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How To Draw Characters With Cute Style

Comic black rainbow, Cartoon&Anime drawing educator

How To Draw Characters With Cute Style

Comic black rainbow, Cartoon&Anime drawing educator

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6 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Features

    • 3. Proportion

    • 4. Character

    • 5. Animal

    • 6. Suggestion and thank

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About This Class


Hey, cuties, I am Comic black rainbow, I am a visual creator, and anime drawing educator.

Cuteness has become a trend in society nowadays.  You can see cute products, cute stuff, cute picture, cute painting and so on in everywhere. But what the secret in cuteness? How to draw a character with cute style?

In this Skillshare class, you’ll learn how to draw a cute style character with the features of cuteness!!! It is great for those who want to learn how to draw a cute character or illustration!!! If you want to know the secret of cuteness, come into the class!!! After you learn the knowledge from this class, you can try to draw anything with cute style!!!

In the end, don’t be shy to share your cute illustration in the Project Gallery of this class to inspire others after you finish the practice! Again, thank you for watching my class, I can't wait to see your cute illustrations!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Comic black rainbow

Cartoon&Anime drawing educator


Hey, cuties!!! Welcome to my skillshare.

I am Comic black rainbow.
I am a visual creator. As a freelancer, I am also a graphic designer and Cartoon & Anime painting educator. My work includes video, graphic design, and painting.
If you are interested in cartoon and anime drawing, you can check my blog for more information and learn something back.

In skillshare, I will share how I draw cartoons and anime with watercolor. You will learn and draw with me. So if you want to learn anime drawing or watercolor, don't miss my classes. I can't wait to see the work you create and share with people. If you have any questions, don't be shy!!!!! Please comment below the class or send me a message through email or social media. 

