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How To Exponentially Grow Your E-mail List Using SumoMe

teacher avatar Ben Hill, Entrepreneur, Web Design, Doctor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. SumoMe Intro

    • 2. Installation

    • 3. List Builder

    • 4. Scroll Box

    • 5. Smart Bar

    • 6. Welcome Mat

    • 7. Discover

    • 8. Content Analytics

    • 9. Share

    • 10. Image Sharer

    • 11. Highlighter

    • 12. Contact Form

    • 13. Heat Maps

    • 14. Mailchimp Integration

    • 15. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

If you have a website or blog, your #1 priority should be growing your e-mail list. Subscribers = Money! Do do that, I use SumoMe. SumoMe is a smart collection of website apps that you can install free, to get subscribers and traffic to your website.

New to SumoMe and want to learn some of the basic ins and outs to boost your website's traffic? Want some pro tips to use it more efficiently? Then this is the class for you!

Designed for beginners, I take you step-by-step through the process of installing SumoMe on your Wordpress website. I'll show you what each and every plug-in does and how to implement them on your site. In this class, I will only cover the "free" features. I do not cover any of the "pro" features that you must pay for.

Of all the plugins that I use, this one is the most valuable to me. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ben Hill

Entrepreneur, Web Design, Doctor


Ben is a fervid freelance digital content creator. He's always anxious to create new digital designs and websites. More so, he absolutely loves inspiring others to do the same.

For as long as he can remember, he's been building computers, creating websites, and producing videos. He's a true entrepreneur, having started numerous businesses, both online and in the world. He loves the challenge of figuring things out on his own and then doing it better than anyone else around. Not because he has something to prove, but because he loves to learn.

The greatest satisfaction he gets in life is helping others. He's spent years working with Wordpress and Photoshop and would love the opportunity to show you how to make some really incredible material.

