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How To Draw A Fairytale Castle

teacher avatar John Anderson, Artist / Adventurer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Fairytale Castle intro

    • 2. Castle Parts: Towers & Roofs

    • 3. Castle Parts: Windows & Flags

    • 4. Castle Parts: Walls & Gates

    • 5. Castle Parts: Stone Design

    • 6. Castle Parts: Bushes & Trees

    • 7. Fairytale Castle Shapes

    • 8. Sketching Your Fairytale Castle

    • 9. Finishing Your Fairytale Castle

    • 10. BONUS Fairytale Castle Drawing

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About This Class

If you are just getting into drawing or want to learn a new skill, line drawings are a great way to start! This class will show you how to draw a simple fairytale castle.

This easy castle drawing is for young and old alike. If you are an artist, (or wannabe artist!) it is a great way to explore your creativity and try something new. It also can be a fun drawing to teach to children or grand kids, keeping them busy but still learning!

Drawing is a great way to expand your creativity, to gain confidence in your capabilities!

You will learn

  • What tools I like to use for making a simple drawing
  • How to sketch your drawing out before putting the pen to the paper
  • How to add little details
  • Other details that add to your illustration

You will be creating a quick and easy fairytale castle drawing using the basic tools. A pencil, pen and paper. But the most important ingredient is you and your skills!

John likes to draw, he’s been drawing since he could hold any drawing utensil! He has filled many sketchbooks ranging from simple shape drawings to detailed cabins in a pine forest. His favorite type of drawings to create are the little knights and castles you will see in this class. They can be quick and easy or be made into just about any size and complexity you want. 

Even if you’re new to drawing, you’ll find this class quick and simple to get you creating.

