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How To Find The Perfect Name For Your Company or Product

teacher avatar Miguel Hernandez, Founder of Grumo Media

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Finding a good name

    • 3. The 10 Attributes of a Great Company Name

    • 4. A System to Find The Best Possible Name

    • 5. How to Find a Good Domain Name

    • 6. What If The .COM Domain is Already Taken

    • 7. Your Challenge

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About This Class

Finding a good name for your company can be more difficult than naming your own child.

Your company name has to be unique, memorable, easy to spell, carry the soul of your brand and ideally the .COM domain should be available.

The naming process can be painstakingly difficult specially when there are several people weighing their opinions.

In this course I introduce a straightforward methodology and an online tool to help you find the perfect name for your company or product and to find a premium .COM domain name as well.

Using this system can literally save you dozens of hours and headaches when creating your a brand from scratch.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Miguel Hernandez

Founder of Grumo Media


Miguel is a passionate online instructor with 30,000 students and the CEO of Grumo Media where he has produced marketing videos for some of the top Silicon Valley startups including clients like Microsoft, Walmart, Fidelity Investments, Reckitt Benckiser, Hipmunk and even Ashton Kutcher. Check his work at

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1. Intro: Finding a good name for your company can be more difficult than naming your own child. Your company name has to be unique, memorable, easy to spell, carry the sole of your brand, and ideally the dot-com domain names should be available. The naming process can be painstakingly difficult, especially when there are several people weighing their opinions. In this course, I will teach you a straightforward methodology to come up with great company and product names. I'll show you how to use a custom online tool to help you narrow down rate and choose the best names. And finally, I'll show you how to find domain names and what to do if name is already taken. Which happens a lot. Using this system can literally save you dozens of hours and headaches when creating a brand from scratch during this class. And let's find a fabulous name for your company or product. Let's do it. 2. Finding a good name: How to choose a good name for your product, your website, your invention, your idea, whatever you're going to be able to take over the word. Alright, this is actually very hard. I would argue, that it is harder to name your company, your product, than your own child. The reason why is pretty straightforward. There can be more than one person with the same name. In fact, there's a call up like John or my own name, Miguel. There's literally millions of people with the same sharing the same name is not Aneesh and nobody's like, hey, you're infringing on my name. But you shouldn't be called me again. 1-2-3 because I was the first Miguel. Well, no. You can name your name almost whatever as your child, whatever you want. It's not going to be an issue. But your company, you want it to be unique. Because if it's not, it could be trademarked and you could be infringing something. And the other thing is that if it's a common known brand, not only free you've written is gonna confuse people. And there are so many millions of products out there that how did you come up with an original name? So it's heart and you're gonna have to spend literally view on account with a good name several days. And if you have many people, not many, but several people making a decision on what to choose. Everybody's going to want to choose their, you know, their favorite names. So you have to come up with a strategy to come up with a good name. That fits all crazy guy makes everyone happy. And this is actually a fairly difficult processes, believe it or not, just coming up with pain can be so hard. But there are some steps that I've gathered from other resources or from my own experience, which I'm going to share with you right now, how to come up with a great name. 3. The 10 Attributes of a Great Company Name: So first of all, you need to figure out what makes a good name. And the most common criteria I came up with is this one. It should be short. Num extends the longer it is, the hard to remember, they're harder to spell. Easy to remember if it's sorted, it's easy to remember. If it's easier to dispel, it would be easy to remember as well. Easy to pronounce in several languages. This is not as important if you only want up, serve a local market by degree, when I build an online business by definition that is already on the internet, so he's international, anybody can access it. And you don't want to restrict your ability to reach other markets in other countries. So you have to think that at least it should be easy to pronounce in three major markets, right? English, Spanish, maybe Chinese market. So think of names that are easy to pronounce in several languages. The domain I'm able available, this is unfortunately not only is hard to come up with the great name, now you may come up with a great name, but there are many chances that that domain is going to be taken. And the reason why is because there