we can see what you know, the course I'm applying for is, let's say, English. Let's try. Let's just go through this together. So why you plant the chosen course of English literature? So what I want to think about is, well, why my plan for English, the natural answers to be like, Well, I like the course, but that's not going to be enough. It's not going to be enough. So what we want to think about this is how you begin writing this statement, right? Seats A I, uh, have a natural working with my natural strengths. It's one English speaking English in have corrupt a huge fan. Oh, literature on favor, author. Ah, well, our Christ in my early steeds onder uh, huge band. All really. Um okay. So what I'm doing actually at the moment. And this is how I suggest that you prepare an approach. This is what you want to do is ultimately And if we you know, for example, let's take this Intertoto Microsoft Word. Um, forget the bad weather and there's my old Hotmail picture of still go up. Amazing. So if we, for example, it isn't a word if you prefer, like, Google sheet Google, Google sheets, whatever you know, whatever it is that you might use, But we can, like, literally, you know, do that do this as you beginning to get the idea. Now I begin basically preparing your answers and having them saved in a document So what I recommend for preparation to do this is I'd recommend, actually, just going right over Teoh Drive google dot com, as you can see here. So I'm gonna open that up and I use an app called a magnet, which you'll see that magnet that Ugo earned to two streams in half. If you will I go. Teoh, This is my drive. This is my company, Gmail. I'll go into personal one. Let's put the laptop off my lap because fan goes wild and I recommend and putting it into a natural document like this. Let me close some applications. You might notice it. Sometimes you have a fan that, like wild and it's a bit I do recommend is closing at so closing some applications. Teoh, ease up the strain on the process. So example draw Personal state. It's Hey guys. So I just pause the video basically, whilst I was just copy pasting all of these section headers as you can see, the three section headers writing about the course skills and achievements and work experience in future plans. So I've gone ahead and put them into a document. Isn't that I like Dr Ultimately is because you can share this. Of course, this is a Google part of the Google suite of off kind of their version of office. In the cloud this is called Google Sheets, specifically add. The whole thing is called Google Drive, and you can go ahead. And as you can see, I can actually share documents. Let's just say, for example, is going to share it with my brother. Then that would be his email, and I could go ahead and share it with him, and I could choose his access level. Edit, comment, view, and I can add a note to it. I these this just just on I could put I could give him comment abilities. So then I could go to send on I'd send to my brother. Alternatively, I can click, get terrible leg. Any over the look could view ad. Then you go ahead. You share of everybody to get lots of in a kind of comments, and this is the options and anywhere advanced options. Furthermore, send a copy to myself, so I sent a copy to myself. Pacey item itself into the email to have a go with those two just so you can see and you share the link, which so send that. So that has been done now. So now if I exit this and head over into my email, you'll see exactly what I mean. When it comes to sharing, we'll head out of my work email soon. Heading into here Just let that load have it picking on my The activity stopped Perfect. Eso drops person statement for English literature And as you can see, it's been pasted in here high. Brother, please ignore this is just a test. But he would get snapshot of the item below so you could see it directly here. Or you can open it up in docks and it would appear for him, just as it's, um, a pitiful for myself. And as you can see, it's ah really useful way of being able to share documents. So these are the elements that we want to really consider when putting it together, right way a plant chosen university. So you need toe feel sorry for your chosen course in the case of English literature. Hey, chaps. You know, I've pause a video a few times because of the fan, but I'm going to just plough on eso y be chosen. Why have you while you're playing Teoh for your chosen course of with the first draft off Preparing a person statement. Don't worry about the form. Don't worry about it. Just about getting the ideas and the information down. OK, so we're gonna do is I'm gonna storm through and put a series of bullet points. And you can watch me live if you choose whilst I do this AT T help you see how I process putting together a person statements away. Plant your chosen course English literature. Ah, always display that. Did she displayed q four. This subject threw up. What are you doing? That's efficient subject. So William Blake is a poet who wrote songs, experience and songs of innocents due to Came up that Salman Rushdie off Midnight's Children on Satanic verses as well as a couple of others And talkin is the Lord of the Rings chapter named I'm sure you're familiar with eso Why you're choosing to why you're applying for this chosen course wish to cool skills. So why so? As you can see here, I'm keeping it focused upon the academic area again. These just ideas we're going to go through and kind of review and, you know, test these ideas against, you know, the real world s. So why does this subject interest you? Um I, um, See, this question is difficult. Some in some respects, to distinguish from this person from this one. So with your chosen course, will probably also look at, you know, English literature course. Look, I recommend you do this as well. You could go over to the actual cause itself. Speeds key information set. Let's have a look. Yellow. Correct. Typical wicked timetable. And here we g o we can pull that sounds of hair. Bring this across on. We can look specifically at, you know, the modules that you could be studying as part of this actual course says, you know, English. That's your introduction. Early medieval literature. Three of my favorite offers through Betty Evil through through Greek on medieval literature . So that's one thing that we could let me just pause this because it may well be why there you go. What's that? Put a pause there. Thought this could be another reason. So what I'm doing here, if you notice, is that I am looking at the actual module and syllabus for English at Oxford, and I'm building that in to my actual reason for why this course eso, for example, why the subject interests you thes to ultimately a probably more applicable to why this subject interest has always displayed an aptitude for the subject. Right? Re. Lots of fancy sick pictures from Russia needs Tolkien wish to continue. So this is about English more broadly, the subject of English literature and language. And this refers to the actual specific course. OK, do you see the distinction? Because the course is concerned with, like, the specific modules in the things you've been studying on? The subject is, of course, a bit more wider and broader than that. So that's why that that's why there is a difference. And as you can see, I'm just sorting out these elements is I go. So why? Why should buy this course? We develop my editors skills through expiration or off analysis off famous plays, I think right famous. See a trip. So so one could argue that maybe I'm trying to be a bit more fancy their language here and again this is all open for debate what I'm trying to underline through doing some of these elements for years. Ultimately, that this stage, when you are beginning to write the perfect what's going to be able to be the perfect personal statement, is that it's about just putting the ideas down onto paper, and then we can go back through and start teasing out the relevant parts that we need. So why this sudden interest? You was very user growth Duke us to sit for me. My g C s E's 14 16 I asked her, Sits my no Jesus sees a couple of English GCSE at 14 rather than 16. Why, that interests me. Ah, I wish you could. Do you identify with the isolation off? Identify the isolation off some or thes go some the things characters such as Pro Day on. Okay, papers, a character from great expectations on that, something that would probably talk about the actual course rather photo and hit in great expectations. Some build so as you can a case that photo goes on. Photo goes on a great journey in Lord of the Rings, and I can talk about the sense of myself being on a journey kind of buildings. Romantic buildings, romantic, coming of age on pit does the same in great expectations. Who is Charles Dickens's? So in talking about these two, I could talk Well, it's about the subject more broadly, rather than in specific course. Because unless I find a specific reference to two Dickins here, then it's ah Oh, this. This is really interesting, actually. So they give you the intake, the lovers, 226 people and then you have 22% of them are actually successful, 59% that 59% were interviewed. 