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How To Draw Cute Succulent Plants in Terrarium

teacher avatar Winda Lee, Illustrator, Writer, Youtuber

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (1h 15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to learn

    • 3. Tools and Colors

    • 4. Oval Terrarium

    • 5. Oval Terrarium Color

    • 6. Bowl Terrarium

    • 7. Bowl Terrarium Color

    • 8. Fantasy Terrarium

    • 9. Fantasy Terrarium Color

    • 10. Jug Terrarium

    • 11. Jug Terrarium Color

    • 12. Diamond Terrarium

    • 13. Diamond Terrarium Color

    • 14. Aqua Terra

    • 15. Aqua Terra Color

    • 16. Galaxy Tube

    • 17. Galaxy Tube Color

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About This Class

Hi there!

I am happy to announce that I have new course series of Succulent Terrarium Drawing Courses.

These cute and adorable plants are very popular and effective way to reduce stress.

And I want to make it not just about drawing the Succulent plants but also with Terrarium.

I will show you step by step how I draw cute succulent plants in terrarium.

There are 5 adorable Terrariums to start from the basic to fantasy!

You can also use the drawings you make to be stickers, planners, and many more.

This is a great opportunity for you to learn how to draw cute succulent plants in terrariums and having a lifetime drawing skill.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact me!

Best regards,

Winda Lee

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Winda Lee

Illustrator, Writer, Youtuber





Hi, my name is Winda Lee and I'm an illustrator and a writer.

I love to draw cute stuffs and children related illustrations. I also a pattern maker which allows me to create many cute patterns in my free time.

I am best known as the author for Gummy's Diary in Line's Webtoon Challenge in Indonesia and some in US version with readers 1.5M, 32.8k subcribers and 9.7 ratings with many young moms and young girls readers.

And also Youtuber at WindaLeeDraws where I make videos about love and personal story.

I graduated from Ciputra University in Visual Communication Design major and illustrations specialist in 2010.