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1. SumoMe Intro: Hello. My name has been Hill and welcome to my class. How to become a sumo me master. In this introductory class, I will show you how to get sumo me set up on your website, how to use it and how to implement all of its features. Now, sumo me is a suite of free tools and plug ins that allow you to grow your email list, share articles and also to optimize with analytics. If you're interested in growing your email list, having a better way of sharing your social media, also seeing what's actually getting clicked on your website, providing website analytics and also increasing the traffic to your website This is absolutely the class for you. So without further delay, let's begin. 2. Installation: All right, let's get started installing sumo me on your WordPress website. Now I assume that you have some knowledge of WordPress, the dashboard, and you already have a WORDPRESS website. Now, if you don't, that's okay, because I do have a class called How to Build a WORDPRESS website using the number one best selling WordPress theme. Avada. Check it out. It's pretty good for this tutorial. I'll be using a scratch website. It's not very good. It's not very pretty, but we can install. Assume with me on it, and it will help us learn how to actually use it. So go down to plug ins, add new and then go up here to search plug ins, Type in sumo. Me, then go to install. Now activate plug in, and now, once it's installed and activated, if you look up here in the top right hand corner, you'll see this little sliver right there, and that actually means that it's been installed. So if you click on the crown, you go right here. Now, I've already signed up for an account, but you can actually all you have to do is plug in your email in a password and you'll be able to get signed up right away. So all log in now, once you're logged in, this is where you'll be able to go to the sumo store, which has all of the different plug ins. And I'll show you that right now. Click on Sumo Store and I already have one. Uh, I have the list builder already installed. So to install the other plug ins, let me show you how to do that really quick. And I want you to install every single one that I show you. No gonna scroll box, Click on free. Now that's installed, and you can go back here to the back button. We'll go to Smart Bar, click on free and go back. So now I want you go to to welcome Mat. I want you to install Google analytics content at analytics. Heat maps share image share highlighter. Let's skip, discover and go down to contact form. And once you've done all that will be all set. Now if you go all the way down to the bottom where I was sumo, me actually has some premium services that you can actually pay for. It basically expands on these other, um, plug ins that we have as Mawr features to that. Now listen, you can use you can pay money for the features, and I have in the past. They do add a lot of functionality to them. However, everything that I've used it for free has been perfect. So go ahead and do that. And once you're done, you can exit out and you'll see here in your home everything that's already installed. And again, you can access that right from up here. So if you exit that out, it'll be gone. You'll always know it's there by this little blue sliver. Click on that, and that's how you access it every single time. Sometimes you might have to plug in your email again, but this will be your home screen. So that's how you install sumo me. It's very simple in every other lesson. From here on out, I'm gonna go through each and every one of these plug ins and show you exactly how to use them, give you some suggestions, maybe things that I've used and we'll go from there 3. List Builder: Okay. At this point, you should have all your APS insult on sumo me. So to access those go up here too. You're the crown. The 1st 1 I want to work on his list. Builder. Now this builder is basically, um it's a fancy lightbox pop up to help build your email subscriptions. So anybody that comes to your website and you want them to subscribe, this is gonna be that pop up. So the first thing I want you to notice up here is a toggle on and off switch. If you want it on your website, click it to green. If you want it off, turn it off. Very simple. This is your dashboard right here. It will show you all of the stats for pop up subscribers and also conversion so you can see what's working and what's not here. You can see I signed up. So there's been to pop ups, one subscriber and a conversion rate. You go here to design. Now you have to remember that this is the free settings for sumo. Me. You can pay money for the pro version, but and you can see all the templates right here to be honest, They look a lot better, but they're locked down. So if you want those, you have to pay a little bit of extra money. But let me show you all the basic functions that we have here. You can change everything from the heading to the body to what it says right here in your your email and also what it says on the button. It's all available right here. Just play with it. You can change the font, do anything that you want. He can change the color. Go ahead, make that purple go down here. You can change. Like I said, the words right here. Um, the only thing that I just want to point out is the word newsletter. Listen, folks, nobody wants your newsletter. It's a very boring and I would just get rid of that word from your vocabulary. I would take it. I would definitely. A lot of the success of these pop ups will depend on the copyright. So spend a little bit of extra time on what's actually written there, what people see and something that will engage them and really push them to subscribe to you. So you have this right here. And then the lower part right here is the success part. So after they click this button and they subscribe to you, you'll there will be a little message right here. So whatever you like, if they have the email that's gonna be coming their way or some kind of e book some kind of goody you can put that here. You know, check your email. Something like that. All those options are available here now, Fields. Oh, yes. Let me show you this really quick. Anytime that you finish