22% of those were successful on this offers the actual options in terms of the things that you will be studying. So there you go. So there are a couple of reasons were beginning to build them. Now it's one. That's two. That's free. Got another one Here. We've got another one there. Got another one there. Why do you think you're suitable for the course? Uh, critical critical thinker. Enjoy the debt off. No idolizing character development such as moved photos. Decision to get this Joni Andi was true motivations. That's one example. What? I think your thinker, uh, enjoy the ability to form a thesis home. Multiple thesis is thanks to on the same evidence. And so what I'm trying to do now, as you can see, is I'm developing sets of three. So this is the thing t think about again. Is that for each point on developing for each question on developing three points, which will help me ultimately build out a complete personal statement. And as you see, I am trying to find as much as I can quite practical reasons to demonstrate why I'm applying for this course. Why the subject interest me. And why do I think I'm suitable for the course? It's very academic driven. As you can see, I've not made any reference to my wilder life activities on my interest. And I'm trying to get quite involved because the people they're going to be reading this are subject matter experts. You know their world cloth in the area. They want to show Well, they want to see that you have some level of depth in your thinking when it comes to making comments about the subject that you're intending to study at university. So this is why I'm not just saying you know, great expectations is a great book of mine. I'm saying that, you know, I really identify with, like, pit Pippen and great expectations because of the journey that he goes from from a kind of rags to riches story. And I can identify with that a someone who's come from a migrant family and, you know, in some ways has ah, benefactor and he feels a sense of dislocation of not really belonging. And I feel that, you know. So this is you heard me talking about These are some examples of how I think you can begin building your actual personal statement using these kinds of ideas, and you go through on at, you know, bullet points and comments to each of these sections on in the next video, we will continue going through some of these in order to build out a rough plan before we finally put it all together and build what could be the perfect personal statement 8. Building Your Personal Statement From Scratch: Hey, guys. So you don't welcome back to part seven of have to, right person stating Fox. But in Cambridge now in part six, you did see that I was in the middle of writing a personal statement in a rather laboured fashion simply because I was thinking about details that pertained to myself 12 years ago. So we're going to continue with that is we're gonna cover. This is very simple live personal statement writing. I want to take you through the process in which we could very relatively quickly for the interests of your viewing put together, you know, a rough personal statement. So I've gone and done. If we head over to here it is. And this is a draft that we were working on previously. And if I go ahead and open up the file open recently, people still got here. How to get into this is part seven. It will be part five, in fact, actually, it's yet. So here we go write a personal statement together person statement guide here. So if I go ahead and open up, close some windows first of all, open this, that this is what we were working on previously. OK, these are the questions as you saw. And these are the kind of answers us putting together. What I've done is absolutely filled out. A list of bullet points are in some way relevant okay to these questions, Why you applied the chosen course. Why doesn't subject interest you? Why do you think it suitable for the course on Do you do your current or previous studies relate to the course you chosen? Have you taken any other activities that demonstrate your interest of the course? They're looking at skills and achievements which are added what? We're experiencing future plans. So what I do then is on the basis of having completed some rough bullet points we put together for the very simple core ideas that we want to include. We'll go ahead and create a new document just here. For that we can we can kind of disregard this. We've got what we wanted to achieve from this, which is getting along the questions down into a document which we can then use because this document is what we're gonna use t share for everybody. Pull this personal statement. Why Just quit. It doesn't statement. Version one Okay, so we'll go ahead and spit screens up. So we're gonna do is we're gonna have a look at some of these questions here. As you can see on, we're gonna see if we can stop beginning to put together an actual personal statement. So the first element is why you're applying for your chosen course. So let us think about this So that the English It sure you know, in this example of it, English literature has always in a passion for me from a full, as long as I can resemble having grown up reeling, lots off find to see fiction from rough t two token. I'm excited. Besides it at the respect off, um, learning more off. And this is where we look at. But, you know, classic authors, authors such as for the Jew and, um so Virgil and Homer relates to Greek and what's not medieval but Greek and medieval literature because, you know, remember where we got these elements for. From was from the actual course content itself. It discussed many will. It's just famous. Many who famous menu office center, the famous medieval office and see what comes up to about Chaucer Okay, so they're against this but torture charter and antic on Democratic offers. Um, such as Virgil Homare. Sure stuff on Don t. So, again, this is remember, we're building what? What we're building at the moment is a rough draft. On the basis of the ideas that we put down on you can't see my hands, but on this side here on, we're going to turn that into basically the rough elements or a person saving industry Classical This which is very immature, sir. Shorts that Dante. So why you plan for the chosen course? That's a question that we're asking. Um um a studying these authors at eight degree level will allow me to in moments in a long line critical thinking when discussing. And now we'll have. What we do now is we're looking, for example, famous Tex home up. I haven't got what comes up, huh? Semi legendary offer or my biography and worsening because biography and works. Let's close. That said, look at home. So he wrote on the daily at, as we can see their history in the early yet So then we'll look straight. We'll get straight. Teoh. Elliot, That's really I spell wrong by Think Google will correct it for me. We'll go on here, Homa, when I switch this over here and have a look at this year Student off ancient Rico, Homer, Export around of this translations from extension. It yet might have everything analyzing that various translations off the idiots they're going quickly close some windows again. Now, which is my laptop is again getting excited. I don't know why apologizes does happen from time to