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How To Edit Videos With Shotcut Video Editing Software

James Woo, Skills For A Better Life

How To Edit Videos With Shotcut Video Editing Software

James Woo, Skills For A Better Life

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42 Lessons (2h 44m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Where to Download Official Versions Of Shotcut

    • 3. Get Familiar with Shotcut Layout

    • 4. Managing files when using Shotcut

    • 5. Convert Variable Frame Rate video

    • 6. Basic edits on the Timeline

    • 7. Timeline editing - Trim, Lift, Ripple Delete

    • 8. How to use the Ripple, Trim and Drop Function

    • 9. How to make a clip play in reverse

    • 10. Creating transitions

    • 11. Adjusting transition type and length

    • 12. How to create a video using still images

    • 13. Create a slow motion or speedup effect

    • 14. Adding audio tracks

    • 15. Creating fades in video and audio

    • 16. How to apply Filters to Clip, Track, or Project

    • 17. How to add text or titles to your video

    • 18. How to rotate a video

    • 19. Adjust Brightness And Feel With Colour Grading

    • 20. Create Picture-In-Picture video

    • 21. Create a Pan and Zoom on static images

    • 22. Panning and avoiding black bars

    • 23. Zoom in and out effect

    • 24. How to create Greenscreen or Chromakey videos

    • 25. How to Blur or hide details using mask function

    • 26. Create An Animated Line On A Map

    • 27. 3 Dimension "Star Wars" Style Text Scroll

    • 28. Swirl Effect and Single Color Selection

    • 29. Create movement from audio.

    • 30. Add Light Effects based on Audio

    • 31. Time Remapping And Speed Ramping

    • 32. Create Gradient Effect

    • 33. How To Create Glitch Effects (Applicable To Titles Too)

    • 34. Cinematic Crop

    • 35. Circular Crop (Intro, Outtro, Transition)

    • 36. Proxy Files For Smoother Playback

    • 37. Recording Voiceover with Shotcut

    • 38. Shotcut Update Ver 19.12.31 Move Multiple Clips

    • 39. Shotcut Update Ver 20.06.28

    • 40. Shotcut Update v20.09.13 - Additions To The Interface

    • 41. How to export a frame to create thumbnail

    • 42. Export your project to create your final video

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About This Class

I designed this course to help you start video editing using Shotcut.

Update Jan 2021 - Class has been updated.

Shotcut is a free, cross platform video editor. It is easy to learn even if you have little or no experience. The software is powerful enough for intermediate level video creators.

The software runs on PC, Mac and Linux so you don't need to be concern about the computer you use.

These are the topics that in the course:-

  • How to get started quickly so you can start editing in a short time
  • Overview of Shotcut layout, and tools
  • Basic video editing like splitting, joining, transitions
  • Adding titles, annotation, and music,
  • Exporting your video in high definition, HD
  • Multi track editing
  • Animated titles effects.

You will be able to create your first video in approximately 60 minutes

This class is over 2 hours long but I've designed it in such a way you can choose the necessary topics to get started. You don't have to watch all the video tutorials.

Once you know the basics, you can move on to more advanced techniques.

If you are new to video editing or to Shotcut, I suggest you watch the first few lessons. The title of the lesson will help guide you to a specific topic.

Towards the end of this class, I've included minor updates to Shotcut.

Even if you've never created videos before, this course will be able to help you get started fast.

Get your video clips ready and lets start.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

James Woo

Skills For A Better Life


I’ve been an engineer and a business owner. I enjoy helping people with software, videos and online tools.

My aim is to teach you how to Leverage Tech to create Greater Impact in your life. 

Over two thousand people have taken my online courses on Skillshare alone. I believe that anyone can master the tech world with some training and an open mind.

Besides my courses here, there are articles and videos on my website and my YouTube channel where you can learn how to master other software and tools to help you be more effective in your life or your business.

Feel free to connect with me too.