any changing anything here, make sure you save it will prompt you. But Fields, this is only available to if you're a pro builder. So you can't use that unless you actually pay a little bit extra money. So emails the only field you can have behavior. Now, this is pretty neat. You have two different modes. You have smart mode, and then you also have manual mode. So for the smart mode, that's basically if somebody is gonna leave your page, the pop up will come up automatically for the manual mode. That's when you specify after how much time that you're they're actually on the page. Do you wanted to show up? Also, you can change the frequency if you wanted to show up every minute. You can do that every hour, day, month, year, considered your audience and how often they're coming to your website. You don't want toe over. Ah, be too overbearing on the pop ups. Otherwise, we'll never come back. Be proven on that and test it and see what works best for you. Also after they hit the subscribe button, if you wanted them to be redirected to a different page or different you earl, for instance, you want to put them into a sales funnel or go to a certain blawg post. Go ahead and put the redirect right here, and this will actually lead them or guide them to where you want them to go. Let's go to the next one display rules. Ah, yes, let's say that. So the display rules. Now this is really neat because it has a number of different options of where and when it will actually be displayed. Well, basically, where and on what pages, So on Mobile devices desktops. You can do it just on the home page itself, or if you have a certain u R L again, If you have a certain page that you want this to pop up on, you can create a bunch of different pages that it'll show up on, and you can actually exclude certain pages as well. So if you have a home page that you don't want to show up on, go ahead and add rule right here and put Do not show on the Hope home page. It's very simple. If you want to get rid of that, just click right here. Get rid of it and then make sure you that you hit save afterwards. A B testing that's creating two different versions is not available to you. That's also an upgrade. The services. I will actually create one lesson dedicated to services. I will show you how to get it set up on male chimp. That's what I use and you'll be able to see step by step, how to integrate that into sumo. Me and it's very neat and simple. So the advanced option if you are some type of ah html guru coder and you want to come up with your own pop up, you can place your code right in here. You can change the size and this last one tracking pixels. This is only available Teoh List builder pro subscribers as well. That sums up basically what the list Miller does. It's very straightforward. It's going to simply be a pop up so people will subscribe to you. So let me show you really quick. Ah, that inaction. So I will save right here and let me open up a new browser. We'll go full screen and I'll show you what it looks like for that pop up to come, all right, and then you can see after seven seconds, which is what I set up for the manual mode. The pop up game right here, ahead and let's, Ah, I'll put in my email address one more time. Why not? And you get your success message right there just to continue, and that goes away. All right. Now, if you go back to your dashboard right here, you can actually see that I had subscribed. Another time to subscribers. There's been three total pop ups with E. 66.67% conversion rate, which is really great, and that is Ah, in essence, what list builder is it's to build your email list 4. Scroll Box: All right. So I just showed you all the really neat features with your list builder. Now I'm gonna show you how to do this scroll box. Now, this girl box is gonna be set up very similar to list. Builder has a lot of the same options. So in this lesson, I will cruise through some of those different options because I just showed you in more detail with the list builder. So go up here to hit the crown, go to the sumo store and then click on scroll box to install it, click carefree and click open. So just like your list builder again, A lot of these options I will cruise through them. But it's the same thing. It shows you all your email analytics who have signed up here is your click on and off button right there. So you can determine when it comes on design. Just like list builder, You're going to create this pop up. Now, the difference between the list builder and this one is the fact that you can. This is a little bit non invasive in that you can set it up to pop up anywhere on the page . at any different time, and you can do it just from the side. And I'll show you that here in a second. But it doesn't pop up right there in your face. And so it's less likely to, I guess, annoy the people to come to your website. So all the templates default that is the only free one. There are a lot of other ones that you can pay extra for, which I do recommend change the size. You can change the call, the action. You change it to Twitter. Whatever you want the your readers to actually sign up for, you can change it to all. Just keep it here. Teoh called action. You can change, actually, where once they hit subscribe. Now you can send them to a certain place. I would really work on your heading and also the text make it very engaging s so that people will want to actually sign up for whatever you're offering. Change the text font. And so the fields help. Just like I told you before. Always make sure that you save. Um the only option you have here is for email behavior. Now, this is what I want to show you this is what's different. Ah, from the list builder trigger percent, 40%. So as somebody coming to your website as they scroll down 40% down the page, that's when the box will actually scroll out. And so you can change this to different places. So if you want to do it right at the end of the article after they've read something, for instance, if it's an article on S CEO now, this is a pro tip here. I would offer something on S E O whether it's sign up for your s CEO newsletter again. You don't use newsletter, in my opinion. Or if you have some kind of freebie that gives away Ah, that involves s