time. See how many of these two ups? So I'm getting a little bit out of the purpose of this so azi you can see on but analyze events translations of really odd and their implications on A It is its implications. Well, for our understanding, all the tests. So the reason that I'm going quite deep here because you need to display, I think quite advanced knowledge off the characters references that you make now, of course, as it was discussed that I am familiar with some of these concepts. Some of them do need some workers you can see from Googling the time doing, But the underlying point is was remember, don't over sell ordinances that you do wished over so fantastic in what you do with in the instance you do wish to over sell. Then make sure that you do your reading to back up some of the content that you do right in the actual perfect statement itself. So because you will be interviewed and you will be tested under pressure when you go to Oxford and that is a little different between writing a person statement for, you know, institutions and the best in the more verses writing for some of the secondary ranked university simply because you won't be tested based face, I'll accept you on the basis of just your application, which isn't the case at a university. Such ads Oxford and Cambridge. So we carry on, Let's have a look. So studying these office degree level allow me to offer my critical thinking when analyzing very translations of the implications for our understanding of the text for more I with to you also glasses all of that off in your signature in your power. Ross. A great creation Full tells a lot about Can you be challenges. Jeffrey Choices is most famous piece of work process appreciation or the story Oh, the 30 30 people from blowing as pilgrims to cans ability. So you're beginning to get some insight into how you can begin to really draw off the purpose statement based upon the ideas you put it. So this will answer ultimately that question here, which is why you applied for the chosen course. So we put we put some answers here, as you can see why my parents, the chosen courses on the basis of let's close this also, that's we don't need that That's gone as well. There's anything else that complaints will get rid of that. We'll get rid of this. Get rid of that. We don't need that anymore on with back. Okay, cool. So, Aziz, you can begin to see are beginning to really build out swings over here. Some answers for why you applied strips, of course. And this is what we enter. Ultimately, in some respects, this is version one. This is version two s. So what I'm going to do? And this is where I do implore that you know, you can either choose to skip forward with this video to kind of flipped through to the relevant parts and keep washing them or you know you can work with me to see my thought process behind putting all of the other parts together. So what is it? Subject? Interest me. So what is this subject Interest? Me. We can put long. So why is such interesting? So why put is having being asked to sit my English G C S E's 14 that the UK publication rather than 16 years. Always boys displayed a particular not true ability. It's important not to be to be arrogant. Arrogant isn't something that's really African. Some people perceive it just being confident and forthright. This some people could say, You're saying Lock up display that particular or massive a village. I wouldn't use the word massive. I wouldn't use the word impressive. I won't use the word precocious. I'm just saying a particular natural causes very the English way to kind of minimize and reduce things were displayed a particular natural ability with English literature, especially being solved to read too great expectations and shakes area Tex as on 11 year old because of my get a taste spot that correctly so been after sit to sit. My introduces sees at 14 rather than 16. I've always displayed a particular sorry. I've always just avoid to spend particular natural but even structure, especially especially being especially being especially, especially as I was. And as you can see, I'm reading it back to myself. Dio graph some more of the comprehension and what's involved in actually putting this together so haven't been hard to set my PCC at 14 robin 16 years. I've always displayed a particular natural bent to in stewardship, especially the last part of your expectations. Experian, Texas. An 11 year old because of my advanced reading age. So that's cool on Um, I, um furthermore, the the adventures that the central figures, such as proto in Lourdes off the rings on and it you can in great X stations have always fascinated, fascinated me since reading. And I, uh, I relish the prospect or gaining further insights into the Johnny's off such characters. I see the world through words. H is on studying English literature. Well, give me the necessary skills to elevate my site. Uh, no, you So what I've done there create a little bit of a play on words. I see the world and to elevate my side even firmer. Now again. Remember, this is the first draft version two. If you like this, call this personal statement. Version one. It's called at that one personal statement. Version two, and I'll give you access to copies of these so you can go ahead and look through it. So that's that. That's, you know, next part. So why don't think I'm suitable? Of course. So this is obviously a great questions. Um, so, uh, I having having studied a history, history, history. And this is old from history psychology on the lost sorry loss of the along side shot for my A levels. I have found there to be huge girl saver. So in Carnes, off critical se right skills required for both. And I will stop at this point, and I'll just tell you that. Hold on both. Oh, that full this degree. It's cool. Come to be literary. So what I was going to say is that it's it's it's really worth mentioning that, you know, I have been doing this for several years. I've helped students right over 100 person statements and the applications PhD applications , job application. CVS resumes. So there is that evolved teach to obviously the way that I developed and create these. Of course, you may not even be impressed by any of this. And in that case, if you want, I'm I'm happy because it means that you can do even better than I've done. But this process that we're following now from looking at the actual structure that's come from you cask did building it into potential answers serves as a huge reference point. And the reason that part of this took me a little bit longer was because typically this requires some thinking. Think about you know, what is it? Why you choosing and to come up with all of the reasons for why you might be suitable for this course. Why interest you on? You know, do you take your time to think about all of those elements? Because it really is worth putting together data driven and wrote tangible reasons for why you think that? You know, personally, I'm sorry. Why do you think that you know you are appropriate for this course. Why you Why the subject interest you? Why do you think you're suitable about the course itself? In order the other questions that surround it so do keep order that might So let's keep going. So almost every 10 is identified a cash and kind of eccentric going forward because it would be cheaper for other degree courses? No. So what we can also add here. So we've already added that in the first section. Furthermore, I feel that I has keen insights into the okay. Why? I think it is the the epic wall Pyman. Okay, so So we got the fan going crazy and apologies. But for the king size explained. Okay, so what if they go to move the course to a degree that's been altered? Let's move on to do your parents, Of course. So tequila. All right. Feel that Exploration world. Oh, good. You to show. Oh, why? History Course. Both side. That would be cool. Gives choose psychology. Uh, do psychology Think I'm thinking about you know how they could help me at the courses? Uh, inside, Understand? To stand for president. - Okay . Perfect. So do your content. Of course you've chosen. So of course, this is more of a longer winded question. Answer. I've you know, this answer way may ultimately end up getting rid of