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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What Makes A Character Cute

    • 3. Basic Shapes Of Chibi Characters

    • 4. Boys vs Girls

    • 5. Coloring Your Chibi Characters

    • 6. Drawing The Side View - Basic Shapes

    • 7. Side View - Boys Vs Girls

    • 8. Drawing The Back View Of Your Character!

    • 9. Posing Your Characters With References

    • 10. Assignment

    • 11. Conclusion

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About This Class


Everyone loves Cute Characters.

Do you want to draw Cute Chibi Characters? Do you want a Step-by-Step guide on how to draw these amazingly cute characters?

Then you've come to the right place!

In this Class, we're going to be drawing cute little characters from the ground up.

Everything will be done in very simple and intuitive steps so that you can follow along and draw your own Chibi characters right away!

For the Class you'll need:

  • A piece of Paper + Pencil or Pen
  • or
  • A Drawing Tablet + Software of Your Choice

Any option works, so choose the one that you're most comfortable with and let's start drawing!


Here's what we'll be covering in the Class:

What Makes a Character Cute? Where we talk about everything that you need to know to make cute characters, along with specific examples.

Base Body Shapes. So that you have the general shapes that you can use for ANY character that you want to draw.

Boys vs Girls. Everything you need to know about the differences when drawing Chibi boys and Chibi girls. The difference is in the small details!

Coloring Your Chibi Characters. A step-by-step guide on how you can color your characters with bright colors that make them pop!

Practice Time. As always there will be a fun Assignment at the end of the Class so that you can stretch your imagination and create a super cool chibi character!

Alright, that's about it. There's no reason to hesitate, so I'll see you in Class!

Join Now!

- Patricia Caldeira

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Patricia Caldeira

Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer


Patricia Caldeira is a Freelancer Artist working in Illustration, Design and similar Artwork.

She graduated in Graphic Design and Multimedia and soon after started working on her own independent company "Don Corgi", doing work for several Streamers, Game Developers, Youtubers and even selling Cards and Social Media Icons at her Etsy Store.

You can find more about her and her work at Don Corgi's Portfolio Website.


In the recent past She has:

- Co-Founded the Don Corgi Art Group;
- Collaborated with Programmers, Game Designers, Musicians, Youtubers, Twitchers and more!
- Taught over 14.000 people on different platforms;

Join her Class on Character Design, Gesture Drawing!