CEO. That's what I would do. I would actually use these pop ups to target the content that you actually that you just presented the change. Work pops out So bottom right bottom left top, right top left will keep it at bottom. Right, And we'll have it slide in from side. Or you can have a slide in from the bottom and then also the frequency. How often is it going to show up? So I'm just gonna be a knowing I'm gonna put it. Every minute that thing pops up, you can have a redirect. These are all the same. Options is list builder, and that goes for the same thing as display rules. Ah, I always have to save. You can decide what pages this actually shows up on. And I would I would play with this sea. Which What options work the best for you. A B testing, that is, You have to actually, that's a pro feature. So you have to pay extra the services. That's if you want to tie it into your email. And these are all things that I've shown you before with the other and then tracking pixels . So we have active. Let's go ahead and see if that will pop up on our Web page. All right, And then you have it. I scroll down 40% down the page and there is my scroll box that just popped out right there from the side. So it's less invasive as the, um, as a list builder. And that is, uh and that's how you set it up. It's very simple. I like it a lot, and I would just use it very strategically on certain pages to get the highest amount of sign ups. That's how you install the scroll box and let's check out the next feature. 5. Smart Bar: all right. At this point, I hope that these videos are getting too repetitive because to be honest, ah, lot of the features, they're very similar, and the options are pretty close to being the same as well. So hang with me. We're going to show you how do you install the smart bar and what it's all about? So go to your sumo store and click on the Smart Bar, Click free and go ahead and open that. So just like every other plug and you're gonna happen, E ah, showing the same screen right here on the stash board, where you can see all your analytics and the email sign ups and you go to the design. And this is what a smart bar is. You've probably seen it on a lot of other websites. It's been pretty popular over the last year to that I've seen, and I think they're great because it's a really small bar that's there. It's not in the way of your content. It doesn't pop up at you and annoy you and s O. A lot of times, I'll actually just leave it there. Whenever I'm scrolling through a page, I don't necessarily click the X to get rid of it. So you might be more likely to actually get more sign ups with this to customize the smart bar. It's the same options that we've had for the last two options. So just make it, uh, you know, decided the options that you want for a called action Twitter. Facebook. Sign up. Make sure that you have really good wording so that people are more likely to actually want to click there and fill in their information, go to behavior. And this is really going to be the only options that are gonna be different for each one of these plug ins is how they, uh, how they actually pop up or how people will interact with them. So here you can always have the smart bar up there. Um, you can show it at different times where the top of the page we're at the bottom of the page. I'll put up at the bottom of the page. Also on display mode. The sticky smart bar moves along with the reader. That essentially means that as you scroll down, it will just keep following the reader down and you don't scroll past it. Let's go ahead and I will make it static to change that up a little bit. Here are your other options of Teoh. Redirect them all the rest. The options are the same as what we've seen before. So let's go to the webpage and I'll show you what it looks like. All right, so there you have it. It's right there, up at the top. Now, I selected static so that whenever you scroll, you no longer see it. If you were to choose sticky, that would actually scroll down with you as you go along. And you can change the option from being up at the top to the bottom. And that's how you smart bar. 6. Welcome Mat: this next option that I will show you called Welcome Mat is by far one of my favorite options that you can install on your website. And there are a lot of websites big websites out there that are using this option, and it's essentially a one page called the Action Button. So let me show you uber really quick. If you go to their Web page, this is what you're shown first. Like I said, it's a one page called action button right here. And you know, there's not a whole lot of options and a whole lot of things you can click on and one other kind of signed out here. If you look at the top, that's actually a smart bar. That's what we just insult on Ah, on your website. So that's pretty name. But welcome mat. Like I said, this is a one page called action sign up button that will pop up first, and you can always Ah, here you can scroll down and on the options with sumo me. You can actually exit out of it. So let me show you how to install that right now. Go to the Sumo Store. It's all the same O mat, All right, and so go to design. Let's go ahead and turn that on. So I don't forget we're going to design now. This one I would actually encourage you to spend some extra money on because of the default . All that you can change that. This is what it looks like and you can change the option as faras like what the background looks like in the color of the buttons, but it's actually really kind of plane. It's nothing like the one on the uber website where has an attractive female. Um, it just is very appealing overall, and you have those options to change it to different things, But they're all locked down and so pay a little bit extra money like this one, for instance. You can barely see it, but it's this very similar to the one that had on uber. But for us, for the sake of this class, go back to default Prism. Catchy text right here, email address and then opt out. Just hit. No, thanks. This is very similar to what we've had before the behavior, the display rules when it actually shows up the service is advanced and tracking pixels. So we have that on and I want to show that to you on the website. So as you