How To Easily Set Your Goals And Achieve Them | Nathi Chabangu | Skillshare

How To Easily Set Your Goals And Achieve Them

Nathi Chabangu

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10 Videos (60m)
    • Course Overview

    • Introduction

    • We All Have Goals

    • What Drives Goal Setting

    • How To Set Your Goals

    • How To Prioritise Your Goals

    • How To Achieve Your Goals

    • Your Benefit Of Goal Setting And Achieving

    • Bonus

    • Course Recap


About This Class


What is this course all about?

How To Easily Set And Achieve Your Goals is a course that will show you how easy it is to set goals that you will achieve through the application and usage of skills involved in goal setting and achieving. The methods and strategies in this course can be applied and used by anyone and everyone, that is how easy and simple these methods and strategies are, I understand that a course of this nature requires simplicity and less of the over complicated stuff that you will normally get elsewhere!

I have taken away all the jargon and fancy terms used by most people because I don’t want to confuse and lose you in the course. The simplicity of this course is paralleled by none currently in the market, when I created this course I wanted you to get the most out of it, I wanted you to benefit from its insights and experiences.

Who is the course aimed at?

This course is aimed at anyone and everyone, it is aimed at those that have never set goals and want to learn not only how to set goals but how to set and achieve goals, as well as those that have set goals but have never achieved their set goals and those that are looking for an improvement in their setting and achievement of goals. My course is for all levels you do not need any prior experience to take it and those with prior experience will greatly benefit as well after taking this course.

What will you learn from this course?

My course will teach you the basics that are required when setting and going after goals, because goals are achieved using simple methods and plans.

This course will teach you how to set and achieve goals using the simplest of methods and techniques, it will illustrate to you, that it is possible for anyone to set and achieve goals. Goals are not reserved for a certain group of people or individuals.

You will learn how to set and take on your goals with the purpose of achieving them. Most people are very comfortable setting goals but it is the achievement of those goals that proves to be tricky and at times intimidating! In this course I will show you how easy it is to go after your goals, using easy to implement methods and strategies, for your full benefit!

What do I promise you?

The best value for your time

The best strategies that are easy to use and apply

Workable plans and methods that you can implement from day one

No quick fixes but genuine and honest data that will help you be a better person, the person you want to become





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