&n... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello. My name is pretty sick. Other. I'm a graphic designer and illustrator, and in this class, I'm going to teach you how to draw a sheep character. These are very cute drawings, and we know them, especially for to be heads and very small body. And you can actually use this for a lot of stuff. You can draw versions off yourself. She be versions of yourself or your friends. You can give this drawings and you can also make some birthday cards, for example, or stickers, animal pains that you can sell online, for example, on etc. So we're going to learn how to draw these shady characters. And before we start, let's just see what your needs and what we'll be doing in this class. So for discuss, you'll need a pencil, and the best off paper are. If you prefer to do this digitally, you can use a drawing softer of your shores like photo shop or among us to do along with the drawing talents. On our first video, we're going to talk about what makes a care too cute very quickly so you can jump to drawing right after. I'm also going to show some examples who can understand better, and so they serve as inspiration for you. After that, we'll go over the basic shapes to draw your Shiri characters. That's it. Very simple and easy. Then we'll go over the differences between drawing a girl or a boy. Character will do this while drawing both examples. We'll start by sketching and drawing the face, hair, clothes and finish with a clean lines. Finally, all we need to do is color are shady. Characters will be doing this as I explained my usual coloring process. Engine off the class. You'll have an assignment. Soup practiced everything you've learned right away. As always, feel free to share your work with us in the Projects section. I can't wait to see your own shady characters. All right, so I'm ready to begin and let's start. 2. What Makes A Character Cute: do you Hello and welcome. Now, before we start drawing, I just want to talk to you about a little bit off. What makes a character cute, or what are the specifics off drawing a she wee character. Now I tend to do a lot of this kind of characters, either on the glove, like we see in the image on the left. This is our mascot, and I draw her for any image I need to do for the block. And then I also do this style for my cards on etc. So as you can see, I think, to use a lot off round shapes, the head tends to be bigger than the rest of the body, and overall there's a lot off curse and the cattle that looks smaller than adult characters , Let's say, and this makes them a cuter. Also, the colors are very important. We tend to use fiber and colors for that, So this is one thing you can use your sherry characters for. You can use them to make romantic cards, birthday cards, stickers, animal Peens, anything you want and you can sell them on etc. For example, or give it to your friends and family. You can make characters based on them on on yourself. I think they're really fun. And, yes, comparing them to a normal drawing. So I have here this example. This is done in my art style or my usual art style. And as you can see, everything is more proportional toe riel life. Even though this is a very stylised style, things look more proportional. The head is an almost size the rest of the body as well. We don't see as many round shapes there, some straight lines here. There's a good mix, a balanced mix off curve in straight lines, Then I deeds. Aversion. Is she be version off, one off the characters. So here you have it. And as you can see, it is very much different than the 1st 1 So the first thing you might notice is the proportion, so the head is way bigger than the rest. The first thing you see is the head anti ice. Both the head and ice tend to be very big. When we draw she be characters. Actually, the measures we use and you'll see that in the next video is that we have a circle for the health, and then the body will be the same size as the head. So the whole body of the character real or can be the same size as the whole head. And this way we give a difference feel to our culture. It makes them cuter. They are smaller, they have fiber and colors. We tend to use their vibrant colors for this one's having a shine here and there, and this is it. So one thing to keep in mind is toe. Always try to exaggerate the proportion, especially the heads. Not this more than one style of Shiva characters that you can do so this the left one is a version, and then there's another version that I did, which is, as you can see, this is a taller she. It's still in the cute way, but for example, the proportions are beat more balanced than the 1st 1 except the head is still too big and it's still bigger than the rest Now. As for the face, you might find another difference, which is I made the eyes in another style. So this is another style that you can go weeds when drawing the face. It's all up to yourself and what you prefer and off course experimenting. So I'm just going to show you here the main shape so you can see clearly the differences between our first she p and our second she was So the 2nd 1 is more proportional in more balanced in terms, off sizes and shapes. But this one is the one that we're going to be practicing in this class. So follow me to the next video, where we're going to start to talk about an draw, our basic shapes for shady characters so else you there. 3. Basic Shapes Of Chibi Characters: Hello and welcome. Now we're going to start drawing hours. Should be character, and we're going to start very simple. We're going to start with our basic shapes. So I have. Here are guidelines. It's very simple. I can give these templates or you can do this yourself. It's all up to you. Either way, I want to leave it to you so you can use it if you want to. And let's start. So I have my guideline here. I'm going to add a new layer, and the first shape we're going to draw is a circle. So going to go up here and draw a circle? Don't. For if you're circle isn't perfect, it doesn't need to be. Uh, you can take this time to practice your circles if you want. If you're doing this digitally, we can go here to your shape tool and draw a perfect circle if you want. But I will advise you to practice this. It's always good. It's always a good exercise, and as you can see, my circle isn't perfect either. But it has been worse than this, so practice your circles if you want to. If not, we can just continue. So I have my first circle and now to make it quicker, I'm going to cope with this circle and bring it down. So going to grab it and put it here. There we go. So we already have a great part off our shitty carrots. Done. Now I'm just going to grab this to and attempt together. There we go. So this is the head, our heads and this is the rest of the body. And now we're going to dio almost like an inverted Pentagon going down here. And then here and here. So this is our body inside the set, The second circle. I want to really exaggerate thesis proportion