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Meet Your Teacher

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John Anderson

Artist / Adventurer


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1. Fairytale Castle intro: Hello, everybody, And welcome back to another drawing class. In this class, you will learn how to draw a fairy tale castle and what you need right for this drawing, you're gonna need a few different things. I'm gonna keep it really simple. So just a sketchbook or a piece of paper. Get a sturdy drawing surface to drawn and you'll need a pencil. It can be a regular number two pencil. I like to use a mechanical pencil and an eraser to erase your pencil lines and also a fine line pen for finishing out the doing. What does make a castle a fairy tale castle? A fairy tale castle has tall, narrow towers, tone shaped roofs, flags and they were built more for their appearance. They can have a cozy or elaborate look about them. We will also go through the parts of the castle and learn how to draw those. Those are towers, wars, gates, riffs, stonework, Windows, flags. Bush is entries, so let's get started 2. Castle Parts: Towers & Roofs: all right to get started, we're gonna draw parts of a fairy tale castle that you will use in your drawing. So grab your pencil and let's begin there a few different types of towers, and there are short and tall towers. There are skinny towers and larger towers, also on top of the tower. There are battlements that looked much like this, and then on top of those battlements who will put roofs are conical shape rough, which is the shape of a cone, which is much like a triangle shape as well. And then there are different styles of roofs and some that flare out at the bottom. And then there are taller and narrower roofs, which will be using own our fairy tale castle that looks something like that. So let's draw a few different types of towers here with different types of riffs on them, and they will show you how they go together. So just a simple rectangular shape, pretty toll and narrow, and then add our battlement on top of that kind of a square shape here. And then you have the battlements where the soldiers can hide behind in there, and they have these lower parts here where the soldiers can see out and then we'll just put our rough on top. So just a little bit of a flare here at the bottom, and then a triangular shape here on top. You can do him with a wider battlement on top, or you can just go straight up the tower and then simply just draw your triangle on top of the tower. You just have this square shape up here, and then rectangle down here gets a little wider and in your battlements here and then just adding the flare section of the roof and then a triangular shape on top. Another type of tower here is one with a battlement down here below, and then we'll have a riff section. Then there will be another tower section up above that with another bit of a battlement. Now, this top section is going to be a little bit smaller than the bottom, and then just put your roof on top of their And, of course, add in some battlements up there. So this one here is just a street across is the most simple tower to make after this one here and then you have another one with a section up above much like this one here. And then we have told Nero Tower with the battlement and a riff on top and make sure you get rough line, and it's much like this one here. This one here has flaring out at the bottom of the roof, and then the roofs are just that trying go or conical shape. And then over here we have a multi level tower. It goes up, has a rough section, and then it's a little smaller up above that, with the final riff on top to add more details to your tower, you can add that little marks down here. These would be where it gets wider in the tower up here on the battlements. There would be spaces in between here to let them throw down stuff on Attackers and seekers . 3. Castle Parts: Windows & Flags: all right. One more thing to add to your tower is a window. Now there are different types of windows. We have a simple when new like this, that the curve on the top and flat on the bottom. They can be tall and narrow, and they can be real short and small. And you can also add when new ledge below the window, you can also dark in in the window as if it is dark inside the castle. You can do that as well, and you can do that with your tall and narrow windows as well. By darkening them in like that, Another style of window is just a tall rectangle or a short rectangle, and you can also draw squares like this. You can color them in, or you can leave them open. So let's add some of these windows to our towers down. But though this one here looks like it would be best with a toll narrow when no like that, this one here might have small little windows. This one here, we'll have a little short when new in it. This one here would probably have tall, narrow windows on it for the style of castle it is, you can add. Any design you want to on your towers just depends on what is your favorite. This one here would probably have a big open window as well. Is this one here? It might have a window ledge, so there you can see what each window looks like in the tower, and normally the windows would be just in the towers. But you can also add them into the castle walls, which we'll get into later. Another thing we add into our fairy tale castle that makes it a fairy tale. Castle is flags on top of the towers, so flags are not simply a little line that comes up and then you'll have a triangular shape on top of it. Just like that, there is another type that you can just curve like this, and you can curve them up or down like they're blowing in the breeze, and another one is the one that is rippling. You're just draw a line like this and then make another triangle down here, so let's draw a few more of those. They're a little more tricky to draw, and you'll have the line here where is folding back over. So just a little line like that dropped down a little bit and then another curve. And then you can curve them opposite ways, or you can curve them both the same way. So there's a few different types of flags. And then to add them to your castle towers, you would just draw a line going up from your tower and then add that flag in that tower, drawing just like that. No, on top of the towers that have a ruffle on them. It would just add a little bit of a poll on top and then add your flag in up there. Or you can just add your flag in on top of the tower just like that, with a short little poll. And there we have a few different types of flag drawings. Now that is a great addition to a fairy tale castle that is one of the features that makes it a fairy tale castle. So be sure to draw flag on top of your towers 4. Castle Parts: Walls & Gates: all right here. I will show you different types of wars. Now, walls aren't just very simple that go between the towers on the castle. So if you have two towers here, a wall would just go directly in between and you draw little lines up and down, like so to make the battlements. So normally you will have two towers, and then you'll just have the battlements that connect in between, and that is double. So I'll show you a few. You can have told battlements. You can also add more detail to your battlements. So if this is ah, you can add this line down here and then just add little marks down here. But though someone like that another detailed style of battlements now, this one is set out from the wall like before, and then it just has a little blocks down here. The support the outer battlement. You don't want to make them too wide, cause they're just little support bricks or stone. So make sure there are