could see as the website was loading, what will happen is the welcome mat will automatically fill the entire screen right here. It will give them the option to put in their email address or not. You can click no things that will go away or just click right here and your normal website will pop up. So the welcome mat can be a very, very useful tool for you can get a lot of sign ups with it because it takes away all the distractions and they focus on that one thing and they get to choose whether or not to subscribe. So the welcome mat again, That is the one option that I would say Go ahead and pay the extra money you can try it for , I believe, 14 days for free and you can see if that works for you. I like it a lot, and I really recommend it 7. Discover: If you're looking for a really easy way to increase the traffic to your website, that's next app might actually help you out. Go the sooner store go down to discover and discover is a plug and that you can use to increase the traffic. And this is basically how it works is let me show you a quick example. You've probably seen these on a lot of different websites where it says you may also like, and it shows you suggestions of other articles that are similar to what you just read or that might actually interest your reader. And so you can go and sign up for this, and it works on a credit system. So basically, the more that people see the articles on your page. Ah, and the more that they share, the more that your article lashes show upon other people's pages. And so these are all people that have soon with me. They've installed discover, and you're basically swapping stories on your different websites, and so the idea is to increase your traffic. That way you can see all the traffic that's going right here, or the credits, and also the incoming traffic and outgoing traffic. You can see all those stats here, and the design is really simple. You can set up a za grid where you have a different stories there, or just a single scroll box like this. Where would be a lot smaller? You could maybe you could put on a sidebar. She's the language that you want to share. Also the category. If you have a take tech site, the Internet Telecom, you could select that right there. Also the rating. If you have ah, younger people coming to your website and you want to just keep it G rated, you can choose what kind of content will actually show up there. And I think that's really important. So I just keep it. We can just keep it G rated the title. You know you can choose what you want there the font size. You can change all these different options. Share content right there. Share content is a pro feature, so you'll have to pay to get that one. So because of that, we won't cover it Also blocks you can block the If there's a certain side that you just don't want showing up, you can block that display rules. Choose which page you want this to show upon and also the tracking. This is a also a paid feature and so discover I've used it. I don't know how much traffic it's. I don't know how valuable it has been for me, and it will depend on the type of website the that you have if you want to have something like this because sometimes you can come across as being a little spammy, in my opinion. But if you want to give it a go, give it a try. 8. Content Analytics: Let's suppose for a second that you have a fancy new website that you either created yourself or you paid a lot of money for and you have a bunch of content there, and you kind of assume that everybody is going to scroll through all that content because it's just so engaging. Well, if you really want to know, you want to sell this next plug in for sure to go the Sumo Store and click on Content Analytics now, content Analytics is going to show you exactly how far down the page that people actually scroll. And to give you a really good example of that, Let me take you to a new website that I have an own. And so I am logged into WordPress. And if you are, if you go, you'll always have the edit buttons up here at the top. But you can access your sumo, me and so right here this little eyeball that is the content analytics. And if you click on that and scroll down the page, here you go. This will actually give you a, um, graph of sorts of how far down people are are actually scrolling, and so as you can see here, about 100% people are, uh, at least going to right here. The further I scrolled down, if you look at the numbers, they're starting to actually taper off. And you can see exactly how many people and at what percentage their schooling down my page and the further down they dio we're here, it's 70% over here. You can see there's not a whole lot of people actually coming down this far on my page. And so do I put a whole lot of, ah really important content down here? No, not really. Most of this is just filler. In fact, I could probably do away with it because sometimes having less is definitely more. And so this is a perfect example of what content analytics conduced for you. So if you think that everybody is looking at everything on your page, that is simply particularly in this case is just not true. And I realize that frankly, what I should be doing is tweaking this content to see if I could add more useful things to it. Or like I said, even taking away some things because the further you go down. There's not a whole lot of people going all the way to the bottom of my page that you can use this on every single page that you have. People do not see this, and it's a way to really fine tune your website, as's faras the content on there to see what people are really engaged with. So now, if you go back here to your dashboard, you can actually start your first campaign. That'll start recording. And if you'll go, I'll take your really quick back to my other page here. You can actually stop that from here, and you can start it at any time. So the last one I had started, you can see here on 10 30 till now, hit record and everything will reset. You can see that right here. How everything is reset. I could just check this again in ah, another couple days, couple weeks, whenever really, and check to see what people are clicking on. So any time that you may be, when you change content, go ahead and stop your