off the body. And I'm going to bring this guideline that beats above than it Waas and we can continue. So we have our body and out from one side we go don and we have one leg and then the same on the other side. And we have another like and now all we're missing is just specifics off our heads and our arms. So as for the arms also very simple. They start from here, they go down and here. So these are just shapes. We don't have details yet, so for now we're going to live them like this. So don't worry about the hands or fingers. Actually, you don't need to draw the fingers if you don't want to. In a shitty carrot, It's all up to your own style. But for now, we're going to leave it Very simple. So there it is. Enough for the heads re going to make just the shape or hits there, those two straight lines and going down and the rest is wrong. So we're just changing here this side. And if you want, you can make some guidelines toe where three eyes will be. So this is it, as you can see, very easy. Very simple. You can practice this part a few times if you want to, but this is it you have here your main shapes. If you want, you can make some clean ones from this. I'm maybe going to draw on top of it a sketch, a rough sketch so you can see clearly how well you're She would care to look like the skeleton of your she cared. So you can use for comparison for your own drawing. So As you can see, they have here our folly Mind, body or torso here, thin legs going down again if you prefer. Just practiced its shape a few times and to you're sure off them and that you can do them in 20 Vly and you're ready to go for the sketch part. So I'm going to bring this one here so you can see a cleaner version off what we just did again. Don't worry too much yet about how your lines are looking. This is just a sketch. This is just the base off drawing. And with just one done, we're going to go to the next video and talk a little bit about the differences between drawing a boy or a girl. She carried her and we're going t draw them. We're going to see examples off that so else you that 4. Boys vs Girls: Hello. Hello and welcome fact. I hope you're having fun. We don't drawing So far, we haven't done a lot yet, but we've learned our basic shapes. And from that you can do any cute character you want. But I'm going to help you out even more. So we're going to talk about the differences between boys and girls characters. There aren't a lot of differences in terms off the body shapes. We tend to leave them very sexless. They're supposed to be cute, very simple shapes. But there will be some details that will show if the character you're drawing or the character you've done is a boy or a girl, for example, the hair or even the eyes and off course, the clothes. So we're going to draw both of them. So I have here the shapes that we did before, and we're going to start redrawing a boy. So I'm going to create here a new layer. I'm going to grab my pant suit and we're going to just draw the sketch yet, So this time we don't need to worry about our lines. Yet they can be messy, were just nailing down some details. What clothes will they? Where? What style? Off here. So just go with it and relax. Drawing she re carriage. Especially supposed to be fun and I want you to enjoy it. So let's start. I always start with the help. So going a bit in sudden and adhere a curved line to make it cuter. Don't forget toe. Always exaggerate or try to exaggerate some of your lines to make it look even cuter. So there we go. Now we can go for the eyes. So like I said, we're going for the style off vibrant eyes. So our eyes should be around here. So I'm going to draw here line and then another one. Bill o delight! And now we make a circle for D I that we go not an eyebrow right here. And I If you want toe, keep your eyes on the same size equal. We can just cope e are I and bring it to the other side. So there we go can also move this one. Remember that This is a time while you're sketching for you to decide how the face will look how the clothes we look. So take your time to experiment different things. It is very important when you're creating a character to try out different styles. Until you decided, Yes, this is something that goes well with their personality. So we have our eyes, and for now, we're not going to add anything else to our eyes. They're going to be very simple like this, and we can ads on March 3 right here. There we go. As for the nose, you can add something or you can live it out. It's all up to you. It really depends on how I feel about the character. So first, for now, I'm going to keep it out. I'm not going to try the nose. And next we can draw the hair. So it is a boy, which means that usually we would have short hair so going to start here with something like this. And then it goes down here. Now here, here we go. Try out different styles or go. Wait, what's I'm going? Rate Just experiments. It's your own style. So I'm going with kind off curly or undulated hair. As you can see and see where I can go. It's something like this. Seems reasonable. I'm going to just read, hear bits and tried to leave it on the same place as this one. So something like this maybe go and off course again. This is something. This is our base or sketch. And later on, when we're drawing our final lines, we can change from some bits here and there. For now, this is it's we have appear all we're trying for hair now. Since your hair is short, we can adhere. Did years very small. We can see a lot off them either because we are facing the characters. So the years are not as feasible as when we draw them from the side, for example. But they can still be here. And now for the clothing. Let's keep it simple this time. And I don't know, maybe should simple shirts. Remember to keep very round lines. Try to to exaggerate which the rounded lines. So we have here a shirt, a very simple shirt. We can add some stripes to it, for example. I think it look nice, you hear? And now some Vance jeans would look goods and very simple. And then you can adds our shoes so that you can see I keep the feet. Very simple. There we go. And now all you're missing is our arms. And hence not I tend to keep them very simple. So you can either trust the fingers, for example, like this can do something like these are we can keep them fingerless. So something like this and we are done. It's all up to you. I like to keep them simple. And this is what we're going to do this time. So simple hands and arms there. So we have our character here and now, before we do our final lines, let's to a female version. So I went to grab here our shapes, co opiates and bring it to the side. And now we're going to draw a girl can't. So, beginning with the fais, it's going to be very similar. The first now with the head is going to be very similar. So what we did before, so same kind of lines. And now we're going to start with our face again, a line here on top and another one below the line. And we have the knife, not