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1. Introduction: video. Anything made easy shot. That video is a cost is designed for anyone who learns to learn how to use a shortcut. Whether you're really beginning to be everything, you have some experience. My objective is to help you get started reading the first few videos. Shaka Really? In a very short time, and I target something that 60 minutes, of course, some people will find a little bit faster. All your snow take a slightly longer so covered topics like keep dreaming about trying anything between big curious key. Now the cost is broken down into small, small segments. So there, in case you need to revisit any lesson, you don't have to watch a long video just to get to the part want. I don't just teach about using shot cut. The entire cost is in short cut itself, and many of my videos on YouTube also make the shot cut. So I'm teaching from my own experience off using this software. You have any questions about his costs? A few free to send you an email and try to answer your questions before you sign over the cost. I look forward to seeing you in a cost looking forward to seeing your videos as well 2. Where to Download Official Versions Of Shotcut: to get off the show version off. Shortcut here under over too short cut up dot com, and this is very off the show websites and you can download. So there are other people who are also offering a shortcut for download. But this is the best I would suggest, so you can actually click here to download. Or you can also click here to download, and you can see that there are several versions off shortcuts. So this recording and this lessons are based on question. 17.12 You have windows in solar for 64 bit, and the certainty to be beans knows installer. There is also portable Zib oceans. If you do not want to install short cut on your hard drive, okay? And they're also vision for Mac OS, as were less for the Knicks. If you want to check out somebody older versions, you can hit underworld to get help repository releases here, right, so this is version 17.12 I suggest that you get the latest wishing to use because this latest versions have the most stable, with most of the box work top dollar. The file and dangers are installed in your computer. Installation is very straight forward 3. Get Familiar with Shotcut Layout: In this video, I will give you an overview of the shortcut Hadley out. So this is discrete that you see when you launch shortcut. Read a little bit of differences. For example, since I've used the shortcut, confess, I have all these recent files over here. So if you're using a shortcut for the first time, all the sections here would be blank. Now Chicago has several different teams, are one is called a fusion dark Tim. What you are seeing right now, if you have changed the settings, then probably you may have a different team. For example, you may see the system team, okay, which is bright in color, and then you have colorful icons. Now this will definitely depend on the system that you are using. I am on a Windows computer, so I see this kind of icons. There is also a different team which is called the fusion like team. Fusion like team is actually the opposite of fusion that team for virgin, like the background is light and icons are dark and the texts are dark. Whereas for fusion, ducked him, it is a dark background and the text is white. So it depends on which one you prefer. A lot of people find that you are unfamiliar with video editing, that they would actually prefer. Like the team for people who experience are doing love editing. Team HDB, more relaxing on the eyes. Okay, Now for the purpose of this training, I'm going to use the system team for the reason. I find that it's actually easier to see things and icons a little bit more colorful. Just note that the location of the icons are the same, the functions are the same, whichever team that you use, okay, So it doesn't really matter, but you can actually follow along whichever team that you prefer to use. Let's do a quick overview of the layout so they have a rough idea what you're seeing on the interface. And then as we go along, I will cover things in greater detail. On the top here you have all your different different menus. For example, the peak meter, the Properties tab and et cetera. All right, so on the left here you have a tree panels. Actually, one is on the playlists, one is the filters and one is the properties. I will explain a little bit more as we go along. But you know that this, even though he imagined that this is divided into three sections. So this is one panel, this center one is actually at your project settings and as well as your recent projects. Okay? So this is the Projects folder where your files are being stored. You can change it now or you can actually change it later. So let's click on the Projects folder so you can set it. So for right now, my projects folder is set to this training Chaka equation and rho. So you can actually set it to however you want it to be. For example, let's say you can set it to a video and they say miscellaneous videos. And then you can actually select, select the folder, okay. You can also create a new folder. So I see now is selected at this plaza Arcadia. Okay. So I'm just going to switch back to. This one shortcut. Again 20 rows or this is my folder to be, you can change this and you can save your file after you have done your edges, so it doesn't matter. You can give your fridge. Similarly, you can give a project name now or later. So let's say, let's call it the test. So you can at least studies. Okay, Next is actually the video mode. You can actually click on the video mode and select automatic. So when you select Automatic chicago base on the media clip that you first bring into shortcut or important to shortcut. And it will be based on that video and set this as dead souls. For example, if you have a food dish that is at full HD, say 10 ADP at 30 frames per second. And you bring it into shortcut. If you sell you an automatic, then you will actually follow that. Now, there are reasons that you may want to switch your video mode to a specific mode, or even set a custom based on what you want to do. For example, sometimes you may want to, although you may have full HD video, you may want to change it to a lower resolution. Or you can actually set the custom to say Instagram where your layout is vertical or square, right? So those are the reasons you may want to change their video mode, okay? So if you're not sure you can leave it for automatic or go for some there some of the safer ones you saw depends on the footage they are recorded. You know, some people are using GoPro on their phones and it changes. All right. So I want to leave it for automatic for now. So here is a here recent projects. If you're opening shortcut for the first time, then you wouldn't have any projects here. Next, on this third is actually audio meters. As you play a video clip, you will show how long your video clips are or your audio is so that you can have a rough idea how loud to save it. And then this is your recent tap, the files that you opened recently. And then at the bottom here is your timeline. Okay, so we don't have a video clip right now, but I want to bring in a video clip shortly to show you that timeline, as well as the keyframes temp, right? So you have a rough idea what the layout is all about. You can close some panels. Let's say for example, I'm going to close the audio meter panel, I'm going to close it. All right, so now resizes itself. If I close it, then changes size again. And to open the panel again, just click on the peak meter. And then the history is, if I click on it recently and then a recent panel open by again. All right, so same thing with the timeline, same thing with the keyframes. Let's say for example, I'm going to close the keyframes panel, so I'm left with a timeline. If I want a key-frames Bay, I just click on this over here. Okay? And then you can actually resize your panels. Again as you hover your mouse. Between the panel on the left and the one in the center here. You can resize the panel by dragging, okay, same thing with here. You need to hover your mouse. What do you currently see this? As same as the timeline keyframes as well? Okay, now, for this version of shortcut, there is also a six exile, but share logging, editing effects and player, which allows you to switch a layout fast. Okay? One final thing before I open a clinic is that if you have actually changed any of your panels or mess things up, for example, and it looks very different. You can actually go back to your settings. So let me go and tried to mess up some of these things. Okay, You can actually drag your playlists and place it somewhere here. Okay, so sometimes these things may happen. Then you will find wonder how come your playlist now is on this side. Same as your audio meter. Okay, so let's say you mess up your, your panel somewhat and you want to follow along. So what you can do is go to view, go to Layout, going restore, default layer. And you will be good to go. Okay, So all these things are back to normal. And by and large, I will use this standard layer. Sometimes I would actually close the audio p meter or the reasons just to give a little bit more space. Okay, so let's open a file now and show you a more. As I'm going to click on Open File. When you click on this clip here and go that an elephant, I'm going to use this clip in this training. So you notice that when I bring the video clip into shortcut, it starts to play an advocate press the pause button. So that is a normal behavior of a shortcut. You don't really need to import any clips into a media beaten, so to say. Because Chaka walks a little bit different. If you want to use the playlist as immediate bean, you can do that as well. I'm going to explain that a little bit later. All right. So this is our play button here that allows you to play, and this is your playhead machines at the position of where your video is in case you notice that it is moving. Okay, So this is the standard video, this is the end. You click on this. This is actually skip all the way to the end of the video. This is to the front. This is fast forward, going forward fast. So this is the preview window. You can actually set in and out points using these triangles here. Setting the points means that you are framing that video. Okay, so let's say I want to trim this one only this section here. And I want to trim off the bag. And you want this session in the middle. There are a few things that I can do. I can actually bring it onto the timeline. Okay, So now you'll notice that this video is in the timeline. And what I'm seeing now is these projects tab. Okay. So prior to this I was seeing the sauce. So the source of this clip, the reader clip is, let's see. This clip is almost six seconds long, whereas on the project, this is only about four seconds long. So basically I've trimmed off the front and the back by using those trim buttons over here. Okay. This trim, trim button, this is the Bactrim button, trim the end. Okay, you can use this to move it along. But selecting the triangle and dragging. Now beside the layout, you can also change layoffs by clicking on these buttons over here. So let's click on the player. So when you click on the player view is a, he shows that in the large view as if it's more like a video player rather than a video editor, okay? If you click that on the editing, they are, this is the editing they are. There are other layouts, for example, just on, say, audio editing or special effects layer. Basically we will most likely going to use stick to the editing and the player layer, but just letting you know that there are different layers here that may work better for you for certain situations, okay? And then this is actually the color grading. See something fancy, we're here. All right? But mostly I find that most of the time I'm actually staying on the editing layout. Or sometimes when I want to look at something closely. After I died most of my edits then I will click on the player layer. So in brief, this is just a quick overview of shortcuts layout. In the next video, we will cover some of the other things in greater details later. Playlists, filters, properties, and other tools. 4. Managing files when using Shotcut: in this video, I'm gonna show you how shortcut references and many just fall. So I'm going to open a file here and take note that my directory is document video and for fun. I'm gonna open this clip, and I call this the doctor, Okay? And I'm just going to put it on my timeline. Don't worry about a timeline. First, I'm gonna cover at the time line and a little bit more detail in another video that just take note off what's happening. And let me just meet this video, and I'm going to open another far, which is called us Nuclear, and let me Snapple appear on the timeline as well. So here you have to you, Dr Lee, Right. Liver the dog in there. This is live on the snail, right? And I'm gonna safe to fall. I'm gonna save it s in the same directory document video for fun. And I'm going to call the doctor Snee eel video, All right. And it's safe as a dot MLT file, and then you just saved it. So let's go to the directory and see these information. Right? So here on the document video for fun, I have my doctor up here docks, Neil video, the MLT fall and this nail clippers. Well, take note that the docks, Neil, video dot MLT foul is only four kilobytes in size, which means that the actual media file itself is not start in this Don't MLT foul that don't MLT fall only contains your and it's all right, so I'm going to close a shortcut and let's take a look at this directory. I'm gonna change the name off this near clip. Okay? I'm gonna change it to It's new. It changed. All right, So I changed the name and let me go back to shut Cut again. And now when I open the fall, let's open this darkness near click. All right. And shot. Kat asked me to resolve the fouls because the name has been changed. All right, I need to double click this to mentally locate that far. Okay, Now, if I don't locate the foul and just click on, OK, you notice that the timeline is still there. All right, but this new clip is no longer there. All right, so although the Eddie show on the timeline since I did not locate the far the father is no longer being located. My shortcut. So this is what happens if I say you change the name off your video clips or even the location or your video clip. So I'm gonna close this again. I'm just gonna close this and let's open the following in but far the darkness. New energy. Far so too to manually get this far location when you need to do is to double click on the name. And since I know that this is the father that changed, if I double click it and you will notice that there's a check mark here the green check month which means that this far has been located and you're like, OK, you notice that the clips is back on the timeline as you do your edits. So it is very important when you're managing your fouls and clips that you do not change the name of the father. Or perhaps you move your file to another directory late on when you want to Really? Your father you need to manually locate that foul. Take not the shortcut creates a new doctor MLT foul. And this MLT phone has the word repent at the end off that fall 5. Convert Variable Frame Rate video: this video, we will look at the convert to any friendly feature in Shot cat. So I'm going to open a far here. His father is available free MRI fall, as you can see here, Right. Shows that frame really three d 30.19 which is are irregular frame rate. I will see. And this menu here pops up, right? Convento and Eddie Friendly. A pack of actually asked were there when the corn with this far too friendly Because variable friendly is not reliable for anything. Right? And you have three options. Whether you want to see if you know, far better is can use the every treaty is considered better. You can use a good format with medium size, or you can actually go for that best right And the biggest far size and technology Also the format of the fall here this is under MTV. He's under Are you really see the movie? And this is under and before all right, his to 64. So I'm gonna use the lower limit. Okay, since my follies also here to 64 But you can actually choose whichever you want to and hidden. Okay, right. And a shortcut would actually ask you to save the fall in the new name. So I'm just going to save this s test convert and clean and safe. And I was here on the right window here. The jocks window open up and the shot covers show you the amount of time needed to convert this fall. Okay, the job he's done so this far here is still the variable for everyone. In order to get the converter far, you need to go on open fall and let's go to video. And this is a fall here, okay? And I'm just going to click on it. Okay? So, as you can see, this is the same fall. But right now, this foul has been committed to a frame right off the tee, all right? And it makes anything more reliable. So that's how you used to convert any friendly. And if the comment to Eddie Freni many doesn't Papa for any file, you can actually just click on this menu here, and this is under the property. Step here. Click on this menu in Klingon, convert to any friend Me. Okay, So this is how you can convert your fast more Eddie Friendly found from it. We didn't shut. Cut yourself 6. Basic edits on the Timeline: in this video, I'm gonna show you how to do some basic edits on the timeline. So I have a clip here. The girl on the elephant and also this click over here is a scene in India. So let me just select that this girl on the elephant. So there are a few ways you can actually put your clip onto the timeline. The easiest way would likely be to use this pen button. Right. So if you click on a pen, the clip that is on the source will be placed onto the track. Okay, let me do another one. So this is the second clip. Let me used to append button again and the trays place at the end off the first clip. Okay, so let me undo that. Now you can also place the clip using this overwrite clip Right now. When you're play, it is at the back off at the last point fr another clip. Then you used They're alright. But then then the clip goes there and it is work similar. Toe the pen. But then Okay, let me do that. However, if you're play, it is in the middle off another clip and used to. All right, button. Naturally, you will write this section, and you're right with the clip from their play it from the back off the play it. Okay, so this clip has been cut off over there. So these are the two bodies. You can add a trip to the timeline. Let me do that. You can also a dragon click down using your