As a young Mom with little twin boys myself, I have experience about how to teach my sons to draw and I... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi. This cute and honorable plans are very popular and effective way to reduce stress. And I want to make it not just a patrol discipline plants, but also with terrarium in the scars. I will show you step by step, how I drove kids suckling plans in many Terreri, um, ships from circle to fantasy ones and more. It will be very easy and suitable for beginner. Even if you have no joining skills experience to start, I will throw it from a very simple line to form simple basic ship. Step a step on. It forms the physical plans in Terry. Um, I'm pretty sure that you can follow each time without them. I also show you its colors that I'm going to use for its plan. You will see the whole process and learn from it. You can also use the drawings you make to the stickers, planners and many more. It's time to improve your drawing stills. Let's start 2. How to learn: before we begin, I will share some tips on how the Landis cars effectively first repair tools. Whether they're digital Arthur's, you know, before playing video, what's the video? And listen carefully, then try to may make what I draw. You can press the passport while you drove. Write down some notes on point. Have you remember important things? Don't forget to practice regularly and ask your family or friends for the opinion on your jobbing to improve your skill. Okay, see you next week. 3. Tools and Colors: Hi. In this video, I will show you what to I use and how to learn. I use digital tools for making these drawings, such as out of auto shop, trying top net and amid a spec laptop. If you are going with traditional tools, you can use car pencils, marker criers, even watercolor because my car, technically it's very simple. So anything that have some color, you can follow my steps easily. I color from the basic color first and then adding some shadows with the darker color when I didn't highlight a lighter color on the base color, you can make some cap place. Helen. When you colored piece are, you can put the light color on the top off the base. If you use, teach them. As for the color selections, you can also use my cards charge. Right, that's below. Okay, let's begin 4. Oval Terrarium: okay for the first dairy. Um, I'm going to make something based on simple ship. First like authorship with several cubes. Circle plans inside. Let's go First throw. The whole ship we're going to use is awful, but I will make the ship or fun, so I'm going to make it narrower on the upside where its mouth is. Okay, make a cough line like this and then make the bottom part off the face after death. Let's close it with the same ship like left site. Fast doesn't need to be second round or clean. It can at the natural t on your Joey so it will be not too stiff. Alright, other line is finished now less at throw a splendid authorship like this. Our first look very unique right now. Let's fill it with the plans. Very succulent plants in Theriot way need to throw it from the front to the back. So I'm going to start with a plus up leaves. Battles like this make it love in their own ship. - Wake up big, but the ship is kinda like Eckert. Start from here to here. Make another one and do it better. Very good. It's a big plan with two objects. Only making Mariam is about composition, so don't be afraid to add more. I'm going to add two more plants, make a straight line, then fill it with way. Make another one here. Babel's this'll area is ready to because let's go, the new with the next video. 5. Oval Terrarium Color: Okay, let's turn our over. Terry. Um, in do this, Let's go. I've prepared $6 a year. We will started Simple. Let me explain the colors first. The first color is for the little lives here, with second and third color is for the big, but the four colors is for the pebbles. Fifth and sixth color on for the blossoming plans in the front. Let's implement the colors. Start with the course color feeling in the lifts. Okay. Used to start dollar first to make the border with the second dollar color This, but with $2. It doesn't matter with scholar Wilco First, as long as you know the border line like this and then fill it first. All right. Now use Take second. Learn to feel the top. - If you use for the color, crayons or digital, you can plan both colors like this. Okay, let's use the vascular course to fill the front plan and continue to use the fourth color toe colored pebbles. I wear a lot, right? $50 is for the highlight on the pink plan. I want to make it look spla nice. It's then. Osem, are all of us. A planetarium is finished. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. See you on the next video 6. Bowl Terrarium: Okay. Our next shape for literary, um, is cold. We will fill this pool with exciting plans in fight. Let's go first. Let's make a line like this toe, Make the site off the boat. Okay? No. Make a little cough line and then make Coughlan again. Could make the bottom part grit make the right side off the bulls like this. Maybe it's not the same as the left side, and it's OK now. Make the mark like this. Okay, The ball is finished. Let's fill it with the plans. What is one? Make the plans form the bottom part tables, then make live like this. And like your friends spread out, make four of them small. And those big at the back now for the high life Didn't make a big flower behind lives. Makes battles won by what sense of flour is have opened. So the ship is like an awful with sharp points. Fill it with the paddle again on the back. Throw them between the froth. All right. Bag is can empty. So I'm going to fill it with French, make a stem like this and then make believe from the missed em. Make a small stem here and throw our live like this. Make the competition looks stable. Let's make another brands on the right side. But this time is taller and has two small times way super kickball. The area is here and ready to be calling. Let's go. We knew the next video. 