that. But now we're beginning, as you can see, to build up, you know, the answers to these questions. So now we're moving on to skills and achievements on what this means is what else is that? That So this is where we change it around a bit because I want a now focus on if you don't need to like to do after completing the course, explain how you want to use the knowledge experience that you gain, So So we'll put that next to keep it very kind, of course. Focused, if you will. Right. So what would you know say that with And it will take some time to think about These is why reports of any and I went away and thought about it some more with ambitions. Too old. Um A you're honest. Gave the political arena. Let's have a say. That's no signal yet, just a political arena. That's when um, right, the skills, the knowledge and experience that study you're in the city. You, me, well healthy. Second to none. Keep going would be second to none. The focus on interpretation, but thanks, guys and occurs. Show me Fix that. Shoes, shoes. Joe populates qualities right so Okay, so I may have gone slightly off track. That's a potential buyer. And so got that answer. Don't now, as you can see, and I will now have a look at the final question, which is this skills here. So what? Ok, so this we're gonna you know, it's quite a lot of text year. Universities like to the skills that you that we will help build this that will help you over the course of General Blackfoot University. Include achievement. You're proud off the help of an ounce going actually to make it interesting, special or unique. So So what would do is and then got obviously work experience here. What would you found? So know what would do a work Weeks let experience plus relevant where, and I'm modifying the question here. What I'm doing is I'm modifying the question to basically summarize what I think ultimately be the key point. If you ever look at tools, when we get a word count, we'll see where characters 2402 3000 including including space, is one of 1000 words so got on. We've got some more wiggle room. Of course, because we've got on some of these titles that will be removed over. We have 2800 characters. So be relevant work experience plus unique things you done. So we'll start with work experience and have a look at What is it that when I will start interesting experiences beside So for example, and you can see this is the list I've got here on the left. You have stopped and looked at some point these things that I've done when I was 18 years old. Andi, I will take you through and how we keep it together outside off my direct academic experience, I have also and a that well, Cecil, according a music that is sensible have to So in the case, it Let me let me pause here and say that in this section where we're discussing skills and achievements, it really is important that you really think about all of the things that you've done, The more the better. Hope that there are things that you've done. If you're struggling with this and I you know, please do leave a comment below, and I can, of course, at additional videos that relate to some of these areas. Um, in the interest of time, I'm going to just go through and right out onto based on the things that you know, I've kind of done historically and that I can add here that some of the things I was gonna write spots the writing off wrap lyrics alongside the on so according or 15 songs. And this is don't forget back in 2000 5 4000 for 3 4000 forces affair while again talk I mean much about We'll let you go correct for us. Rhythm. Right? And remember, the first is the first kind of cycle in this cycle. Don't worry about the obvious. Worry off the obvious very of sex actually change, but they'll be subtle. Ones will go through that at the end. Talk much about rhythm, rhythm, Brian on and with them, right, vanity. So which will, from very useful city collection change that. Oh, hurry. A story holding and divided a creation structure structure. He's currently two, right. So now let's have a look at the actual word count. Got 506,600. Almost. We still got a couple of 100 more words, we've added a recording at its story boarding. You can also add as a um, so as you can see, we've got this element for the actual outside activity, we're still relating it to t literal traps on. Then we've got the rest, which is all about obviously, things that relate directly to the course alongside this having being captain off the school. Well, I'm just taking it from here. Well, because for and it's a little off the skills well, critical. All right, I get done studies in some could argue. Maybe there's too much personal experience written here, but we're packing in quite tightly on again. This will be subject to Version one version two. You probably then end up doing a version three. If you go away in a couple of days, come back it it, clean it up and then you can begin looking out to other people with ultimately there being a version five finish. With all of the changes having been made, what is Gul previously saying? Just what's since the age of 14 as a paperboy dish washer Candidates assistant more well, then for the cause. Well, we'll work on you, too. School to finish with a close. Owners, thank you for taking the time to. So, guys that some have a look. We've got to work out of 4000 115. That gives us some of the wiggle room that we spoke about because we're gonna delete these sections here, here, here, here, here and here on. We'll wrap this video up here and in the final video will go into finishing this into a final version free, which will be subject to then external reviews when you go out and start showing it to people that you trusted that you believe in on, that is how we will finish up so that this made sense. So far, we've got some off. The headers have been answered in the form off. Some headers have been answered. We've got to the word count we took on began with the ideas. And now we're developing what is ultimately going to be a part of statement that would be fit for office. It'll Cambridge 9. Finishing The Personal Statement: Hi, guys. Welcome back to how to get a place at Oxford or Cambridge through the means of personal statement writing on. And this is class number eight. So we are already in the process off. What is the creation Off version three was going to be now off. The personal statement says you can see not now Google chrome or rather Google sheets within Dr does allow you to roll back and look at previous versions. I believe. See revision history that Ugo and it will show you the different kind of revisions that you've made today at 6 27 76 26 is that even wanted? Apparently. But I just prefer to keep different documents, as you can see here. So what we're going to do is we'll come out of this will copy all of this over to here, and we'll put that into this folder here. As you can see, what we're going to begin doing now is, first of all, we're gonna pull out all of these parts of the statement because we're going Teoh finish with a version that Soto ultimately going to be in some senses relationship. Now there's some things of course, that missing. You know, we need to put the structure together. The connected me to make sure how it reads. But this is, you know, the process. I recommend Ondas much times a zit takes you. But hopefully you know what? I've demonstrated it and shown you how you can build it all together. That you will end up by the end of this course. In this video of a person statement that's pretty close to the mark in terms of the things to include the structure as following the, you know, the kind of you can't statement guide and us beginning toe put it all together within the 4000 character limit. So that's one thing is that we've got rid of all of the questions. This gets tools that's going to work out. And look at that. 3713 words. We've got 4000 characters, which is great because it means we still have a couple 100 words off kind of playing room for things that potentially at, which is which is fantastic. So what we can do now, of course, is, first of all, we will just read it back. Okay? so interest always been passionate as long as I can remember. So feel free to skip parts a zai go through this. I want to