left mouse button left, click on your mouse and drag you down and lazy unto that timeline and the clever end up on the timeline. And you can also more for the click by using the most with drinking around. Okay, To trim a video, you can actually just moved your play it to where you want to trim it. All right? Yeah. Two things you can do. You can actually move your mouth and drag right When the red bar when a hickory bar shows up, he means that you have actually selected the end of the clip. And if you left click your mouse button, we can also do the same for the front of the clip. So let me just move this here and the fun of the clip instead of a red bar. You'll see a green bar that shows up with the left mouse button. Click and hold on. You can actually drag. Okay? And you'll notice that s you write. It starts off sticks to this play here because the toga snapping button said toe on. Okay, let me show you again. Wouldn't move to play here. I'm gonna select the beginning of the click Draghi, and once is close by would actually snaps to that position if the Taga snapping. But any sweet stuff okay, then he doesn't have that effect. And it is quite easy to either on the shoot. Always should at that point, that particular points that you want to do doesn't stop. Snapping button is also useful when you want to move clips or explode with him. At the moment, the toga snapping button is off. So if I moved to clip, it can be difficult to close up exactly to the point that you want And because Shaka doesn't allow you to to a transition when there isn't space, you can close up that gap. Okay, so let me just move this clip back to here now, with a toggle snapping switched on. I can easily move the clip and once is close is snap to that position. So there isn't any tiny amount space left. Okay, let me just knew this. And ladies. All right, so this is what he told us napping. But then thus, to split the clip, you can use this button over here, right? When you click on it, it will split adeptly hit. So let me just move my let you go here and I click on this button. Here it was played this clip toe another section. Let me do that. You can also do the same thing by pressing s on your keyboard. So I'm just going to press on s again. This clip it's been split. So a few other things on the timeline. This is actually the high button. If you want to hide the entire tray, you actually click on this button to hide its And it would be useful if you're doing multi track anything. Yeah, but you cover in another video right when you have more than one video trick. All right? And so is so is the composite button as well. This is useful when you have multi track anything, Okay. Locking the track, miss. When you lock it, you can't accidentally delete or move things. So it locks the track and maintains everything as this. One thing to note as well is that this is a new button. When you are muted, you can see the way forms on the video. What's your muted the waves from would not be dead anymore. 7. Timeline editing - Trim, Lift, Ripple Delete : in this video, I'm going to show you another way to trim your videos using keyboard shortcuts, as well as explain the difference between Lift was US report elite. Another way you can actually trim your video is likely by moving your play head toe the place that you want on the timeline. You can use it using your mouse button or even the aero keyboards, and click on high on your keyboard when you click on either ancestor in point. And so you actually trimming the video clip over here, you can do the same for the back off the video and by moving your head and you click on O, which is the out point, and that determines the outpouring off that video clip. So these actually, how we can agree Lee trim your video clips, and then you can actually close up the space by using the right mouse button and click remove and removing the space. I'm going to do that. Next, we will talk about using lift wasters Ripple delete. All right, so I'm going to split my clip here, so I have a clip over here. If I were to lift the clip using this button here, I would actually lift this clip that I do not want and create an open space. So let me undo that. However, if I would reportedly, which is the minus sign on the menu here. You would actually close the space by moving all the subsequent clips forward. So let me do that. Okay. Let me. So that's the difference between lifting and ripple Delete. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to do lift. And if you have over this left button here, which shows you that you click on that on the keyboard. If you click on Zach on the Clippers, you will actually do a lift. Great. And the space. Then you do that. And if you bring on X, you create a report elite. 8. How to use the Ripple, Trim and Drop Function: this video, I will show you the functional key off this report. Trim and drop feature on the timeline menu. So let me just turn it off for the time being. Okay? Now we dis a ripple treatment dropped enough If I went to select the first clip here which is seen in India. And let's see, I drag you to the right. What it does is create a transition, give them and do that. Now we don't report trim and dropped Washington on if I do the same thing. And so, like the left, clip and regular there, Right, you will now push the clip to the right. Okay, so it creates some space here, so that allows you to add another clip. If you want to have a straw space, you can do so. Another thing is also this a report. Trim and drop functionally turn off. If I were to hover my mouse over the first click with a red bar showing if I were to select this and moved it, I left by trimming the clip. You would create a space over here by the clip pianism. Move! Give them and do that. However, if I would to turn the report trim dropped, function on If I said like, this clip on the back would actually follow, Okay. Castle is actually ripple trim. Okay, I'm gonna attend the reporting off again. All right? And on my sauce. Yeah, I have a clip. Me, She's Yes. So what I want to do is to plays there. Okay? Right between these two clips. All right, so let me select source again. Now we report trim and drop off. If I were to drag these down and places in between your notice there on the screen in space , you were right there. Second clean. Okay. And you can see that this this clip here has been over return. Okay, let me undo that. Now, if I were to 10 report trim and dropped in on if I were to do the same by again selecting the clip in the sauce and dragging and dropping onto that timeline track you're now shows insert. So you actually push this clip to the right? Okay. Basically inserting into that that space over there. Okay, Now, another thing is that let me just get another media try. I'm gonna rightly and at a video train. All right. And then you move this up. I'd be now if I would have the same thing here, let me just copy this clip in, Place it on. Try to be, too as well. All right, so this clip is on trying. Me too. Right? So another functionality ease debt by having a word to this track of the heat. Right? Click and select report or tracks. This also have a different effect with this turn on. So right now, if I were to trim, say this, click here. Okay? If I move it to the left, all the other video clips were also move as well. If I were to move it to the right again, you notice? Is this moves as well? Okay, if I were to 10 report or tracks turned off, we just move that particular track and this truck here, there's a move. Okay, so it's this report. Trim and dropped function is actually very useful if you have multiple tracks that you need to make adjustments. Okay. And you do know want to manually adjust each track after you have done some edits, for example, and I say this is your idea right now. And you realize that this point here for this threat you wanted to edit, trim this clip a bit and you just want to trim off a few seconds. Okay? Now, if you were to do it manually, this means that you will need to just This was okay. And then they turn. You need to move this because that's where the position is. All right. However, with this, let me undo that. However it report or tracks, or you can do all you need to do is just toe just whatever. Click that you need to just and the rest of the tracks will also follow suit. So that's all about using this. I report trim and drop functionality. You will have you be more productive as you ready your videos by allowing to move your clips and media around because you very useful when you have multiple video tracks 9. How to make a clip play in reverse: in this video, I will show you how to reverse a clip in short cut. So I'm going to open a fall, and I am going to use these. Follow you. So, in order to reverse a clip, are you need to do is to go to your property step, okay. And in the property Step and you scroll down. There's also another menu here. Okay. To display an additional menu, click on you and Clinton and reverse. What happened is shot couple. Create a reverse, a video clip and you can actually select the quality that you want. Okay. Ready? Use one good. Better or best? Okay. And take note that the fall formats will be different for different ones. And in order to move to good you're getting and before Father, if you go to the better while it will be in the movie follow and the because he is a MPV file, which is lost less. So for the purpose of this video, I'm just going to do the good one with the MP for five. Cleveland. Okay. And shot cow asked you to save the farm, so I'm just gonna leave it evil. This is the original file name. Go on an elephant. And you have These are world reverse there. So I'm just gonna click on safety and shot cover, actually create jobs on the jobs Palo would take. It will be a time for shortcut to start converting that foul so it would depend on your size of your clip. And that's all the resolution. So the clip that is created now you can double click on it, and you will show in your preview window here. Okay? And if you want to Eddie onto your timeline, you just Eddie s You Okay, so this will be the reverse clicked. If you click on it, you will notice that the name is girl on elephant, not reversed. Okay, so let's play that again. And that's how you create a reverse clip in short cut 10. Creating transitions: in this section, I show you how to do transitions. Now, I have a two video clips on my timeline. The first video clip is 14 seconds, which is this one and clip. Maybe it's this click and 87 seconds long. So if you take a look at the time here it is actually exactly 21 seconds long in order to do transitions. There are a few ways to do it, but they take note off the length of time off this clip. These two clips are back to back right now. And if I play, you know this test no gap and end of the video is here at 21 seconds or 20.29 seconds. Okay, in order to do the transition, one way is actually to grab this click here, click be. I'm gonna close this clip, be dragging with the mouse and overlapping, and a transition would happen. So this would be the symbol off a transition. And if I played, you will see the transition. However, if I were to grab the video that way you'll notice that the lank off this clippers actually bean schatten, maybe half a second has been missing, so I'm going to undo that. Let me just undo that. So this clip is 21 seconds now, another way you can do transitions without losing time. Right is, for example, you want your video to be 21 seconds. What you need to do is to make sure that you have selected the first claim. Ensure that your taco snapping is off and move your mouth to this point and ensure that this red line shows up when the red line shows. That means that you actually dragging the first video clip and pull it drag and pull it to the right. So if you do that, the transition will still be there. But length totaling off your video clip is still and changed. Okay, so is 20.29 20 sec, 20.29 seconds. All right, so that is by ensuring by dragging that clip, and you have to ensure that your taco snapping is off. So let me undo that. If you're snapping its on, you will not be able to do that, Okay, Would be able to select the clip and drag it. And this dragging also only works if you're dragging from Clip A to B. So let me taga the snipping off. No, I've selected clip be and shows up by the Green Line. As you can see, if I were to selecting in my mouth and drag it to the left, nothing happens. So this is to waste. Transitions happen by grabbing your video clip or by dragging okay, if I would, to drag the first clip over the second clip there. So so A transition. And as I mentioned, there's a get here because now the video clip this shot again. Original two clips That's back to back. 11. Adjusting transition type and length: to adjust transitions. What you need to do is to open up the properties panel, okay? And once you have your properties panel is open, click on that transition, and you will see that the transition at the moment is a these off transition and you can and the audio is crossfit. You can actually choose the transition based on the drop down menu here and you move it down. You can see that their various types off transition. Okay, at the moment, this is a is off and you play that this is a these off. You can change it to a different transition by changing this by selecting a different one. Let's do that. Die the diagonal top left. Okay, let's do this and try this. Okay? So you can notice that that transition has changed. You can also adjust their softness OK, by changing this figure letter to a higher figure or to a lower figure by dragging this bar and in the audio can also be across failed makes off A and B right for you to select. You can also in with the wipe. So there the different types of transitions will have different options available. Let's just, uh, I read books and let's move these back to 20% last Friday's again. All right, so you can actually move around and change around your transition. The length of the transition will be adjusted by dragging this, and you can see the time that's being increased right by the plus 0.9 seconds. Okay, so this is basically how that transition is adjusted. To remove a transition, you can click on the transition box here, and just like you lift or re both the video clip, you can actually lift it. But there are fading the normal position. So if you were to lift this, let's lift this up so there will be a gap. And let's say you do no one this transition anymore. You can actually drag your clip to the point and drag this second clip so they didn't expect together from the time there's no transition 12. How to create a video using still images: in this video, we're gonna create a video from still images. I have Cerro's still images. There are Jay Peak Falls in my playlist and I'm gonna edit is using the timeline. So first I'm going to just like this and pull it into the timeline. Okay? As you can see, the first image on the photo is in the timeline, and he has a default off five seconds. Okay, I'm gonna pull the second image, just drag and drop in my mouth onto the timeline again, and I'm just going to move it back here. We still images as you put the image on the timeline and I did them. If I if I would exploit this clip, this video will show off exactly like this, right? Just like no more video, you can off course adjust the length off the emission by dragging it right by selecting the image just like a video clip to drag. And then this section here will be shot. And then, of course, you can just close up this section by removing just like you would do. Ah, no more video clip. Now, you can also combine a video quickly. That still image So let me just go and open up your father that's clicking open. And that's just like this fall. And this clip starts playing, which is usual. So what a drag and drop this video clip into the timeline, right? So there's actually two ways you can do this. You can actually use one of these a pen or write to the current tax. If I click this, the crypt will be onto that timeline as well, when I play this video transition from still image toe video clip so that we can actually combine still images with video clip. And one of the ways which is quite popular, is actually to perhaps put a will A at the end of the video that shows that that is your video. So let me show you what I mean has opened up a far. This is just a normal image file. It could be a J P or A B and G foul, and I use it as a branding for some of my videos. That is one way you can actually combine videos with images, Bacon said. Like this to pull over. So you have a transition between the video club and the steel image. Right? You can. This I have a transition between one still image. One that s t remission. Just ask you show. And of course, you can also just this transition using their properties panel. So this is how you can actually create a video clip using still images? 13. Create a slow motion or speedup effect: in this video, I will show you how to slow down or speed up video to create a slow motion or faster day by effete. Have a video clip really open. And what you need to do is to open the properties window or the properties panel. My property spanner is open. If you have no open it, just click on properties and you will see something like this. And this will actually show you the properties of the video. For example, Frame re the format resolution. Okay, so let me just play this video. As you can see, this is at the normal rate of the playback. However, if you want to speed up the video, you can actually change the speed here by going up to say two times. So let's try twice, and you will notice that the duration of the video will be shocked to hear right, so you can create a speeded up effect the way. And this speed is actually in increments off point. Want. Okay, so he's se 2.1 or 1.9. Okay. And if you move this video clip onto the timeline, I'm just going to do that, okay? So this is the actual laying off the video at a normal speed. If I were to change it to say to you notice in the timeline that the video link has shot in by half. Okay, so at the same man manner, if you want to slow down a video, all you have to do is to reduce it from one. Okay, to make it to sea. Boring fight. So you would be longer, right? And the video and you play. He will be having a slow motion. In fact, as you can see, the people who are working in this short video So another thing, when you apply the speed to a video clip he applies to the clip has been highlighted. Okay, so you just want a section off that clip to speed up. What you need to do is to split the video okay to this section that you want to speed up or slow down. So I'm going to return this first click back to the normal rate. Okay, I'm just gonna turn you back to one removed empty space. And for this clip, I want to run in at half to speak. And this clip. I want to run a back at full speed and almost beat. Okay, so let me just play the video. So you can see during this section here, the video is playing at a slow motion speed. And when he comes back to this section, we'll be back to normal speak. 