7. Bowl Terrarium Color: Okay, let's turn our full from this. Do this. Let's go. I have prepared it. Colors here. Let's break it down. The 1st 3 colors are for the fans. Ship leaves before colors for the rebels. The fifth and $6 are for the big power Stephan and it colors are for the lives on the branches. Okay, let's go. Right now. Start with the fourth color. First, we will color it from the bottom up. Fill in the pebbles. Be careful not to offer love lives. Okay? Use the color color the bottom part off the lives. Make the wavy line border to get us then. Billy. All right, - All right. Fill the rest with second brother when they knew that the $6 to make the best on the big that okay, the color for the lives on this Them nice . Now other details on the red leaves using the serpent color Just lines like this. This color for the flower and the first color part of family lives by making dogs at the upper part. Let me name off the colors. Great. Our military, um looks super awesome. If you have any questions, Phils Braves conduct me. See you on the next review 8. Fantasy Terrarium: all right. This time we will throw something different than before. A fantasy. Terreri? Um, I'm so excited. Let's go. Okay. For the tear area. I want to make it p spacious, but still in fantasy team. So I decided to use crystal for the very, um, first make four vertical lines. What is still the right? Do almost straight lines start from here. So this school will appear longer than line before and one land did up to the left. Okay, Now, let's close the bottom, then close the upper right. And the left side's first for this. And the part make appointee age like this. Great. Next from the first line, make a line again like this from here. Fornicate with this coin as well as the right side. But I at a point here, okay. For the bottom part, at a small line, only new again in a straight line. Make the same lines with the left side again. Here. Okay, connect the lines. Now, last part is getting the backside off the crystal. I will make it like it's filled with liquid. So at thin lines like this make them as parallel with the bottom part as you can. Then make the upper part by kiss. And it's the same as the area at the bottom. All right, The crystal is done. Now let's feel it. Started from the bottom. The pebbles then make succulent pens here. Okay. To feel the height, make weapon lines from here to here. Then fill it with lives which are connected together. Fadi. Good to fill the gap. Make small lives like this. So cute. Right? Last plan. Make a burnable ship cactus year with a tiny kids flower. Okay, I want to add Start now. You can add what? Everyone? Because this is a friend of the team. Then I'm adding marbles between the camp. Nice. Our fantasy Terrian trolling is finished a scullery on the next video. 9. Fantasy Terrarium Color : Okay, let's get our fantasy. Terry. Um, in the race for this one, I have $14 down. Whoa, that's a lot. But the morning we will take them down one by one. The 1st 2nd and the third dollars are for the tall plans. The fourth and the fifth colors are for the tiny leaves at the bottom, and the cactus flower, six and $7 are for the actors. Eight. And the colors are for the front. Lives with $10 is for the devils. 11 12 and 13. Colors are for the liquid, and the last color is for the stars and bubbles. Okay, left all of the papeles first with 10 color. All right. No. Used to eight and need colors for the front plans. One is for the bottom part way. Okay, now used to second color as the base off the top men's. - Then use the color order details. The first dollar for the light way. We're almost there. Use the stuff color for the base off the cactus way and then six color for the highlight. Follow the ship off the characters and you will be all right. Next color. The bottom lives and the flower on the characters with face color way with color, way stars and bubbles with last time with a dollar but only half part up hot used color on the border off them, you can use a blending technique to make them sport just $11 for the surface off the ticket . Like this way with last step, Use what color to make the highlight. Follow the ship off the list done at them too much so it can look natural. Then let's remove the color top Now. Also, don't hesitate to contact me if you need help. See you again on my next video. 10. Jug Terrarium: Okay. This time, let's make more a symmetrical ship. Junk ship. Very. Um, First, let's make the mark a small often like this for the body. Make a cough line like this and then make a bulky lion for this part. Make a curved line for the bottom. All right. For the right side, it will be different. Way will make a single cough line. Not TV, like the left side. Okay, the Pakistan. Now, let's fill it with the plans. Like before, Draw the plan stuff from the front back first. And in this case, I will make two batters like this Can not like a flower petals. Okay, then draw three plates off sharp lives behind the bath off slowly the bottom at some bubbles. Uh, now, let's feel the sites with more petals because the judge is tall. I want to make a tall tweak with small kids. Lives. Believes. Looks like hearts. Okay, this area is empty, right? I will fill it with cactus. Make the shape, like making our folks here. But it's plum, and it's different in height. Add a little flour on the top. Very good at some cactus here. On here. Okay. for the retails at small and straight lines to make the thorns. If you make the lions not straight, it will be more like for we don't want that right? Awesome. Did. Jack Terry, um is finished? That's got all right in the next video. 11. Jug Terrarium Color: Okay, lets get all throwing from this to this. I have $9 now. The first and the second dollars are for the characters. The color is for the hardships leaves the 4th 5th and sixth dollars are for the plate. Ships lives Stephan, and the eight colors are for to pet us, and the last colors is for the pebbles. Start with the last color first people's way, - then the color for the bottom park off the Matos make gravy. Borders like these two separate the color. Now the bettors with color. Let's continue to call the case off the rest. Start with the lead ship, plays with colors first and on and on, and then used a $50 for the hardship leaves the second dollar for the practice and the first color for the small flower. Now, for the details, use the $6 to make the course off the blade Ship lives and the last details on it with color. Then that's continue to the next video 12. Diamond Terrarium : in this video, we will make the area more complex With the diamond ship. Let's go. So make a diamond shape the way it's a bit tricky. You can use a ruler or mental if you want to make the line Super Street, But if you're doing it's OK to first, let's make a straight line. This'll line is served as the middle line and make it as tall as you want someone is. Then, for the next step, make a 45 degrees line to the left, make a shirt line down 45 degree again to the right, until it's the same position as the middle line. Yeah, and then blows it. Great. Now form this point. Make a land at this point, okay? Now make a Shetland again to connect it to this point. As you can see, this will make two different lines that have different angle. The more very