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How To Extract The Templates From The World's Best Sales Letters

James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

How To Extract The Templates From The World's Best Sales Letters

James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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2 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How To Extract The Templates From The World's Best Sales Letters

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About This Class

If attempting to write sales copy has felt like an uphill battle for you, then this course is going to be a great refresher of just how simple it can be. Hey my name is James Canzanella, and after completing this over the shoulder course, you're going to discover how to extract and template from any sales letter out there so that you can use it as inspiration to write your own. Even better, after completing the process I'm going to use the template the complete a sales letter off the top of my head, just to show you how simple of a process it is. Pretty cool right? So if you want to know how it's done, be sure to enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

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1. Introduction: Hey, what's happening? It is James cans in l. A. And welcome to my classroom. I'm gonna show you how to extract it. Templates from some of the world's best sales letter. Alright, even better, What I'm going to be doing is walking you over the shoulder through the process and showing you live exactly how it's done. And as if it couldn't get any better than that. What I'm gonna do is once I get the template, I'm going to run through and create a sales letter from it off the top of my head just to show you how powerful this is, how simple this is. And I can literally do this with any niche, any cells that air, whatever you want to do, whatever you're selling, it's gonna work perfectly for you. There's plenty of sales letters to go out there and get the templates from and is going to be pretty simple to do. It's probably one of the fastest ways to get started with threading cells letters. I didn't know about this in the beginning until I made a ton of mistakes and tried to figure it out on my own. Then I got a lot of inspiration. I leveraged off templates and it made writing. Sales copy is so much easier. So if you want to know how it's done, go ahead and enroll. Right now I know you're gonna love it and I'll see you on the other side. 2. How To Extract The Templates From The World's Best Sales Letters: Why, Hello. There it is, James. Kansan, Ella. And welcome to my classroom. I'm gonna be showing you how to extract the templates from some of the world's greatest sales letters. Pretty cool, right? So this class is going to be perfect for anyone who has either Struggled with doing a sales letter, has never done a sales letter. Maybe you have done a sales letter, and you just need a little bit more help. This is probably the fastest and best way to get started when it comes to a sales letter, because you're gonna be leveraging off of some of the popularity and obviously some of the best sales letters in order to write years, regardless of what nature. And in fact, when I'm going to go out there, I'm going to find a sales letter, which I already did save some time. I'm going to do it in a completely different niche just to show you how you can take one and kind of help use it on your own cells that are okay. We're not gonna be copying it or anything crazy like that that I don't reckon mind. But either way, what I did, I went toe klik bank search for gravity. And the one that came up is going to be the CB passive income. Okay, this one I'm gonna be using. And what we're gonna do is go through this for the fact of the matter. I guess you could say most of it. I'm not gonna read through everything. How we're going to do this is kind of go through each section and see what the main segment points are like in the beginning. This is just a really big headline. There's a video here. I'm not saying you have to do a video. I'm not going to go through this video. Everything's going to be text. And ah, we're going to break this down step by step, process by process what everything is talking about here, and then we'll go from there. Okay, So I'm a trustee. Dusty little. Ah, I guess you could say no pad or Google drive whatever you wanna call it, and I'll let's continue okay with this. So So first thing, what I'm going to be doing is creating a product in a completely different itch. Less this. Say it's going to be for dating. Okay, click bank has a lot of dating offers. The first thing you don't want to do is say, Look, here's your opportunity to clue in my entire proven system for attracting five women, it doesn't have to be the same exact headline. Keep that in mind. All right, That's going to be like copying the entire sales letter. If you do that, you don't want to do that. All right. Extract the main ideas from everything and what the temple is using. So in the beginning, it's just going to be a simple headline. OK, get that out of it. Okay. Don't say like, Oh, it's a headline that says, Here is my opportunity to clone. You can always test headlines multiple times. Okay, so that's going to be the headline. Obviously, you go back, you