show you the whole process kind of on a unedited and live and raw so you can see my entire thought process and put it together in perfect. That's ultimately going to be good enough ut into Oxford or Cambridge. And let's go through some of the steps Now that we need to do so in literature has always been a passion for me as long as I can. So whatever Look for ultimately is reading through on a correct. As I go, I'm going to read out loud you're gonna him my full process on you can, you know, hopefully use as a template, you know, in terms of how you go on and develop your own personal statement. So let's get on the rules, apply whatever the subject. Maybe so English. It's usually they're passionate about. Remember, having grown up reading, haven't haven't grown up really haven't grown up with lots of fancy victor Russian talking outside the prospect of learning more off, off, off, being off classic authors, such is against interest has always been a pattern resembling Remember having grown up being lots of antitrust during interactive project learning More of classic officers Virgilio, Virgilio Homa, that Virgil herma troll so had been pressured as long as I can remember having grown up lots of fancy to have no outside the classic offers such as Virgin I Know Trust Dante. Study Studying these arguments. Authors. Because I think I've seen authors again. There's this repetitions. And given the repetition, studying these rights is writers at a degree level alarm. 10 hearts will enhance my critical thinking. Starting right, sitting in a lot of situations. What the idiots and became shoes, allies, rotations of the text off the text screen adaptations off the Tex as indications four years of work and self effacing trying. Is there so studying writers at degree level hospital from you in analysing transition? Any actually interactions We've been with implications and its implications implications for our understanding of them. Furthermore, I wish to grasp a greater appreciation of the story of the 30 people alongside this, because furthermore is like an additional point alongside this is like next to it, or gitic grasp a greater appreciation and store the 30 people trapping pilgrims to Canterbury. Um, English. The literature. Well, give me this. Oh, so as you can see, I'm beginning to adapt things trained, correct? Some of the English slightly modify some elements and also bulk out the actual word count. We will hit 4000 over because slightly over the 4000 were beginning to develop a kind of rough structure. Now as to how it could be put together so we'll put this together, haven't been asked. Haven't being having being asked to sit also much expansion season 14 rather than 16 years off age. Avoid spending natural. But it was always I I'm full unit she has displayed that's less arrogant or less Bravada. Remember we talked about with the British and I approach of writing Unfortunate displayed a particular haven't been after that. My English gcse s 14 of the 16 years of age and fortune to spend Despaigne eight Spain, eh? Sure to shoot full English literature especially especially as I especially given I was tasked to regret for attention Shakespearean Great to read, Great to read great expectations. We don't happen because great for takings is an individual book. Shakespearean text or body of work, whether we used before so they don't really fit together. It's like one singular work with a volume of work. So we put Toss to read great expectations on Toss to Read No, such as for Expectations and Jane, several of the rich as an 11 year old, because over that's reading each yet haven't been asked to sit My English. GCC's at 14 run in 16 years of age, unfortunately spent natural, actually, for interest to, especially the Internet. She especially given all start to read novels Such a Great Expectations and Jane Eyre as an 11 year old. Okay, perfect. Okay, so it's so where were we? Unfortunately, spread natural aptitude for English literature, especially given us to task to read novels. Such expectations. Jane Eyre as an 11 year old, furthermore, Okay, got furthermore, So I got rid of it before, So I got out of the repetition. Furthermore, adventures as the adventures that the further on the adventures of central figures that adventures that the central figures okay, phone was set with ventures and central figures in Glory of the Rings on great expectations . Underwent Under underwent the adventures that pro day and frozen on it, keep in under went in order. The range of our expectations have always fascinated me since first reading since first reading off them. I relished the prospect of game further insights, further insights into this at University into into this through discussions at university, I see the world through words, Robin pictures and study interest. You will give me the necessary skills that elevate my site skills to enter necessary skills tools to elevate myself even further. Okay, so that's an example of the first paragraphs. Let's read that together now. English literature has always been Passion has always been a passion for me, as long as I can remember having grown up reading lots of fantasy fiction from Rusty to talk in. I'm excited at the prospect of learning more of classic authors such as Virgil, Homer, Chaucer and Dante. Starting these writers a degree level with a heart smart, critical thinking when analyzing the very calculations of the idiot Juliet three that screen adaptations of those body of works as implications for our understanding. Alongside this, I wish to graphs of group grasp, a great appreciate appreciation of the story. The 30 people traveling to as pilgrims to Canterbury. Studying in Detroit University would give me order this and more having Bean Austin What's there? So get rid of the underlying having Bean asked to sit My English GCSE a 14 rather than 16 years of age, unfortunately, is a straight a natural aptitude for England literature, especially given our sauce every novel, such great expectations in Jane Eyre of the 11 year old. Furthermore, what did we already see? Furthermore? Well, there's a couple of that further mortars. We can see this where there's two twos to It's not too bad for them or the adventures of fraud and picked up in underwent, undergo, undergo in Lord of the Rings and great expectations of Always expectations. Fascinated again. So that's a quick tip that I do that I quickly do us a check could control find check to see if I can see it on have always intrigued biographer in freaked. Furthermore, the adventures of further Pippen undergone Lord of the Rings of great expectations of what a great flirtations always have. Always. I've always intrigued me since my foot since first reading of them and i Russia profit of getting further insights into this through discussions through discussions with my cuter chooses. I see the world through words rather than pictures and sending introduced RL give me studying and studying English literature. We're giving the necessary tools to elevate myself. Even fervor, Okay, so relatively happy with that first paragraph is probably little things that can pick up in overtime but is the first solid paragraph that seems to be a level of residence. I'm happy with the EEC how this has gone from Let's open up version quickly, but we've got version two here. As you can see, we've got version, version one, and if I get Teoh recent there, we get perfect. So what? Have a look at this. We've got versions. One, which was just a set of ideas that you saw that we took from the Ucas guide. They showed us the questions, and I began fitting this out as you saw another document open. There it is. There's a corporate. So then so this is version one with just the ideas and bullet point formats. Then we turn those ideas into actual text following the structure as references, you can see that's version two and then inversion free. We're now beginning to build out actual solid personal statement. So we got the first paragraph done. Let's go ahead and look at the second stage off the actual and personal statement so we can get a sense off. What are the next steps required? So the next thing is having studies, history, psychology and philosophy alongside its troops, further more