How To Film Low Budget Product Commercials For Small Businesses

Kramer Ammons, If you think you can your right!

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4 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Filming Products For Commercials! (Into)

    • 2. Videoing Tech Products & Moody Lighting

    • 3. Using Props To Make Your Footage POP

    • 4. Choosing the Right Background For Products

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About This Class

How to make product commercials for small businesses. In this class we cover,

1. What is the product used for? Create an environment where the product fits into the scene and the lighting.  

2. What are the highlighted features of the product? What makes the product differentiated from the rest on the market?

3. Show the product being used and the person using it correctly and enjoyably. 

The 4 things to keep in mind while videoing your commercial. 

1. Change the angle of the lighting for a cinematic and intense look. Use a cell phone if you are on a budget!.

2. Use camera movement to create interest and focus on a particular part of the product. 

3  Use a lazy Susan or something to move the product to create interest in the product, and to show off all feature from a 360-degree view 

Anyone at any level can learn something from this class. This class is not a commercial or not produced as a commercial but rather exploring ideas on how to make commercials better.