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How To Draw Expressions For Your Chibi Characters!

teacher avatar Patricia Caldeira, Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Details Make The Difference

    • 3. Drawing Chibi Eyes

    • 4. Drawing Chibi Mouths

    • 5. Drawing Happy Expressions

    • 6. How To Draw Angry Expressions

    • 7. How To Draw Sad Expressions

    • 8. How To Draw Confused Expressions

    • 9. Time To Practice! - Assignment

    • 10. Conclusion And Thank You!

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About This Class


Do you want to draw strong expressions for your characters? Do you want to learn how to make your characters feel more ALIVE and emotional?

Then this is the class for you.

In this class, you'll learn how to draw amazing expressions for your characters. We're going to go step by step, drawing different emotions.

So here's what you'll be learning in the Class:

  • Drawing Different Eyes (squinted, big eyes,...)
  • Drawing Different Mouths (big, small, wide, open, closed,...)
  • Creating 4 Expressions One Step At A Time

This Class was created with cartoon drawing or Chibi characters in mind. But the skill that you learn in the Class can be applied to other styles of drawing such as Anime, Manga, or even Realism with enough tweaks.

And with this Class, this skill can be yours.

So what are you waiting for?

Join now and I'll see you in the Class!

P.S: Also, if you want to master drawing chibi characters, learn anatomy and proportions, do check out my other Class on how to draw Chibi Characters! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Patricia Caldeira

Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer


Patricia Caldeira is a Freelancer Artist working in Illustration, Design and similar Artwork.

She graduated in Graphic Design and Multimedia and soon after started working on her own independent company "Don Corgi", doing work for several Streamers, Game Developers, Youtubers and even selling Cards and Social Media Icons at her Etsy Store.

You can find more about her and her work at Don Corgi's Portfolio Website.


In the recent past She has:

- Co-Founded the Don Corgi Art Group;
- Collaborated with Programmers, Game Designers, Musicians, Youtubers, Twitchers and more!
- Taught over 14.000 people on different platforms;

Join her Class on Character Design, Gesture Drawing!