of us, and moreover, in conjunction, we're looking for connective in conjunction with this. So in conjunction with this having studied philosophy, having studied history, philosophy and psychology alongside literature alongside it, Schiff of a devils with a levels I have found there to be a huge crossover if you found there to be a huge crossover in the In the fritter Cool. An essay in the critical and essay writing skills required for full. I found his course every acquittal, I say for no find huge crossover infertility if required for for these courses in congestion with understand history, philosophy. And so having study history, psychology and philosophy alongside literature for my A levels, I found that I have found that to be huge crossover and the critical one s in the critical and analytical. Let's put on a physical that sounds better. Sounds more like something you've read from a report from a market criteria. That's it's I found that to be huge crossover, the critical and analytical right it's required for these courses. This will prove to be pivotal in a literary degree course. Furthermore, this will prove. Furthermore, I feel that I have the king. I'm have keen insights into the language industry devices being a British Indian from a migrant family that is jewel, speaker of English and Hindi, but but rather English and Hindi and has had a die off off religious off has has had a die off religious scripture off Hindu on off, both in new on Christian religious rupture on our own off both I seem to you and diet off Hindu indeed religious scripture on. So my nature countries own great poetry growing up. Okay, cool. So that's another reason for why that see particular to be very specific. So we go. That's talking about the courses. This I'm probably gonna change the structure around a little bit to be a very specific. I feel that my expiration of great will it shows part of history courses on some critical things agree Ages alongside the It's You, Greek Ages, Plato and Aristotle. Philosophy. Alongside my understanding of the issues of perceived authority on Stanford Prison. Internet psychology. Adlai than debt from interpretation of classic literature. So if we cut that out there and go back to where it is in the actual section here, that relates to ERM the courses, then we'll put that back there. And now let's have has got a little bit lost in that. Just spit something. It's up for you. So you can see Start talking about here that in conjunction with this have insight in history, philosophy, history, psychology and philosophy along selection for my A levels I feel there to be. I feel there to be, and I found that to be a huge crossover in the critical analytical writing skills required for these courses. This will prove to be pivot on literary degree course to be very specific. I feel that my exploration of great war literature is part history course. Alongside the critical thinkers, Clayton, I restart meant philosophy alongside my understanding alongside up next to let's just a just next to no, let's put let's put in line with yet. Let's do that on So screwed you preserve pivot on entering degree course to be very specific after the expiration of great literature is part of my history, history, history, course alongside critical thinkers. Pressure on Aristotle in philosophy, in line with my understanding alongside. So let's book in conjunction. Uh, it support off. Try that. I'm not convinced on all of these yet, but we're gonna just metal something through the moment. It's a pretty pitiful pivots on a literary degree course to be very specific, I thought the exploration Great War literature is part of my history course alongside the critical thinkers. Plato Aristotle philosophy in support, my understanding of the issues that's too long. So I feel very specific I for the restoration. Great would trip, but mystery calls on critical thinkers Harris Bottle war Add Layers index my interpretation off classic literature so that will. You could use the boar over now so more of, uh, learning off perceived authority. The stun received authority. Let's see the Stanford Prison experiment on so sure behavior in psychology will give me death when considering character studies. Furthermore, I feel that I'll have keen insights into the language industry devices being a British being a British Indian from migrant families, individuals speak organization Indy and has a die of Hindu of off Hindu religious scripture and so many great poetry growing up. Okay, cool. So I think that that's kind of their their their about this spring, double together In conjunction with this haven't studied history, psychology and philosophy alongside literature from my A Levels. I found that to be a huge crossover and the critical and analytical writing skills required for these causes. That's a proved to be pivotal in a literary agent. Recourse to be very specific. I thought of my exploration of great or literature is part of my history calls alongside the critical thinkers Plato and Aristotle philosophy, where Adlai is in depth to my interpretation of classic literature. Moreover, learning a perceived authority, the Stanford prison experiment and social behavior and psychology give me added depth and considering character studies. Do you part of the D. C that I tend to use powers of free here? Great. Will it, sheriff proceed So learners a perceived authority that the president spirit part of the so at the social social behaviour powers of free, already effective in terms of people's learning and understanding. Furthermore, I feel that all keen insights into the language and literary devices being I'll feel a keen insight into the language and literary devices used in the text we study given on a British Indian from a migrant family, this jewel speaker of English and Hindi, it that a diet of Hindu religious scripture and said, My native good Scripture Teoh such lists with such as the How about that, huh? Growing up. Okay, cool. So ready to be happy with that? Let's have a quick check of the word count. So 3000 100 67 says you can see we've got two more paragraphs to go ultimately, but we're getting to a stage where we're reaching the world can still get another 11 and 123 characters, something like that. 33. So it's still got some some wiggle room if you like. So, with ambitions to ultimately become with ambitions to ultimately but from a journalist and political arena, as well as an author on my own, Jonathan Rico and then and then on author and my own right, the knowledge experience studying university will give me that will give me will be second . So with ambitions, the ultimate become a germs in the political arena and the author of my own right, the knowledge experience is standing at your own knowledge and experience. The Norwegian experience studying at your university will get the bodily experience studying the knowledge experience that studying your university will give me. Yeah, I can see that will be second to none. So let's let's read that will out together with ambitions to ultimately become a journalist in the political arena than an author on my own right. The knowledge and experience studying at university would give me will be second to none. The focus on interpretation of lips shows corresponding to the facts we find in the poetry and prose in many respects, matches the job and jargon teens and is jargon. It's seen sometimes negative word in many respects matches the 11 literature Levick polemic party statements we find in politics I wish to write about. Or so with apologies for keeping hunt yawning guys, I'm actually not tired with ambitions to ultimately become a journalist, that political arena and then all from my own right. The knowledge and experience studying at university or give me will be second to none. The focus of interpretation of literature is corresponding to the facts we find in the poetry in In the Poetry, the chorus, the funds interpretation of literature is correspondent. The facts we find in poetry and prose in many respects matches a polemic polemic. Party statements we find in politics. I wish to write about this in understanding what is really being set. I was to write about the sword. I thought of my debt are direct