something that you can add on. The female character is, for example, some eyelashes It doesn't need to be a lot, but we can add eyelashes, and it makes our character look more feminine right away. So we have just one eye, and I think it already looks quite more feminine than the one we did before. So the Rego we have here, or first I we're going to cope it and based its, and now we're going to bring it to the site. Need to. If you don't this digitally again, you can move anything you want as much as you want on Piper. This is a bit more difficult to do, but it's always a nice practice exercise. So if there's something you don't like, you can just redo it and practice your lines and shapes again. So we have here our girl. Let's try and make the mosque differently. So almost like withdrawing a heart. So ah, heart for the mouth and then around line or the thing because we can see the done from here . So there we go. Very simple. And now, since we're doing a girl, she will have a more curly share cut, so probably longer hair. So let's see what we can do here. So go over our shape here. And we can do may curly style of hair as well. So something like this Maybe tryouts, different styles of hair. So we're trying something like this Maybe a bit shorter again. Don't worry too much about your lines this time. Remember that this is just your sketch and you can change things later on. So we have our hair enough for the closing again. Always something bit more girlish, for example. Address. We can make a dress for her. So to see something like this keep their own lines. Very symbol. Now we're just missing here are fit and re Arda. So this is a very simple style to go with again. Keep your lines very simple part of doing she be characterise, keeping your lines very simple. I'm now going to clean up my lines. I'm going toe fast forward this parts And whenever our characters are clean, we're going to call or them So let's do this. All right, So for cleaning up the lines, we give some conspiracy to our previous layers creating new one and we start with pick up a mother brush and we start doing our lines in black or if you prefer any other color, and we start very as slow as she wants and we don't and you rush, we are basically just drawing on top of a previous lines, so they look a bit cleaner and less messy. In our sketch. We tend to do things a bit messier, and now we clean everything up. Just remember to take your time. You might feel frustrated for repeating the lines a lot of times, but it's pretty normal. You'll see me doing this a lot of time, even though this is fast forward. But you'll see me erasing enduring wines again and again, so don't be frustrated by it. Another thing that you can keep in mind is that even though we did our sketch, we can change your mind with seem, with certain details, we can end up making different lines or a different style when we're drawing or final line , so anything you might want to change now is the time. And of course, if you're experimenting with digital painting our digital drawings yet, feel free to experiment with different brushes on your software. Usually, the brushes that come with the doctors are already good enough secretive brushes is not how they looked alike. It's what you do with them. All right, so here we have our she re characters, our queen lines, and next, we're going to color them, so I'll see you in the next video. 5. Coloring Your Chibi Characters: Hello and welcome back. So we are finished with your drawings off our shitty characters. As you can see, we have here both the boy and the girl. That's what we did so far and again. As you can see, the biggest differences from a boy. Tooker, it's not. Their body shapes that the head will be drawn the same way. The hands and the legs. Israel. The biggest differences will see you will be on the hair. The hair cells will be different. The eyes can also be very different. We tend to add some eyelashes to the girls and off course, the clothing. So with this done, we're going to call our characters now. So I'm going to create here new layer underneath my Leinart and we're going to start, reads our boy here. So at the beginning, off the class we talked about that tend to use a very vibrant and colorful color schemes. And Portis I got here to call its have one here and another one here from Coors. This is a nice place to go to get some color schemes. This website will you be random pallets that you can save and use for your drawings. I would like to use this one. It is cooler. Starts co eso if you want to use it for to help color your characters, feel free to use it. It's free and it's very easy to use. So I'm going to copy my colors here. I probably want use all of them, but let's let's scoping them and add them to our page here so we can use them. I'm going to use this Pollitz toe. Call it our boy. So for now we have this one. So I'm going to start picking up collars and use my paint buckets to at them toe my character. I took something like this. I went to use yellow for the shirt and my cues, the darker yes that are Come one here and then a lighter tone. This one I'm doing for this sport here and then maybe even. Let's see. No. So, yes, something like this. And now 40 eyes were going just toe ad the base collar for ice, and then we'll use the other blue tone for for the rest of a rice. But we'll get there. So we added our base colors. We're just missing the skin tone. So there we go. And now it's time to paint everything that is missing or that went out of our lines. So again, take your time. There's no need to rush. We're not in a rush. I hope the coloring part can be very relaxing as long as you sit down and you enjoy your time doing so. All right, so the colors are done, and now we're going to paint our eyes for that. I went to grab here this darker tone and we're going to draw here, and I another circle like this, all right. And now we want an even darker one for the guys like you. And now all we're missing is some shiny points toe our eyes. So something here. And another one here, one here and another one here. And we can also add here the white around de ice. And so we are mostly done with our eyes here. This white around the eyes is totally optional as well. And what you might prefer in your character or not. And waas, we have our base colors nail down. We just need to add some shadows. So I'm going to add here a new layer. I'm going to put it in, multiply at some conspiracy to it's usually at 50% and now we pick up our callers. And if the colors we used and it will automatically use these scholars and make them Dr So now we just need to choose a light source. So I'm doing from like, our light is coming from the left. So from here and we draw our shadows accordingly just go. And that shadows where every think make the most sense. For example, this arm here is all in shallow, since the rest of the body is blocking it from the lights. But here on the other side, we don't have as much shadow since our light is coming