14. Adding audio tracks: and in the audio track to your video projects and his video to show you how to do that. I have a video trick here on my video timeline. So I'm just going to open this music here. Just pause it and I'm gonna add the audio track you can add or you're trained by clicking on the menu here, and and then would you trade? And I'm going to shorten the tracks here by clicking on make tracks shorter so the most peace, and then just let you do it in your video tracks, you can just drag the podiatry onto the timeline. Okay, this is very long audio, and then we just close up the space. That's how you end and on your trip. But this audio tracks pretty law. So I'm just going to turn down the volume a little bit about adding you go there. All right, so that's reduced again. But I say about Stephen and let's take a listen to it. Yes, yes, all right. And, uh, that's just me speaking. One thing to note about heading or deer tracks is if you meet the audio right, you notice that away form also disappear Okay. Now, if you need to align your old your tracks with their with a clip above and get at the same time, you do No one a song from the first clip to come on instead of muting the video track here but you can do is to add a mute filter. So when you add a mute future, the reforms are still there while you can hear what's going on. So let me just let me just show you. I'm gonna knew the audio track on the bottom, and I'm gonna a new the audio For the time being, I think it should be the here, this this mini zooming. All right, So let me just move this and play this again, right? So there's no more song from there. So that way you can actually zooming and position your you can actually align your audio by looking at the reform. For example, if this is a 0.1 toe line, the audio you can do so and you can still see the way form. So basically, that's how you with your track to your video projects 15. Creating fades in video and audio : Yes, we do them to show you how you can actually create a fit effect for your videos. So your tracks elected here. We're gonna put in a fit our video at the bottom of this video. As you can see there, once I click on it that trying go shows up and as I adjust the time here, the triangle will be increasing size. That's going at more time. Notice the size of the triangle is changing. If you have a clip and this is only clip on your timeline, then make sure you do not click on this If you click on a just opacity instead of favorite black. If you do the same, nothing happens because this is the only clear on the timeline. However, if you have a second click OK, let me show you. Right. Let's move this clipping the top, the clippers bottom here. All right. Now, since you have a clear, better bottom, it is like that, your feet and you will be able to see the click of the bottom. All right, so this is the difference between adjust capacity with the fate that since we don't another thing to notice this you can actually adjust your feet by hovering your mouse over to this button. Here, you see, A by boudette starts off, grew big and small. If you drag it, you click of your mouse and drag it to the left. All right. You can actually increasing the fatal video. Okay, I think not know so that if you do it on the on the clip here, you also automatically creates a fatal told us. Well, right. So if you click this Mutar there, nothing happens. So you can leave it alone. Or if you want to clean it out, you can just remove that any time you hover over the top, left or top, right off the clip, the bubble. Sure. And if you click on the bubble and dragon so the filter is created. So that's all about using fits in your and shot cup. And the fit will also work on the audio track. However, I found that days a little bit of a buck. So let me show you. All right. So let me just remove this video train and I'm gonna enter or your train and then brought them here and let me just meet the tracks shorter so that you can see things meta Nothing to open an audio file? Yes. Used these on your and I'm just gonna drag you onto you. What? Your train. Okay. It's a very long train. Let me just put it here, and then you just cut it off. All right? So let's what feet? All right, So if I put a feeding for you, Yes, I dragged its reshot and we tried it. So it's increasing in time. However, the but I mentioned is at the back here. Right? So I can do this with the fade out for you. Let me remove this even. And the fellow told you the futurists let me just put It s two seconds. It is a show about the audio track of you, Eddie. On using the field. This right? He works on the front end, visible in the bag. And so it doesn't matter the fetus to day. Let me just play decency. Feet occurs even though the triangle this ensure so probably is gonna get fixed in the next few days off shortcut. I know that you can just trust what you see on the futures menu. Let's play the front. Right. So this is how you get fates to your video and audio tracks. 16. How to apply Filters to Clip, Track, or Project: in this video, I'm going to show you how you can apply filters to your video clips, your video tracks as well as to the entire project. You, When you apply a few days to a clip, why you need to do is to ensure that you sound like the clip, and then you go to other filter. And so let me just go in another futile see text futile in my text and they say I'm going to type quality, right. So I take it over here, you can see the text apply to the clip, All right? And if I move my bait that we're here, naturally, the future is not like to distract nor to this trend. Okay, so let me undo that now to apply a future to the track. So I'm gonna ply futile to try to be one someone to select this, and then I'm gonna add a filter. You notice that an icon shows up here to show that they are filters apply to the track. So I'm gonna a text field again and again. I'm gonna type the holiday led. So now you see that this clip here has the tax filter applied. And so it's this clip here, which is on the same track. However, on the trip to the future is not applying. So let me remove this text filter. And this time I'm gonna apply. If you go to the entire project right and apply again. I'm gonna buy the text field. And so now all the video tracks with 1/2 the tax of black toe, all the trips right. And when you have a future, they supply to your project. This icon here also shows up to let you know that you have field applying to the entire project. So naturally, some, some feel desperate, were on all the clips and some of the few does won't work. For example, if you haven't audio track here like a text field, there would do anything to the audio track. This is very useful. For example, you have multiple audio tracks and you're sort of balance the sound properly. And then you found out that your entire project is too soft. You can just apply a master filter and at the say, gain a Volume two and increase the volume off your entire project. So this is how you apply a few days to your individual clip to attract or to the project 17. How to add text or titles to your video: Yes, you do. I will show you how to add text to your review. I have a clip here on my timeline, and I'm gonna split this creep into two. This is partly and is his spot. Be so I'm gonna add a filter to be so I'm slated to be and I'm gonna click on and filter here and hit on the word to your video futures and scroll down to look for you Text field king. So desist attacks, Fielder. Now, the default here is actually the time court. All right, But you see on scream if you delete it, this one cool, we You can add a free number if you want to. You can also things like you need by clicking on the attack. Here you can click filed it and fall day if you want to. Okay. And this text filter is only applied to this section of the clip. If you move to the side, Obviously there's no feel like there. Okay, I'm just gonna delete this, and I would say type of would say this is India. All right? And you can actually change color for the front here if you scroll down through there. What? I'm tempt depending on how last your screen this king. So to change the phone color, you click on this. Let's click on this and changing toe. Orange color. Okay, Thanks. Changed orange color. You can also add a background. OK, if you put on the background, this will be the background color. So I'm gonna choose C cream que. And this background color applies to the space behind the words. All right. And if you scroll down further, this is a key. The size of the frame where the text is occupying in the moment and she's 1207 20 beaches full frame. All right. You can also adjust where the words will fit. Readies at the center or to the middle. If I click the middle of the woods moved up a bit. Know that your men, your tax a smaller we can move to the corner here. All right. And you can actually drag like you and drag you and Woodman. I'm smaller, okay? And right in the center there isn't bubble. All right, Doc. Bubble, If you click on that and drag, you can actually position You're ex Oyo where you want on your frame. All right. More about the background. If you are gonna click on background, you can adjust the obesity by adjusting the outfit channel. So let's see. I'm gonna choose it, sees 100 and you can see that this becomes transparent her right now. Okay, so another way. Let me just get rid of this. You can get interviewed by using off a chain of zero. Just transparent. There's another way you can adjust the text size you can use. Think on this option here to use the font size. I'm going to do that now. A case like there is a slight change. And once you click on the phones useful in size and if you select on the front, if you can Actually, I just a phone size here. Okay, Let's see. I'm not select 72 One says content smaller. Okay, so now already, you adjust a window. Big small on the phones will remain the same. However, if you squeeze it too small, then the phone size will still be based on the window that you have constraint the taxi to . Okay, So if your window is big, then the phone size will follow the phone size that you have selected. All right, so And he said the two ways you can use the phone size get in the front also depend on the it's fun test on your computer system. Okay, So if you want to get more fortune to Eddie to your windows system, are you things being those here? So let me just change it to times New Roman. Okay, INGE to times new Roman decide the size here you can also tightening the size on top. Here, Let's go for C. This is the other way. The phone size changes like I mentioned. You got to be careful. Are you reading? The frame is too small. Then size would be determined by the window frame, but you should make the frame larger. All right, then the size would be determined by the front. You have selective one everything. Now that the frame is bigger relation to the words, you can't move it to the left. Okay, you can adjusting to the right. So this is how you can adjust the position off your words? Begin this frame here. So, basically, that's how you get a text to your video clips 18. How to rotate a video: in this video. I want to show you how you use shot cut to rotate your field video to the right orientation if it's not in the correct orientation. Now, this is assuming that your video is recorded in the horizontal format by somehow either the auto rotate feature and then your phone or your camera isn't working properly. And somehow there is some data in the video that forces the shot cut or any video player to play in the vertical manner. The first thing that you need to do is in settings. Make sure when you open shot cut, you change the video more to one of these high definition more. Okay, pleased to know, said it. Leave it on automatic because if you leave it on, automatic shortcut will not be able to tell whether the video is in the horizontal opposition or in the vertical position. So I said mind to his d 10. 80 p for the difference bursts. I can. Next, What you need to do is to open your fall. All right, I'm gonna open this father. You notice that the things I also feel that site raise on this side. So you know that this video, it is nothing to do with holding the phone or the camera in the wrong way. When you did the recording, what you need to do next is to bring the video into the timeline. Okay? No, be the video in the timeline. Let me just reduce the height. Make sure you have selected the video clip here by clicking on it. Next, What you need to do is to add a filter and at the rotate fielder, okay, with the rotate, few, the selected then you need to change the orientation, are using the rotation function. Right? So for this video, it is actually 270 degrees. Okay, so now the video is rotated correctly. It's in the right orientation. Okay, so the next thing you will see that there's this black borders around the video, but you need to do next is to change the skill up, scale this up so that all the borders disappear. Okay, so for this video, it is around 177. 278%. You need to play around with yours to see what percentage that Make sure there is no black borders around that video was you have rotated and skill the video correctly. The video won't play correctly. And when you exported, it should export in in the right orientation. And that is how you rotate your video using shot cut. 19. Adjust Brightness And Feel With Colour Grading: in this video, I will show you how to use the color grading, filter toe adjust your scenes that you have captured. And this is for scenes where you have certain places which are in the shadows, which seems a little bit dark. And you have some scenes, some sections which are blown. Now, I just want to let you know that sometimes this doesn't really work well, because it really depends on how well blown your video is on the sexual of the off your senior. So you may just want to give this a try and kind of experiment with this. Okay, So first, with a clip selected, you want to go to futures and and the color grading fielder. Now, the color greeting future have some effects that you can choose beside just color grading. Which means you kind of put a tin to it or, ah, credit effect, where they something looks like there's been cross process. Okay, let's try. Let's show you what I mean. Okay, so I hear the scene become more bluish. Okay, Maybe you want Teoh create a scene. There is perhaps showing a change of scene to say. I think Arctic issue right? Means yes, Cole. OK, so you can do that. So So that's what their purpose off the color grading feel the dust. But besides that, the color greeting future under here also allows you to adjust the brightness. Okay. And you are gonna adjust the brightness in three different sections. You can adjust it through the highlights, the meat tones as well as their shadows. OK, so for this scene, I'm gonna show you how to read you some of the brightness, and it depends on the clip that you have captured. I know that, right? So let's pull the brightness area down a little bit, and you can see that is kind off. Not as bright, but this one also affect some of the shadows. And so let's check and see whether it I just affected the shadows. Okay. So affected entire us frame on the clip. OK, so let's try to adjust the meat tones and raise back the meat tones of it. Okay. Is any effect. Okay, so there's a slight effect. So you noticed that this actually affects this quite a bit. And, uh, really, What you want is that when you capture video clip your camera. You want to not to have a situation where there is overblown because arrests that were blown Exactly. There's no details there for you to recover, Okay? And, um, he can make the clip look worse in some sense. So let's see. Let's check somewhere else. Okay, So, like, for example, the section of the clip here now we don't color grading. It looks more contrast C and looks good with this color included kinds off. In some ways it looks better, and in some ways it doesn't look as good. So really, you need to experiment with this and justice slightly, depending on the effect that you are trying to get. The best advice I can give you is actually to just eyeball it and see what works best. Use this to see whether the effect is a platform, not and see how it goes. Okay, so basically, you haven't thesis to that you can use and to try to salvage some of this shots that really doesn't look that good. So that's all about using this color grading filter to adjust the brightness and the shadows in your video clip 20. Create Picture-In-Picture video: this video, I will show you how to do procuring picture to create. In fact, like this, you have one video playing on top of another video. Okay, so let me just on do this. Okay? So I have a video click here on my timeline, and it is on track. We won. Okay, so he's just a clip off me and that photo frame there. So what I'm going to do is to put another video clip on to try me, too. And this is my video clip, Minister, This girl on elephant. So what I'm gonna do is to drag this on to track V two. Okay, so now they're trying to is covering everyone. Next, What you need to do east to clean a size in position filter. So we will go to the filters and select size and position future. And next, you can go to the ages to justice size. I'm gonna make it smaller to fit into a frame. Now, you don't have to fit into a frame. You can actually basically just leave a video right anywhere on the when your video and you can do something like this. But if you have a window or something. You can actually put it inside to make your video a little bit more interesting. So that is optional. All right. So, as you can see, my friend is in the same especially ratio as the video. So what I'm going to do next is I'm going to add another future to crop it. And I'm going to end a feud. The crop filter. And it wouldn't crop off their right hand site. So let's move on down here and crop the right side of the future, all right. Across the right side of the video. Right. So now the video is playing with that. Okay, Now, one thing to notice. Also, track on Try V to what you click on the try. Beginning off HIV too. And you click on and you rightly and go to properties. Okay, You're noticed or would try to be two days. A blend mode can do. You can select several blend modes If it's a light. None. This is what you would expect. Okay, If you are selecting it over. So this is the sort of award. Overly I