know, fill this headline in later. Okay. Split test. Okay. Like you don't want to say, Here's my opportunity. I talked about that, but either way, this happens to have a video sales letter you could You don't create when yourself, But I'm not gonna talk about that. This is just for doing a written cells letter. Okay? So this wouldn't be there, obviously, if you're not doing a video, so with this says, Hey, my name is this some of this and blah, blah, blah. So all this is is an introduction, Remember, we're extracting the main parts of it. So introduction and what I'm gonna do made write it like this is after I find the main segments, I'm going to write a little note. So what your name is, let's see, Explain a little of your expertise or a accomplishments, right? Like I said, it's not about copying this. Don't just, like, take the sentences and, you know, put your name in there. So, like says, Hey, my name is Patrick Gen, the best selling author of Wake Up Millionaire and many other multiple books. Do not go there and say, Hey, my name is James Skins and all of the best selling author of you know fix Your golf swing in many other multiple books. Don't do that. That's copying. Okay, just get the main idea out of it and then, you know, read a word in your own. So instead of staying what's on the screen here, you could say, OK, my name is GM scans and Allah, I have, you know, taught multiple golf pros how to shoot in the seventies. All well, getting their free time back so they don't have to spend time at the driving range, you know, just right in your own words. Okay, Under this, it says basically what they're going to find out. Okay, What they will discover saved by reading too. The end of the sales letter. Okay. See where I'm getting your notice on breaking down each section, and then we'd go from there. In fact, once I created the template, I would actually go through and create the sales letter without even looking at this one. That'll force you did not like, Want to just fill in the blanks? And I'm telling you right now, don't just go in there and fill in the blanks. That's blatantly copying. Okay, I'm not telling you to do that. Here's the story. So let's move into these stories section. OK, Let's see. What does it talk about? Let's see what he did. Okay. He's talking about something he developed. So what he created in regards to the product. Because once you have the temple down, you can write whatever you want. That's going to be relevant to your story to your introduction to your headline now, but found out in the email set. Okay, say why it is so good. Slash powerful. Basically, that's along the lines. So I mean, there's quite a few text here, a good amount of text and it's all about, like, quite so good. The good products there from Click Bank. That's what thesis describe Er's wanted. OK, here's him in their headquarters would see someone talking about them. Next we have the next section. Okay, we'll call this the next section Talking about did do. Okay, the problems Why most people fail? Why? It's currently hard. You know why people struggle so on and so forth. Then you have to look at this. I know what it's gonna be about. Like I said, it's very easy to get the template. I see. So you're saying that his So you're saying that it's simple to follow, but it's unlikely a newbie can pull this off. I guess he's talking about like, regular systems, okay? And these are all the reasons why someone struggles. There's a reason why people put this stuff here is because it hits home to the targeted audience. Okay, For example, sometimes when a newbie does start off, they're going to get frustrated. They're going to give up, and they're like, Oh, I wish I had a coach to guide me and give me advice. Okay, So pain points, Okay, So if I was talking about dating, did say, Like, the fact of the matter is that most guys clearly aren't gonna have a chance without the system, for example, they're going to go out there. They're gonna ask women for their number, and they're just going to completely get turned down or get slapped in the face. Or they're going to try using some cheesy pickup line and they'll be made fun of forever on tender care, something crazy like that, addressing a lot of pain points or they're gonna expect actually go on a date on. What's gonna happen is she's going to use him for all this money because he's just gonna be dumb about it. I don't know. Whatever the pain points, are you gonna really hit home on those? That's what's happening here. Okay, OK, but what if blah, blah, blah? This is just a transition. Cloning my business Okay. So I guess you could say a sub headline here. A main point would be following my step by step process to success and following my step by step process so that you can just say these few phrases to really get the woman's attention and then finally get the date with her. Okay, before I continue. Okay. So story. All right. So this was more about this wasn't really a story. This is more about the product. So I put product. So the story about yourself, Okay, let me share with you. Okay? This is where you put more of your expertise. Okay, so it's like a My name is James Cans and all on the dating coach. And you'd have, like, I'd have pictures with me of, like, you know, with all these women or with all these men, I've helped get dates Or how I spoke. You