&n... See full profile

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1. Intro: would you like to draw expressive and emotional? She be characters? Do you want to make your characters feel more alive? Then this class is for you. My name is specific. Other professional illustrators that is not teaching online full time. I've done huge amounts off work throughout years for publishing companies, video games and my own personal projects, and I'm here to teach you how you can easily draw expressions for your characters in simple steps. Drying the expressions on the character is a fundamental part off character design. You need to focus on what the character you're drawing is feeling and express it through your lines. It doesn't have to be very complicated, though. This is why I've created this class to show you how you can create amazing an emotional expressions step by step. I'll start with the basics, drawing different types of ice for your character so you can have a nice selection that you can use and then doing the same for the mouth. Then we'll start combining this together to represent specific emotions from happy and angry to set and confused. My goal with this class is to give you the knowledge and practice off drawing expressions for their shady characters. Not only that, but these types of expressions can between to be used in different art styles. So it's a great skill to learn. So you feel ready to learn how to dry expressions. Failure should be. Characters joined the glass. Now I'll see you in the next video. 2. Details Make The Difference: Hello and welcome. Now, before we start, I just want to talk to you a bit about the expressions and how you can take adventures off them to make your characters even more emotive. So, for example, I have here this drawing. I went with the heart eyes making. My character looks like she's really in love with something. She just saw something, and it was love at first side. Now you see, this is very simple. It works, but we can make this expression look even better and even cuter if we're going on that side . And so we have here the second version, where I added some cozy cheeks to her. So some color to her face. And then I added some shine Eze, toothy heart eyes and I don't know. You can see them side by side, and the second version pops up a bit more. It gives us more to the character than the 1st 1 There's more emotion to it. It's cuter as well. There some details that you can do and use to make your expressions pop up more from your drawings. It doesn't need to be a lot. Little details aren't enough. Sometimes you can add something more. For example, we have this example, so my character is obviously very said, probably even crying. But I can make this idea off crying even more obvious. So I added some tears, very exaggerated. As you can see, it's not just a little bit off tears time you tear falling down. Now I really make made that river off two years falling down the ice. So once again, it does make a difference. It really gives me the idea that the character is crying. The characters really, really said, and just the normal version version from the 1st 1 And now, before we jump to trying. Another thing that I want to talk about is. First of all, don't be afraid to exaggerate your shapes and your lines, exaggerating the the expression will make wonders. And we'll really transmit that expression and emotion that you want the reader or the viewer to feel. And remember that when we're drawing happier faces, happier expressions, the face opens up more as opposed to when we're drawing setter or angry faces. Everything is close together. So for a happy emotion for something very a surprised face, for example, laughing, smiling. Everything comes out off the face because upwards downwards, it's very open. But when we're doing something Seth or someone who's very angry, everything closes down in the face. Everything is really close, as you can see in these examples here and again, don't be afraid to exaggerate these these ideas, especially when you're drawing an angry face. For example, don't be afraid. Toe draw. Everything goes together when you're exaggerating. You are making the expression even stronger, most off the time. So feel free to experiment with this. And now follow me to the next video where we're going to start by drawing some eyes and different types of ice so else you there. 3. Drawing Chibi Eyes: All right. Welcome back. We're now going to start to read our drawings. We're going to start with the eyes. And as you can see here, I have four shapes for head shapes for our drawings. Which means we're going to draw four types off eyes. Now, we're going to start with a normal style. This is the most detailed one, and then we're going to go with simple ones. So let's starts here on this size. Now we have here this line, and this line tells us where our eyes are going to be. So we're going to start withdrawing one circle on oval shaped really on one side and then on the other, went to try to keep them on the same places. So pretty symmetrical, something like this. All right, so we have our eyes. I now usually I like to have the upper part of I and then done here, too. So very simple lines. You can keep this very simple. Like this. All for example, you for drawing a girl. You can add some eyelashes, so let's do it. And for the sketch thistles it, we're going to do most off our details. Weeds normal eyes true painting. So I'm going to create here in your layer, going to grab a pen, and now we're going to draw. The lines are clean lights, so let's start here. Eyelashes experiment with different styles off eyelashes. If you wish to get him, there are many ways that you go. You can go about it now. The other side's remember that you can either do both off them or if you want. And if you're doing these digitally and you want them to be really symmetrical, you can just draw one off the ice and then copy and paste. It's but I'd say, for sake of practice, to just draw both of them as you go. All right now you want. And now all you're missing is our circles or oval shapes for the ice, not try to apply less pressure to your minds here, all right, and now the other ones. So you see, it's not. The lines are not the stick as or eyelashes or the other parts of our eyes. There we go. You have hero rice, and now we just need to add some color to them. Now we do this very simple, so choose one color. For example, let's go with something simple these times. So a brown tone So something