How To Draw Cartoon Characters With Interesting Features And Expressions. | Fady Rizkallah | Skillshare

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How To Draw Cartoon Characters With Interesting Features And Expressions.

teacher avatar Fady Rizkallah, Cartoonist and Caricaturist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Basic Head Shapes

    • 3. One Minute Recap

    • 4. Working With Shapes

    • 5. Working With Shapes 2

    • 6. Working With Shapes 3

    • 7. Eyes

    • 8. Noses

    • 9. Ears

    • 10. Mouth

    • 11. Altogether

    • 12. The Project

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About This Class


Explore how Fady the Cartoonist and Caricaturist reveals the secret world of designing an appealing CARTOON characters, this 39-Minute Class will help you to know the basic head shapes and the different kinds of facial features and expressions to bring your character to life. Starting your dream career begins with a single step and we believe you can make this happen. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fady Rizkallah

Cartoonist and Caricaturist


Hello, I'm Fady a freelancer Cartoonist, Illustrator and Caricaturist based in Cairo, Egypt.

I have started illustration since a very early age and ten years ago I worked as a full time  Art Teacher in an American School in Egypt, after that I became a Freelancer artist.

I do several art styles and I use several mediums yet my passion always goes to Cartoons and Caricatures. 

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1. Introduction : Welcome to Mission cartooning. This is stating. And she's Kiki. Do you enjoy drawing? But you are frustrated that you are not taking your car to the next level. Or maybe you just want to start and you don't know where to start. Well, I'm a freelancer cartoonist, and I will take you in this class step by step through the magic point of cartooning. Import one. We are going to cover the head shape, including the features and the facial expressions. Part of mission cartooning will include the rest of the body, including the gas chur, the body language and the customs. By the end of this class, you will be making a project. In this project, you will notice and you will monitor yourself how you start and how you became. So we start with the basic common shapes of the head comin up next. So let's get started. 2. Basic Head Shapes: lesson one drawing the basic shapes will be had. We have, according to Christopher Hart, nine basic head shapes. We have the circled we have over. We have the bump out. We have the half half moon modified half moon, cut off circle rectangle, lightbox and T V shaped. Bring your pencil or stylus on Let's start doing magic. So the first thing to consider is the way you hold your pencil for talk. The first secret. So sketching freedom is the way you hold. You don't want to hold your pencil near its steps, especially at the early sketching process that will include a lot off areas saying fine tuning and modifications for sure. So holding your pencil the way you hold while writing it helps. But when you approach fine, sharp lines and detail ing, and also do not fear arresting when you do or waiting, don't see okay with the lines you did just erase it. Um, a lot of people think that raising is kind off failure or a mistake. No, it is simply part of the process. Ace of is always your friend, not an enemy. So please be in good terms with your racer. It would save you 3. One Minute Recap: way, way. 4. Working With Shapes : Vicki I in this listen, who will be covering how these basic nine shapes off the character had will function well, according to the character personality, if we are going to put some features inside this shape, how to look like let's play with features, but a lot Rush yourself. We're just giving you a general idea how this shape we work for each character, personality, pencil or stylus. Let's start doing magic. Hey, animators. Old was used the sketch guidelines. I know it looks boring. Looks very old school Look. It is essential for the positioning. Off the eyes, nose, ears, mouth. All right. So, firstly, the vertical line maintains the cemetery of the features and positioning and resulted one called the eye line, where you definitely put the eyes. Um, the circle had shaped works pretty fine with the or younger kids characters and even cute for the animals as well. So just remember to keep your eye line and as low as you can for acute look for your character. But 5. Working With Shapes 2: and it's time for the modified triangle. I believe that this head shape, um it works really well with the team age guard. You know, um, I tried to put the eye line a bit higher because he's is now a big, tough guy. Not like a daddy, but he is top guy. So blocked plays die. Line very low, as we did with the kid character. Make it a little bit higher and you're good to go. We'll apply the same things. And remember, I'm just giving you a very simple look about how we are going to use these shapes. Um, after putting, we're adding some features, like eyes. He's so do not rush yourself the time of learning the eyes and those would come. But now I'm