know, at conferences, I'm just making this stuff up as if it was a dating product. OK, once again, this is all social proof. And this this is basically just showing that he's the expert. So more ways to show you are the expert like you could even show people saying, Hey, look, these air results People have gotten by listening to my training. Okay? Once again, Social proof social proves social proof testimonials. Okay, then I could say transition. It's funny. It's like you spends all this time talking about how good he is, then usually the transit. This happens a lot, but none of this is about me. So that's just gonna be the transition. You have to write that. I'm just putting it down. How it works here. So transition to into the products. Okay, so that's what happens there. Introducing product reveal. And I'd simply display USB here for unique selling position. Unique selling point. That's what it is. So right here, a truly revolutionary Internet business in a box program that can generate a sustainable passive income for you. There you go. That's the USP pretty unique, right? The fact that it's a business in a box means you get the majority of it already done for you, and it can generate a substantial passive income for you. Okay, there's a little ah, I guess you could say that's kind of the picture. That's more of like a stuff that's going on. Imagine if Okay. Dream sequence. Dream sequence. So imagine if I talked about this a lot, OK? And then lots of big benefits. Okay. I didn't actually read those yet. I'm going to guess they say something like, you know, you could quit your day job. You could finally start making money online. You could, like, get rid of your alarm clock. You could live the lap laptop lifestyle could always have money coming in. You wouldn't have to worry about money. I'm guessing they're going to say things similar to that. Okay, I was wrong there. I was wrong there. I was wrong on a lot of these. Let's see. Okay, they went after a different angle. But this was all about not needing to the address. The pain point slash benefits of not needing to do a lot of work. OK, so that was kind of the other spectrum, so I was wrong. But either way, this works as well. Look at all the things that they don't have to do. Okay, I talk about this a lot. Eliminating a lot of the stuff that people don't like doing is a great way of creating a product. And this person did exactly that specifically for the fact that it's a done for you offer. Okay, When it's done for you, you don't need to write or create any products or anything you don't need to create. The courses don't need to create any products. You don't need to write any cells. Letters like this is doing to pay for hosting or an auto responder. You don't need to send any emails. You know enough to do customer service. You have to do any research. You have to even learn anything. We just literally give it to you and you follow the process step by step. Have you ever taken my courses for how to sell anything or how to create hot sellers? This is why, probably this does so well, in my opinion, because of stuff like this. Okay, imagine if none of this was in here. This would probably be a really crappy product because they'd have to do all these things. And it's like, how is this any different from anything else out there? Do you see why this product is probably selling so hot? Okay. I mean, look at the angle on it. That's pretty good. So imagine if lots of big benefits or slash what they hate doing. Okay, You need to do anything except for one simple task. Okay, Testimonials. So, how, you know you benefit from the system. So that's the next big section. Unique software. Okay, so they're getting a software to which ones again. So explain what it's all about. Member benefits, benefits, benefits and what makes it so damn unique, as you saw there in the first few sentences, it comes with a software that's already improving the value. Okay, it's pretty obvious why this does so. Well, 2 may. Okay, And then you're gonna want to go over the steps, um, give a few steps and talk about them. Benefits, benefits, benefits. Okay, So this was a dating product. Could be egg. Well, what the system is about is literally just saying a few specific sentences, not only to stand out from the crowd from the rest of the child's out there, chubs, but be able to get her attention so that she's not going to reject you. She's not gonna throw ah, her drink in your face. And you don't have to actually go up there and use any type of cheesy pickup lines. OK, so that's what it would be about. Then you talk about the steps. Well, first, all you have to do is say this specific sentence in a specific way, which is going to capture her attention That allows her to instantly open up so that you can have a real genuine conversation with her and then eventually either get her number, go on a date within, you know, 30 minutes or less something along the lines of that. It's making it up. Um, OK, so where were we? Hoops. We got scrolled up a little. Okay, so, step three, this is just more about this giveaway my products for free. Okay, then we're moving on the proof proof testimonials here. You'd be like, Look at all these guys with these babes. You know, they got all these dates, and they're like, James, you're awesome. You know, Israel, you could have video testimonials, audio