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How To Draw Facial Expressions Easily!

teacher avatar Fady Rizkallah, Cartoonist and Caricaturist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Expressions Drawing Challenge

    • 2. The Golden Six Expressions

    • 3. Anger And More...

    • 4. Disgust And More...

    • 5. Fear And More...

    • 6. Joy + Sadness + Surprise = ?!

    • 7. Final Thoughts and Assignment

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About This Class


Everyday and everywhere we meet people, we talk to them or just steel a look to their faces, both ways we notice a special expression for each and everyone during our conversation or towards any situation they face. 

Drawing people and designing characters are no exception, you have to master the skill of changing your character’s mood by changing his facial expression.

My name is Fady, cartoonist, caricaturist, illustrator and this is my fifth class on Skillshare. 

Scott MCcloud in his great book “ Making Comics”  set a six basic expression, through which we can mix and match to get endless facial expressions ideas. 

By the end of this 13 minutes class you will Master drawing 26 different Facial Expression. 

Lets jump into Business. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fady Rizkallah

Cartoonist and Caricaturist


Hello, I'm Fady a freelancer Cartoonist, Illustrator and Caricaturist based in Cairo, Egypt.

I have started illustration since a very early age and ten years ago I worked as a full time  Art Teacher in an American School in Egypt, after that I became a Freelancer artist.

I do several art styles and I use several mediums yet my passion always goes to Cartoons and Caricatures. 

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1. Expressions Drawing Challenge: every day and everywhere way people way, talk to them or just to still look their faces both ways. We notice a special expression for each and everyone during our conversation. Drawing people and designing characters are no exception. You have to master the skilled off changing your characters moved by changing their facial expressions. My name is failing cartoonist, caricaturist, illustrator and this is my fifth class on sketches. Scott My Cloud in his great book making comics, set the six basic expression through which we can make some match get an endless facial expressions. By the end of this class, you will master drawing 26 different facial expressions, enough talking and let's jump into business. 2. The Golden Six Expressions: in this lesson, you will master the golden six basic expressions. I will be explaining each facial expression from the top off the head down to the bottom, where the changes there is a rule for wrinkles. Stretching or squeezing any facial expression causes wrinkles around it. Now we're good to go with the golden six basic expressions, which are anger, disgust, fear, joy, sadness, surprise 1st 1 Anger A V like shape i Bro's causes wrinkles in the area between forehead and the top. Off the news wide open I Let's with centered pupils representing a challenging the semi squeezed knows that causes cheek wrinkles around the North animals and opened mouth with the presence off the teeth, giving an impression as if he's ready to eat his opponent. This gust tightly closed. Eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth. This guy is making sure to close all the sense interests. Sight, smell, taste. These tight features causes wrinkles in the areas around eyes and the top of the news, as well as cheap crinkles around the nose and mouth. Also notice that the carefully closed mouth lifted the chin up as well fear the eyes are wide open in order to observe any threat that goes and elevations in the eyebrows and wrinkles in the forehead. The mouth is half opened only by the lower lip, causing wrinkles around the nose down to the lower lip. It's a to me. There is a pro tip, which is an elevation for the upper lip will squeeze the nose, causing wrinkles on the top off the nose. Try it yourself now in the middle. For me, I mean joy, this guy is too relaxed to squeeze any off his facial features. Therefore, do not expect any wrinkles anywhere around the joyful look, except the cute, tiny lines on the end, off each lip due to stretching mouth horizontally. And the wider the smiled, the deeper the line will be. Sadness. This said Guy, is squeezing his eyes, preparing his glands to release some tears that might relieve and express his status. These actions causes wrinkles around eyes and the forehead area. His nose is relaxed as he just opening his lower lip and lifting his chin, causing a grave voice. Yeah, who's it for? Me? Surprised. His eyes are wide open and iris are just centered in the middle. Between both let's in a trial to reality. Check off what in front of him. The action causes and innovation In the Aibos, which goes heavy wrinkles in the forehead area, the mouth is slightly opened, uncertain of what hotel. In the coming few moments, those were the golden basic six expressions that we will easily build on them the coming 20 expressions. 3. Anger And More...: Scott McCloud made the little simple mathematical question by adding any to off our basic expression each other, resulting in different, interesting new expression. Each time in this listen, we will use anger as a common expression in our equation and each lesson we will change the common expression and so so adding this gust toe anger, we create outage here we added the disgust knows toe anger, eyes I rose and mouth, adding fear to anger. We create cage animals Here we added the feet i Breaux's and its forehead wrinkles toe the anger. Eyes, nose and mouth enjoy toe anger will create cruelty. Here we replaced just the smile of joy by the anger mouth maintaining the rest of the anger expressions as it is, anything sadness, toe angered will create betrayal. It's sadness I Breaux's and month. We added toe anger, eyes and nose, adding surprised toe anger. We create the what duff here We have just switched eyes and maintain the rest off their anger expressions as Attar's. In the next lesson, we will have disgust in common off the addition equation and see what will bring us next lesson 4. Disgust And More...: adding fear toe disgust. We create horror, a complicated combination between a fearful eyes and disgusted I bro's discussed nose and a combination off disgusted lips and fearful teeth. I know this expression is a bit of challenging and confusing, but practice always makes perfect going to add enjoy toe disgust with create A like our. This expression is quite simple and easy. Just add the joy smile, toe the disgust face and you're good to go, adding sadness to disgust with create pain. Empathy. Here we add discussed loans to the sadness face, with an exception off adding teeth, adding surprised to disgust, we create a U 80 mics off surprise eyes and mouth to disgust. Nose and eyebrows will do the job in the next lesson. We'll have feeling common in our edition equation. 5. Fear And More...: enjoy to fear way. Create desperation. Onley, by adding enjoy from smiled to the fearful face, will be enough to get the desperate took adding sadness to fear we create devastation all you need to add sadness. Mosque tow, fearful face toe. Get every state it look finally, with fear in common adding surprised to feel we create spooked. This expression can be easier. Just put the fear I bro's on the same elevation. 11 off surprise and maintain the rest off. The surprised future as it is in the next lesson, will play with joy, surprise and sadness in a simple addition equation. 6. Joy + Sadness + Surprise = ?!: Eddings headedness. Joy will create ST Hope I bro's and lower lip off sadness. Then added toe, eyes, nose and upper lip off were quite enough to trigger the faint hope Expression if you, Opie and take that editing, Surprised to joy with create amazement only just by adding the joy operative toe. The whole surprise expression, as it is without any single change, is enough to create an interesting amazement expression. 7. Final Thoughts and Assignment: No, you know. But remember John Wolf King said that knowing is not enough. We must apply. Willing is not enough. We must do so after you held between your hands the secret to drawing 26 different expression. You're now responsible to make the most out of this knowledge, and that's has only one throat practice. Practice practice. First, make certain you have studied and mastered the golden six basic expressions, Then move forward to the addition method. Your assignment is to draw four different expressions using the addition method in a condition tohave joy as a common expression in each equation. Keep growing. Keep developing Good luck.