campaign, restart it and you'll be able to see if, ah, that new content is actually working better so I'll go back to my dashboard campaigns. You can see that right here. You can do different campaigns for different pages, and that's about the extent of the content analytics. The rest of the settings are a little bit more advanced, which we're not going to go into. And then also there auto record. This is for these air pro features right there. So you don't have to worry about those right now. Um, I really like this, and I think that you should absolutely install this one so you can see what people are actually looking at on your page. 9. Share: every app up to this point has shown you how to build your email list and also what content to put on your page. However, I haven't shown you anything about how to actually drive traffic to your website. And the best way to do that is to install Go down. Here is the share app. Now the share up is incredibly useful because it places share buttons right on your web page. And so people haven't easy access or easy way to actually share what they're reading at the moment. So let me jump over here really quick to my other website. Simple content creation right over here. This is actually a share box right over here. And this if you like, it can actually go away or you could bring it back. But this will show you on what networks things they're getting shared on. So I have 221 shares for this particular article on Page s CEO Guide for Winners. And you can see that Google plus I have a thana shares their Facebook Pinterest. Nothing actually there on Twitter. But this is and you can put this placement on different places of your page. If you look down here really quick, you can actually see I have the smart bar installed. So that's, Ah, real life example of how that's used at the bottom of the page. So back to your dashboard, just like the other APS that we had insult previously. You can see how many times people have clicked different summaries right here. You can export all this information. Click on settings. These are the available services that you have and a lot of different services to actually share this content. Teoh, I just have this handful right over here. So do it according to what's relevant to your industry. What's most popular amongst the people that read, your content linked, and obviously that's going to be probably more for professionals. And you know, a lot of really cool options here. I'll see services how to sort the share buttons right here. Smarter manual smart would be in manual. You can actually determine you know which one is going to get the most shares, okay, or you can set up on your own. You can select how many you want to actually show here. So I just have the six you're gonna name the label right here the size of the buttons you can change thus from small, medium to large. The style square rounded last one. Um, I had, I believe, circle. You can show the share accounts if you like, or you can decide not to. And, you know, if you don't have a whole lot of shares, you know, maybe you don't want to show that. I don't know. Maybe you're embarrassed, so that doesn't I don't know if that really matters, but also, you could do the size on a mobile device, and that's something that's really important that I want to go over in this next part, which is layout. So here you can actually click anywhere these boxes. So on your laptop, on a desktop, you can decide where this these social icons actually show up. And that's really something that you want to consider when you're talking about a mobile device which, as you know most of the traffic to any websites anymore, is on a mobile device. Um, I have you can click it to right here in the middle, but if it's a really tiny screen that's going to get in the way it is gonna be someone annoying, so you could actually change that to a different place. Now, did you see that? If you change it and override that setting, that's actually a upgrade. And so, you know, unfortunately, we don't have that option here, but on your desktop, you can actually choose where it works best for. You can have several places, so this could just show up everywhere if you like. I prefer just to get it right there out of the way on the left hand side. That's where I prefer. So whatever works best for the content on your page now inland sharing that is a premium feature. You actually do your custom coding for that mobile optimized again, This is a pro feature. Now you're gonna think, you know, this seems really limited, but I tell you what I haven't paid for up to this point for this particular feature and just having the social icon share buttons right there along the side. And you can see that as I scrolled out, it's always there. So it's not something that you have to put at the bottom of page. It's completely out of the way. It's not getting it in front of anybody, and it's really not bothersome, so it can always be there. And if somebody you know, if they become more engaged in your page, they can click and share any time you like. So the display rules. Just as before, you can choose which page that actually shows up on. You can tie that into different services, like Twitter right there. The tracking feature. It's ah, pro feature and also your l shorten her. That is also a pro feature, so we will not cover that. This is a really easy way for people to share your content. They could customize this to look how you like it. Place it where you want it. This is something that you should absolutely put on your page. 10. Image Sharer: have you ever been on a web page? And you wanted to share an image that you thought was really, really cool, and your friends would like it. But you found that it was just such a hassle to sit there and click on the image, save it, put it into a certain file, and then go to, say, Facebook, upload that picture from the file and then be able to share. And it was just such a hassle that you just kind of thought twice about it. Well, if you've been there before, like I have sumo, Mia has actually come up with a really cool app called image Share, which you can install from the Sumo store. Open that up and let me show you what that looks like here on this other Web page that I have. If you