How To: Dresser to sideboard 1, evaluation | Ron Payne | Skillshare

How To: Dresser to sideboard 1, evaluation

Ron Payne, Blacksmith, woodworker, all-around crafter

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4 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction and project

    • 2. Evaluation

    • 3. Plans

    • 4. Final Thoughts


About This Class

Much of today's furniture is particle board, plywood or cheaply made and considered disposable.  Once furniture was made to last generations.  It used to be when a piece of furniture was no longer needed it was passed on or altered into what was neeeded.  

Well built furniture can still be found, in flea markets and yard sales.  It may not be what is needed but can be altered and refinished to provide more years of service.  For this series of classes I'll go through the steps necessary to turn a solidly built piece that may be a bit worn into a beautiful and functional heirloom that can be passed on for generations.

This first class is on what to look for when deciding if a particular piece is suitable to re-work and planning the steps needed to complete the work.

If I've done it right, free enrollment can be found here.





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Ron Payne

Blacksmith, woodworker, all-around crafter

I am driven by a need to create. This has lead me down some interesting roads.

I know a bit about woodwork, metal work, leather, casting, and several other disciplines. I also enjoy passing along what I know to others.

Life is a continual path of improvement.


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