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How To Draw A Simple Medieval Scene

teacher avatar John Anderson, Artist / Adventurer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Creating the Basics

    • 3. Adding Knights and Peasants

    • 4. Adding Rocks and Clouds

    • 5. Filling in Knights & Peasants

    • 6. Finishing up the Penwork

    • 7. Drawing a Tower (Project)

    • 8. Drawing Knights & Peasants (Project)

    • 9. Drawing Cattle & a Cart (Project)

    • 10. Trees, Rocks, & Clouds (Project)

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About This Class

If you are just getting into drawing or want to learn a new skill, line drawings are a great way to start!  This class will show you how to draw a simple medieval scene with a few peasants, castle guards as well as other landscape items.

This easy line drawing is for young and old alike. If you are an artist, (or wannabe artist!) it is a great way to explore your creativity. It also can be a fun drawing to teach to children or grand kids, keeping them busy but still learning! Drawing is a great way to explore your creativity.

You will learn

  • What tools to use for making a simple drawing
  • How to sketch your drawing out before putting the pen to the paper
  • How to add characters, trees, and rock
  • Adding shading details for depth

You will be creating a quick and easy medieval scene using the basic tools. A pencil, pen and paper.

John likes to draw, he’s been drawing since he could hold any drawing utensil! He has filled many sketchbooks ranging from simple shape drawings to detailed cabins in a pine forest. His favorite type of drawings to create are the little knights and castles that you will see in this class. They can be quick and easy or be made into just about any size and complexity you want. 

Even if you’re new to drawing, you’ll find this class quick and simple to get you creating.

