How To Find Your Niche Design Style | Melanie Greenwood | Skillshare
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10 Videos (25m)
    • Trailer: How To Find Your Niche Design Style

    • 1. My Story: How I Found My Niche Design Style

    • 2. What Are You Ridiculously Good At?

    • 3. What Makes You Giddy With Excitement

    • 4. Love vs. Don't Love

    • 5. Who Are Your Dream Clients

    • 6. Design by Hand vs. Digital Platform

    • 7. One Thing you can Learn To Improve your skill

    • 8. Create + Share

    • 9. Final thoughts and challenge

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About This Class

This course is for: Artists, Designers, Illustrators and Hand Letterers.

I have been running my own freelance design business for over 10 years and have worked with a variety of clients in the Music, Entertainment and Wine industries. Over the last few years I have began to focus on my niche design style and it has benefited my career tremendously. 

In this course, I have created a simple and effective work sheet that I will walk with you through so that you too can begin to focus on your Niche Design / Creative Art style. We are all unique as artists and by focusing we will have a better ability to determine the direction we want to continue to develop in and become known for. 

Let your style shine as you identify:

- your natural strengths and gifts

- what makes you excited

- what you love vs. don't love to work on

- Do you like to design by hand or on a computer

- what you can learn to become great in your niche

I also will share my personal story of how I discovered my niche style and how it really positively effected my business. 

I look forward to you joining my course and please feel free to ask me any questions! Also I love reviews!


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Melanie help you figure you niche. I was one of those types that could never figure out what I want to be really good at as a niche. I always said I rather know a little about a lot of things then a lot about one thing. She makes you really to look at yourself.
Deborah Kobelski Robertson

Creative Visionary

Thank you so much for this course! It's excellent for helping you refine your style. Please make more videos!
This was extremely helpful :)





Melanie Greenwood

Designer & Founder of Vision City Studio

Welcome! My name is Melanie Greenwood and I'm the founder and designer here at Vision City design studio. I've been running my own freelance studio for over ten years, specializing in music packaging, logo design and promotional pieces. My clients include record labels, bands, corporate clients, and start up companies. I studied graphic design in Toronto, ON (my hometown!), where I also worked for several years as a fashion model. After relocating to California in 2011, I decided to l...

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