is many, there are many companies out there that squad names. This is basically, this basically means they speculate by buying names in bulk, thousands, hundreds of thousands of them. So when somebody comes with an idea and they want to buy a domain for their idea, most likely they own it. And now you're going to have to pay an order or two orders of magnitude more than a domain costs, which is usually $10. So you'll end up Bain thousands of dollars easily. In my case, I grew mole, which I trademark was taken. I had to pay $3 thousand from a domain to a domain squatter in order to acquire it. So there you go. About choosing a domain later because it's a whole can of worms right there. How to find that grade domain and what if it's taking what kinda do? Anyways, we're going to get into an entire lecture to do that. You wanna make sure that it's not trademark or assuming document existing around which I already mentioned. It's unique. So he some made-up word or two word combo names. Most of them weren't taken, like how's and dog and car. And there's no way you could find those domains available. They're worth millions of dollars. So you'll have to come out with at work that doesn't exist. Or a combination of two words that make up a word that doesn't exist related to what the product does. So ideally, the way it sounds or whatever keywords you're using to create that combined name are related to your product. It's SEO friendly. This means it's a, it's, it's a little bit has to do something with that previous point is, are those, are people looking for those keywords and those keywords are part of your name because that gives you a boost on SEO is not a huge deal, but it's something to having in mind and matches your brand personality. Not only it should be shortly is to remember that is if you spread out very mark. But it is also important that when every word that has a has a specific ringing, agreeing it, do it right. Does that ring that match your personality? So in the case of my company, grew mold, grew most giga, fun, silly word. That actually means clump in Spanish, which it actually makes a lot of sense for what we do because we kind of clump complex ideas into simple ideas by means of video. And also we have a quickie personality. And so I thought it really matches what our brand, right? So think about that also went when you're coming up with a name. As you can see, there's a lot of things to think about when you're coming up with a name. 4. A System to Find The Best Possible Name: All right, so of course, I've created a spreadsheet that will allow you to choose a great name based on two different criteria. The first criteria is by, it's called the Uygur naming guide by ivory And I found this ref referencing several articles. And basically they have a whole document explaining why they chose these criteria up. Hearings, distinctive, depth, energy, humanity positions, sound, 33 and trademark. They're all described here and there also this this to naming guide systems are also available at get slash resources so you can play with them. And it's very interesting. So the way you do do it is again, you just put everything on all the possible names that you and your friend and your co-founders came up with on the left column here. And then you're going to put different weights on what is more important for you of these criteria. And then you're going to go from, you can either go from 0 to ten or from, in my case, I think it's just simply go from as 0 to 50 being it doesn't meet the criteria and 5E completely meets the criteria. And in the middle of well, more or less, it doesn't, doesn't Orton meets the criteria? So the bliss Deming guy is a great idea that I came, I came up with that. I think it makes more sense than the Uygur naming guide. However popular they were naming guide is, it's because I find it hard to, to understand. For example, things like wanna say humanity and misery of names, warmth, its humanness as opposed to names that are called Clinical and unemotional. Okay, that makes sense, energy makes sense. Depth, layer upon layer mean association. I liked the most was 33. The force of a brand Magic and the word of mouth bus that a Name is likely to generate refers to the mysterious 33 printed on the back of Rolling Rock beer bottles from decades that everybody talks about because nobody is really sure what it means. Okay, some put some 33 on your names. And the description of all these criteria is here. And then the criteria that they even have in the Uygur naming guy was whether the dot-com domain was available, which to me is nowadays, is crucial. So that's very important. And if from one to five its weight is maximum, because sometimes that's going to actually decide whether you take the name or not. You can get dot org or maybe we can put, for example, blaze, the I put good because steak and so you could do something like that. And eventually if you viewed company goes really big and you have enough funds, you could actually go on Bay for, for dot-com domain, there's many cases, for example, Facebook was called VIF that And they had to pay $0.5 million for when the company had the funds to do so. But ideally, if it's available, would be fantastic. Now, I'm going to talk about the blazed naming guy. The one that I think is simpler to understand because if the criteria are, is this 11234567891010 criteria is the dot-com available is short, is a