hover over this first image, do you see how this shows up right there? And if you take the mouse off of it, it goes away. So image here allows you to have these quick links on any image you like. We have one down here down here. Okay. And so on. So all they have to do If somebody likes the image there instead of having to go through all that hassle, they just click right here. They connect their Facebook page, the plug in their information, and that's it. And so think about all the traffic that you could drive to say it like Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter because people are able to actually easily share your information. And it's not a huge hassle. Teoh, sit there and change that. To set this up, you go back to your dashboard, and here you can see a summary of how many people have clicked on your page, and here in the settings, you can see the different available services that will actually pop up there. Now you do have some options. You can use the image, all text and the all text that is the, um, the name of the file that's attached to every single image. Also, the ignored links images. If you have a huge post that has a lot of images in there and those images, if they actually go to different websites, you can choose whether or not you want that social icon to pop up there on on those particular post or pictures. I should say some of these other features are limited based on them being pro features. But you can change the background color. Also. This is important right here. This will tell you where you can actually place that social icon so center of the image I have mine. What you said you saw before was in the bottom right hand corner of the image. Now, if you had it in the center of the image, just think about something for a moment that if this right here were to pop up right here in the middle, how annoying would that be for your readers? I used to have a set up that way, and it would always block the images, and it really kind of got on my nerves. Ah, so I changed it to down here and also think about it on a mobile device if it shows up right in the middle. Okay, that would be a problem. Consider where you actually want this to show up, and you can change that option right here. And also, you can go ahead and put your twitter information in right there. The rest of these options over here on the left hand side. These they're all pro options, so I will not show you how to do that. But if you want, oh, increase a lot of traffic to your website. This is a really easy way to do that. 11. Highlighter: you're probably getting sick of me saying this, but I want to show you another really cool app that I absolutely love if you've ever been on a website and you saw some text that you thought was really inspirational and you wanted to share that on Facebook or Twitter, but you found it to be kind of a hassle to do that, let me show you this next app. It's called Highlighter Go the Sumo store Goto highlighter right here and install that and let me show you what that does. I'll go to this other website. Let's just say I think that this la little Senate's right here is just super cool. Before you'd have to highlight it, copy and paste that to Twitter and then send it. But if you just highlighted here, let go. He'll automatically set up a tweet for you, or you can share to Facebook with a link back to it. So think about the possibilities there where people can just highlight stuff and just automatically send it how simple that's gonna make it for them, but also how much traffic can potentially go back to your own website. So to get that set up. Go the dashboard, go ahead and plug in your Twitter handle right there so people know where it's coming from . And then on design, you can change the color of the button in the background. These other features there more for pro users as far as the U. R L shorter. If you wanted to change it, Teoh, say Billy or Google and the display rules, of course you can change which pages you You're able to do that. But this one is really, really neat. And as you could see, it just allows people to share content super quick simply by highlighting things. Because I know that I personally do this all the time. And to have this convenience is really, really cool. 12. Contact Form: If you want to give your readers a easy way to actually get ahold of you and to establish a little bit of credibility with them, you can install a contact page or box on your website. So go to the Sumo Store and go all the way down to contact form and install that. And so any time that somebody sends you a message, that message washes show up here in your in box, you can change the design, and although it's very basic here without paying extra money, it gets the job done. This is just like any other app that we've changed before. You can change the wording what the message looks like also after they send the message the success rule box right here and you can change the layout so you can Let's go ahead and we'll keep that over here to the size so on Mobile will put over here Go always go down here to save and on the settings. You can actually have a auto responder, so after they submit that you can have a a message, go to them, telling them what to expect next so you can put in your email right here. From who? The message and then a quick my little message right there. So that's pretty neat. Display rules. Choose where you want this to show up, and then also, this is a premium feature, which it is for every single one. So for tracking purposes, pay a little extra money if you want that. And let's see what that looks like. See if it'll show up on a website. All right. Now, if you come to the website, you can actually see over here this box that has shown up contact us. You pop that out, people can easily and quickly send you a message. And like I said, I think contact boxes air really great. Because if somebody gets a response back from something that maybe they don't understand or they have a question about what you're offering on your website, you know they could get ahold of you fairly quickly. This is something that you know I use, and I would recommend you using as well 13. Heat Maps: Now, if you like the content analytics plug and you're gonna like this