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How To Do a Kaleidoscope on Premiere Pro //

teacher avatar Alex Edwards, Video Editing

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (9m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Choosing the right video

    • 3. Editing

    • 4. Arranging

    • 5. Exporting

    • 6. Extras

    • 7. Outro

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About This Class

Today, for my first class, I’m showing you how to create a basic kaleidoscope on premiere pro. It’s super easy to follow and recreate! Make sure you post a screenshot if you recreate one!

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Alex Edwards

Video Editing


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1. Intro: Hi, My name is Alex and I create videos on YouTube. I write my own drug and I have to do a lot online clothes summoned today. I'm going to be showing you guys have to do a basic full square kaleidoscope on Premiere Pro. First, I'll talk about choosing the right video for a kaleidoscope. Then I'll show you some simple ways to enhance and edit your video while smoking on Premiere Pro. I found the videos can sometimes turn out a bit better with an edit, and I'm definitely sure you guys my fate. For if you want to find out how to do a kaleidoscope, be sure to your world and let me know how you'll turn out. But before I begin, I want to tell you guys a bit more about May. I began writing a block in creating video content because I've always had a love for photography and filmmaking. Both YouTube in WordPress give me the opportunity to put my work out there for others to see my channel and block of itself named Let me share ideas and document my life. From that, I've been able to interact in cloud with so many lovely people around the world. In addition to photography and video editing, I also have a strong love for the allies and art their home videos of me it's doing on the table. And I think that's really where my love for creating began. Now that you know a bit more about May, let's start the class. 2. Choosing the right video: so before you can begin to create your collide escape, we need to make sure you have a suitable video for, in my opinion, the best videos to use the ones that have some sort of movement in them, whether it be a video where you move to come yourself or one where the camera's still. But something in the frame is moving. I think that videos that are still shots with no movement in the monitors, effective by being made into kaleidoscopes and work best with no coughing or adjustment here is an example of a moving shot. One is overtrained and the others are flowing water. Both were taken without become removing, always minimal movement. And these are examples where I have moved the camera. So for the black and white Trisha, I'm just walking with the common pointed up on the landscape show. I moved the camera from side to side for Michael. I'd escape, are chosen to use a clip off flowing water once you have chosen the right video for you, the next step is editing the clip 3. Editing: because my video has a very vibrant blue in it. All I'm going to do is enhance it by changing the contrast. To change the contrast on a video, you need to go to video effects, color correction, and then brightness and contrast, which is the first option, then just drug this onto your video. Obviously, how you edit your video will depend on what you filmed. If you're a video, includes lots of colors and is very vibrant, you may just want to enhance it, whereas if your video focuses on sunlight a lot, you may want to make it back. And what if you don't want to do this? Then you need to get Teoh video effects image control, and it should be the first option to appear. Once your videos edited to your liking, you can start arranging your video into a kaleidoscope pattern. 4. Arranging: now that the videos edited, you need to begin arranging it so that it forms a kaleidoscope pattern. It might take a while to find the best arrangement for your videos and what you're happy with first thing to do to arrange a kaleidoscope is to click on your video so it turns white, then go to affect control in click on motion, then change the scale to 50 then copy and paste video three times. You have a total of four videos. Next, go to effects and type in flip. It should come up with horizontal and vertical. One. Viennese horizontal one needs vertical. One needs both, and the last one doesn't need any. The last part is to arrange your videos to your preference. - You can use Collide escapes for a variety of projects, are use kaleidoscopes in my YouTube videos, and I have used them in photography exams. Having edit in my exam video is really benefited because it showed an extra level of skill and therefore helped increase my marks. - I remember kaleidoscope, so the rock is at the top and bottom on the water flows through the middle. That's what brings your video. The last thing to do is to export it 5. Exporting: to export your video, you need to go to file export and then media, Or you could do command em on your keyboard. First you're going to want to do is rename your file, so it's easier for you to find change my settings. All I'm doing is making sure frame rate is 25 are taking two boxes. One says. Render at maximum depth on one says use maximum render quality and just click export in your video will become a new clip. 6. Extras: In addition to your basic kaleidoscope, you could also make it more complex by layering up. So I'm just copying and pasting my video multiple times, and then I'm going to make each video slightly smaller than the last. This just makes the kaleidoscope look a little bit more interesting. And then again, once you finish, just export the video. 7. Outro: So that is how you make a basic foursquare kaleidoscope. I hope you enjoyed. If any of you do recreate this, admit you're in kaleidoscopes. Make sure you placed a picture of someone here. I would love to see them. Be sure to give this video a thumbs up. If you found it helpful, it would mean a lot. And hopefully also you again, Teoh.