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How To Find Top CPA Offers To Promote

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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2 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How To Find Top CPA Offers To Promote

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About This Class

The first step to getting started with CPA marketing is finding offers to promote. However, a lot of people get stuck on this step because they don't know where to look. This course is going to solve that problem.

After going through this short video, you'll know a few great websites to find top CPA offers so that you'll never have to worry about where to go to find any in the future. Curious to know where to go? Then be sure to enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.

Meet Your Teacher

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

Join my new affiliate marketing Facebook group here.

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1. Introduction: Hey, what's going on? It's James. Can Zanella welcome to my course how to find Top C P. A. Offers to promote. Now this course is going to be very straightforward, very simple, over the shoulder and straight to the point. It's a lot of things I know, but main goal. This is to help you go through about four or five websites where you can find all the top C p A offers, right? As long as you know kind of the idea you want to go in terms of your niche that you want to use. I'm going to show you how to basically search through all these offers. Find one that's going to help you the most entry. I get the best payout so you don't have to worry about getting an offer and then realizing later that you're actually making less than you deserve. Not cool. It's happened to me before, but aside from that, his courses exactly what's talking about in the title. So if you want to find the top CP offers to promote, allowed me to show you, go ahead and enroll. Now, look forward to seeing you on the other side 2. How To Find Top CPA Offers To Promote: Hey, it's James Kensington. And welcome to my course how to find top SEPA offers to promote. So what I'm going to do in this very quick courses, kind of walking through five great websites where literally never going to run out of offers. Okay, I know that's a very challenging part of C. P. A. Is that not only do you not know where to look, but you don't know how to search for them. You don't know how to find them. And I'm basically going to solve all those problems in a very short video. So now that we've got that out of the way, the first website, we're going to go to his offer vault. As you can see, a top. What I did is actually record the all the girls here. So in case I forget to say what they are, you're gonna know so kind of running through this, we're going to show you how it works. This is a website that just has tons upon tons upon tons of offers. And the reason for websites like this is that though basically highlight all these great offers and what they like is that if you sign up. Okay. You got to sign up for the offer. If you're going to stand up for the offer, you have to sign up through the CP a network. So they're kind of referring us an affiliate. Okay, so with all this traffic here, people always signing up, if you make a good amount of money as an affiliate, they're going to get commissions. Or maybe they have a deal with CP a notebook. Whatever it is. That's kind of how they monetize this. Aside from maybe some ads here and there, but let's look for this, OK? So you can go by network, which is going to be quite a few of them already. There's a lot of hoops, a lot of affiliate networks here. You can do country preferences. Let's do advanced search. Okay. What's this? Do scholarship? Okay. It's Do all networks seal? Do that. Do that payout. Anything between us to one in five. So with this, you're gonna at least want to know what niche you're going to be diving into or what? Vertical. Whatever you want to call it. Okay. Okay. So here we go. We got quite a few scholarship, all scholarship all scholarship, owl and scholarship. Owl, As you can see here, it's in quite a few different spots. Okay, The cool thing about this, right here's the best part is sometimes there's going to be maybe one or two or three or five or 10. Whatever it is, a lot of times, some of these specific networks, they're gonna have higher payouts. I've seen this before. Okay. A long time ago. I don't remember the numbers. Exactly. Two. Don't quote May. I'm sure I could tell this story 100 times, and the numbers would always be different, but it's kind of the lesson behind it. Right. So it's morning and offer was getting paid around. I don't know. ID, say $30. Okay. Was Purcell then I looked at another network. It was around 35 to $40. So I said, why the heck am I promoting it through this? C p A network? Okay. Just changing. That could be literally $5 to $10 difference for every cell. When you're doing volume, that adds up very quickly. All right. So keep that in mind. That's another great aspect of this is that you can just look for the offers. And when you find one look for one that has a higher payout, Okay, Unless maybe only wanna work with Max bounty or peer fly, whatever, it's going to be completely up, do those are decisions you have to make, but it's too weight loss. Okay? There's gonna be a ton of these, okay? Especially with supplements. I mean, just typing and weight loss, These well sponsored listing. So once again, another way, they monetize this. I assume if someone hasn't offered there and they want to get it to the top, they're paying for these. These top spots here, let's go to six. Okay. Cool. Yeah, but the best way is probably going to be advanced search. Okay, let's do another one. IPhone Still 1 to 5 again. Okay, so you do pay a type, so lead is going to be any type of email cost per click. That's kind of rare. Okay, there are offers where you get paid any time someone clicks a link, OK? But they do kind of monitor your traffic because you can't just don't get too excited and think that you can just get someone randomly to, you know, click on it a lot. I did an offer like that once and was for a lead generation offer. Okay, so I would send traffic to it. I would get paid per click, but they would check to see how many leads you sent in. All right, so if you're sending 100 leads and you're only getting to opt ins, they're gonna cut you off. Okay? But if you're sending ah, 100 clicks, maybe you're getting, like, 30 40 depending on what they're looking for. That 30 wouldn't be bad. That's 30%. So keep that in mind. You can't just click the link attendant times. They're gonna get rid of you very quickly. Get so I phoned. Let's go back to see