upset backups. So courts. I'm very, terribly happy with this paragraph. We've got three paragraphs were quite happy with. That's a least I am and will go through and finish the final paragraphs. So outside of my direct academic spirits, I've also been a rapper. That's about a successful recording group of a music video that was submitted to television . The writing, a rap lyrics alongside the group and solo recording of over 15 songs. The writing of rap lyrics alongside Didn't writing a rap lyrics? Yeah. Four. Okay, perfect. The writing of that area is in group and solo recordings that it's in the writer for group and so projects off spanning more than the writing a rap lyrics for Group in solo project spanning more than 15 songs that taught me much about rhythm, rhyme and melody. All of which will prove very useful in university, where we put you know that's fine and replace with play. So it's that done that's going to lower case Napster. Poet Writing of rap lyrics for Group and solo project spanning more than 15 songs have taught me much about rhythm, rhyme and melody. All of which will prove very useful at university were recorded the music we Actually, we actually we actually recorded the music video. We've recorded the music video, according group, so get rid of the video will put that later actually video of video rather than separating the tooth. So outside of my direct academic spirits have also been a rapid that is part of successful recording group. The writing about literature group inside the party expanding more than 15 songs and taught me much about rhythm right amenity, all of which will prove very useful. University, we went on. We went on to record a music video of the production team that worked on the set of parent porter and storyboard development. I went on to record to storyboard storyboard, too. Two story board on a storyboard, uh, for the shoes. A fully place video for television for a production team, the production team that worked on set of everybody. It's very walking official. What in creative writing that I do alongside having captain school fortitude with a duty to muse about age okay, has made me hard working a lot side this having been captain of school football, team off the off mine off my school football team, this couple team as well as plain Let's go for a protein. Those plans for a local team two years. But my dream was made me hard working, resilient. All of these girls are critical during my academic studies and having managed, especially especially especially having managed all of this. What's working since the age of 14 is a paperboy, a dishwasher mechanic system and more more on. So I, um, definitely Kirk pads for the work and time management you just finished with. FirstPlus needed to. She ultimately graduates with first class honest. Okay, I think folks that we might actually be be there were count 3909 Absolutely amazing. Okay, so let's now I'll read this entire thing through to give up. So because I believe that we've got Teoh Final version version free that were, we ultimately want to aim to get to version five. Okay, Version five is going to be the finished version. Version three will take us to the point where we can then get external advice. So that's what I recommend. So let's have a look now. English literature has always been a passion for me, for as long as I can remember having grown up reading, it's a fantasy fiction from Rusty to talkin. I'm excited at the prospect of learning bythe reason. The value of reading out loud is absolutely immense. Do you read what you write out loud? Because it gives it a life of its own. You're able to understand, interpret and comprehend the text in new ways, and you can really feel whole will sound to a first time. Radio began for a combination Off off data that relates to your personal left have added in the final element, also very much academic driven since 80%. You know, the academia and then 20% your actual personal life. So with that in mind, let's let's let's read English Literature has always been a passion for me. As long as I can remember having growing up, having grown up reading lots of fantasy fiction from Russia to talk in. I'm excited at the prospect of learning more of classic authors such as Virtual Home, My Chaucer and Dante. So what would you here is? Shoot. I stick to the saying authors for keep with this these full So the the office at the same of these two for new additions of that, it's It's an open question, right? Starting these writers a degree level within hearts, my critical thinking when analyzing various translations of the Liet screen adaptations and these bodies of works off these three adaptations off these bodies of work and its implications for understand three notations that these bodies sanitation for his bodies of work. And so what we have in here no sure about this sentence. What do you think right set alongside this, I wish to go after greater application off the story of the 30 people traveling pilgrims to Canterbury. Yeah, in choices. You're Canterbury Tales. I believe it's called. That's quickly check that it's just called capital. Can't get the counter protest. Okay, so studying Indigenous Shirt University study, English literature at University will give me all of this and more. Haven't been off to sit My English GCSE is at 13 rather than my English GCSE that there's two of them that language, language and literature. It's haven't been asked to sit my nose saying this one have been asked to sit my English gcse yet 14 rather than 16 years of age, unfortunately, displayed a natural aptitude for for the subject so still making changes, as you can see, especially given us toss to read novels, obscure Expectations and Jane Eyre as an 11 year old. Furthermore, the adventures of throw dump it, Pippen undergo Lord of the Rings, and our expectation is always great. Expectations have always intrigued me since first reading of them, and I raise your prospect of gaining further insights into this room discussions of my tutors. So should I stick to fewer examples? Because I've used a wide range of examples. It Chaucer, Virtual Homer, Dante Rushdie, Tolkien Expect Dickins, Jana. It's It's all in the first paragraph, and there is an open question. Say that whether whether we get you know, phone down and focus on three specific office rather than you know, the several that we mention. I see the world from words, words rather than pictures and study English literature will give me the necessary tools to elevate my site to even further in conjunction with this, having studied history, psychology and philosophy alongside literature for my A levels, I found it to be huge crossover and the critical and analytical writing skills required for these forces. This will prove to be pivotal on any insult proved to be pivotal on my intended half off study because I used the words courses already on my intended path of study. To be very specific. I feel that desperation, a great wall, it Sure it's part of my history. Course it outside. The critical thinkers Plato and Aristotle philosophy were. Adlai is in debt to my interpretation of classic literature. Moreover, learning perceived authority, the staff of prison experiment and social behaviour psychology will give me added depth when considering character studies considering character studies. All right, well under take why on a one day course, that name is Capitalization that potentially on its true course. For my filled out keen insights into the language and literary devices. So used literature and literary take money. Let's but maybe where did we last used agree? So there's lots of little layers that have not used to grieve a little off on a degree course, so kill well. Furthermore, I feel that I will have keen insights into the language in literary devices used in the text we study. Given I am British Indian given I'm British Indian especially takes we study secretary given on British Indian from a migrant family and it's. Furthermore, I feel that while keen insights into the language and literary devices used in the text, we study given on the British Indian from a migrant family that is the jewel speaker of English and Henry and I said, a die of Hindu religious scripture