How To Draw Full Cartoon Character - Your Guide To Draw Hands And Feet Easily. | Fady Rizkallah | Skillshare

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How To Draw Full Cartoon Character - Your Guide To Draw Hands And Feet Easily.

teacher avatar Fady Rizkallah, Cartoonist and Caricaturist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Why This Class

    • 2. Action Line

    • 3. Hands Made Easy

    • 4. Draw Feet Like A Boss

    • 5. Draw The Whole Character Now

    • 6. Take This Project

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About This Class

Master drawing Interesting Cartoon Characters with Eye-Catching body Postures and Expressing Hand Gestures in this 10 minutes Class, Fady the Cartoonist and Caricaturist will take you in a step by step tutorial - like sessions where you will be amazed by how the challenging body parts like Hands and Feet could be that easy.

By the end of this Class you will be able to Draw your entire Cartoon Characters without any barriers. 
Check out part one of this Class to master Drawing Cartoon Head and Facial Features. 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fady Rizkallah

Cartoonist and Caricaturist


Hello, I'm Fady a freelancer Cartoonist, Illustrator and Caricaturist based in Cairo, Egypt.

I have started illustration since a very early age and ten years ago I worked as a full time  Art Teacher in an American School in Egypt, after that I became a Freelancer artist.

I do several art styles and I use several mediums yet my passion always goes to Cartoons and Caricatures. 

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1. Why This Class: van Gogh, one said. In spite of everything, I shall rise again. I will take up my pencil, which I have forsaken in my great discouragement, and I will go on with my growing drawing. The full cartoon character that is appealing and pleasing to the eyes might require a lot of work and effort, but mastering the right tools will short in the German. My name is Freddy on a freelancer, cartoonist and illustrator based in Egypt. In this class you will learn how to draw a full cartoon character body easily. The secrets to drawing different body posters and hand gestures and feet as well will be revealed in this class in each. Listen, I will give you a tip to let you work smart instead of working hard to prepare your pencil and your sketchbook and follow me in each step toe, make the most out of this place. Do not forget to take the project and definitely share it with us. And I will be there if you need any advice like start 2. Action Line: start drawing your character with first drawing the action life. The actual line represents the movement off the body. It's your very first guide that will lead you to draw a well balanced with character in any position. At the top of this line, we drew the head just a very simple sir, then drew the body as a pear shape with hands and the feet throw them as sticks. It's just a guide that we're going to build the flesh off this character on it later. But for now let's play with this action lines toe, try to put our character in different positions, even the most challenging positions. You will find it so easy if you applied this rules, - okay ? 3. Hands Made Easy: drawing any hand requires two main things to drew a palm and fingers for drawing the pond just to draw a very basic circle. The thumb starts from one end off this circle and the baby finger. It starts from the other end off this circle and then start withdrawing the rest of the fingers. Just bear in mind that between the index finger and the thumb, there is a space. If you are going to draw a hand that holding an object, you are going to follow the same rules. First, you are going toe through the hands itself without the object. But very mind that this hand should be imitating holding anything or the object you wanted to be holy, and then you drew the object itself. Always use your own hands as your own reference or your guide. Let's now start throwing a hand that is pointing at someone or something, using the same rules off throwing any hand, and you can play with this road's toe through any type of hand or any position off any hands and fingers. Try it yourself 4. Draw Feet Like A Boss: drawing the feet off. Your character starts with the triangle at one corner off the strangle. There is a circle right above this circle. Consider making a boon at the tip. Off this triangle, there is the muscle of the toe, followed by the two itself. Between the muscle of the toe and the circle, there is a curve. Let's apply this room to draw any feet at any position. Pick your pencil and try applying this rules with me, and do not forget to use also your own feet as your reference. 5. Draw The Whole Character Now: Now it's time to put everything together. We have action line, hand feet and the character itself. If you missed drawing the head shape and the facial features, I highly recommend Watch my previous class to know how to draw different head shape with different facial features. Happy drawing. - Okay , well, what you 6. Take This Project : a lot on our, as you now know very well how to do a full cartoon character. Your project is to drop three different cartoon character with different body posters and hand gestures, and I will tell you a secret. The people around you makes a very good reference. Just try to look at them from a cartoonist perspective. Also, your own hand and feet makes a very good guy to draw the hands and feet. After you finish your project, share it with us. And if you're still struggling, throwing any part of your characters body or hands or feet, please share it with me. And I will make sure to re explain everything if you need to. Good luck, see?