ones, Really? And I'm just, you know, throwing ideas out there. Proof. Okay. What? This is not this is not OK, so if this was a dating product, you'd say, like, this isn't one of those you know, systems that has a Rollo decks of cheesy pickup lines. This is not some system where you have to spend half your bank account on a date. This is not some system that works one day and doesn't work the next day. So you want to tell every Tell them basically everything that this system is not. This usually eliminates a lot of the tire kickers. For example, in the Internet marketing, this is where people say this is not some get rich quick scheme while you have the ability to make money. It doesn't mean you're gonna, you know, put some action into it or whatever. This is where every just if you want to get rid of the tire kickers or just let them know what this is, not just so there's no confusion. And this I believe they said this is not MLM or some Yes. Okay, this is a popular one, okay? Because sometimes people ask that once again, this is not some way. Get rid. Scream pushed, but in okay, It's not affiliate marketing. Inaction, blah, blah, blah. Once again, more testimonials. Okay. And apparently he's introduced. Or maybe I had that wrong. I thought he was introducing it before. Okay. I guess he's introducing it twice either way. Okay, this is cause it's upgraded, so you might not even need that. But either way, I'm once again more testimonials and summary. Okay, So what am I getting now? You can actually do. Here is everything you're getting. Okay. Benefits, benefits, benefits. This could be your bullet section. Okay. Bullets, bullets, bullets. Okay, I want to do but five going through testimonials. I thank you's in fact, like when you use the template, you don't always have to. What's it called? Used the exact template. Like for an ethic, You'd probably put that at the bottom. Answer frequently asked questions. Okay. What else? You got? More. Let's see. Testimonials. Okay, then they got value build up and price breakdown. Okay, so they're building up value to be very high, then dropping the price on dropping the drop, dropping the price and revealing it. Okay, so that's like you won't have to pay this amount of smile. You can do that in your own words. Okay. Is just 47 or a one time affordable investment of this. Okay, why am I doing this? OK, this is all about breaking objections because a lot of times especially make money online. Like if you make so much money with this while you're only sharing it for $47. Heck, people say that regardless of what the price is like. If this is so good, why you sharing it for free? If you're selling, something would be like If this is so good, why aren't you giving it away for free? If it's a lower price list? Like, if this is so good, why you're selling it for so low? Heck, I've seen products itself of really hard like it is so good. Why you selling it for only this amount? It's like you just can't win. It's just this stupid objection people always use. So this is probably why this is here. Okay, once again, more testimonials, money back guarantee. Okay, talk about it. Bonuses, benefits, benefits, benefits. And remember, you don't have to use these in a specific order. It's up to you. Okay. A lot of bonuses. Bonuses. Ah, and then add to car buttons. She screams sales letters so easy and then sign off with add to cart link. I believe add to cat adds car links. Okay, One of here? Yes, something like that. Either way, that's it. So we extracted template, and what you can do here is actually move around this if you want. For example, I'd put the FAA queues at the end just cause people can score all the way down. That's my preference. Let's see Bonuses. Let's see what this is not. Here's everything you're getting. Not only that, you're gonna be getting this and money back guarantee at yes or something like that. So let me actually run through and create a sales letter using this where I'm going to just kind of run over it, and I'm going to do one. Not in the dating niche. I'm gonna do one in the Gulf niche because Allah golf. So in the beginning Ah, it's gonna be a Gulf headlines. So amazing Secrets discovered by one arm golfer allow you to hit 250 yard bombs straight down the middle and slash 10 shots off a game. Something along the lines of that. This is all gonna be super extreme and super made up. I'm just having fun with it because they can. And I'm gonna show you the power of what I just gave you and how I don't even need to look at this. In fact, I'm gonna exit out in that window because I don't even want to look at any of the writing. I don't recommend you do that. You're gonna be tempted to just, like, fill in the blanks and you don't want to do that and copy it. So we got the headline. Hey, my name is James. Ken's and all have been golfing for 85 years. I talked Tiger Woods, Everything he knows. I've never played pro, but I've taught 500 million professionals how to get to where they are now. I am the number one golf trainer of the most sought after golf expert for fixing your swing , Um, slashing strokes off her game and becoming the best golf person you can if you read to the very end your good and discover how do not Onley start hitting 300 yard drives but start shooting in the seventies? You can impress all your golf buddies and you'll no longer