slept at You will look like that. Okay, So be aware if I say your video doesn't look exactly like what you see on my screen right now to go to the beginning or the head off the track v to directly and go to the properties and adjust your blend more so I will that you see a few others. For example, if you to saturate you will be different again. Okay, so depending on the video, sometimes you will be nothing at all. All right, so it was a much darker for this darkened blend mode. So the basic one is to have usually over more when you're using a picture in picture. So that's all for doing Nigerian picture with short cut. 21. Create a Pan and Zoom on static images: in this video, we show you how to do pedant Zumbi, the aesthetic image. This an ism will also work with video clip. I'm just showing you with a static image. So I'm going to open a static image over here. So it is just a static image, and you may want to zoom in in the preview window toe, say 25% so that you can see things a little bit better. So minus said it 25% of the movement. In order to do a pendant zoom, you don't have to use the timeline, but I'm gonna put the fall onto the timeline so that I can see the little bit better, right? You don't have to do that. So it is optional Step. This is my you, Misha. And next, you need to go to your futures and at the size and precision future on to your image. There are several presets that you can use. I'm going to use a sliding from the bottom for us. And in the second part of this video, we will use the pennant zoom preset. And if you play it right now, this is how you move. Okay? And if you go to the key frames window, you notice that you have this black triangle here or the greater triangle. Alright, End bubble. Okay. Order to adjust the speed of the slight. You can actually go to the top left here and drag it out. Okay. As this triangle here gets bigger, Mr Zuma, be at a slower pace. Next, I'm gonna show you how to do pan and zoom again. You can select this preset. I'm just going to show you using the slow zoom in and pen down. Right? Okay. And, uh, under the key frames, this triangle here comes out automatically. So let me just back up to the front of the clip. You can see this semi transparent rectangle here in Yes, you play this this thing who actually zoom in slowly and that is actually showing you the zoom zoom in effect. Now, in order to adjust this effect, they say you want greater zoom. All you need to do is to go to the call of the triangle and drag it up. So let's please again, independent zoom will happen much faster. Okay, so basically, that's how you do a pan and zoom in shot cap 22. Panning and avoiding black bars: and yes, we're going to show you how you can actually create a pen with using key frames. Okay, so I have a clip here on a short clip of a camel. Okay, you can see it over there. And, uh, I have my key frames window open and a bottom. Now, if your window it's not open. What you can do is you can just click on the key frames tap here, and key frames will open. Keep. So I'm gonna select filter, and I will use the size and position filter. So this will be the beginning off clip, and here will be the end of the two. So at the beginning, OK, I was just going to move this plate to the the end with that. So, at the beginning of on my camel to be somewhere like this, Okay. And at the end, I once my camera to be this way. Next thing that you need to do is he noticed this bubbles or the handles over here. All right, So what you need to do is to have a way with your most casa left. Click it holy down and drag your to that point Okay, so that's a play. This video clip. As you can see, the pen it's happening, but they are black. Pass that form around the frame. So what I'm going to do? Yes, I money attaching a routine field and scale. Sort of like to crop being a bit of the video. So did the black box. Won't be there. Okay, so it's place again. No. So if you were to reverse it, let me undo this point. Okay? Try to make it zero. If I were to use the right handle, the effects will be reversed less. Play this video again. Right? So you can also I just this when the effects will stop using here. Gary Busey, which you can move. Okay, so let me. I like disorder frameless insure That's duties again. And see the pain that we separate, right? So if I were to I use this team future. Maybe you can see that little bit better. This is how the cream Italy moves in. Correa's right. So basically, that's how you used the size and position and also the year in conjunction with the rotate future with the key frames. In a shortcut to create a painting motion 23. Zoom in and out effect: in this video. I want to show you how you can actually create Is zoom effect in shock out using the key frames as well as the Dyson position filter. So, having a clip here, what you need to do is actually use the size and position in this situation. But I want to do is to zoom into the face of the camel. So here I am at the beginning, off the clip. So, yes, I move along. Okay, maybe say this part. I want to zoom into the desert camel. What you need to do is to move to the H. Okay, I do the top. What about a Me just here. Selective your most and drag it okay. And you don't need to be center. And what you can do is to position using the center bubble over there. Let's make it bigger. Okay, so that's the point when this camera here will be zooming and s again using the Bible over here, left click of your mouse and dragged in point. And let's cities plea. Right. Okay, so that's how you do it. Zoomed in effect. If you wanted to be slower, What you can do is actually two moved about more, and the effect will be slower. Okay. And if you want to reworked back to the original, but you can do is to select this Bible here on the right side left clicking and dragging the world tow missile here. Okay, let's play the video. This is how you create a zoomed in effect using size and position and key frames. 24. How to create Greenscreen or Chromakey videos: this video to show you how to use chroma key or to create green screen or blue screen video . I have this video here on my timeline and is on track to be one. Okay, so this is a trick. So in order to do chroma key the this track here, you want to remove the background has to be on a poor track which is trying to be too. And you need to put a background here below this. Like it once we removed a background, I'm going T o neill this video for us. All right, so that's just play this a little bit. So this is just me, right? With my blue scream and the screen is not really in good condition right now, really a perfectly flateman. So the first thing that you need to do is to select your click here, and then you don't add a filter, and we're gonna do chroma key symbol in this video. Okay, So that selected there's a few options that you can do. So the first thing that you need to do is actually to select the color picker. All right? And you can actually select any part of the screen, too. Highlight and Shopko actually removed it. All right, But before you do that, you also need to add another future, which is called the offer Channel view. All right, that allows you to view your are for channel. All right, this Alfa China is related to chroma key and less like the white background. Okay, So by selecting this white background allows you to see how are the ages as you remove your background, Okay. The agency said in part, stay. There's some faint bluish tint that reflects off from the screen. So let's hit the over here. Chroma key. Simple. You Can I Just the amount of color that should carry most by moving this writing this so as you can see the notice of the hand here, I see all would do it, I think starts to disappear. Right. So let's Tony down. Would be all right. So when you do chroma key green screening it is a combination of selecting the right background color and also the amount. Okay, so let's just test this and take a look at the rest of the video. Right? So it looks all right. Let's just put a background. Okay, We're going to put a background so that you will see how chroma key actually works. Now I have a photo here on the background, and I'm just gonna put it into the source, and I'm gonna drag this dollar to track you one. Okay, The next let's go back to few Tous, and what you need to do now is to and check the orphan chain of you on. And then I went to extend this image all the way across. Now, one other thing is to adjust this chroma key. I'm going to switch back the channel off a chain of you on and hidden in the woods to this again. All right. Instead of sections of the video, you may notice that there's a slight color tint on. Let me see if I could zoom in and show you like I mentioned. If you you said this too high, then the person of the things that you want starts to disappear. But if you study too low, then there may be some. You may seize on a just. There may be some Callaspo all right on the person or the image. Yes. So less zooming here. All right, if I looks pretty good, but there some palace bill over there and in order to reduce the color spew, what you need to do is to end how far channel adjust. Okay. And this offer China just have to be above this. Keep me the affection of you at the bottom. Okay? And there's a few most and you can select. One is Schaff shrink hashing soft, grow hydro soft, which allows I should cut to adjust this Alice bju. So let's try Schiff, okay? And this increased amount of shift, So yes, you can see this change. Is that the colors bill that's happening? So let me undo the adjust. You can see that grows a little bit with shift. It works pretty well. And remember, you need to check your other positive video in just one section. Right? Maybe working well in one section. But your adjustment may create problems in another place. So so far, it looks very good. So you can also try, Say, shrink soft. Give this try shrinks off again. It works pretty well. Let's zoom in to this point point 100%. Okay, Looks very good. OK, But I want to show you that if you looked after ages, if you increase the shrink hot right, he started pixel it at this point. Okay, Especially the head. Start to pick. Cynic use it looks meta. Okay, No change. Shrink soft. Okay, so you could be looking good in one section and not looking so well in the other section. So what you want is to have a balance off. Both right? So that your oral video looks good. So once you're done, you can switch off the outfit chain of you and then you have your background is there? Remember your compositing key should be switch on if you disabled it. All right. My dad seemly the bottom trying as well. And remember, the clip has to be on top at the upper level, and your background is at the lower level. So this is how you create a green screen of chroma key video with short cut 25. How to Blur or hide details using mask function: in this video, I will show you how toe blow off some things in a shortcut using the mosque feature and that this could be in case you want to blow off something, say, a T shirt or some details on screen that you do know want people to see. So I have my clip here on my timeline here. And let's say I want to blow off worse from my shirt. So the first thing that you need to do is likely to add another video track. A buff are the track. All right, So you want to have another trick call heavy, too. And then the next step is actually to open the color. And you can choose any color, for example, black or even our white or gray. So I am just going to choose a black so that you will be easy to see on the screen. Okay. And then I just cleaned. Okay. In the preview. Oh, you should see this. And you can actually posit the next time is likely to drag this color or the basic color onto the track to. All right, so now you won't be able to see anything on that bottom try. However, if you were to hide the top track, then you can see that what I'm trying. Now, the next thing that you need to do with is that with the clip selected, the color track selected go to filters. And what you want to do is to at a mosque you can actually see such for it in such a bar here on go for a simple ship. Okay, so with the mosque and straightaway use noticed that there is a black box. And basically, what's happening here is the short cut has actually Moscow. Everything else and left s so called These Black square. Okay, There are a few things you can adjust over here. Okay, so let me move this down a bit. You can I Just a horizontal position. The type of operation that this is quite important. The over right operation, which I will cover a little bit later. And then directorship. You can have a rectangle leaps triangle diamond. Okay. Now, for our purpose, we can either use that rectangle on the lips by few. That lifts will be much most suitable here. Okay, Just because of the shape of the words over that. But let's move the box down, okay? Order this masked out Nike, and then you can actually move for this to the position to block the text, okay? And when the movie fight it out a bit, all right. So, as you can see here, the rectangle or or the list would actually be the most suitable. Okay, I'm gonna change it to Ah, lips. Okay, so this is the shape now and then toe adjust the size. You can use the width and the height, so I'm gonna increase the with here. You can see the shape here grow bigger, and then the height is about It's all right. So let me just move things to the left a bit to the left year, and that's about it blocking the words. All right, So now if I were to play this, you should be able to block the words now. Obviously. Like, for this in sentence instance, I moved a little bit on screen so some of the worst will not be blocked. We can actually handle it with the key frame function, but let's just take a look at it first. Okay? So and somewhere in this position. The mass needs to be either larger or to the right. Okay, so let's adjust this further. All right, So let's move back to the beginning of here, okay? And let's move this to the right a little bit. Okay, Let's start here. And then what we're gonna do is to use a key frames and to use key frames or you need to do is to click on this. Now for this movement, the position is just moving horizontally between ah, Libya left and let it be. Right. So selecting this key frame should be all right, So I'm just gonna do that. And then let's move. Let's play the video. All right. So it's I play here. The key. I need to set the key frame somewhere. Here. Thank you. Okay. So here, I need to send a key frame. All I need to do is to move the horizontal to the right. Okay, so that's ladies and I can actually zoom in a bit more to see things that better on the time line. So you can see that I think move along and then ah, sort of moved back to the right of the screen here. Now what I want to do is to find a point where I'm at the auto most left and then create a key frame there. Okay? So they don't have to do create so many key frames. All right, so all I need a sigh. Moved. This are changed. The setting a key frame is automatically set. Okay. Eso that's moved back here in this play this again. Okay, it's a little bit slow. So maybe something is being that exclusive. Maybe toe adjust. This key from what I need to do is to move this a little bit to the left. Okay? And you can actually see this boss moving right? This horizontal vice moving as I played. All right, so maybe a little bit faster, right? So you get the idea and so on and so forth. Okay. So if so, I moved to the laugh a little bit so more to the ups too much. All right, So you can adjust as many key frames as you like, and then if I say you make a mistake, you can actually either removed the key frames removed the key frames. You can just select this and then click on this X to the leaders. Okay, the key frame is missing is gone. If you want to create a key frame, then or you need to do. I used to just move things a little bit. And then the key frame is set again. All right. So this how you create the blow effect using the mass simple future and key frames together ridden shot Kat. 26. Create An Animated Line On A Map : In this video, I will show you how to create an animated or a moving line across the map like what you are seeing. And this effect is actually made popular by movies like Indiana Jones right? Now. In order to do this effect, there are actually some preparations to do n Of course first you need to get a map and I'm going to just use Google Maps and take a screen grab of this map. And I'm just going to use a software course, NAEP and sketch, which is built into Windows. There are other software that can do this as well. So you're not limited to this. So by if you're on Windows, then you can use this, right? So I'm just going to create this map from say here to here screenshot. So next I'm going to just save this map, and I'm gonna save this, and we'll call this the original map. And I, you know, in a Chihuahua I call this original map. So once you are done, you can actually close this map. So next, I'm going to just use Microsoft Paint, but you can use either form of simple graphics editing tool as well. So I feel that Microsoft paganism simplest for what we are going to do. So we're going to open the file that we created on the snapshot that we created earlier on this map over here. Now, you can use different kinds of software, doesn't matter. So we're just going to draw a line from here to somewhere in Sarawak here. So first of all you need to do is to select the line. I'm going to select a straight line. That's the most easiest one to do. However, if you want to have a curved line, you can do that as well. So I'm just going to select this line here. And then I'm selecting this size and then choose a color. I'm going to choose our orange. Alright, so next I am just going to use my mouse and I draw a line starting from Kuala Lumpur and draw an orange line two somewhere here in sorrow on, okay? And that's it on the safeties. Save as a PNG. And I am going to call this S map with line. Okay? And then we are done with Microsoft Paint. So next we will go into shortcut that's opened up playlists. And I'm just going to go and grab the two images may be lying and map original. And let's put it into the playlist. Ok. So we will need to video tracks for this effect to work. First, I'm gonna drag the original map on to track v1, and I'm going to just stretch it out a bit longer. Next, I'm going to drag the map with the line onto track P2 and I matched it to the length of the mapping tripped v1. This the images now, now if I were to hide this, you will see the map at the bottom. Alright, so that's how he works. Next, what we're gonna do is to go to the filters and we will use the mask effect to slowly review this line. Okay? So less with the track selected, click on Add, go to search for mask n, we will use a simple mass. Okay? Now straight away you can see that now the mass is somewhere in the middle. That's why you see the line over here. Okay? Now, you need to keyframe this, but before that, let's try to adjust its mass or they will end up somewhere at left behind the line. So there are a few things that you can adjust. Of course, one is the width Nigeria just a week, you'll get longer and longer. Ok, so we need to adjust the location as well because the mass is in a wrong position. So we will use this horizontal to move it to the left. Okay, so now the mass is still there. Okay? So it is minus and we will definitely need to key frame this as well. So let's see, let's move this down a bit and let's change this 11 to know as the location of the mass. Extend this. Okay, so this is the location of it. All right. Let's just use the vertical by unit I justice, based on the location of your map, veo mass will start. Okay? So let's say that we want to study somewhere here. You will key frame the horizontal and keyframe the vertical as well because it kinda move down a little bit. As well as keyframe the width n, Maybe the even, the height as well. Okay, Just standby. All right, next we're gonna move the playhead to where your video ends or read a line shows up. Okay, and then we will need to adjust these fingers here. And of course we need to adjust the width. Okay, so I suggest as for a line, if it's going to horizontal, less suggests adjusting the width plus there will be the best. Ok? So as you can see here, some here I'll certainly to adjust the height as well. Expand the height and then again the width as well, okay? Depending on the US, you may need to adjust the horizontal by in my case, this is seemed I need to adjust the position, but let's just stand a little bit, as well as the vertical side. And then the line ends over here. Okay? So let's play this. Okay, so there you have it. That's how you create an animator lying or an effect that seems as if you are drawing a line or your screen using shot cut. 27. 