How To Generate Referrals For Your Service Business | Larry Easto | Skillshare

How To Generate Referrals For Your Service Business

Larry Easto, Best-Selling Writer

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6 Videos (32m)
    • Welcome To The Course

    • Introduction

    • Sources of Referrals

    • Generating Referrals

    • Making & Receiving Referrals

    • Your Referral System


About This Class

This class will help all service-providers generate more referrals.

Students will learn how to ask for referrals with comfort and ease, without appearing to be desperate or begging.

Among the techniques they will learn are:

  1. The main sources of referrals

  2. How to ask for referrals without looking like you are desperate or begging

  3. How to make and receive referrals

  4. How to start and maintain a referrals system





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Larry Easto

Best-Selling Writer

Many years ago, lacking both entrepreneurial desire and business know-how, I became a self-employed professional.

Disenchanted as an employee of a large organization, I became an entrepreneur by default.

Much has happened since that shift from employee to self-employment. Along the way, being the great teacher it is, experience has helped me learn more about marketing than anyone really needs to know.

As is the case with life, good marketing experiences get better when th...

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