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1. Intro: Do you want to draw acute corrector? But you don't have a dough. It's Hi, guys. I'm coming like a Rambo. I'm a visual creator and enemy joint educators in this skill share cost, you will learn the knowledge off acuteness by features and two proportions. So you can polite the knowledge to Jola cute characters. And I will demonstrate how I use the knowledge to Jola cute characters and animals. So it is grateful those who want to draw a corrector or illustration. We've killed style. So if you want to know how to Joel acute illustration come into class after you little knowledge from this class. The project off the class is Joe acute corrector or animal. So joining this class, enjoying something cute. 2. Features: Now we talk five features off acuteness After you know this knowledge you can use to create your acute Correct her Here I have a question is like this one thing You will feel cute in the rial life. Maybe you will said it is Poppy. It is kinetic rapids. Add often animals. Yes, they are cute. But if we talk about the human, I think you will tell me the baby, right? Okay, so in here What? The thing we can learn from baby Now let me tell you what the five features off key witness we can fight from, baby, The first is wrong face If you see a face is not wrong is like a triangle or a square I don't think you will feel that is very, very cute, right? Usually you see look cute Corrector around the world They are half up Wrong face the second ISS big hat In this picture I calculate the height off these baby hat is the full cm and the face is the 3.5 icy end. So you can see the hat is bigger than the features. It is so interesting, right? So if you want a job. A cute corrector. You batter Jola. Big hats. Well, but you just can. Joe, The little big is not really, really big. And why we can talk about this in the next video about the two propulsion off business. The third feature is big eyes in here. Maybe you will tell me well but yeah In this picture the ice is not really big like mashing because you don't You and measure or Cotto go corrector Eyes is so big But in your baby ice is looks normally big, right? Will less take a look? Another picture This picture you can see is a woman and a baby face and that's cool The ice . Okay, now you can see the ice The ice is baby is bugle and the woman that's here You can see the face How big this place The woman's face is big face waiver small eyes and the baby is small face with the big ice So in here you will know actually baby half a bigger ice then adult So if you want to draw a killed corrector you control the big ice It will be cute The full IHS small nose. Okay, Here you may be. You will tell me like this. Why? Because some off people beautiful. But I don't feel this nose is small. Okay, let's take a look. Try this. This is the picture I job before. I think you may know the director right at now. The north is small, right? Is growth cute? But if your nose is to look like this Oh, my God. Also terrible writes a totally different feeling. Right? So in here you can no actually look Children noses. It's the small nose is not big. Okay, The last one is short chain. You will tell me. Well, are you sure it's your chin will be cute. Okay, that's try now. I job list is no more propulsion. Also, girl saves right If we metal achy shoulder, what would happen like this? Like a kid, right? Is more cute. That's if you say if lunching is longer. Oh, my God. What the right. It's so weird. So So it's not really cute. It's just like a Well, I don't want to say They say it's a cute whatever. Okay, So this five features all kidneys we can look from baby face is wrong. Face big a hat, big eyes, small nose and short chain 3. Proportion: Now we talk about two proportions off acuteness. After you little knowledge you can up allies the knowledge all designing your cute correct hers. So that's take a look. The first is silver rush you What is this? IHS 1 to 1.14 Wonderful! You will say What is this? Actually, it's just in our daily life because just like you know, a three paper, a full a fly. Do you feel for me? Near this is silver rush you Actually little Russia has come from Japan long time ago, Japanese used laced proportion to feel the building. But now a day Japan nus up allies list proportion on designing killed corrector like this No matter it is pump, pump urine or Hello kitty it iss come from the silver Russia commencing. Right? So in here I tried to draw a face and that c is cute or not? Well, it's killed so I think this silver rash you would be help to you to decide acute corrector . No matter you want to draw all corrector body or you want to join a correct her face is really useful. And the interesting things ass here you'll see the baby hat. The proportion also had to face. It's the thin like a silver Russia, you see 4 to 3.5 is almost like a 1.1414 to 1 magic rise. So sometimes the proportion is really useful. Tow us and it is just like a gift from the GALT. Let's take a look The next smoke tango What's the small triangle? Let's take a look at this picture. Yeah, babies killed, but we don't talk about the baby. We talk t you can see the dady eyes and the nose is so Cross writes in the mouth is too long is not cute enough. So it's OK. Let's take a look The next picture this Oh my God! I think everyone will say Wow Killed, right? Yes, it is so cute. But why they are so cute. See the eyes and the nose And the mouth is so close in the face is like this If the eyes and the nose and the mouth is close If Leia close, it will be cute face. Let's take a look next. This oh so killed rights like this. You notice this or not? But if, like this The tiger lion and monk, The face looked like this. Do you think they are cute? They're mature, right? And the tiger and lion like a very angry like this. Okay, but it is ok. And this Take a look while they are not cute. Italy! Jola! Tiger face like this! Okay, what would happen? See if Tiger first become like a human face is black this IHS, add the right. Okay, let's take a look. If a lion were Jola face like a human face, what will be happening? See is like a dot right the next. Okay, Joel of phase and take a look. It's like this So if