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15 Lessons (5h 59m)
    • 1. How To Draw Animals

    • 2. Animals Introduction

    • 3. Animals Rabbits

    • 4. Animals Rhino

    • 5. Animals Gorillas

    • 6. Animals Leopard

    • 7. Animals Horses

    • 8. Animals Armadillo

    • 9. Animals Sharks

    • 10. Animals Monkey

    • 11. Animals Bats

    • 12. Animals Wolves

    • 13. Paws Claws Talons and Hooves

    • 14. Warm up circles

    • 15. Warm Up Lines n Dots

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About This Class

Welcome to How To Draw Animals.

Maybe you loved drawing as a kid, but sort of left it behind. Or You've been looking to round out your drawings skills and Animals is the next hurdle on your list. Well, this course is specifically designed for you. An intense, concise, and detailed series of videos outlining the steps you can take to improve your animal drawings.

The pdf included is designed to accompany the video series titled How To Draw Animals.

To start, we will have 10 animals. One for each unit. But as the months go on, and feedback is received from students, NEW units will be added (free of charge to those who have already purchased the course). At over 5 hours long, this course starting out is huge! I can't wait to see it grow along with you.

Our first animal units will be

  • Rabbits

  • Rhinoceros

  • Gorillas

  • Leopard

  • Horses

  • Armadillo

  • Sharks

  • Monkey

  • Bats

  • Wolves

The course is structured to have you follow along with it on the pdf. You'll note there are two pages to each unit - one with my sketches on it, and one that is blank - for YOU to fill up!

Let's get back to that childhood joy or drawing animals! Won't you join me?

Ed Foychuk






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Ed Foychuk

Making Learning Simple


A professional illustrator based mostly in Asia, Ed Foychuk has been published both professionally, and as an Indie creator, in comics. He is best known for his work in creating Captain Corea.

Ed also studied Anatomy and Strength Training in University and is well versed in exercise physiology and muscular anatomy. Perfect for helping you with understanding how to combine art and muscles!

Ed has experience teaching in Academic and Professional settings.

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