I'm just giving you general idea about How will it look 6. Working With Shapes 3: now the cut off circle. Very simple circle with a straight horizontal line cutting off the circle from the upper top of it. Um, this shape, I believe that it works pretty if I ng, you know that girls with that everything's your team is a tough girl, the one that introverts, you know, he metal head. She's maybe creepy. Maybe I don't know. I don't know. She's let's do and what I imagine about her and you decide what type of news is way, way, way, way, way, well modified hospital and the big daddy. Remember that? I line turns a lot about age. He's a big daddy is he's not young for sure. So place die line higher. As you can see, um, and the chin should be a bit, um, prolonged. That three examples. That was then, in the way, Way, way, way. Hey, Mr Live Ball. One of my favorites characters ever. It's a simple circle, and its base there is like a square or a triangle. I think this type off head shapes, um works pretty fine with you know, that funny, limbless scientists. Funny place crazy Destroy This funny, beautiful planet is a major mind or invading that big ground around his brain. Other planet holds a lot off a good scientific. So is dangerous thoughts, maybe. - Way , - way , way, way, way, way. 7. Eyes: hi. Growing eyes, ears, nose, mouth could be very challenging. But come on, we are cartoonist, and simplicity is our great weapon to face or to solve these clues. Let's start Pringle, Pencil re stylist and less toe. Some measure. Well, start your character eyes wouldn't simple, sir can be squeezed stretchered. Go play with the character emotions and expressions. Um, try to think about your character eyes and I Bro's as well as a single mosque. You know, it's a single muscle and wide open. I lifts automatic. It's I Breaux's and on the opposite Squeezed. I pulled its I bro's downwards. So play with I leads shades and tones according to your character personality. Try to put the shade that better little die and another time tried to make a darker on the word lad to see what's going on. Even that you know that gravy look off all around shades around. Guys, try to play with it and see what you will get 8. Noses: well, options off drawing your character knows, are almost endless squares, overs circles, single line, curvy lines and so on. Just remember that your character knows will tell a lot about his or her personality. Make your life easier. We are cartoonist, so keep it. A simple as you can little circle or the curved line could be just fine as long as it does what you really want out of your car. 9. Ears: Hey, welcome to the simplest part of the game. The years on exterior modified basic shape, the SOCom, maybe square or whatsoever with a little interior design and your character's years already lesson to commence. And for the first characters, years just followed the same two cakes. It's it's the same. Try not to make it. If you are drawing a cute girl trying not to make it really big, put on some earrings. You know the meetings and is a very basic shape, um, attached to the years off your character and you can put fancy earrings to your characters . It's a free anyways, so why not? 10. Mouth: Well, that's the real deal, the mouth. But, uh, under we are cartoonists and simplicity is are complicated tools that solves all of our, um it could be a circle square or just a single line. I'm now not talking about the profile. Look, I'm talking about different look, but, um, I always think about your characters more as a whole in his face, which is work from the inside, sometimes a wide block, cold teeth, light darkness for just done. Sometimes not. That's totally up to you. In the coming videos, we are goto talk about the mouth and on how we were going toe toe approach, this complicated thing. But for now, just try to imitate what I'm doing now it will give you like in like a good example. And it will train your brain Muslims on how does it look? So do not Russian himself tryto get what I'm doing, especially concerning the mouth. And then later on, you will find a pretty easy what you 11. Altogether : And now away from the pencil and people, this will be done. Time lapse. Digital drawing on iPad. Pro idiot. So my iPad is not cruel, but my software is broke. Idiot. All right, um, by approach toe this waas backwards. I started with, dies on Then I end up with the Hetchy and the here. So, um, the wisdom behind this is I don't know. It came like this. I hope you enjoy. 12. The Project : So now, boss, after we are done with the basic shapes off the head and the features, including the eyes, nose mouth here I assume that you can do this. Prepare yourself for the project. Well, the project is two. Drove your maybe your family members, your friends, classmates your path for anyone who want. Just look at the person according to the shapes we had studied but right, look at his face as a shape as a very basic shape. Square a circle modified triangle over light bulb. Bump out here and play with the eye shapes, the nose, the mouth. You can do this and you would be surprised with the rest. I'm waiting for your magic and you to wait for my comments and love.