memorable, is easy to spell, is it isn't the same in different languages, is unique. So it doesn't exist, like it doesn't exist in the dictionary. Is that related to your business? It has SEO friendly. It has a sound that much as the culture, personality of the brand and is not already trademarked, that's very important. And here are some names of of of names for a brother that I've been working with, with some friends. Actually, we actually ended up selecting you boy. And this is what I say, or just add the numbers and whoever, whichever is the highest one, then you know that a meets the best those ten criteria. And you could use the Uygur naming i if you wanted to test out different Guide as well. So if they'd like to do as well, is come up with a bunch of keywords that are related to the type of business that we're trying to create. And then see if the combinations are available as dot-coms. And I showed you next three tools online that allow you to find available domains based on the keywords that you decide. 5. How to Find a Good Domain Name: How to find a good domain name. This is another challenge, and I have an assert your three tools that will help you find that domain name IV that dot-com available. And the first one is named, say combust, and third domain, dot and I domain air. Before we start, I recommend you come up with a bunch of keywords that are related. Product or the industry that you want to build up product E. So in this case, this is for a real product that we're working on it, which allows inventors that have ideas to find manufacturer, manufacturers and resources to get their products field. And so these aren't words related to the industry that maker, maker movement industry. And so here, if we go to that first tool called named, we could enter a couple of related keywords. So make and have. It says that it works best with two or three domain keywords. And then you've just pressed Enter. And you're going to have lots of suggestions. And this adjusted is here. I have available. So all the names that are generated here, which are permutations of those two keywords or similar sounding keywords are here and they're categorized in different ways. Whether they're short funds, sounding new, new Ising the deal, these top-level domains. So whatever is after, after the dot are available recently. The most common obviously dot dot io dot HCO. Those ones which are available, input allele dashing between words do. It's not recommended to have that, but anyways, it's just giving you options of what's available with those two keywords that you select. This obviously you can change another keyword and maybe you go form here and again, make form dot navies available is not available, so it's not ideal. And it's really fast way of, you know, it gives you so many different options that you can see as we scroll down. It start to come up, come, come up with similar words, related words. And this is gonna save you so much more time. Because maybe one of these words like jumps to use like, well actually that's a great idea. So they'd go name messed up come the next one is dome bust, bust, a, which I've used many times. And here he just permutate the keywords that you enter. So make form. You can enter a bunch of them. Cast and press enter. And then it's just going to show you the dot-com available tools for that are available using these permutations, right? And if you want to also find the dotted edge, you can click here and also will show you available. And you can just go and add the ones that you like. And you can delete and you can add another one. So I could go to my list here and say, let's say I want to add Lab kit and lab and see if they're more available. And you can see there's's available, but I only want.coms. So it turns out that the, there's actually only using keywords that I've listed here. Also, if you're actually looking to see for an actual domains available like form, make is available. This is very tactical. You're gonna see this many times and it's going to be extremely frustrating that almost every single possible name in the world is already taken. So the next tool is that as powerful, but It's kind of neat because let's say here, ideally, just, let's say that's why we want it. It's going to try to create words, widths, top-level domain. The top-level domain is what's after the DOD kinda matches your name, right? So ideally, this would be the one that we want. We probably would want and if we don't want and you want, We want something which that TLD top-level domain completes the word, this is a good option. 6. What If The .COM Domain is Already Taken: What if the domain I really want is Steak and well, it's very likely that's going to happen. So then you're going to have to figure out a way to buy it. And there are different options. You can either contact the owner directly or you can go through a intermediary that can contact the owner and buy on your behalf for recognition if they succeed. Let's say one up by make I know it's taken, so I need to find who owns it I can go to who is dot, type the domain. I want what choir and looked and press search. A lot of the information about the owner is public unless they bought what they call a who is protection guard, in which case, all the data here will not be from the owner. It will be just kinda like generic data. And then you have to actually connect through an email that would say that NEMA to the