How To Draw Hands The Easy Way Step by Step!

Patricia Caldeira, Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer

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15 Lessons (1h 51m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Hand References And Resources

    • 3. The Basic Hand Shapes Step by Step

    • 4. Drawing The Palm Of The Hand

    • 5. Drawing Fingers The Easy Way

    • 6. The Thumb Is Different

    • 7. Drawing The Knuckles Of The Hand

    • 8. Drawing A Closed Hand Punching!

    • 9. Adding Details, Hair And More!

    • 10. Drawing Nails And Characterization

    • 11. Masculine And Feminine Hands

    • 12. Old Hands And Baby Hands

    • 13. BONUS: The Victory Pose!

    • 14. Time To Practice (Assignment)

    • 15. Conclusion

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About This Class


Learn How to Draw Hands Step by Step, in an Easy way!

Ever drawn a full character but when it comes the time to draw the Hands, you simply put them in their pockets or hide them behind the back? Is Drawing Hands really the worse part about the whole character for you?

You're not alone! 

Many people have some trouble drawing hands, and this is why I've created this Class.  

Welcome to my Class on Drawing Hands,

This Class is perfect for beginner artists that want to improve their Anatomy knowledge, more specifically on how to draw Hands.

For the Class you'll only need a Pencil + Paper, or if you prefer you can use a Digital Software of your choice (like Photoshop, Krita, Clip Studio,...) plus a Drawing Tablet.

I'll be using a Drawing Tablet so it's easier to show you how to draw arms, but feel free to use whatever works best for you, all it matters is that you practice along with me!

We'll cover:

  • Basic Hand Shapes
  • Hand References and Resources
  • Drawing the Palm and Back of The Hand
  • Techniques for Drawing Fingers Like A Pro
  • How To Draw Knuckles And Closed Fists
  • Adding Details Like Hair and Nails
  • Differences Between Masculine And Feminine Hands
  • and much more!

And of course, there will be a practical assignment at the end so you can put your skills to use right away and start drawing more dynamic characters.

At the end of the Class you'll be able to draw Hands using reference images to your advantage, through an easy step by step process.

Are you ready to begin?

Join now!