from this side. So now our shirts, Same thing here. There's not a lot off light pressing here since the rest of the shirt is on the way. But at some point we have some white a good way to go. If you're doing this kind of simple shape, shading usedto, add shapes and then mine's your shadows inside them. You so you can have an idea of how the shape the shadow will look right away. All right. We are almost done. Now. We just need to add some shadow here toe our I so something like this. So we adds an extra something to eat. So there we go. Very simple, coloring the eyes. I think you guys are very fun to cholera. Swell. So we collards our boy character and now we're going to go for our other palettes and use its on our girl here. So again, I'm going to use the same technique is before I'm going to come up over here and Kobe all my colors. This one is very colorful again. We don't necessarily need to use all of them. We'll see as we go and before we start hollering, here are girl. There's another thing I want to mention is that after you you call or your characters, there's something can do. Which is there are some things filters that you can add to correct the colors to something to something you might prefer. So, for example, I can go here to hue, saturation and luminosity. I can try out here the who's and see if there since if I can change it a bit. For example, I like the way it's going here. I can add some saturation or take it out. Since we're going with the cute asides, adding saturation is usually a good idea, and I can make my drying brighter or darker. So there we go. I'm going to show you the difference. So if I hide here my life, this is how it was before. And this is how it is now. Now I prefer how it is right now. It's totally up to you. You can use hue saturation with velocity. You can also try out a color balance so you can choose to have more red on your drawing. More CNN Um, if you prefer greener or more machine ente, or if it's keeps balanced like it is if you want your cap, you're trying to look a bit more bluish or for the yellow side. So just play with this sliders and and see how you prefer your drawings to look like when you're done. I tend to much my layers so this filters won't change anything else. So this is how my college look like right now and now. Yes, we bind to caller our girls. I'm going to create a new layer and I'm going to do like before. I'm going to pick up the colors and add them very roughly to my drawing. Thanks. This is most it for me to have an idea off. How I want to call a scheme to go again. You can choose your own color schemes as well. I would recommend to go with, for example, complementary scheme. They are usually very balanced, and they will work very well, naturally. So for you we can see it. Here are you can go and find some pallets and use them in your drawings. So up to you it's different types off exercises. Choosing a random pallets means that you have to adapt your drawing according to the pallets. Sometimes it can be harder. Sometimes it can be easier. It's a fun exercise as well. And choosing your own colors can also be harder time. So both of them are good exercises. And I'd say to try both of them once in the wild. So okay, are based. Colors are then here we are just missing our mouth. So, foot mouth, I'm going to pick up here. Already shown for the tongue not reddish, maybe pinkish separate for this one. And a dark atone for the back off our mouth like this. Something like this is good. So there we go. Now all we're missing is our eyes. So again, we don't have here dark. We can try going with the flu, but I'm not sure. So I'm going to go with finding a darker tone here for our eyes. And we draw here a circle like we did on our other. I know it looks very weird right now, but it will look better, I promise. And now here, Iris. And now all the missing is shining off all eyes again. We can do this from difference from different directions. It's all up to your light source. White source you chose. I always tend to have my light source on the left. And so that's how my shining be shiny beats. And, um, shadows will behave. So there we go way are done with this bids. And now we just in tow add our shadow so again, going to create a new layer to come here and select, multiply and give it some conspiracies to about 50%. And now we just pick our colors and we draw accordingly to our light source again. It's coming from the left from the left, but you can do it from all this side. Remember that I'm just giving you some guidance Here you are free to draw your character however you like. You don't need to strict Follow what I'm doing. All I want is for you to have fun with your drawings. Part is all about creating and having fun with it. So that's all I'm aiming for you. I'm just helping you out so you can make your own creations anytime. So take your time. Shadowing so thin the hair stand for face and something. I also want for you to remember it enough Is that again? Don't rush with your drawings. How well and finished your drawing we look will depend on how long field sacred it's. I can tell that something that I'll spend two hours will look much better than something that I spend just half a Knauer, for example, for 15 minutes. So do take your time and don't rush it so again, as you can see, one side will have more shadows and the other specifically theme right arm won't have any light since its heating by the dress by the the whole body. But everywhere delight touches, you'll notice. I'm just adding here, bits off shadow to the thunk, but not the back off the mouth. I I usually don't like how it looks, and now we just need to add again here some shadow on our I to make our I pop up a bit more . So here we have, it's we are done with our characters. We colored them. We added. Some share those two. It's I'm really happy to how it turned out. Another thing I want to mention here is, after you've done your shadows, remember that you can make them pop up more or less by moving or rapacity slider here so you can make your shadows shadows pop up a bit more. So this is it. We are done with the teaching part and learning. So follow me to the next video, where we're going to talk about our assignment. So I will see you there 6. Drawing The Side View - Basic Shapes: Hello and welcome back. So we did our she be Kurds is in the front view, very default and, well, we should do a turnaround as well. So a side view in the back few. So let's start with the side of you now. It is a bit different from the front view, but it's still quite simple. So again like before, we're going to start with a basic shape. So I have here my guides. I'm going to make any layer I have here my facial brush and let's do this so it's very simple again. We start with a circle. These are just your basic shapes. Don't worry too much about how your ones looking. If there's a lot off lines here doing a circle, it's fine. So we start just like before with a circle. Now here we could not a circle