How To Find Your Niche Design Style | Melanie Greenwood | Skillshare
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10 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Trailer: How To Find Your Niche Design Style

    • 2. 1. My Story: How I Found My Niche Design Style

    • 3. 2. What Are You Ridiculously Good At?

    • 4. 3. What Makes You Giddy With Excitement

    • 5. 4. Love vs. Don't Love

    • 6. 5. Who Are Your Dream Clients

    • 7. 6. Design by Hand vs. Digital Platform

    • 8. 7. One Thing you can Learn To Improve your skill

    • 9. 8. Create + Share

    • 10. 9. Final thoughts and challenge

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About This Class

This course is for: Artists, Designers, Illustrators and Hand Letterers.

I have been running my own freelance design business for over 10 years and have worked with a variety of clients in the Music, Entertainment and Wine industries. Over the last few years I have began to focus on my niche design style and it has benefited my career tremendously. 

In this course, I have created a simple and effective work sheet that I will walk with you through so that you too can begin to focus on your Niche Design / Creative Art style. We are all unique as artists and by focusing we will have a better ability to determine the direction we want to continue to develop in and become known for. 

Let your style shine as you identify:

- your natural strengths and gifts

- what makes you excited

- what you love vs. don't love to work on

- Do you like to design by hand or on a computer

- what you can learn to become great in your niche

I also will share my personal story of how I discovered my niche style and how it really positively effected my business. 

I look forward to you joining my course and please feel free to ask me any questions! Also I love reviews!