such as the Mahabharata growing up Okay, good, so that's that's first paragraph. But to go with ambitions to ultimately become a journalist in the political arena, we can maybe keep it separate. That's it's the latest it late decisions. We may be out there should I add this paragraph to to grown one. So you know these Air Force you can share with people with ambitions to ultimately become a journalist in the political arena and then an author in my own right. The knowledge and experience of studying at university will give me will be second to none . The focus on interpretation of literature is corresponding to the facts we find in poetry and prose in many respects matches of polemic party statements we find in politics and understanding what is really being said. I wish to write about this. I wish I wish to use my I used to use my literary, my literary education. With all of this in mind, nothing is. Do you think it's okay to use what it takes politics in my statement? So that's that. That's another open question again, as you can see, they're on, you know the reason that I'm putting all these questions, and it's because you know this. This, to my mind, is a very good person statement. It is on the basis, of course, of what I've written. I've returned it from scratch, but there's always open questions that people have different opinions on always encouraging employees as per the advice that you saw that I gave as well as what you casket is that, you know, share of two or three people that you trust. Ultimately, what might happen is that you know, they can check all of these questions that you have to answer to get a second reference point, as well as checking off your spelling, punctuation and grammar. So that's the rationale for why you can put your thoughts in here outside of my direct academics, parents have also been a rapper that is part of a successful recording group. The writing of that nearest for group in solar project spanning more than 15 songs have told me much about rhythm, rhyme and melody, all of which will prove very useful in university. We went to we, actually, we actually went onto Story wouldn't use a fully fledged visit music video for television production team that worked on the set of Harry Potter. All of which will be beneficial for any creative writing that I do perfect alongside this alongside this haven't been the captain of medical football team that is playing for a local team two years about my age group has maybe hard working in Brazilian. All of these girls will prove critical during the academic studies, especially having managed order. This what's working since the age of 14 is a paperboy. A dishwasher mechanics assistant did your dishwasher. This will show on. Then any mechanics assistant feels more and stop as a paperwork dishwasher. And then? And then it's paperwork boy dishwashing. And then the mechanics is destruction a mechanic and then at the sense of time, passage of time. And it's one after the other Piper Boy dishwasher and then a mechanic system. And so I'm definitely prepared for the heart for the working time management. You just ultimately graduated first class. When was it highlights my ambition and aim with the course. Thank you for taking the time to read this application. Regards, Deepak Chopra. I should I spend less find this talking about my about why? Oh, sorry. You can scroll up. She needs or is it OK? Okay, cool. So, guys, welcome to the finish. Draft version three off a person statement. We've got to a word. Count off. 4005 said these five less characters she's absolutely find on this. Ultimately is going to be what will take you through to an actual finished and completed application. The only final thing to consider is twofold. We're going to be talking about a referee and how to manage that in a final brief video. But this is the personal statement that you we've worked together to build on from this version. Three. You want to get to version five, but asking three people that you know to give me detailed feedback on your answers. Go around, make another set of changes, reach out to them again and then, using their final set comments, make your final sweep of changes, and then you submit the application. And this part is the most critical element of the entire ucas application. You get this part right. Assuming you have excellent grades, you do have definitely a chance of getting to interview. So that is how to write the person statement, and the final video will cover the references or the reference rather 10. Getting A UCAS Reference: Hey, guys, just to finish up a brief now on the actual reference writing process. This is definitely more for your tutors rather than yourself. And if you're playing to Oxford and came, which is not something you really ultimately have to concern yourself with, However, if you have any level of a relationship with the person who's writing your actual reference , they to need to write a 4000 character reference for you on. So there is a new element of responsibility involved in your actual writing off the reference This is done by the referee. The person who's backed you before he's gonna be someone who's done. You know who's doing it academically so true to our electoral will most likely be familiar with these actual processes, but you know, just for your own reference, it's always useful to be aware off the Web sites, which is you guessed dot com as well as university, which were soon a simple Google search of ucas reference example. And you will use this as a great point to you know who reads a reference of students ucas application cycle you miss and shooter, Ackland explains. Our department referenced very important role making decisions differentiates between students were seven and lots and qualifications. What to include. Their performance of potential for success. Super its ability for subject or career path. Comments and approaches. Studied attitude, motivation, commitment, order these things, it basically on. The important thing is you know, there's all these elements that give the give guidance on writing the actual references. Advices for new referees here as well is through the it's got you know, it's got a whole section to the important thing to remember. For you, the student is you need to make sure that you have been made it clear for suitability of subject career path. You mean to make sure that this is clear to actual shooter need toe comment on approach started, attitude, motivation and commitment. And, you know, if you're considering and watching this course, it tells me that you're serious about obviously your approaching application of what you want to achieve. So do just, you know, bear that in mind, as well as relevant skills, qualities, academic achievements and interest on all of the other things that relate to, you know, your extracurricular performances in activities and whatever else you've been doing, to support the fact that you are an excellent candidate. It's not something that was spoken much about. Please do ask me if you want any more videos and advice and point things you can do to strengthen your application outside of writing application activities, you can do things to consider into study and what else in terms of non academic work experience etcetera because it's becoming more and more competitive. But this is just a really useful reference for those who want to understand what is involved in writing a reference it isn't involved. Process is a whole part two. If you're a teacher that's listening. Feel free to ask him some questions as well, and I compares available content for that's but without further ado, that is everything on references. And I really hope that you've enjoyed this course. I hope there's been sufficient. Please, you believe from comments and feedback is that things you think I can improve will change. But I absolutely love if you could recommend this to somebody that you know Andi from from me Deepak Strickler, Thank you for your time and the guys from UN Academy. They're supporting this and really appreciate your support and help as well and thank you guys so much. And I will see you soon on the next course buy from me and had to deepak Tripler dot com to get more stuff that I do.