like this it's and you can add a collar with the paint bucket . Largest cholera. It's with your brush. And now we're going to pick a darker tone from the Brownlie Just shoes. We draw another or we paint on or the circle inside this storm. All right, now same on the other side. There we go. And now we're going to pick yet another darker tone. And we added, And now we adds a mother smaller circle inside the one which is still so here we have a great part off are trying than our eyes done. I'm going to create here in your layer what it and multiply modes and about 50% capacity. And I'm going to pick here for with the second tone and we're going toe adds a beat. Oh, shallow toe. Are I something like this? All right, there we go. Now we're just missing something which is a bit off shining a bit off light on our eyes So big here. Why tone now we can add some shiny is to the ice dairy so this is it Very simple. I'm going to just take the opportunity here to just adds also a bit off color to the face so you can see better how it looks. And I just want to mention something else. So yet you see, it's completely different now from what we just saw and very quickly. So we have this part here, right? And you can also add some white to it. This way, the eyes will pop up more from the wrist. This is also Metro style. Some people like to leave them like they were so wherever you prefer. But this is it. This these are the most complex ours we're going to be drawing. All the rest are going to be very simple. So feel free to practice. This one's even though they are the most complex. I think they are still very simple. And if you wish, you can simplify them even more itself up to you and your own style. And I think they are very fun to drop. But let's go to our next style there. Now we're going to draw this time closed eyes so very simple. You just need lines for this ones, and we use them mostly for when we're drawing very happy characters, for example, or sometimes and in various expression. All you have to know is that it's all about the lines. There's really no shape at all here. So, for example, we can go. If we're going with the very happy expression, we can make an arch again. We can at some high, luscious and this is it. We draw uninvited to you, and then we can add one or two eyelashes and our eyes are done. Alternatively, you can also make something like this or you can make. And I like these, you know, liked emoticons, especially the Japanese emoticons. You can transfer those and make them into some expressions in a shady characters. But we're going to go with our arch is here for a very happy expression. This is how we usually use them. Sort of happy expression. I just moved is a bit to the side, says it's too far away. There we go. And like I mentioned in the other video in the previous video, when we make our happy expressions, the face opens up. So this time we're drawing our eyes, leaning more towards the upper part of our heads, then downwards. So as you can see in our first video, we drew our eyes in the middle of this line. And this time, most of our eyes are a both thes line. So if you're doing the opposite to sacrifice, we'd go a big down thes line. But this is it. As you conceive, very simple. Now all you have to do is just draw these lines. Did your final brush see? Very simple. There's nothing much to words. Just have fun. Not as you can see, this is very simple. We are also just focusing on the eyes right now. Don't worry. We'll be going through the mouth as well in the next video. So two types down now for the third time is round eyes. And yes, I know we drew some round eyes in with our first example, but these ones will be different again. There will be much more simple than what we did so far. So let's say you want to draw your character scared or surprised, Then we usually go with something like this, just plain circles. And this is it just two circles, perfect circles and you are. So now again, all you have to do is to grab your pen and draw your eyes. Very simple. Going to add some color again. All right, there we go. Now, before we jump to the next eyes. I just want to point something out. So we didn't add any color to our previous eyes. But here we usually just as the white they are wides. There's nothing else. No more detail. Let's say you're currently scared, are very surprised, just very, very emotive. So just open wide white eyes. So this is it. And now, for the last stop of eyes were going to draw narrow I. So it is something in between these very open styles and very closed. So let's see that him here and now again, Going to grab here my pencil. Now, like I mission, when we draw a happier face, our eyes go more above this line than below. In this case is the opposite. So when we draw never arise. Usually it's because we're trying a sad face or a very angry face. Uh, and for that we want to go below this line so straight line and same on the other side. If you draw both eyes at the same time like I'm doing like one line, then same line on the other side. It will make it easier for you to have your lines, your eyes very symmetrical. So drop drone online, then draw the same line on the other side. Now half a circle here and the same on this side. Off health a circle here. So see, they both look very similar to each other. This way. So this is it's. And now we're going to draw our final lines. I'm going to add some color toe face here and again. The insides off the eyes will be white, just like we did previously. And there we go. We have here four types off ice. But there's something missing, isn't it? We didn't draw any eyelashes so far. Now, 40 eyelashes In this case, they work exactly just like the ice. So for example, we have here are normal eyes were going to have our eyelashes somewhat here. Very simple curve. Our character is normal. We don't need to do a lot with its For the second option, for example, you can make your eyelashes even higher because your character is really happy. But it will be the same style, so somewhere here. But you can make them lower. It's all up to you itself, up toe how much you want to exaggerate your expressions. If you have the hair going insides the face, maybe you won't even see them. For this case, the surprised case is basically the same. You can't, but there's two ways you can go about it so you can go with the curves ones like we're doing. But you can also do them going on the other side. So, like this, so your character is scared or is embarrassed. Even if