you make, the line is more crystalline. All right, the left side is finished. Now. We need to copy the same on the right side. But flick there, that line state line down here that line again and glossy the same with the inside lines. Great last time is erasing the middle line, but not are just up here. Diamond ship is finished. Now let's fill it with beautiful plans because the ship is pointing on the top. I prefer the competition is just around here To be balance for the main focus, I will make a beautiful flower with offer lapping petals make the front part first and then fillets around the first petal. Next, make a fan ship leave on the right side. Okay To make it balanced. I want to make a cactus again, but it's round now at some pebbles at the bottom. - All right, make it those balls that kiss. You can play with the size, too. Make detectors again on the side because this part is empty. I need to fill it with tall plans. So I will make two branches off. Hardship lives here and here. Awesome! The diamond area is finished. Lets cholera it on the next video 13. Diamond Terrarium Color : I can wait to see. How are them in their area? Will it or not? From this goodies? Let's go. I have $8 now. The first dollar is afforded hardship lives, and the second dollar is for detectors. The cliff color is for the flower on detectors. The fourth and fifth colors are for the front flower. The six and seven colors are for the friendship lives, and the last color is for the pebbles. Let's start with the last car First the rebels all right now use the $4 for the big flower and feel it on the bottom part. They used the fifth color toe. Feel the rest and some does make the pattern. Now use the six and $7 for the fan ship. Okay, use the second dollar for the practice and the third color for the little flower on it. Finally, use the first color to color the hardship lives. Please let me know if you have any patients to you on the next video 14. Aqua Terra: all right. This time we will throw offenders a terrarium, but in different team. Let's go. Okay for the geranium. We're going to make a round face like this. So the first time make the bottom first align with 10 points on the left and right, they make around ship like this. Well, make it have the death. Make an offer until the position. Like this. Now this part is a bit tricky. Follow the ship off the ball. Make another life. In 10 years, we want to make the water inside and make the ball looks like less. So you came and you pull it line by I think some caps to make it look like liquid. Then make a wavy, landlocked piece by holding the rest of the ship. And at someone drops here. All right, the ball is finished Now let's feel it. Start with the flowers time and it's lives. Then make flower. But those like this make the movie. - Let's step, make a fine ship leaves behind the flower. The death Muktar lives like seaweed next to the flower like wavy lines toe to shape lives. No, as about, um at some people's, we're going to make it interesting. So I have two little countries, - then adding the stars and moons, huh? You can change their position as long as they are spreading. Then at some bubbles alive is finished. Let's color it in the next few do. 15. Aqua Terra Color: Okay, let's color Are Quadra in this? What is what I have 15 College Now Don't worry. We will break them when they want. First is for the pebbles. Second enters color are fourth doll lives for color is for friendship Leave. Fifth color is for flowers them. The sixth and seventh color are for the floor betters 89 and 10 colors are for the water. 11 color is for the thesis. 12 color is for the stars and wounds 13 and 14 colors are for the ball, and the last color is for the bubbles. Okay, Lester of the people's first with first color way, way and second color for their shadow. Okay, now use the four color for the fan ship live. They used 1/5 color for the flowers. Finally flower six color, - and so we're almost there. Used to 11 color for fishes, you can add the highlight using what color? That car, the stars and the horns. Using 12 color, the water starts from the upper part. Used $10 for it. Theun used the color for the middle part way. Make the border by making a wavy line, then fill the rest with color to make this throwing looks like class at some highlights. Following the shape of the whole with the last color, Nice way will do something different. I'm going to car the background pink. So for the whole, I'm using helping like 40 color that at some say does. Using the color you get at somewhere. That's to allow right our eyes finished. That's got the new in the next video. 16. Galaxy Tube: Hi everyone. I hope you are doing great today. We are going to make something different. We're gonna make a alien, but in desktop like this, let's call it the galaxy to first. Let's make the upper part of the job like geese. Then close it. After dead meat alarm land to make the body of the two ends close it again with a rounded line. Okay. The next part is the upper part. Close to the first part, and then make the leap. Alright, we want to make it look like. So next we will show it is didn't align plaza drops here and Jada live it's gaps. So make it unique at a big flower are the top battle, but that's all it is. It didn't dumb. They did. You guess, kept. Our stuff gets another object. Okay. We'll get flowing like these to make outgoing more dynamic. Inside, make a breadth of lists like this. I plot the top side to solve stars mod N, a planning tool. So to make it more unique, let's have a big star here. Also. Half step, I add a beanie inside the big star and add the details to the bugging. Our doublet. Ok. Let's go to the next video. 17. Galaxy Tube Color: All right, let's make these injuries. They have eight colors here, but the first two columns are for the flowers. The third, fourth colors and font, the upper part of the fifth, sixth color. And for the liquid inside. The stanford color is for the stars more than n planet. And last guy layer is going to blast and the base. Let's start collecting flowering files using the first color. Then add some details. Use the fertile land for a lit. As you get to see it in the right, you can make them like mine are just using the pleasures black is occupied. Then News did that for the next $6 pottery. And what a big star. First tolerance are the leaves again and yellow color organic cotton stars on planet. Then use those shift a larva, the highlight of the liquid for the shape of it. Mark blended, used a $6 again, then lend it to the sky color at some sparkles with basically an antique. I hope you are having family distance and see you in the next video.