How To Draw Ellipses and Teacups - An easy technique to improve your drawing | Shellie Cleaver | Skillshare

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How To Draw Ellipses and Teacups - An easy technique to improve your drawing

teacher avatar Shellie Cleaver, Visual art + academic writing classes

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Draw Ellipses Introduction

    • 2. What Goes Wrong with Ellipses

    • 3. How to Draw Ellipses Successfully

    • 4. Your Project

    • 5. Thanks

    • 6. Brief Teacher Introduction

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About This Class

Join Sydney artist Shellie for this 14 minute class that explains how to draw ellipses and teacups.

We'll explore what commonly goes wrong when drawing a teacup or an ellipse, and then we will explore an easy technique that will help you draw perfect ellipses every time.

Teacups make popular images for art an illustration and learning to master the ellipse is vital - with this class you will be a pro :)

Meet Your Teacher

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Shellie Cleaver

Visual art + academic writing classes


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1. Draw Ellipses Introduction: Hello. My name is Shelly Arm from Sydney, Australia, and I'm a fine artist. I've been drawing and painting for many, many years. When I was at school, I learned a great technique for drawing ellipses and circles, and that's what I'm gonna teach you today. You five it out in the landscape. And if you're doing still alive, Portrait's any type of art form involves ellipses and circles, and getting them riot is really important because it's distracting when they don't look quite right. Lots of things can go wrong with drawing a circle or an ellipse from any perspective. But I'm going to share with you this amazingly simple technique that will take all of those issues away, and you will be drawing ellipses and circles that look perfect. This class is suitable for people off all levels. Whether you're a beginner up or whether you're a more advanced artist, the content of this class will be valuable for you. We don't need many materials, just the pains of paper and a pencil or pen. If you digitally, that's right. Use whatever materials or equipment suits. You feel normal practice. Okay, so grabby materials. I'm start pleasure. You please cost. Let's get started and get those circles and ellipses told about 2. What Goes Wrong with Ellipses: So let's have a look at what can go wrong when you try to draw a take up. When you try to draw that lips, it's very natural to actually draw it like you can see here with the sharp edges of the corner. Now, this is not representing the reality, which is that there's actually a circle at the top of it. Take up. And so these sharp edges don't exist and don't represent what we're looking at properly. But there's a quick and easy way to actually draw an ellipse accurately. It's super fun, and anyone condone it, so let's have a look at this technique now. 3. How to Draw Ellipses Successfully: so the first step is to look at the Ellipse, depending on the angle, which you're looking at that take up and look at the left edge and the right edge of that ellipse and try to draw roughly how wide that that line is on the edge, through a connecting horizontal line between them. Now look at the back edge of the Ellipse and marking the flat area of that and the frontage , and now all you need to do is draw a line between those two, and now we have our guides. Based on these marks, we now gently work the line of the Ellipse from one of these points to the next, creating a smooth transition between them on what you'll find is that you have in the lips that is realistic and doesn't have sharp edges and truly represents the form off the take up. So let's look at this again, but from a staple perspective where there's less of the inside of the take up showing, this will give you a better idea of how this technique works from different angles when looking at a take up, - and now we'll try one as if we were looking down on top of the take up. So it's almost a normal circular shape. - A really fantastic way to learn this skill is to actually practice drawing over an image often actual take up this way, you get to gain a sense off how deep those lines should be on the edges and to actually see how the technique does guide you to dragging that line from each of the four points around to create the perfect lips. 4. Your Project: So now it's your turn. Time for your project. Now that we've looked at the new technique for drawing Felix of a take up, choose a take up that you love Get your pencil and paper or pen or whatever you'd like to draw it. And now let's follow the technique and draw that take up. Once you've finished, please take a photo and upload it to the class page because I really love to see what my students a drawing. I'm just showing you here my attempt at drawing the take up in front of May, and that will give you some idea of what you might be trying to achieve. I hope it's fun, and then he can take it further if you like, and add color or pattern to your teacup. 5. Thanks: thank you for joining me for this class. On learning how to draw ellipses and circles. I heard that it was helpful when we looked at what could go wrong with drawing in a lips or a circle. And then the technique which is so simple but so effective in making those ellipses form the right shape. I heard that you feel more confident now in approaching any task that involves drawing circles and ellipses. And I heard that you feel like your time spent with me and this cost was valuable and worthwhile. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to get in touch. Please share on the project page your attempts to draw the circles and using the technique . And if you enjoyed this class, I'd love it if you would share with your friends like the class review it. Thanks so much for joining me. And we'll see you for future class by 6. Brief Teacher Introduction: so from a creativity is central to what I do. It really feeds. May I think creativity is vital to our well being and is worth pursuing and is worth investing time in. My name is Shelly. I'm a Sydney based artist, Andi. I work across many mediums. I studied oil painting at the National at School in Sydney. It was a beautiful sandstone jail with a very traditional Italian based structure, so we learned drawing every stage of education. By taking these classes step by step, you'll build your skills, your knowledge and also you experience and confidence. And that's the thing that's worth pursuing, because in the end, you're an artistic practice could really sustain you and sustain your life. So I really hope that these classes help you on your creative journey. And they make doing these creative activities less scary and give you some confidence to move forward in your in practice. Thanks for stopping by. I really hurt my classes of helpful for you. You might even say my to studio assistants Ali and Millie in some of the classes