it's a surprise expression, it can also be not in a positive way. So experiment also with these idea. If your character is happy, the Kyros will be curved this way. But if it's not, we curve them on the opposite way like this, so pay attention that the IRAs can be very important. As you can see, they are changing already. How are expressions are here just for the eyes? And finally, if we're doing your character angry or annoyed, we tend to have very straight lines for the eyelashes. So again, it would be similar to what we drew here. So we have or eyelashes going like this. Very straight lines in the same on the other side. So there we go. We have here already four expressions. Even without the mouth, we can really tell how our character is feeling in each one. Off this. Okay, so this is it. 40 eyes. We have four types of ice. And with this we can already draw Ah, whole spectrum off expressions. But there's something missing. So in the next video, we're going to draw different types off mouths. So you ready to draw any expression, so I'll see you next. 4. Drawing Chibi Mouths: Hello and welcome back now. We drew our eyes and now it's time for our she be melts. These are all very symbolist. Well, and there's two ways to go about it. So we have close mouths and open mouths and they can be smaller or bigger, especially with open case. And this is why we have a few more examples to show here. But they are all very simple, so there's no need to be afraid. So first of all, where Woods our mouths be. So we saw that are ours are on this line and now for the mouth is just a bit lower. So now we have all this space going from here to the end of a face. And now we just need a line at the middle point off this line here, so going to grab here and my car line beat upwards. And there we go. I'm going to just duplicate this line and put it here as well for or other examples. So there we go. We now know where we're going to drop our mouth, and now we just need to make our drawing. So we're going to start, reads a closed style, and I'm not even going to do our sketch because it's not really needed here. It's really, really simple. So you're drawing your character with a very normal expression, very neutral. Your character is just content. I'm not very happy, not nor sad or angry, just a neutral expression. So we have a very simple smile. I like to usually have thes cut in the mouth. So something like this now for the next Imagine this time that your character is feeling a bit annoyed. Did not happy. They're not super angry and screaming, but they're not happy either. They are bitter nights and their several ways that you can go about this, but my favorite one is the imported V. So doing something like this very simple. In Inverted V, I think it really expresses that emotion and the night expression. Your character isn't happy, but it isn't terribly angry either. This is the way I like to portray it. I think it does portrayed the annoyed emotion, but it's also very cute, so this is one way to go about it. Otherwise, you can just do the curved mouth but curve downwards on the other side. It works as well. So next one way are entering now the open mouths type. So when we're drying Amat's open, they can go both voice. They can be very small steel. What? It can be very big again. It's all up to you on how exaggerates you want your expressions to be. So let's say that your character is a bit nervous but still trying. Teoh hide that. So we do a very small smile. So let's go curve here and then another curve, Abovitz. And now we just need to because discos. So we have these small smile. It can also work for if your character is content, there's a small smile to them as well. And then we can also use this for a bit of a more negative expression. So let's say your character Is it scared, for example, Or again, a bit embarrassed, even angry or a nights and we have another option. We, instead off doing very curved lines. We can use very straight lines. So again, this is a small style of mouth, so we have a straight line and then another straight line bill, so it's very simple. It's a whole other style when we do a more negative expression, I like to use straightened lines for the mouth. But when it's happier I use rounded lines. It gives a different style and the need a difference emotion to the characters. So these are two types off him out static, and you're a small but open mouth. And now we have big ones. Be open mouth. So again, a more positive emotion. So your character is very happy. They are smiling. They are maybe even laughing. So how I like to go with shady characters, he's reads almost a heart shaped mouth. It's very simple to draw. You draw one side and that the other, like I said, almost like Ah, heart. But here below, it's just a curved line. We don't end our hearts with the pointy end is just a curved line. And then, of course, the sun. This is how I usually like to go with my happy months. Also off course, we can make them even beer. Okay, so we exaggerate his idea and to make our Curto look even happier. So, yes, don't forget that the size and how much you exaggerates your shapes on your drawings will emphasize even more the emotions. And now, of course, we have again the other option. So you're drawing. You're care to say they're very angry or even crying. And we do again a bit more straighter lines, Stan, with our other drawing above So one line. Then we go down down again on the other side. And there we go. This is it. And of course we can do our thing here. So there we go. We have almost a rectangle shope here and again. We can exaggerate. It's more or less You can make its bigger or smaller. You can experiment as much as you want. The place shape is this one. And then we can just try and change the measurements off her mouth here so we can change our emotions and your expressions a little bit more. But this is it. We have here many cells of mouths, and with this you can already portray quite a lot of emotions. So this is it for the mouths. I'm going to color all of these very quickly. I'm going to fast forward it, and next we're going to draw full expression. So we're going to go over four expressions and learn how to draw them. So here we go. We have our coloring done. As you can see, it's very simple. Most of the times it's just adding some whites to the mouth. Except when we're drawing are very big open mouth and we have something. For example, I usually add caller to the thing and the back off the mouth. But you can also leave it very simple as well. You can steal, not sure the thunk and just painted with some white. It's all about your own style. So this is it. And next we're going to draw happy expression, so I'll see you there. 