acquitted before, so let's do it. You can. If you're doing these digitally, you can copy the first circle based its and put it right here. But I do recommend you to train your circles toe. Practice them, you'll see that it will get easier to draw circles, so OK, we have two circles just like before. Now we have our character stunned to the site. So our shapes for the body and even for the head we look different. So for the head, let's say their characters turning to this side. I like to keep it very simple. So I come up here and I make occur like this. There we go. Now for the body we have here a straight line going down here. We have a tilted line like this and then we connect them just like before. But we are seeing this. The shape that we did before from the side. So we have this weird shape right here. Now all that's missing is the legs and arms. So legs also very similar shape like before, like this and all the arm coming right here, almost like a bean shape going to your race, those lines set so you can see better the shape. But it's very simple and very similar to the shape we did with a front view of our shoes. And this is it. We have here our shapes. You can practice. This shapes as much as you want. This is the base you should have when you want to draw your shitty character from the site . So practice this one's so you get used to the circles toe each one off the shape so it comes more naturally to you ends next We're going to draw both or girl and our boy she be characters from the side view, so else you there. 7. Side View - Boys Vs Girls: right. All right, welcome back. So we have our basic shapes done and like before we drew a boy and a girl to see the differences between them and how to draw them accordingly. And we're going to do the same thing here. So I have your two copies of our basic shapes. And the first thing we're going to do is our sketch. So we know where everything is going to be. And so we can ads all the details we need until you make the final version. So going to start with our girl here, the head itself between both of them, it will be very similar. The only thing such changes are the hair or the eyes, for example, depending on your style. So we have here the face, so we're going to start with the hair. It will be higher a bit differently as well. Just we're seeing it from the side. So we have one off. The side is here. Way. See a beats coming out from the other side. The rest off. Now this is just sketch. So don't worry too much about your lines right now, as always, going to could the bit higher up like this? Yes, but now for the face since we're doing around eyes they want look much different. So usually when we drawing characters from the side, withdraw the eyes in this con shape. But we're not going to do this year. We're doing our carriages with very, very round eyes. So from the side, they will look very similar to that. So we have here the top part off our I that line below that we did before and now the center of our I like this and now we are missing the mouth. So we made that heart shipped moss before And we do health often heart this time. So there we go. We have the head and the face of our character done of our girl. Done. Now all we're missing is the rest of the quotes again, This is going to be very similar to before. The only difference here is that we're seeing the dressed in another perspective. So, for example, we don't see the center off the dress with See it from the side. So we have here a little bit here a bit off the bow, not the whole thing on the dress comes up to here and other skirts, so the skirt will have the same shape, actually. So just come here and we draw our skirt. We draw. She was with very simple shapes, so there's no need for you to worry too much. The shapes used for the front view are basically the same that you used for the side of you Don't There's no need to complicated. So as you can see, Sleeve here is very similar to the one we did before. The only difference here is that we're doing on Lee one sleep, not our hands. So the only thing we're missing here is the feet. So I like to do something a bit different here when drawing or she was in the side view. So we give you more deity off feats and toes, the differences between the legs and the feet. So we make here a tiny corner like this, and we have shoes, the shoes and then the Sox. There we go. So we are done with our girl in the side view. As you can see, it's very simple. We take the same shape we did before. We just need to make some changes to it. But overall, this shapes are the same. So, for example, for the mouth instead of having the whole heart shape Wooding Onley half off that shape the I will be very similar. We just need to move to the center of the eye to one off the extremities, depending on where the character is looking at. So either to the left or the rights. We moved that circle instead of being in the center and this is it. It's very simple. We just need to move things a little to the site, but our shapes will be mostly the same. So now we're going to draw boy here and the idea is the same. So we start here with the face we go now here we can go beat up just to make here our year . So we take that out of the way already. Now, for the most, we had just a simple smile. So cough line right here and now let's do the hair so very around hair. There we go without a simple bit silly even, but I like it. Don't be afraid to makes silly drawings, especially which she be just try out different things. Now we have here the neck just putting that down here. All right, so here on the fights were still missing. All right. So again, very similar with the other one. Just readouts the eyelashes with our girl with draw an eyelash, but with a boy we don't So just like this, very simple. And now we just need to draw the rest off the clothes. So a shirt, Very simple shirt with charged sleeves so almost triangle shape. But round on top and on the bottom right here the rest of our arm And now depends pence part kind of short. And then we have this little detail here Now again, the feet. So, like we did before with this corner here going to just erase this year. So the pants are short of the genes are shorter. And then we just need to your shoes here. And this is it. We are done. As you can see, it's very simple. The logic is the same as with front view. We just need to take in accounts the perspective. So we have here both our characters just like before, and we have our basic shapes we have our sketch, and now we're going to draw the final lines. This process is the same as we did with your previous example. So I'm going to fast forward this so I don't have to be watching me doing this whole process all over again. So we're going to make the final lines and Qala raids, and you can do the same while the video place or we can see each other in the next video. 