if we do advance. Okay. What I want to do for this see category, it's to us. Okay, United States, there's a lot of them. One five. Okay, so iPhone on incentive. Let's just click on this for a second. Sometimes you can preview it. Sometimes you can't. Okay, so, again, app. So let's not do that. Let's look for the one that's gonna be around the dollar. So a lot of these right here, New iPhone, c p a prosperity. I think I'm a part of them. I just haven't been there forever. Let's go to this. This is gonna be your standard. Okay? Something like this. I remember I was promoting this on Instagram that converted. Not amazingly well, but it converted well enough that there's so much traffic and you can get a quite a few cells from that. Oops. No, let's go back. Let's do one more. So it's too advanced. NFL, the United States and one of five. Another one I promoted. Oh, nothing. You're killing me. Impossible. Yeah, There's plenty of NFL stuff. Why I gotta lie to me like that? Accounts do. Okay, There we go. They do of him. I'm not sure why it came up like that before. Maybe I typed in something wrong, but get in NFL Jersey like this $12 I believe I thought it was making a little bit over $2 . Okay, so they have quite a few of these, as you can see here. Like, for example, this is going to be 1 60 This says one field, which usually means it's just going to be email address. Okay, that's just messed up sometimes does that. That's normally what it would look like. Okay, then there's going to be more so if you're ever wondering where says how come this one is 1 60 this is, ah, much bigger difference because this is only one field. Okay, if they enter in their email, you're gonna get 1 60 But for this, it's usually they have to enter their email, and then on the next page, it's going to be you, like your name, your address, your phone number, and like that. So, like I said, the more boxes they have to input, the more money used you're gonna make. Okay, so can this one You wouldn't do. Like we live in Beverly Hills. Okay? And that's probably NBC. Great. Here. Okay, So what you would do is I don't know. I said, I live in Beverly Hills, and I put it, No. 61 or nine. It's a little early. Don't mind me. So this is what I mean by $2. So they entered in that it automatically goes in there. So it would be e mail first. Last name, street address, phone number, and then data birth and continue. So that's how you would get your $2 from that. Okay, So, overall, that's offer vault. That's my favorite one. As long as you know your vertical, it's gonna be much easier for you to kind of locate type of offer you on. All right. So I'm not going to spend as much time on these just because these air also similar. This is Oh, Digger, this is my second favorite one. Very similar. Once again. Wants to. And it fell because sometimes this is going to have different offers from this. It just really depends on what's there. Okay. See? NFL Jersey, one field. See? Like this is 1 20 notice telling the other one it was around 1 60 Okay, so right there, you're gonna 47. 47 40 cent difference. Okay, this is 1 60 So that's why it's very helpful to look for a lot of these. Let's to pay out. Some are going to be much higher. Okay, so let's look for 1 80 Let's check this. Okay? I think this is the one that was broken. Okay, So it isn't so. Look at that. 1 80 And I'm pretty sure unless there's more to it that I'm missing. Si won 80 favor. So I think this one is just email, But that's not bad. All right, this pays 1 80 And as you've seen summer 1 50 Summer 1 30 summer 1 20 Those add up over time. All right, so 1 2180 is a 60 cent difference. So, you know, you make two of them. That's like getting an extra conversion. Okay, So that so digger, Like I said, very similar. I recommend doing all networks, doesn't love them, and then just type in what you want. Look for compare the ah, the types of offers. And when you find one, what you would want to do is join right here. Okay? You gotta basically just join you guys. Sign up. And that's how that would work. OK, so next we have after paying and the funny thing about this away Excuse me, I'm getting ahead of myself. This is more for finding a lot of networks, OK? And the reason I'm showing you this is because if you click right here, you'll go toe af plus Okay. And this is where you find all of their offers on this one. So very similar. Once again. Let's do Yes. Here we are. It's too high. Spell. Okay, this is a different $12. Let's see how this is description. No incentive, no incentive. Means like you can't give them an incentive to do it. You can say like, Hey, fill this out. Give me your email address and I'll pay you 1/4. Okay, You can't do that. There's no incentive for them to ah, go through it. So mobile friendly, which is nice. So if you want to promote on like instagram Okay, so once again, 1.8, that was probably the highest one there. This one was not single field. And then this one, this seems like it might be the highest. And it might just be I don't know. You have to test it out or esque to see if there's more to it. Bottom. Here, let's go with iPhone. And just so you know, like a lot of these emails submit ones. See these air? Great. For, like, instagram. I've noticed. I see. IPhone seven 1 79 preview. Pretty cool. Continue. Okay, so this was 1 79 And notice how It's not just email. He got first name, last name and then day, month year. Okay, so that one's gonna be a little higher payout compared to a normal iPhone one. You might get around. See, that's 1 79 Okay, there's a lot of them here, but the average is around. Maybe 1 41 50 for just email cement, Which I've showed you before. Like this. Right here. Perfect. 1 40 Just the email suit. I mean, okay, so that's the difference. It really depends on how many boxes they have to fill in. But all in all that said, I really want to wrap that up. So kind of going over this again, we have off of all my favorite one. The next favorite. Oh, Digger. Okay, next we have after paying. This is more for finding kind of network spot while you're on there, this is recon goto af plus, and that's the one we just look for. So as long as you have an idea of the vertical you're gonna be looking for this is going to give you more offers than you can handle, right? So as long as you have some research, it will be good to go. Just know kind of the area you want to go on, or you could even, you know, search for offers by lead generation or email. Submit that. I'll give you some more ideas. All right, So with that being said, that is the course. If you learn something new, if you got one good thing out of this, go ahead. Give it a thumb's up. I'd greatly appreciate it. Be really awesome. All right. So I'm James Kansan. Ella, Thank you for watching, and I'll talk to you soon.