3 Dimension "Star Wars" Style Text Scroll: In this video, I will show you how to do a Star Wars style scrolling text credit then looks something like a 3D effect you see in Star Wars. Are we this version of shortcuts? You can now create this effect and we will go straight into the screen her, I know. Okay, so the first thing that you want to do is to do open ardor and open apolar. And what we're gonna do is actually to create a text phis. And we are going to use this method to create that text. Okay? So we the colour, open color transparent, drag it down onto your timeline here. And I'm going to drag this to adjust a timeline to say somewhere around, let's say about ten seconds, but you can use it however long you want. Okay? Now the next is to go to your field test tab here and click on texts. Or you can either use enrich text filter or a simple textual data. Both of these works, I'm going to use the rich TextField, okay, and this is the filter. And I'm just going to type in something onto the screen. I'm just going to wilted aside here and change the size of the text is a little bit too big and it's a little hard to see, but you can actually equal to the text size here. And I will set it to say something around 48 K. Let me just our justice window down so that the menu goes up on the top. Now you moved the box here in the menu work legal up so it's easier to look at things and adjust them. Alright, so let's get back to this. Again. I'm going to just centered at text by clicking on this one here, centered at Text menu. And I will change the color. I don't know one to have a latch font. Now to adjust the color, to click on this text color and we'll choose something yellow just to show that ease that have debt, Star Wars effect. And let me just type in a little bit long, some of these things longer so they can see this more, greater detail later on. Ok. Now once that's done, what you want to do is to click on the grid k by opening the grid. And we will use this greet here. Toggled greet display. And I will use the four by four grid. Now the reason why I want to use the greedy so that these texts can be centered. Once you have done clickbait onto that track here. Okay, I'll go back to filters and a track. And in a text filter are why we want to do is to turn on the keyframes. All right? And I first I will use the move my play head somewhere here, then turn on the keyframes parameters. And then what you want to do is go over to the text over here. How will your mouse right to the center and drag this text down. Okay, so this will be the starting position of that text, okay? And somewhere here we will move the playhead to twist the n. And then we need to move the text up. Now because now that the text is move kinda move off screen. While you need to do is to click on the zoom and zoom on 10%. Then what you want is to move this up, okay? And with a great, you can actually maintain the center point. Okay? So if you don't have to agree, it would be hard to maintain the center point. That text or exile somewhere here would be good. Okay, you can zoom in, say 50, 50% percent is to be ok. So what you want is to maintain so that this is at the center, right? And you can see this dilemma. Just go back to zoom fit. You can move your playhead to the beginning of this Tressie to check whether this is moving. And once you play, you want to look at the position of this. You do know once this parameter to change, okay? This perimeters changing slowly, so it is not exactly, are moving straight up. So does not want me want, so not to rectify that. You want to do is to select this fussier. So you remember this is position one to seven. Or you can do is we are going to remove this, remove this key frame, and then we can click on the keyframe, add a keyframe again. But we're going to change this to one to seven directly in the, in this box here. Okay? Now their way when you play will move up politically and not kind of have a wavy line. Alright? So this is the first part is done. Now. The next part that you want to do now is to go back to the timeline first. Next, go back to the filters tab and look for corner pin. Okay, and apply the corner pin effect. Okay? And then what you want is to move your text somewhere here of a vector beginning. You can actually move it to the center. You will notice, okay, let me just zoom out a bit. And the 25, you'll notice now that this fall buttons here. Now this allows you to adjust the corner pins, right? So what you want to do is to hover over this pin here, and then you enter move this. Okay? And you can see that the text is skewed, right? And you move this here and attacks and skewed. Okay, I am going to adjust this user more, smaller grep and move this further. Now you can actually add justice to the effect that you want to create a change in perspective so that it looks as if it is a 3D or three-dimension. So let's go back and test this out. Removed agreed, by clicking on this button here. And then click on zoom fit. And we can see how this moves less playlists. Okay, so towards the top here it doesn't look so well. So what you want to do is to adjust it a little bit more. Now let's go back and turn on the green toggle degree. Move somewhere here. And then what happens is you'll notice that this point here isn't low enough. Okay, so we're going to adjust the Klonopin lower. And you connect you to adjust these to the effect that you like. Okay? So basically that's how you create a schooling texts effect or the scrolling star was tax effect in shortcut. And you, all you need to do is use the text field and the condor pin filter. 28. Swirl Effect and Single Color Selection: Okay, I have my clip over here. The first part and then on my second part here I have this clip. So in order to use the small future, when you need to do is to overlapping. Okay? And then apply the future. The swell fielder to the transition itself. Routed into the clinic. And you had a pot to use the crew. My whole future is very simple. Select the clean, be want go to filters. But the video site for chroma hold is here. And when you select, the color goes away. So what you need to do is to use the color picker and pick a color that you want to keep and you can change just a justice. All right? And so that's all about from a hole they this 29. Create movement from audio.: in this video, I'm going to show you how to use the audio dance visualization filter. So I have a track on everyone. And this track we want also have audio inside as well. James, this video Just the mistake, Rodeo that I have Blue Perea. All right, so in order to add a filter, you just go to a field, go to video at audio dance visualization, and this should be added onto the threat we went. Okay, So you have these options over here. Where do you want to have the zoom? How much present zoom. And you can still have some left up down movement put into Yes, Well, And because these odors will be soft, I will turn down the trash. Or so the lower the trash hole means the visualization field start acting creating effects on that video. So let me just show you Hi, this is James, this video. I want to show you that high. Ok, now, if the treasure is very high, then I didn't see that you affect this video. I want to show you that. Okay, so I'm gonna attend a trash. Oh, back to about 40. So this will actually depend on your a lot less on you Or do you Okay. So you can also make changes here as well. And you're going to make some James this video I want to show you. So you got it. So what if your audio is actually for the order that you want to use is on a separate track ? Proving So let's say I am. I have the same audio. Okay, let me just tennis on this audience. Recorded with the order recorder has a better quality south. Just a mute trick viewing. Hi, this is James in this video. I want to show you that you notice that when I commute, try everyone, then this audio dance with regionalization doesn't book, okay? And if I want to put the audio dance visualization on, try a one, you know, so it doesn't work because he affects the visual sight. So let me try this and see. Hi, this is James. So this video, I want to show your fact that Okay, so I'm going to remove this field. So what you can do is to a mute. I tracked me one, but you at a mute future on the audio site so that you mute the audio. Okay, So what happens now is that the trick be one is muted. All right. But the audio dance We realized there was still work because there is drawing data from there. So let me play that for you. I think this is James in this video. I want to show you that. Hi. This. Okay, so they see if I went to mute, he won as well. Or maybe a different track. For example, it's a music train. The with your dance visualization will still work. Just that. There wouldn't be any sound from that. Okay, so that's off for you. Dance mutualization filter. 30. Add Light Effects based on Audio: in this video show you how to use the audio, like visualization filter. So I have, Right, we went in the threat, even have audio unit, so they just quietly James, this is Miss Video to show you betray. Hi, this is James Pixel images process and put it to the front. So to ever feel that just killed at or do you like, realization and make sure you add it to try to be one. Okay, So what happens with the future is that once you play this or depending on the order that's in the track, you will drive them. And I do not like you felt, I assure you that So you can put that effect when the person's face, for example. I think this is James. Oh, sometimes he may be better to just put it and create something like a strobe effect. This video, I want to show you how it works. Well, if you are having, say, a music video, things like that. So you can resize it. And of course, you can adjust their trash. So right now the treasure is minus 60. Does he bells? If I move it to, say 40 then, in fact, will be less. I think this is James indecent doing when he should be pants on their likeness on you high . Now, one thing to note is that you have a different on your track that you want to use. It doesn't. And if you have new to try to be one, then I James there in this video already shows using that get information from track your train. So what you can do is to leave this trip. We went on muted bad Edda Newt filter into trade. We want so that if it was, it is James in this video, I want to show you that it is still growing the audio data from Trump B one. 31. Time Remapping And Speed Ramping: This video shows you how the USDA time remap filter in a shortcut to create interesting effects like this. This filter is pretty fast so you can do slow motion and even a reverse motion we filter. So let's go into the screen here right now. Now I have a clip here on my timeline, and this is just a normal clip and there are some booting vehicles on the road. As you can see, you can filter to create movement like this. Let's see how this is done. So the first thing that you want to do is to select the clip and go to your filters tab, and then go to add a filter and look for the time remap. So you can solve for it using that search bar and look for the time remap filter. So here you have your time here, and then there is the speed. So this shows you the eggs or the speed atom of the clip at this moment. And the direction is this forward, and this is the time. Okay, So we haven't done anything yet. So what you want to do is go to the keyframes tab and click on the keyframes Tab to go over to here. Now, if your keyframes tab is an open, what you need to do is to click on the top and to open up these keyframes k. So here you see a line that goes from the bottom left to the top right. And the slope of this line shows that video clip is actually playing at a normal speed, okay? Now what you want to do is to add some key frames and then you can actually have some fun with this. Now, if you make this line a horizontal line on this, I'm gonna do right now. I tried to make this line as horizontal as possible. Okay. So when the line is horizontal, it means that your desk no movement in the clip. Okay? And the less the slope. And you can actually see here or a dystopia is shows that he has been frozen. So now you actually have a someday like a feast, a freeze-frame effect. Okay. Let me just slow it down a bit so you get the idea and you get a freeze-frame. Now if the slope is downward, then you can see that the direction is reversed. So now the clip is actually a reversed. Okay? So I'm going to undo that and make this back to the slope here right now. Okay? And what I'm gonna do is to add some key frames. Okay, so first I'm going to add a keyframe here. Okay? I'm gonna do something called us, in a sense, Cosby ramping. Okay, so I'm just going to add another keyframe over here. Okay? Now for this section of the clip is playing at almost approximately the one x, okay? Now, if you want to create a spear RAM, but I want to do is to increase the slope over this section. Okay, so I'm going to push the keyframe up. So what happens now is that this section, it is actually playing a two by eight times the normal speed. Okay, So I'm just loading a bit. So 2.7 times. Alright, so here is something like a speed ramp, okay? So the video clip is speeded up. Okay. And then once it hits here is slows down, Jim. All right, so if you have able to meet this, okay, in this section and this section, the same speed. So you have the ram effect. Okay? So here is 0.7 by 76 and Edison's 0.65. Okay, so let's change the slope of it. Here is the SP ramp and you have an effect like this. Right? Now you want to create a reverse effect. I'm going to show you how to do that. I'm going to add another keyframe here. And this time I'm going to drag it down. All right? And somehow this section now is playing in reverse where you have an effect like this. Okay? Now you can actually move this closer or further depending on how fast you want that effect to change. Or in this case, we are changing direction back and forth. So you can have this kind of effect. All right? For this effect to work the best you need to have quite significant motion that hangs off, catches the eye. So you can have something like this. Okay. And wouldn't back to the timeline. And I want to show you something here. And this is another example of a clip that will work well for this kind of effect rack. Now you've probably seen this in the video where you see some region of the body and then the kinds of reverse. Let's go over here and add the filter at a time repair filter and go to the keyframes again. All right, so here you want to kind of as time this array. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to reverse the effect once the person hits in the water, okay? And some, uh, here on n and a keyframe. So now we're going to reverse this. So let's see how the DDO place is, how you create interesting videos using the time and renal function. Now this is pretty new feature and this is using a shortcut version, 21.05.01, okay? And have fun n I experimented with this. 32. Create Gradient Effect: this video will show you how to use the Grady in filter in a short cut. So for soft like to keep that you want to add a filter and we're going to look for the Grady in filter. And you can also just type of here. Yeah, ingredient filter. And it opens up like this. And the first thing that you want to check out exactly the blood mood and you change the blend mode. You can see that they are some changes. Hey, Celeste. Changes to the scream. Then you will have see the effect off this filter. And there are other adjustments that you can make us well. But best first, take a look at a leader. And what is this? A lying over here now? This life or here allows you to adjust the string somewhat the strength off this filter. Okay, so this is one way you adjusting it so as you draw it down, this is the white pat and this white part. Harry, first of the color here and it's dark section recover. Our refers to the stock partner with the bottle. Okay, so at the beginning, it is Look, something like this all right with other Ben Morts. Then you get to see a different kind of effect. So you can actually experiment with this to see what the fact that you really want. Okay, lets stay soft light, okay. And sometimes the effect looks pretty nice or pretty A G depending on what you are after life, right? Them. But this difference here really looks strange. Okay? And let's go and try, Say, Hugh. All right, so all these have in effect, the blame has an effect on this filter. So that's the first thing. And the second thing is actually, let me switch it back to the screen. Look, Okay. The other options, you can use me. The filter number one is this. No, at the moment is linear. You can also change it to radio. So when you change the radio, basically what you see something like a circle and that you face occurring at this circle. Okay? And I read it is radio or linear. You can also expand this box here to see what's happening and the changes that affect again . Thank you. So let me just show you if I change this back to none, okay? So here you will see very clearly that one section on the screen here is white. And this white refers to the color on the left side here. And dot refers to a site under on the right bottom. Right. Okay. So if I were to close this box, you see that the lying that that party said the bottom and the light bodies at the top. Okay. And as you open it up, it starts to behave more like angle. And you can also change this perimeter to say horizontal. Okay, so then you figure someone changed again. Well, you're one side that is bright in the Adisa. Is Doc okay? We'll change it back to the default first, and let's go back to over. Let's go back to the screen so you can see things that really be better. So now you have a good idea what's happening here. Okay? And you can make adjustments like this if you want the effect to be lesser. You can kind of move this over, and so you can see that this flight is brighter. So that's how you see that. Grady in. Okay, let me turn it off. Okay, so This is a dark pot and a greedy allows you toe like incident pot. Now, besides that, you can change the color and to change the color. You just click on the color bar here and let's change, unless true something that would be really show orangey and click on OK. And see you see the orange and you can actually create some nice effects. Aziz, if you're having a sunset kind of effect, All right. And it's pretty nice once you test it and adjusted to your liking. Now, besides adjusting this, you can also use a radio like this. So maybe you can put it at the corner here as well. So don't like making it like like flare sort of effect can do that. Oh, if you want to do something straight away like this, you can also position in that way. Okay. And again, you can know. So I just gave me this affect here at the blend modes. Okay, so here, now you have a blend more that's like that. Okay, so now it's very small. Okay, maybe you want to make the but go radioactive for laser or something like that. You can do that. Okay, so are you Need to do is to try it out. And of course, the colors. Okay. Earlier on the show you one side, you can choose the other color as well. So, in contrast, let me choose colors a green. Okay. And then you see this color affects this week. Okay? Of course. You can choose the color to be have a lesser effect. More transparent than the color Wouldn't be so strong. Say, Mr Oranges. Well, you go to the Alfa off. Our refers to the transparency off the color to 55 is almost solid. So if you go for, like, the colors, 800 0 is fully transparent. Okay, by the way, hundreds of lesser so you can actually have a lesson effect. Okay, so that's how you actually use this. Grady Infielder in shot cut 33. How To Create Glitch Effects (Applicable To Titles Too): in this video, I will show you how to create some glitch effects in a short cut. So I have some media on my timeline. Let me just show you how the glitch effects works. So I have a clip here, and it is just a click. Send a clip off, bird. Okay. And this is a handheld shots. So you have something move my no idea. So to create a glitch effect, what you need to do is go to add a filter and under the video, look for bleach. So I'm just gonna type in okay. The Clichy fair and Eddie. All right. And let me just play this for you, okay? You can see that. This effect just let it quite strong. Okay? I will reduce this a little bit. Frequency color intense is the Okay. So you can justice and is actually pretty simple. Okay, to create this effect, as if maybe your computer or some equipment is not working. Right. And this Glick effect also have key frames. All right. And you can actually use key frames. For example, if you want to adjust the block intensity as he change across the clip, you can do there. I'm going to use key frames for the block height and also key frame for the color intensity Nike. And then just move these lock so you can see things better. So this is the key frames for the color intensity, and I can actually justice. So let's say from at this point, I do know one being tested me to be so strong, I can other Another key frame and just a block height. So they say the block is reduced to 10 so it's much lower. Sorry. It used to 10. Okay. And maybe somewhere here. And one for color intensity. So the color intensity is slightly. How years Here I see. Here, blockhead. This increase it be Oops. Removed it by accident. Pretty bad. Okay, so let's go to the timeline and see what happens now. And you can take a look back. This figure changes. Okay. This block hike in the color intensity will change. That's really that's what you see on the screen. Okay, so it's actually pretty simple. If you want to create this effect now, let me just show you a different way. You can use this and we're gonna use it on the text in case so I have some text here, okay? And you can actually create whatever tax and it works. Well, let's say, for example, you are making a movie that stock numbers on dystopian or AI or whatever. Right? What I have now is just a basic tax. Okay? That's nothing yet, OK, It's just a text field. Okay, so I'm gonna add a few things to make this more interesting. So first I had a feeling you faked. So I'm going at a fading video on a less very in or C three seconds next hour at the English effect to this video again. I want to reduce things like the block color intensity. Okay. So you can see something like this. Okay, Maybe still too strong. So you can justice. I just want to show you what time you felt you can create with this. Okay? He can make you work on that text. And of course, you can Also said the key frames Hey, off the color intensity. So let's see some here at this point. Render Texas starts to clear. That's when you want to set the key frame. So let's do frequency keeping for frequency. And Schiff intensity. You can set it for all four. You light. But for the purpose of this, I just want to show you. OK, so here, maybe the intensity is much lower and the frequencies, much less. Oh, I can't even study all the way back to zero so that it's only started, like, stalking to have that effect. Okay, so once after this point, then I want to have some frequency here and intensity here. Okay. So that see how it goes. All right. So he's sort of see a leader bill of effect here. In other words, moved That's making early to be stronger. Okay. And then just a few frames down is when you really want to see change things up, make it stronger, Okay? And if anyone toe you're after is like, OK, the computer is really failing. Systems flee failing, and that's sort of what we are trying to get. Yeah. Okay, let's play this. All right. And then, of course, it at more points and make even stronger. Okay, let's go to the timeline and see how these books. Okay. Okay. So that's how you can do with the glitch effect in short cut, making some interesting videos, not just for your normal video clips, but also for your in cross off truth. 34. Cinematic Crop: this video, I will show you how you can create an effect like this. What? Sometimes you see in the movies or cinema the movies where they kind of crop the frame at the top at the bottom. So we will do the same. And if you select your foot dish well, sometimes, like, scenery can actually look very well, but we're just gonna walk me this clip here, OK? I have standard clip with the bird, all right? And what you want to do is to select the clip. And we were at a filter and the filter we were at ease the cross filter. Okay, so let's look for the crop future, and we will do we meet the crop rectangle filter, okay? And you see this? Okay. Now, what you want to do is likely to activate the key frame feature. Okay, so let's say somewhere here that's going create. Click on this on the time of to start key frame. Okay. You would be taken to the key frames panel. So somebody here, what we would do is actually to do a crop, and we will crop it to say around 580. Okay, you can crop Ito, whatever figure that you want. But I'm just showing you and 500 eighties about somewhere like this. So you had to make sure that your position this is zero. In case you don't your frame to move my foot, fall off for it to crop off anything. And for my video, my video sized rictus 1 to 0. If you're using a wider video, say, one night is your 19 to 0, Then you and make sure that your size here remains the same. Okay, All we want is for this boss to come down, and I think it's around 75 for it to be somewhere in the middle. Okay, maybe around. Yeah, I should go 72 maybe. Okay. So anyway, you can actually get the dimensions cockerille dimensions properly to make sure the center point is right at the center. Okay, So next when you went to Dewey's to change this key frame, and right now the key frame is Alina. You continue to smoke if you want to buy linear works as well. So let's just ladies and see what happens. Okay, so that's how What's the career? The fact that he's created. You can also change it to linear. Let's try this and see smooth. Sorry by changing it too small to you Ever smoother effect. Okay, so that's how you use the crop rectangle field with key frames to create such a effect using shortcut. 35. Circular Crop (Intro, Outtro, Transition): this video will show you how to use the crop circle filter, and we will use it to you. Do something creative with it. So I have a clip here on the timeline this justice than a clip here some years. So what I'm gonna do is we're gonna create something like an opening scene. So to do that when you need to do is to select their clipping dear than add a filter. And under the video, we will look for crop and we will look for crop circle, okay? And the crop circle looks something like this. And basically, the future has a very simple control. What we want to do is to use it together. We this key friend. Okay, So what I'm going to do is to use the key friend for this perimeter at the initial we're going to do is to make sure the radius zero So they exactly like totally dark seem OK. And then we were moving on, say, for example, to about two seconds here, and you can Did you see from the time it's around two second you went to open it up 200%. Okay, so let's go back to the beginning. Yes, you do that. This is what happened. Okay, so you can actually create this effect. And either at the beginning or the end, it's up to you whether you won't have the circle down, and then he opens up or you can actually do it. The reverse may as well can. You wanted reverse it, then you want to add a key frame here, and then at the end, you want to have, uh, I say these angles to zero. Okay, you can be dead as well. And you can also use it back to back. Okay, so one portion, maybe we can do something like this. Okay, let me just show you here. It's a timeline. They could do something back to back. Okay. And let's move it back. And you also add a filter. And this time we were at the field again. It's a crop, Circo future. And why we wouldn't to do now is for this clip clip of the camel again. You want to study down to zero, and then maybe somewhere here you go to 100%. Okay? So when you place it back to back, this is the fact that you will get so you can create interesting transitions with this crop circle Futa together the key frames. 36. Proxy Files For Smoother Playback: in this video. Explain to you, but it's proxy and how toe use proxy files in a short cut. So in order to turn on proxy fast, it's under settings and there isn't setting on the proxy. Okay, proxy files are smaller. Versions are video clips that's created to help you to end faster so that when you preview your project, you will actually be smoother with let's leg and that this is important. Ive your computer is in super powerful and you're using Maybe high definition video files are two K for K. All right, But even with a smaller falls, he will also help as well Que two tenants are toxic or you need to do is go to settings and goto proxy and click on use proxy. And you notice that here is said that the proxies turned on at 5 40 p. Okay, so what that means is when you open a file and I'm going to open this fall over here, Okay, let me just pause it. So should cover create a proxy file. Now, the proxy file is only created if you at a clip toe either your playlist or to your timeline. Okay? so I'm gonna add it to my playlist. And straight away you see that the job for the playlist is being created. And now there is a proxy Far if I would at this clip onto the timeline right now, notice that this clip here has to what proxy? Okay, in brackets to show you that it is a proxy filed has been used as you edit. Okay. And the foul actually be much smoother, right? Normally, for my this clip here, it would be a bit slow. There's another way. When you create proxy fossil, this will open the different one. See this one here. Okay, so let me post. Let me post a clip on me that turned this off. You notice that the proxy for isn't created? It wouldn't be created if I added to the timeline. Okay, let's say at Monken added to the playlist, but I'm adding it onto the time line. Okay, so you see the proxy follies being created over there Can this turns up in their jobs next ? Other settings with proxy is here. You can actually determine where your proxy files are located. Keep by setting it. So let's click on proxy storage and set. So for right now, I'm setting it and my folder and you can select be careful folder that you want to select as a proxy folder and I'm gonna show you another better off using proxy files as well. So, first, I'm gonna turn off proxy falls here, OK? And I'm going toe open this far A different fall again. Let's see this one. But the proxy settings turned off. You can still use proxy individually. So I'm just going to add Nieto this clip to my timeline. So you notice that this is not a proxy file at the moment. Okay, you can go to your properties and create an individual proxy for individual clip. Okay, so you need to do is go to your properties, click on proxy and click on Mick Proxy and you notice that shortcut is making the proxy for the individual far. And then you have this short here. All right, so your proxies shows up what we hear. Okay, let's go back to set things again. So when it comes to configuration Ah, hardware encoder, you can practically ignore Oy. All right. So I should cover actually detected and you don't have to mess around with the unless there's some issues. All right, so that's about using proxy files using proxy falls together, we preview scaling. The understanding struck also allows you to do preview scaling, which means that if you choose to turn previous killing on this view that you see here is only at the smaller our at a lower resolution. Daniel original clip, for example, my origin a clip is that 10 80 p. However, by choosing previous killing, it will also render a smaller image here, as we I did. Okay, so that way, if you are doing heavy adding heavy filters or maybe your computer is a little bit marginal , right? So you will actually improve some of your performance as you do your edits into a preview. So when you use both of those together, you actually have the best effect eso that you actually experienced less leg and smoother previews. Now, when everything is that you want to just export your video quickly to see how your rough cuts looks like and this is not your final edit under export. If you choose to click a previous scaling that this would actually how short cut Export your clip, using your proxy files and at 5 40 p so that you actually get a very quick video. So although my clip is that 10. 80 p, if I would export this, you actually exported as a much smaller fall. So that's all about using proxy and previous killing in short cut. 37. Recording Voiceover with Shotcut: In this video, I will show you how to record a voice over using shortcut. So over here, I have a clip on my track V1. And let's say I want to record a voice over for this clip over here, which is a scene in KL CC, right? So the first thing that you need to do is to go to open other and click on audio video device. So let's select that. And then here you have the option of video input and audio input. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to turn off my video input. Because if I leave it on, it's just gonna switch on my webcam. And for the audio inputs, I am going to leave this as my microphone. So depending on what microphone that you have, no, maybe it's your billion into your laptop or maybe even a microphone from your HD webcam. Okay, so I'm gonna select the microphone for my webcam key and click on OK. All right, so as you can see, the audio peak meter starts to jump, which means it's actually picking up my voice and ready. Okay, now, next, why you need to do is go to your exports tab and click on export. And then what you want to do is to look for the audio and the Audio tab, select mp3, okay? And you can actually start capture though. However, if you want to take a look at the one step, there are some things that you may want to look at. So you can check that it is a hero's recording from the sauce form. You can actually ignore video because the video codec is disable. Alright, audio is using two channels. The codec is lip mp3 dot lame. Economically I just assembled or if you prefer, as well as the bit rate, okay? Now for example, you may want to recall constant b ray if you want to have better quality. Okay, so I'm just going to leave it as a rich be red. And you'll notice that this button now is wall capture. Okay, so I'm going to click on capture. And shortcut does requires you to save this. Okay, so I'm just going to put this as a voiceover sample. And as if okay. So now what you need to do is click on Projects tab and you can actually play this clip and then an a rate. So this is the section where I am going to narrated. So here I am at Cal CC and this is the Twin Towers, that's the Petronas Twin Tower. There is an iconic, there is a bridge for this two towers, right? It is all metal and glass. And at the bottom part there are some pine trees. So that's the end of my narration. So what I'm gonna do now is I'm going to click on stop capture. Right. Now, the phylogeny starts playing. So let me see if I could hear it. So now what you need to do is click on Projects tab. Now when you listen to the clip, you realized that it actually our aquatic way earlier. So Lord, clever, probably be starting somewhere here, so that's lay dead. And above minister bottom part there are some pine trees. Alright. So what you need to do is to listen to this clip and trim it here to here. And then once you're alright, you can actually just drag this down, okay, before we drag this down. But you want to do is to add audio track. You can actually drag the audio track down and have your voiceover below. So let's listen to this. And it's an iconic, and there is a breach followed this. Two colors. Alright, in this all metal and glass and other domestic bottom part, there are some pine trees. All right, so that's the end of my probably I need to adjust this further. Alright, and then that would be it. Now of course you need to adjust this further. Probably her retrieved this. Let me do that. So here I am at Cal CC and this is the Twin Towers, that's the Petronas Twin Tower. There is an iconic and there is a bridge for this. Okay, so this is how you record a voiceover with shortcut. 