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How To Develop An Awesome Memory

David Thomas, Guinness memory record holder

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10 Videos (1h 38m)
    • Introduction: How To Train Your Memory

    • Principles Of Memory Improvement

    • The Journey Technique

    • How To Remember Numbers

    • How to Remember Names

    • The Science Of Memory Improvement

    • Applications To Your Professional Life

    • Applications To Your Personal Life

    • How To Pass Exams

    • How Will You Apply These Memory Techniques?


About This Class

David believes in the mantra “when we laugh, we learn” so the course is humourous and light hearted.

Alongside this fun approach to learning lies a series of powerful techniques that will dramatically improve your memory. David has honed his strategies through 20 years of application at the highest level in memory competitions and breaking memory records.

The course contains techniques that you will be able to apply at home and work to learn new information, pass exams and get promoted.

You will discover how to memorise names, numbers, lists, presentations, traffic directions, foreign languages, exam information and much more.






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David Thomas

Guinness memory record holder

David Thomas struggled at school and got very few exams. He joined the Fire Service aged 20 but kept badly failing his promotion exams. At the age of 28, he bought a book on memory improvement to help him after seeing a guy on TV memorise a pack of playing cards. Just 8 months later, he went to the 1996 World Memory Championships and came 4th. He has since gone on to develop one of the most powerful memories in history.

Memory Achievements:

World Memory Championships medallist Inte...

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