be the laughing talk of the golf course. Okay, next move on to the story. Okay, Now there's a reason I'm sharing this with you because I finally figured out a system that could work for any average Joe or any weekend warrior. When it comes to golfing, it's simple. It's easy. You don't have to spend a ton of time at the driving range, and it can really help you when it comes to improving your overall golf game. Okay, now, here's the problem, though. The fact of the matter is that your golf game is probably only going to get worse. I mean, think about it. Usually only play on the weekends. You probably playing some similar golf courses every time you go out there, you try something new when you fell over and over and over again. You trying your swing, your slice to the right. You try difference when you hook it to the left. You try another swing, you hit it in the water. And how do you end up super frustrated wanting the three or clubs in the water? Heck, it's like you're playing Army Gulf your head and left, right, left, right, nonstop. I know it's frustrating. I've been there before, OK, just talking about some pain points, Okay? Sub headline kind of transitioning it almost. But the fact of the matter is that if you follow this step by step process, your golf game is going to change forever. Okay, story as if we didn't have enough expertise about herself, right? So a little bit about me before we continue, like I said, have taught Tiger Woods everything he knows also taught Jordan speed everything he knows. I've allowed more people to win more Masters championships than you could even think of spoke at many conferences. I've helped millions of men and women around the world improve their golf game and always to show you're the expert actually working on my 17th book, which is also going to be a New York best best times written book. Okay, along with the other 16 which is called the pinnacle of your prime golf swing factor. Okay, but either way, I understand that this is about me. It's all about you, and I want to transition into that because I'm going to show you something that's gonna help your golf swing like never before. And it's called the golf swing factor and allows you to improve your golf swing without really even changing it at all. And it's going to be a simple assed possible. You'll never have to get lessons or spend all these hours at the driving range. Okay? Introducing. No, I mean, just imagine for a second. Imagine walking up to the first tee box, placing the ball on the ground on your tea and unloading a 350 are bomb down the center of the Fairlee. What would your friends think of you? All right. Just imagine the look on their face with the jaws on the floor. What would everyone say after you finish the 18th hole, you'd be the talk of the town. You wouldn't be slicing it. Every shot, you wouldn't be shanking it. Every shot you'd actually finally be heading pin precision shots that beautifully danced in the green. You to eliminate three putts, you'd actually go through a full round of golf feeling pleasure instead of frustration from not being able to play up to your prime. Okay, imagine dream Sinkewitz. So here's just a small amount of benefits you can discover from this system. Okay, Explain what it's all about. You know, on page three, I'm going to show you the ultimate grip for literally taking the cover off of the ball warning. Don't be afraid or get used to people telling you that you're using a legal club because you're gonna had so much power to your drive. Okay. On page 17 I'm going to show you how just moving your left foot one tiny inch can allow you to load on the ball, giving you so much power you never even thought you had. Okay, then I'm gonna talk about more benefits, benefits, benefits, benefits, benefits, benefits, benefits, stuff like that. Proof. Okay. And for some odd reason, you don't believe me. Here's some of the greatest testimonials ever gotten. You'll have, like someone hopping on there showing a video how they're hitting these 300 yard bombs, you'll show someone scorecard. They'll be testimonials. Oh, my God, James Cans! And I was like, The greatest thing since slice spread When it comes to my golf swing, I'd never thought I'd be shooting in the seventies. But now my game is at an all time high. In the best part, I'm even improving. And guess what? I just got my pro card. Thanks. Golf swing factor. You're the greatest thing since. Sliced bread. Okay, testimonials, testimonials, testimonials, written audio, video pictures prove whatever it is before. And afters load on the testimonials. All right, Now, before I begin, I want to let you know this is not one of those stupid golf swing gadgets that, you know you attach onto your club. It never works. And you don't. You're just frustrated, right? This is a rock solid, proven system that anyone can follow regardless of your experience. Or even if you don't have one of those fancy set of golf clubs. Okay, so you're telling them what this is not. This is, well, not one of those golf gimmicks. This isn't some like golf Virtual lesson. This isn't, You know, whatever. Something that like that, the magazines would tell you that never works. This is not something aimed at golf pros, but this is going to help you get to the ability of being one, if you want. Okay. Something along the lines of that. So here is