How To Get 12 Months Of Work Done, In Just 12 Weeks

Mark Dhamma, High Performance Coach For Entrepreneurs

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7 Videos (1h 5m)
    • Introduction: How We'll Do it

    • The One Question You Must Answer....

    • Creating Your Strategy

    • Creating Your Project Plan

    • How To Take Focused Action Everyday

    • The 7 Powerful Productivity Hacks

    • Conclusion


About This Class

In this productivity and time management class, High Performance Coach to Entrepreneurs, Mark Dhamma, that will teach you his easy, all in one, 5 step productivity system that can potentially help you get 12 months worth of work done, in just 12 weeks.

Through his popular website, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube Channel, Mark shares advice on how to increase your energy, focus and results with over 38,000 entrepreneurs in over 20 countries.

This class is for you if you’re a business owner, want to start your own business, student or if you're in a career where you manage your own time. *No prior knowledge or experience is required.

You will learn:

  • The One Question That Zeroes In On The Goal That Will Progress Your Business Or Your Career The Fastest Right Now. Hint: You may have thought that it would take you a year to do.
  • The Simple 5 Step Formula That Will Allow You To Create A Foolproof Strategy To Complete Your Most Important Goal Within 12 Weeks.
  • How To Turn Your Strategy Into A Project Management Plan
  • How To Take Consistent Focused Action Each & Everyday Using A Proven Daily Schedule
  • The 7 Powerful Hacks To Avoid Overwhelm & Procrastination

If you would like more free time and to progress more quickly in your business or career. Take this class now.

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This is stellar! Now its time to put some action in the plan! Thank you Mark Dhamma.





Mark Dhamma

High Performance Coach For Entrepreneurs

Mark Dhamma, MA is a High Performance Coach For Entrepreneurs. Through his popular Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Channel Mark shares advice on how to look, feel and perform at your best with over 38,000 entrepreneurs in over 20 countries.

Mark focuses on helping entrepreneurs look, feel and perform at their best by optimizing their energy, focus and results. Mark brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients including 20 years of experience in optimal health, including being a Men'...

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