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Meet Your Teacher

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John Anderson

Artist / Adventurer


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1. Intro: Hello and welcome back to another drawing class in this class, we're gonna learn how to draw medieval scenes. We're gonna learn how to draw simple castle with towers. Also learn how to draw peasants and nights, and cows will be drawing trees to add some more detail. I'll show you how to do the landscape, how to make rocks and clouds. So let's get started. All right. So there are some things you're gonna need to you need a pencil or a pen. These are some pencil types. I have mechanical or simple number two pencil. You also need you, Racer. Just for any mistakes we might make for finishing out are drawing. We're going to use a final underpin. These are between 01 toe. 03 I believe just any one of your favorites will do just fine. Also, grab a sketchbook or piece of paper to draw, get a flat surface, desk or table, and let's begin 2. Creating the Basics: all right to start out. Just grab a pencil and we're going to make a base. Baseline is just the foundation we're going to start with, and it can go anywhere you want it to gonna make a little hill here and something like that . All right, so we're gonna build a tower up here, toe watch over the valley below, and we'll put a castle down here, and then we'll just add in with all the extras. So to do our tower, we're just going to make a rectangle right is gonna make a simple battlement on top. This just gives us an idea for when we come back to draw it in with our pen, make a little castle down here. Another rectangle over here for the other tower, and they don't have to be all the same. Size are all the same shape you can create. Any type you like, gives us a pretty good idea of a castle. Next, we're gonna add in a few trees around like this. I just like to make a little It's sort of like a if you drew the letter C, it would look like this or kind of a bubbly shape for the trees like that. Then you can add in another branch right there gives it a little more detail, but that another one over here, and then we will go on to drawing the little people. 3. Adding Knights and Peasants: All right, let's do some little people these aerial simple make a little rectangle body. And for the nights we have a triangle head and that looks like a little castle guard. Give him a little spear or give this guy up here a bow little triangle on top and for a bow . I just draw a curved line with a straight one going down for the string. And if there's room you can add another arm for the night. We'll draw another one over here and give him a spear. Let's add a few more down in the castle, and then we'll add some peasants that bring in the supplies. So go ahead with your eraser and erase that little line that we made a little poopsie on and make it straight again like that. All right, let's draw the peasants coming up to the castle, start with the legs, give him little rectangle body and then just a little loop like this in a little curved down here to the back of their hood and then connect it back to their body. Then you just add little arms and we'll put a sack on his back. And that is what a peasant looks like. We'll add another one over here. When we draw these in with our pin, they will be defined a lot better and they will show up better. So there's a couple peasants. They're bringing stuff into the castle. Let's put a guard out here. We'll put a guard out here in front of the gate to make sure there's no bad guys coming in with the peasants. 4. Adding Rocks and Clouds: all right, we'll add a little bit of detail to the rocks. We can add a rock in here. Rocks are simple shapes, and we'll shade them in later to give them a little more detail. We can just draw the hill little lines that show that this hill goes up, then a little bit here in front of this one. Put a rock here. Our next will add some clouds. I like to do a little bit of a simple cloud like this up here in the top, just three or four bubbles, three or four circular bubble kind of loops like that. And that makes a cloud. All right. With that finished, let's grab our pin and start to fill it in. 5. Filling in Knights & Peasants: part. Let's grab our pin and will fill this drawing in so we'll follow our landscape again. Follow our baseline as best we can. If there's anything in front of the line like this rock here, be sure to draw over the line. Then continue our line along here, down this hill, across the tree and down here to the end. Then we can it in our little hill lines here, our rocks and fill in our tree. Let's finish off our landscape. Add in our last rock here and then work on our castle, and we try to keep these lines as straight as possible and then just follow your pencil, work across the tower and then add in your little night. We're gonna follow our battlement across the middle of the castle and then work on our other tower on this site. Add in all our little nights on top of the castle. Make sure that and their little arms, this one has a bow. So just the curve blind and then a straight one for the string. We'll put our night out here in front, guarding the castle gate. He's holding a spear. Then we'll work on our other tower over here on top of the hill. This is a great spot for a watch tower. Give us a great view for the whole countryside and the battlements on top finish off the little nights on top as well as their weapons. And now we can work on my little peasants that we're here. I like to start with their legs so they touched the base than with their body in their hat or their hood. Then you can add in their arm and there sack, and then I colored them in, so they're a little bit darker, just a little bit of a scribble. You don't have to completely dark in them unless you want to. I just make them darker to differentiate between the peasants and the nights. Let's work on this 2nd 1 here Dries hood, curved hood, his arm holding the sack and then a little bit of scribbles to color him it. Let's finish off this last tree here, and then we will work on the clouds. We just simply have to follow our pencil line that we already drew before, make a little bit of a bubble for the cloud and that gives us the appearance of a cloud. There's a cartoon type of cloud, just three or four bubbles like that. 6. Finishing up the Penwork: Now that we have the basic part of our drawing done, we can add some details in here. Let's add some stonework to the towers and the castle. There's alternate little dashes back and forth like this that makes it look like stonework . We'll work our way all the way up and down these towers. Then we'll work on the castle. All right, now we have our tower done. Let's go ahead and work on our towers over here and make these lines the little dash marks as level to you. Want to make thes dash marks level to your castle? Also, try to keep them a straight as possible and remember to alternate back and forth. All right, let's work on our let's work on our middle wall. Here, you can start from the