next one is called heat Maps, and I absolutely love this Plug in. So click on heat maps free. Install it from the dashboard. You can start a campaign from right here. Let me go to my other website like I did before, and show you what heat maps does. So if this isn't showing on your website and again, this is if you're in edit mode, you can click your crown there and this little fire show heat maps click on that. So he maps is essentially ah, map that shows you where people are actually clicking on your website. I mean, how cool is that? Where you can see what people are clicking on and you don't have to guess anymore. And so you can see here from my home page the links that they're clicking on right here. You can see that they're actually clicking on this button right there. And take a look at that. If you hover over it, it will show you two clicks. How many people have clicked there and you can see a bunch of random clicks all throughout the campaign here. I don't know what people were wanting to click on there, and so again, this area right here, you can see in total that four clicks right here. And if you go up here, 16 clicks through this entire page and it will automatically show you what people are interested in. And I mean, how need is that? Because if you have content or if you have something like a call to action button there and nobody's clicking on it, then maybe you should consider actually changing the wording or the placement of on the page of where it's at. So the further down I click, you can see or scroll. You'll see that there's less clicks happening down here. And that's pretty obvious because we saw that on the content analytics that not a whole lot of people were going down this far on the page. So what? I expect there to be a lot of clicks. No, not really. Let me go up here and let me go to another page, and you can just see one more example of heat maps. Before I do that. Let me just show you This is very similar to, Ah, the content Analytics. You can actually stop this campaign, and you can start it again, and it will get rid of all of the clicks. And so I started this on the second through today. So I've had 59 clicks on my page. Not a whole lot, but ah, you know, at least you can keep track of what's going on there to exit out of it. I'll go to this next page here and now from here. Go ahead and click the he map one more time, and it just lights up like a Christmas tree. Um, this campaign has been going on a lot longer, but in total, that area right here in front of your screen, there's been ah, 111 clicks. And you see how lit up this is right here. These little, um, drop down boxes. I mean, it is Tom's of people are clicking right there. So should I make this content a little bit more relevant and important? Ah, yeah, absolutely. Because if you scroll down, I have a little a few other things here. Nothing's really getting clicked on. These are actually flipped boxes here that has information on the backside. But most of the clicking is happening right there. One more time. If you have something like a call to action but something important that you want people clicking on and it's not getting click this will show you, You know, if you need to change something So I absolutely love this I use all the time Let me go back here to the dashboard just to show you you can start and stop your campaigns from right here and keep track of them by clicking on campaign button right there. Ah, the settings And also the auto record, A very similar to the content analytics we're not gonna mess with those are a little bit more advanced and also just has some features that you actually have to pay for. I strongly encourage you to use this one. I love it, and I think you'll get a lot of utility from it. 14. Mailchimp Integration: all right. I promise that I would show you how to integrate mail chimp with all of these different APS . So let's go ahead. And I'm gonna use this for this smart bar and you can see down here the services and for male chimp before I connect this. What I want to do is I'm gonna go to my mail chimp. I'm already logged in. I'm already at my dashboard. I'm gonna go upto list. I'm going to create a new list create list, and I'm going to call this. Ah, well, just say sumo me So I know where they're coming from. I'm gonna feel in all this information default from email. Ah, my name where it's from, how they join the list. Okay, so I'm gonna fill in all this information to hit save, and that creates a list so that when you come back here and you hit connect to connect it, all you have to do is plug in your user name and password for male chimp click log in. And then at that point where you can dio is you can actually choose which list you want to use from male chimp. Now, I didn't say that sumo me one. Otherwise it would show up here so I can choose any list that I want. And once I do that, that's all I have to do. I just have to hit save right down here. And so any time that somebody goes and subscribes here for instantly smart bar or any of the other bars that pop out, it will automatically get sent to male chimps. So if you have automation campaign set up, it will automatically process that. And it's really neat and easy way to collect emails and keep it all organized. And that is exactly how you get male chimps set up. It's very simple, and I hope you use it. 15. Final Thoughts: okay. And that's that You are now a sumo me, master. I hope that this class was really beneficial for you and that you got a lot of inspiration on how you can actually use sumo Me. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to me. I'm always willing to answer questions. Also, I recommend you going to sumo me and dot com backslash stories and following their blawg tsunami. They have a lot of really great articles that will give you some inspiration on how you can better use umami, and it will give you some real life cases there. I always I subscribe to it and I get that email all the time, and I think it's great. So again, I do want to thank you for taking this class. Please give it a great review for me. I would certainly appreciate that if we can add anything to make it better. I would love to do that for you. Otherwise, I hope you have an incredible day. Thank you.