How To Find The Creative Business That's Just Right For You

Mike Roy, Artist, Coach, Founder of Artist Myth

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26 Videos (1h 42m)
    • What You Will Have After Taking This Course

    • Introduction to the Course

    • Essential Mindset: KnowThyself

    • Essential Mindset: Be Sincere and Authentic

    • Essential Mindset: Always Be Creative

    • Essential Mindset: Good Myths over Bad

    • Essential Mindset: What's Important

    • Essential Mindset: Progress over Perfection

    • Mindsets REVIEW

    • Mid Course Interlude

    • What is a Niche?

    • The Power Of Focus, Part 1

    • The Power Of Focus, Part 2

    • Spotlight 1: Finding Your Talent

    • Spotlight 2: Finding Your Passions, Part 1

    • Spotlight 2: Finding Your Passions, Part 2

    • Spotlight 3: Finding Your Market, The Main Goal

    • Target Market: The Number One Mistake

    • Target Market: The First Step

    • Market Research Online Part1

    • Market Research Online Part2

    • Market Research Offline Part 1

    • Market Research Offline Part2

    • How The Spotlights Interact

    • How You Will Be Successful

    • Final Message from Mike Roy


About This Class

Discover the joys of having creative work that matches your artistic desire! Whether you are a beginner or an established artist, after going through this course you will be able to confidently go forward knowing that the artistic work you do is just right for you.

Through lectures, exercises, and personalized self-reflection, this course will teach you how to examine and evaluate your passions, talents, and target market to find creative work that is matched perfectly to your unique personality.

As a working artist and coach who has completed a variety of creative projects over the course of my career, I am able to guide you through finding creative work that not only will sustain you but fulfill you as well. Together, we will explore what makes you the wonderful person you are.

34 of 37 students recommendSee All

Thanks for this great class. The information was very clear and helpfull. It gave me a good overview what to keep in mind when finding the right creative business (or which way to develop).
Cathy Van de Laak

Textile Product Designer & Illustrator

Great insight from Mike Roy. His approach to thinking is really simple and easy to grasp. Encouraging me to just hop right into finding my creative niche will be a breeze after taking this course. And one I can revisit again and again to help me whenever I need it. I look forward to checking out more videos and diving into the
Michael Savage

Hip-Hop Enthusiast. 1/4 of

Amazing class, it summerise in an easy manner what, where and how to - if you're a business owner or looking to start your own thing and not sure how. with simple explenations and examples, seems like mike pushed into these 20+ chapters information of years of expertese- something that will help to anyone looking to expand their business, move to the next one or find what they want to do in general. highly recomended.
Xenia B.

Make Up Artist & Creative Consultant





Mike Roy

Artist, Coach, Founder of Artist Myth

Mike Roy has been a creative thinker and professional artist for more than twenty years.

In that time, he has worked on a cornucopia of creative projects, including print design, instructional software, tee shirts, paintings, logos, music videos, commercials, feature films, virtual reality projects, and special venue videos for stadium boards and custom Times Square installations.

Some of the many artsy hats he has worn have been graphic designer, t-shirt designer, musician, logo artist, instructional designer, web developer, visual effects artist, and writer.

More recently, his love for creative projects has undergone a transition to teaching, coaching, and writing, with the goal of helping enrich the lives of other creatives. His main vehicle for this is his blog at Artist Myth, where he teaches creatives how to get past the barriers that stand between them and the art they love to do.

In addition to his current duties as self-proclaimed creative mythbuster, he works at a major creative studio full time, and also is a devoted husband and dad of two amazing kids.