8. Drawing The Back View Of Your Character!: hello and welcome back. So we are doing our last few, the last part of our turnaround off the character or shady characters. And this is the back view. So as you can see, I have exactly the same shapes that we had when drawing Argueta from the front. And these are the same shapes that you're going to use when drawing your shitty carriages from the back view that are not a lot off people who draw she be carriages from the back. Sometimes people like to make key chains, though those key chain charms and some artists like to leave it blank from on the back, and others like to draw the back off their characters. So this can be useful if you want to draw the back of your Curtis. If you want to do something like this, for example, and the most important thing you need to know is that it will have much less detail and it will mirror the front of your character. So, for example, the first thing we're going to do here is I'm going to erase these lines. We don't need them. There's no face since we're seeing our characters from the bag, so we don't need them at all. Now I'm going to co p it So we have are two characters here and now we're going to draw the sketch of our characters. So, like I said, this is going to be very simple. Seems way. See them from the big. The first thing we want need is a face, and it's the most is the part that is the most complex in the whole character. So we're going to see only hair since we did not ads any hats or beanie any kind off accessory to the hair. We have something our on our girl's hair here, but it's on the front, so we can't really see it from the side. So it's going to be very simple. This is it just here and now the dresses also going to be very simple. We don't have the little boat way. Don't have the the window on the chest. Now, this is just the back off the dress like this. And now again, the same ship for the skirt like we always did practice now for the sleeves. One thing you have to remember is when we're seeing the carriage from the side. The arms do not roll up here. The arms are in front of our skirts and the dress, so we only see them partially like this. So we're repeating the same shapes and the same drawing. But from the bacon, we'd much less detail. And now we're just missing here the feet with the socks and this is it we are done with with our girl from a backfield. And the same logic goes with your boy here. So, hair, we only see hair from here. There we go. And now we have hit a little bit off next showing up in hell and then our shirts again the shirt will be, will overlap the arms. So don't forget about it. Not our arms again are behind the shirt and then we to our genes here, just like we did before. So essentially we have exactly the same shapes. And again we just need to taking account that withdrawing our character from the bag so we might need less or more details for jump back and come over here and make some pockets. And it's mostly this we are done. It can be much easier to draw the back few. It's always useful when you're creating your characters to have a turnaround sheet of your character. So once you mill down their clothes their characteristic so that maybe they they have glasses, they might have some moles or freckles. However, your character looks like when you decide how they look like it's always useful to have a turnaround sheets. So have something something where your character is shown from the front, the sides and the back so you can go back to whenever drying your character and you're not sure how their clothes behave. Or if you forgot any characteristic of your character, it's always good to have this turnaround shit. So it's why this is important to learn all the views so you can draw all your characters. However you like them. So now again, I'm going to first for this part. I'm going to make the final lines and color or character, and then we're going to see all the views we've done so far. And so we are done. Wade's our turn around. She re character. So we have Here are front view. Then we drew the side few of our characters and finally the backfield. So which one do you think was the hardest? Personally, I like all of them. I think each one can be very fun, and you can do different things with each other. You can ads or take out some details. Maybe the back view is my least favorite, since there's not really a lot to do here. But it always depends on how you drawing your character and what your character is doing. And speaking of which, in the next few, we're going to talk about opposing your shipping characters, so I'll see you soon. 9. Posing Your Characters With References: all right, here we are and welcome back. So you might want to draw your Sheba characters with other poses other than just standing there in a very default balls. That's very useful for you to have a shoot off that so you can always go back to and remember how your character looks. But when you're drawing neither a comic or simple illustration anything, you might want to draw your characters in other positions. So I really recommend you do this using some references there, lots of places that you can look for. You can take photos. You can take a photo of yourself doing the pose you want. You should be character to look like. The only difference here is that we're going to have to adapt our shapes and our post to the shifty character to the proportions were using for the shipping character. So this is what we're going to do first. Before we start drawing our character, we're going to find our shapes in the photo, so going to great here, a new layer going to Grandma Vancil, and I'm going to find some shapes so way have a circle for the hell and then we have here the main body. So im already trying to draw the shapes were used for a shitty characters in here. And then I'm going to adopt them so they might look very read were right now. But this is going to help me draw my shifty character later on. So okay, we have this shape. So it's a bit off. Be in shape here. She's a bit curved. Then we have here legs now another leg here. Shoes Keep your shapes very simple. Goingto I'd hear a neck and now the arms can. I'm keeping me everything. Very simple. Now I'm going toe. I'm going to give here a bit more conspiracies so you can see better. What's happening? I'm going to erase here some bits so we can see better what's happening. And so we know what's happening when we draw the whole thing. So there we go. So this is it we have here are shapes, and now we're going to try to adapt this to the proportions we did on our she we cared. So I'm going to create another layer just so we're not moving the other one around. So first things first. Het a round circle just like we did so far. With every example we always used circle for the head of peak one. And so our character is looking for our in our reference, it's looking a bit to the side, so we can already there's something about that. So here, the beautiful curve and we can even something like this. There we go now the main body. So we determined that we have here line and here goes beat like a bean