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How To Find Time For Content Marketing

teacher avatar Marc Guberti, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Author

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Intro: How To Find More Time For Content Marketing

    • 2. Your Mindset Determines Your Success

    • 3. Make Sacrifices To Make The Marketing Work

    • 4. Establish A Routine

    • 5. Maintain A High Level Of Energy

    • 6. Take Some Weight Off Your Shoulders

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About This Class

Content marketing is one of the most important activities you can perform for your content brand. While many content creators know this, they prefer to create content and hope the marketing will take care of itself. 

Even content creators who take the marketing component seriously often find themselves running out of time for the day after they finish creating the content.

How can we find more time to promote the content we worked so hard to create?

That's exactly what you will learn in this course.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Marc Guberti

Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Author


I am a USA Today and WSJ bestselling author with over 100,000 students in over 180 countries enrolled in his online courses. I host the Breakthrough Success Podcast and Radio Show where listeners learn how to achieve their breakthroughs. I also coach content creators on how they can attract more traffic to their content and boost revenue.


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1. Intro: How To Find More Time For Content Marketing: as constant creators. We all love to create content, but when we are creating content, that's time that we're not marketing our content and marketing is how it found. So how do we continue to create engaging content while finding all this time to market it? Hello, everyone. I'm more Cadbury, and in this course we're going to address that question. We're going to tackle content creation. And how do you find time, despite creating content and doing the rest of the things for your business? To find time to promote that content. That way you reach the audience. You're not the world's greatest secret, and people know about you and your content. So we're going to dive into some ways that will allow you to find this time. And you realize the time that you currently have more productively. So you are able to market your content instead of just creating content and following the publishing pray approach where you hope that you contact gets picked up while instead. What you can do after this course is promote the content and do work on your end so more people see it and your message spreads even wider. 2. Your Mindset Determines Your Success: your mindset is at the core of any big change you want to make in your life. You change your mind set, you get the change you want. Now this is something that happens over time. It's not going to change your mind set today, and you're getting all these epic results tomorrow. But change your mind said today, put you on that path to achieving the results you want to achieve. So before we go deeper, I want you to think about how you view content marketing. Do you view it as something that gets in the way of content creation, which is what you truly love? Ah, lot of people view it that way, which is why, unsurprisingly, they create so much content, but they never market it. So I have hundreds of block posts, videos, podcasts, episodes that aren't getting any engagement views, readers, listeners or anything like that. So you have to think about how you view content marketing. So what changed for me? I used to think like content marketing was something that got in the way of me creating the content. But I now view content marketing us away for me to meet new people as a way to build relationships and says, I love doing this Since I host a breakthrough success podcast, I now have a new found desire to promote my content. It's not because like, Oh, this is something that you know you have to do because you know, this is how you grow. But instead, this is something where I want to do it because I know it's building relationships. It's spreading my message, getting more people to I know about who I am. And also I like to see these older comments where people say that my contents had an impact on them. So I want to create that impact as well. So I give myself many reasons as possible for taking action. You want a boost? This is what they call your why power. So why are you going to promote your content? I listed some of the reasons just now. I'm not going to repeat them like basically what people say impact and things like that. So I don't want to repeat that, but you need to have your wipe our in place. Why do you want to promote their content? And once you're able to tap into that. Why won't you give yourself a whole bunch of reasons that's going to give you more motivation to take action? Every type of action you want to take especially comes to content marketing. It all comes down to the mindset. Now we're gonna dive into some more advanced things specific content marketing right now. But just think about your mindset as you go through these videos the next time you're promoting yourself, what are you thinking? As you promote yourself versus when you're creating content, Do you hate the marketing side? Do you like it? So just make sure you're thinking about your mindset and feeding it good knowledge and giving yourself that. Why power that will ignite you to take more action? 3. Make Sacrifices To Make The Marketing Work: If you want to find more time to do something, anything, I mean, this is content marketing. We're focusing on anything in general. In almost all cases, we're gonna have to make sacrifices. So one of the biggest sacrifices I made for me at the time was to give up video games, and I was able to do this because I went cold turkey for two weeks because I didn't bring any video games to a vacation I went to. And instead of going back to playing, I just unplugged everything. And I never play at my house again. And the reason this was such a big thing for me is because this was like two hours a day of the playing video games. And I know people listening to this like I'm not playing games like, tell me about that. Uh, it's the equivalent for what? You're at your situation right now, so maybe you're watching four hours a TV every single day, and that's like the average, like some people are over after some people are watching, like, seven hours a day. You don't need to watch that much TV. In fact, you don't really need to watch much of it at all. I mean, I only watch four hours, everything like I feel fine. I will feel like I'm missing out on things like I'll check in on some things, But like I'm not into game of Thrones or anything like that, I feel like that would be a major time suck. So I don't engage in those types of activities. But you need to look at your schedule and track your time so that you're able to see where your time's going. And then you need to make certain changes in your schedule in your activities so that you have that extra time to promote your content. So even if you're just doing an extra 30 minutes every single day or everything, we just get started. That little time is going to expand as you continue to, uh, build upon your wipe our and take what you're doing more seriously. So if you're someone who is like the people who are watching like too many Netflix or too much TV or too much of anything like that, I don't know if they have a strong why power to be honest, because people who have strong, why power tend to be spending so many hours on their craft improving it not because it's work, but because they really love it. So, uh, this again goes back to tapping into that. Why power? But look