5. Drawing Happy Expressions: Hello and welcome back. Now we reach a time where we're going to draw full expressions, and the 1st 1 is a happy expression. So we went over several types, off eyes and several types off months. Now it's all about mixing matching them, so you have the expression you want. So let's start them. I have here the base. All our heads were going to draw on Lee the face. We're not going to worry about the hair or the rest of the body, just the face. And so I'm going to start with de ice. Now I'm just going to draw the final lines like we just saw. The lines are very simple, but if you think you still need to go through the sketch face, please feel free to do it. It's good for your own practice. And if you're not used to the lines that do some sketches and practice first and then do your final lines. So I'm going to start with the eyes. And like we talked about, we drew some closed eyes for a happy expression. So that's what we're going to do this time, so I'm going to drop a notch here one watch and now another one on the other side. Ariel and I'm going to adhere Another eyelash and another one on the other side can even ads One more. Our eyes are done very simple and very easy. And now, some eyebrows going to go Something like this big ticker. Almost like we're drawing a drop of water or a tear and other same thing on the other side . There we go. So helpful office is done. Now all we need is our mouth. Now when we're doing our mouths, we talked about that for a very happy expression with no probable with a big open mouth. So that's what we're going to do Not so we went with our heart shaped mouth and I think that's what we're going to do here. Also, you can go weeds a very symmetrical style, O r. They can be very different. One side from the other, actually, like for them not to be equal on both sides of the Rego our heart shape and then a tongue I'm going to move it to beat down. Here we go. And this is it we have here are happy expression. So usually this is how I go with it. I feel that having the eyes closed emphasises, do the happiness. You're laughing and you're smiling so much at your eyes close off course, the art should be upwards and not downwards. So this way and then a very big and open mouth. You can even exaggerate more how big the most is and the Kairos go upwards and are a bit far away from the eyes. Like we talked at the beginning. A very open face. The face is very open. So now we just need to add some color, like always very simple and very easy. And now we can add something more to remember what we said that details make a difference and emphasize our emotions even more. Let's add something else here. So, for example, I'm going to add some rosy sheikhs here. There we go. So I think it makes my character look even cuter. She has some red on the sheikhs. She's very happy and laughing. So this is it. This is our first expression, as you can see, very simple and very easy. And well, follow me to the next video. We're going to draw next expression 6. How To Draw Angry Expressions: Hello and welcome back. Now we drew a happy face, and this time we're going to do the exact opposite. We're going to draw angry fights. So I have here my base, my head's. So as you can remember from the beginning, we thought about how more negative expressions tend to make that everything in the faces close together. So that's what we're going to do here. The eyes to the eyebrows and the most is close together, close to each other, and we're going to start with eyes, and we're going to use the narrow type off ice that with it, but this time a bit more exaggerated. So one line here and then the eye, let's make it even more exaggerated. So they have in the line like this, and then we can draw out. I tell you one, I going to make it a bit bigger, going even lower like this. So when we draw help, your emotions are eyes. Go a bit above this line, and with an angry expression or set expression, it's the opposite. It goes below the line like this, and now for the eye bro again. But I have been a line going down and then we make here the lines going up like this, very simple. And now we can just go over here. Duplicates are layer. Now we breast control t and go to our sleep horizontal, but And this way we have are all that I ready to go if if you want to make things easier for you and if he wants everything to be very symmetrical, this is a way to do it off course. This works better if you're doing digitally, but it's also do doable with traditional are to have the architect paper. I think that's the name for it in English that you can trace your drawings and then pope it toe another piece of paper on toe. Other place off your paper. So it's their tools. It's not shooting. They're just tools that you can use to make your life easier. So we have our eyes done. They already look very menacing and angry, and now it's all a matter off choosing how we want our must be and I don't know about you, but I feel like with this eyes, my character is really, really angry, and it's screaming and shutting it everyone, So that's what I'm going to do. So my mouth is going. I'm going to really exaggerate that idea. So my mouth struggle is going to start here, and I was going to go down and, uh, there we go. And you know what? We can even live like this. We don't need another line here at the end. These really emphasizes how angry my character is so much angry that you can't even see the sheen anymore. It's just mouth just open mouth, screaming. And of course, we can still do a bit off a chunk, something like this. So there we go. We have Here are angry expression. Now we just need to add some color to it, and this is it. As you can see, it's very simple again. We talked about how we can add details to emphasize our emotion even more, and there's something else we can adhere. It's very common to see in Kabul comic books or among of books, a little symbol when the characters get very angry. So it's It's something like this. So several angles like this going to make my brush a bit bigger. There we go. So it's very simple, but it does makes our expression better and off course. You can exaggerate this even more can make it bigger going outside the character For examples of something like this, you can make it smaller just inside the face. There's lots of boys that you can go about it. But again, it's something that you can add to your character to emphasize the emotion even more so this is it for now, and follow me to the next video, where we're going to draw a set expression, so I'll see you there. 