38. Shotcut Update Ver 19.12.31 Move Multiple Clips: in this video, we'll show you how to move multiple media clips on the timeline. Now, this is off shortcut vision 19 1231 So prior to this, you can do that. So if you haven't upgraded, then you may want to consider upgrading. Okay. Now, in order to move multiple media clips on the timeline, what you need to do is to use your control key on your keyboard. Now, with the key so oppressed, then you can select the cliff that you want to move after you have selected its least the key on your keyboard. And then you just move it to whichever position that you want you enter. Select the clips again. You need to use control yet. So, like the clips that you want and then you can actually moved eclipse and it all moves together. That's making you anything much easier and faster. 39. Shotcut Update Ver 20.06.28 : in this video. I want to give you some updates, toe a shortcut. And this is a short cut version. $20.06 dot to it. Okay, so this is in sometime in June. So I'm making this video in July 2020. Okay, now, first up is this change in the user interface. You notice that that this blue button here and if you click on it and nothing happens, right? So if you are wondering what this button is for, so what happens is that right now, shortcut has these two items here, which is preview scaling and proxy. Okay, So if you choose to use a proxy, then you'll notice that proxies on any actually shows you to that. You know that your video project is using proxy, and approximately files are basically smaller versions off the files that you use. I have actually included a new tutorial about proxy files as well as previous scaling. Okay, so if you use previous scaling again here, you will show you and tell you that you are actually using previous scaling as well as proxy falls. Now, in a nutshell, both the settings allows your videos to play banks moodily or I asked you edit your video by using proxy files number one. And, of course, by reducing the resolution off this clips here. Okay, So check out debt tutorial on proxy in preview. Now, next day. So? So some minor change. This is not too big, which is actually this output here. Now, this output used to say, Master, now the function is still the same. Just the name has been changed. And basically, when you see like this, this output here, it means that you can actually at the future, right for that. Now, the function is is still there, and it is actually under one of the tutorials about, I think filters to your clips to your tracks as well as to the entire project. What are the differences? OK, eso you can So So this is just a minor change. Next thing is actually the I conjure. Okay, so this icon has changed. This is actually a split Icahn. The function is still the same eyes. Just that this Now it looks like, uh see pointing both directions are I saw you just click it. It's pretty. Your clip into two session. All right, so no change in the function. I couldn't just changed a bit. Now, next is actually on the key frames. So are key frames. Is here the key frames a timeline. So there is now for function. If you're using key frames, there is now this icon allows you to add the key frame. Previously, the key frame is set when you make some changes. For example, if I make some changes to the skill this key frame or this key frame point is formed. Okay, Now, you don't have to do that. Now you actually, you can move to any position. And then as you click on this icon, it sets a key frame. Please refer to the section about used creating motion with key frames for more information about the frames. All right, next item is on the property step. So let's go back to the time like here. So when you open up this properties tap here right now, you can actually name you're far. Okay, So in the past, you can dream rename it. So now you can't you really me to anything you want for your clip. So you know this man? I changed the name over here. The name on your clip will also change. All right, so let's say this is just changes to So I, uh, about loss and you see number two. So you may have you in your editing. For example, maybe you want to name your clips in succession 12 tree so that me have a little bit. So that is the change in renaming the clip and finally is keyboard shot cuts. Eve, you press on the question mark button on your keyboard. Now you actually take you to shortcuts website and you opened up the shot cut reference or at the keyboard shortcut reference so you can reference all these files over here. Okay, so it's a much, very much convenient. So this other things has been changed. So basically, most of it has quite been quite similar. There's an additional fielder's, for example, under the video that some 360 degree video filters that have you to change your 360 degree recorded videos to rectally near equal a rectangular. So it's not that difficult to just what this I don't seem to be able to find some three and a septic a simple cliffs that I can download. So when I do, it will be updated as well. Okay, so this is just the update on a shock aversion. 20 dr 06 but not to it. 40. Shotcut Update v20.09.13 - Additions To The Interface: In this video, we've looked at what is new in Schottky and Odysseus shortcut version 20, 0-9 No.1 tree. The first thing that you'll notice in this version is that you have this extra texture, which is the logging button on the editing, effects and color audio as well as player. Now you also notice this setting over here. If you go to see a real good to the layout, you also see all these buttons over here, Alright? Similar to what you see on the right, we hear, okay, you can see a logging editing, effects and color. But this button allows you to do is a key to switch from different, different user layouts as you edit your video. Okay, so let's go to the effects layer. So you click on it. You'll notice there now keyframes is here. Alright, your filters are on the left, and then your preview window is over here or n, the timeline is at the bottom. Okay? Now if you earned your usual editing layout, you'll notice that your keyframes and timeline is on a different tab at the bottom. So it will defense or knew how you want to use it. It doesn't really make that much difference. However, in some cases is useful. For example, you have, if you had done some edits and you want to take a closer look, you can go to the player layout, which displays your reader that you have edited in a large format so that you can see things a little bit better. Okay, so this is the first change in this version of shortcut. Now the next important thing is the filters. And there are two main changes. Number one is actually the size, position, and rotate. Now this used to be two filters, but it has been combined into one, used to be the size and position filter and then rotate and skill, right? So this has been combined into one. So if you were to select this filter now, you have your rotation option. You also have the zoom option or which is the scale option. Alright? And you can also still resize your video or your text using these same filter. You also notice that there is this bar here that allows you to hang off our move your mouse over and you rotate your media, or your text or your media clips, right? So it works the same way as setting the rotation over here. Okay? So let's, let's change the rotation by moving this. Setting, the rotation here is my credit. Of course, it's maybe a little bit harder to control this, whereas over here allows you to set a rotation much better. Alright? And of course, here is the set to default as well as the keyframe. So you can actually keyframe that rotation as well as keyframe that zoom over here. Okay, so let me just reset the rotation to 0. And here is actually the zoom or a skill. So I used to be called Rotate and Scale. So here now is the zoom. So you can see the how far you under zooming. Media or zoom-out. Alright, so this is the second major change. And one other thing is, let's go back to, let's remove this filter. Another filter is this nu, is the texts are rich filter. Now this used to be called a text HTML filter. However, the tax HTML and text reached filters and slightly different. So let's go to select texts rich. So tax, which allows you to create texts directly on your frame, rather than typing that tax on, on a box on the left here. Okay? So if you were to, You can actually see this year, There's actually some text as hidden by the menu, right? So if you were to resize this, you can see that we better. Alright, so this is the default which is showing shortcut. So let's type in some text and say this is simple text, right? So you can change the texture using the bot. So it's actually much easier to make changes in the way you can change the font size and see it straightaway on screen that you can set. I'll tell lakes underlying as well as I said, a font types over here, right? So you can actually do all this on the screen using this text rich filter. And there's also some menu here for you to undo, et cetera. So other than that, this is the color. You can change the color. So it's all done on the screen rather than on the box on the side. Let me remove this. Finally, a new filter in a shortcut called the blur pen filter. This is particularly useful if you have vertical video, then you have shot. And if you use the vertical video in shortcut, One of the things that happens is that you will have black bars on the left and on the right of the video. So we, this blurb had filter, it will fill up this place. So let's go to add a filter and look for the blur pet filter. You can search for it under the blur section. So you have various type of blur. This is the new one, blood pet, and you click on it. You notice that shortcut takes something from this frame here and fills it to the background and blue for you in one single step, you can adjust the blur. And if I reduce the blur or the way, you will notice that shortcut is actually taking this section of the video and placing as a background and blurry for you. And it is a very convenient and you get him to adjust the amount of blood so that he doesn't have to be solved and distinct and Multiservo. So this is particularly useful if you have a lot of vertical video. For example, you have a video which is horizontal. And then the next part of the video, you have to use some footage, wikis, vertically shot. You can use this blur and Penn filter. So that's the major changes in a shortcut version, 200913. And I hope that this is something for you to be aware of. 41. How to export a frame to create thumbnail: how to create a top new using the export frame feature. Short cut off a video clip here and let me just play see out to the timeline. Well, in order to create a Tom Neo in the CIA one decent. You mean she is that time new? Move your plate to the position that you want on the timeline. Then what you need to do is go on so far, go and see export frame. Let me just put it in my simple material. And I'm just going a good day gear brain. And you can make you specify that fall time that you want. Normally I go for PNG. You can also specify G. Peck. So I'm just going to click on safe and your friend has been exported. So let's go and look for the frame here. This is the deer frame here. All right. So decent, Exact free. You can use this frame anywhere you want to. Perhaps you under using on your block post, or you want to strike a frame from your video to use it as a part of your visuals. 42. Export your project to create your final video: in this video, I will show you how to export from shortcut after year. Daniel edits. So I have a video here, which is on my timeline. A case of when I click on it. You so see the switches to the project. Step here. And this is I can just a girl on a different okay. And you might play lease. I actually have a different video clip, all right. And in my sauce is actually a a shortened version of this clip, which I have done some basic ladies by setting the in point and our point. So this is really shot. Okay, So when you want to export, click on the export tab and you will see a scream like this with help. You say's that the default is his start to 64 BC and before foul, which is most suitable for most users and purposes. So if you don't want to change anything, you can basically just use this. However, if you want to make any changes to cast like any off this stop profile, for example, you may want to choose. Say, here's to 64 high profile. Oh, you mean even just use say the one for you too. Okay, So this is like the one for you, too. Here. There's a option for you to export from the timeline or from the playlist or from the sauce . Okay. So you have to be careful what you choose. All right? If you don't have anything on the playlist, then the play this option or no? Sure. Okay, So I'm gonna choose export from the timeline, and next, you can actually choose advance button. Right? So for hardware encoder, you can actually like this or leave it as it is if your computer is not capable of having an coda. Oh, you're not quite sure? I suggest you just leave it alone, Okay? So if you want us to like this, you can choose this and check on the configure button. All right, we showing comes up. It's something for you to experiment with. So if in, actually, just leave it as it is, and don't check this. Now you want to make some changes to your export settings, right? Click in advance, but then here and you'll be taken to this. A menu. All right, Where you can have a greater control when you're format, for example, you can have different types of former, for example, and movie over here. You can export. It s MTV. All right, so I suggest you stick BMP four. Unless you went to experimentally to be more, you can do that. All right, So the video resolution or gates of my twenties that want to is zero by 7 20 If you're clippers that larger or you want to up size upscale, you can change it or you want to downscale. It s so you can actually said it. So let me just give you an example. You're going to set it at 19 uh, 20 my 100 You can set a day and you assure you your expect ratio. And of course, the frames per second. Thank you. Radio you went to adjust it or you want to stick to the default. The Commons ones will be 25 30 in some cases 24 or 29.97 The scramble. You can choose by the interlaced or progressive so progressive we'll give you a better quality. And for the de inte Lisa, you can choose something from fast or move down for better quality. So for the videos that you watch, I normally use best for my videos. And when it comes to import interpolation and use the hyper land costs, which is for the best Okay, so you can actually choose it for your project requirements. OK myself. Why did that? You want next in the correct tap? The before we secure lip X to 64 you can choose ideas as well. Okay for his own pocket hitch E V C and the D. C. So I suggested, if you're starting off new stick to this one in terms off rate control, you can select every to be rate constant. Be right. So this one has a determination off your file size that is exported from a short cut. So for me, I usually use quality based DBR, which is bearable bary and for quality, I said anything from 60 to 70 so the higher the quality, then the quality of your resulting video will be better. However, the file size will also be bigger, so it depends on your requirements and your needs. So I'm just going to set it to say, 70 for the purpose of this video GOP and group off the jetty have away says that there's a group of pictures with its maximum key frame in the work, which means you were telling shortcut how many frames you want before key frame is set. If you're not sure, just leave it as it is for now, and you can check fixed. If you want to have every 15 frames, there is a key frame, all right, the rest. You can also leave alone or you can really more body bi directional delta pick just in temporal compression. You're not sure just leave you alone for the time being. And next we go to the audio. So the audio data to which I knows you can go from Oh, no. Or you can also go for surround sound. So again, for the purpose off my videos, I usually use stereo. The common separate for audio in the video today is for the 8000 Hertz ups, and you may choose high your lower. But I suggested this would be the the best one to stick to. All right for the 1000 Hertz code that you can choose a, C. O. R and B trio or any of things here against a beer. It you can choose average be rate constant, very or quality base V. V. R. And the beauty ranges from a very low rate or something too much higher. So something from 2 56 to 3 84 will be quite good for motion purposes. Okay. And I find it in the other tap. You can just leave these things alone. I don't have to make any changes to death, So I'm gonna exported and show you what happens. We're going to export far. But then and give your father name. I'm gonna call you test exports to and before Oakley and safe. And what happens? Hey, said Jumps panel opens up in the follies being exported. The expert time will depend on the your video resolution. The time off and easy have done the types of filters that you have put onto your anything So that more effects and more futures Then the jobs would think longer and also some of the filters, for example, things like cropping a video actually really impact the time that's taken and off course, you're so depends on your hardware. So if you have? Ah, respect, computer. Then your export will generally be faster. Okay, Once the job is done, if you click on it, this will be the father. This export can t in this sauce window as well, or you can go to buy for their here. Let's look for test export. Okay, so this is tax expert to you can see this. Okay, this is the video over here. So that's how you export your father in a short cut.