at your schedule. Pay attention to the things that you're doing that are allowing you to engage in content marketing, but also in the things that are taking you away from it and see how you can add that extra 30 minutes in your day or even expand on that. But start with 30 minutes and see where you can find that time within your day by making certain changes with in your life. These changes may not seem big at first. You The 1st 30 minutes you get you may not have life changing results is not like 30 minutes of content marketing. Later, you have millions of people visiting your site, but do the compound effect All this 30 minute daily action, carried out through weeks, months and years is going to have a really big impact on the growth of your content brand 4. Establish A Routine: Let's say you make changes in your schedule so that you find the 30 minutes in your day to engage in content marketing while what, then? And you need to have a really solid and quick answer for effort. What you're gonna do within those 30 minutes, because what happens is people will give up the TV only to then go surfing on YouTube, going to then just browse their web. So you don't want to give up one method of procrastination. Just so, another method of procrastination can enter your life. So azure, making these changes, you wanna have a routine in play that basically dictates what you're going to do with that time. So, are you scheduling social media posts? Are you making pitches to get on more podcasts? Are you trying to write more guest posts? Are you trying to get more back? Wings built relationships get people on your pockets. There's so many different ways that you can market your content, but you need to establish a routine for what you're going to do to move the needle a little more forward and to create that bigger impact with your work. So before you're really serious, about this on there, really cutting down the time, making all these changes in your schedule. Make sure you know how you're going to fill that time because you don't have a way to fill that time with a lot of these different tactics you can use to promote your brand. What's going to happen is new methods of procrastination going to enter. And you don't want that to happen for all the hard work you're putting in to make this new change possible within your schedule. 5. Maintain A High Level Of Energy: So far, I've been focusing from a time standpoint. Find an extra 30 minutes every single day to promote their content a little more so it gets more traffic, more engagement. But it's not just a matter of how much time you put it. It's what each minute means. What are you pointing into The time that you're giving yourself? And what I mean by that is you need to make sure that you have a high level of energy when you're performing these tasks. I mean, for instance, think about how you'll do within those 30 minutes. If you have a bunch of sugary foods, are unhealthy foods versus if you have fruit or vegetables or whatever you define as a very healthy, it's going to have a big difference now. I'm not just advocating for food like I feel like we all understand the importance being healthy, things like that. Just a matter of doing that makes a difference. But when it comes to energy in general, when we like, exercise for us is that boost energy and it's so important because it impacts how we utilize each minute in our day if we have very little energy is easier to get more distracted. It's easier to get stuck on Facebook. It's easier to get stuck looking. All of your business stats think you're on top of everything but those that stayed the same either way. So if you're looking at your stats too much or not taking enough action, so when we have less energy, it's easy to get distracted. It's easier to do the easier thing instead of the harder thing that the harder thing is gonna have a bigger impact on your growth and overall success. You know that if you don't have as much energy, you'll go for the easy tasks that don't have as much marginal benefit as a more difficult task that you know will have a very high marginal benefit. So you want to make sure that you're utilizing your time. Probably that comes down to knowing what you're supposed to do during that time in having ah, high level of energy so that you know different things are getting done and my big recommendations for doing that health and exercise. Those are the two biggest ways to maintain energy. In addition to the given that you should be loving what you do, especially when it comes to content, because you literally get to choose what constant you create. So, like me actually use digital marketing productivity. Those are the things that I choose to write about. So if you're able to do that with content and content, gives you that power to that, you could literally write about anything, then you should enjoy the work, and that will fuel your energy as well. But making sure you treat your body right will also be very big impact because, let's say, for instance, you don't have much energy. You'd rather do something like create content instead of taking the time to promote the content. Even though you know that promoting content is better for you right now, you just want to reverse to something that's a little easier so that energy is really important for you to maintain. And if you're able to maintain your energy than you'll be able to get mawr out of the time that you spend promoting your content, 6. Take Some Weight Off Your Shoulders: now, regardless of where you are right now, not just business waters, but mindset wise. Like if you're really excited about this door, if you just want toe, uh, start to get that excitement back, so you're able to spend more time promoting and be happy while you do it. One of the things that you need to do is to start thinking about delegating some of the tasks. This is something that I continue to talk about it again and again because it's so important. There are so many things that I have to be doing for my business, but that I don't do because I delegate them to other. So, for instance, scheduling Social Media Post, that is something I do not do. But I know that I have to do. And the reason that's okay is because someone else is responsible for a task. Now, if it's something that I have to do, I'm not doing it, and no one else is doing it on my team. That's bad. That's something that you do not want to have happen. And the way you do that is by delegating some of the things that you can delegate so you can focus more of your time on the higher margin activities. So for me, that would be like creating training courses like this one. This is allow me to generate more income, which I've been used to pay the people who are on my team. So it's very important for you to delegate. For that reason, you're able to focus on all these tasks. On some cases that, I mean, hey, have more time to focus on marketing your content. In other cases, it can active you, uh, doing the content marketing in the beginning and delegating certain stages of it So you could delegate that part where someone on your behalf says to various podcast hosts, Hey, I know this person, this person be a great fit for your show. And there are services that let you do that their services that they will promote you to podcast hosts. So being able to delegate tests just allows you to open up more time. You can use towards other activities. But if you do delegate, make sure you're using your actual time to generate more income, because delegating means you're spending more money, and the only way to justify that you're spending more money is to make more money than what you're spending to create the open time in the first place. So delegating it's something very important. Just make sure you know what you're going to do with all the extra times, get the results that you truly want.