How To Find The Creative Business That's Just Right For You

Mike Roy, Artist, Coach, Founder of Artist Myth

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26 Lessons (1h 42m)
    • 1. What You Will Have After Taking This Course

    • 2. Introduction to the Course

    • 3. Essential Mindset: KnowThyself

    • 4. Essential Mindset: Be Sincere and Authentic

    • 5. Essential Mindset: Always Be Creative

    • 6. Essential Mindset: Good Myths over Bad

    • 7. Essential Mindset: What's Important

    • 8. Essential Mindset: Progress over Perfection

    • 9. Mindsets REVIEW

    • 10. Mid Course Interlude

    • 11. What is a Niche?

    • 12. The Power Of Focus, Part 1

    • 13. The Power Of Focus, Part 2

    • 14. Spotlight 1: Finding Your Talent

    • 15. Spotlight 2: Finding Your Passions, Part 1

    • 16. Spotlight 2: Finding Your Passions, Part 2

    • 17. Spotlight 3: Finding Your Market, The Main Goal

    • 18. Target Market: The Number One Mistake

    • 19. Target Market: The First Step

    • 20. Market Research Online Part1

    • 21. Market Research Online Part2

    • 22. Market Research Offline Part 1

    • 23. Market Research Offline Part2

    • 24. How The Spotlights Interact

    • 25. How You Will Be Successful

    • 26. Final Message from Mike Roy


Project Description

The Three Spotlight Method of Finding Creative Work You Love

Find the ideal creative work for you with my special Three Spotlight Method!

In this exercise, we will use the analogy of the properties of colored spotlights to talk about the ideal way to focus the three different aspects of your creative business:

  1. Your Talents
  2. Your Passions
  3. Your Market

Along with these steps there will be exercises. Some take the form of questions and others are actionable exercise that you will take in order to further your goal. To help guide you on this journey of self-reflection, download the documents that accompany the course and go through them.

1. The Idea Generation Chart is designed to help you write down your brainstorms for your talents, your passions, and your market. Print this sheet and fill it out. Print out as many copies as you need to contain your ideas. The goal at this time is to capture as many ideas as possible, so no self-editing allowed at this stage!

2. The Focus Chart is designed to take your ideas and refine them down to the ideal ones that fit your lifestyle, personality, and goals. Print this sheet out and write these in the "three spotlight" spaces provided. Take the time to reflect on them. When you're ready, fill out the "sweet spot" in the middle which represents the ideal focus of the three spotlights. Then write out your thoughts about the sweet spot in the bottom of the page.

The important thing at this point is to take action! To keep moving forward in your creative business, you must take action in order to get the results you desire. Action is also important to discover and refine your goals. If you fail, so what! That just means you get closer to your ultimate goal. 

Speaking of action, I'd like to invite you to take this important step to ensure you're well on the road to success:

As you listen to the lectures on the Three Spotlight Method to Finding Creative Work You Love, create a project right here on the course page and document your journey.

You'll get very important feedback from me and the other creativity seekers in the course. You'll also be more motivated to complete the exercise... because we're all pulling for you! 

I can't wait to hear your success story about how you found creative work you love.

Happy Journeys....

- Mike

Student Projects