owner. And it makes it more difficult, but in most cases people don't have these protections. So in this case, this individual, AlexNet owns make And if I wanted to do inquiry about these domain to see if it's for sale. Agood says go and send him an email or or calling or something like that, and then start a conversation and starting negotiating. Let's say that he says is available. Now. Obviously, you've gotta be good negotiating because what the first thing a good domains center is gonna do is strike through research. You find out whether you're a big company, you have money, and if you have money, then they will try to get as much as possible and word docking thousands, tens of thousands of dollars. And and your job, it's like buying a car or a house or I do pay the least amount of minuss. So you wanna make yourself look small. And, and in this case, it's true if you're starting a company for the first time in your life and you don't have any budget if that's the reality and maybe if you have a good case and they don't have a lot of people asking for that domain. You will be able to get a prize, but spec to spend at least almost $1000, minimum to several $1000 if it's a domain that is popular like it's short and actually sounds good, make forming some pretty good name. So I expect to spend several $1000 for this, for this name. Once you agree on a price, then the way of sending the money is not just a hair. Here's the money. Because the actual transferring of a domain can take a couple of days. You want to make sure that you get a domain. Do you send them money, but you gotta domain. How do you do this? Well, there's a company called, widths. They they take cares very well. These transactions where what happens is that you upload them money to this company. And then the seller gets another notification, ST. OK, the money that you asked for this domain is now in scroll is waiting for you. So the guy has the money. Low. As soon as you transfer the domain, we will release the funds to your account. So once you get the domain and everything's okay, then you'd click, press a button and then the seller would it get them money. This is the best way off buying anything online through Now, let's say that you don't want to do this transaction yourself because you know, not a good negotiator and you want to hire a broker, you could go to a company like said and then you can hire a broker and then they'll charge you have feed, some meter and what does it say here? Your credit card, we don't reach our 69 US broker attention fee and then the FEF 80% in addition to but, okay, so you really have to read this, but they're experts in acquiring domains on your behalf. So you don't have to do through all the hassle of negotiating, but they would take a fee for doing so. At the same time, if you want to sell a domain, you can do it to some, some accompany like this because they also are good at negotiating both ways on your behalf to sell or on your behalf to, by always going to cost you. Now, let's say that you really want this domain. It was thinking by a squatter. You may have a case. It's higher. Well, you may have a case to actually, I acquired the domain by negotiating and I wrote an article because I was researching this when I bought, domain was taken by this person who owned it for almost ten years. I never really did anything. You actually can see whether a domain has been used before by going to who is, and they will tell you what you can see a snapshot of their website. You can see how many times it's being hosted. You can go all the way back machine, way back machine. And then you can type any, any domain, let's say make in this case. And you can see if there was actually at any given time in history, there was a business associated with it. And you can see here it actually doesn't add three, somebody who was using it, anything that has a bar, that means that actually there was a website hosted using that domain. So that's almost 12 years ago. And if we could cue, we can see here, lets see a snapshot from February ninth, 2003. And that should pop up whatever was there. So in 2003, there was this very simple website. So actually somebody who was using it for a legitimate purpose. But if you find out it was just a part side that domain squatter hat. And you, let's say the mark that name before they purchase the domains. Then you may have a case. And this is this is complex, but I'm just pointing you to the, to the direction that it's actually doable. So here I wrote an article and it's called how to query a domain name from our reseller, brute force versus negotiation. And I have a disclaimer, please, before you implement any of the following advice, do consult and experienced lawyer in domain name, acquisition and disputes, and how to enforce your trademark to get a dummy so you have an existing trademark. 7. Your Challenge: And that's it. Now you have a framework to come up with the best possible name for your company and also an available domain by using the three tools I showed you. So your challenge is to come up with at least five names, good names for potential product or company. By using this tool at, forward slash naming. The can list them here. But before you do, make sure that you read this, make a copy of this sheet before editing it. So then you have your own sheet and not everybody's using the same shape. And that said, happy naming, finding. Thanks for watching.