shape. So so there and then like this. So it's a bit Kurt and we also have here not not this side. You have our nick going something like this. Not we can drop all arms. So we have here one arm going like this. So almost an L shape very round like this. And now we have another heart are here behind, then goes to the Frantz. And overlaps are other arm of bits. There we go. Can you raised his lines here again So you can see everything that so helpful. More body is done and you can't see that we have something similar to the bulls we have right there? No. All we're missing is our legs. So we have here a round shape, our cat territories seated. So goes right here and this beautiful curve. So because our leg is not straight so like this and then we have our other leg coming beneath it. And there we go. We have Here are mine shapes over character sitting and as here it so and this is it. So, as you can see, it can be a bit more complex than doing a simple turnaround. Off she be characters. But it's I think it's actually quite fun picking up a photo or taking a photo of ourselves doing a certain post and then figure out how we're going to adapt it to our shitty characters. It's always important to have a photo for reference, especially if you don't know very well hell to draw, oppose a certain post. Its it will always help you. So don't be afraid of using references when you're drawing something new. So now that we have our mind shapes were going to do a skit show. Now we have to draw the whole outfit. So again I'm going to do another layer on top off this one. I'm going to pick up my pencil. Use a darker color and I'm going to start with the glasses because I really like this glasses. I might even exaggerate them a bit like this. You're drawing a shifty character. We wanted to look very cute. Don't be afraid to To exaggerate airlines have fun with its Really? I'm drying here the hair again. Don't worry too much about your lines right now. This is just a sketch. Not we have here. This bit off the we have here the bit off the skirt, the skirt now Sorry, The shirt. The shirt has quite a lot off details as well. We can add some off them. Others were going toe adds true coloring going to how did this thing? So you can see better the clothes. So we have here shirt the other arm. There we go. And now Gene's way can also see a bit off the shirt coming here now, for the genes were going Teoh again. We have to adapt to what we have to our Chevy character. So we're going to make the change look a bit shorter. Let's say and we have our boots right here and here we can all Onley seaports we can make here and maybe a bit of chins and then boots. So here we go. We have our sketch done. I'm happy with what we have so far. So now I'm going to drop my final lines and this is the time where I'm going to clean everything up. I'm going to pick up here my brush And now I'm going to quit everything up and change anything that I feel that needs to be changed. Feel free to take your time and make the changes you wish to. It'll need to copy exactly what you see that that spot off the funnies, adapting things to your own style, making her own character when these guys were drawing our character accordingly with the image. But you can only use your reference for for the post all the rest of hair, the looks off, your character, the outfits. You can make all that up. This is just for the class, so we can understand better. Of course, if you want to practice, if you want to get that inspired by the outfits off the photos you're seeing and if you're just doing for the practice Well, you can use the whole thing off the reference image like we're doing here. Otherwise, take your time to create your own character. It's fun. Uh, so we're mostly done now. All we are missing ISS thes tiny details on our shirts, going to keep it very simple, very sketchy. So we have some booze there, but you can believe it as detailed as you want again. It's up to you and your own style. Just take your time spent mending. You can even make the same drawing many times trying out different style sands with more or less details. It's It's a good way for you to experiment things and see how you prefer to work with. And I'm just going toe adhere some reflex to our glasses. And there we go. We have here are she be character using a different posts and using a reference. So this is how I usually go. Our look for references. I look for different poses and try to adapt them to our shipping Galatis. Now I have here other examples so you can see here another example on how to do this. So I have here a photo again. I tried to find my shapes. I adapt them to the she be. I made my mind shapes over there. Then the sketch and finally the final lines and call it now off course. I always tried Teoh draw something different. I don't look into drying realistically or exactly what I see. As you can see, the hair is a bit different at my liberty with hair right there. Eso you don't need to Exactly Kobe what you see try out different things and take the liberty to do what you think will be better for your character. And then we have here another example. I re elect its picture and I really wanted to do it. So again I have a picture. I found my shapes. Then I adapted those shapes to the shape the character. And finally I sketched everything out and I drew my shipping character using a photo reference. So these are the steps through skin Seems a bit more scary to do, but it's really fun to do so. I hope you have fun with this and just have fun. Don't don't get too worried. Just let yourself go with your drawings without worrying about the final result. So this is it for now, and I'll see you in the next video 10. Assignment: Hello and welcome back. It's time to put everything you've learned into practice. We went through all the steps off throwing sheep character. So now all I want you to do is repeat this process. Draw the base shapes for your shitty character, then shoes. If you want to draw a boy or a girl. Once that's done, it's time to add details, drawing the face, hair and colors. If you need some ideas, I have some prompts for you. For example, you can draw a pirate, a witch on a schoolgirl or schoolboy. When you're finished withdrawing, you can goto coolers that call and don't know the random pallets and use it to color your character. Don't forget to post your shady characters. I'm sure you come up with very cute characters, and I can't wait to see it. As always, have fun 11. Conclusion: Hello and welcome back. This is its You've reached the end of the class. I hope you had lots of fun with it. I sure heads and I can't wait to see your she withdrawing, so be sure to post them so I can see and give some feedback. Now, if there's something you think I should do to make this class better for you, do let me know and do Consider living your review. If you want to learn more about character design, animals and other things, be sure to check my other classes and hopefully I will see you soon.