everything you're getting. Here's Regan around up, kind of like everything they're getting and give even more benefits. So this is like part two of benefits. Okay, So benefits benefits benefits. And here you're gonna explain even more. It's like there's so much great things in this. You're just not stopping, giving them more benefits. All right? And that's not even all because I'm still not done yet. Investing the golf swing factor today. You're also going to be getting the perfect sandbox shot. Okay, The perfect shot from the sandbox. So how to get out of the sandbox and then one put every single time or almost every single time, whatever it is you're also gonna be getting eliminate three putts completely. We'll show you how you'll never have to three putt again, where you're always gonna be at least one or two putting at the most. Okay, whatever it is given bone, it's then value build up in price breakdown. So, as you can see, this whole system is valued at $5000 but the bonuses, that's gonna be at least $7000. But you know what? You won't have to pay seven you enough to pay to care. You don't have to pay one k Heck, if you were going to get golf lessons that cost you at least $500 an hour. But you won't have to pay $500. 250. Heck, you won't even have to pay $100. So if you act right now, you can get this for a one time special price of just $47. Okay, That's like a price drop where you build up the value and sell it. Kate, if you want to get lessons, it's gonna cost you, like, $500 But you won't even have to pay that much. Okay, so why am I doing this? Okay. This is just about breaking objections. People are a lot of times, people gonna be super skeptical. All right, if this is, like, the greatest thing since sliced bread, why are you only selling it for this? Or why are you giving it away? A lot of people have, Ah, horrible scarcity mindset where they're like, If I was making $5 million I never shared with anyone. And that's the reason why they never make $5 million in the first place. So it's a really crappy mindset, and you need to adjust this because there's going to be a lot of people who are like, What are you selling this if it works so well. So you're breaking the objections here. Why am I doing this? Well, because fact of the matter is I know how it used to be. When I was a weekend warrior, I was shaking shots left and right. I was always, you know, sculling it. I was chilly, definite. I was hitting some of the words shots in my life. And I remember specific rounds were people. Their main goal not was playing, was to make fun of me while I was hitting. It was frustrating. It was embarrassing. It was obnoxious. And I created this because I know everyone can change, especially you, and I truly want to help you. Whatever the reason is, okay, you're just breaking the objection is the reason why you're selling this slash at that specific price. Then he got a money back guarantee. If this isn't the best golf swing investment you've ever made, simply send support an email if you're unhappy for any reason, If you don't add any yards to your drives if you don't eliminate your three putts if you don't get out of the sandbox immediately. If for any reason you're unhappy or you're not immediately improving your golf game. Send us an email, even if it's after 30 days. I don't care. It's a few days after. That's fine. We're fund every single penny, no questions asked. And you can continue on with your golf game. Okay, add the car buttons. Go ahead, click the button down below to instantly add this to your purchase. Signing off with more at the Carling Sage, James Ken's and all I want truly thank you for reading the short letter. It's been, ah, lot of fun creating this and absolutely gonna love it. So go ahead and click that link down below and I will see you on the other side. And then, like I talked about before at fake use, answer the frequently asked question. So does this work for beginners, Right? Does this work? If I have old clubs, do I need to go to the driving range all day long? Well, I need a golf membership. Well, I need to have a robot arm. Well, I need to have one, huh? Whatever questions someone might ask him, going crazy there with the questions. But as you can see, I literally just went through and created a cells letter off the top of my head. Yes, it was extreme. Yes, it was out of left field. But you know what? Exactly? What? I just told you how to do. I did myself right before your very own eyes. So a few things once again never copied the original sales letter, extract the template like I'm doing. And when you do create yourselves letter don't even look at the original one. Okay, that's gonna make you wanna go through and copy it. I've had people copy myself letters before. It wasn't pretty. I'll tell you that much. You don't want to do that. If you come across someone and you actually copy, you could be in some deep water. But either way, you're extracting the template and then using your own complete words, okay? And you can mix and match. Move around. You know, however you want to do it. But anyway, that's the course. If you got anything out of this, if you got at least one golden nugget out of it, give it a thumb's up, give it a light, give it a comment. And I love to hear your thoughts. And with all that being said, thanks for watching. And I will talk to you soon.