7. How To Draw Sad Expressions: Hey and welcome back. We are almost done now. We drew happy and angry faces, and now we're going to draw a set face. So let's see how we're going to go about this. So we're going to start by creating in your layer, going to grab here my pan and I'd say we can go with the round I style for this one. So one circle and then another off course. If you're doing digitally, you can use the circle tool. Or you can just practice your circles, which is also a good thing to do going to move them a bit or moved this one and bids that we go now I'm going to move them a bit. He had Okay, Okay, this looks good. No, before going to the mouth eyebrows. So we have here one to, and we can even do something like this on one side and other. And then you can just erase the lines that go out so we can just come here and you raised this line so something like this. So the eyebrows are joined together with our eyes and now for the mouth. Let's go with something. Beats difference. But then with a bit with something small, a small ma something like this still open or if you prefer, we can go really with a closed smallmouth. It works, too. Let's go with something like this. So we have all our types off months done off course. There's also, if you want to exaggerate, let's try something. The beats fun, very fun, kind of shape. There we go. Something like this is also fund to draw. And it gives more emotion to our character to self almost like a mountain shape, mountains shape and then a curve we love. And for this one I'm going to live it like this, not disappoint. It kind of looks like a ghost, but you're going to add some color at some points and look less like close. But it it looks quite said already. And now again, we can add something else to our care toe to look even sadder. We can add rivers off tears. Very sad, but it also makes it look very cute. Someone on this side and now on the other side, the same every go. I'm already feeling sorry for our character here. They don't deserve this, but we have to do it. We have to learn how to go with it. So this is it. This is our very, very sad character. I think it has very fun shapes, and at the same time they are very simple shapes. So I hope you have fun with them. Now, off course, we just add our caller and you can live it just with the white. Or you can add, for example, you can leave the mouth and the ice white, but at some, the bluish tone for the tears. So something like this might be better. So I really like how it looks like this. And this is it. This is our said expression, very Selves with a lot of tears. It's a river of tears and this is how I'd go with it. So next we're going to draw next expression and we're going to try something different. So follow me to the next video 8. How To Draw Confused Expressions: Hello and welcome back. This is it. This is our lest exercise are less expression. And this time we're going to do something different. We're going to do a confused expression. Now this one is very fun, especially because off our eyes. So let's do this going to create here in your layer and we're going to start with rice as always, not 40 eyes. We went through several types of ice, but we're going to do different this time. We're not going to choose any off them or well, we can put them maybe in the rounded category. But we're going to do some spiral eyes like this and now the same on the other side. Now don't worry too much if the eyes are looking the same again. If you want, you can just copy paste them and you have very similar eyes. But sometimes I like to play with how much bigger one off the ice is. For example, one off them is very small and the other very big. So that's something you can play with this time. We're going with something very similar, but as you can see, they are still not the same. They are different from each other, and that's fine. It does help Read the expression here. So we have Here are ice and now we can add some I rose Very simple. I rose. There we go. And now all we are missing is the mouth And for that we're going with ah, small style, but open so straight line going down the beats going down the bids and connect There we go . And of course, you can play a bit here with the distance if you wanted close or if you want them going farther apart. I think you have to go farther apart. It makes it a bit funnier. They are very confused and very surprised at the same time. And this is it very simple. And now all we need to do is at some color. But before that, we can even add some more spirals here outside to add a bit more to the feel of confusion, it gives a pit more to your character. And now yes, we can add some color again. It's very simple here. We don't need to add a lot of color. So it's just our skin tone. And then the white on the month. This is it. Very confused face. Now I hope you had fun. We are done with the learning parts. But follow me to the next video where we're going to talk about your assignment. So I'll see you there. Bye bye. 9. Time To Practice! - Assignment: Hello and welcome. It's time for your assignment. Now I'm going to give you three options. You just need to choose one Andrew accordingly. Option one. Super happy. Imagine that your character had a perfect day and feel very good about it. Option two. Super Angry. Your character had the worst day, and they just want to scream. Auction tree Scared. It's Halloween and your character went toe a hunted house, for example. There's no need to ever do it. You can just draw the head and expression like we did in our videos. When you're done, don't forget to post your expressions. I can't wait to see what you can come up with and, as always, have fun. 10. Conclusion And Thank You!: Hello again and congratulations. You finish discuss. I hope you learned a lot and have fun with this. And I also hope to see lots of projects from you. Now, as always, if you think there's something I can do to make this class better for you, do like me. No. And do consider living your review so other people can find this class as well. Not. Finally, if you want to know more about she be character scared to resign or even draw cute animals . Check out my other classes and hopefully I'll see you soon.