a lot smaller in your battlement openings. All right, another thing you're gonna need in your fairy tale castle is that gate. We'll draw a few different designs down here now, starting out there is a cartoonish sort of drawing for a gate. That's kind of this bubbly shape that gets larger as it goes around. Then you will just have a wooden door in here and you can add there would planks in there like that just a curved shape like we did before, but not bubbling out at the top. And then just adding in an ad in the bars or the segments of Would you can also just darken in the n tired gateway. That is another simple option you can do. Another doorway is a framed opening, so you would draw one line that is curved like this. And then you would draw another curved line just outside of that, and that gives the opening of frame. So if you add a gate in there, you add your frame over it, and then you have your gate inside. Another one you can draw to get more detailed is to put handles on the gate, and you can also draw your lines for the wood or the bars. Obviously, if it has handles, it's probably a wooden gate. And then, of course, you add in our framed. And then you can add some extra detail up at the top of the gate just like that, and add a little feature there that is another style of gate that just curves up like this to a point. And then just add in your doorframe like that, we just draw lines criss crossing over each other. One last one. Your gates don't always have to be curved. You can just make a straight one like so and there we have a few different styles of gates . Be sure to pick your favorite one for your castle drawing. All right, now, once you have a gate picked out, you can draw into your castle wall here. So you're just in between the two towers kind of center in between and then draw your curved line for the gate and then add in the bars or the wood future that you put into it. And there you have a gate in your castle walls. Now that is how to draw walls and gates 5. Castle Parts: Stone Design: the last thing in your castle wall you will need is some stonework. So starting out with the basic design, you just do little dash lines, the alternate back and forth all the way down your wall. And this gives it a stone appearance or a brook. Look to it. Another style of wool is to actually draw a brick shape into the castle walls, randomly draw these around in the castle wall. Another style is to add Brookline's that show stones in the war. So you just add a brick and then you have alternating lines going back and forth. All right, Then you can add different ones of these together so you can just have a dash. You can add in a brick you can add in your alternating bricks down here. That's more alternating ones up here all over the castle wall. One. Just add in a few dashes here and there. If you mix them all up, you have a design looking something like this, and lastly, you can just alternate your bricks in all over the wall. And actually drawing every single brick is much more time consuming. But it gives a good look once you are finished, you can see something of what it looks like. So there's a few different types of bricks. So we have just simple dashes that go back and forth, alternating the lines back and forth so they don't overlap. You don't want them all to end up over each other like this, and then toe alternate back and forth. And we also have singular bricks that you can add in back and forth on your castle alternating bricks so you'll have a brick here, but it shows just a section of it, and then a little more simple design is just drawing a little line like this with the alternating line up and down. And then finally, we have a brick pattern that you condone raw all over your wall. What, you just alternate the lines back and forth? Something like that. All right, so we have different types of walls. You can draw different types of battlements on top of the walls, have different gates here that you can choose from, and some different types of stone drawings here that you can add into your castle 6. Castle Parts: Bushes & Trees: All right. Finally, we have bushes and trees. Now these just add around the castle on either side of the walls or out from the landscape just a little bit. And I'll show you what I mean by that right here. So have your lian drawing. You will put your castle in here somewhere, and then your bushes will go on either side right here and right here. You could also add your bushes along the front of the castle. It is also a good spot for them. Have a tree that comes up like this, has a trunk, and then just add in some pushy branches like that and you can add the crook of a tree. The cook of a branch right there. And maybe a route down here for Bush is I make a little line like this and then just put this on either side of the castle. So let's draw a few different styles here. A tree is just a trunk with a curve shaped like that. It will go in and then back out, and then just add a little notch here and draw some pushy branches. On top of that, you can make them toll where you can make them short and whiter. You can add another branch in the middle to give a little more design toe to do one more here. So squiggly line something like that. And then you have a little notch for the tree branch and then just add in some. But she branches. And there you have a tree, all right. For the bushes. They're just those simple little lines. Something like that. You can make them all different shapes. Do you can have a short push and then make a taller one and then back down to a short one and then connect the bottom down here. But though you could make Bush goes along the ground, you could make a longer bush with varying different levels in it with a tall part short part, then just adding them together in front of the castle. If the squiggly lines like that is how I draw these bushes. So choose if you wanna have trees around your castle or if you want to have bushes around your castle, or you could add both if you want to pick your favorite and go with that. All right, so here are a few different types of trees and bushes that you can add to your fairy tale castle drawing. Let's get on to different castle shapes. 7. Fairytale Castle Shapes: All right. So I hope you found out all the different parts of a fairy tale castle or just castles in general, back in those previous sections. Now we're going to draw different shapes of castles to give you an idea of what you want your castle toe look like just draw a baseline. And then we'll build our castle up from their adding each of those features that we learned about before, all right to start out. We just have a basic castle here, drawing two rectangular towers like I showed you and then, you know, have battlements on top of them. So space out the towers just a little bit from each other. You have battlements on top, and then you'll have your wall connecting them in the middle with your gate and everything else that you add into the castle. There's just a basic castle design here, so let's go on and see what makes a fairy tale castle. So we want to have a little taller towers and a little bit narrower. Add in our battlements on top of the tower, and then we have those cone shaped riffs which make it look more like a fairy tale castle. So let's draw another tower. Over here, there's about the same at our battlement. On top, we will have those triangular or cone shaped drifts on top of the towers, and then you have your wall connecting them in between. And, of course, all the features that make a fairy tale castle, such as flags like that. And then finally, you add in your gate and add in your stonework and any windows and trees and bushes around the castle to get a little more