we take our picture, we can see what the thing we Joe like this. Do you think the three face is cute? I don't think so. So in here you will notice that the eyes, the nose and the mouth the child angle is long And beak right is long and big. So is love Triangle is low and big It's not cute. Let me show you If I dio face like this is kinda cute, right? But if the nose and the mouth is don't I don't think it's cute right in tech Another like this If the nose and the mouth is ulcer with the eyes is really, really cute Just like a baby, right? So you can see the triangle If a triangle is smaller, the face of acute If the triangle is longer, it would be more sure. Okay. And you will say if we're knows, um apple in the ice will I think this were writes. I also have the question likely is So attack a picture. I find a dolphin picture and Jola face. And what would happen is that this is so weird. Right? Okay, So let's try to Mac the eyes closer. Will, Even though the ice closer the face still look cute or not To me, I think is so so. But I don't know, it's just let me feel weird. Okay, so in the end, we know this will Big, cute so much writes the triangle smoulder the face more cute. Okay, so list as the two proportions off acuteness After you learned of five features off killed anus and two proportions off kidneys. You can a polite low knowledge, um, join cute corrector And the next video I will demonstrate how to job the cute corrector 4. Character: okay after we know the features and the poor potion. All cute? Yes. He here I will demonstrate how to draw a cute corrector. Usually people feel a corrector is cute because oflove face So in here I will demonstrate how to draw a cute face first. If I want a job acute corrector, I will draw a circle first and check Lameda point. And because we know the baby eyes is big. So in here we just try to draw a big eyes first. When you lodge after you will know the place is cute or not so it is very important before you, Joe Acute corrector. You have to draw object so you can check the position off. Cute. And here it's the north in the mouth. Practice after you Jola. Just No, You came job details in here because I want Max. This face is cute, so I want to cure a soft hair and about how to create a corrector. If you don't know how to create a corrector, it is okay. You can watch my class create imaginary directors by your own. So lots you will know some tips, all creating a corrector if you'll feel something with like this You can modify zero if you seal the hair. Kim being more It's been curies Eyes you don't need to join The eyes is too big is okay It's up to you in here. You can Jola eyes Um see, girls, it is up to you if you like is big or small is ok butts If you want to draw a cure Corruptor off course speak for us will be bad Here we can hide the dressed and you need You can open this like this Be here off course Your eyes have to be big If the small is well very terrible ideas The whole thing is cute You have sometimes people fear is cute but to me very it's very scare So let's go back if you want your director half a cute eyes off course is better Beat eyes Yes Okay , let's But here my fast is the little white So I look fine too Face like this is being bother and we can try it again. Another IHS like this like the small mouse smallmouth It's also cute, right this time we try to draw a cute girl here I feel the faces. So, Agnes Yes, sometimes the left is just rivers to you. When you draw the details, you can check flow causation. It's up to your mood when you tell a procession you can clothing to your needs. When you join the details, you can modify EDS according to how you feel. Yeah. I don't know what every time I drove a cute faces become too white. - If they okay, this is the way I, Joel acute, correct her face. And no, Maybe you will ask me if I this I want to job, though. Correct her body. So how I, Joe the corrector body is killed. Take a look. You can see the hollow PT picture, right? You just tried to use the proportion. You can try to draw acute graft. It's back knees corrector if you want to. Joe Acute. Correct her body. You can Joe. The two hat body. So the hat is is in here, but the body have do nothing high with the first is to Okay. If you want to draw a killed correct her body, you can enjoy like this The two head height body like this 5. Animal: OK, guys, Now we can talk about the cute animal how to draw the cute animal. Okay? Actually, the principle is the same. Like you, George Corrector. So in here I demonstrate how to job some off animal like this in the big eyes. Nos so in here before I want to draw Kate, Expect this. Or you can draw the hair, eyes and small nose and mouth if they want to join. Uh, birth. Okay, because birth, nose and mouth in place. Angry birds. Okay, that's angry bird. Okay. And which drawer? So many different animal if, like iss if, like rabbit in here. If you want to Mex the animal more cute Off course, you can make the eyes. Okay. Here it if they want to draw a beer, you also can use those them three's a Paul a beer like this. Shoot. Right. So you can job and the animal with this principle And it would be cute just like a you can job look correct her with this cute witness principle. So lots you control the cute correct her 6. Suggestion and thank: Oh, yeah. Now you know a knowledge off killed nous And you know how to Jola cute characters and animals, right? Why not just take a pencil and a piece of paper and practice right now, right? I really, really want to see what the cute characters or animals you jaw. So after you finish ISS share is with the world and off course puts in the project Kerry off lease cost toe in supply your cough maids and suppress me if you put Europe work all instagram post take me Comey back a Rambo and skill shirt You also can tax que sure project followed chest Toby look features on skill. Sure Block. I'm so happy you live in the knowledge from list cost And you know how to Joe the cute characters and animals. If you want to know about my work, you can check my Facebook in the grand And YouTube and I also write the book about panting on my website called me Black Grumbled Come check it in the end. Thank you for watching my class and so focused to practice