top or bottom working on these dash lines. Just make sure that you alternate back and forth and keep them spaced apart so they don't line up with each other and make that stone appearance kind of like bricks or stone. Just a simple way to make it look like it was built from rocks or stone or bricks. All right, just this last tower here. And then we'll add a little bit of shading, a little bit of detail to the trees. So let's finish up this last tower and go down to that. Alright. With our last tower finished, we can do a little bit of details on the trees. We're gonna add a little bit of lying work here, give it some shadow on the left side. As brothers on the rocks, we went to dark in that side as well. So we'll do a little bit of darkening there. A little bit of darkening on this rock, This rock here as well In the final tree here, just a little bit of shading on the left side. Next, we'll do that on the towers and dark in just the left side of them That makes it look like the light is coming from the right side. Make little lines evenly spaced all the way down the wall and all the way down the town Because our castle join a little more detail and perspective. Just the last tower up here in the hill and we're almost finished. All right, there we have a simple medieval scene. We have a watchtower up here on the hill, up in the clouds. And we have a castle down here, and we also have peasants bringing in supplies to the castle to finish off our drawing. We want to get rid of those pencil lines we begin with, so just grab your eraser. You can see them here. I went to clear those up. So just grab your racer and go over the any pencil lines that might be peeking through and clear them out. And that will sharpen up our picture. And now you have a great castle drawn. You can share with your friends there. We have a nice medieval scene in the countryside. 7. Drawing a Tower (Project): in this section of the class. I'm going to show you different parts of making a medieval scene. First, we're gonna start with the tower. Just draw a simple tower here. The tower is just a simple rectangle like this. We have a battlement on top and you put guards up here to watch they have spears or both. Then you just fill in the tower with the alternating lines for the stonework. All right, Once we have the stonework finished on the tower, then you just shade one side or the other with little hash marks. They're just simply little lines. You start at the edge of the tower and lift up as you go on your way in and work your way all the way up or down the tower whichever way you started from. And there is a castle tower 8. Drawing Knights & Peasants (Project): All right, let's do some little people These aerial Simple. Start with a base. They have little legs here, make a little rectangle body. And for the nights we have a triangle head put some arms, own him, and then he has a spear. Another type I like to draw is to give them different weapons. So make another triangle head here rectangle, body and a bow that looks like this occur of nine with a string there. And make sure he holds the bow just like that for peasants. Draw a little rectangle. The same is a night and then make a little bit of a loop here, care for the head, and then make a good that looks like this and then his little arms. And sometimes they're hold a walking stick or they'll be carrying a bag or different things you can add to make it look more. Give it more detail. So draw another example of one here rectangle body, a loop for head, bit of a hood kind of scribble women. So they're different from the nights. We'll make it arm go up over his shoulder and he'll be carrying a sec that you can do all sorts of different things you could even make. These little peasants have bows and they could be like archers. And you can have nights with bows. They could be opposing forces. 9. Drawing Cattle & a Cart (Project): Let's draw a little cow. The cow is just little legs like this, and then its head up here have ears and will have horns. Then you can add some spotters on his body to make him look like a dairy cow were you? Cover him all in and make him look like a brown or a black cow. Let's try another one here, get horns on top our ears and then connect the neck. Add the eyes and we'll calamine a little bit of shading with your pin. If you want to. Color leads with colored pencils. You go ahead and grab those and we'll give him a tail. Don't forget the tail. Give him a little nose. Another type of drawing I like is, uh, added a cart and a cow pulling the cart. So Kurt just has a little wheel here. We'll make a board here for the base, add some sideboards, then you just have the supports that go to the cow up here at its legs in, make the horns on top a little bit of it here and connect his nose up here, connected neck and make a nose at his eyes and cheating mate, then we can just add a little bit of a rope. Here, Make our peasant could face the other way if he was guiding the wagon, or it can face this right if he's unloading the wagon. So that's a little oxen cart or Tao pulling a wagon that you can also add to your medieval scene. 10. Trees, Rocks, & Clouds (Project): Let's do a few types of trees. Let's draw a tree over here. This is just the roots that go down and branches that come up to the tree. And then I just make that makes little loops like this that show it's a green dream. So it's a growing tree. Let's do one more here, started the root and work your way up, make a branch and then do the opposite for the other side. I had a little bit of a crook in the tree there for another branch, and then and you're leaves up on top and also had a little line down here for the roots. Another thing you might add to your landscape in a medieval scene is some rocks and rocks are just simple little lines that go like this. You can stack them up on each other, make some more styles over here that could be round dropped, be all different shapes and sizes. Whatever you like to make could have square wraps that we can have all sorts of jacket. He rocks. Then, when you're drawing Iraq's, be sure to shoot in one side or the other gives him a bit more detail in your finished drawing. That way you can show more depth in your drilling. You can shade on different corners of the Rapps can shade the bottoms of these on the jacket he rocks. We can shade one side or the other. Remember when seating to shade, as if the sun was on one side or the other or for its street above. You can shade the bottoms, and there are a few different kinds of rocks you can add to a medieval scene. Let's work on some clouds with three or four bumps and a flat bottom, and they look something like that with three bumps. Looks like this, and then you'll just add these randomly above your castle and the rest of the landscape, and that's a simple cloud. So go ahead for your class project to pick its many of these. As you want to put into your medieval scene, add trees and rocks. Be sure to put in knights and peasants and a cart. If you want to, you can add the tower, and don't forget the clouds on top. And be sure to share a picture of your project