elaborate. With our cattle, we will draw a bunch more towers with it. So if you can imagine there towers a little bit of a dome shape here and we'll put towers along it like this. You have shorter ones out here and there it is, taller ones here in the middle, and you just add your battlements on top of each of those towers and then you'll have your training. Glier roofs. On top of that. It will have your flags, of course, and then adding the walls in here. I give him a little bit of an angle upwards. You could make them street if you want to, and one more well here in the middle with your gate. Then you just add in your stonework, windows and any other features that you like, and this is more of a dome shape. You can also draw a cartoonish castle so you can put it on a hill. You can add some curving towers to it. Give them a slight curve and then just add your cone shaped roofs on top, and then you're battlement in between, of course, on top of the wall. And then you'll have your gate down here. But though, and then any bushes and trees and all the rest of the details on the castle so far, drawing today, we're going to do one of these with more oval shape, so let's get started on one of those. 8. Sketching Your Fairytale Castle: are in this section. We're going to draw Fairytale Castle using all the different parts we learned about and put them all together and make a fairy tale castle. So I went at the oval shaped castle. So we're going to start out with the ground down here, and then I have that overall shape right here and then I'm going to make my castle in that shape. So this gives me an idea of what shape and size my castle is going to be and is a good starting point toe. Always begin it now. Another good starting point is to start with your pencil before you get to finish it out with your pen later. All right, So I'm going to draw some towers here in the middle and even least based them apart, going to be tall and narrow here on the sides. I'm going to make some shorter towers, and they're about that far apart. So I want to make to make sure I get them almost the same with the part. It doesn't really matter if they're exactly apart. If you're making more of a cartoonist, drawing orange is drawing for fun. If you make this. Ah, special art piece. You would actually get a ruler and measure everything, make sure everything is square. So once I have my towers drawn here, I'm going to add in the battlements. Now, the reason I like a mechanical pencil for drawing my sketches out with is because I don't have to go back and sharpen it every little bit. But that's just a personal preference. You can use number two if you want to. I also use the number two. All right, So once we have our towers drawn here, then we're going to add wall in between them. So I'm gonna make the wool just about the same height on both sides and then on the inside , we're gonna draw a little bit taller, and we'll add in our battlements here as well. Alright, Once we have our wars drawn, we can start with our towers. Now I'm going to make thes ones with the flaring edges on them so they will flare out a little bit at the bottom and then they'll have a cone shape appear at the top. I'll do that for each of these towers. So then once we have the cones on top, then our ad in my gait down here. But though I'm gonna make it kind of a straight gate, and I will add frame on the outside of it. And then that little detail I showed back in the gate section right there and then I'm gonna add those bars down the gate. All right, then we can add in flags up here on top, our towers. Then finally for the stonework. I'm just going to do a little alternating stones back and forth, something like that. Then I would just continue that for the whole castle. Another thing to add when doing your fairytale castle is windows. Then we do have these battlements that come down here. But I will also add some on these tall towers up here. And I also want to add some on these shorter towers. And then I'm going to darken them in art, going to finish this stonework up here. All right, there we have the stonework just about finished up. Now that is going to be the longest part of your drawing. So that is something to keep in mind. Does take a little bit longer than finally we're going to add in some bushes here on the side of the castle, and we might put one more here in front of this corner. Now that we have our basic castle pretty much finished up with how we want it. Then you will grab your pen and we can fill it in. So just remember when filling it in, that you have this pushing fronts. You want to draw that one in front of the other line. You don't want to draw the line behind it as well as thes bushes here. You don't want to draw the tower line that is behind it. Finally, once we're done filling it in, we will erase our pencil lines and that will give us a clean drawing. 9. Finishing Your Fairytale Castle: All right, So grab your pen, and that's fill in the castle. All right, Another tip when I am going back and filling this drawing in with my pin our work from one side to the other. If you're right handed, I would recommend starting on the left side and working away across and if you're left handed, work from the opposite way. That way you don't smudge your pen lines in the first little bit when they're still drawing . - All right, there we go. We have our fairy tale castle all found in. You want to wait a few minutes for your ink to dry and then go back over it with your eraser and clean up those pencil lines, and that will give you a clear illustration or drawing. All right, there we go. That is a great fairy tale, castle. Now, if you want to draw your own, be sure to just follow along this drawing or go back to the sections with all the different parts of a castle. Pick your favorite parts of them and add them together into your own fairy tale castle. Mix them up, try different designs and try the different parts together. See which one is your favorite. You could even draw on top of a cloud. We have drawn the ground here. You couldn't draw a big, puffy cloud. If you want your castle up in the air, you can mix it up any way you want. So for the class project, just go back and pick your favorite styles from the different parts of a castle. Design your own and be sure to share a picture. I hope you enjoyed this class. Be sure to check out my other drawing Classes on here is well, and thanks for watching. 10. BONUS Fairytale Castle Drawing: Hello. Welcome to a bonus video. I'm going to show you how to make another fairytale castle with a whole bunch of towers. Let's get started. - Alright , Once we have sketched out our idea of what we want it to look like. Let's go ahead and grab Arpin so we can fill it in, going to make sure your lines overlay. So starting with objects that are in the very foreground and then working your way back to the object in the back. - All right. With our basic line drawing done now, we can just add in the stonework and we're almost finished. All right, now that we have this stone work done and we can just add in a little bit of shading, I'm going to add from the left side. So I'm going to darken on the left side of each of the towers and any place that would be in the background or have some shadow on it. - All right? Now that we have the crosshatch done, we're gonna add some stippling to this and that will finish it up right Now that we have our shading and stippling done, we'll just go back over with your research and clean up those pencil lines. There we go. That is a nice fairytale castle. Now, if you want to, you can grab some color and pencils or crayons, markers, whatever you like, and fill it in, or you can leave it as a black and white picture. Thanks for watching.